Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 17, 1928 · Page 15
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 15

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 17, 1928
Page 15
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fffnf f. >?* ft! if f fs . i *ft iSr:"* rsr'Vii ?V>-!h (-.?;"«•» h*rts*- s.tsd u*tt!» I>-uas, ' !>^f f&7V**«r.U* st to tt. C?««t.*!n« t**, FifV s IPhOM )T?3 •>1 '.\ilf*r. iS OT,:.S 7ftf» 1 -y i,«*Mi* Court », Ti-'!rrt ftt. fhon* . MoiitMthalii ti«=»i« 'fnfnisri» !iflffnOTi)»* 1*5 trt th* IllSt MSEX | <*tttot»tr*tor jr-h. moii'T th» . 19. «t«.J of 8»c. 30. of 4ih r. M , of th 23 north. It. dr»c.rib«! f,« }t.JtMI« nirutitl 10 la 25 rent A lower; r»ng*r« st a point !*,57 r?h«t!n* isarlts of th* 29 sfo'f-utt*'!, smith 75 20T>7 rhsirr; Umrirn north 45 Sink*, north 73 dpffrp** 30 mini ciirnw of running CHKVROI.FT wtlaii. A-l thrO\Sf!lO\it. 8?r this b*ts«un. 10 b# psrfthl* to th* vntet p Commi«.»innrrg. Illinole. S Hoslr. Ill W. Tlilril B MAKWELl. *«fl«n. r\«Uir»l *»!«. practltftlly npw IwHuwn tlrwi, and npho!*ipf(ti5 In very low. CtAD DKMONSTRAflON urrst S0i*,7 cti«!n«: ttmbfr 23. 1628. to chctlr*. ISO rull nnd common, chsin.t to the neitihpsr-t rcwnrr <>t SB'i of th»> BE'i of r*?H:. If); 10 ti'- 44,! rJinln.*: thrnf^» rmuh 23 rnlnTit^s pm»t B.lfi to plnctp of lx?Rlnnir!?. rontaUUng 318 ("Icrk if th* Or^*M Hlvr Drt.(: 3 «.en D!?,tr!ct tif Cotinftp« n (if .. Brpt. 5fi. Of SOIH i; To witlc ihr «>*i«t» of HftWY 0TWI5WJ to »»>t*ct from. OLTMAlf MOTOR CO. I.IVE«TOrK {tf. S. IVp Sr im*nt, of City. Mo,. Oct. 17.— .(A.P.I — O.OOO; »te«dy to lOc nt*nri, «<) ft. he**-. oth?r urtlclfcs. Avp, t*liotui 1SS4-J. OHm«n, Prop Al,*t). L«ffta 3 «nrt 4 In the i o 8*0. 30, Twp. 22 novtb. R. fl F«st 4th P. M , purrptlijft that pa?'., of eald 3 lying we«t (if center of hj)?h- In th» rtoTtriwrst corner of Lot 3. rrovrmber 1C. 1938. Rt 10 o'clock A M. tcp «o BO, on 200-370 Ib. . m^rilum to chcrtc*, 230-350 the Kouth pntraucn to the city Hull !n tho City of Sterling. Illlnola Ib., 0»25uflO; 300-350 Ib., «».8S«tO 80- eell to the highest bkldpr for ( -»»h, j. »!1 that part o( Lot 10 In the Lot II in the Uemirvpy of Block B8 $8,86 «P 30. Okttlr rroelptu 7,000; <>filmw 1,800; slow, iteAdy to 35c of til? NW>« of .-mid fV*. 20 ly- in Wftllart ft; Oftlf« Anaillon to the City of Sterling, Illinois, Ab=irnct showing lower; Mocker* and feedern aS«idy to BCrt>«9 gftltl lot. weak. Hrirrrn, ROCK! anfl choice, 850 Ib, down, »1335« 15.74; common and m«Jitim. «775«1U83. Vealera. milk- f#<J. turdlum to Cfiolc*, »8 800 1400- cull Rtul rnmmon. »8.00i»8.50. Stockem and feeder Bteer*. (food and choice nil weiRhu. S10.00«» 18.50; common medium, »7.76m 10.78. Sheep receipt* 18,000; »lot?, lambs westerns. $13.5o. -JUj.jDj-_8 -O-M -- K-fl-B-K-X <iEBXVBOUnr's USED CARS— II "FORD coupe. TELEPHONE 5GS CHEVROLET SALES 207 Ave. D. Rock Full*. HOUSEHOLD 212 Fourth Ave,, Hock Fftlld. Phono tldob "poft"~coal"~hi«t*r7'"p'r*c new. Inquire at 117 E««1»trd St., ovtr Myrrn burbir *hop. 813-516 LOCUST ST. orrisRs SPECIAL VALUES IN GOOD LATE MODELS ICK "aa Standard coaclj. SW8X "28 coach, new til April. '•»»«— -24 Master 0 coupp. 28 ispeclal etUan. "24 coupe. "SI Master C touring, endos- lire. |.JtANY OTHERS, all prices, low down nt, ewiy terms. MOTOR CORPOItATION $10. lOO? Eighth Are. Cull 1B44-M. bimfto ftooM'Buite. «ko famea 'bMl! C»!l at B03 Locunt 8t, CiU fiA'"cI(59rr. « k tnT" good" Vona I tlon: oTeratuffed chair, O»ll 610-W. LAuol~cooK~*to'Te," nearly usw. "Call County 632*3. Musical MVrcharidinc PIAJSO, in*"A- i~craHIiTonT~*U new radio. Will Mil »t A bur gain ItOlThlrd Ave. Phone ?.287-R. 62 All nltuftt«l In Uif> County of WhllMlde. In tlvc Stun* of tlllnui*. J. J. Lurttns, ,*3pcrln] Mn«!rr iti Clmnrery. Cnrl E. Bhflclcp.. lor rom- Ck:t. 17. 34, 31, Nov. 7 " NOTHX 6t8te Cf Illinois 1 Whltcslcio Coiuity }*». nt 82.&0. H. J. Mueller, 310 Locuet St., baaement. ludor coach, ccupe, A-l «hajw. NASH BIX tpurlng. good running erd*r. $160, NASH 4-docr c«upe. gooa aiuioe NABH 0 4-passengw coupe. A-l •hup* throughout. -"- JKASH BALES , arlvtrt 34 mile*. OAKIAND coach, first cl&M oondlOoa. - 3E88KX coach, K^LS 388 ^ «»«P«. Hks naw. KKOKDITIONKD and rwuly to Wancco—To OASIJ FOB DEAD AK1MALS Phoae Uochclia 438 / JUirersa charfM DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL COMPANY Iti thn Circuit Court ot White-side County October Term A. D. 1928 Leo J. \Valil, Complslnant. ViS. Charles E. Re«d and Jds Ee*d. hla wlfp, Thomas O. SouthwortU, and 8. want you to drtw tbtm. BT. Sfl7 TJOKD CABS $80 fcnd MOTOR BAUB8 _ _ at, 5LBT aedan, lat®~model. good lltlon throughout. Good buy for Ster. Price *250. Call at 510 West , 8ev«nt.h_ St. ~f*0Tbn INN OARftQfc AY AND NIOHT SERVICE 01 B. THIRD ST. PHONE 1367 i ton iruck7^ood~runiilriS condition; alsa Ford coupe. 1210 First Ave. Phone 645-J. tor or 325-W. Schrades'a Worka. Stcrilng. _ Kjona"i6a-J Headerina D8ED HINMAN County. 980-3. w«SiedTc«H Barrnclough, Foreclosure. Oen. Ho. 4053. Pursuant to decree entered' In «eld cause on October 10, 1938. th* undersigned Special Miutcr In Chancery will on November 16. 1938, at 10 o'clock A. M.. at the eouth entrance to the City Hall in tho City ot Sterling, Illinois, Mil to the highest and best bidder for cash, tho following described premises: A part of Block 33 in Wallace's Addition to the City of Sterling, described us follows: Commencing at a point on the aouth line of uald Block 09 feet easterly from the southwest comer of said Block, thence running Westerly on tho eouth Hno ot wld Block 49 Vi feet, thence running northerly and parallel with the west line of said Block 100 feet, thence running easterly and parallel with tho ~SR>RD coupe. A-l condition, new tirtt. «150. L. K, OltmauB, nock Foils, of tile pretoUea of the grantor described as porxi niwiifcnUble title furntf<H*»i which may Ns wen at the orrice Carl E. fHieUlon, Attorn*}-. Flmt Trust and Raving Bank or B!«rllng, Illinois, Administrator, Carl E. Sheldon. Attorn??. Oct. 17, 34, 31. Nov. 7 NOTll'l;"~" "* Kot!c« IK hereby Riven that certificate ot final completion and acceptance of the local improvement of the alley in Block 23, We»t of Broadway, In said city pursuant to Ordinance No. 668. ha* been tiled In the City Court or the City or Sterling. llllnoU, and a hearing on tho same has been set ror tho 37th dny of October A. D. 1828 at 10:00 o'clock A. M. in tho City Hull Building, in «ald city. Kdward F. Mee, City Attorney. . sazae!c _ : _^___ i __^^^^^ Oct. 10, 17 THE MARKETS^ CHAIN about Bteady; . .. Lambs, Rood and choice. 03 Ib. down »12.5Qi»13 50; medium, *11.50i?j 12,50- cull and common. •7.76«j>ll.BO. Kwe», medium to choice, 180 Ib. down. »4.25«e,78. Feeder l»mb«, gOO<S snd choice. 412.383 13.35. KSTIMATED RECEIPTS Chlcapo. Oct. n.-.(A.P.)—E»tlmat- d livestock receipts for tomorrow Cuttle 9,000. Hogi 24.000. Sheep 23,000. TWO ROOMS, every convenience; _ water, hot and cold. Gentlemen. 106 Sixth Ave. ^ BOOM, nioeljr furnished,T'karoo, laefy or gentleman. Reference* exchanged. 20* W. Fifth Bt. Phone 1053-W. in modem honied close in. for young lady. Call at 503 Avenue B. Auto Accessories. Urea. Farta 13 UKE "Texaco" oil in your ear. K. f. Vlering, Texaco Service Station. 400 First Ave.. Rode Falla. iTESO loFaQ makes ca TERs repaired, all~iaati». Battery and Electric iUooms for Housekeeping 69 THREE nicely turnlshed~rboms7"niod : era In eyery way. for tdulta. Permanent tenants. 102 Fifth Av«v Call 1260-W. Service Deed parts for •«!& 1038-W. JZE ia ttcctylcae and aro welding. Bogotfa Eepalr MODERN desirable "rooms for roomers or light housekeeping. Close In. ail Third Ave. J»boaa 445-R after JJ p. m. TWO OH K)UBk room furnished coi^ tagez. with garage. Children welcome. Mrs. Guy aaodtn, First Ave., Rock Falla. THEEE all modera futnfiE»d rooms for light houseSuopiag, private t*th, at a point on ' • • the and Boutb.-linn tjfestdBl'. 1 **! end parallel therewith 70% lect etst erly from the west line of said Block, thence southerly to a point on the south Jlno or said Block OS feet easterly from the southwest corner of itald Block, thence running _!*>yth?rly on said east lino to the place of beginning), altuated in Whiteslde County, Illinois. J. J. Ludena, Special Master in Chancery. Carl E. Sheldon, solicitor for complainant. Oct. 17, 24, 31. Nov. 7 CHICAGO CABtl GRAIN Chicago. Oct. 17.— (A.P.)— Tod&y's caah grain market quotations are as follow*: Wheat— Wo. a hftnJ. 61.171-31.18; No. 3 hard, H.14; No, 4 hard, |1 08 Corn— No. a mixed, BB; No. 4 mlxea. 94; No. 6 ffiUfefl. 93 1"2; Wo. 3 yellow •1.01 <» 1.02; Wo, 3 yellow, H.01: NO. 4 yellow. 81^99; No. 5 yellow. OO^SS- No. a y»Uo*. 87isB8; No. 2 white • 1.05; No. 3 whit*. »1.02; No. 4 white- 0»; *fo. 6 whlt«. ea l-a»07, «ampie grade. TO l-3«83 1-2. Oau— No. 2 white. 48; No. 4 white. 39 ft 41. Rye—No. 1. il.07; sample grade, 98. - PRODUCE CHICAGO PRODUCE Chicago. Oct. 17.— (A.P,)— Today's produce market quotations are aa follows! Butter low*r; receipts 3,434 tubs; creamery, extras, 45 1-3; standards. 46; extra firsts, 44 « 4* 1-3; flwU. 43 y 43 1-3; seconds. 41® 43. Egg« unchanged; receipt* 3.880 cajseg. Live poultry esay; reoelpta 0 caw; fowl*. 87; sprlne*. >7; rooster*. flO; turkeys, 25® SO; ducks, 17® 36; mot* 1. 0. Knotts, Former U. S. District Attorney, Tells Of Vice Conditions :»*H*y. Clover »eed. . oa.BO@6.38. CHICAGO GRAIN RANGE (By Aasoclated Press) LEGAL NOTICE State of nilnoia 1 [S3. Whlt*aide County j In Circuit Court of October Term A. D. 1028 Central Trust & Savings Bank, a corporation, Trustee. Complaiaaat, vs. Hollo B. Allen, Harriet P. Fletcher, High Wheat— Dec. 1.18V4 March 1.a 1-14 May 1.24 ft Cora— Deo. .81 March .83% May .88*, Oats- Dec. -43V, March, .44 it May .«'fc Rye Low 1.1BH i-ao-ig 1.33 .60 'i Close 1.18H 1.203, . -. .,,. Potatoes receipts 139 cars, on track 414 car*, total U. B. shipment* OS8 c*rt; trading rather alow, mark»t about steady. Wisconsin sacked round wnite*. l.ess? i.OO. according to . .. qtadtty ant; conaittan,- mostly around °"""* k ~ ditto in bulK. TOgBS. mnn«- •ot* and North Dakota Backed Bed Rlw Ohio*. a.9S(*l.oO; sacked round whites, 70® SB. South Dakota sacked Qhiog. 85QB5. .42% .48% Tho V»U«hiv O«mt««rry, - taw jg per week. 004 Pourth "Aye. FURNISHED roomt |c* Ught "houaa -keeping, light, heat, water. gas fur nlahed. Oil E. 8econd St.. Trust, and KaUMtrine WUson, Dvfen- dants. _______ and cloth coats rvUned and r«- fed. Dresemiikijug. Mrs. Oster- it. 8 W. Fourth at CaU 1318-W. Employment or gin to help with in oauatry. Oooa wag**. Ad- Boat aji. Route 1. Hock XOS warned. Kioa« 1533-W. FENCED mfichini»ta forTithe" - tuod bench work. Apply in PortjOearbora Ufg. Co. TWO light houaekeeplug rooms, ful niahed, modern; also g»ra*t. Pbon# 1414-R. FIXXJft ing rooms; al*o two second floor J_oa^j0io»ejn.jtoa fourth Av«. TWO fumiaiied rooaut lnquInT~!Sr( Sixth Avu. Phone laic-E. TWO OR TSKBK good "tSSsa* north d W. K. . Paoaa 1300. aixroom for right party. 303 Second Ave Rock FIVE ROOM house, all modernTTfo children. 1255-14. Ave. Ave.. ttock @39-4. house, at WTSSSE I'hone County SMALt COTfAOiTla B. Klofis, 209 Oisoxi Ave.. Bock Wanted'"toi fieaf MOis. . A, Rock or six room modern" hou*«, or two or thre« Uttfumuihed roping, wit a g&roge, aesv Uosplua, by Nov. 1st. for two aduiUi, Write BB, c&ra Qaeette. house betw««a Losuit and Broad- BuiigsJuw preferred. Prtsuta. . excfawwir *est oc Locust . Sn»U family wUi take tease. Carl 8. —Ust stock teas! atoj-fe. Piiwas M0-W I No. 4029. Public notice 1* hereby given th*t In pursuance of a decree of cotld court made and entered on the 10th day of October A. D.. 1928. the undersigned Special Master in Chancery will, on the 18th day of November A. D. 1838. at the hour of eleven o'clock Ut the forenoon of that day, *t the south, front Soor of the City Hall In th* City of BUrllng, in said County, sell at public vendue to the highest and beet bidder for cash, the following described premises, to-wit: Lots Sir (6). Seven (7) and Sight (B) in Block Eight (6) in Wt*t Ster» Sub-division of the West of the West Half (W^> • Half <E&) at Seetton Twtaty (20), Township Twenty-one (31) north. Ra&ge Seven (?) East of th* *tli Principal Meridian, ia Wnite- Blfle County, Illinois. Or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy eaid decree. Bated this 17th dsy of October A. D. --" Doc. March May JUrd— Oct. 1.03 1.07«4 Dec. Jan. March May Rib*— Oct. Nov. Bellies— Oct. Nov. Dec. 11.83 12.37 13.42 14-00 13.00 1.0414 1.08',-i 11,70 11.83 13.03 12.17 13.35 13.50 13.90 .83 '.< .88 U .43'; .44 .46 1.0 1*', 1.04% 1.00?-, 11.70 H.70 11.82 13.06 13.17 12.35 12.75 12.35 13.50 13.00 12.60 NEW YORK PBODUCE New York, Oct. 17.—(A,P.)—Today's produce market quotations ara tui follows: Butttf easy; receipta B.08S; cr«*m- ery, htg8«- than extra, *7 1-8 @ 48; extra (M poor*). «7. Chee*0 steady; receipt* 118388. Dr*88«a poultry weak; fresh chickens, 88940. Egg* irregular; racelpta 23J03; fresh gathered estra. 40i?44; e*tra first. 35@39; first, 39 l-3(§38; Seconds, 39 a 301.3, Chicago, Oct. 17—(A.P.)—Edward C. Knotts of Springfield, Hi., former United Btatcs district attorney, in a statement Issued by the Republican minois Service Men's Leaguo today, criticized Floyd E. Thompson's administration as state's attorney of Rock Island county. - Mr. Knotts was United States district *ttorncy at Springfield under President Wilson and *wa* sent to Rock Island by the department of Justice during tne war. t "AltBbugli 1 ani a Me-!on> deni- Tat." said Mr. Knotta. "1 am com- • ocrat BOY KINO MUST GO TO SCHOOL LIKE OTHERS Bucharest. Oct. 17— (AJ>.)— Kins Mlhal ot Rumania will be seven years old on October 29, and his mother, Princess Helen, has decided that he must go to school like any other little boy of hta a««. But the princess is anxious that Mihai shall not be pampered and spoiled by private tutors. So ah* has created an entirely new school to which every province in Rumania will send a pupil In this way Mihai will nib elbows with all classes at Rumanian children, the poorest and humblest aa well aa the wealthiest and most aristocratic. Re will meet little brother and sister Rumaniars from Bessarabia. Transylvania, the Banat. and Bukovinft, as well as Hungarian German, Jewish and other children belonging to Rumania's minority races. »< FLO til MARKET Mmasapolii, Nov. n— <A,P.)~Wour —-—- «hlpm*nts44^S*barr«ttr CHICAGO O&AtN REVIEW By John P. Brougban of ititttr in Ctauc«ry Court. Chicago, Oct. 1.. , ,—-,«, „-« of official tests indication' tbatTlow grade Canadian wnue is equal to Duluth No. l northern for flour-making tended to depress wneat prices today Tier* w»» al*H*lk «rf -wtatenrtHat being brought &*t* from the wwt *nd southwest in addition, to otUer feaad, weatlw in Argeatlaa was deacrtbad »» favomblo for rust de> t, but Uuo* were uo advices y»t cay ,rust hid reached a that John M. Stager, solicitor for coia- KOUCfi'W Oct. 17, 24. 31 <>*' By virtue of ma order and decree of •ha Coutity Court of Whiu&ide Coun. ffisflft tho Undersigned. lr*ia £. pfiUUan ad- •tage which would constitut* a nwn- Aasisrtiana that low cost and comparatively good bread-making quail- Uaa 02 otherwise Inferior grades of Canadian wheat la bringing about a good demand for this kind of wheat r of tils eiUl* uf Uaymoud J. LelU. decesuwd, for leave to eeU the e«U estate of «Od deceased, bt Ute October teiut, court, to- wit: October, 0. 1928. of on the lint d»y of WedJte»tu»y, ttu ttwt oa of October ttwti, between ihe hours a/ 10 o'clock n the iwenooii and 6 o'ckwk ia Uie afternoon of t«.id day. at to-wU: 3.00 i. m., *t> tho |>reuut>g&, 1001 Fourth veauo, l« Ui« City of abroad and UMenaby dtmloi*hin« p*irt posabillUes of Unlled 6t&t«« wfeeat had a noUceable beariah effect at Umea today »a wb«*t 1(»IUM ta -»r«d« autharlU** here FINANCE MEW VOBK STOCK8 New York. Oct. 17.—{AJ».)~-flt00k prices wmtiuued to wont higher at the opening of today's market, but the ad*anc*a were smaller than la previous openings this week. Montgomery Ward and Chrysler **ch opened a point higher. OUs again changed hands'in iarga volume, 8u- perlor optning with a block of 13 000 Bhares at 8, up 1-4, and P«A«Am«rloan ••a- wittt « block of ah»r*a at si l-a, uaahanged from y**t*rd»y. Revival of aoUrtty and strength la the oil shares woa bawd on a *eriM o( recent trade developmente. IncJud- ii)£: -the formatUm of.-aa oil export &ssoci»tioa, th« holding of conference* in aa tttott to r*ach an s«rt*- ment on the curtailment of Venezuelan production, and the drop ia crude oil production hut wwk. Tidewater";, Standard Oil of Kew York 9 Corporation all opened with blocks ef 4.400 to to say in answer that Judge Thompson did not drive the vice and alms out of Rock Island county ;rnd 16 did not help the government clean up the terrible conditions surrounding the Rock Island arsenal luring the war. On the contrary, hos« conditions were due in a large measure to his own inefficiency as state's attorney." Describing conditions as he found them in Rock Island, Mr. Knotta said: "The vice, liquor and criminal element was In the saddle with no real interference from cither county or city officials. A total of M saloons were doing business within one-half mile of the government arsenal and. Ji«ruaes__olL prostitution were operating in, the upper storti.1 of some of these places. The vice ring was fattening off the soldiers and workers at the arsenal and the efficiency of the important war work there was so reduced as a consequence that it Is not strange the secretary of war threatened to remove the munitions work unless conditions could be remedied," Gil Boag, Husband Of The Dancer, Prepares Warm Divorce Oharges Los AngeUaT Oct. 17.—(AJP.)— A stack of documenta said to contain "charges of a scandalous nature" against OlWa Gray, dancing girl of ordered started by OU Boaf, husband. Both Miss Gray and Boss are t&5A to be In London at present. &o*ff. who for & time played tea double role of husband and ger for Mlse Gray, previously announced that the ennuiiaenS would chariro pre-nuptUl fraud. Miss Gray at th« affa of IS, marrieA to John Gortttki. & Milwaukee bartender, and became me mother of A SOB, now 14 yaus o£ age. She divorced hw first band in married Boag. and the next year She filed a divorce against her manager-htabmsd in Port Washington. Wls., last July and Mt for London later to appear to films there. Later Boag also went to London. Misa Gray's divorce ceaapJaiat charged her husband with cruel aa4 Uihoman treatment. Subsequently Boag said he was willing to haro a diroroe without- mitri-«iir;yt ng j r she would dismiss the slurs in the "But. beij«ve me, thie tmea »e«r will became more ttoUUna th«n huia-hula OlJd» erw sun hw ««.- he it reported ~*g later. OBTAINED AND A PEOMJSS TO MA&&7 Richmond, Va, Oct If— CAJ»J — Bernard F. Chaajpayne. of Ttooa. deroga. N. Y, who was charged with having obtained $18,000 and » promise of marriage from &£«s Fields, a Richmond girl by as tha heir to the atker niillioos and grandson ot gan, wa^ sentenfcd to tea years to in KM-- -- _ their way to London «*th« first Btep r w»s tbe maxim * npul °>eat procccttogg mitted COLLEGE OF ILLINOIS WON ATJJAIBY SHOW _ Memphis, Tenn., Oct. 17. (A.P) —Contesting~"wiUi"studehta" 1 from 26 states, the Illinois college team won first placo yesterday in the Four- H Club contests of the National Dairy Show. The Illinois team was first in judging all breed* of vattle Public Sale of . „.* .-, - - -----—- -- -•«*« *har*i. I an » Guernseys, second in Ayrshires 1U1U of unusually heavy j * Dd °n* <**m member, Arthur John- tmu}at*d ta* duaurnd I *o:n. took first in the indivldua mwchandlslng issues. Judging sweepstakes. in better demand on pointed out that »uch «, couOitiou t« Cimduciva to ••riuua Hffein up ot supplies in United States nwrkeU ana to difficulty at BMOntaljoing dome»Uc price \ipiuru4s. weather and law*r fe» ukely to tttvult tu furtiicr receipts of wheat at doassMtic t *tit>. lii . Ceuii- h* to real _ of J&&3 Leikz/tioi*SJhxi, uv-wit: Lot muttttttf Four (4) lu number Hig («) tu E. D. Let add*Uo4i to th» Cay or WUI ta Of Ttii talk was that elevator fcpace oorthweat & aUiW whera &ome relief must come in tii« way of forward «xpect&ti(Ki of excellent liurt quarter tr»f(io aad Minings report*. y»fit»i« City Southern mov«d into B*W blgtt ground, «na Union Facifto extended yesterday 1 * p,i n . New York Central was another utrong spot. foreign exchanges opened steady wit}! stwUag cables quoted around Sam* of tfa« eharcs that h«d b«en given a r*st whu e pool manager* were engaged ««er e again taken up this morning aad wbirted wa u» aew Muriay 112 to avoid of supplies. - <scnt up, Oftte l-a c«at blghm-. sad IV o&tet t *uj>pc*sd. S-* to t-8 **« so to 3-* . Jrwiu X. i, x. w. K. Victor 188. Otis Esvator awd ftodK I*land 135 1-3. ail aew r«e««ia. Tobacco IMU«* had for many wstks. «tMHEt«yttoids Liggett . Clarence Qre«r of Mt. Vemon won a $400 scholarship offered by the Holsteln Frtesian Association of America for his ability a« a Hoktein judge. Border King of Rpbert^'ft Guernsey bull owned by the Glencuff Parra Independent, Kans,, was crowned king of his bretd for th* second tune in two yeans. In the Four-H Club contests, most of the awards went to southern con- it b» xtuyta- f 1 * 1 ** WM la t« fco 184. «««>tion ' at 1 1** pfc* Qeorge Steele of South Dakota State CoUji-jK was the iim «4ifige judge of Oueraseyg. Rsyaioad Cohorst of Maryvilte. wis,. a iug^ sehfaol boy. won the c«tU« Judginf eontesfc in a iield of - Goods Saturday, Oct 20 509 FOVItTH AVE. f STEALING Entire furnishings auctioned to a 160.«00 csaapeutors who ia pr«ilmtoaries to . Bf A i'AIX IN CtsUCAGO »« pftdkttv etos.: U*. pet. 17-—(API ~" 111 'of' , and kilted . by Jamfcj. Hicks, walk the wtrt hunt i tif. Hldka di ojjjjt-d his ' , .. ..', It * eldeaiAMy wrkiuaiy hurc ytstest&y' ""*—• tli* airplawi tot «rh» fwi^t i iu*sw to* j sptie - tftiied swiu, wiiioit t?«d#i-bfeii j 83to sjjstes mtt •tt » ttB *Wft| el AaiM, Usual Mrs* Fred Kerber . It, Harrington, a w.

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