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i V' Weather LOCAL FORECAST: Mainly and mild Jhe Newport Daihj Express INTIMATELY SERVING ORLEANS COUNTY THREE VILLAGES AND ISLAND POND LARGEST CENTER IN ESSEX COUNTY BOSTON Vermont forecast: Increasing cloudiness little temperature change Tuesday clouay little warmer chance of a few showers NEWPORT VERMONT MONDAY NOVEMBER 14 1960 SINGLE COPIES SEVEN CENTS VOL 25 (OLD 73) NO 195 Guatemalan roops Pursue Rebels President Ydigoras Claims Revolt Against His Conservative Government Crushed Blames Low-Ranking Officers and Cuba For Plot Agents Smash Art Smuggling Ring Officers Sei-e $400000 Worth of Chinese Art Objects Brought Illegally Into America Hong Kong Dealer Arrested FIND ALBANY MAN DAZED ON COVENTRY ROAD Earl Elle 49 of Albany was taken to the Orleans County Memorial hospital Sunday evening by local police after being found on the Coventry road According to the police report Mr Elie was first observed by a motorist who notified the police It was reported that Mr Elie seemed in a dazed condition and was suffering from exposure A spokesman at the hospital said this morning he is recuperating nicely ACCIDENT CREATES 20-MILE TRAFFIC JAM AMESBURY Mass DPI A 20-mile traffic jam developed Sunday when a truck and trailer Jackknifed and overturned on the John Greenleaf Whittier bridge over the Merrimack river The accident blocked two of the three southbound lanes of Rte 95 but when a tow truck moved onto the bridge to right the overturned vehicles all lanes were blocked The effect was felt all the way back to Portsmouth The jam lasted three hours from 3:45 to 6:45 Miltiades Vorges 39 of Salem driver of the truck was admitted to Amesbury hospital for treatment of back injuries PRINCESS ASTRID TO WED COMMONER OSLO Norway The royal First Lady of Norway is taking a divorced commoner as her husband King Olav announced Sunday night the engagement of Princess Astrid 28 and Johan Martin Ferner 33 a junior partner in an Oslo haberdashery The marriage will take place Jan 12 Since the death of her mother Princess Martha of Sweden six years ago the princess has been Norway's first lady LOWELL MAN WOUNDED BY BROTHER TODAY LOWELL Orleans first deer hunting accident occurred this morning in this town Donald Cheney was accidentally shot while hunting with his brother Walter It was reported that Walter mistook his brother Donald to be a buck and shot at him The bullet entered left hip and he suffered a compound fracture of the hip Dr Deane Mosher at the Orleans County Memorial hospital reported The two young men had entered the woods about two miles from the mink farm By ALVARO CONTRERAS GUATEMALA (AP) Paratroops and rocket planes struck at rebel strongholds in northeast Guatemala today as President Miguel Ydigoras 62 claimed the revolt against his conservative government has been crushed A state of modified martial was proclaimed in the mountainous Central American republic Press censorship was imposed Ydigoras blamed the attempted coup on low-ranking army officers He linked the uprising with unrest in Nicaragua and Costa Rica within the last 24 hours and Indicated he felt Cuba was behind the plot In Havana Fidel government denied it had meddled in the affairs of the Central American countries a Ydigoras predicted the last of the rebels would be wiped out today He flew to the scene of the fighting to take personal command At Puerto Barrios the commander Col Rodolfo Gonzales Centeno and two other officers were killed The commander of the Zacapa garrison Col Ramon Gonzalez escaped and fled to the capital to spread the alarm In neighboring Nicaragua President Luis Somoza blamed the revolt in his country that started on Friday on the Cuban government It apparently failed but a handful of rebels were holed up in a school not far from Managua the capital and holding the students and local military commanders as hostages Electoral College System Never Worked Properly Idea of Genteel Aristocracy Tapping One of Members As President Fails By JOHN BECKLER WASHINGTON It seemed like a good idea back in 1788 lo have the president of the United States chosen by an electoral college The idea was to have the best people in each state get together and pick the best man in the country to run things It worked fine as long as George Washington was around Washington won the unanimous vote of the electors in 1789 and 1792 but never again did the system work the way it was supposed to The grit of politics got in the gearbox Once the people began to have a say as to who were the best men in each state and rival parties started pushing rival candidates the whole idea of a genteei aristocracy tapping one of its members as president collapsed But despite its failure and the repeated attaoks on it the system Is still with us and the antiquated machinery will have to be cranked up on Dec 19 to make the election of John Kennedy official On that day the electors will meet in their respective states and confirm what the voters did last Tuesday Each state gets as many votes as it has members in Congress Originally the electors in most states were chosen by their state legislatures but now they are picked by party leaders in each state (although Alabama picked them in a primary) This slate oi electors is what the voters choose not a presidential candidate The vote is recorded in the candidate's name however and as the system has evolved the votes In almost all cases belong to him Fourteen unpledged electors In Alabama and Mississippi will be free to vote for anybody they want on Dec 19 but their votes change the result as it now stands Considering the potential for trouble in adhering to such a system It Is remarkable that only four elections in the history have been snagged in It The worst mess was in 1876 when Democrat Samuel Tilden won the popular vote but fell one vote short of an electoral majority due to conflicting electoral counts In three Southern states The House was Democratic that year and the Senate Republican Neither would let the other act By HAL MCCLURE NEW YORK (AP) Treasury agents have smashed a nationwide art smuggling ring and seized more than $400000 worth of Chinese art objects brought illegally into this country from Communist China The investigation took agents half way around the world and to at least six cities in this country The most valuable item recovered was an 800-year-old scroll painting of magpies and butterflies attributed to the artist Emperor Hui Tsung of the Sung dynasty It was valued at $65000 Agents said other smuggled objects were found in the Cleveland Museum and the Freer Gallery Washington Dealings with Red China are forbidden under the Trading with the Enemy Act The biggest haul was at the CT Loo Galleries in midtown Manhattan where a i i mgs screens and other objects including the $65000 Hui Tsung scroll were recovered The objects were valued at $282000 The gallery is owned by Frank Caro 56 a native of France but now a naturalized American He was described as one of two major dealers who had cooperated in the investigation Agents said the government got onto the smuggling operation some time ago whe na Treasury agent learned that a millionaire Hong Kong dealer and collector Chen was involved in transactions that brought ancient art objects from Red China to this country Chen began selling the objects to American dealers particularly the Loo galleries and Charles Doue a Berkeley Calif dealer Yang was arrested on charges of smuggling and violating the Trading With the Enemy Act No charges have been filed against Caro or Doue The Treasury said another smuggled scroll was a 12th century painting "Birds and sold to the Boston Museum and valued at $25000 In Boston Ralph Lowell president of the Museum of Fine Arts said he could not recall such a (Continued on page 3) Kennedy To Hold Conference With Richard Nixon President-Elect With Slim Popular Vote Majority May Air GOP Appointments By MARVIN ARROWSMITH PALM BEACH Fla (AP) John Kennedy travels to Miami today for a dramatic conference with the map he defeated for the presidency Vice President Richard Nixon The session reportedly may deal with possible appointment of some Republicans to key positions in the new administration The youthful President elect holding only a tiny popular vote margin over his Republican fue took the Initiative In arranging the meeting with Nixon at Key Biscayne in the Miami outskirts where the vice president is vacationing Nixon promptly agreed Plans for the session were disclosed Sunday as Kennedy lined up a busy week of conferences with possible appointees to his Cabinet and amid reports that he already has decided at least tentatively to pick up Democratic Gov Luther Hodges of North Carolina as secretary of commerce Pierre Salinger Kennedy's press secretary would neither confirm nor deny selection of Hodges He told a news conference Kennedy had informed him he will make no final decisions or announcements regarding any Cabinet posts until after Thanksgiving Day Nov 24 Kennedy resting at his parents ocean-front home here will make the 65-mile flight to Miami's International Airport aboard his prl vate two-engine Convair and drive from there to headquar ters at the Key Biscayne Hotel During the campaign Kennedy contended the vice president had helped preside over deterioration of national prestige aud security and the communizaLoa of Cuba while Nixon pictured his Democratic opponent as inexperienced rash and irresponsible But Salinger said one of the pur poses of late morning meeting was to provide Kennedy with an opportunity congratulate the vice president on die campaign he The president-elect also wa ts resume the cordial relatione with the vice president which ex isted between them during their 14 years together in Salinger added Kennedy has left open the pos slbility of his asking Nixon to take a position in the new administra tion But aides said advance of the meeting they fet sure there would be no such offer They ex-pressed doubt that Nixon would accept anyway But the primary purpose of the meeting was viewed by those close to Kennedy as an effort to heal the wounds of the campaign Kennedy will return to Palm Beach to have lunch with Gov Abraham Ribicoff of Connecticut a principal adviser during the oampaign Ribicoff is vacationing at Hollywood Fla Wednesday evening the President-elect will fly to the Texas ranch of the new vice president Sen Lyndon Johnson for conferences through Thursday Shooting Accidents Claim Lives of Two Vt Hunters Fairfax Man 45 Accidentally Shot By 13-Year-Old Burlington Youth Killed Sat By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Shooting accidents have claimed the lives of two hunters with the opening of deer season in Vermont Both victims lost their lives on opening day Saturday Harold Bessette 45 of Fairfax was fatally shot by his 13-year-old son Donald while hunting at Fletcher Authorities said the gun apparently discharged as he reached down to pick up an apple Bessette died at the Kerbs Memorial Hospital in St Albans as doctors sought to stop internal bleeding At Williston John Watson 18 of Burlington was accidentally killed by his companion as they tramped throngn the woods in search of game State police said Watson was killed when a rifle bemg carried by James Goulette 17 of Burlington accidentally went off Watson was ahead of Goulette as they were walking through heavy brush up the side of a ravine when the mishap occurred Police said that rifle was apparently set off when the trigger was snagged by some brush The bullet hit Watson in the back piercing his lung and heart '60 Election Brings Democratic Gains In Southern States Nixon Out-Did All Other GOP Two-Party Vote Slips Three Per Cent By CARL LEUBSDORF NEW ORLEANS La (AP) -The 1960 election brought a Demo cratic resurgence in the South and little Republican success in extending recent gains an Associated Press survey showed today President-Elect John Kennedy polled more votes in the 11 Southern states than any previous candidate Vice President Richard Nixon out-did all previous Republican efforts but his percentage of the two-party vote dropped about three per cent from President 1956 total This compared with an eight per cent drop nationally A sampling of returns in several metropolitan areas showed that votes against the Democrats were often conservative rather than Republican The implication is that a conservative third party might seriously erode the new strength Unofficial nearly complete returns compiled by the Associated Press in the 11 states gave Kennedy 5041905 votes or 523 per cent of the two-party vote to 4602166 or 477 per cent Independent Democratic electors polled 109404 votes in Mississippi and Louisiana's States Rights Party had 169962 In 1956 Eisenhower led with 4-214155 or 505 per cent: in 1952 Adlai Stevenson polled 4428163 or 525 per cent Kennedy's percentage would probably have been higher than had It not been for the Roman Catholic religion which hurt him In rural Protestant areas Kennedy's total becomes more impressive when compared with A1 showing in 1928 Smith the only other Roman Catholic major party presidential candidate had only 524 per cent of the Southern vote at a time when there was virtually no Republican party organization in several states of the old Confederacy The Democrats clearly will not approach majorities such as the late Franklin Roosevelt achieved In 1944 Roosevelt received 735 per cent of the Southern vote The Republicans held their five house seats in Florida North Carolina Texas and Virginia (2) But they ran far behind in every other contested congressional election and in every gubernatorial race except North Carolina where the Democrats were handicapped by a party split Col Mobutu And Kamitatu Reach Political Agreement Important Victory For Mobutu in Bitter Struggle For Power In Leopoldville LEOPOLDVILLE the Congo (At Cleophas Kamitatu of Leopoldville Province today announced a with his political enemy Col Joseph Mobutu for maintaining order in the capital It was a major political setback for ex-Premier Patrice Lumumba The Nicaraguan revolt spilled entrenched in his villa in powerless seclusion behind a United Nations guard Kamitatu has hitherto been bitterly opposed to pro-Western military regime and has persistently maneuvered his 2000-strong provincial police force in favor Kamitatu said he agreed to suspend publication of his semi-weekly newspaper Africaine" which launched violent attacks in recent issues against Mobutu and Congo President Joseph Kasavubu Mobutu was not immediately reachable for comment on the agreement But announcement marked an important victory for the army leader in the bitter struggle for political power in the capital over into adjoining Costa Rica Alfonso Monge commander the Costa Rican Civil Guard three of his men were killed a battle with the rebels Mary Reilly Is Wed To John McNeill Jr Ceremony Was Performed At Manhasset Long Island Catholic Church BARTON Miss Mary Dowd Reilly daughter of Mr and Mrs Arthur Reilly of Manhasset Long Island and Lake Willoughby was married to John McNeil! son of Dr and Mrs John Discoverer XVII To Eject Capsule In Hawaiian Area Forerunner of Sky Spy Satellite Performs Well In Orbit Around World VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE Calif The gold-plated capsule of Discoverer XVII given an extra day in space for good behavior should come flying home today when a scientist presses a button The satellite forerunner of a legion of military sky spies is the first of the Discoverer series to eject its capsule at a ground signal All the others have ejected when a timing device within the space package clicked shut on the 17th pass around the earth When Discoverer XVII neared its 14th trip the Air Force decided Sunday that it was behaving so well it could stay up a little longer Scheduled ejection time was delayed to the 31st pass about 5 EST today Plans called for the capsule to pop from the 25-foot-long Agena second-stage rocket as it streaked over the North Pole headed south Forward-firing rockets were to slow it enough to permit a parachute to lower It over Hawaiian waters Trapeze-trailing Flying Boxcars hoped to snag it before it hit the water a feat accomplished once in the long Discoverer series One other capsule was fished from the sea by a skindiver The latest Discoverer was launched at this big seaside missile facility at 12:42 Saturday The Air Force said the decision to leave it in orbit 18 extra trips was made because "communications with the satellite have been and vehicle is performing Col of and in Jr McNeill of Brooklyn on Saturday November 12 in St Mary's Roman Catholic church in Manhasset Long Island Rev John Sullivan of Oklahoma City officiated and read the Papal Blessing A reception was held at the North Hempstead Country Club Port Washington Mr Reilly escorted his daughter Miss Carol McNeill sister of the groom was maid of honor The bridesmaids were Miss Helen Hayes of Holden Mass Miss Nan Wilkins of Poughkeepsie Miss Patricia Cochran of Wheeling Va and Miss Sheila of Fort Wayne Ind The bride's gown was of ivory peau de sole with a cathedral train Her cathedral length heirloom veil was of Duchess lace She carried a cascade arrangement of white orchids phalanop-sis and stephanotis The attendants wore gold peau de soie dresses matching headdresses and carried shades of gold chrysanthemums and wheat Craig Rueckel of Pittsburgh Pa was best man Ushers were John McNeill cousin of the (Continued on page 2) 29 Governors Visiting Argentina Official Guests At 150th Independence Stafford Among Group BUENOS AIRES IB Twenty-nine governors and theid wives today started their second round of sightseeing as official guests for the 150th anniversary of independence President Arturo Frondizi headed the group of Argentine officials who greeted the governors Sunday Ambassador Roy Rubottom provided them with a private briefing at the beginning of their eight-day tour through this country There was reportedly much discussion between the Argentine officials and their guests of the need to Increase trade between the United States and Latin America and otherwise improve relations to offset the Communist Influence in the Western Hemisphere represented by Prime Minister Fidel Castro's Cuban government Early their first day the governors placed a wreath at the Buenos Aires monument to war of independence They went on to hear a lecture on the economy and culture of Argentina and to take a yacht trip through the canals of the delta of the Plata River Gov Stephen McNichols of Colorado brought a message from President-elect John Kennedy He said Kennedy told him by telephone he wanted Latin Americans to know he is forward to a vigorous re-establishment of the good neighbor policy as it was understood under the terms of Franklin Performers And TV Studios Resume Talks Tuesday Midnight Deadline For Signing New Union Contract NEW YORK (AP) Representatives of a performers union and the four major television and radio networks resume negotiations today seeking to reach agreement on a new contract before Tuesday deadline Performers in New York and ihicago authorized their national board to call a strike at any time after midnight if no agreement is reached by then Television and radio artists in Los Angeles voted Sunday night to authorize a strike The networks involved are the American Broadcasting Co National Broadcasting Co Columbia Broadcasting Syetem and Mutual (radio) Broadcasting System Contracts between the networks and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists expire at midnight Tuesday About 16000 union members are involved A major demand of the union is for a new formula under which (Continued on page 2) Derby FHA Officers7 nstallation Nov 16 Junior and Senior FHA Chapters Formed At Derby Academy Parents and friends of the Der by chapters of Future Homemakers of America are invited to the installation of officers and initiation of members on Wednesday Nov 16 at 7:30 The pro gram will last about an hour Refreshments will be served and there will be an opportunity to see what the girls in home economics classes are doing This year the 21 eighth grade girls have formed a Junior FHA chapter Officers have been elected as follows: President Jackie Conley: vice president Mary Ryan: secretary Joan Kinney treasurer Janet Rowden parliamentarian Janis Austin: i s- torian Linda Lamothe reporter Ellen Wing song and recreation leaders Hope Greenwood and Sandra Rollins Chapter mother is Mrs William Austin At their first meeting a picnic supper was held at the home of Mrs Roger Whitcomb Other meetings this year will include a taffy pull sliding and skating parties and talks by people in the community The girls sold fudge (Continued on page 2) Burlington Police Clear Up 1 2 Breaks Four Teen-Agers Arrested Charged With Breaking And Entering BURLINGTON (B Police say they have cleared up 12 breaks with the arrests of four Burlington youths this weekend The four teen-agers were arrested Saturday in connection with three breaks in Burlington Detective Capt Arthur Car-ron said questioning of the boys has cleared up 12 breaks and one attempted break in Burlington dating back to August Charged with breaking and entering were Patrick Spaulding 18 Maurice Sweeney Jr Harry Slingerland and Robert A Lavigne all 17 Carron said not all of the youths were involved in all 12 breaks Salt Mountain in the southwest of the Dominican Republic consists of a block of salt about 10 miles long from one to two miles wide and from 100 to 400 feet high Scientists estimate that It contains 150 billion tons of salt Joanne Cadieux Is Bride of Leonard Young Ceremony Was Solemnized At St Vincent de Paul Catholic Church NORTH TROY Miss Joanne Marie Cadieux daughter of Mr and Mrs Roland Cadieux Sr of this village and Leonard Young son of Mr and Mrs Leonard Young of Derby were married Nov 5 at 10 a in the St Vincent de Paul church here Rev Mig-nault was the officiating clergyman at the double ring service The bride given in marriage by her father was gowned in imported Chantilly lace and nylon net which featured a sequin-trimmed V-col-lar and long tapered sleeves The ruffled skirt was floor length and she carried an orchid upon her prayer book Her veil fell from a crown of seed pearls Mrs Roger Choquette friend of the bride was matron-of-honor Miss Patty Young cousin of the groom and Miss Judith Cadieux sister of the bride were bridesmaids The matron of honor wore a deep pink chiffon dress and matching hat The bridesmaids wore cotillion blue chiffon dresses with matching hats They carried nosegays Mrs Cadieux mother of the bride chose a blue print dress and matching accessories for her wedding and Mrs Young was attired in a green gown with matching accessories Personal gifts were exchanged by the bridal couple A reception was held at Kelley's Restaurant in Derby at 12:30 For traveling the bride wore a plaid suit Mr and Mrs Young will reside in Newport The bride has been employed as a store clerk and the groom is employed as a truck driver Guests were present from Derby Rlchford Northfleld Mass Canada St Albans Newport and Derby Line ALBANY CIVIL DEFENSE MEETING WEDNESDAY There will be a Civil Defense meeting at the Albany school house Wednesday Nov 16 at 8 Miss Lois Hallock of Montpelier Civil Defense worker will show a film Everyone is urged to attend One of the chief exports of Iran is caviar Iranian fishermen net one million dollars worth of sturgeon a year Spring Is Headache To The Fashion Industry The Mariana Trench the deep est point at 35800 feet in the Pacific Ocean is a mile deeper than Miount Everest is high Soviet Man-In-Street Puzzled By Election Elizobeth Taylor Back In London Hospital Doctors Worried By Her Illness-Suffers Sudden Severe Headache By EDDIE GILMORE LONDON (AP) A spokesman for Elizabeth studio said today terrible headache causing almost unbelievaible had sent the beautiful actress back to a hospital hit her a little before 9 last said the movie-man the headache was so awful that it alarmed including her Weeping and clutching her head Miss Taylor was carried from her hotel on a stretcher and rushed to the hospital in an ambulance The spokesman said her personal physician Dr Carol Goldman and one of Queen Elizabeth doctors Lord Evans were "worried and Neither would immediately answer questions Both were extremely for good reasons For weeks the actress had been reported suffering from a mystery virus that brought on high temperatures in the afternoon Unable to diagnose the cause of the fever at her penthouse apartment in a London hotel the doctors ordered her into the London Clinic on Oct 30 They1 made several tests on Ireland she was allowed to leave the clinic three days after being admitted The fever still persisted however Last week she complained of a severe tooth ache X-rays ware taken and an abscessed tooth discovered A dentist pulled it and her fever went down Jubilantly Miss Taylor's fourth husband Eiddie Fisher told reporters that at last the cause of her lengthy Illness seemed to be solved READ THE CLASSIFIEDS Want ads are for EVERYBODY! By RUBY WEIL NEW YORK Spring may be a song to the poets but to the fashion Industry a headache Depending on the area and the time of year spring last long enough starts too late (when Easter is in April) or is practically non-existent As a result women shoppers are likely to skip from winter to summer Unlike those of us who talk about the weather but do nothing about it some people in the fashion industry are doing something simply out to abolish spring The evidence was presented to store buyers and the fashion press who have been looking at spring-fashion collections while ordinary mortals were still shaking the mothballs out of their winter wardrobes They found a spreading movement toward any-season fashions The movement has been under way for several seasons But this year it is crystallizing Fabrics colors and types of clothes all contribute to the trend toward clothes that can be worn practically year round The weatherman Is not entirely responsible The airplane plays a part So do modern heating in winter and air conditioning in summer and the steady increase in vacations any time of the year For the airborne traveler there are mord and more costumes with built-in comfort and wrinkle re sistance The higher priced ones are de signed for woman who jets from climate to as one designer phrases it This coordinated costume is brought down to budget level in handy outfits for the coach flight passenger The change in heating and cool ing patterns of homes theaters restaurants in recent years has brought about a steady increase in the dress-plus costume Dressing in layers now Is recognized as a way to comfort And more and more the anytime vacation is influencing fashion Resort fashions merge Into those for spring and into summer until the line often Is wiped out searies honored ON 70TH BIRTHDAY A family dinner in honor of the 70th birthday anniversary of Searles veteran Newport merchant was held yesterday Nov 13 at the home of Mrs Rose Daigle The event was a complete surprise when Mr and Mrs Robert Searles and children Marjorie and Richard of Plymouth II Mr and Mrs Peter Dillon and children Paul David and Mary of Burlington arrived simultaneously Then Mr and Mrs Richard Searles and family Ingrid Robert and Erik city joined the group Friends In the city join In congratulating today Mr Searles has served his city as mayor and in other offices of responsibility through his 50 residence here during which time he has been engaged in the Jewelry business Mr Searles Is hailed as being the one man who did most to bring a modern airport to Newport the American voters could repudiate a policy if there was no difference in policies Nor did his press attempt to explain to him why an American electorate could repudiate a political party while a Soviet electorate could never hope to do so "Millions of Americans" Moscow radio told its home audiences given their reply to the arms race to military provocation and to the aggravation of the cold war which was the foundation of the Elsenhower administration The election continued the broadcaster expressed the people's "profound disapproval of the political course of the Puzzled Ivan may have wondered: How come Americans get to express profound disapproval of their government? Could Ivan do likewise? And If both Democrats and Republicans represent (Continued on page 3) By WILLIAM RYAN Associated Press News Analyst If the Soviet man-in-the-street tries on the basis of what he has been told officially to figure out what happened in the election he Is going to be a mighty bewildered citizen Throughout the campaign newspapers told him Sen John Kennedy and Vice President Richard Nixon were Tweedledee and Tweedledum The American voter he read had no choice at all Both candidates said the Communist press served exactly the same Interests and had the same predatory Imperialist aims Even when it was over a typical official press comment was that "It Is Impossible to see without a magnifying glass any marked difference between the Republican leader Nixon and the Democrat leader But then Ivan also was told that the election was a repudiation of the Republican party For Ivan there was no explanation of how Experienced Painters WANTED Tuesday Morning Apply at State Employment Office Second Street Newport Vt The highest wages paid Mothers can sure be bargain hunters and it's possible when you use the little Want Ads.

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