Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 17, 1928 · Page 13
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 13

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 17, 1928
Page 13
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linii ! ?iiil E /i ., I • Ml Ml I con*»n.Fnrr5ne Aud Ohi ' I .. V . "If" win have- in t.h» .0^. d ..... fA.P.> ~ Til* hard snH for th* first rr> e in m$.ny years, Indlsrijt s?rc-s<jy has », fonffrenc* 1 vklorv on 6-0 ewiquf^t of MlfWs?.sfj {as r. Tn flddiUon. Coarh Pat , - i has fasten \Vsbash, which' , was not much of n Job, nnd Oklaho-' mo. whk-h wfts. Illinois hs«; not ypf «««ag*d itj Big Ten romprtllimi this For th? thirteenth tlm" In *,,„ Fp-n hl-jtorj- Purdue nruj Wisconsin wi» rofet finturtlsy. with Wi'-consln holding a b) R e<l RC in tlm nreurririt p|i!y oner ! lfls p,,rrtu» been victor-' ous. in t«W2. anf l twice the teams h»v» tied, coach Jimmy Phelsn Is likely to depend on [ and «?nd runt to offset the strength of Wisconsin's line. low^ «nd McLaln played havoc with Coach Btsgg's Chlcagoans, and toe tr-et*rftn coach i« faced with the p5t?W«n of revamping p. squad beset by injuries tm preparation for Mln- uesota'/j pile drlvins backs. OBS«,|P Cftpatols drop kicker, i, tjlc Jatc ; t ' Chicago Injury. It will b* wildcat Rgalnst wildcat when Northwestern and Kentucky meet Saturday. Beaten by OhJo, Coafth Dick Hanlry is ^rdlng We men for the Kentucky fracas as n it were e Big Ten gartie. IS ? y 1 " l1lana iflfit week,'will" R\tempt to abandon the losing column Saturday at Columbus 8ga in st Ohio fi^i^'n? 10 P , ucke > >Cfl - however, have their aim set on the Wolverines «ui another target Jn their march to- 0,'01-rt »h« { O jj Q j ,, . center, and Walker, rtfht CANADA AT ELIGTIOIf OF RING OFFICER JPORT NOTES~^| The sun rl-ses Thursday morning at 6:15 and sets at 5:15 p. m. Eventually the ducks wll! bo down this way but why not now? «, P »0d Com muijlty high school scrimmaged to f< et ,^ r , 8t tne Community h)s h field la»t evening. It was a good workout for each team. The t will scrimmage again next week Coaches Eades and Whaley will officiate Friday at the Community Hlgh-St. Thomas of Rockford foott ™?" f a ^ e here. Last Saturday Coftch Whajjy officiated at the DamW. oaiwijurg gapie, pnd next Saturday he goes to LaSsJte a« one of the of- in a high a^nool game th«re. ! E. Bircrf, local referee of proininencfi. goes to Toronto, Oct. I7--<A.P.)-Rum blc« of dlssatififaction within th National Boning Association hei were h«ard today. The trouble originated over th annual meetlnf. The Canadian rfelo gaMon waited to hnow why Thoni M MunJhy, second vice prcsiden last year, was not nominated fo office this time. It was explained M»t Murphy's election last-year had b-njwntrwy to the comutulioi provides that foreign dele°""" f hold office in the c ' tn^* ° f s£ * tc dflc stMom mi- to the support of Uw dominion ^f/ 8 ? W l fe hurled thftt w*- delegates had ••steam-rollered" the N°n e K ^ Mcure contro1 of ™ ' ?' A ' The ^ewly elected pres- Paul Prehn, Us chairman of Bo * lll<r Commission s> nret vice President , and D. Allan, second presidsnt. comes from Kansas a P V * at attended by and dele „ . . from wveral Ktntrs, u,.-n- w ,. rr «ome indications that a move mlclit be made by which Canada and other uifgruntled stele delegations mip|j' 8tU>mpt formation of a nc-w n : o- clation. GAVE MOTHER BLOOD WINS RING BATTLE Omaha, Nebr, Oct. i7--(AP> — After submitting to a blood transfusion early yesterday which mny be the means of saving his mother's life, Freddy Penn, IB, Omaha fiRhter, stepped Into a Council Bluffs, la., ring last night and in he last round of his bout knocked »s opponent down four times win- Ung the fight. ' 'i Penn gave morn than a half pint blood to his mother, who has been icar death since Saturday The raiiBfusion cost Freddy precious wundage In his boxing match and e entered the ring 13 1-2 pounds J«nt£r than Clarence Berger his pponent. Freddy's mother was rc- "wrted improved today. One of the oldest of European su- Mrstitions is that animals assume w power of speech at phrlstmas me. -~__ HIAD OF THE BOXINQ Toronto. Out., Oct. 17— (A P) ~Paul Prehn. head ,,f the illinol fjtate Athletic Commission, wa elected unanimously to the presi dency of the National Boxing Asso elation yesterday. Hi.-, name alone was placed in nomination. The delegates of 2C> .states and several foreign countries meeting in their annual convention, chose S Isaacs of the Ohio delegation, vice president; B. Allan of Kansas, second vice president; A. C. Foster Of Providence. R. I., third vice president, and J. c. Taylor of North Car nlina, fourth vice president. The delegates refund to accept the ficiignalion of Secretary Cogtwel! of Baltimore, Md. Chicago was selected for the next convention Bjte, The date .suggested was the third Monday in September Artsrrlei, •B*be tiulli, i^uls- • nnrj Hrnry L*nar«l, Ch!c»go. Inr).. nrxi Frankie rriccn. chj. • <lrew, (fi). Windy Meyers. C!n- I, outpointed Johnny Hnn- Chirago, (8?. 1, Ore.—ArmRnfi KmanuM wo, outpointed Jtx? Lt-ijj. Tolfcfo, O., (10). THE WIATHER Tlie Aesodftted Press) 't* till 7 p. m, Thursday I-ur Chicago %rid vicinity Haiti tonlcht, end probably Thursday morniriu; cooler tonight; moderate to frr-ih northeast to north winds mnirrr i>- < For Illinolfl: Rain tonlRht nnd bl "HHant hallback probably in northewt port In - T^itirsflay morning mo«tly fai Tliursdey In west and south por ttons; cooler tonight and In south east portion Thursday; rising tern perature Thursday In exlrem northwest portion. For Indiana: Kain tonight am irobably Thursday morning; eoole Anight and Ir> posit!) portion Thurs For Wisconsin: Mostly fair In robably rain south portloi . . Thursday partly cloudy to ± U , dy 'J^° b ! bl y ..•'ho.-crs in north- ~ *..-,***.* r=fi"~ *«* i » •«£" , , ,,-,,.. | ^_ , j f r ., H «' - • • »• T „, -s , ,.« >,.„(• /• f> .« , , . „ - ., 5 . ft , ' " : it FI •"•• •) - „? '-» , • ' 1 , l I *- >,,-,„., ' t f • I OPEN FIELD '' ThomaMon. Oeorglii Techv WITH APOLOGIES. FIRST DAMSEL: Why did you write that cruel letter to your fiance on pink paper? SECOND DAMSEL < blu^hlRg): To show how ashamed I was.™-Passing Show. . the Notre Wftson that taUea »»twmw.of the cou east. «ouu» and weftT one of the te.*u net u the Bterlin £ high heaves yeearves play at Dlxon on next __ — hard as possible for two games and the fans are ".for a double victory, May., • • -86 pile driving midget of ths 11 Sterling t^ckfield, Is still out with an Injured knee but may be able *or Missouri: Mostly cloudy to- Digit, rain in east and extreme orth portions; cooler tonight and n southeast portion Thursday rally fair with rising tempera- in northwest portion. Pair in northwest, tonight; cooler in extreme east portion; Thursday partly cloudy with rising Ui, lpw ttjowers in northwest portion. A black velour hat that turns off the face and dips over tlw e*«4 Oovrrnor Of " •'' rr ' ' ' ' "' Yn \ <f,f f f .r-f-'fj , , * . - s * ) % . i s ) M- -"r.r , . :, . v ..1 !,p,* n m pnor n^:ti!!i for :i!f- ]. • fry, v^'-rs, tin- pirrn'.v H t-' tj - - l ':i-i» a ft rt ?fSj' rr- "i-rry A !•<••••-; •;.-> •••-. in durinir th« nigh:, !)•.•'.'•• <•!. ;,-/! rf.-. t qi wcu.Tfd n' R <,•> f> f ] ' ',< '{:;;•...!;, v nvjrniM* He t\n* ,"><j •.••-!!-.-. H.J. A Pnrr.;:m roi»t r,f s.ilrcry wool \elouri has three pleats stitch- e<i tit ih<- wal'-tim* to tlvp n fitted bark whirl! flare from hipline. So give ripp!m« fiiMiir;,A !.o the lower edrr.' Owners of sccond-jiand cars kno\v that it jhn't always :nsy to (irivo their bnrcain uction Coach I^uis Andreas of Byracuse Unlvemty ha« developed a VSS te«m this season, -fcoui,.. appears hp nSVe ^ re l ! fust b«cWieW from he w»y the boys have been piling UD the scores this season « tosn abje to show famous jL mm A v , _, Allen-A Underwear ,'V ' , " for Men and Boys ur--^'^5^S^^^^-*-^«»^*^ — ipipiLij^jiit.^^/?.MU'JU ^ ^!l " nd Lo^'s thfl "I^arrupln 1 Loua." Hectic Race In A. A. But Attendance Was Chicago, Dot. 17-< eguar dl*Q far Foil and Winter Wear ear t ' er ^ garment g u, rw t,«d ise of finest Ailen-A Du A few e*c«p ? ior, a l values are JM%A spriiigjieecije uniori suite ^ the ideal garment for early fall— . short sleeves or long sleeves, »/, length nt» ar,L-l« 1««^"u. ...t •, l 1.29 AUen A he^vy wool mixed union suits, a good winter garment for the man out of doors. Grey color; all sizes. 2.29 Special of men's fancy sflk hose, ' being gaudy. 4ic in the field way sixes »W»«tiitKJBs a»d qutetxuB0« of opera- at every brtl- pickup with marked and o«. v«atil«u>r, etc. The greater value afforded by the new De Soto Six has been instantly recognized and generously rewarded* Its heritage of Chrysler standardized quality in point of style, beauty and comfort is apparent at first glance—and a ride reveals performance abilities never before attained in six-cylinder cars of comparable price. ty|»« lauspa, witli beautiful «x»wlJUiiKip» aod cowl bar, all tfU»ittie« are «HM(la« 4«M»f# «ttd r, glfihlP aMM. for cumin Motor Sales

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