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Newport, Vermont
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THE NEWPORT DAILY EXPRESS NEWPORT VERMONT TUESDAY JUNE 15 1954 PAGE TWO 'Shucks Business Is Bad Here in Geneva Too!" I i i Nnuport Hath Sxprcaa Published Every Afternoon Except Sundays and Holidays ESTABLISHED AS A WEEKLY IN 1863 AS A DAILY IN 1936 STATION CBMT June 15 Tuesday PM Entered at Post Office in Newport Vt as a second class mail matter SUBSCRIPTION RATES BY MAIL Outside Orleans and Adjacent Counties One month 150 Three months 400 Six months 700 One year 1200 In Orleans and Adjacent Counties One month $100 Three months 275 Six months 500 One year 900 NORMAL WEATHER FOR NEXT FEW DAYS BOSTON tP) The Weather Bureau predicted today the temperature in New England the next 5 days will average near the seasonal normal Mild Wednesday followed by warmer about Friday Some normals for the period: Boston 68 Providence 67 Nantucket 62 New Haven 67 Concord 65 Burlington 66 Portland 63 Eastport 56 Greenville 60 and Presque Isle 60 At Boston the normal maximum temperature during this period is 77 and the normal minimum temperature is 59 Precipitation during this period will on the average total about 6 tenths of an inch occurring in showers and thunderstorms Wednesday and part of Thursday and more showers over northern New England about Saturday Music Junior Sports Club How About That Music Tonight on CBMT News Tabloid Dinah Shore Telesports Actuality Fighting Words by Stanley Mann To be announced Film Fight of the Week News 3:00 5:00 5:15 5:30 6:40 6:45 7:00 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 Back issues of The Express after a week 10 cents a copy at office After two months 15 cents a copy Telephone All Departments 707 The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of all the local news printed in this newspaper as well as all AP news dispatches MEMBER OP AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS STATION CBFT Le Mardi 15 juin 3:00 PM Musique 5:30 Dans ma coeqr 6:00 Musique 7:25 A ce soir 7:30 Tele-Journal 7:45 Croisiere 8:00 14 rue de Galais 8:30 Tour de chant 9 :00 Long metrage Cavalier de Croix- avec Madeleine Robinson Yves Vincent Frank Villard Simone Valere Henri Nassiet 10:30 Rollande et Robert 11:00 Nouvelles 11:02 A demain Le Mercredi 16 juin 3:00 PM Musique 5:30 Le Grenier aux Images 6:00 Musique 7:25 A ce soir 7:30 Tele-Journal 7:45 Film: foret 8:00 Pays et Merveilles 8:30 Theatre de Claude-Henri Grignon 9:00 Lutte 10:00 Le Nez de Cleopatre 10:30 11:00 Nouvelles 11:02 A demain June 16 Music Hidden Pages The Ballad Singer Music Tonight on CBMT News Tabloid Living Denny Vaughan Show Fighting Words Favorite Story Soccer Ford Theatre People vs The Late Show News Wednesday 3:00 PM 5:00 5:15 5:30 6:40 6:45 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 The The jail break He will now be on probation Attorney Allan Bruce said Kemp has cooperated in the investigation and will testify when Fred Hamelin now serving a sentence in Windsor for another crime is tried for the jail break The state's attorney said he believed Kemp was easily led into crime by his associates Kemp who now has steady employment was warned' by Judge Joseph McNeil that any violation of his probation would result in serving the sentence RCA-VICT0R TV "Quality" Sales Service SEGUIN MUSIC CO Zenith TV SALES SERVICE Craft Motors East Main St Newport Vt 69 Main St Newport Vt Tipper Body Is Found In Missisquoi The body of Patricia Tipper 17 daughter of Mr and Mrs Howard Tipper of Sheldon Springs who drowned in the Missisquoi River Friday was recovered at 10 am Saturday Funeral services were held Monday in the Sheldon Creek Methodist church Sales Service Accessories RCA and SYLVANIA TELEVISION Largest TV Dealer in Northern Vermont Zenith Admiral Motorola 17" TV Sets Start at $15995 Rudy's Appliance Service Derby Vermont KERM'S Tel 139 Orleans Vt Leaves From A Notebook PHILCO SPARTAN OLYMPIC TELEVISION PHILC0 TV SALES SERVICE BARTON APPLIANCE Co Inc Tel 231-2 Barton Vt POLY'S TV SALES NAPOLEON MAILHOT Prop 91 Pleasant St Newport Vt 12 County Young Men To Take Physicals Terrence Arthur Lewis of Derby was appointed the leader of the group of 12 Orleans county young men who left Newport yesterday for Manchester where they will be given their pre-induction physicals today it was announced by Mrs Gladys Alexander chief clerk of the Orleans County Selective Service board Others to be given their pre-in-duction physicals today are: Claude Leopold Daigneault Barton Lewis Ames Williams Craftsbury Gordon Gibney Newport Dale Otis Tinker Newport Center Harland Pike Williams Craftsbury Donald Edward Shufelt Irasburg George Gordon Scott Newport Center Also Stanley Leon Elliott Troy Robert Harry Pickel Westmore Rodney William Lyon Derby Line and Robert Frank Bashaw Newport Following their pre-induction physicals they will return to their respective homes to await their call into the armed service of the United States ences The plan was tabled until next convention -which will be held in New York City GENERAL ELECTRIC EMERSON ADMIRAL MOTOROLA TELEVISION SETS SALES SERVICE GEACH ELECTRIC SHOP 5 North Ave Newport Vt TO ADVERTISERS The Daily Express cannot undertake to furnish proofs of advertisements to advertisers whose copy is not in this office by noon of the day before publication nor will it be held responsible for typographical errors occurring in any advertisements accepted after noon of the day preceding publication When through error in this office wrong prices appear in print The Daily Express will upon request immediately furnish the advertiser with a letter stating it is responsible for the mistake but it will not be responsible for any loss the advertiser might sustain through such an error AH advertisements are accepted subject to this understanding HIGHWAY BUILDING PROGRAM Awarding of a contract for covering nearly six miles of old concrete road with hotbituminoiis surface between Windsor and White River Junction the rebuilding of a section of route 5 not far from Putney the relocation and construction of an old black top section of this route just south of Barton the widening of this main artery of travel north and south on the Connecticut river through Windsor and replacement of a dangerous narrow and crooked bridge north of St Johnsbury indicates that route 5 is undergoing a face lifting job of some proportions The five jobs mentioned above are costing in the neighborhood of $2000000 and gives evidence of the importance placed on making IT route 5 a modern traffic artery That route 5 up the Connecticut river is a very important artery of travel is evidenced by the fact that this route on the Vermont side of the river carries much of New north and south traffic route 3 being located as far east of the Connecticut as Nashua Manchester and Concord in New Hampshire One only needs to travel route 5 and note the number of cars carrying New Hampshire number plates to realize this fact Or one only needs to try the New Hampshire side of the Connecticut to realize why much New Hampshire traffic prefers to cross the river into Vermont and use our route 5 No other state in the Union we are told the size of Vermont has two trunk line routes traversing its entire length route 3 in New Hampshire is farther from route 5 than is New route 9 from Western route 7 Traffic counts on route 5 have always compared favorably with or better than the count on route 7 except at certain points influenced by local traffic from two largest cities This is perhaps why when Washington announced several years ago that it was considering building a military road to Canada chose IT route 5 Traffic on 5 is more evenly distributed The count near Brattleboro and the ears reporting at customs at Derby Line and Rock Island hear out the fact that IT route 5 carries a burden of traffic from the Massachusetts border to the Canadian line much heavier than west-side interests realize and demands every bit of attention it is getting But route 7 is not being neglected At the same time five and a fraction miles of resurfacing was announced north of Windsor 11 miles of resurfacing with hot mix bituminous sur face is announced on two sections of route 7 one near Arlington another south of St Albans All of which indicates that Vermont is mak'ig rapid progress toward a better and more adequate system of highways The contracts mentioned happen to be on IT routes in the state but one in touch with Vermont road building projects knows that the state is making headway toward closing gravel gaps and is otherwise improving secondary roads all over the state And there is every reason to believe the immediate future years will keep pace with or accelerate the present program Federal road monies are to be more plentiful and both candidates for governor favor bonding Vermont in order to match Federal appropriations and hasten the day when Vermont tan say it has adequate highways As Vermqnwidens ijifter the Connecticut swjngs eastward after receiving the Passumsfi' secondary roads which arc being improved tend to scatter traffic a hit more than below that point Route 102 continues up the Connecticut to Canaan route 114 branches off at Lyndonville and goes to Island Pond and Norton from West Burke route 5 A invites travel via Willoughby Lake northward and west of route 5 is interstate route 12 which joins route 5 at Barton and 12B which cuts through Craftshury Albany and Irasburg to Coventry tvhere it joins route 5 However one looks at it Vermont roads are being rapidly improved and the anticipated improvement in the immediately future years will place state highways in excellent condition It may not have any super highways such as other states brag but it will have a state-wide system of highways as good as any state in the nation We always reply that we like it and view it as a permanent home For in 1947 we were hunting permanence and certainty after much uncertainty and along with the rest of the world we still desire permanence and certainty today So we furnished the house and lived in it and the sheriff has stayed away from our door known happiness and sorrow here become a place much lived in and attained in our minds the permanence we desired About a year ago we first heard the state was mounting an attack on us Goths pushing bulldozers would invade from the west we were told driving a super-highway through us toward New York Citizens of arms-bearing age were mustered in meetings of protest where it was impossible to sift wild rumors from military intelligence The road would go here it would go there it would go anywhere Some people in the threatened zone of attack wanted to sell but nobody would buy One fellow stopped painting his house A few optimistic strategists figured our positions were secured by a large cemetery a half mile forward of us which also protected a wide azimuth of our left flank But a pessimist said he had it straight from the State House in Trenton that By CHARLES MERCER GLEN RIDGE OP) The spot where I am writing this may some day be in the middle of a six-lane highway Or maybe it will be beside the highway Or maybe the highway will be a block away And possibly the highway never will come this way at all The spot is my desk in our house After I got out of the Army in 1946 we lived in furnished rooms while we hunted and hunted for a home The places we could afford we did not like and the places we liked we could not afford Then one Sunday afternoon in 1947 we saw The House The land curved around it and nine big oaks stretched their arms about it and people had dwelt happily in it many years This is I said after been through it and learned the price this is my wife said we afford So we bought it and moved into it all our possessions a portable typewriter a portable radio and wedding gifts that never had been unpacked Since that time been told by various people that a nice house but: 1 We afford it much bigger than we need get a coronary working on all that lawn 4 trying to go around the cemetery and then hit us Everybody felt that a good clean death like having the highway driven straight through you was far better than the crippling wound of the highway creasing your property Nobody in short wanted to live by the side of the road and be a friend to man Well I wish I could report a courier had just galloped in from Trenton with a message there never will be a highway coming this way Actually no new word has come Actually as we were saying last night on the porch life like that Yet I can report some good news Nobody has talked about the highway in several months now That fellow has finished painting his home I have spread much fertilizer and top soil on our lawn Life goes on The good news around here I think is that people now feel absolute permanence is too much to ask in this or any time No one is bitter or hysterical about it any longer The sense of permanence must be in us and not in our house If it hits us move and begin again somewhere else If it misses us wide stay And as we said on the porch last night if it creases us we might just live beside the highway and be a friend to man New Hampshire Highway Death Toll For Year Is 35 CONCORD UP) With the addition of a fatality during the past week New 1954 highway death toll reached 35 yesterday seven more than on the same date of last year In 1952 25 persons had lost their lives in highway mishaps The weekly report of the state Motor Vehicle Department showed 146 accidents caused injury to 71 persons including 10 pedestrians Twenty-eight drivers had their licenses revoked while 31 license suspensions were handed out by the agency with weight over the road limit He paid $50 fine and costs of $820 Paul Monfette 32 of Newport pleaded guilty to operating a truck with improperly chained load of logs He paid $5 fine and costs of $820 Arnold Thorne 39 of West Charleston pleaded guilty to a charge of petty larceny and paid $25 fine and costs of $820 high hat or something move inthe highway would go all the w'ay MUNICIPAL COURT Seven cases were heard Monday morning in Municipal Court before Judge Andrew Pepin Carl Ticehurst 42 of Barton pleaded innocent to a charge of non-support of two minor children Bail was set at $500 He was ordered to pay the sum of $11 a week for the support of the children pending the final hearing Paul Gaboriault 24 of Glover pleaded guilty to operating a truck over the registered weight limit He paid a fine of $15 and costs of $820 Rene de laBruere 21 of Charleston pleaded guilty to operating a truck over the registered weight limit He paid a fine of $30 and costs of $8 20 Hubert Jacobs 44 of Holland pleaded guilty to operating a vehicle with defective equipment He paid $5 fine and costs of $820 Ivan Catchpaw 26 of Beebe Que pleaded guilty to operating a truck EAST CHARLESTON Card Of Thanks At our recent arrival in our family we take this way to thank Dr Gage for coming at our request and also Dr McBride for coming as soon as he was at liberty and all other people in the community who helped in any way Mr and Mrs Herbert Wood Albany Collision Is Reported No One Hurt Monday at 2 in the town of Albany on Vermont route 12-B four miles south of the Irasburg and Albany town line a 1950 Ford coach owned and operated by Ellry Davis of Craftsbury Common was in collision with a 1948 International dump truck owned and operated by Douglas Niles of Craftsbury Common State police reported $500 damage to the automobile and no damage to the vehicle No injuries were reported From Here And There About The State given a probationary sentence in the House of Correction Kemp who has served time in Windsor and has been confined at different times in the county jail for other offenses was given a suspended sentence of from one to two years in the House of Correction for his part in the Weather BOSTON Forecast for Vermont Cloudy unsettled showery and cool this afternoon tonight and Wednesday Temp Record: Max 76 Min 57 Prec 76 Charles Leach of Newfane Ernest Dunklee of Vernon and Richard Willard of Dummerston Selection of this committee actually took place last Tuesday night at a meeting of the representatives of towns sending tuition students to BHS with the Brattleboro school board Names were not revealed until the Individuals agreed to serve Mr Jones chairman of the ever-all committee of school officials in the 11 towns involved proceeded to have the five men contacted The fact-finding group will be expected to make a preliminary report on its findings on or about Sept 15 Phone Company To Lease Brattleboro Area For Parking Town Manager George Miller announced Saturday morning that the New England Telephone Telegraph Co has agreed to lease to Brattleboro an area to the east of the present parking lot on Harris Place for the purposes of free public parking The town will pay $1 per year will pave a 10 foot strip of its leased land will build a fence between it and the parking lot and wUl clear snow in winter The area is 85 by 100 feet in size and opened will inerrase free public parking facilities at the town-owned Harris Place lot by approximately 30 cars Lutherans Defer Responsibility Action BINGHAMTON The United Lutheran Synod of New York and New England meeting in annual convention here has deferred action on a proposal to divide the responsibility of administering its sprawling territory Discussion at the first convention session yesterday centered on a plan that would place administration of the synod largely in the hands of its six districts The districts are subdivided into eonfer- TUNERAL HOME -27 2 1 TROY COMPLETE FUNERALS MODERATELY PRICED i tUgA -M 0 SERVICE AY ANY DISTANCE Shoreham Students Rank High In Achievement Test In a National Cooperative Achievement Test in plane geometry to high school students all over the country Shoreham high school has three topranking students Ann Nevin and Fred Bishop rank among the top four percent average of all high school students in the country taking this test of which there were many thousand Kenneth Elithorpe ranks among those in the high eight per cent average This is an average well above that of other high school students all over the country Converse Funeral Service Ambulance Service Winooski Will Honor Priest In Mill Accord Greatefull citizens of Winooski will honor the Rev Lorenzo at a testimonial dinner July 9 at 7:30 pm in Sunny Hollow Restaurant Father is credited with speeding the strike settlement for workers at the American Woolen Co mill in Winooski He was asked by the Chamber of Commerce to attend the meetings in Boston Members of the chamber merchants will cooperate by handling workers and others will participate Louis Rocheleau of the chamber reported that already enthusiasm for the testimonial dinner is city-wide All merchants will cooperate by handling tickets for the event Nicholas Morwood is chairman of the presentation committee and Mayor Armand Rathe and Jules Campbell are co-chairmen in charge of tickets Reservations may be made by calling either Maurice Walsh or Louis Rocheleau 27 Church St Orleans Vt Tel 80 87 Main St Tel 470-W Newport Vt Through our memberships in the National Funeral Directors' Association and the Associated Funeral Directors' Service we are able to serve our clients anywhere in the UNITED STATES A telephone call to us will relieve the family of all details It be many years before the poluted rivers in Vermont will be cleaned up Efforts are now being made to do that Over in Essex county five miles of river there has been ordered cleaned It might be well to do something more with the Winooski River The Suburban List We can agree with the sentiments expressed in the above We do not believe however that it will be only a few years before state streams be pollution free and we are not certain that Vermont Water Resources Commission yet has the author ity to stream clean-up If so it ought to begin on the Winooski Telephone Newport 871 Body Of Missing Swanton Man Found In Woods The body of Hiram Billado 56 night watchman at the United Bag Co missing since May 17 was found Saturday in a wooded section of the farm owned by Mrs Margaret Lafar on the Highgate Rd A young boy came upon the decomposed body hanging from a tree as he was wandering through the woods Police reported the boy thought it was the body of a deer which had been Members of the Swanton Police and State Police identified it as the body of the missing man Billado who was last seen on May 17 lived at the home of Mrs Anna Hamel of Fourth st I couldn't see a thing but those lights! A true story based on Company File No NY336KAL244i) It was nearly midnight foggy and raining The lights of an oncoming car blinded me and we crashed head-on! Everybody in both cars needed medical attention As soon as my Hartford agent got word of my accident he immediately reported it through Hartford's Night Claim Service Early the next morning Sunday four Hartford Claim Service men were at work on my behalf in half a dozen communities miles apart By Wednesday their job was done They had arranged for settlement of all claims against me When Hartford-insured through us it makes no difference where you are when an accident happens Five miles from home or five hundred Hartford help can always get to you quickly Our agency is always at your call and we are backed up nation-wide by thousands of Hartford agencies and more than 200 Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company claim offices strategically located from coast to coast See us for Hartford Insurance and REAL service Earl Liddell Associates INSURANCE SERVICE 17 Coventry St Newport Vt Tel 481 Representing HARTFORD ACCIDENT ud INDEMNITY COM PANT HARTFORD CONNECTICUT Vermont Funeral Directors License No 103 Justin A Curtis Vermont Embalmer License No 414 A couple without children always manages to find troubles of some sort to fill the vacancy Frank Chupka Reelected Head Of Vermont CIO The 12th annual convention of the Vermont CIO ended its meeting in Barre Sunday afternoon by electing with one exception the same slate of officers Ruth Daigneault of Burlington secretary-treasurer was replaced by Frank Dumas Burlington Other officers reelected were Frank Chupka of Burlington president Morris Driscoll of Windsor first vice president William Imlach Barre -second vice president and 13 new members of the executive board representing one or two from each union WHAT ABOUT THIS PHASE OF MILK COSTS (The Suburban List) For 30 years or more Vermont farmers have been told by experts how to reduce cost of producing milk Prices of all supplies that the farmers buy have been ncreasing in cost All during that time I recall of anyone coming forward with any idea or any plan by which the cost of distributing milk could be reduced Such reduction is a challenge to the milk distributors and dealers For 60 years serving three generations the Curtis Funeral Home has been a symbol of community service and progressive improvement It is our continuing desire to extend the most modern service and greatest possible comfort to those we serve THE CURTIS FUNERAL HOME INC Group Preparing To Study School Problem Revealed The names of five men who will serve on a committee to study threatened overcrowding at Brattleboro Junior-Senior high school a situation which is expected to become acute in 1956-57 were announced Saturday by Malcolm Jones of Putney The men are Atty John Kristensen and Rev John Norris of Brattleboro Dr Edward Kemp 19 Put On Probation For Jail Break Nineteen-year-old Edward Kemp of Burlington who was one of three men who escaped about a year ago from the county jail Saturday was Established 1894 Newport Vt Classified Ads Save Time and Money.

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