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FAGS 1170 kxxiz XrruSS IaiilWPOkT VEkMGNT THURSDAY MAY 7 1953 rj-j rvni xj Stymie legislators is sought in setting up plans for ways of cooperating with state and federal agencies to bnng the full benefits of state and federal programs to the local community 'The meeting will be in charge of Earl Wilson of Craftsbury president Rev Fr George St Onge of Troy will be the evening speaker Customs Collections Show April Increase Almost $25000 More Than Slight Decline From Traffic Heavy Customs collections for the port of Newport for April totaling 510090235 were almost $25000 more than for April 1952 Collections for March 1953 however reported at $11954198 were in excess of last month Reports from Derby Line principal S-Canada highway port of Co-Op System Urged MANILA (A) Introduction of a co-opeiative system similar to those in Denmark and Nova Scotia has been urged as a solution to the land tenure Sen Gil Puyat chairman of the entry in this section indicate April senate committees on public works incoming vehicles from Canada of ancj national enterprises warns 19642 with 45827 passengers Pe- that long as there is cut-throa destnans coming across the inter- competition among people in thei national line totaled 2246 in April greed for possessions the land ten- ure problem never will be solved READ THE CLASSIFIEDS and officers inspected 6666 packages Traffic for last month was about 10 percent more than for April 1952 At nearby Beebe Plain last weekend 1000 motoi vehicles entered the from Canada Derby tme customs checked in 1065 cars on Saturday and 1072 last Sunday Weather BOSTON Weather forecast for Vermont Fair north partly cloudy south tonight and Friday No important changes in temperature ffltt import Sathi Published Every Afternoon Except Sundays and Holidays ESTABLISHED AS A WEEKLY IN 1863 AS A DAILY IN 1936 sintered at the Post Office in Newport Vt as a 2nd class mall matter SUBSCRIPTION KATES BY MAIL In Orleans and Adfaceat Outside Orleans and Adjacent counties Counties One month $100 One month 150 tree months 275 Three months 400 Jit months 500 Six months 700 Hue year 900 One year 1200 -lack Issues of the Express after a week 10 cents a copy at office after wo months 15 cents a copy Telephone All Departments 707 The Associated Press is ertitled exclusively to the use for re-publication of all the local news printed in this newspaper as well as all AP news dipaches MEMBER OF ALDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS TO ADVERTISERS The Daily Express cannot undertake to furnish proofs of advertisements to advertisers whose copy is not this office by noon of the dav before publication nor will it be held responsible for typographical errors occurring in any advertisements accepted after noon of the day preceding publication When through error in this offiee wrong prices appear in print The Daily Express will upon request immediately furnish the with a letter stating it is responsible for the mistake but it will not be responsible for any loss the advertiser might sustain through such an error All advertisements are accepted fcubject to this understanding THE MILLS OF GOD GRIND SLOWLY Two prisoner" in Chittenden eounty jail recently broke out of that institution by removing brick" from the wall robbed the safe of a business place in Ilurlingrton of no small amount of cash returned to the jail and replaced the brick the story "oos The men were later found to have cash on their persons and the strange series of circumstances were revealed This episode may not be typical of Vermont prisoners and Vi-rmont prisons but it does not seem to indicate that our prisons are the terrible places in which to be held that we are sometimes led to believe Two men finding themsehes outside a jail and in possession of money force their way back into confinement of the institution instead of trying permanent escape! It does not speak too badly of Vermonters and the Chittenden county jail at least At about the same time of this jail episode a man with a 1 on standing record of crime in most of the Xew England states ami in New Vork on parole which he had violated stealthily entered the village of Barton in the early morning hours in a stolen ear intent on robbery Ilis career began in bis teens and be was 55 years old when be entered Barton business places in i If You Find The New Boss the early morning ot April 2i Depute his long and success- Is Keep It A Secret fid" career as a robber this was his last success He would not 1 By Hal Bojle NEW YORK fP Bosses again be arrested tried convicted sentenced and confined Leaves From other office 8818 14'i 24Vi DEATH NOTICES SISCO Ralph Chamberlain of 11 Lane ave passed away 4:45 a Thursday May 7 at age of 75 years 5 months 28 days Friends may call at the Colonial Room Curtis Funeral Home from Friday njornmg where fu-i neral services will be held at 2 Saturday May 9 with the chaplain of Memphremagog Lodge No 65 A officiating Interment in Pme Grove cemetery with Masonic committal service Curtis Funeral Home in charge NVDA Directors Others Will Meet Tomorrow There will be a meeting of the board of directors officers and town councilmen and committees of the Northeastern Vermont Development Association St Johns- 1 bury Center at the Grange Hall Friday evening at 7:30 pm for a general discussion of the work of the area association to-date and plans and projects for the 1953 year Selectmen and legislators have been invited to attend Guests are welcome Refreshments will be served by the Green Mountain Grange of St Johnsbury Center There will be a report on current activities of the area association The opinion of selectmen and councilmen will determine the action to be taken on a proposed amendment to the constitution relative to the method of manning councilmen to represent the towns The advice of JUST FOR SHORTER FIGURES Pattern No 8818 is a sew-rite perforated pattern in sizes 14 1-2 16 1-2 18 1-2 20 1-2 22 1-2 24 1-2 Size 16 1-2 dress 3 1-8 yards of 39-mch bolero 1 1-8 yards 1 yard contrast i For this pattern send 25c plus I 5c for first class mailing In coins 1 your name and address sizes de-' sired and the Pattern Number to I Pattern Service Newport Daily Express 1150 Ave Americas New York 19 Pattern Service (Newport Daily Express) 1150 Sixth Avenue New York Ln lilmi FLANDERS Edith A of Newport suddenly in Glenridge May 6 at the age of 68 years 3 months 23 days Friends may call at the Converse Funeral Home for information Funeral arrangements have not yet been mpleted NEA Sfvcc tnc 5 1 Size Correspondents Noiehoolc Pattern No Send to: I i Name DERBY-PORT ego but ruinous to your goal of more take-home pay Fawning on hirjj on the other hand will only cause him to question your intelligence The proper way to break in a new boss to surround him with an atmosphere of cordial impartiality to the point A pat on the back a brisk show that is enough Always leave him yearning for more 5 Never point out the I Address blunders to him If vou must share your know-ledge of his ignorance whltehjI1 and Mrs Wlibur Atkins tell it to jour wife- Let ffie other The table was decorated with bou-fellows in the office make the mis- qUejs Qf spring flowers like items of equipment wear out and have to be replaced When this happens theie is always an air of tension and nervous- Racing out of town when diswov ered vith bis stolen ear lights (loused be fled southward not knowing that Vermoni Theatre DERBY VERMONT Adm 44c Tax Included Two Shows Nightly Children Under 12 Years FREE take of telling the boss about his civilians and police were really alert But a keen driver of an ness about the office Who is the and let him know he is on his own i i i i i-i new boss What'll he be like? 'mettle Here are a few tips: fain truck notified local and state police wbo because ot mod-' Rumors fly aiound thicker than! 1 Never tell him old boss If the for- ern radio equipment set up a police car road block through grasshoppers August: do it that way A short business meeting was led i i i rru i i heal they dropped him on his mer name ever comes up at which be raced The second road block more absolute than jhead when he was a baby and he all just shake your head wonder the first this "successful" old band at crime and escape tried 'wears a silver plate his fore- as if to say did our orgaru- i 1 zation ever manage to survive un- LAST TIMES TONIGHT say that at the last place der that he worked he cut the staff half 2 volunteer to do more and salaries i work Throw as much of own hear he's the big i work as you can on the new: There is a family resemblance No- shoulders Then as ou gradually tice how close together his eyes start doing it yourself again he'll find his own load lighter and feel it really true he eats his own grateful toward j-ou i 3 Try to keep him at ease but By the time the new boss actual- not too ure of himself If he tells ly shows up on the job the office you a joke laugh But laugh mod- boners find a boss by Uie preSident Mrs Cobb The mmd making a fool of himself so rojj cai was answered by the ques-much as he does having witnesses lorii Home Demonstration 6 After an interval of time Club means to Discussions let the boss know tactfully that were on the swim project and the your relationship while friendly anrual bazaar The cancer necessarily permanent He'll man Mrs Russell urged all get the' idea and give j'ou the townspeople to please send in their raise pay you want donations as soon as possible And why Instead of making The county council meeting at him feel inferior you have given i Coventry being held today was an-him a sensation of victory and ac- nounced with an interesting pro-complishment You are doing work 1 gram planned he secretly feels he ought to be do- Mrs Doris Barrup gave a most ing himself and measured interesting talk on Home laughter is a bright moment in his 1 Demonstration Club has Meant to day You keep him on his toes and i as part of the program for make him feel a good boss Home Demonstration Week the way bosses like to feel i Eighteen women were present 7 One final tip: If learn the Wlth Mrs Hattie Dodge 87 years new boss is a 24-karat dumbbell aSe Horn Jay and Line grouse about him or spread Mrs Anne Butterfield county tn swing around onto a bridge across which was possible escape Losing control of the stolen ear on the bridge the car and driver plunged into the water below shutting out finally and for all time the life light of this man with a long trail of crime connections From the pockets of the drowned man was taken bills which be bad gained by theft 30 minutes before and from the car soaked goods he had but recently stolen all returned to their ow ners i t- i i it ilie man Samuel LaTray bad come to an end and CARTOON the news too far In that case they might fire him and hiie a really smart boss And who the office wants a catastrophe like that? 1S firmly divided by hope and erately and thoughtfully so he will 'hysteria Half of them have a chip know that if he had told it a little bis career of crime finished but this store is not complete 1 on their shoulder and are deter-1 better have laughed harder -rT i i mined to put him in his place Half i 4 When he does a reallv good He had cost the taxpayers the several states Inch be have seCretly decided to butt er job or finds a way to cut down ex- bad operated for 40 years manv thousands of dollars in official jhim UD- 1 penses by making the paper clips ii-i' Well which course is right? How last longer don't hesitate to reward investigation in court costs in prison expenses lie had cost do you break in a new boss? The! him with a little credit Bosses are pro pert owners from whom be had stolen cars merchandise answer is neither course Hazing a human They want to be appreciat- i new boss is highly satisfj-ing to the I ed But keep vour praise crisp and and cash additional thousands oi dollars It might be conservatively estimated the total cost to taxpayers and property owners of this mail's criminal career was $400000 But that is not all In fact perhaps it is the least of tlm cost For bis life from youth bad been wasted be bad caused heartache and pain to members of his family and to friends to 1 Front Mere Mnd There Shout Sedan Drops 40 Feet of rercuitment of teachers and Into Creek Driver Uninjured the need of increasing the number Oscar Rogers 23 of Ferrisburg of available teachers He also dis-emeiged uninjured from his car 'cussed the current problem with FRIDAY SATURDAY MAY 8 9 i aeent and Mrs Martin Wehncke of Craftsbury being guests Mrs Butterfield gave a very interesting talk on the of the She told about the new materials and their care Follow the label directions and one can be afe Save the labels for reference Samples of washed materials were shown Mrs Wehncke then showed the members and the school children from town movies on her trip with her husband on a freighter carry- The State street plant of the gas company went into action over the weekend under the supervision of Dr Leonard Hasche of Johnson City Tenn founder of the Hasche Engineering af- winch high school principals are faced regarding proper control of interscholastic athletics EVE MIUIS PJOklCE WYKOBE them be had brought shame So far astray bad he gone from 1 ter it went over a 40-foot cliff into the normal life path that his own family had disavowed him XiSSm cast him asunder would not claim the body be measured in monev lice that while driving on the Champlain road at 945 Saturday Company which has pioneered the 1 ing 44 passengers and 300 new vehi-new' method of providing city gas cles to South America She also Actual installation was directed by showed pictures taken during the Johnson of Birmingham Ala inauguration at Washington a maintenance engineer for the Hasche company Mr and Mrs Robert Bates of Lebanon were weekend Fined In guests of Mr and Mrs Willard Jump Frqm Car Calkins evening he met another car lost Thus it was the body of this crime-career man was given to control of his 1936 two door sedan the use of medical students at lie Fniversitv of Vermont as pro- i arA JUlt off the of the 1 i road The car received $17o damage CARTOON vided by law- -The sail end of a person who liad he devoted as much 'and labor to a legitimate might Hermit Cook Of Shoreham i To Be Principal In II have i)en an honor to himselr his family and Ins own native Kermit Cook nrmcma Kermit Cook principal Chelsea Girl 16 Seriously Injured In Auto Accident Miss Grace Hayward 16 of Chelsea daughter of Mr and Mrs Harold Hayward was seriousljl injured Monday night about 10 o'clock when the automobile which she was ridmg with Richard Knudsen 21 of Tunbridge left the highway and was wrapped about an elm tree near the southern end of Wilhamstown village on State Route 14 The couple had been visiting the home of the sister Mrs Richard Avery who lives on Depot square Wil-liamdotvn village They left there just before 10 and had progressed half a mile when the vehicle of Shoreham high school since 1950 has been elected principal of the Walpole Central School Walpole He will assume his duties there Aug 1 Cook is a graduate of Dartmouth college and holds a degree from Boston University He has also done graduate woik under CONVERSE FUNERAL SERVICE INC Perley Garfield 40 of Danville was fined $100 and costs by Judge Kyle Brown Caledonia Municipal Court on Monday after Garfield had entered a plea of nolo contendere to a charge of leaving the scene of an accident State's Attorney John Downs told the court that the charge was brought as a result of state police investigation of reports that a girl jumped from a moving car on Route 5 early in the evening several weeks ago Downs alleged that Garfield had met the girl a minor in St Johnsbury and offered to give her a ride home as he had done on previous occasions a land As the episode of the Burlington jail breakers shows Vermonters are not at first tough and bard with their law violators However as the final chapter of the long criminal life of LaTray indicates no mercy is shown one who continues in crime and insists on attemptng to belittle and besmirch private property and the laws of the state Even after death the body of such a- LaTray goes for medical experimentation not even buried in a potter's field mills grind slow hut Mrs Douglas Riddell is visiting in Barre and will make her home with her parents Mr and Mrs Nelson Lay until Capt Riddell of the Marine Air Corps returns from Korea Mrs Theodore Elliott is spending the week with her husband Rep Theodore Elliott in Montpelier Linda and Mahlon Horskins of North Troy are spending a few days with Mrs Alfreda Wheeler while their mother is very ill with the mumps Sunday guests of Mr and Mrs Calkins were Mr and Mrs Maynard Remhan and Mr and Mrs Leon Myers all of Newport and Mr and Mrs Burton Weymouth and daughter Virginia of West Charleston the auspices of the University of Vermont Before going to Shore- left the highway on the right ham Principal Cook taught thiee years at Thetford Academy and one at Bradford Academy He and his wife have one child Russell Blake And Leo Locarno Form Partnership Establishing of a new floor TODAY'S VERSE from Our Protestant Calendar Know that the Lord hath set aoart him that is godly for himself PS 4:3 We are established to serve Ambulance Service 87 MAIN STREET NEWPORT TEL 470-W 27 CHURCH STREET ORLEANS TEL 80 covering business to serve the Barre area was announced Tuesday by Russell Blake of 19 Warren st Barre one of the firm owners He and Leo Locarno of East Barre have formed the Blake Locarno company contractors and dealers all of floor and wall covering The firm office is located at the Blake home on Warren st in Barre Ralph Sisco (Continued from page 1) Telephone Newport 272 Prominent Bethel Farmer 53 Found Dead In His Barn Edward David Hickey 53 of Bethel was found dead his barn Monday by Mrs Hickey He lived on Royalton Hill on the farm which his father owned before him Mr Hickey played a vital part in Bethel life and only recently had resigned as president of the Bethel Brotherhood He was a member of White River lodge No 90 A He graduated at Whitcomb high school where he was active sports and one of the best baseball pitchers Brightlook Parking Area Enlarged Brightlook hospital paiking area in St Johnsbury was nearly doubled on May 2 by the dumping of approximately 850 cubic yards of fill on the north side of the hospital Volunteer labor and equipment were used to move the fill which was donated by Howard Calkms Danville contractor along with a power shovel truck and operators The shovel truck and operators The fill was dumped on land owned by the hospital after a survey had deter-fmed adjoining property lines Space er of the Steam Laundry and Dry Cleaning establishment He sold the latter to his son Henry several years ago He had also been engaged In the real estate business This commentator holds the same high opinion of the late Wendell Phillips Stafford as does Dr Arthur Peach director of the Vermont Historical Society We knew Dr Stafford in years gone by when he was occasionally speaking before Vermont audiences Ur Peach says Stafford was question one of the leading orators of his day and a poet whose work will have a lasting place in Vermont literature" Dr Stafford was never a man to speak without preparation but bis prepared speeches were gems and they flowed with molten smoothness which took fire on occasion Ilis ode to Vermont has long been our favorite Vermont poem and his hook of speeches is among our prized volumes He lived a long and inspiring life dying recently in Washington I) at the age of 92 years MOTHER'S DAY MAY 10 WEST HOLLAND Mrs Arland Bowen Mrs Richard for about 15 cars was acquired by Farrar and Arthur Farrar of New-the fill and additional land is avail- port were Burlington 'Friday able to increase the size of the I night here they met Pvt Richard parking lot A garage at the rear I Farrar who was on weekend fur- Body Found In West River Dummerston Late Monday afternoon the body of Rolland Marburg 32 of Montclair was found about a half mile from where his canoe overturned the raging waters of the West River Dummerston Sunday afternoon Mr Marburg was the brother of Donald Marburg Brewer Pkwy Burlington assistant treasurer of the University of Vermont Rolland was staying Putney writing about his travels South America and Europe He was not married and his mother is Mrs Louis Marburg of Montclair of the hospital was removed to permit leveling of the land Why is it that the tires that last longest are always on a ear? lough from Fort Dix Arland Joyce Raymond and Terry Bow en spent Friday night with their grandmother Mrs Arthur Clement of Newport Mother there is a love Men give to wives and children lovers friends There is a love which some men give to God Ah! between this I think and that last love Last and too-late-discovered love of God There shines and nearer to the love of God The love a man gives only to his mother Whose travail of dear thought has never end Until the End John Freeman 1 If you want to bridge the food price situation this coming summer lead with ft spade in your own garden MORGAN CENTER Center Union Church Rev Phillip Chatto Pastor Mrs Edward Ashman Organist Sunday May 10: 9:30 a Worship service 10:30 a Sunday School Everyone cordially invited Max Barrows Speaker At Barre Gathering Of Principals Current legislation on educational problems the matter of where high school students find themselves after graduation and development of high school curriculum were by Max Barrows deputy commissioner of the state department of education at the second annual meeting of the Winooski Valley association held Monday afternoon at Spaulding high school Barre Following address the 13 principals adjourned to the Howard Johnson restaurant for dinner after which John Freitas principal of Hartford high school White River Junction and state coordinator of secondary schools addressed the group Freitas spoke on the problem Tony Cuccinello coach for the Cleveland Indians played 16 years in the major leagues as an infielder New Type Gas Now Used In St Johnsbury Consumers on the lines of the St Johnsbury Gas Co are now receiving an entirely different type of gas but similar in action to the TIIE TROUBLE WITH OUR SCHOOLS (Richford Journal) trouble with our school system explains Educator William Brish of Maryland that the teachers are afraid of the principals the principals are afraid of the Boards of Education and the Boards are afraid of the parents But the children of 1953 afraid of Jen IT 747 THE CURTIS FUNERAL HOME INC Newport Vt Home Demonstration Home Demonstration manufactured gas which it replac- club met for its monthly meetmg ed it was announced Tuesday by at the Community House on May 5 Achille Caranchinfi manager 1 with a potluck luncheon served at New equipment at the South Mam noon by the hostesses Mrs Lucian.

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