Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 17, 1928 · Page 12
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 12

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 17, 1928
Page 12
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OF£F,T8TOW3BF AM FIR1 >TflCUS8F,T> . nf th» on f?-' 1 » bond* in th« .turn of «trp*+.« j»r?d of i;-»ter ' \f> the new h%h UP for, 33 ftRlns ftnd on Mr. snrf Mrs. Frsnlt fm . . _. nf h?r dst.iight»T Til:" children r*ls??-fS arraigns? tint!! .. . ../ ' nvr.t.i, ff^irt^rl hy Mrs. Carrie Mason fltvd Mi** VMft of Penton. Th« of H daJntv order. Arrppff-d Anrl Containing' 100 Gallons Of Alk Are Takon s»»ndsy afternoon frr-rn the r?* bfins in '. SHf'-r. Mrs. »t - report Mm, ' !?i?.^tfT fnld ! Campaign B^ing Ma $eoO For Worthy pastor, R"". J. A, F I drffctlv* Th* riU n?.v, Fosrd aid. very high tr$- pmtT birthday C«JCP with trfnk Mnrrl^n, 111 .. An.ifhrr I'ith Its drlvn if Pbiim 1!rjf*>.,:J Tor n t If, !'. nn !nv cl s ~p-:<U> ' :>-i? ; o - •r.nrt' nf. '[.' ninn- •<r uM- M i n'): r r K>*:«: Fl ••«•!. ~n T coins' home rhlld coins; down the MI PIJ n<d fifru^tif" n rn«i iiu him nml thirv. (O'tV. It ai«fl.V I* n-.' riv. Kcn- Th* impotSii 'ns rrnll?''d ir.- rison has two work firus brcn trnslvrly Inr >T»T the r.Tp"rr- forty psiriotirJ contributions "Ib!" yfJir it i ot Ihr kirn is b---- nnd in"!'c. Morr (mo;;'-, fMKl the trirrl nn quite in- orsif little tiiur. I,n-,t. •r> tt-rrr p.nul hy n'wut •'"(•i'!7cii-, nnd from drMrr-d thnt more •mud. fur 1 R Whrn I T!. a e home tho tflkfn In tow shrr- d'" 'Thr-re wrr* morfl fhnn ft hnn- drrd sr>]]'.ji\t nil in tin fnnt.ninpr«; in i thf Dtvic" -fdnTi. (>r>ldrn, which jnipy nr may ?>o!, IK 1 HIP real name of !:•'• mrfy in charge, refused to '.'•I! hi 5 ; destination As R ru!c thcsff cotit mr-etinE I w^tit. | | )O otp'-rs wve 'fictitious fricndi (if thr hoy; pm-'lrh R drlvr to r.Tir-o f r i'0 i- n r, nnr! niukr popcorn Mfind nnd Mr 5wr-r-p', ne Tliir •nnr, the quoin'd by the county orrati'j.ntion. Every town around Monl'-on will vntrh to r-r-p if the city infers nr over.Mib- f.crihcs the nrnoiint. Morri.'nn vill! At Jirr?cnt Ihn cnmpaicn 1" hotis; carried on by circular Irtfrr. Clirrk.--;, rash, or plfdi-rs thru may be madr; for ]Mrr collection ;>.rp to be re turn rd to Dr. J. A. Marsha!!, and r.houhl bp. in by the 20th or Or tuber, as It will MVP prn.onri. solicitation, R*~-. r.ome member of the Notary or I .Ions club will rail upon nil persons not reporting by thnt time. The two clubs Joint committee In charge of the cirive in this city l.s composed of IXT WhiMlrr. H. T. Chenoweth, Loc Stelnrr. Hobert Norrish, Arthur Freer, .1. A. Marshall, Joe Delp, Wilson McKim, Henry Burch nnd J. A. McGll- ray. Robert Bcs. r ,e of Sterling lr> chairman of the finance committee. Slickers reading "We nrr supporting the Boy Scout movement" may be noticed in the windows of the business houses and on automobile windshields. B'nke *<•> 1 s'vrpt, it for him. f'hn'T, vrr. ' Third. Tonicht my sistrr had to fake, rnrc of my littlfi brother. She ••'.'anted me to go down to get hrr .'•omethine. T wanted to go down to (ho fair ("rounds to play font ball but I wrnt rtov.n town for her first iMnuricp Pick. 'Tin* wcro given this week to having th n IT?!, good turn." Tho-e nre to wear them un- FIRST ACCIDENT IN 18 YEARS DRIVING Morrison. 111., Oct. 17.—(Special.) —The colored chauffeur of the James E. Hamilton auto from Cedar Rapids, which skidded into the car of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Thompson of Mnnkato, Minn., near the Simon Whistler home yesterday, injuring all persons concerned in the accident had driven for eighteen years, and Ihis was the lir.M time that' he had ever had an accident. Both of the ladles hcemcd Injured worse than the men, Mrs. Hamilton having x-ray views tAken at a Clinton hospital, and Mrs. Thompson submitting to nn examination at the Sterling: hospital. Friends of the Hamiltons came to Morrison to tend assistance and return them home U their condition rnnde It permissible. Both cars were brought to the Parker garage in this ci:y. til next meeting. "After the bu^lncRS part of the meeting we went outside nnd practiced marching for about fifteen minutes, we came inside then and played three games. Our scoutmaster (hen continued rending about McMillan's expedition to the arctic re- cioin. The next scout meeting will be held Thursday. October 18. '•Our assistant scoutmaster. Junior assistant, senior patrol leader, per!be and patrol lfnderr> met at the home of Mr. Alt Tuesday evening nnd discussed pians for the Scout work this winter. The first patrol had n meeting Wednesday evening and the second patrol had a meeting Monday evening. The scout foot- team practiced Friday morning and Saturday afternoon at the fair grounds." Had Planned To Rob Morrison School House Morrison, 111., Oct. 17.—(Special) —Fred Wilson, who was taken into custody Monday afternoon by Marshal C. C. Fletcher after he hrid been told by Vernon Woodall, Wilson':; unwilling companion, that he had broken into school houses at Kisson, Minn., and Cedar Rapids and robbed the safes In each instance, stated point blank before he started on hb return trip to Cedar Rapids that he had "planned to rob the local school house after midnight and that he expected to get a bit; wad out of it." The sherltr from Cedar Rapids stated that Woodall, who had made Wilson's capture possible, would be taken care of relative to transportation to his home at Troy, Ohio, for the part he had played and for driving Wilson's car back to Cedar Rapids. Employ Choir Director Morrison. 111., Oct. .17.—(Special) —Ella G. Richards of Sterling has finally consented to come to Morrison and direct the activities of the choir of the M. K. church of this city for three months. Mis.s Richards, who is cr.c of the best known vocalists of the county, \\ill assume her duties Friday ol this New Morrison Theater Is About Finished Morrison. 111., Oct. 17.—(Special) —Contractor Buade of Clinton, who has had charge of the construction work at the Capitol theatre, has almost completed his work on the new building. The floor in the main theatre was completed Monday noon, the concrete floor of the .store room in the west half of the theatre front is done, and now all that remains to do is to complete the concrete week when she will cond'ut the re- work in the heating plant room and hearsal ol the choir at the ixm-on- pit the rear entrances. Mr. Baade 1ms i the contract to ercc: the new beacon j lights lor the government and has. ! i he one at Franklin Grove about two MORRISON BRIEFS I thirds done, Morrison. 111.. Oct. 17. — (Special.) ! p ARTY TO WELCOME Mrs. Paul Richmond is reported ' rAltl * iU Wto^Vmt* suffering from an attack of throat trouble. Members of the O. E. S. last eve- RETURN OF PASTOR Erie. 111.. Oct. 17. (Special) — —A reception will be held at the ning initiated a class of three can-I Methodist church Thursday evening dtdatt"; and heard a splendid re-| at the close of the prayer meeting port of trie grand chapter meeting i to welcome the return of the pastor, held recently in C"hir;>r,o. Mrs. M. j Rev. "A. L. Shute. and his wife. Ella Harrison j-nd Mu;,s Munuuvt j Sunday morning the pulpit will Miller, havua; bn-n the deleituf.'s ! be occupied by Rev, John Wesley from Primrose chapter No. :iti3. Lanham, superintendent of Jagdal- Mrs. Everett Smith h:is returned !K >r. Central Provinces Conference to her home from a Clinton hos- j India. Rev. Lanham is on furlough P.ltaL i nnd is doing deputation work for In honor of the birthday of her j the Board of Foreign Missions. husband Mrs. H. J. Thomas on Sun- . day entertained at dinner Mr. and .Methodist Activities Mrs. Wayne Thomas and family of,, . _„ _ . ,„ .-. , .. Newton, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert t Mormon.- III. Oct. 17.-<SpeciaL> This proved true in the C.IKO of David,Smith nf Cedar Rapids, taken in fha.rRp Thursday with rrvrnty- fivr Rulloris of nlky. The sheriff, who WPS in Morrison Monday evening to take Fred Wilson (who admitted that was a fictlclous nnmo bnck to Cedar Rapids to nnswe* the chsrpe of burglarize.(( n schoolhousc in that, city, r-aw Brnlth, Inntantly recognized him nnd called him by his rlirht name. This flustered him considerably. He has been In nt l^ast two other similar scrapes out there and hU wife gives the officers considerable trouble. Smith appeared in count v court Tuesday nnd wns fined $700 and costs, the latter amounting to about thirty-five or forty dollars, nnd proceeded on his way. Ills new car was turned over to the assurance company that holds the mortfiaee on it. Surprised At Church Morrison, 111., Oct. 17.—(Special.) —Mrs. H^nry Nelson, who soon is to move from her present home near Fenton to Rockford where her hus- bnnd has l>cen working for several weeks, was given a surprise Tuesday afternoon by about fifty ladies of the Bcthesda Lutheran church. She had been invited to the home of Mrs S. O. Larson, and during the afternoon a pretext was mndo to get her to the church where she found her friends assembled. A very enjoyable program of readings, musical numbers etc., was enjoysd and Mrs. Nelson was presented with n sum of money by her friends. Mrs. Knute Johnson was chairman of the program. Refreshments were served. Mower c:o. to piirch«s* a 500 gallon fyr»f, costing the '0, th? city to pay them $3000 in ten yrp.riy payments of POO pprh with no interest, ch«rarc Th« cm- has wm! to purchww 1200 i>r-t of cof>d ho<-,e arid have Wfitpr system 111 pood shnpr to make for effScjcnr-v In the u.w? of the pumper. The old truck will probably be kept for auxiliary equipment. The members of the present fire department have been asked, to ic- Rl.en for the purpose of re-organi-n- tion, which will be done at "an nd- journcd meeting of the city council ' Saturday afternoon. The vacancy caused by Albert Browne's resignation from the library board WHS filled by the appointment of Bruce Cole. Admired toy the chH~ firr-n. Present ^-fre Frances H^.r- rinct«n. Beth El»ln« Gnrdner. Ver- ii^b^up Rett?ps, B"tty Jan? Hftrd", nillse Dick Battle", Earl Hitldtettin, Wtllard MIlHJtan, La Verne V«n 5>c- Mnrk, John Frederick Thompson. CLUBS ENTIBRTAIN AT CHURCH TONIGHT rrophctstown, I'Hnol*. Oct. 17.— 'Spfcinl,)~The Jolly Neighbors club and the Portland Social club arc rntrrtalnlnjT their husbands and*the mrmbers of the Prophetstown woman's club nnd their husbands In ithe Methodist church parlors to- nlKht. BoginninK with a program nt 7:30 p. m., when Mrs. Rounds will give: ir-r lecture on "Bobbed Hair, Cismr- Rnyrnond's clean Attonding Grand Lodge Of I.O.O.F. And Rebekalia anxious to hear It. Following the ,'ecturs the ladles will serve refresh- ettcp. Short Skirts and the New Era." This lecture has received much favorable comment and all nre very Prophclstown, 111., Oct. 17.—(Special)—W. E. Smith went to Springfield Monday morning to attend the Grand Lodge or Odd Fellows that is in session theve this week. , othff being; in A position to tao^ him bet- er as he WM the chum of his son. H« rcfwi life ftnd ambitions, and spokn of rornfort. to thow remftlnlrsf, Rev. eitler rrtent!on B >1 the shorts.* of llfr on earth, ursine all to live such lives thnt thpy, too, be prepared to fro whfn cnlled. Trie flors.1 offerlntrs were bcnutU ful tributes to the dece-tMsed and nn expression of sympathy for the bereaved parents, who havn parted with their only child. The pall-bearers were members of Ills class In high school. They were: Leonard Brown, Charles Burroughs, Kenneth Oould, Lester Peterson, Leonard Gibson, Glenn Holchkiss. The high school closed for the nf- tcrnoon and nil of the. students attended the funeral. *n- Mr l«dis« ft.?t sitter, Mr. and Mrs. William tprtflln^d for dinnfft nnrt Mr?», Fred R^.te trr, Mr«, Hildin . Mr, and Mrs. Hftrry 8ny*»r, daughter Marinn, were e«lert.m)r<«Kl Rt the horns of Mr. end Mm, John John nnd Krlstat Cro*si»»n snd Riiest, Vftdft Grftvps fsp^nt Ssturday evening in Clinton, Ta. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. K. Likes antl son Klrkwood, motored to Rock Falls Sunday o.rir! Tufte guests nt the horns of thrlr «0n~ln-1»w and dRughter, Mr. and Mrs Kenneth Micklr. line. Frank Uvfng-.'xA pinfl f»m!ly *TK* I>»rt F«w«} *rif! family Rp*nt' Sssn- with Mr. 8,.r?d Mrs. WUs* MiH«r. As* KMtJer snd Mrs. Ruth Moort to DeJtots, TIL. on S*f.M.r- to , . Mr*. Mutil* Toms of LO* Angles, C*Mf., is visiting Mr* J. r. Ore?nft- Mrt. &\trn*' Mr, sr»d Mrs. Ostw Burns of Chl- *y.« here with r . .,..,,,, Mr. and Mr*. Frederic*. William oinuted of sterlint made a buslnww «n here Wadnesdav. ,.¥ r : *? d W. re - O- C' Ch*ff« «nd the Likes returned that evening. home with , ments and a soda! time will be enjoyed Town Board Meets Illinois, Oct. 17, — ... ..T^.O.-./.. .,,...*. viju Yn,tiv.. i iupituu>uuAil, 1U4UU13, u^:t. it, — Mrs. Emogene Emory left Sunday j (Special.)—An adjourned meeting of evening, going to Sterling where she Ithe Prophetstovni town lx>ard was would meet members of the Uebekah held Monday evening. All members order and accompany them to were present. Bills were allowed Springfield. " !f 0 r the clerks and judges of elec- Restaurant Changes Hands Morrison, 111., Oct. 17.—(Special) A business deal, which will become effective tomorrow provided the required papers can be made out by that time, concerns the sale of the Crabb restaurant to Mrs. Ben E. Anderson of this city. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Crabb, Br., who came to Morrison from Sterling a. few months ago, will store their furniture for the present find so to Chicago. Mrs. Anderson has had considerable experience in the line of business she Is about to re-enter, and undoubtedly will be secusseful in her present venture. Regional Conference Morrison, 111.. Oct. 17.—(Special.) —The program of Christian education as it relates Itself to the local church will be discussed tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock nt the regional conference to be conducted it the Presbyterian church. Rev. O. LeRoy Walter nnd Mr. Gahagen of the Board of Christian Educa- .ion and pastors of several neighbor- ng churches will be in attendance. Building New Home Morrison, 111., Oct. 17.—(Special.) -Harry Pruis, whose farm home >urned about three weeks ago when 'he nearby woodshed was struck by ightning and ignited it, has started tho erection of another house, size 26 x24 and two stories in height. f/m. Stegenga is doing the carpen- er work, which is progressing quite rapidly. Will Address Woman's Club Prophets-town, Illinois, Oct. 17.— (Special.)—The Prophetstown Woman s club is having a legislative program at 3 o'clock Thursday after noon, when Mrs. Joseph Rae of Polo, 13th district chairman of legislation of the Illinois Federation Woman's club, will talk on legislation and the proposed bills. This is an open meeting and any one interested is welcome to attend. tion, each receiving $3. Plane Attracts Crowd Malvern, 111.. Oct. 17.—(Special) —Sunday afternoon a plane circled over Mnlvcrn and landed in the John Kness Held. In a very short time a crowd gathered, cars coming from every direction. The plane belonged to Herman Watson of Morrison. It was something new for the Malvern folks to have a plane stop here. Plan School Programs Malvera. 111., Oct. 17.—(Special) —Malvern school is to have a literary society and every two weeks after the last recess each pupil an( the teacher will furnish a numbe of some kind. ERIE BRIEFS Erie. 111., Oct. 17.— Mr. and Mrs Charles Pfundstein and Mr. and Mrs. Emory Pfundstein and son Gerald motored Id i DeWitt, Sunday afternoon and called on Mr. and Mrs. Ben Herr. Mr, Herr was the former proprietor of the Erie Feed Mill and is now in the same business at De Witt. He recently underwent a serious operation in a Chicago hospital and has only been home from there two weeks. Mr. and Mrs, Roy Marvel and Jess Miller returned from a two ' weeks' motor trip South Dakota, to points in Hurt As Car Goes In Ditch Morrison, 111.. Oct. 17.—(Special.) —Mrs. S. M. Ladd received minor njuries Monday afternoon, when In congestion of traffic near the 'enter school east of Morrison, Mr. Ladd applied the brakes of his car •ather quickly and .-.kidded into the ditch. , f " rst *»«» the James and Mrs, Minnie Fcklman of i" 1 . 1 ,"; ,^ es , ^ this city On Monday evening Mr. j " ch ' f *' lu "* and Mrs. Earl Slaymakor of Fulton! 1 " 6 of l , he flsc ?' ye f r were guests at their home, Mr. Slay- I " ew ° mce . rs ln cha ,^ e ' In ev f lry maker being a neplitw of MnH lnst * nc " the >wwot««rs are Uie Thomas re-elected ones of last yar. On Fsri- Mrs. Bam Thomas Is ill and under i c Jf y '^ t * 10 ^pworth If ague and the care of a m'r<> i Young Peoples depaj'tment will hold The sophomore cL i; . s of Morrison > : \ " a!lowe>t '» !«»«>' which is *°* a11 high is plamimn a party in the pvm- the y ° UI1B 1>eople of the ehurch - nasium for the 'nmht of the ''u'th "" when dunclnif and' Bam.-s will be! LYNDON BRIEFS enjoyed. ! Lyndon, 111., Oct. 17.—(Special.)— The manual tralniii;-: cl^ia is now! Miss Harriet Fox, of Chicago, who House Being Moved Morrison, 111.. Oct. 17.—(Snecial) —Workmen began yesterday cutting down the necessary trees and put- ing the house now on the site of the proposed Standard Oil Co, station on timbers preparatory to its removal. Claude Hazard has gone to Wheaton, III., where he has employment in a large dry cleaning establishment. Vivian Janes entertained a number of the members of the Sophomore and Freshman classes Monday €-v«nins-a*r a party at herhome It was her 15th birthday and she was the recipient of many nice gifts. Refreshments were served. Those present were Beverly Shortridge, Bernice Risdon. Harriet Robinson, Zoe Matson. Evelyn Feaster, Audrey James. Emery Finnicum, Paul Hilbish, Donald McBride and Wilbert Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Geo Bolger entertained Mr. and Mrs. Atwin Bangs of Chicago and Mrs. J. Powell of Menlo, Iowa, over Sunday. Mr. Bolger is an uncle of Mr. Bangs and Mrs. Powell. Mrs. George Bolger and her guest, Mrs, J. Powell of Menlo, la., went to Rock Island Monday for a few days visit with relatives. workiiifr on a cabinet tor th" .studying tor a professional nurse. of thu hi!,'h .school band. A!<;;on;.'!i ; sjx-nt Sunday with the home people. not pf.uvcly deierinii-.f-d it :-".!v in- Father Murphy, of Prophetstown, that tl:i- Email nxun to Supt. \V(-uvtr's oflK-o ' aside as the inu.-.ic room. Mr. and Mrs. H. W. V enjoying a two w«-e>.- whicu they are ijx-uduii land., Ohio, calling on friends here Tues- ; J H. Baxter and C. F. Lawrence .ikjiiih art-jt-i Gulesburg. were lu town on busi- vacation i Ut's.% Tuesday. v at Clfvc- i Mr and Mrs. Waller Settles entertained at dinner at their home gone to visit. ^ w; 'WpP. tounty i:fa;,iir,-'r, Itai, |on Sunday, Mr, and Mrs. Honald a ft'v. days j Kniskern. Miss Huth liarrington land LeRoy Kiissk«rH, Mise Ilabelle ' Mitchell. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Muson itad the following dinner guests at their Mrs. A. Nygaard who lias secenily been Visiting I^aCro^se, AVls , Jricnds Ims returaed hotut'. ito'a. 8. t*. Bcvt-e and daughter i home t>« Sunday: Mr. and Mrs T taK """* f "" "—-"- * - '-- 'H. Adanw, of Fwitou, tlus parents of Mrs. Mason, also Mrs. Enima Blount uud two grandcluldreu of Decatur, III. of Nevada, lu-, ast* vlsitUug at the Iwaae of Mrs. E. A. Van Os- doi Sites Margaret is enjoyiag a wetk's vacaUon. and Outleurm WEST GENESEE BRIEFS West Genesee, Oct. 17.—(Special.) - Mrs. Joe Shank, who was taken to the Sterling hospital a few weeks ago for treatment, is not improved. Mr. and Mrs. John Ha yen had for their Sunday dinner guests, Mrs. Gesene Outzon and family, Mr. and Mrs. William Peters, all of Clinton, Iowa, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schwitters and family of Genesee. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Larkey of Malvern spent Sunday evening at the Haven home. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sheehan entertained at a n-ltd chicken dinner Saturday evening, Mr, and Mrs. Clatr Conklin and daughter Helen and son Bobby of Momence, 111., Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Eshleman'i Thomas Sheeiian and Miss Marie Sheeuan. MALVERN BRIEFS Malvern, III. Oct. 17.—The Mc- I Eirath school is equipped with new material to play basketball. In the near future Malvern and McElrath will meet for a game. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Agnew of Gait, daughter Miss Jean, son John, and Mr. and Mrs. Emit Zadnicheck and daughter Jane Ellen of Lombard were visitors at the John Kness home Sunday. Wiliaru Zaagman, who underwent an operation in a Clinton hospital, is getting along as wel las could be expected. Itt'hing, Irritations of thaSkin and Scalp Don't suffer from »n ugly, itchy skill. Do not endure Skin Tortures aud Irritations. BaiubJi Punyles, Blotches, KasJies, and relieve Dan- aiid Eczema. Apply clean, au- Z&ma Liquid at aicy tiine. The &afe, sure way to keep skiu clear and free from Btem- isiies and skin trouble*. Sdc, ttOc a lid $1.O),~ Adv. Carload of (Chrysler) Plymouths On Floor Let us show them to you, Miller Motor Company MorrUon t ill. PROBATE COURT RECORDS William A. Allen, est., alfldavit of postlriR notices to creditors filed and approved. Hattie Dctweiler, est., same as foregoing. Albert C. Boyer, est., guardianship, Kuardians final report approved, discharge ordered. Theodore Dreiser, est. inventory filed and app., and aff. of posting notices approved. Edward M. Knox. est., Inventory filed and app. certificate of publication and affidavit of posting notices to creditors filed and approved. James McCormlck, est., inventory filed and app. aff. of posting notices to creditors filed and approved, . Danleld Myers, inventory filed and appr. Warrant of appraisal ordered issued to W. F. Flock, Ezra Mathew and William O. McCoy. John Huff, est., will ordered admitted to probate. Charles A.-Hentensteln, est., final report approved and discharge ordered. David A. Donlchy. est., proof of notice for final settlement approved and report approved and discharge ordered. Ambrose L. Hotchkiss, certificate of publication notice to creditors filed and app. William Mathls, est., same as foregoing. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS Wm. T, Stone to Darlene Cantlin, q. c. d. to lot 6, talk. 1, Gait's subn., Rock Falls, $1. George H. Kustes to John M. Spear, w. d. to lot C, blk. 16, range 6, Fulton, $200. Jennie Jacobs to Leo- J. Wahl. q. c. d. to parts sections 11 and 27, Jordan twp., SI. Sarah K. Jackson to Madia C. Glassburn, w. d. to lot 9, blk. 22, Tampico, $50. Jennie Jacobs to Herman V. Bittorf, q. c. d. to parts sections 3, 10. 28 and 29. Jordan twp., $1. Nellie Pierson to Jolrn Pierson. q c. d. to lot 12, blk. 18, Tampico, |1. Harry T. Harshman to Franklin li.Rubrightetalrlot 12, blk. 3, Martin's 2nd addn. Sterling. $1. Dora Kolk to Nisse Blink, w. d. to part <sec. 14. Fulton Twp.. $4.000. Frank H. Howe est. to Harry T. Harshman, w. d. to lot 3, blk. 6, Summit place. Sterling, $1. John F. Sheldon to David L. Martin et al, q. c. d. to part section 14, Sterling twp., $1. George C, Dixon to George 8. Coakley w. d. to lot 87, East Park subn., $1. Grace A. Stull to William C. Thomas, q. c. d. to lot 5, blk. 25, MerrUTs addn., Rock Falls. SI. Antoinette Ardinl et al to Frank Pignatelli. w. d. to part blk. 5, Lu- ken'a addn.. Rock Falls, $1.600. Same to same, w. d. to part lot 15, blk._3L_Merrii!'8. subn.. Rock Falls, CONTRACT LET FOR CHEESE FACTORY IN PROPHETSTOWN Prophetstown, Illinois, Oct. 17.— (Special.)— Prophetstown Is going to havo a cheese fnctory and while it will not t>c a pretentious affair it will be the nucleus for a real factory aa the business grows. Libby McNeil and Llbby nre making no mistake in locating in this city. The firm will start on a small .scale and gradually build up as the business warrants. A frame building, 34x36 feet, wi be erected on a concrete wall thre and one half feet above the floo level. The building will be divide into a receiving room, 13x22 feet, boiler room 10x18 feet, a work room 17x20; a cheese storage room 14xH /eet. O. W. Harring of Clinton, la is the contractor. New Arrival Prophetstown, Illinois. Oct. 17.— (Special.)—Mrs. Minnie Adams ha. received a telegram telling of th arrival of a young son Oct. 16 ii the home of Mr. and Mrs, John Adams of Los Angeles, California He will be known as John Adams Jr. Sheriff of Whiteslde county to Herman V. Bittorf, sheriff's deed to mrts section 3, 10, 28 and 29, Jordan "irp. Sheriff of Whiteside county to Leo J, Wahl, sheriff's deed to part of section 11, Jordan twp. FENTON BRIEFS Fenton. 111.. Oct. 17.—(Special)— Mrs. Hilding Palmer, her father an mother, Mr. and Mrs. rred Rector left by motor Monday morning fo Coolidge, Arizona. They will mak two stops on the way, the lirst a Mtnquan, where they will visit i week with a son. ami daughtcr-ln law, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rector and family. From thar* they wU go on to LewLston and make anoihe atop of a week at the home of &B other son and daughter-in-law. Mr and Mrs. FmiRecU)r,Jr., and family They will spend the winter at Cool idge with Hilding Palmer, who is In siness at that place, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Black and sons and S. C. Given motored to Muscatine Sunday. In the after- nooa they visited the KTNT broadcasting station where they heard a fine program. John Grossman and Gladys Graves, of LaMollle were guests a the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Grossman, from Friday until Sunday moon. Mrs. David Bealer, and daughters Margaret and Beverly, were entertained by Sterling relatives over the week-end. Mrs. Isca Grossman, and son John and their guest, Vada Graves mo- torcd to Roek Island and-were entertained et the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Hussong. Mrs. E. A Likes accompanied them home In the evening. Veneita Mason, who is attending school in DeKalb, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs William Mason. Raymond Prestley, is now work ing in one of the Morrison shops. Mrs, William Smith and young daughter, who have teen staying with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Hanson, for a few weeks returned to her home below Erie Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Florence, entertained for Sunday dinner, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Collogan and daughters, Margaret and Lois, and Charlie Sin- kle~and sensrHarold, Eofert and Holland and Mrs. Sperry, all of Morrison. * Mr. and Mrs. Clark Nelson entertained at a family dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bamhard, and eon Virgil, and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cooper, daughter Maxine, and sons Dale, Arden and Alvin. WOMAN WAS ALL MOWN Helped ByTnkmsl.ydiaE.Piuk- IMUED'V Vegetable Compound Evsuu«vil!e, lad,—"I aia writing to ®H you how grateful I luu that tKera __—__ _—„ jg 8UC |j a medi- i-in a as your* for sale iiiour Bton'8. i could hardly drag aiouiiii. I was all run down. I IIB.VO takeu 12 bottlea of Lydia. E. Piukh»m'» Vegetable Ck>iu- pound go fer ikud aiu goitiif to taka it until I am ..... ..._ well. My friend* tlw eaiUBg« in my tt|jp>^raiio* *»id tod&y thit I &ui LwtCcr a&d be w«.Mti JEM to VOttitUlU: t»kittg it. I liUJui to «.!! womvii whu ate run ilo»u suffer hvrn )<crvou»u«'»* by rte- ietf your N. Mr. Farmer We will pay the following prices for your produce. S n. Springers and over Ib 4 Ida. Springers up to m No* I Brown Eggs, •-per <&**••-.-., .-..• No, I White .3ft Blackh&wk Mr. and Mrs. William Hussong: nnd son Clifford of Rock Inland tno- torcd hero from the Pptcr Hnssong homo near Erie and wre callers at the homo of Mrs. Hussong's parents. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Llkc«. Mrs. Likes accompanied them to their home. Mr. nnd Mrs. I,. D. Wright, were business callers ftt Clinton, In.. Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Estcl Nenl, were entertained BI the home of Mr. »nd Mrs. Floyd Florence Sunday. Mr. nnd Mrs. ArifTOr Cooper are loading their house hold goods In tlic car Monday, for shipment to Orrhi, Mr. Cooper, will leave Tuesday morning, and Mn. Cooper, and children will 1>e guests of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bnrnhnrd, until the household goods arrives at Orrin. Mr. and Mrs. John Ewers, and son Donald, motored to Round Grove Sunday and were guests at the home of Mr. nnd Mrs. Allen Matthew. Ronald and Robert Sinkle of Morrison were Friday guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Coe Tervelt. Mr. nnd Mrs. Ralph Keegan nnd son Ralph Jr., were Albany callers Sunday afternoon. Edgar Grossman, and Carl Watkins, motored to LaMollle with John Grossman and Vada Graves Sunday afternoon. Paul Mason, of Delhi, who is supervisor of Union Grove township. motored here Monday morning and took Thomas Armstrong to the county farm at Round Grove. Miss Eva Bristol is spending a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Bristol at Villa Park. Mr. and Mrs. John Burns and son Harold, visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wood in Lyndon Sunday afternoon. J. A. Ewers, entertained for Sunday dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Null, fon Kenneth and daughters. Luelfc an4 Wilma, of Clyde. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chrisop and children were entertained in Oene- s«o Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Roberts. Th« pupils of the Fenlon school.- who did not miss a word In spelling for the- last week, r were margaret Chrisop and Marie end John Madsen and Marie Hamn. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Housenea son Harold, and daughters Gertrude and Mrs. Kate Kerr. and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Van Zuden of Lyndon were dinner guests Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Coe Tervelt, Mrs. Carrie Mason, and daughter Miss Vlda attended a birthday party for little Carlene Mason in Lyndon Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Bealer nnd sons of Clinton were supper guests Saturday night at the Edwin Florence home. Inez Likes, entertained at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mr. 1 }. J. K. Likes, on Saturday night and Sunday, Lucile Rlek and Violet Rick of Morrison, and Messrsr Harold Hopler. William Rogers and Louis Kaltenbach, of Chicago. . . . two sons. Billy and Ma*, week end la Anrom at, Lawrence home. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Brand and son Maurice spent Sunday with Mr* Delia Colmmn. Bernie Hawkins and family srwnt nt the Henry Wolber honje. Get, nt the real emu*?. That'* what thousands of stomach «uff«rer* »r» doing; now. Instead of taking tonics or trying to patch up a poor digestion. thty are attacking the real cam* of the Mimcnt— • clogged liver Rna dl*- orrlprfd t>ow«l«. Dr. Edw»rd»' oilv« Tablets (irou»« th<? llvhr in a soothing, hpallng \v»\, When , liver nnd bowels sre . fonnJng their natural Junction*, away Rocs Indigestion and stomnch trou- bieii. H»ve JQU M b»d t*»t«. coated tongue, poor appetite, n Jazy. don't- core feelliiff, no ambition or energy trouble with undigested roods? Take Olive Tublcta, the mibstitute for calomel. Dr. Edward*' OllT« Tablets »r« A purely vegeUbl* compound mu«i with olive oil. Know them by their olive color. They do the work without griping, cramps or pain. All Druggist*. Talcs one or two at bedtime for quick relief. Eat what you like. ISe. 30c. OOc. — adv. MILLEDGEV1LLE BRIEFS Milledgevllle, 111., Oct. -17.—Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Joiner. Sr., of Polo entertaned about forty guests at a dinner at the Malmberg tavern in Oregon in honor of Mr. Joiner's daughter, Mrs. Bryant, of Newport, Conn., and Mrs. Joiner's son, Robert Gray and family of Colorado. Therejvereguests from Polo, Ster- Coal that Spells Comfort Is the kind we handle. You can't burn coal without having ashes, but if you burn our choice Eastern Kentucky Coal you will have a minimum amount of ashes with a maximum amount of heat. PHONE Johnston Lumber Co. Don't HAVE a Temper Harsh words, thoughtlessly ago- Thps* milt pf flgg, fruita , ken, never can" be recalled. Do you ever wonder why you say them.... words you could not mean ____ often o the .you'd . protect, rather than hurt? Uke to Temper does not account for it. Tha real reason for these temper- sh outbursts is,this: A poisoned ligestive system poisons your mind. The waste matter that la not regu- arly and thoroughly passed from he intestines destroys your sense of well-being. You become nervous, Irritable, dull and wora-out, no m»tr er how much sleep you have had. The simple, modern and pleasant way to avoid auto-intoxication la to reat yourself to Boat's Rolls. -.. rolla --^-and medicated herbs are delicious. They are "Just enough"....a well- balanced confection plus & tasteless corrective that seta you right with the world. Give yourself a fresh start each morning In a harmless, non-habit- forming way by "nibbling a roll at bedtime." Your druggist has Boal'i Roll*. Adv. 131 For Factory Work The Burgess Battery Company has sever**good openings for women workers who dirflf- to earn good wages. Modern ^^ the welfare and comfort ol . .. » * been installed by thi£ company* A must be over 16 yeara «£ iyp* Mato tion in person to th^ Employ p«Bt Dt|i*»tiiie»i Burgess MS

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