Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 24, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1944
Page 2
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NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS THURSDAY, AUGUST 24, 19j| •". Sgt. Ostrom Reported Improved $Kl. Richard Ostrom, of the loc:il police force, who is n medical pntiont at Watcrbury hospital was reported In (in improved condition this afternoon by hospital authorities. He is being treated for poisoning of tho f:ice by Dr. Frctl Woile. Chicle, the base of much chew- Burn, is the coujfuUiliii! sap of the aapodilla tree. A Frenchman Gets Something Off His Mind ir-™ 1 r -~-....^ t! -q--: •*^-'' ' "fit!" As We WERE SAYING.. Tile large-it liiCiimlr.seriit inadi- Is 11 bulb nf 5(1,11110 w about tlic si/f of a haMiiit tin-, about tlii' sl/. iv grain of \vh.-ut. Tlir first, Now York Tiiin.-s, I" f»r f liU-htillK and CHHMIIHI-S i-n oiirri-nt to liKht filMi linmivs. Mccond It for .-lirgit';il IIM-, to signal hoinhardliTs wlii ili;:tth-(leallnK "I'tftc" Is roli- unl atts, ll; c of «.ays l'iocl- ujrh Tin; iiiul 'd :i The great American ice cream soda had an irjvonior. too. His name? r.obcrt M. (Uob) Croon. The Wur •n'MHirtnitMit now ti'lls us It costs more to kill a Nii/.i soldier (.So3,000) than to liring down u Grrnnin plant- (,*|.],0tlii). .Somooni- olsi- li»s fi.irur»'d that tin- money rr(|llired tr> kill IUK- .-oldliT in this w:ir. would havo di-stroycd UG,Odd In the. <Uiys of Cm-Mar. When Paul riubcfion takes Othello on tour this fall, n ci-rt-tin jicrcentugi- of the lower-floor ;ii'Uts \vill be iivaihiblc 1 to NV 1 - grocy. P^obt^son's contract stipulates it. \c:cordlng to the theory of urro- dyniirnlc'*, readily demons! r:iit-<l tlirotigli liibnriitdry tests and wiiid-tiinm-i i-xperinir'iits, ihu lMMj»J»iel)ee i.s i^na^Ju to fly. ^i'/.e, u-elght mid .sliiipc 4 of his Imdy In relation to totsil wlngspread nuike flying iinpus.sllile. Mow- ever, the hiimlilehee, ln-lni; \£- norunt of these profotnul sclen- tirie. truths, goes alu'iid mid flies nnvwuy. Toclfiy'M anecdote: Moriarity went to call on his friend thu Doctor, so the stoi'y gofs. "It's rni: wife that's senclin' me here. Sho's concerned with the state of me health." "Mm-m," snicl the doctor meditatively. Al'i^r nn hour's examination and a su'i'-ies of searching questions, the medico gave his verdict: "All that's ih»? matter with you, -Vorinrity. is that you've been drinking too much." "Well, that may be," admitted Morlai-ity, "but I can't be goin' back find -tellln' that to me wife." "Oh," said the, doctor, "Just tell her you're suffering from syncopation." "Shuro," ."aid the pleased patient, "you be writin' that on a bit of paper and I'll give It to her." Which he did. And the trusting but inquisitive Mrs. >inriarlcy, spelling out tho strange word, letter by letter, in the dictionary, read the definition: "Irregular movement from bar to bur."_ Sign In :i Louisville "Trur-ripciK'tl c-antiiiouln- store-: T-fome owners! With a real win- ti-r shortage of cfuil and oil in prOMpect, yoLir government is urging you to do certain things TS'OU' to make your fuel stretch as far as it can. One of these tilings In insulation. Another, we;Hhor.Mtri(iping. Still (mother, storm window and door protection. And lust, repair of furnace or conversion of heatir.g system. These are fuel conservation measures you can take now with I he approval and blessing of Uncle Jiam. And. while doing it. he hopes you'll make all necessary repairs to your home to keep it from running down. It Is both patriotic and in keeping with the war spirit, to fix your floor's, roof, sidnwalls, chimney, plumbing, m ix s o n r y, walks, fences. The money? A governmental green light permits us fo lend you all you need through nn FHA MODERNIZATION T.OAN. ft may run for an extended period white you repay it In srnull, convenient monthly Installment. And It will cost you only $."> per year per S.IOO borrowed. Lef.s get this Important work starred right away.' Siiltl Christopher 3l»rli.-y: "Jligli hi'cls iverr Invented 1 by u woiimn who titul lier.-n kissed on til' 1 fort-head." ..-iJMf Postwar homo garage will f nature now-type electronic attendant, Device opens door as • car approaches, tiXns on light In garage and house. Burglarproof,, .too. as It reacts to your car only. The wheel of fortune Is UUo :i McyJcle and spins onjy when von pedal It yourself. You c:m't 'coast uphill, and no one IN going to take you on his hnnflk- l l!ir ,H.—Komcr'ft Thinker. TJIK NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK Member of Fod>ral Deposit Insurance Cori>oratlon \Vhilf -i croup of >":"-« -"ipi'ri sit in a. U. S. trucU willi li:incls held liU'h, a French .civilian (rlRht,. «oft 1,1-icU hat) hMn.n^u.-s 111.- c-aptur.'d Gormaius in ;i llli.-ruti-tl French town and tffts rid of sonio lonff l»cnU mi hatred The prisoners sit as Yanks <> cover them .with KUJIS. Signal Corpn photo. (Intcrniilional) Decrease In Small Business Firms Reported Peter Paul Inc. Has Registered Trade Marks \Vashington. Aug. 2-1 — (UP)—Senator Jumnf M. Mend of ihe Senate small business committie reports there was a net decrease of | half a million American business firms during the first two years! of the war. Actually I.OTS.OOO companies wuro forced to close down. But enough new firms started business to leave the 000.000 net decrease. Tho hardest hit companies were small business firms— many of them food and liquor stores, and gasoline service stations. JIOTEI. SOLD Peter Paul. Ir.c.. Xaugtituck cnn- dy manufacturing plant, has registered a trade mark in connection with the production of candy at the United States Patent Officer the office of Patent Attorney Harold C. Manning of Central avenue, \Vatorbury. reported today. The patent is - a transfer from Lhe Peter Paul Candy Manufac- tuiing Company, Incorporated, to its successor, Peter Paul, Inc. Boston, Aug. 2-1 — (UP)— A 'Worcester and Boston contractor — Samuel Rudnick—has purchased the Hotel Somerset. The Boston Five Cents Savings bank, former owner of the property, announced the sale. And at the same time. the navy revealed that some 1200 engineering trainees will vacate the well-known old hotel on October 3!st. Funerals FliiHTtil of Mrs. I)i.-l Vi'cchio The funeral of Mrs. Josephine DC: Vecchio, 77. of (>3 Railroad avenue, Beacon Falls, who died Tuesday at the St. I.ucien home. Xiv.v Britain, will be held Friday at S:30 a. m. from the Btickmil- ler funeral home, L'2 Park place, to St. Michael's church, Beacon Falls, svhorc a requiern Mass will be celebrated at 0 o'clock. Burial will h'l- in St. James' cemetery. Friends ruay call at the funeral home from 2 to'30 p. m. today. Actor MacMiirray Was Paid Large Salary Last Year Philadelphia, Aug. 24'— (UP) — Actor Fret! MacMurray was paid .$•122.000 by Paramount'. Pictures last year, the highest salary . received by any of the-company's actors, Bing Crosby—like his . horses— run second with a total year's paycheck oC over S311.000. Producer George du Sylva was third v^ith a .salary of almost S2G-i,000. Oldtimers Club Clambake Sept. 24 i Trie East Side Oldtimers club! will hold their annual clambake and outing at Linden park. Sunday, Sept. 2-1. John Hanley will enter. 'Included on the menu will be clams, chicken, and other :'ood. Over 200 are expected to attend. Members of the committee for the event are Warden Leo J, Brophy. James J. Donnelly. Burgess Andrew O'Toole. George Sengstack- Chinese Decree Bans Payment For Brides Chungking — (UP)—Young men and women of Sinkiar.g province's J•! tribes were pleased by a new provincial decree banning monetary presents which the bridegroom's family was required by century-old custom to pay the bride's family, the Centra! News Agency reported., en. Edward Jackson, Frank Madden, Terrencc O'Connor and Frank Siibia, Want Ads are read everywhere, everyday, by everyone. The word "troy" as used in iroy weight is believed derived from the French town of Troyes, a co:v tinenUil commercial tenter important in the 1-Jth century. r rccuinntciti! t li r N r lnvrl.v rlnn-v for ItuMr liiirni-s* ttf i|iinl- ll.v, Mlylhi^ HIM! i.rnl't.Nlil.-ttl.shfli, PIERPONT'S lli-Cl>n-ri-,l ,1,-ivi-li-rs. A MM-I*I,-1III <;i.-Ml SIM- tl-lj- t.-rii II.A.VK >TK/-:i-:'r Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 iiiicr Jnspt'ction S12BVICE Phone Us! Oll j, 0tlon Waterbury Keating' Co. 33 Spriiiif St.. Wtli.v. ' -I-CMTS Education for Profit Conrsi-.x fnr Socrctiiry, Accountant, Typist, CoiuplonietiT and M:icliiiir-.». Al'l'l.v For l-'iill Term N"«' THE PERRY SCHOOL liron-n Hld»f. Watprlnn-y back to school with down-to-earth campus clothes from our college shop Simply slyli.'d in guy colors I he way yuuny mod- urns like T.I i cm . . . AVcll tcruomcd clftlics tl'Ui-t c;m sioj') cl'i' llio campus right into n career! -\. Slick cardigan suit with pleated skirt. Cherry, lime. navy, black or purple with contrasting, piping. 12-20 14,!)S, . '. B. Ever-popular all woo'l Shaggy Shetland sweaters in bright new colors. Long sleeved. 3-1-10 Cardigan 7 C)g. Slip-over p_C)g—7,f)C^ Teamed with a Ray, pleated plaid skirt. 32-20 7.98 'SUGENKEIMER'S COLLEGE SHOP—SECOND FLOOR Contract Cutting: Problems Subject Of N.Y. Parley New..Haven, r .Conn., . Aug.. 24—rln a meeting of vital interest to Connecticut, eastern manufacturers .of aircraft arid .aircraft parts and equipment will -convene at the Waldorf-Astoria in. New 'York on August 28 to discuss with.aviation 'authorities arid' high war department .officials.the problems, of contract readjustment -,lt was revealed by Major .William .Finder,, area representative of the Army Air Forces Materiel Command, at the Area ofllce, 109 Church.'strcct, New Haven.' ' . ,'.' -' . . • . (t , Conducted by-.'the .eastern..procurement district, materiel., command, in' cooperation, with the aircraft war production 'council, East Coast, Inc.,. the, forum .will open-a t . 10.00. a. m. with introductory, .remarks .by Colonel Don £•'• Hutchins, 'supervisor,;.eastern,,prp- ciii:cYncJat district." • ' ' .. . * • ...Following, .-Brig. .General .Frederick M^ Hopkins, .Jr.,-.'..assistant chief of air .staff,,, materiel, . and services, and chief, resources ; -:di- vis'ion,'. headquarters, 'Army Air Forces, Washington, chairman of the meeting, will ..present Robert A.' Lovctt, : asst. secretary .of war for air. .....-•' . -Li',-'.General William,S.-Knudscn, recently-appointed -director, .AAF material and services, will speak bn ."Readjustment'and -the-Futurc of.American Industry," and his remarks will be .-followed by discussions -of closely allied . subjects— contract terminations and property disposal—led by Major General Bennett E. , Meyers, deputy director/ AAF1: nrm'teriei'-'-and'-serv- ices, Wright Field; Colonel E. S. Pillsbury, chief, terminations section, materiel command; -Colonel IS. >.W. .'.RawllnjfB,. chief, readjustment division, materiel' command; •C.'-. H. -Hummel, JBcndix ^Aviation Corporation';' John Hancock, coauthor of the Baruch-Hancock report; and CharKon MacVcagh, deputy director, readjustment division, . headquarters .Army Services • Forces, Washington, Queried, on the importance of the meeting to Connecticut manufacturers, C. L. Eyanson, executive director of the Manufacturers Association of Connecticut, Inc., Hartford, stated that he had circularized every member manufac- urcr holding, an Air Forces contract,in,the state, urging .their attendance. Movie Actresses Qbjfd foJEorking In Hot Weather Holljnvood, Aug. 24—(UP)—Movie star Paulctte Goddard. and 189 ot.h- cr actresse* : ore burned up ovei- havihg 'to work . during the worst Hollywood, hot spell of the year. Paulettc and her supporting cast have .tried to- get J>ariunount Stu- 'dios to. postpone-,the shooting of a current .costume movie. ..But it's "no . go. •,; ; • ... So. Miss- Goddard. .dressed in a 20-inch'.. high wig and an elaborate-, long .costume continues to work under'hot studio lights, while the weather man keeps .the . heat On--full -blast. • : . - . «. South .America contains almost 8,000,000 square miles, and occupies approximately one-seventh of UYe 'total" known"land "area of the world. Represents Dewey Tired JGdneys Often Bring Sleepless * \ nf tiny til*** or (jlvr* which Mpto Mood nfld kcrp you hnnlthy. V" iirod and don't -work right in many pocplc h.ivc to Kit, up or/tcnniy pwwnji'w with am; with your kidney* or bladd^rrSon? thw conaition und Jos*; v^luah]*;. \Vh<:n disorder of kidney fui poUonoui rontwr to rrmjun :n inny al«O CBW3 nn^cinjc biuikw,, paini«, Ii^C p^'T 1 *. low of p*»p w r.wcJJjnK,' pufljnc»« under il^c cyoi nnd dikxincw. T> .P OI) ' L T -riitI Af! iF vour drurjrfjir for ,, .... , —- . ------- --j —•••'vun Jor Qv> yearn. Tliry »vc Imppy rolj^f fcwi ^M, the 15 mll<* of kidney lulna fi un h out&ni ouj w»Bto from your bl&vJ. Gc: Prominent Attorney John Foster Dulles (above) has been chosen by Gov. "Thomas J2.. Dcwcy,. Republican presidential nominee, to represent hirt> In a serins of conferences with Secretary of. Slate Hull on postwar .fntcrnatlonaJ plans, (mid-national) BCY.AXD SAVE AT THE HIGHLAND GROCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVI., TEIX-4880 ' V«' ROCCO RADO, Prop. : . Since 1941 per capita consumption' of.chewinjfgTjrn.: has increased by about" -lOV ^pcr .'cent:_"!',' GREAT OAK FAIH '~ " OXl'OKD Tel.- MILK — EGGS Dcllvcrj- To All r»rt« Of Nau^atuck : HERB FARM SHOP Make-up with the fre«hnes* of an Eng- li»h garden . . . hauntingly .perfumed with Night .Scented Slock. Feathery- textured powder that cling* for hour* without caking. Exquisite lipstick and rouge . . . smooth, creamy ... in 5 flower-red *hade* to flatter you prettily. Powder Royol. Si. JO , Rcu0« OAd liptlick, voch. &1.00 .. offlerbs and Flowers These .ire the exquisite preparation Royal English ladies find in the quaint.old Herb Farm Shop on North Audlcy Street,. London—.the..lovely creams nnd. lotions in shining- apothecary jars . . . the frnprant countryside makeup . . . the dcliKhtful array of herb' fresh and .flower sweet toiletries, Ki't packages, culinarics — now all made here in America fj'.om .these priceless old formulas for your own personal-delight; toiletries*— Perfume W.OO, Toilet Water . . . . '. $1.50, $2.50, Sachets -J1.50 to : Gift .Sets ..:..: ...$J.OO to Country .Garden .Refresher : '.$1.00, Country Garden Cleansing Cream Sl.OT), Country Garden Smoothing Cream, Jl.OO, $2.50, 'Lettuce .Leaf Complexion .Soap .$.60, Dusting:,'.-Powder ' '. •' Bath Essence ; '. S2.50', Soap (boxed). .......' '...$1.50, Powder ...Lipstick ..'.. '.'. • • Rouge ... .' !....' Make-up Foundations $1.00 to 'Plus 20% Federal Tax culin'ardes— Introductory Herb Set ; $1.00 •Herbs In Glass .Jars $.60, $1.00 Food Baskets .'. $3.00, $4.50 Vinegars s --'.$.50, $1.00 Culinary Gift Sets : -$1.00 to $4.50 $8.00 $1.00 $3.25 $5.50 $1*75 S1.75 S-I.OO .$1.00 S-1.50 $2.00 .$1.50 .$1.00 .$1.00 $3.75 There arc. more nationally, famous lines of .cosmetics, available here than at any .other single store in America. .Watch cul- ture'advertisements on these delightful products., . A - •S :NE^Y BUIEDING- 1 ; ' -.- NAUGATUCK,. CONN. \VATERBUny 1 So, Main St. 45 W. Main St. XACGATCCK 156 Church St. 21 MAIN ST. GEM S/N€LCGG£ BLADES i Avoid "5 o'clock Shadow" BCQK MATCHES BUY KCVI — SAVE! Box of 50 j J BATHING CAPS Ljigest Vsrtety — Fern F:U:R([ Rfbbcr 39 ct °69c WRiSLEY'SEathSapertsSOAP OVERSEAS MAILING CARTONS "J 5c For Overseas Gifts! 2 lor 2S: BATH BRUSHES Long CQ- Handled UH C TMXTS HAIR Tirttz Color Shampoo, -trashes otrt n colorfuluni.clo» 1 ;3^ with Iifc=nd lustre, l^o^'t bsvefatied, burnt o,T-coI- hairmcrftcoIorluUIovelicr.cssielo c. Conic«:n&Iac!:, & SMADfS •ncd.-d^rk Drown, Auburn nrxi Blonde. 50c. TINTZ ^fecOlOR LUX or LIFEBUOY SOAP 3 18 Hurry! Limited Quantity! VELOUR -i A POWDER I lie PUFFS ' If ONLY Here's a Grdnd Value! CIGARETTE QRc CASE ONLY WU" CAMAY SOAP PARA CRYSTALS Destroy Mitbt 49« QLD^PICLSHAVE LOTION *\M MAX FACTOR Pancake Kake-Uj) •»!•»<• <{ .50 BiSoDoL 3 ozs. Rectal Soreness Get Relief N«w Easy W«y — Sit In Comfort Fi\i]nrmon Kccuil li • quick. Oc liever of iifliinK. tiainfuJ irctfl' coccwp* w »oettii rel . — sympioms which may piles ^-and - hemorrhoids. Urin'of comfort upon contact, ^eciir.K fjlm over noro Rro* t h infeciioiw Kfrm«, aid NH:UJ* heal up broken tisFCCX No oil — tio Bir clothinff. Sold on money back cu»ra Get this modern relief today ,..»*'"* uci inis (r.oJcrn rcncr toa»y ,..»»• — ^ROLARMONRECTU. p »• it»i«

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