Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 17, 1928 · Page 9
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 9

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 17, 1928
Page 9
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Pay Srte, €»*,• ts «ss e*H ef mftl*« «f MB Hwpliisl wet IMS of ttss ftertb hy Wevfc. "CI© to Church *8 tt*t Harriett wsni »*JJ StwmJ of two « I«R* fcppetafwS to go wit (taring tb* us* «wl «t!l cw tt» pas In ttwi ehttrcti »nd tton to try «»M tnlM ttwm Its Mrvk». Thin* teem* will Kpnri a tfts jsrayer strricts Ttwrs$»y «T* Frt4»y ewnint will t» "Clwreh t07ftlty Hlgfct" and wi« tetia irith a pleaSc iiapptr at «:10 in cha ®f Mrs, John H»hn, pnwfeltnt at t AM •octet?. At 7 -.235 o'clock , PfttB^ststo, wff! bs pro?f««« tor t»J 40M. B«finntof at 8 o'clock to foltoirfisg program wlJj bt §ir*m Qpenln® prmysr, Htnnan Braetarr BptclAl music, church orchestra. "•MoBSwre who «**« Joy»S in the JPiMt, w John Face. Boosting the 0uinSsy cchool. Car- tf« Wood. , Wtet We Yoang nwpte can Do Kcnwuth MiJler. Special music, Vlvten PfundaUIn, ^h» and Ruth OS*on. Vivian Lc%-e- Joy. the Men on the Job," Wood. Can the t*die» Do?" Mrs, Meyer. LoymJty ta oyr Church," hymn. . B*v. A. B. Wlmmer. . Oct. 31, will ba y. Bally day. and Haroct 4»y. Special recognition will b« to the ^d«»t mejnber of to* nt. ARtllyday wlO be prettated. 1li« da- t» ta cb*f» *« for tb» oecaraticn. will £>» atot to tt» Old lute's Kotwi ana to.t Hfeae at Maywood. m. Mrs r ttrt* Fir.m . nrj jnhn. .tr Raswnfr*. It?., g.'r» -sdsitjng wit Miw Emma W»r*?» this »•** Mr, jsmf Mrs. A«* Kr«W«r an family *nd I,y€!m H*wMtw nwtw te Fitnkltn Gorn<STf en Stmday, Th* C7j?rr*r c1»ffe ei ft |« n^. at th of Mm. AUc% MitchfH o «nfl «le«t*d t.h Pr*«?dPTrt, HmwWrw and farn Htffi!*r. Mr, And Mrs, C3mrlts Mwn, Mr and Mm. ARwrt Wiwcwfr, Mr, nn< Mr*. Lyte W«ti»1, Mr, und WWM»I» Rwws, Mia Emms wr and Mr, «nd Mrn, Jew Mltchpl «nt*rt*.ln«d at a 7. o'c)oc.Sc din *dn4»day «nrt>n»ng »t tlw horn «T Mr. and Mm, W»li«m LUtwJUer »Wdt« «?ma pJ«ye<3 later in the CVP uf. Mr. sn^ Mrs. FYed Farwrll o Morrison Mrs, ISy. Mr »nd Mrs. Predf Kellcy an or Burlington spent th.» end there with Miss i*» Kmtty, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ehni »n Mr. End Mrs, Howfird Hendrick' motored to Duvenporl Bundny. Mr. «nd Mre. ChnrJwi «nd d»tt«ht«r Ctthsrtn?. Mr. «r«. W. W. Uraajood, Marlon anrt «nry wtre entertained Sunday at the Virgil Bushman home. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Pu, Mira Amanda Llvcn^ood (o k on Stmday where she will for a while before nhp will to to Mt. Moms to spend the win- ttr with her sister. Mr, and Mrs. Ewers and daush Sundty afternoon In BO . B. C. Rollaway pre*ched his lm atnnon at the M. E. church on tonday mornint. He and Mrs. Hoi•way wtre ent«rtalned at the Shirk bens* during the day. In the eve- ntef Mr. and Mm. Fisher of sa- v*no» motored here to attend the church tmlctt. and Mnu William Llttwiller in«d »tv«ral of thtir friend* erening at their home at a 7 oclock dinner. Thow present to enfey the evening were Mr. and is want beaut/- if you want luxiiiy ifyro want iip-to-the-niiiiiite snwitn^» only one choice—the choice of the new BUICK with Bodies t fisher—- Fro«n oo« *ud of the connsry to ««oeh«r—in New York, in Miami, in Chicago, ja Los Ampule* «nd «U towns berwenn -—uverwhelmiag prxtsa fo*- the disdnairc b«»uty of th« Silrcr AoaiTertajry Buck with »ew Mwrerpieo! Bodies by Flsbcr! All agree th«« her« U « new- style— • B*W mode—«n entire!x diffcr«ffli «nd origiosl ioterpre- tuion of motor c»r beauty, forecasting the trend of smart body-design for mondia to come. TSuiiling new color hwmonies— tMsd woud«ir» fal eww inierion —all combiiM to form ensemh!«-» erf «re sad If JTOH 10x1117— if yoa want up-to-tise- miaute *m«.rtDesii — there's orvlf one choice ; ; ; the chotca ol Acneric* ; ; ; tb« nwr Buick wlcfa Mwtcrpicce Bodies by Puher; It's the oew «tylc— (bs new mode— in motor cars! BUICK Twin City Motor Corp. 418-420 Locust St. Telephone 918 iVHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ABE MADE BUICK WELL MAKE THEM The coal'yon ess produces the steam you need. Buy our coal, which gives a hotter flame, more steam, Jess ashes, and consequently has less waste than any other coal yea can buy. The price we ask for our coal is far less than you'd pay elsewhere, and there is less waste and more heat, — Bonny Blue— PEOPLE'S ICE & During Cooking School conducted by Mrs, London we offer a genuine "Wear-Ever" French Fryer consisting of "Wear-Ever" 3-quart Pan and Durable Wire Basket of special design, regularly $1.65, for We cany a complete line of "Wear-Ever" Aluminum and Volrath Enamel Ware such as used and endorsed by Mrs. Loudon. Conde Hardware Company Siberware for Mrs. Dorothy London's Daily Dining Room "Set Up' 9 Came from Gehring's The Paul Revere Pattern Community Plate Featured Tuesday Loudon was particularly pleased with the Paul Revere pattern and used it throughout in her Tuesday table service, demonstrating the charm and i i»,,tv nh tainable in COMMUNITY PLATE designs at modest prices ' ^ Delightful new designs in Community Plate, new chests, new trays-to fit every taste and purse. All are featured here. Charming sets for four, six and eight persons, all modestly priced and all making a valid claim to artistic distlnctfon It is not necessary to dwell on the quality. Community Plate is the "preferred - Se g th!S Silverware ' howeve " «*•"* is alwa/s sure of Even though you are notconsidering immediate purchase, we shall -be -happy to show you these exquisite services without the slightest obligation. Mra. Loud™ w&d Paul Revere Plate Tuesday and will me Heirloom Virginian, Wednesday; Lady Constance and Grosvenor Plate pattern Friday—all from our stocks. B* A* Gehring Mrs* Dorothy A. Loudon Conduct tmy tM Cooking School Highly Recommends YOUR JEWELER Locust and Third Streets For Women Peters' Shoe Store now authorized agents for the celebrated WILBUR COON SHOES and there never was better news for the tcvman with a hard-fa-fit foot. Now, no matter how hard-to-fit your foot may be, vou can wear smart shoes in perfect comfort. For we can noV offer you complete selections of "the best fitting shoes made in America —Wilbur Coon Shoes. i. T °» g «p.,f he wanted "made-to-measure fit in ready-to-wear shoes, Wilbur Coon Shoes are made with "special "measurements." That means that if you need a B ball, A instep and \ \ heel, or other special combinations, you can be fitted perfectlv in one of the more than 200 sizes—1 to 12, AAAA to EEE And because your shoes fit perfectly they will not wrinkle, slip at the heel, or gape at the sides. We present Wilbur Coon Shoes in style models for a!} occasions, --HI fashionable leathers ancf fabrics of fiiie^ qualitv Yet jn spite of all their exclusive fitting features and fine stvie they are not expensive If you have narrow heels, a low instep, high arch, corns, bunion?, callouses or arch troubles—if you must be on your feet much—-you surely need Wilbur Coon comfort Peters' Shoe Store

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