Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 26, 1973 · Page 31
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 31

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1973
Page 31
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Market Reports Today OALKSStJllGOtlAIN MARKET MACOMB AUCTION RfiPORT CMmHncr Oralt A Stpply Co. Market iviiy either go up or down by 1 :30 p .m. when final bid arrive*. 11 :30 o'elMk bid. No. 2 Corn (old) $1.82 No. 2 Corn (new) .....$1.42 No. 1 Beans (old) .....|6.87 No. 1 Beans (new) $4.39 BASIMCNr SAll m OSAGE ST. (1 lleek Mdfflh •< OalMbtttf Canvta Ptodaete M II. W M I I I.) rlllDAY. APRIL 19— t a.m .-3 :90 (llalhina told nighl be<of« or bafer* > a.m. Friday morning) Good clean clothing, women 714, mens, boys 4-18, girls 5-7, uniforms, antique clock, depression glass & lots of misc. items. ABINGDON Th« Jftiin Meuor Public Llbraryr 1M W. Mtok St.> AbingdMI, lllineit, it rt- quMting bids to apply « n«w ro«ff to th» front sec* tion of Ht bvilding. Speci- ffcationi aro pottad at fho library. Hnal Dato for tub* miffing bids is May 7, 1973. LABOE GARAGE SALE 717 Plaasani Driva Knoxvllte (1 Bloek Bait of Gradt School) FRIDAY, APRIL 87-9-S . BATURDAY, APRIL 28-l-S End tables, coffee tables, davenports, chairs, lamps, few antiques, boys and girls clothing, all ages; books, dishes, black & white TV, 65 Olds, new muffler, tires & misc. Held Rain or Shine AplM 14) iin MeeelpM etlllaetttMi This Veek 8»7 il Last Week 805 20 231 89 Last Year 815 20 ^ 300 178 CATTLB! Reeeipts dO% slaughter clasaee; balance mainiy feeder eat* tie. Demand j|ood. Slaughter steerB •Ad helfert u-SOc tower. cow« ne ler. Feeder eattie i.M^i.8o ' • OMtlR STEERS AND Choici^gad Prime loso- lb. steers 4B,00-4S,M; Choice 1000-1180 lb. 48.7$-45.28: Choice 850- looo^ib. heiiteni 48.75-44.06.^ cows AND BULLS: Utility and Commercial cows 88.00-36.73; Canner and Cutter 87.75-35.8S; Utility and Commercial bulls 39.00-44.40. FEEDER CATTLE: Choice 250-400 lb. steers 61.50-68.50; 400-550 lb. 53.00-61.75; 550-750 lb. 50.00-53.25; mixed Good and Choice 550-900 lb. 46.75-50.25; Good 600-1050 lb. 43,2547.00; Choice 250-400 lb. heifers 53.00-58.00 : 400-330 lb. 48.78-63.23: 550-700 lb. 46.00-49.00; mixed Good and Choice 300-850 lb. 48.80 49.00; Choice bred replacement cows 305.oo-'420.oo per head; some with calves at side 480.00-483.00 per pair. HOOS: Receipts mainly feeder pigs. Demand good.^ Prices steady, SLAUGHTEn BOARS: 300-500 lb. 30.25-31.25. FEEDER PIOS: U.S. 1-2 80-30 lb. 18.25-88.75 ; 40-80 lb.; 7080 lb. 38.25-41.00! all sold by the head; U.S. 1-3 1W)-160 lb. 38.00-38.25; sold by weight; bred sowi 125.00180.00 per head. SHEEP: Good replacement ewes 11.75-18.00 per head. , Ni# York Sfatki NEW YORK (UPl) - Stock market midday priM 7 FAMILY GARAGE SALE 1820 McMASTER AVE. Fri., Apr. 27-9-6 Baby thru adults clothing, odds & ends, stroller and walker. LULAC SCHOLARSHP QUEEN CANDIDATES Are Having a Sale of BAKED GOODS and HOMEMADE TORTILLAS On Saturday, April 28 10 a.m. • 2 p.m. in Front of Grant's Store EMPTY HOUSE SALE Friday, April 27 ^ 8:80 - 7 494 CLARK ST. Kids clothes, some large size dresses, bicycles, power lawn mower, dog house, baked goods & candy. Admiral 10% AlldOwm %Vh AUd Strs 24% Alli« Chil 9% AkOd S4V4 Am Air 18 Am Can 32 Am Cyan 27 AniElPwr 26 Am Mtri 8V4 Am T&T 52 Anaconda 20% Arlani i% Aihl OU 2678 Atl Rich 77% Avco 11% Bea Fds 251 /4 Bendix 39% Beth Stl 28% Boeing 18% Borden 22 CaiJ C Bdg 49 Catplr 62 Celanese 33% Cen 11 Lt 22V4 Cen Tel 21% Cessna 23V2 Chrysler 32 Cities Svc 49V4 GoeA'CoIa 136 fllCllilSD% iilt»ijrii» Ifit Harv n IntNicktt'i Int Pawr m Iowa P&t 23% Johni^Mn I3V4 Keniteeott 26% KreifeSIMi Kregar il% Lib M«N Litton 9 Lockhd? Mar Oil Wi Maytag 34V8 MeD Dgls 34% Merck 92 Minn Min 78V4 Mobil Oil 70% Monsanto 53 Nat Bis 48% Olin Corp 1$V4 Outbd M 37 Owens-Ill 85 Penn Cen 2% Penney 80% Pepsi Cola Wk CHICAGO (UPI)-Wheat and foybiwt fitri MMMially Aupwr til coni impBHw (dlftir ii uMil ttdir « (Hi BMftfiflVidi. ftlcct it Niii Wheil 183% Up 4 Colum Gas 30% Pfizer 39 OonmiEd33y4 Phil Pet 45% Comsat 48% St. Louis LivMtock ST. LOUIS (UPI)-Livestock: Hogs 5,000; 25-50 lower; No 1-2 200-230 lb 35.73-36.00; No 1-3 200-240 lb 35.50^5.73. ' Cattie 1,800: Mt enough slaughter tteert or heifers for test; 2 loads clwi6e iteers 11201150 lb 45.00; miied food and choice 42.00^3.80; tiholce veal- ers 55.0040.00; good 51.0045.00. Sheep 25. GARAGE SALE Rain Of BhlD'* Fri., Apr. 27 ^ 9 AM-4 PM 257 E. MARY Depression glass, pedal sewing machine snow blower, snow tire & wheel, lawn sweeper, misc, odds & ends. I FAMILY GARAGE SALE 1345 BEECHER AVE. Fri., - 4 P.M. till 9 Sat., 8 A.M. . ? Radio, sewing machiijc. typewriter, books, handpainted pictures, infants, childrenP, teens, mens & ladies clothing, appliances, orochBted items, many misc. items. Cons Ed 24% Cent Can 28 Cont Oil 34% CPC Intl 30V^ Dana 38% Deere 38% Du Pont 169% Eastman 131% Exxon 101 ' Falstaff 4% Firestone 22 Ford Mtrs 61'/4 Sperry 38% Fruehauf 23% Std Bds 51% Gen Sko 27% G?n Dyna 18% Gsn El 59% Procter G 97% Quak Oat 36% RCA 26% Rep Stl 29 Revlon 58% Safeway 34% St. Regis 41 SanFeInd 26% Sears 95% Shell OU 47% Simmons 20% So Pac 34% Gen '^ds 25% Gen Mtrs 70% Gen Tel 27V2 Gen Tire 21% Goodrich 24% Goodyear 26% Greyhnd 15V4 Gulf Oil 25% SO Ind 90% Stvns JP 28% Stude 44% Swift 25% Texaco 40 Tex Inst 168 Un Garb-42% Un El 17% Utd Corp 8% US Gyps 22% US Sstl 33% Gigantic Basement Sale APRIL 27 ~- 1 - • APRIL 21 — I - S Huliiidilicr. slab marble, very old wooden trunk, old tools, slorage chest, exerciser, lurni- i.uie. 1496 Wiilard St. Rutledge LANDSCAPE SERVilE Rutledge GREENHOUSE ALPHA, III. SUNDAY, APRIL 29 1 PM-5 PM Coffee and Donui 'S - - - Register for Prizes COMPLETE LINE OF GARDEN, UWN AND UNDSCAPE NKDS ^HIlIIDyTflEES« SHADE TREES EVERGREENS FRUIT TREES SHRUBS POTTED ROSES STRAWBERRIES-ASPARAGUS VEGETABLE PLANTS SEED POTATOES - ONIONS PANSIES - MUMS BURPEE SEEDS - ANNUALS - PERENIALS CLEMATIS VINES In Alpha Turn West off 150 on Main St. Cross Railroad Tracl (i and Turn South Open Men. - Sot. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.—Sun. 1 - 5 p.m. Greenhouse 529*5551 Landscape Service 529-5631 1973 VEGA 80, H P Aluminum Engine. Unitized Body. Double Panaled Doors. Wrap Around F«iidcrJ Full Coil Su»pen»on Disc Drum Brake*. Window Wa»h«)r» ONLY FREIGHT and LOCAL TAXES EXTRA 2 DOOR NOTCHSACK COUPt L BUY AMERICA Buy Tlie Uttk Cor That l >ov» Everytf»Jng Will Outside Rfor vit 'W Mirrork. Ftu»h & Dry Rocker PaneU Cioarette Lighter Automatic Choke Seat und Shoulder bcltv Ba<k-up Liyht^ Padaod Da»h & Visori May Jiy Sep May May Jly Aug Nov Com 145 upSV4 i.m up s 1.14^ up 1.54% up l.M ttplVi l .M Upl% 6.84 up 15 6.48V4 Up 15 6.22% up 15 4.61% up IS ST. LOUIS (UPI) - Missouri produce: Eggs consumer Grade A large 39-49, medium 3545, small 2336, B large 34-45. , Hens ice-packed broilers and fryers 42.5044.50, St. Louis produce: Egg^ wholesale Grade A large 28-36, standard 22-26, medium 26-34, unclassified 8-10. Inferior Hog Prieti SPRINGFIELD (UPI) - Interior hogs: 19,000; steady to weak: No 1-2 200-230 lb 35.00. few 35.25; No 1-3 200-230 lb few 240 lb mostly 34.50-35.00, few 34.25; No 1-3 230-250 lb 34.00-34.50; No 2-3 250-270 lb 33.50-34.00. Chicago Prodtfco CHICAGO (UPI) - Cheese: Processed loaf 70.25-79; single daisies 76.50-90.25; Swiss blocks 80100 lb Grads A 89-91, B 87- PUBLICNOTtCft STATE OF ILLINOIS ) msm or broxj"" AmtCAtioN \smek the iLLmmsMorroti CARRIER fiMDre the inifwii Oommarei OoflllMsstOfi Docket No. 1 (MM>MC To Whom It May Concern: The undersigned Applicants hereby giv« notice to the public titat they have filed with the lUifidii Commarce OommlaiiM tiidar iod by virtue of (ha nil* fMla Motor Carrier of Proparty Law, as amended, an application for transfer of authority aa a Common Carrier under lierti* ficata No. ni. c.c. MC-104M, from Robert E. Clark, whose address is RFD Toulon, Illinois, Transferor, to Kent D. Willson whose address is RFD Williamsfield, Illinois, Transferee Such certificate, sought to be tranaferred, authorizes the followirtg: (1) Aa a common carrier. Commodities: Grain, llve- atoek and limestone. /Territory or Routes: a 50 mile radius of Toulon, Illinois. H M Transferee Kent D. Will* son, now holds no other autho^ ity to operate as a motor carrier of property. The initial hearing on the application will be held at 10:00 o'clock A.M. ,in the offices of the Illinois Commerce Conmiis- sion at 527 E. Capitol Avenue, Springfield, Illinois, on the 9th day of May, 1973. DATED this 23rd day of April A.D., 1973. Applicant's Attorney and Address: Rennick, Rennick & Rennick 117-119 W. Court Street Toulon, Illinois 61483 Ai^licants' Names and Addresses: Robert E. Clark, Transferor, RFD Toulon, Illinois Kent D. Willson, Transferee, RFD Williamsfield, 111. Transferee's principal place of business in Illinois will be: RFD Williamsfield, Illinois, m.c. 74r 4/26; IT Golcsburg ReQister-Moti, Gdlesburg, III. Thursdoy, April 26, 1973 %\ Hard-Sell Films Unpopular, Reports Audit Productions By LSROY POPE NEW YORK (DPI) When you go to a movie theatre today the short adbjects that fill out the apaea before and after the feahira film are largely subsi- Biiiecsa Today Yet, Increasingly, such films no longer deliver any direct sales pitch. Their subject matter may be only vaguely related to the business of the sponsoring company, if at all. Recording to Charles Smith of Audit Productions, Inc., the movie -going public has rebelled against ill-disguised sales pitches in short subject films. "Subsidized short subjects took over gradually in the movlea with the decline of the short comedy," Smith sahL 'The two-reel comedy featuring comadlana like Abbott & Coatallo want out 25 years ago. Poaalbly auch comedy aborts would go today if they were well enough done, but the theatres don't have a steady enough income to buy them so they are too risky for producers. As a result, all funny films now are feature length situation comedies." Docanentaries Sell Well Smith sakl low budget, unsubsidized educational and documentary films are made by small producers and the theatres do buy them. The theatres also pay for the credit line saying it's sponsored by 3-M. But 3-M's promotion people say they have made spot checks hi theatre lobbies and have determined that audiences do remember who's sponsoring "Pumpkm People." Geiieral Foods, Chevrolet and many other companies sponsor FLEXAFIL Joliat Livastecic JOLIET 111. (UPI) - Livestock: Cattle Volume insufficient to establislh market,. Hogs 000 opened weak to 23 lower, closed steady; No 1 - 2 200 - 230 lb 35.25 - 36.00; No 1-3 200-250 lb 35.00-35.50. Friday estimated receipts cattle 80O, hogs 600. INSIDE SALE Thur. 4 P.M. to 8 P.M. Fri. 10 A.M to C P.M. Extra Lai* ilylt Ci9lli«> PRICED TO SELL 140 BIAINE AVE. Joint Filler Vurioui Texture'. GALESBUI '-'C, Builders Supply €o 6O0 E. MAIN STREET Phone 342-4155 subsidized shorts, but they pay only enough to cover the distribution and exploitation costs and profit for the distributors. The production costs, running anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000, are borne by the sponsor. One of the more expensive ones currently being shown is a mini-musical sponsored by 3-M Co. called "Pumpkin People." It was made by Smith's firm. There is nothing in "Pumpkin obviously, they feef that the mere sponsorship is worthwhile from the advertising standpoint. Hard-sell Films Unpopular Gene Nichols of 3-M's public relations department said some large companies were disappointed by the unfavorable audience reaction to subsidized film shorts that dealt with their own business and sought directly to sell their products. The captive movie audience just couldn't find as mucii People" to suggest any of 3-M's romance in a short about the products and the only advertis-,operations of an oil company or ing in the 10-minute film is a'an airline as the company's promotion department could. "The truth," Nichols said, "was that much of the audiences sat in stifled irritation through these shorts and vowed silently never to patronize the sponsor." There's no such reaction, he said, to sponsored shorts like these short subjects and, "Pumpkin People. WA SAVE ^50 AAarkoti at a Glance By United Press International Stocks lower in slow trading. Bonds lower. U.S. government bonds higher in moderate trading. American stock? lower in slow trading, Cotton futures mostly lower, Chicago grain futures mixed. Cattle insufficient to establish a market. DRIVEWAYS TO ROCK 949.4984 ar 349.6419 YARD SALE Prairis City, III. ACROSS FROM FIRE STATION THURSPAY Ic FRIDAY APRIL 26 Ic 27 9 a.m. - S p.m. JOHNSON BIACKTOPPING DHIVEV/AYS, PARKING AREAS U ETC. Phon* 87«.3291 For FREE Bitimatei • Valed Cttx Okt the YMZ tn 1971 by Motur Tread Mo^axuiv • Cu In Dxlvfti Magulno Mrs Th* Cur tur AJl Occasloju. Get A Load Of Tiiis GILSON READY MIX 876-2291 LAHRY JOHNSON Walcoma Back All 014 fc New Cuflomart Boument Sal« Tools, garden and hand; clothing, coHactoble dUhes. pottery, ttc, ironrite, easy combo wasto- er, small dinette, old tlin« fid* ov«n gas range, SO lb. Stukea- peare bow, many lamps, much mite. 971 IRQWN AVE. Sat, Apr. 28.9 AII4PM DRIVEWAY SALE 1393 Grind Ava. Thursday 3 to 7 p .m. Friday % a.m. till ? Clothe*, large and small, toys, old clocks, telephone lamps, milk cans, afghans, pictures & frames, books, pans and many misc. items. SAVE 30.92 12-Ffr. Pointed Jon Boot Rtgular 190.10 - Ideal for fishing and hunting. Car -tops easily or fits in back: of station v^agon. Olive drab finish. Ted Williomi 2-Speed Electric Motor ReguUr 4rill 44.62 - M Mounts on bow or stern 12-ft. Gamefisher Designed with the Serious Angler in Mind SHOP AT SBAKS AND SAVE Satisjactioa GuarvUuiof Your Money B9ck Regulpr $239.99 Here's a real fisherman's boati A modified semi-vee hull cuts straight through the waters to your favorite fishing spot. A cooler-baitwell is molded into the center seat and features a handy cutting board top and fish measuring scale. Ted Williams 7.5-H.P. Motor Regular $299 259.88 Sears Marine Life Cushions Regular 5.75 3 .88 VinyWoated Swimming Vests, Adults 6.99 Child's and youth's 5.44 $TORf HOURSi: Mendey end fr!d«y 9 A.M. te 9 P.M. Tues., Wed., Thurs,, fat. 9 A.M. to 9-.90 mn, lipWt eni ce. •41

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