Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on June 26, 1974 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1974
Page 9
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State Developing Plan to Give Railroads Emergency Assistance Rv Hnrrienn Wph»r .. .... ... - By Harrison Weber Iowa Dally Press Association DBS MOINES - As expected, it appears that Iowa's newly created Energy Policy Council will center its immediate attention on developing a plan to give railroads emergency financial assistance. The 1974 Legislature appropriated $3 million for improving rail freight service on branch lines either as a direct subsidy to the railroad or in the alternative as a tax exemption. The money will be Churning Down the Imports By William J. Scherlc (Fifth District Congressman) As robust lowans will tell you, June is National Dairy Month and it is being celebrated throughout the state with cheese tasting parties, milking contests, banquets, and parades. Joining in the festivities is the state's lovely Dairy Princess, Janet Schuler of Villisca. While lowans know these social events are both fun and healthful, they may not realize the importance of the dairy industry to America — 10 per cent of the nation's farm income results from dairy produce. Yet, because the U.S. has such an open door to foreign products, that amount is being jeopardized by heavy imports. In one category — non-fat dry milk — imports leaped from .2 per cent to 23.2 per cent of U. S. consumption in one short year (1972-1973). While healthy competition is always welcomed, we must curb imports from squeezing off domestic supply and* cornering the market on prices. We would hate to see dairy imports milk the American public without feeding any nourishment back into our economy. -0- The Environmental Protection Agency is meeting the boom in commercial coal use with an idealistic zeal.of its own. In recent hearings before our House Subcommittee on Environmental Affairs, EPA presented an Utopian plan to .trap sulfur residues drifting up flues from coal-burning operations. EPA insists scrubbers should be installed on all smoke stacks of generating plants over a 90,000 megawatt capacity by 1980. channeled through the Energy Policy Council. At its organizational meeting Friday in Des Moines the Council authorized the chairnfan of the Energy Council, Maurice Van Nostrand, chairman of the state commerce commission, and the director of the Energy Council, John Millhone, to set up a task force to work out a detailed plan for disbursing the money to the railroads. Millhone reported to the Council that he had been in contact with Richard Barr, a representative of the Iowa Railway Association concerning the allocation. Barr told Millhone that the five railroads serving Iowa had held three meetings on the matter including one in Chicago involving the chief operating officers of the lines. Van Nostrand said he felt this was quite an achievement in itself in getting the chief operating officers together to discuss the rail situation in Iowa. Millhone quoted Barr as saying that the railroads hope to come up with a specific plan by the first week in July as to how the $3 million appropriation could best be used in Iowa. The new Energy Council director said he felt the council would welcome such a plan, but also knew the council would want some in-put into developing a plan for spending the $3 million. Subsequently a task force of six to eight people was to be appointed by Millhone and Times Herald, Carroll, la. f* Wednesday, June 26, 1974 V I litiltl 11 III!••••••••*>MMl •••("•••••••••••••••M Van Nostrand to ready a proposal, hopefully for submission at the next council' meeting which was tentatively set for July 5-6. The make-up of this task force is to include people in state government who are knowledgeable about the plight of railroads, such as an attorney in the commerce commission, a representative of the state planning and programming office, and the head of the railroad division in the commerce commission. There may also be some industry representatives, such as Barr. Another question that came before the Energy Council was the matter of taking a stand on a five year moratoXium on building nuclear generating plants. The Legislative Council had asked the Energy Policy Council to respond to the question by Sept. 11. The Council very gingerly decided not to respond at this time. Instead, the Council wants to find out if any Iowa utility has plans to build a nuclear plant within the next five years; also if a state can legally impose a moratorium, or if this is strictly a federal issue. Public members appointed to the council by Governor Robert Ray are: Orren S. Olson, 60, a Humboldt farmer and president of the board of the Iowa Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives; Robert D. Porter, 46, Sioux City independent oil jobber; Harriette J. Baum, 63, Manchester businesswoman and real estate broker; Harriette Lindberg, 32 Des Moines, homemaker; and James P. Fuller, 45, Muscatine, general manager for- Muscatine Power and Water. • Unfortunately, this EPA initiative — if allowed to run its course — could topple an entire row of ecological dominoes. Imagine them fall. First is the power sapped by the scrubbers, which must be run on coal; an extra 12 million tons will be needed each year just to operate this equipment. These cleansers also run on limestone (add 40 million tons annually). But these minerals are transported by rail and we can see the third block tumble as 1 million carloads of additional coal and limestone compound the already serious boxcar shortage. Last year, grain and fertilizer was critically delayed in transit to market by a daily void of 13,000 cars. Never forget — hunger is also an environmental problem. EPA all but ignored the lime slurry by-product of scrubbers. This unstable sludge must be stored in ponds; an estimated 160 square miles of lagoons 10 feet deep would be required under the EPA proviso! The potential for serious water pollution by lime slurry has been unattended by EPA concern — another spill in the domino cycle. . Finally, these officials blithely dismissed the horrendous cost of scrubbers which would add 17 per cent to the consumer's electricity bill. They overlooked the possibility of refining coal into a clean-burning liquified fuel. As our Subcommittee returns to pick up the environmental pieces left by EPA's haste, we will be looking for systemic means to conquer a long-range problem. We ate convinced that practical 'solutions can only be found through careful, methodical research and not by pulling the answers out of the air! -0- In his book 1984 George Orwell envisioned a frightening society completely controlled and programmed. Blind Aid — Fewer slips between cup and lip for the blind is the purpose of thumb-sized electronic sensor developed by Dr. Richard W. Roberts right, now director of the National Bureau of Standards, and George Jernakoff. Attached to a cup by "feeler" electrodes, the battery-operated sensor buzzes when the beverage level rises within a half-inch of the cup's lip, warning against overfilling. Developed at the General Electric Research and Development Center in Schenectady. N. Y., the device is being offered to responsible outside manufacturers on a royalty-free license. The chilling government. ' power He pictured r Vnay 'be:' closer'to reality than We care to think. An intensive 4-year study of data collection systems has uncovered 858 federally operated data banks, all in the business of scrutinizing and recording the intimate details of our private lives. But. more alarming is a General Services Administration scheme to tie all these computer links into a single network giving government agencies universal access to unlimited information. We have become conditioned to pour out the facts of our daily affairs — all under the guise of a Social Security number. For years, some individuals have had an inkling that this official prying was not a here-today-gone-tomorrow phenomenon. But, few would have imagined the pervasive use of what started out pension system i.d. numbers. Today one can hardly get a credit card, drivers license or voter registration without this S.S. tag. That single number could produce 20 pages of personal data on every man, woman or child in the U.S. within 30 seconds from the web of computer banks. Yet, invasion of privacy does not end there. Only last March an extraordinary Executive Order was rescinded which had granted USDA permission to inspect the tax returns of over 3 million farmers. This abortive plan was to have expanded, allowing other bureaus to use confidential IRS data. PSRO's, review boards for Medicare and Medicaid, have been given authority to probe the medical records of any patient in the U.S. Mandatory questions on census forms grasp for sensitive facts about us all — education, finances, medical or employment records, and lifestyle. In many respects, the alphabet soup of federal agencies has been a child with a new toy — it was compulsive to gather facts, regardless of their usefulness. Yet, these extensive dossiers often contain erroneous and irrelevant material used indiscrinately without the individual's knowledge. 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