Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 17, 1928 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 17, 1928
Page 5
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' f , a r<, r f i. n.l«M «h* H from tlMs femnV the AH fcnt Mjrit» ant? wltti her «« th« I*1*nd. They ret s cliMj f's *tErfth*ari. GEORGE, ! oat »n«! a^ihti In ^etiln, t«nt snd equipment An-angrd'before h«> ha* to rftnrn to the citr. *hi» gir!* take a swim iff fjswr rrijfjTfnir thslr < lr>(r meal when .ferry it utaHIed at the sound of »n airplane's whirring over their head,*.. She loofe* np crfe* for Myrtle to run and harkwanli but tew latf! NOW GO ON' WITH THE STORY. CHAPTEn II. Dan Harvcy'B wasn't a common place face at all. Jerry realized vaguely (hat she hnd never seen it before. Yet it did not .surprise her that It was there. It wore such a friendly expression she frit quite at easts with it. Only it shouldn't have looked so unhappy. Why was thorn so much pain? Oh yes, something had happened! "How are you now?" an anxious / voice inquired. "Lore!, I hope you J», haven't nny broken bones," it added *:, fervently. Jerry moved to sit up. The young man helped her. Suddenly she thought of Myrtle, "la anybody 1 hurt?" she cried. I "Everyone's all right but you." I he answered. "I'm afraid your outfit la wrecked, though. And I think : we'd better take you to a doctor. Do you think you can stand?" Jerry wasn't sure that she could, but he assisted her f,o her feet so she could try. She wavered a little nnd then steadied herself with his help. "How did you escape?" shn a.«,ked when her glance fell upon the crumpled plane. "A bit of luck. It isn't as bad as it looks. Now you wait until I get something for you to sit on and then I'll go for a car." He left her, to hunt round for a stool or chair. Jerry saw Myrtle searching In the wreckage also, nnd a second young man poking around in the cockpit of the airplane. She called Myrtle. The latter came running over. She had been searching for the iodine. It was the only remedy at hand nnd she ...thought Jerry ought to have something. "I thought maybe you were dead. 1 ' Myrtle said cheerfully. "You were such a long time comtn' "to Say, what do you think of this . . ." * » • She was interrupted by Dan Harvey, who brought, a broken legged chair and propped it up lor Jerry to sit on. The other young man ~ came tip ns Jerry was thanfclnK hts companion. "Go and get a car, Dan." he ordered abruptIv. "Right," Dan returned. "This young lady must be taken to n doe- neiyj ft dor.tor." *"!'.h hi* fp* A tfacf —gosh, he'd eharg* ft fortune! Birt the young rnsn esll«d D»n "STMI ofl without further word*. '•Where's vow drinking water? th» other MkwJ of MjrU». ''We rmvpri't, hoiS»w5 Kny y?t," i*h told him. "Th* sSove wouldn'1 work. But vt'vt got som» einsrer "Better get It for your friend, tHen." he tidrlsed. looking at Jerry She was Imnintr over, h«r elbow on her knee and her head In the p*lm of her hsnd, obviously In pain. If she V?M b«dly hurt he'd hdve the devil to pay with his old man. he was telling himself. Jeiry took a sip nf th« finger ale when Myrtle held the glara to her lips nnd then pushed It aw«y. The sweet taste sickened her. "I'll get a blanket and you can lie down," JtfyrUe said and went to dig in the wreckage again. "How do you feel?" the young man queried anxiously of Jerry. "It's my head. I got a bump,' Jerry told him. "Ill be all right in a minute. I don't want a doctor." "Yes you do." \ - ery authoritatively. "I'm responsible for this and I'll see that you get the proper care." "Were you flying the plane?" Jerry inquired curiously. Somehow she'd iiave said, BO she told herself, that the other man was the flyer, 'Hie young man before her npepared to be slightly embarrassed. "Well ... cr ... yes. that Is, It's my ahtp but my pilot was at the control," he answered, not deeming It necessary to explain that ho also had a hand on the joy stick and that he had "frozen" on it at a crucial moment, making it impossible for Dan's skill to save them from a sirmshup. 4 I* • Myrtle came over with a salvaged blanket which she spread out at Jerry's feet. Together she and their uninvited caller assisted the injured girl to lie down upon it. "Get a wet towel and wrap It around her head," he ordered brusquely. Jerry expected Myrtle to resent his tone but apparently she was unaware of It for she-trotted off obediently to do as he told her. "He must be used to bossing people," Jerry thought and opened her eyes to take a close look at him. She saw a young man In hia early twenties, good looking in a coldly conventional blond way. There was Skins That ;. Attract They must be sort and colorful free from tigly slilne—cot dbry or sal- ow—pores must not show. Just try &!s new wonderful French Process fi^6 POWder"eaiEa-TBlEELO^ai Stays' on longer—very pqre—you'll be amazed at Its superior beautify- ng qualities. Nothing lllce- It—get MELLO-GLO. Bickford's Pharmacy.—Adv. "AH right, Marsh, ep*a ?t Her* * th* brandy." H» J!?;t,t» in a, glass ft« up to htm and . She shook h*rr hiwtrt "I dors't drink," fth* ft don't Mther." "You must" h» MJfl command fngly; ''it will put ynu riant Dr. B«!den gets h*«." "I'd rather not.," cJrry ».?K! turn*d to Myrtle. "Plemw* -&t the tow*5 Rgftin," ah* b*trs»d; "i felt Etxxi." "P*rh»p« teB ycn.ra« l*dy wouJd Hit* iorna smelling Mills «lr," th? butler interposwl as his ms*ti? showed signs of prerwlnsr the un wanted drink upon the girl, "I've aom« here." "Let's hava them then," his master snapped. Jerry found the aromatic delightfully pleasant. She must «he ttiouf nt, get some to send to her mother. They would help her maybe, when she hnd one of those dlesy spells. * * a Myrtle had retrieved a pillow from a clump of wild blackberry bushes and Jerry was resting quite comfortably when Dan returned with Dr. Belden. Her head ached with dull persistency but she had spent an agreeable half-hour talking with Alestcr. She knew his name now—he had finally got round to Introducing himself—and she thought whimsically that the mountain had come at least half way to Mahomet For who didn't know that Alestcr Carstairs was one of the most eligible young men in the best four hundred In New York society? She couldn't have done better if she'd had a year at Atlantic City. He was nice looking, too, and everything that he said And did showed that he probably didn't know there were such things in the world as Jaundiced wall paper, oilcloth tablecovers, 10-ccnt bath towels and unfulfilled desires. He seemed to have noticed, too. .hat she was rather nice even with her head in a towel and her face unpowdered. Just as she had come !rom her swim in the Sound. Jerry 1 Dr. Wilbert Shallenberger . Chicagp Specialist i V "«•»* y«"<V» «•» V-*.«»v t« i To f%- I > Sterling Gazette Cooking School Gives you this opportunity to know the appeal, flavor and fragrance of good coffee. How to get the most out of good coffee is clearly demonstrated. Thomas J. Webb CoIIc-e Is selected tor the purpose. Good coffee in the container is always good coffee in the cup when properly brewed. Know how coffee can be —"watcti ~ it made—it is brewed daily at the Cooking School. The Coffe* Choice of Over 2,Otta.€(H) 1'eoMlc! Who treats Chronic, Nervous and Special diseases of men, women un( children scientifically, will be at Sterling, Hotel Gait, Monday, October 22nd From 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. One day only, and return visits every 28 Dr. Shallenberger treats diseases of the stomach and bowels, kldneyi and bladder, liver, gall bladder lungs, heart, blood, nerves, skin and other chronic diseases such as diabetes, catarrh of the nose and throat, catarrhal deafness, rheumatism of the joints and muscles goitre, constipation, high blood pressure, sick headaches, female troubles and private diseases of men and women. Piles Curable Without Surgery Ma cutting, electricity, crushing or tying off. ' No ether or chloroform. Mo confinement to hospital or loss of time from work. In a few easy office treatments, piles are cured to stay cured. Other rectal including fissure, fistula proctiUa, pruritus (itching) scientifically and successfully treated. 27 Years' Experience Dr. Shallenberger haa made u wide experience in the successful treatment of chronic diseases. scientific treatment and trustworthy advice have helped many avoid unnecessary operations. He has seen Mid has treated thousands of patients and there are many throughout the Middle Wgal who owe their present good health to Dr. Shalien- berjjtr » medical skill wid advice. H you are ttiUng mad h&ve failed to get the teirad svi&f, the Doctor will be gi&d to &ae yoa nod give you his your trouble, to Wilbert Stwltenberger, lit. O«fe«n»«i lit !K- fnrfl «n<j" h wJd shortiv: -f r.iti >'.n fH 9 t. m'se- S4- R " my " If WIWt how 'i LARGEST i FOUND NEAR. CANTON J«ry fumed h"r rye* to Dan., She ss<w », erhmi"--, reH!* about j r.wnn ji] f>rf 17 - 'AT> — his lips. It p,i77l«-d her. Surely. he|C<.-::;-v a ,,!»«nri!S^ vr-'-»prd>.v ^T^ '" » fo"th» n III.IIBIII --. ,| -^ imiaiiiaiillll ' >'*..•.! 1. J ! / . r> I ',,, I C !?• It Is It lor quality ounces fall-six® biscuit® In Shredded Wlseat Factories f ©r 14 Tears crisp, eratielsy slsreds of wliole wfeeat—makes nautili teetb and IseaStlsy gsmas. -m^i^ m*^ : '«^. l^y* <fc!^b '••'' i ^^||P^ : '"' ,*^^H^^T-\ -''^PrWBBr/'^RO!^^, 1 -^ '. : ^^fjjjff .. .' " ' "" "" " ' ' " "'""" '' "" X ; . : ' .-'.'..'. -", ..: ;; : -,"v' : . '.-•'..•.••".•..'.'>'•.. .-'-•''.'.-•^•'•...••'<>Pi' : . H EAD cold* «re not «o in thernselvrs. But, if neg1ec1:ed., they mean increased discomfort, and often, lead to serious trouble, At the first sneere, place eotne Vicka up each nostril nnd snufF w«l.I back. Also melt some in n. bowl of hot water and inhale its healing vapors. This quickly opens the air-pausages, To get the benefit of the healing vapors all night, rub Vicks on the throat and chest at bedtime. It is then the warmth of the body that releases the vapors. At the same time, Vicks acts tiutmgh the skin like a poultice. Week of Oetober 22 to 27 You are invited to attend and see the most remarkable demonstration ever held in our city. An expert from the Copper-Clad Malleable Range Factory will show you how the Asbestos lining of a range Sweats every time a fire is made. Come—see for yourself. See the Sweat roll up in beads on the iron body. See the Sweat that causes Sweat Rust, a disease that eats up and rusts out range bodies from the inside. . Then see how and why Copper-Clad Ranges are lined with Pure Copper where other ranges rust out. See the domes on the sheet of copper. See the air spaces formed by the domes. See the thermos bottle principle actually applied to ranges. See what it means in fuel saving. Come and bring your friends, too. YOUR CHOICE This All Pure Irish Linen Damask Set, consisting of one large pattern Table Cloth and six large pattern Napkins to match, or— th'is Substantial Set of Aluminum Cooking Ware, consisting of one 7-in-l convertible cooker, one 8-qt. convex kettle, one (5-qt. preserving kettle and one 3~qt. lipped sauce pan. _ *ree means that this Linen Damask or Aluminum Ware dues not cost Copper-Clad buyers one cent It is a reward for buying while the Copper-Clad Crank is here and is offered by him as an additional inducement to attend this Special Sale. Remember tlm Date in & Reed Week <»f

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