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The Newport Daily Express from Newport, Vermont • 2

Newport, Vermont
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PAGE TWO THE NEWPORT DAILY EXPRESS WEDNESDAY AUGUST IS IWl Troop Movements in Europe hsrouia MtiiMimwatHtmiimuMmimitmmimiicwmimmnn Stye Jfompnrt Express Published Every Afternoon Except Sundays and Holidays ESTABLISHED AS A WEEKLY IN 1863 AS A DAILY IN 1936 ntered at the Postofflce in Newport Vt as second class mail matte SUBSCRIPTIONS ttHl'HttPail! I iitmittudwnt ROIfHB RI GS ATS MKT Kt AtU Mot FImml He Delivered by Newsboy One Week 12c One Month 50c One Year $600 dy Mail Outside Newport City Always in Advance Three Months $125 six Months $250 One Year $500 One Morth 50c rt! J- TROOPS ON viOlN Trte ITALIAM 1 WAY NAZIS WAY TO IU iN RUSSIA MEMRER OF THE ASSOCIAED PRESS Thp Associated Pre3 is exclusively entitled to the use for publication of all news disratches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper TO ADVERTISERS The Daily Express cannot undertake to furnish proofs of advertisements to advertisers whose copy is not in this office by noon of the day before publication nor will it be held responsible for typographical errors occurring in any advertisement accepted after noon of day preceding publication When through error in this office wrong pric-es appear in print The Daily Express will upon request immediately furnish the ad vcrtiser with a letter stating it is responsible for the mistake but it will not be responsible for any loss the advertiser might sustain through such an error All advertisements are accepted subject to this understanding TO THE SUBSCRIBERS It is the aim of the management to assure efficient service In the delivery of the paper each night and it solicits the cooperation of all subscribers to that end Prompt reports shoald be given of each failure to receive the paper on the morning following the omission in person by telephoning or postal card thus enabling the cause of the error to be promptly and accurately discovered and the proper remedy immediately applied It is only by this method that the publishers can secure the desired service The Daily Express is on sale every evening at the following news stands Newport Pharmacy Pharmacy News Stand Phai-macy News Stand Pharmacy Cut-Rate Store Central Market and Cash Store Derby Line Drug Store McDonald's News Stand North Troy Nortn Troy Drug Store Barton Monitor Office Ih-ug Store Orleans Pharmacy Coventry Store East Charleston Store Rehe Rudolph Bean Uyndnnville II Saunders Island Pond Kane Drug Sundries West Burke Coburn St Johnsbury Randall Whitcomb Sen till (tiftflr WtiilttRr is feAr well founded? It is possible the fear which haunts those who were active during World War I is not justified PROFITS ON RISING FARM PRICES (Middlebury Register) In his speeches this week at the The collapse which came a little series of Vermont Agricultural Con- mere than a decade after the other servatcn Program meetings Senator Aiken has made an interesting observation concerning the relation-hip between rising retail prices and war and wiped away many fortunes business enterprises homes and fee Elrct nral hope is still fresh in the minds of cider people And so those who recall the skyrocketing of previous prosperity now watch the boom in wages and in business with reservations They see factories running day and night witness higher prices see unemployment fade but they cannot forget Whether one talks with older business men or the day laborer one gets the same reaction It's great but Perhaps this fear is uncalled for higher prices for farm products The retail price of bread has gone up generally a cent a loaf or more but according to the Senator only about one-sixth of a cent has been added to the cost of a loaf of bread by the increase in the price of wheat Yet some of the metropolitan papers are trying to pin most of the blame for the higher cost of living on the increases in farm prices One who would like still to think of bread as truly the of is tempted to comment that not Approach to this war has not work- surprising the price of wheat has cd at all as it did in 1914 to 1916 so little relationship to the price of Beetle announced Saturday The aua-' I pension was for allowing beer to be into A Coid on Sunday Second dan Urns- lUI'C f7Mae8 were approved for Robert Jonra imiiiiiiiiiiiiriiiiiniiiiimiiiuiviiuniiHiiitmiaiiiniuiiiiuiniiii of Brattleboro Benjamin PoweU of The first reunion in 20 years of Pownal and Sarto Cmntreod Dutelle family was held in Proc- ol Newport last week A Dutelle has Hi ft bread in view of the large quantity of air and the small amount of substance wheat or otherwise which is contained in the ordinary commercial American loaf But Senator Aiken's point is well taken Whether the general price level tor the bearing the report of th They found the floor of tl room covered with bwwwt kri pocket were otunevt shotgun cartndgaa flben staled there was end Spender had been drink! 1 is rising or falling the tendency is enrolled in Proctor schools for 41 The Plying Cadet examining board will hold forth at tltr Hotel consecutive years Perhaps the period following the war will not work the same as it did before For one thing there is tne experience of the other period and if experience is valuable it should help us oyer the rough places which may follow the ending of this titanic world struggle i for producers of farm products to Governments everywhere even the get less than their fair share of the democracies are assuming more returns In a period of low prices control and domination over affairs they take the first and sharpest and much as we may fight against cuts while the processors and it and rail against centralization of tributors most of them big national power this may be the key to a I corporations generally are able to protect their profit margins In a more even return to normal times period of higher prices like this Prices have not sky-rocketed as one the farmers are comparatively ctis- i Vermont Burlington Aug 13-14 on William Hatin 54 a painter Qf iu only 'top this month lo erwblv and he hod pn Eurlington was committed to jail examine Flying Cadet aspirant an- remarked that the ottrera wa after pleading not guilty in Chit- i W- Howe of the Vermont take bun aUee tenden municipal court Friday to a Cadet committee The visit of charge of burglary in the night time the surFpon had been timed to coincide with the beginning of rr- For the second time in eight oourM throughout the state years Dorothy Kelley Moore of Preparing men for Hoe 13-13 edu- WAR BULLETINS Dr Earl James I ill i FT CdCfB air farce hrifguirtm aa-nownred today I bat ferelgw wwr-planrm (hr netbrri dragged ball yewtevday wear Raagvad la aarlbcra law yrmm fhMde they did before and perhaps they better off but each small raise in 1 Poultney mother of four children retional exams so that riurse nro will not recede in the same proper- pay they receive for their products filed suit for divorce Friday against lefs have be physically qualifier cr with the same raPidity We seems to have a habit of being Forrest F- Moore on the ground of fled tor F1-'10? Cadet appointing have greater government control tiplied to the principal benefit of intolerable severity The case is re- before they begin studying ever capital and labor wages and processors and distributors before turnable at the fall term of Rutland profits distribution and price levels the products reach the consumer county court Thirteen-year-old Barbara Bulgaria monetary matters foreign relations I recent years two methods have of West Dummerston remains oa i Vermont's winter residents of Flor- the daner Mortal Hospital BERLIN Bulgarian from Iik ndun Sllhtra and been developed for correcting this and all that enters into life GAS This Reconstruction for situation One of them is widening i government control over the mar- i keting process aimed at protecting labor and production which rganized ccnsumers and produc-1 mont Association of St Petersburg much is certain: cf a devastated world will call Aag 13 UP- plane ant (knt Ibtibii nmkuii 1 thip I4M4 tom In all to day and1 night attMhg off Up Fauna MMAK and the cat! caa Scotland the high command reported today CaifNOKDIO CMaa Aag iLjp night in Brattleboro with a fracture at the base of her skull and other injuries as a result of a severe one-car cran on West River Road Saturday after- TVio nt-Boi- ic i uigauiiowuu wiutu is years co onerative old- More than 125 Vermonters at- noon nch lhree prr'0v' -tended the luncheon which was ore- were VaUrey Boudr the producers uea LIle mueneon wmen was pre Dummemfon Hnwr nt to sWed over by Clarence Murdlck e-1 iimw on driver of th to strengthen Charles Moss the girl a father ami rto n'Toty kgnnttii lutia mip mbuh i a J- toHto Cnadahaa VMaon Fkame to rarmtoao ca mm ml khopnai would keep mills and muscles busy ers aiike from abuses fer a generation providing an eco- development of the ncmic solution to the cost problem can be evolved Perhaps our fear is unfounded Most people judge only from past among in nrripr order movement themselves their comparative tion in the bargaining pisi economy The ail ry wife Oiady were ako injur Oiangktrg ander aa air alarm for -r1 fc tbt experience and the world is almost 1 development of each of these two wrciwo fm L- Haatoag tog beginning at 14 A 31 to aa firfricuMoa Vim la lar mo to tom ed as the southbound OldunobU coach struck a cement culvert header at it right and wa almost totally wrecked mrcWnr nttC 1 win Ml wad tor oeeitok methods has been characterized by many growing pains and neither is really much beyond the experimental stage when compared with the ultimate possibilities Yet in our learning to use them more effectively we believe lies the long-run answer to this problem After eight attempts to strike wa- ter a test well drilled at 22 feet near North Springfield produced a flow of water approximating forty gallons a minute Town Manager Old-dings stated that a Boston engineering firm which had surveyed inadequate water supply plan to locate and connect 24 such wells to augment the present supply wholly changed It possible a collapse is not inevitable At least let us enjoy the sunshine cf good times while they are here lay away something for a rainy day keep smiling and expect something better than cur last experience Faith and hope are two of the greatest known human tonics Coventry Mr Cum and two ctuhftirvi spent the wvekewt to tatiaM Sir trtth Sir Cum Mr Nellie Hanford ta natkig her Branch and SU tuter Mi Cir Markets ftictiS Ralph Gillette seven-year-old of Mrs Frances Gillette of Conn and grandson ol Mr and Mrs Delbert Howard of Fairfax with whom he had been making hte home was killed Saturday Cleveland ernoon when he fell beneath a field Mr Matte ArotoM' ian diplomat who presided at th which he had been rid- drtn rimed her parvnu Mr and Lima conference and at present is ad had 3een on lw toller Mr Brwknr ltbug on ttsin- with an older sister Eleanor when day the girl drove the two hor puilin cpt Walter Deretond ha the roller up to the larm houe and turned to LoutavtUe Ki to lam she entered Tlte youngster was left ht dutir slier a wmk at on the roller holding the rein of the home of ha mother Mr Mary iCWvetoad- sence the horse started throwing Mn Ell Rajunwo who ha SUMMER HOME CHANCES (Bennington Banner) There thousands of The way to save gasoline is to observe a few simple rules laid down by authorities on such matters They saj the first essential is to probably the smaller towns offer the have a thoroughly competent me- better opportunity We have urged are opportunities still open to folks looking for a home in Vermont either for summer or for the entire year the chance offered by such towns as Stratton Andover Mount Holly and some others In these towns it is chanic adjust your carburetor and check your spark plugs for the best possible results with the gas you Locaani let a OM gad we FAX and MAC totoa ttotend sMat meet one fled they pregMeeai to tofltoB and efita i mmm Rnguttw mni of (he Bee ai kaur near ax- mane taisdMd wpaiPtooM- Btoty oauany home lake fwttagw anek too dawtlM mat veoy THtlfal" ea ank atuito rawreoaeitei aaai aaamMMml "FTBOP AST la a awemsaty fm the imaimn etoamee hoaBSMtoolL fer t9mnaa a that oughlf toned demeoptonus to aw (riiirimw( a eoMrttoa the feedtoe- oeem utewi to oumi meota of toe mafaemvltoew gf am awwima to to a ps ee ti nao am om-kw tmm to oa lot Maal tttch appnato The to ftoi towy PTSO to to to temporary Spanish poet were among the speakers to address the students at Middlebury Spanish school over the past stop joy-riding don't press the i possible to buy a half acre of land accelerator too far down thereby jfor dollars and to build a house cutting speed some 20 per cent 'fcr three hundred if the owneJ does most of the work himself A family combine with others as much as 'willing to live in a Vermont moun- pttfsible when travelmg and usejtain town and with an income of her means of transportation when dve hundred to eight hundred dol-feasible These are all simple mat- i lars a year can get along although bm I the boy from the eat into the path tn Uw Mary Flrtctov Hattl to! of the roller which pused over him Burling ton oubv Monday with her daughter Mn Lftr Dmr Frederick Bkbee 13-year-old son for a time of Mr and Mr Elliott Bibee of Thrtv will be a church arrrie? Concord Mass summer resident held to the CtofngitMMl Ctordi at North Fayston in a critical Sunday evening Auxua IT at condition at the Mary Fletcher Hw- clock The sddram win ha gmu by pita! in Burlington where he was Rev Emrmm There wto be taken after being found unconscious special music Everyone earaiaPt about 8 Monday morning The boy invited to attend The arm he-had apparently slipped and struck tog sponsored by Che Orleans Oban-his head on a rock while fishing If Frederick leli On Tuesday evening August i a Sunday afternoon Hit Vermonters are flocking into the United States Army by voluntary enlistment in ever increasing numbers it was reported from Boston recently by Lt-Col John Rice First Corps Area recruiting officer Sixty-six young men from the lx iht they will not have much in the way of luxuries In the very near future a large number of men will be retired under the social security laws and most of them will have only a ter but if really observed would no doubt make a tremendous saving in gasoline consumption a thing which must be done and at once or we shall be able to buy gasoline only when we have a ration card- modest competence It is the opinion of The Banner that the moun- and that would be tough on a good many people WILLIAM IUCKBEK Green Mountain state were among those from all New England states who were accepted in July for the i to Ashing alone tote Son- hovnrr regular three-year hitch the da Rrnoon and told hi parent irkewlt the home of M- Ox? largest number since the first rush 1 he would 001 ck unUl tote Be ItoMbWky The ttobto autwd- of enlistments broke all records last 1 was missed until Monday morn- Ive with cut ing when a searching party found decoration Quest from him unconscious near the brook be Or lean and Irasburg had been fishing in His heed wa Delicious refreohmeni badly injured eluded a brides cake I the bastes The Time was pushed back over 100 years at Weston Saturday and the town took on a colonial appearance tain towns cf northern New England and northern New York will furnish the best opportunity in America for The Japs seem to be waiting to these people to live comfortably on the income they will have There will be a tendency to coax them to Florida and California but northern New England offers at least equal chance which country is going to first before they decide which way to start invading If Park Beede Liquor fltoe as townsfolk paraded in costumes of Trapped in his home In f'wd mrsv sift the period of 1790 to 1870 in observ- Tunbridge by officers who sought hi ance of the sesq'Atcentenna' arrest on a charge ol striking a 14- 1 Island Pond Wttam ft to tocaiwa at 3 totvo bury phone it the UmiTZER told ha ntoWwim uon among the trade dam bitotnm which I Wtoh itoa Bt JbbBto the haredttng of ttowaitwa the a fine repoto-Hit whom fete to anil a par? see crumble Administrator a native of this county can prove his contention of the estimate of what happens to a vast majority oi beer bought after 9 there will be almost uni- day of unremitting air assaults send versal approval of the new ruling 500 Planes to smash at Britain stopping the sale of packaged goods Brttish claim 69 shot down Light not to be drunk on the premises at German warships submarines clash that hour He claims well toward British motnr torpedo boats 90 per cent ot sales after that hour i are consumed at dance halls on the yards on front of nearly a mile highways and in other manners not northwest of Pozieres Russians conducive to the well-being of the capture Mariampol in Galicia and state and its citizens iPodgacy along upper Sereth River One Year Ago Today Aug 13 Germans in third A colorful parade of floats depicting I year-old girl Emmett L- Spender 28 Mne Steady rvU that era started the second took his own life Saturday night by uv- at Portland Me festivities In the afternoon resi- 'shooting himself through the mouth Mr- Robert Retlly ard vm John dents gave exhibitions of old and with a shotgun after being blinded are visiting relativca at Lynr modem dances on the Common by tear gas bombs His death oc- lor a few lay Community services were held on curred about 7:30 as Sheriff the Common Sunday Burgess of Chelsea and two deputy sheriffs were knocking at the MUX Geraldine Oikhrist of torttn spent the weekend with relative and friend In fha WURUTSER wed mm te tort Biwar fm ome to tn to toi a smix la an uuaaur phmmgraph iff Btototor eamarueuau reaper which prmiOm a TONE toe and QUALITY of wmm tot a I Uto entoMf jaoure of maun to tom of AfSltoCtoS wmrttM uow toavi fjsiiwg ft toattog icwflfe of OtwaUwiM Ow The second class liquor license of door of the room in which he Benjamin Gordon of Bellows Falls hiding In the house at the Urn has been suspended indefinitely were Spender's invalid father and State Liquor Administrator Park mother Mr and Mrs William Spen- Mr and Mr AUgurttft and famdy at Berlin- Mrs Paul Saunders and dUHtrec.

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