Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 9, 1896 · Page 12
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 12

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 9, 1896
Page 12
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i? &#£. ™f ' 1 -al THE ; GOLDEN RULE'S MOTTO IS Never Carry Any Goods Over Until Next Season, Therefore we will-put the Knife m our Shirt Waist Department and will place the Entire Stock in 3 lots on our first floor. LOT NO 1 All of our real fine Persian, Dresden and Dimities and in fact any of the^flnest Shirt Waists in the store worth $1.60 to $2.00. You Choice oi lot - - -• - -..•-,•.. LOT NO 2. Many Waists made in best material slightly, scuffed from handling, many worth up to $2.00. Your choice - - 69c LOT NO. 3. Waists that were sold at 48c, 58c and 66c, all go at 26c THE GOLDEN RULE. SPRING NECKWEAR,* SPRING OVERCOATS. JOS.Q. GRACE WILL 5ELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY FOP LESSMONEY THAN ANY OTHEP CLOTHIER IN LOQANSPORT. LIN1 COHPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to 426 Broadway. P. S If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line oflthe Celebrated Stein BloclcCJotHirig Baseball Club's",'Like Withered Leaves, Must Foil. KOKOMO HERE TODAY But Where Will They be in the Sweet Tomorrow? Om by OBO the dead leavts fall. One by OIK- Use base, ball clubs go.out of existence. Tlh6.ftist.io succumb so fai- ns Iwjard fiwii'Js t»ie redoubtable Kokomo dub. WbMc the club still has a playing existence, .and has mW same team wMcli'itts'played hero before,-th': trip oil wlftshi it starts today will 1 be 1U •l.-LSit. Tito Kokomo Dispatch says that ba«o ball atiipme'lias peeved a loslns venture. Thnit all the money QIC dub has over m-adc has-been, when It played away from home; that whcu the present trip Is ended, iihe club will disband and \\-iliU bo seen no more iu Kokoiuo. Ticst -the same, thoy will play here ftis jutitoniooii,-riiiil'as tihore h:is b?en no .ehauso -in-the pfciyors or positions, the baseball eathuplasls- know wfhat to ox- pec-t. Every game the Ocios have played wMi'Kokomo here lias been a holly eoaiteeted one, with the exception, of ono, l.u whfcli FaK'.iL'r pitched nod fee support beiiffinfl 'lulin was- dead willms to lose' tlie frame. And 'JU'i *l».v lose'. 1 Well, yes." Today Dun-on will be in the box for rhe locals, anil Kc.gcre for the vbitors.. ,-.... FITTSBUUC DJI> IT. Took a : ilanl-Foiifflit Game From the. Spiders—OJ.iK.-hia.iti '.v'rai ami Ba.Mmore, of Course. . instburR. after iilayiug a brilliant "lime wiOh Clovolaaid Friday, :vud tytog Ire score in- am eleven l.-ajtaR gaimo, vent out yesterday aaid wiped-the Spid- 3i-s up -to flic .tune of 7 to 3. It was a emairkable jflunc from liie fact .thatthe eports credit Clrvelntid w-HU Cfreen or•aw. ami the PJititsbursa wMi foui«en n'.'tn. cjioufjh of a combiiiatlo.o to liavo ..rado the score double what It is.. Fod- owing are tbe stores of the sam<s yes- erd-ay: ,' . -. At ClevcAiml—PlWsbars 7. Cleve- kiud 3- At Clttavpro—St. Louis a. Chilcaso 4. ~A-t CiQciunatl—Louisville 2, Cincinnati r.. At'Washington—Baltimore 21, Wasiu- ngton JO. At Ni-w .York—Brooklyn 1. New York ;". . • .: At Ph.lSulP.lpUia—Boston 2. Phiiiladel- VISITORS DEPART, ^/i <lood Templars Close the District Convention. The regular busltieas etfistonr cloacil the cauvanition. of Good remplans »r,tiif FifUi dlsiti** Jiu tlw oty y.estei-0:i>- moimiing, irad tlho delcgaites nmd ofchw vEsDtors roUm-uwl to tbotr .lioinies y.estov* 1 Oay alJternloou, full o£ aitiWaiottou because oC flic most successful cooivtu.- tlou held, ami generous ID their praisw of the way -to wlik-h the mooWmg was cared for by tilw I^ogn-asport people;.'" Tlie .followtoj? rosoluitioos wca'e nrJopl- cd at •lili* close of tlhe convcoittou: "Reswlved, That we bail with •the riiccnw docMou of tlie pr'cniic count hv sii-staiuwg »tan of flic NluhobaMi law. "Il«!<olv«l, Thsiita-ny alik-uint mado by. legislators to refuse ov lesson tlie efiVcIs of snW N:Iclioll<om law, -.vJJl be rifioroiw- Jf rcstrivtod Ixy Hue Good Tcmplnw of in- Republican Speakings. Bopubllcam spoaktags wJH be held ai the following places in Cass coanity: Ke.w Wavorlyr Monday cvantog, Aug. 10th.—TV. T^ Wilson. : Aclaaneboro (.JUauiit towmslila?) 'J-' UC:i- 'any evcrola-s, Aug. llth.-W. T.'Wilson'. Lucerne, Friday eve-niing. Aug. Ht!,— W. T. Wilson. The Red School liouiss Ha Noble town- sliip, TUjm'Sda.y cveiviu;?, ATIR. 13th- -Q. A. Myots. • . Sliady Nook aoliool house Thursrto,- 'oventns, Aug. 13tn-W. rr . WJisoa. Royal Center, SatuTdny cveutug, Aug. 15lih—W. T. Wilson. Clymere, Salraiday cvontag, Aug. ir>th —Q. A. Myers. •' Deacon, Deoi- Creek township, Ttar-is- d.iy oventog, An?. 20th—Q. A. My.eivi. . Twelve Mile, Satna-day crcming, Au^. 22d—W. T. WJlsou. Young Amwiea, Saturday Aug. 22d—D. C. .Tusttce. LogansiK>r.t Saturday evening, 22d—Hoin. Tlroodoro Shhckney of Union City.' "iiosalml, ThMt tbo lodgus Olitsiiide of Lowinr:pont "the jjood oMzciust of the Ctby of a.voite-of (Wanks for tlusHc kiiml bospTfal.-^ fty to.eutiing for our eomitort while in .ihotr mldtit. I "Kexwh-ed, Thiut Hie offlcors and nicui- o-f -tilve Flftli Iud ; iymi dtotetot -cx- ps by a ^te"bur appreciation' at ..the [leroiw trcratnuent we 3iavo -recrivcd Ihc litirab of Hie togivnsport press;" ', •lie next jiieolitaf: Svill occur the sec\ Frittay ;iind Siita-nlay to Novaraliet. fce not dotermil-ned. Rev. Caolbnuitli Jbc cite annt-or for fche occns'.oii. ^ •he resiijsiiatkuL af Milk's LIz/.le Honi- fg, aa dtotiitot sccrotiWT, was a'cccpw and Miss Edna Washbm-a was i hor srtend. '"• '"", A TWO HEADED OALP. Eoyal Cento Record: Last Monday wlgltt a two lueodefl calf passed thrmiglt tore on one of the iifeb't hiatos en ro'ito to Chicago. The aiK'JB three. Mwallis 'old and well developed but Jias tw.o well developed heads. It caa «nit v» cdtlier of Its two months equally well, has tm> sets at eyes, irad -w«9 seen, 'to bawl through" CM-li moulih while hiei-e, . The freak- comes from Fall-view Fork awl ''was onraurtc to CMoago TOhore It-will. bo placed on e DOESN'T KNDW WHAT TO DO. A Democrat Who is Willing to Trust the Almighty With the Silver Question. ,T F. Grable, proprietor of Hit--Sixth stnwst 1'eed yanl, :Nartb' of JJoa* street. probably has a. .better., oppor.tinailty to learn the aemtlDiCDt at Ihe farmer re- gairdtog the tree filiver Idea tham »aoiy uwn to'the:«l*y. iMir.Gj'able says: "Theru •liias been a romai-tai-blo change to the seatiiroent anitong .the- farancra to tlia lost'two -weeks. :Two weclss agoa-ma- jodlCy of We couatiT -people who- put up at my yard wore talldng to: silver. Now it Is the other way; the majority oC thlom- are talking soaiud mioneiy. "A great man!5'-..DeinoeraOle faronea-s looked favorably on tiia free slttror mat- tier antB-utter-UwPopflMst comYCaitloii at St. Louils,: but- .that cooked a grealt number of -thwm-and-.they will aifchet not vote at all,, or will vote ifor M'eKin- ley. I wn8*alldas with'a promlnen'- Democrat tihc- oHher day rnifl I aekod Mm what ho.thouflit <rf -fhe silver business. He said: -'I <10a't know what I think; I .'-wisOi'' .that: som.eDody who knows wMcto ienight would take holi of-.the rna*bar-ana sattle.Jlt. M God Al •'mighty would;'in.' -his. iaflalte'wisdom deeiae.w-hidi skle of the inwsBtou is the 'right and.'.-would elect tlie party -to power, wtolcli uoprcsouts ithat sMc.of i't I would bo-wfflatog to stay home from tue"ix>lto'aiKHet'mta settle lit/ There 'ore plenty of them'.who Uilrik as tihoit Demo erat. thinks." I •'-,' : . Wn;l-tw Clunidlw;- -on a Avflwel, aiid Olwries Smith, .pcdcatBlan, collided yes terday on Foiindi stttsat near the court 'jhouso. Clwmllw was sllghitly hurt in the fail. Mr. .Smith:, was not tart, acd ' escaped, dainige, • '" -'- v .; .'. AmlTOW.-Btwincll, a farmer Mv-lmg six inMos souitii, carae to the cl-ty yestendaj and took' too. much-,.liquor. He- -wa, found' by .Officer. Kleckuer a,nd locked up. ;-. ..,:."].-. ;' •" '•;• .,.''-..: " Andy RyaB.'was placed to jaill las mllightt omi -a etorg 6 of'druntoniness. STANDING OF THE ^yo;!l Baltl'inov* .........Cl OtnSnna'tl U4 ' Otevelawl 5" Ohioaio 55 50 ' CLUBS. T^st PorGt. 27 -COS .OSS -«° .5,0 Boston ............ IS Brooklyn , ......... -11 Philadelphia ....... 40 New.York,,, ........ 37 Wo.*la?toai - : ...... 35 9f Louils .......... 28 Loufev.lue -.: ....... 22 20 ' 33 40 40 41 48 49 53 K 02 C5 .540 .401 .449 ..411 .402 .311 .253 MEET.OF WHEELMEN. Two Iowa Plen Wheeling to Louisville to Attend It. •J.llie NaitJonni 1 rooet ->f the League of AiMertavn- W-hcolnncu, which convenes nt-r»,iilsvllle Monday, will be the greatest ever Held to point of attendance. Indiana will, of course, fewl a big dele- gtiiliiloo-," and. ttiouffli tBieire wiU 'be many wiio wffil wheel down, tliere will to more wlio will so by rail: It's easier to iiikle- 611' the "blvered keens" thllis hot weaiflhcr than- to risk a eumstiwke rldilng a wheel. • Til-ore are some brave wJ'.Cflllmem however, and two at them passed flii'oiu tufa city yesterday on tlielr way to the Falls Oltoy'to intend the meet They •had ma'de the century nw from 1 Chicago hiare, aud.Mt.eaiily to the'moimng to complete another contiuiT ycsteBtoy. Their'n-imos are I. A. PaMiiBter aiid ,T, F. Dings; boltbi of Ottumwa, IOITCB. Pal- liiritet"' 'Is'"State Cemturiao'Vof Iowa, 1 \rtritfh-jneoMa'ltot he Jiolds tlie-axxwrd for t!Iie largest-liimi'ber'of century runs made ini'oj given time.- la fact, -he lnolds the thl;nl-.iiriEe lot tiie largest number of htrodwdHmfle runs inade by a rider in the Hunted Statas.there being but- two men in -the country who have nfddeii r •(CKpiter number.. Pallist* Is'a typifci scoi-elipr. Be'itas a sti-JJig of "centnrj bats" wtotah', :pl»ncd to Uis breast, roach cs'to the, ground. He wears ttie L, A W. Veteran's badge and) lias a reeoiv of Uulrty-fire: century nuns made las year. Mr/DtoRS is also'a veteran L. ,\ W.,' but has not the iwuadless'ambition of Mr. Pnlllstor Jni the direction of cen •turj-nins.- • .-'-.. Our 5 7.50 Cassimcr the Eventtf tlipay. THE ABSOLUTE Closing Out Sale | Of Harry Frank's Stock at Actual Half Price, September First, THE LAST DAY. We Quote a few of the many articles. , now ..................................... 5 s - 48 5.50 G.98 3.9S Our 10.50 Cheviot Si*, now Our 13.50 Bluet ClajJjjjuiK. now Our 12.00 Irish FrdafWsters, now Our S.OO All Wool Bkvcr Overcoat, now : Our 2.30 All Wool ORSimc-r Pants, now • 3 -* s Our 1.00 Working Wpts, now 5S Our 1.00 Fine Launc&ed Shirts, now Our -00 Unlauuderi Shirts, now Our .DO White ShJiji acd Drawers, now Our .50 Gray Sbi.rtfjaml Drawers, now Our .23 Buy S-birtSfind Drawers, now Our Our Our "*' .1.0 Socks, now?,. ,G3 .25 .20 .29 .1C .OS .04 .12 DIVORCE ASKE| FOR. ; Suit Entered Againslthe Baseball AssocUtlon ft Back SaUries. I Sunrlvora of" Tto. tbilrtlctli Indiana held a ri-unitan at.El wood, cleefclins S. T. Hay-he, of -Nobles ville, presfcteut, and W. HI Stewart, o :Loganspoj!tv"scerabary. and treasurer Thte 18!)7 ; reTiinfai will .20 Coon Cfflla(| now ...................................... Our .15 All Linen flilars, now ................................... - !0 Choice of any ?C.50|nd, 57.30 Children's 'suits s o at ?3.24. Childrena'Pants HALF PBICE. Boy.s'|uits Half Trice. Hats Half Price.' Gloves Half Price. It-will pay anybody tofpmc 23 miles to attend this sale, as you'll never see such a chauct again, Hfcpectfull.v, : ! HAR^Y FRANK, ' ... 314 FOURTH STREET. Elmer BonueH Is an ap^icaot for di- vonce froui tois ^y4f*, Effieionnell. The eomplatoit, Hied by.aittonip- George. \V. Walters, sets foo*l rhe iim'th'at de- fondant aud- rOjiitatia- 4« married MmreJi 3, 189D, nsaA sepa|tcd June 30, 1S9G. Tltot deCendtnt aljidoued plalu- litff, leavlng-.hSm to'care ff tMlr infant cliffld, aged about oie yea* Sulit has been, enitared ifJ.uslioc- Fcu- Oer's eotut by h-tta-neys|lcCouiuell & UVjukLucs, represeBitttig -til base ball ore unpaad, the base Ml iyt sala-riM nd unpaid Is players wliose ngutast the stockhoBers 1 assoctaitou. The a'psrvW) \vhfch it fe c-Mmed fc duo over four hundred' IX THE MAYOR'S Dennils Zctt was final yesrardny evcninig on the -- liicious tresiMSB, the iuiov tof tiie penalty betas placed a4S2"> TJie defendant was ,uot able to'jpay aud was rc- tiiracd to jotl. Wiill''D< i was f.Iso ftned In. Wie fame anioui as -his coui- paiuilDii, on- the sairiie chai >, .but he ar- nm«ed for" ball, and apfaied, and M now at liberty. Tlie cliai-ge ajr.i'bist Uic nir, as yesterday uiorntog In. Tit roumal, was tjiuiiwrtog w-lithi tlie flre iinn system, 'and sendtog in a falsw af mi. Fend Boi-ges, w,ho. wa accused by park Poltocman Andor«)i >f driving on tlie grass at Spemcer j rir, was ac- ftuiiltited of the was the fiist driver to lx inorc will be taken up b if .the practice of couttoues. WITHOUT A POST After this week Wie Lir Grove aaid peUcd to go to Youns Am mimi-1 as tte postofflce place Js *> be abandoned occupant of Hie office !ia the govemimcnit JS uaaW oiue who wlU accept tlw reason tlw office : '. Tlie- Offieo Jins been- In Mrs. Rebecca' DMlinatu ti-ytogr to got rid of lit' fa wJlthxxut success until no "about ?50 a year.- .In tiio'sJlvops of tlix> Peiujylvanla cast of rittsburg,, tlio hom-.J 1 .ve ticcn re- ducodtiO.cis'hit'hours.ad •, and vrorli is caaiiled on only for Ov days oX tht week. Ttate docs.not-Inch Ic 'tlw shops ; wlicpe'ajjr brakes arer-lwl! e- placed on cans, but the change aftec*9[5,0flp mec. OUtt'l. .fflic Mayor irge o£ PRESIDEXTIAL ELECTIOX. Quebec (Caanada) Dailj: Telegraph: The fact flia.t this is the year fixed for the Presidential electtau aiiions our American neighbors Ss folt by cv«ry oie Interested to the stream ol tourist travel Raflway and steamboat men, hackmcn a-ad slxxre-keepeas, all complain, of the marked falBng off in the number of our American i-iaiitors at this season. But this is of regiilar recur^ rence on such occasions apl there Is cans«qtiently oo raasoa to be surprised at it. The election takes place on the tb of November, vta* tJhe different tates coinpostoe the Tj-iroii vrfll choozc ,hejr Prosiden'dal elcctois. TOese number, all told, 447, so that 224 aic necessary to tlie dectten of tlw successful ?rositoC-ial candidate. As usunl, both lirties "claim that victory •wJB. perch -l-«ir baiincr. But the prevailing 1m- prp«>lon ontsfldc of the United Staitus is Jr.lt the Rcpubllcaiis will wlm, AT THE PRISON XORTH. Warden Hnrley of tllie prison North will-ask tlie nest Legislature for bigger ippropriatfons tor repairs nod cxten- ^tons. Ho wfll also ask Cor the right to dto-Idc the prisoners into three grades. The new, prisoner is placed la the sec- oud or middle dass, and if hits behavior warrants It he te advanced to. Oie.first priviltgeil class,, ffiven plain cloth' ing and better food. When he. Is unruly lie is placed to the ilitod class, with striped costume, teolatioa and coarse food. ' Mir. nested, bra: ore the bar, BU the grass .-FICE. of r-->;>- fll be com lea for IJioh the foraicr Tlve pi-esi esdgned aud to find acy nor, an'd for st be .almn ic hands of 10 has Icen everal ycari It has paid One fourth off on pants at Ferguson & Jenks'. STYLES. Some of the Xew Things for This Fall- Pilling, the SJioc Man Always In tlie Lead. Mine Pillimg received 1odaj- one of tie largest shlpme-nte o* 'adtes' faie- shots ever seuit at any oce time to any fimi in tlsis'dity; aad to say that these goods are beautiful awl the very -.latest la style and flue to quality, is Uglitly put- njrlt.-" '•• • • • ••' ' . •• . Some'ol cepedally nobby lasts ill IWs lot ..of shoes Is the-Savoy. The new Bonton and the new Tokto, al! of wlalcn- a,re decidedly new. ,Tiie Savoy is taking •tlie lead In Hue East an<3 promises to be the leader for all con-ect dressers (bath ladies and gejMkMnen) la tlite ciiy. EveiTbody te itiquestod .to tail and sec these new Uhtags to shoes, even-though .you- are mot ready to l>uy. Pilling'* shoe house, 412 Broadway. 1 ' ; ; .

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