Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 17, 1928 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 17, 1928
Page 2
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r"" ftf rif i«i «i r* ' .f f-.^ «54V^4. F £ t&Jt *3 \ •^ •* .i^ife H^T^ ^t if% ^ ife FH T * r ^^ £ % ? *=• diwlt* Fs.rsFs]l Idsnn With »i 15-33 rvf r. A. It tb* of tSfM5j*<i in month t*> trav th-e fourth FrMhv of p following ofSfc*r« and Mirs Ft***--! lf?r»jw!frm: tiff (nr Mi«. J,,I1^ RJrvrt)'?; pccrctarv, Miss •-Hf??n Taylor; IrpfitiTirr. Mr*. "pran- B, rorstrr: chRfrnwTi pro&mra Miss I>ora Andtvas; luncheon !*••»•> , |4rs. JF-BSP I.,, MtKlnrwy; membership. Miss Mo!- iie Eft ^brooks; social Mtes Flrr- rncf Pmniftctnn; publicity. Mt.«s Mart Hfrtrif 1 ?;; telephone. Miss Margaret MflburR. TJ;o flist pmKffUTi will tx* Friday rvrninir. Oct. 3C. nt th? home of Mr. nnd Mrs. JL. A. Bittorf on Sixteenth nvr-niif. It trill hf ft rrritftl by Chsrlrs Fnrwcll .Frlwm of Chicago, ». former Stc'lins boy who has riwn to fn.rnr «s a musician, pompomr, it dor, Iccturrr ami pwt, winning thf ramp of "Pcwi of the West" by reason of his many poems and songs written during his Jong residence in California. Artist B<*rn Hem He win* born In the old Ed&on hon^e oil West Third street in Btcr- llng, now the home of Mrs. Lida T. UtScy. his father being E. W. Ed- pon, long a well known dry goods merchant of Sterling whose store was in the Karw*ll building on Locust street, trecteti by J. V. Farwell of Chicago. brother of Urn. K. W. Edson. As a patron of the arts as •well aa a creator of artistic compositions. Mr. FanreH Is one of the best kuown men tn the United States and his desire to come back to hU birthplace and give a song recital here accounts for his having been secured for the opening program of the Mendelssohn club for the 1928-29 season. He began his znwsiaU career here and took his first vocal lessons under direction of Miss Ella O. Richards of Sterling. Hla published poems have made him popular In the west, most of his themes dealing with the land of sun- Bhina and flowers. He wrote his best poems at hU cobblestone cabin «ai Mount Wikon. Aa & singer he has had experience in opera, oratorio and cong recital. He sang the roles of Escamillo In "Carmen," Crcspel in "Tales of Hoffman." ..-.JSatthew in "The Toymaker," An- 0elmo in "La Fiesta de San Xavler," tn English, and has used the prologue from "Pagliacci" in costume to frpen his musical recitals. He also created the part of Nar- JPator and Rev. Father Lector, Fr. fablo Muemrtegue in the play "Ser- tm." at Camel by the Sea; tne Torch Bearer in the mountain play, "Ersa "Of "tne Red Trees;" Father Garcia In Branson's play, "California." and the Mayor In the play of "Angel tfown." Mr. Edson's setting to Kipling's "Mother Mine" Is of outstanding musical value. This Is dedicat- fed to Madame Schumann Helnk fcnd is one of her favorite songs In frecitals. His well known published Bongs include "The Little Ghosts," ••Nowadays." and "Over the Rush of tna Elver." The coming of Mr. Ed- Son is looked forward to with plea- fturable anticipations by the Men- fleissahn club, as well as by many eld friends in Ills home city. New Club Features. The Mendelssohn club organised $ Mendelssohn chorus last evening 4nd practiced three familiar songs. '•Love's oic| Hweel flongj'_ "Annie laiiHe" acd "The Laat Rose of 8un»- Ja*r." The Junior Mendelssohn club will l» a feature of the coming year, with membership limits placed at 10 and $8 years. Mrs. Rachel O. Grimwood will be the Junior club conselor and the young people will elect their own Wftoera. plan their own programs ftnd arrange their own social events. Cooperation of teachers in interesting musically inclined echoal pupils IB expected to bring the membership to considerable proportions. Each lankar program will hsve six particl- jpaata and & program will be given every month during the club 8e«sojL SiagfBC «t Marie Shows. Another Innovation broached at last night's meeting was th* decision lo attempt the use of song slides in ttoe toed moving picture theatres. Xl is understood that the theatre approve of the plan, 000, TWO rotESr—Here are Commandtr Byrd «n<l Igloo his ppt. us they jKwed for an J>nSA Service photographer at Ix>s Atigeir^ jus!. before Railing for the Antarctic. Igloo flew aerowi the North Pol*'with Byrd ant! Floyd BpnnHt nnd tlio explorer plans to take the dog on hi* over the South Pole. MAD MOTlttB TRIES TO DROWN THEML-After ehe hod drowned three of her children, Mrs. Beatrice Cantftrara Of Detroit was prevented by motorists from taking the lives of herself and two other children in the same way. She was holding the two children shown above Lawrence and Nellie, under water in Detroit river when motorists rescued them. She had Just drowned Mary, three; AniMi, two, and Gloria, eight months old. ahows will be given nn opportunity to indulge in community singing. ST. THOMAS TEAM OF ROOKPORD POINTING FOR 0AME WITH C.H.S. Community; high la planning <m a big time Friday afternoon when Coach Bob Reitcch of Rookford brings his St. Thomas warriors here for » game with Coach Ed Woebftr'a Community high boy*. Word from Rockford la to the effect that the 8t. Thomas boys are very confident of defeating Community high. In fact they have already marked the game up in the win column along with, the other three games they have won this season. A clipping from a Rockford paper says: "With greatly Increased confidence, inspired by their recent victory over the tough St. Viator's tfunch, and constantly increasing their strength, the St. Thomas high football squad this week goes back to hard work with the scalp of community high of Sterling as an objective. If they ke«p up their present standard, the Tommies ought -to take Sterling with little dtfficuity this Friday." The Community high boys will have something to say about the game but will wait until Friday and §ay it with line smash**, end runs and passes. Coach Woeber Is really working wonders with the local team and if they continue to improve as they have In the past two weeks, they will be able to show Rockford a merry time at least. Enjoy Trip To Galena And Dnbuque, Iowa Commissioner and Mrs. George H. Thorn** and Mr. and Mr». Linn Ar- grayea enjoyed a .fine.trip Galena, East Dubuque, and JDubuque, Iowa, Ob Sunday. The? visited A number of places of interest! Commissioner Thomas was particularly interested in the dock*, which art being built In. the Mississippi river at Dubuque. -1-W41L Have Steak _ Tomorrow evening the members of the business men's class of the Y. M. C. A., known as Art Prestin'e tone crushers, will motor to the Y. ^» O» A*» camp for a h^frf Kt^flk fry, The men are planning on a big time. r T * <«„-*-"-*? f r ftt HtBlW Of>*in WS* tehtH" ttnct^r ttv of pn Bn^j-^th^fir Th" hsfi or RSf*. havint ti**n Wt (hot rTfn ft r^^ut of nn at- ran htwJs of * Oct. 35. I. O. O. T. i. n. c. co. Oct. 34, Ia»m«*n vs Oct. 35, OftkSM VB K. Of O. Oct. "<?, Ft. F. Chmrtlarw m I t> O. F., St*rlinn. Oct. 29, Bt#r!ins Pattm TS I. O. O. F. of Rock FW1». Of?. 30. Remick'f; AH-Stani If. O. Ort. 3i, icpnnen vs nock Falh i«» Ifaht hat, ChrUttAn-; Nov. 1, I. O. O. F. Hock F*ais vi, K. of C, Nov. 2, Lutheran* vs I. O, O. F Stirling. Nov. 9. T. H. C. vs Oskte*. Nov. 0. I. O. O. r. Rock Falls YS 3R«ck Falls Christians. Nov. 7. Remlck All-SUrs TS Lulh- from atlm llftog m AV«JB« Nov. B, 8t?rlinsr Pattern Works TS Icemen. Nov, 0. Iwmen vs K. of 0. Nov. 12, Sterling Pattern Works vs I. O. O. F. BtorlinR. Nov. 13, Luthrrnns vs Rock FftUs Chrlstlftns. Nov. H, I. ir. C. v* Iceyimi. Nov. 15, Rpmick All-Stans vs I. a O. P. Rock Falls. Nov. 19, I. o. O. F. Sterling v* Nov. 18, Qterlins Pattern Work* TS K. of C. Nov. 20, L H. C. vg Rock Pall« Christians. Nov. 21, I. o. O. P. Bock FaUs vs Oakies. Nov. 22, Remlck All-Stars vs 1. O O. P. Sterling. Nov. 23. Icemen vs Osidts. Nov. 28, Sterling Pattern Works vs r TT f* L* «&• \ft Nov. 27, Remlck All-Stars va 2cs- men. No?. 28. Lutherans vs I. O. O F, Rock Falls. Nov, SO. I, H. O. VB K. of C. Dec. 3, Remlcfc All-Stan rs O8- kiea. Dec. 4, Sterling Pattern Works vt lUtherans. 5, Remlck AU-8tara VB K. of Dec. 6. I. O. O. F. Rock Falls t* lettnen. t«,H. ----- rmlnnoat &m dark suit of c!crtb«, TnouRh tt w»« dark R| th« Um*. th* eajjy hour, whPn pwspte were iSkcljr t« be rauwi- (n«. and the light tttm the ttrwt lamp n*«rt>y, mad* the time wwl pJaw very \mimml for such sn at- tTTIpt, TONIGHT BOHORS MRS. IDA COLE WAED ° W P. I>cc. 7, L H. C. va Sterling X. O .O. Dec. 10. tu^erans .vs K- of C. Dec, 11, RenUcfc All-Stare vs Rock Palis ChrMl&ns. IS, Lutherans ra I. H. c. Dec. 13, Rock paUa Christians vs t- Of G. Dec. 14..I. 0,-a P. BterJinsr vs I. O, O.-F. *odr Falls. -------Dec. 17, Btwriusg Pattwa Works vs Oskles. Dec. 18, Icemen vs L O. O. P. Bter- ing. Dec, 19, Rock Palla ChristJ»ns vs Oskies. Oct17.-.(Bpedal.) find friends went to the homo of Krs. Id* Cola Warfl Saturday afternoon to help her cck- br»S<> h*r 70th birthday. Mrs. Ward is In good health nnd rtcUfhU in teUins of how Klllsdale tootod when she first came here. There was no school in Hiltedale and she attended school and walked one and one-half miles to where Pop- Jar Grove now stands, Th«*re HAS *o railroad through RUbdale. Ther« «er» Indians and they used 10 J*? «* »er home and beg food. Ths afternoon waa spent In talking owr old times and comparing ages with those present. Grandma Mary Sell, as she Is called b? everyone around Hllladalc, «*a tha old- She is 88 years or Storen Jasspersen und Mrs. Agnes Kill were the next to oldest they b«tog 81. ' Tho« present were her two nieces, Mrs. John Wl» and Mrs. Moltoe, . Mrs, Clarence Ward ***** W& Mrs. Charles w Mrs. Koren Jfasperaon. Mrs. C. P. Nelson, Mrs. Mary 8*11. Mrs. Let Mwr Mack, Mrs. Charles Mrs. J. 9. -U '* i?* Charks AsMoim, Mrs. Wm. «»• 0«* Stanbro and dai«h- J» Mten, Mrs. Pred Cote and dauah- of Hin«!ale; __ „. and Mra. Sarah Adams of A two course luncheon was by her daughters. Mrs. Q«o. Tomorrow Night LON CttANEY "THE UNffOLY 3" Full of Haif-raising and thrilling happening M' OIL, Tstes Thar. Ail tne world love« a Jover, and that gots double for this production, taken from the novel, "Four Brothers." TIRES For Winter TIRES KELLYS and GENERALS Two good brands for your approval. It pays to buy good tires. For all cars. Auto Greasing—Auto f; Brant's Service South End of First Avenue Bridge ALL THE BEST WAYS Exide Batteries FOR THE BEST SERVICE " - -- " —- AT- - - - - 4 WEST 4 STREET Sterling Battery & Electric Company U. B, MA1XETTK, Prop. 1ST. B. Maltette, Prop. Phone 305- J , . ha* proven successful in Chi, Rockford and oUier places. Song toidei-a will be secured and by the use of songs thrown on the scr**n, the audiences at picture TEARS! Tears fnua (ita heart-deptlis. Tears tb*i h«r eraika usuld no loagier Uttfa. Her "bay*,'* t&e ftytaf m*yto>y* of Death and her 8»«*tfa*art, ttw linages atu> hatf tearacd to love—teklttg ett ea B p**t adv«&tHK lt«w whk^h they might oeveir return. Hew you'll «ry wheu J«tta&iBO t&jn 'U wait f«w yea—Lave oaaaot die," One of tlie Big Moments in Colleen Moore's sensational success Lilac Tirne Premier Showing in the Stmte of lllimh outside of Chicago's Loop, HAS BEEN SELECTED -BY ; Dorothy A. London FOR USE IN THE STERLING DAILY GAZETTE •fi rree School JLXTKA MISS anas 0AKCS BE Lt'XK FREE During the four days of the Daily Gazette cooking school we will give a special discount of fifty dollars ($50) on either of the models that we have on display. Mrs. Dorothy A. Lpudon made It plain that she would not be satisfied unless the very beet refrigeration was installed in the model kitchen at the lilinl Theatre, consequently Ftigidaire Was Selected For Use in the Cooking School Following Mrs. Loudon*s lecture each day, we will be glad to have you step upon the stage, which ha* besn converted into a model kitchen, and have us explain to you the many advantages of the Frigldaire as well as to ahow you how economical its operation, * Attend the minute. CoaMng School- will be something doing Attend the Cooking School—There Will be SomeiMng Doing Eveiy

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