Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 17, 1928 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
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Wednesday, October 17, 1928
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ff" T ~"l -f^~ 1 >1 ^g£f - f The Asso«i»**rt Prtm) Another Large Crowd Was Present Today To Hi ar Mm. Dorothy Lcudon York— -Zeppelin'* fia wndwr- repairs for fccmr of country «n<! return to Oeramn? ma fere* J* 1km- TOMORROWS Sterling Daily Oasctte's School. » » « lecture Subject, 'Corrective DM,'," * « • Musical Program. Cookin Watermelon Cake Frozen Tomato Cream Spanish Cake C'ustftrd Frosting Pinwheel Cookies. Chocolate Sponge Band Tarts St. Peters Pudding Volcano Potatoes Jellied Vegetable Salad in Tomato * « * Doors opeh at 1 p. m. No tickets required Admission Free Ililnl Theatre .,! The large attendance of women who filled the Illinl theatre on Tuesday af ternon for the Daily Gazette's free cooking school, wins marked by an eagerness and, enthusiasm that evidenced their desire to obtain some beneficial suggestions and information on housekeeping cooking and modern from Mrs. Dorothy loudon. the lecturer and demonstrator. Cookery and housework may be staid and unromantlc subjects to think about and plan over day in and day out, but they arc made vital and fascinating by Mrs. Loudon. The fact that & very large percentage of the' women wHo attended the first class on Tuesday were seen in the audience again today is the best possible evidence that these talks and demonstrations are filled with real jfldn to the housowlie, Mrs, fulfil* all prcUsttdac of being 'a practical teacher as well JUT an expert in the explanation of new ideas and new methods, for the proper selection and preparation of foods. If we are to completely free our modern homes of obsolete taethotia making only for drudgery for wrtvw (Continued on page eleven) Mrs, Jva Crowell> of Eoek- ford Will Head State Eebekah Order Springfield, m., Oct. 17—(AP.) — Sessions of two of the orders of Odd Fellows—the Grand Lodge and the Rebekah Assembly—will mark the state convention of I. O. O. P. orders here today. The Grand Encampment adjourned yesterday with the election of H. P. Beck of Harvey to tlw stepping stone office of Grand Junior Warden. Tomorrow the Patriarchs Militant open their convention. More than 1.200 members of the Grand Lodge have been registered for sessions, and it is expected that more will be on hand for. the meetings today. Donations totalling $4.000 have been received for the endowment fund of the I. O. O. F. Old Folks Home at Mattoon and the Orphans Home at Lincoln. Tlwse late* the total fund to $257,610. Of principal interest on today's program is the election of officers to the Grand Lodge, late thfe afternoon or possibly tomorrow morning. The Gary office to be contested is that of Grand Warden, now held by B. If. Cobb of Ceutralla. Possible GandUJftt*a for this office are Walter O» of QUUsple and Thomas J. Washington-— S«rf*nt m>s Sinclair Salt Cre?k Jease Jn*ftHd. Sedalla, Mo.— Smith ehsltengws elftims of "Ooolldge wtenoray." Salisbury, K. C.— Borah calls on women to support Hoover arvd pro- WbitSon, Orlftndo, Fla.~ Daniels describe. 1 - rrpvibllcan prosperity claims as "bunk." Rftleigh, N. C.— Curtis h«kled on CoolldRe's dry enforcement Boise — Robinson compares Borah's remarks on Hoover In senate and In present campaign. Washington — t/abor department sus- artnotmces employnwntv was stained during September. Los Angeles—Gllda Gray's husband, Gil Boag, to sue In London to annui marriage. Nashua, N. H. — Earthquake felt In southern part of state. Denver — Snow covers Mountain states. Washington — Episcopal conven- Republican Claims of Re duced Expenses Called Gross Fallacy COUNTRY PYX \MmNG SIMILAR TO \T OTTAWA. ILL, Two Children At Verdigm, KPIJI , Painfally Though Hot Seriously Hurt Whets Dynamitr- In Stove Exploded VprdiRtf, Nrhir.. Oct. 1.7—(AP,> «• A country school dynamiting to that which occurred near" 111., A year ago, had the countryside! aroused today. small children. Injured in tht plosion, werr in a hospital. though not seriously him. The dynamite, as was the tho Illinois bombing, was in tho schoclhoiise stove. Only tfee fact that the children had gone otrt- By D. Harold Oliver. fAjwociated Prrss Staff Writer) Sedallft, Mo.. Oct. 17. — (A.P.) Leaving Missouri to ponder over his I F>klf> to P'lV Just before the exple- triple assault on Coolldge economy. r>!nn rocked the building Governor Smith carries his party's standard Into Illinois today to await the signal for the seventh ami last Rjxxjch of his second eampaijrrt tour. Chicago was the destination of the democratic presidential nominee, who planned to board his special train here In the forenoon. The schedule calls for his arrival at 9:45 o'clock tonight In the Lake Michigan metropolis and for stops iiocicy cn rou te, for rear platform appearances, at Springfield, BIoornlnRlon, tlon approves special July 4 prayer after spirited debate, Foreign. Mexico City — Five rebel leaders executed in Ban Luis Potosl. Warsaw—Many arrested as general strike ties up Lodz. Amsterdam—Burgomaster Six art collection sold for 1825.000, Sport Sacramento—San Francisco Seals win Pacific coast pennant, beating Sacramento 9-5. Chicago—Cubs encounter difficulties in trying to buy Homsby. Chicago—Jerry Worth, Chicago, state amateur 18.2 balk line billiard tta hi* championship match Joliel, and possibly other Illinois cities. The governor will ppend three nights In Chicago, his speech being planned for Friday night. Slashing into republican claims of huge savings In tho cost of government in recent years, the nominee, in his address last night before an audience that packed the huge livestock pavilion at the state fairgrounds and cheered him on, painted what he called "three pictures," with economy claims as his model. M •SMjRKr list, ?;>f- Motlca; th» teachT, 'd to the sehoolhou^fl door to <«ii th* children hack to thtir ei^ff r. v,-hcn the dynamite osplod- W, r-fupmfj harm. Miss Motif* nor ,-.-51001 •• could advance a motive for iiamtting. WAR IN TO ABRUPT KND C~!T-ff. tri-h Fr*** . |rtft«; to P tr. Of,',, 17 — *r in Ir*fon-rt An »rmi.«t!T rT»n th? Tri-h th Vice Presidential Candidate Pleased With Fine Reception Given Him By Francis M Gtephrn'-on. j En Routr With Curtis to MarHm-' W. Vn.. Oct. 17—(A.P.)—AftT B day in the south, Sfnntor Charles j Curtis. «pub»ean For flv* ywirR th* rmv-tff tvr fms bwn Un? mn*.t sorutht sff<"r man in the Ttw sut*. Wh«n V«!r-r» ordered hi* followers to fighting »otn« five years «?n. th* nnp-fjrd stwanrr had only jwt begun, Sine* then hf nwch^d up nnd down the country, with a machine tnin over his shoulder. wnRing war on his own account. Wtwn th« Fr*« State d*eidf»d that and soldiers were went utter him AT scon m building which was to be a gymnasium. Officials could ascribe no motive for the dynamite attack. Federal Expenses. After charging his opposition with predicating its campaign upon "misrepresentation." the nominee took up his first picture and asserted that claims that federal expenses with Al Sleig,.also of Chicago, 250 to 203. Sbtfe. Springfield—The body of Father Timothy Hlckcy, 'one of the oldest clergymen in Illinois "was removed from a cemetery to a crypt in the new cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Champaign—Clarence Sample, 58, World up* veteran who divided- Jpis _*&» between U«MfeUB«ts Home-at Danville and, a, btm* b(R«, klllfcd spending," economy and ' busi- with * Chicago — The democratic central committee said The Decatur lerald, a. republican newspaper, UUt announced support of Floyd E. rtwmpson, democratic candidate "or, governor. Chicago—Representative Thomas O'Grady. a member ot the legisla- ive tax revenue committee, threatened to resign from the committee unless action is taken toward instigating an alleged $1,000,000 tax assessment cut granted Montgomery Ward and Company. Chicago—Testifying In the trial of 7 political workers charged with 'leenoxrcoosptrBcy," 8aui Bena£Ur negro, said Eddie Brownstelo, one of the defendants, offered to get ?aumpy Cornelius a job paying not ess than $175 a month If Cornelius would not identify those who kid- naped him primary day. Chicago — Gordon C. Thome, wealthy clubman was accused of-ex» cessive drinking in a suit for separate maintenance filed by Mrs. Aana C. Thome. ness methods, formed "one of .the grossest fallacies offered by the republican party." "Picture No. 2," an he called it, led the governor throjigh a maze of figures on what moneys he said were actually spent during the last two republican administrations, and ha waa loudly applauded when he said that "all of the departments of the government together in 1937 coat «200,900.«)0 tnow than ttejr 'did in 1824." He challenged Hr.toart Hoover and President Coolidgev who he described as "the chief Apostle of economy," to disprove the statistics he read. For the third picture, the nominee chose as his subject the "neglect or the "postponement or thei failure to apropriate for certain well-known wants of the' government." Two Economies, Near the end of his address, Governor Smith seized upon a report made by Chairman Work; far the republican national conunittee while he was secretary of the interior in which he waa quoted as having said If Ship Had Been All Like Graf Zeppelin It Would Have Crashed of Monmouth. «* tor the He- office of , Farrell. Chicago. Um. . will, fee to succeed Emma Dixoa. Beoelviug a Hannah — President George B. of Montgomery Ward and Company revealed to stockholders a plan of expansion designed to make it the largest merchandising chain in the world. Chicago—The American Public Indian children at the rate of nine cants a day per child and a statement once made by Secretary of War Davis calling attention that housing-facilities for the American soldier amounted to almost a "national disgrace." This, he said, was a fair example ol.*hat-the republican party had done in the way of reducing the cost of government. He tufin directed a question to Mr. Hoover. Does he approve of * national economy that starves out the Indian children and neglects to provide proper housing, sleeping and eating facilities for the country's very first line of defense? Does he see these pictures in their true light? Seott Field. 111., Oct. 17.—<AJ>.) —Its nose crushed and envelope ripped, the RS-l. the United States semi-rigid dirigible, limped to its hangar here last night at 10:40 o'clock after a battle with line squalls on the Mississippi river in the vicinity of Memphis, Tenn. Returning from a 1,000 mile fight to San Antonio, Texas, where It made exhibition flights in connection with the American Legion convention, the RS-l ran full Into a "nest" of line squalls, which It fought for more than three hours. Captain W. E. Kcpner, winner of this year's Gordon Bennett balloon cup race, was in charge'of tho ship witn four commissioned officers and nine enlisted men. Miraculous Escape. "It was the most violent weather I have ever seen from the air." Captain "Kepiier said. "It seems miraculous that our have come through^^ gao bag appeared to be crushed __ solutely .fiat; at other times it was pUffed out We were kicked around by the winds as if the ship had been a football. • "The flrst heavy squall that hit us ripped the envelope near the nose and crushed the nose braces. Lieutenant Fogelsanger was up In the nose at the time. It looked very serious for him. He managed ta drop-down. With a crushed nose our ship became difficult to steer. I thought It was all up several times. Our four Liberty motors kept working all the time and It was empower that finally pulled us out of the squalla after three hours fighting. If the ship had been all rigid like the Graf Zeppelin or the Los Angeles, I don't think we would have come out. Several times our ship was bent like a horse shoe." The RS-l, the largest semi-rigid dirigible in the United States left Brooks Field at San Antonio about II a. m. Monday. The ship measures; 28Q leet in. length. BOMBING AT AL'EORA. Auiora. 111., Oft, 17 — (A.P.)""-'- Bombers of the J. H. Freeman School, under construction, were being Bought today under the spur of rewards totalling $3.000. The bomb, exploding early yestcr- \ today to the cast which his party day. caused an estimated damage of; regards as the vital campaign'bat-,'to toll him the tidings. He nvotd«d wrecking that part of the; tlrground H? rpoak,s this afternoon! their clutches. Several time* tm in Martinsburg and tonight in I dashed from house* which irere Wilmington. Del. j surrounded by police Senator Curtis was enthusiastic nut at last the Free State police over his reception yesterday in heard that the orw-eyed Runner was North Carolina and Virginia. He at his home near Cork. They waited was greeted by cheering crowds' at until night. Then they surrounded both Petersburg, Vn.. nnd Raleigh, his hoint>, and carried the fort by N. C. The huge auditorium at Ka-! surprise lelgh was well filled for his address' last night and he was Interrupted frequently with applause. Curtis lashed out in both stales yesterday against the proposals of Governor Smith for modification of the prohibition and Immigration laws. In the midst of his address Most of Passengers Ftet Make Trip Oa The Oii,Bt Airship Nfw York. Oct. IT.—fAP.»—Tb* Graf Tipppfiin pl«t« to start » return flight to Orrnjany In abovt tei days. First, how*vtrr, after repslr* have bwu msscJs to rwr &&m$vg®& fin, a toor ©f FIVE INSURGENT LEADERS KILLED BY FIEING SQUAD Mexico City, Oct. 17—(A.P.)~Exe- cution of five insurgent leaders was dwscribed today in a dispatch to El Universal from San Luis Potosl. The prisoners were betrayed by one of their comrades, Florcncio who This, however, failed to save the life of Sanchez for- immediately after making the denunciation he was ««cuted. Th. J«tato prohibition enforcement?" Curtis replied heatedly and amid an uproar In the hall that President Cool- Juarez. German hd Ru- fmo Flores, were held a month before they met the fate of their betrayer, Tjbe executions were carried out by .a firing squad at the penitentiary. The correspondent of the paper quoted the colonel in charge of the squad before giving the order to fSre as having said to those about to die: ditlons were "improving." co BORAH IN CKAKLOTTE. N. C. Charlotte. N. C., Oct. 17 — <A.P.) —Senator William E. Borah of Idaho. will make his second and final appeal here tonight to the voters of normally democratic North Carolina to support Herbert Hoover's presidential candidacy in an ad"You are going to be executed for ^.™ V-" '£££££ ££> i treason to your own Interests, for hookiro KfhrvivtflF ne (v*«»f*<**wM«**4,. + ~. *i*_ t ! *«"-»»* H* o^^n^ 50 ^?! ™° win « •,<"» °* ^erences with the republican nominee's sup- fostered your Ignorance lergy." „ .JR..,--.. the Health Association elected Herbert t-~ J i .. h « d ™* Hoover, republican presidential nominee, as its president. Waterloo. la.—Charles B. Penticoff, who cam® here from Preeport, 111-, died from Injuries received to a tractor plant. Scott Field — The ftS-l.^Jtorgest seml-riga airigible "in ;ih«~wapr, aF rived home from Baa Antonio, Tex. ALLJEGISD LOVE AFFAIR BLAMSD FOE GIKL'S DEATH South Bend, Ind^ Oct. 1 —An alleged love afiair between at the state conventioa he«« MNlstrpfoi headquarters were opectfd ham day by the Progressive Leajn for Smith, by Frank P. Walsh of vise cfaairmj *»«i » Plumb, *s of the to toe pjror- t'hlppitjg the sfc»pe. ia the 8ouUi of Charles Rhyer, real estate operator, and Mrs. Oenevieve Stultx, beauty parlor operator, watf the basis of police investigation today iu the murder of Mrs. Stultz. whose body was found near Elkhart Monday. Rhyer and his wife were arrested following the identification of Mrs. Siulis's body, which' was found with the skull crusJied and with two bullet holes in the breast Mns. tthyear said, last night that last March she had hired J. Harvey Smith, a private detective, to get Mrs. Stulti out of the city, in an attempt to teeak up her suspected with Bthyer, "but I didnt Mrs. Rhyer in- *»««•• Bising Temperature And Bain Brings Promise Of Belief In Colorado then I am prepared to say he does not understand the operation of government." Governor Smith charged Mr. Hoover with making a "misleading statement" when he said in his acceptance speech that 'by rigorous economy federal expenses have been reduced by two bilMon doUanTpef annum," "He knows Just as well as 1 do and Just aa well as you do," the democratic nominee asserted, "that the difference between the 1921 expenditures and the 1927 expenditures of government is the difference between the cost of operating government in time of war and in time of peace." Real and substantial economy, the governor declared In concluding his address, which was punctuated by yells of "Fight 'em Al," "Pour it on 'em Al." could be brought by a reorganization of the old broken!'pany'a holding near Rock Springs, Young Englishman Hops Off In Newfoundland In a Gypsy Moth Plane St. John's Newfoundland, Oct. 17 —(A.P.)—Comm&nder H. C. MacDonald took off from Harbor Grace today in his motn type airplane in KB attempt to fly across the Atlantic ocean to England. MacDonaia, who Is 28 years old, came to Newfoundland about three weeks ago and began assembling his plane in preparation for the attempt. Although he said he had had only BO hours flying he was confident that he could make the flight alone in the small plane. Since his arrival here the young English flier has been awaiting favorable weather conditions. He had declared that he would jiot take off until he had a "hunch" that everything was right. MscDonald said that the flight was being financed privately. He waa assisted in preparing for the Sight by A. F. Williams, a mechan- e, who accompanied him from Eng- porters in thte section of the Tarheel state, tho senator will speak to a crcflfd of listeners which it k aa- Uefpated may exceed .say atitea meetings of his campaign trip W date through Virginia and North Carolina. His speech will start at 8:30 p. m.. central standard time At Salisbury. N. C., 40 miles northeast of here, where he motored last night from Charlotte to deliver an address. Senator Borah cited his reasons for his advocacy of Hoover He declared that the republican nominee by experience- and -fitness was qualified to solve the economic problems of the nation if selected to be the chief executive of -the American nation. "I know of no one who Candidate Favors Stop In St. Louis For a.Speech Oa His Trip Home By James L. West (Associated Press Staff Writer) Washington. Oct 17.—(A.P.) — Herbert Hoover la to' conduct & "front porch- campaign during the week intervening between his last eastern trip, that to New York City next Monday, and his departure for bio California home to vote on dec- tioa dayr In that period a numiser of delegations ate can on the arn<!idat£g 93 Is said. better fitted to solve them" he The Candidate Congratulate. Them On Coming Through Great Adventure bi« headqusrtera hei* aod in talks to them be vrtU emphasise what he has advanced as the paramount Issues of the campaign and the manner ta which his party will deal with them if it ia granted a further extension of the administration of. government. Between the visits of these delegations Hoover will find time to prepare the last two formal speeches he will make during the campaign. one to be delivered in the middle west while he ia en route to Palo Alto and the other over the radio from the study of his horns ou the afternoon of November 5. To Broadcast While the itinerary of the transcontinental trip 6tm is to be approved finally, the O. O. P. standard bearer probably will leave Washington on October 29 or 30 and make his speech en route on either November 1 or 2. A nation-wide radio hook-up has been arranged for ten- land. Flight Commander H. C. Mac- Denver/ Colo., Oct. 17—(AJP.) Rising temperatures and rain today brought promise or relief from the" mid-winter buzzard which has swept the Rocky Mountains for three days claiming two lives, marooning seven persons on Pikes Peak and endangering hundreds of deer hunters s&ttered throughout the wild Colorado highlands. The dead are Joe Miller, 65, a sheep herder, frozen to death near Parson, Wyo., and James Lindsey, 32, a Colorado School of Mines graduate, who frose to death near Cortez. Colo., while deer hunting. An unidentified oil djiiier was missing from the Prairie Oil and Gas down structure of the federal government, by the abolishment of useless boards and commissions that overlap and duplicate efforts. This, lie said, was promised • In l&'jil under Harding, in 1924 under Coolldge, and again in 1928 and reiterated in Mr. Hoover's speech of acceptance, but "so far as any living person is concerned there is no sign of his getting auy part of it." "Real economy cannot only brought «tboti£ by be of the government," he declared, "but by careful planning, not for today, but lor the years to come. While I agree that uot a single of public mon«y should b* I still mak£ the cold, raw that thejce is no economy co A pillion ride of {§00 miles haa atcoiapiiisliui by a Johannes girl. Mis.-, Thewii^ea. who tra.'wlkd to Pon Kluateth and back ntii Wyo. Several Mr. and Mrs. Al«x Biinonsoo and J. I. Nichols, employees of the com- P*«y which operates the- House oa Pikea Fe»k, were snowbound In the bouse 14,000 feet above sea level, but their position wg£ not believed dangerous), as they have a large supply and adequate fuel. Half way up the peak at Oka Cove, Mrs, A. Berry, Dolly other aiaploye* of the wsre straunted la the Half Way ifouse. SHOW plows maimed by rnsny voiunte^r worfanoea early to- b««iui worldUig Uitk way up the mm it. aaa toped to res . cue the seven persons fay tonight. Tte tate of maay of the e^Uutat- ed 10,000 de»ir huatetn caught iu the of tite ia*ined in doubt today, although *ssw for the safety of huuten caught an $» westerns tkiope Sututay- was relieved with higher t«Hi«fatu«& the ijaow- ' Donald arrived from England with il« Haviland Gypsy Moth plane on September 36, with the announced ^intention of attempting a trans- Atlftntic flight from Harbor Grace, days" later lie "said" he would off on October 3, if weather conditions permitted. He made a series of test flights shortly after h||i arrival by steamer. The plane which he used in hbs [ht was but a midget compared Lindbergh's "Spirit of St. Louis." *am as aerial sports car'the Gyp- Moth had been secretly prepar- By James L. West (Associated Press Staff Writer* Washington, Oct. 17.— (A.P.> Herbert Hoover today greeted Bert Hassell and Parker Cramer, the two aviators who were forced to land In Greenland during an attempted flight from Rockford, III. to Stockholm, Sweden. Later the fliers were received by President Coolldge at the White House. "I am very glad to have the priv- Hege of-greet iftg-your-Hoover-ttkid." "of meeting men who have come through a great adventure with great courage and with success. We certainly welcome you to the United States. We are all proud of you and all the citizens in our country who come from the same blood. It is quite appropriate for you to be here. coming 28 feet and when emptied weighs leas than SCO pounds. Extra fuel tanks were fitted to the _ stated that this can be chanced to the- night of November 1 if that date will fit in better with Hoover's plans. Just at present the republican candidate is leaning toward 8J. Louis as the place for the delivery of his last talk in the middle west. This not only is the largest city in what is regarded generally as one of the doubtful border states, but it also is oa the edge of the great fanning belt. White Hoover has given little Announcement of M* jpfjissi was made by l)r. Uugo «ete»ir, asm- inandcr of the big air crater, during a breathing spell m the msepttea which the city gaire hijn. his oftVcrrs. crew and passengers on the &S98 mile flight. The damaged Ucrtroatal fin. the m»*h»p whteh tis-*»ten*di 4i«s*«r off Bermuda, will br repaired by tt» end of the «wk, h? said. Then the Zeppelin will start her tear of United States cities. Although the trip from FrtedrSek- shafen to Laiwhurst required almost five days. Captain E. H. LelMBan, first officer, believes the return toy age will be made in two d*ys tes$ time. Favorable wlniJs are coasted on to speed the journey. Passengers To Keiam Dr. Ernst for aviation to the ministry of transportation, wise crossed the Atlantic on the Sepprlta, said mcst of the passcagers Stave reserved eccommodaUoas for the return trip, One exception to the list of es- thmtasUc passengers was Fredsricii GUflHoa, an American living aft Lucerne, Switzerland, who ma sidE. moat of the way across aa a resaJt of being deprived of hie tobacco. He la aa inveterate and that he did net know mmnltlng fortkS«Sen ontil alter he had uied his passage, O*Uy tha Ings of hte fWett&j persBK$ed hfco t o ttooogJr^tttrit, he «fet f Ljuiy Grace Orommpad Hay, tfaa ftracBjtw. t&td & ***** *° ** tf 'she can auittff 3be sary arrangementa. ! Te Visit Cvptial While their ship "is bemc overt haulfd and ttee rtar«gg» repair^ Dr| Eckener and his crew wffl toterrop4 their Toond csl festivities heic to A trip to. Waaiiinstoa where they are to be guests of Genaan fLt breakfast with PresSrtenfc Goo&iga and then will place a wreath on tho tomb of the unknown aokttar In Arlington cemetery. A bmcfteea dinner dance complete their Washington program. Thrilled by the sight of ttas Zsp~ pete cruising over the city at tisa end of her tons journey Wosotoy, affording such an aerial display wiUs the attending plaras aa New Yoric had not seen before, htmdreds of ousonds gave a spontaneous welcome to Dr. Eckeaer and U& oiteers of bis party yesterday. Coming from Latehurst bjr spec-*. ill train the viators ware feakm aboard tt» municipal tab aft Jersey City and with the tradition-; al marine aod amid a din of thought to the topic of this address. the natural assumption ia that he will devote a considerable portion of It to farm relief. His Palo Alto radio talk will embody both a final call to the voters to support the republican ticket, national, -ettogfea- sional and state and a plea for all of those qualified to exercise the right of suffrage to cast their ballots on election day. whistles landed at the *«""Ty for a triumphal procession up Broadway to the city hall. Acting Mayor Me*. Kee extended the city's oilicial welcome. Crowds continued to threes tho big hangar at the rmval air sutiais at Lakehum where the Graf Zep- pslln is berthed, as mechanics POLITICAL TALKS ON RADIO TOHJHT craftsmen of the United States navy overhauled U» ship's motors, exam* ined the envelope for possible tcajnt and ripped the torn fabric tram. Uat damaged part. TWO WITNESSES EEFITSE TO TELX THEIE 8ECEJ5T3 t£r two Bond and S2sai« Oct. 11.— <AJP.V— M« from the Bteetna h*d re- Mayor Alien of Rockford and Elmer Etas, who found Hassell and Cramer j after they were forced down In j Greenland and took them to safety.' i New York, Oct. 17— (AP.) tical speakers on the radio tonight include: today to answer sjittsttoa pat } to them ia the Federal Trade Com- P 0 ^- i Uiissioji's power iave&tXg&lioft. Com* . ar McCulloch served notiea. ! that the commission would take z*- D law to Wortn of the T. V.! United! decision that he would not at_ the flight if the weather was not *»*oi*bie by mid-October. Re- neoeived here from Harbor today indicated that it was ««_» too favorable when the young awplet-determined to wait 110 longer. ^ eonscqufiutly came as His iittie plane left the at the Harbor Grace *tr- 11:51 eastern standard Urae. csuTted iOO gaUoos of WtAsh Coaunauder ma oaifiiteit would Us «aayg}j ta carry Mm to his ed that as m navigator, gain- tola a»vai mr««r, wtsild tt pcaaJble for him to pick w»jr ever tte 'AtbuaUe to his dte*-. tia»tto« without difficulty. families and a Rockford welconi-; states Shipping Board at 7 30 p m iiig committee: beaded by Mayor.- over WOR »nd Col&aabia network. Burt M. Allen when presented to. Democratic: n the party tomorrow will take them on to Rockford far the "welcome home." Hasseil and Cramer were met by the delegation of ftunilies »cd friends in New York on Uieir return. Miss Jaut« Addiuui. of Chicago, called at the heiidauarters of republican pre£ideutial candidate. And was a luncheon guest at Share Company to Ralph B. Feagin, | a vice president, and A. JR. Smithj ] coiuptrciltr, thai iliey *e«? not re* | quired to answer questions or pro* UM Cm-* Of g&lii Tba tate-off was *t l:2i . ^ Cur ii:i>l eteteuf UK period 0! v^st tittiti J ittttjt the iwujiE.j'jf the Hoover Before calling ua Mr. Hoover. ¥Mt*d headquarters of tit; committee, a statement m her behalf WKS out in <?nf(fif»i*fia£jM The Hoover uu,«e Uuui tiny one America was "qualified to repraeut tlnj iiiteat'stA ol ^in» vfiwiie pcopte'' ui ol over « York state network at 5 p. m. DR®WH£D HI SHIP CJ at thsJ by ta miiutiiis* pubkc TO STOP OF SALT OIL

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