Weekly Oklahoma State Capital from Guthrie, Oklahoma on February 2, 1895 · 6
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Weekly Oklahoma State Capital from Guthrie, Oklahoma · 6

Guthrie, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1895
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AGAIN ON DECK After a Pleaiant Outing the Leg lators Return SOONERS IN OKLAHOMA Senator Martin U Introduced an Amendment Bearing t'pon the Nnbjflct In Tbl Country Washington, Jan 21 Special Senator Martin introduced as an KNKKliY AND HARD WORK amendment to the general Indian bill 1 a provision to regulate sooner mat- To Characterize This Wwk'i He c and m Disposition Shown to Kipf- Ultr ltu liie n mm Rapidly a- Can He Comlilcntly Done by Iloth BOUMM I Monday's Set sl in Guthrie, Okla Jan 29 Special The raging b iz ar s of the north, accounts of which are given by the rolutnn in the metropolitan dailies, toave not even prevented the trains froiu making schedule time iu fair Oklahoma and today's ears were wvll tilled with our legislators, returning from their various homes and the Kl Uenu convention, refreshed and rested with this short divertisment from routine work, and ready to buckle on the legislative harness again Council -Afternoon Se lou The council opened today, at 2 o'clock with eleven members present The Rev McPheeters deliverel the grayer, and after reading of the min- ntes the council settled down to business with the following results tern in Oklahoma His amendment contains provisions similar to those of the bill introduced some days ago by Colonel Moore It provided that when a claimant who is a sooner establishes the fact that he did not know he was violating the law when he en-1 OKLAHOMA GLANCES Talking , Doing and Thinking of the Territory at Large Norman make a loud roar against Representative Waith' bill prohibiting liquor selling within five milea of the university The newspaper men are receiving merited recognition in the way of clerkships Brown, of the Times-Journal Harding, of the Newkirk Guide Perry, of the Perry Enterprise Beck, of the Pond Creek News Hinkle, of the Perkins Journal II t Oilstrap of the Chandler News, and C E Hunter, of the Enid Eagle, all have good positions Purcell Register There's a vast deal of sympathy expressed by our Enid was presented declaring that they were satisfied with the present location of county seats A petition was presented by Senator Jtay relating to stock from the territory adjoining Washita, Roger Mills, Woodward, and Beaver counties, and I the coming week In the event this asking that the present stock law be fan8 the proposed amendment offered amended so us to make it a felony to j js USed at the last hours of the ateal any live stock to the amount of session with the expectation of put- 5 Also to create the office of inspec- ting it through tor of hides and animals and defining' the duties of the same LAND DECISION, The petition also asked that a law be passed making it obligatory on erry Ll, butchers to give a bond to the county that they will, whenever demanded tereitinjc Cane by any citizen or by the said inspector, Stewart Decker is in the city and in- produce the hides of animals by them - f , t h , ag ,ost his 00nte8t slaughtered C B 47, relating to issuing bonds to j before the local land office at 1 erry pay outstanding warrants, was, under for a valuable claim only about two suspension of the rules, considered i rilnes from Blackwell Mr Decker's - Kw mw r h by, L tr'V , contestant went upon the land and lb is bill was the cause of a long de- r tered the country before the hour of opening to settlement he shall have I ' Ue'ra oier the oppressed of ev removed from him the charges of be- j ery country on earth except their ing a sooner and his rights in a own Ireland, Hawaii, the Jews in claim shall be adjusted without refer- j Kussia, every class of people who have u , voting representatives in the United ence to the penalty orrae y i p e states are given great chunks of con- Then when the claimant admits or is j gressional sympathy, but the people shown to have known that he was J of the Indian territory, having no violating the law and it appear that votes, appeal in vain for redress for he was knowingly seeking an advan- their wrongs tage the secretary of the interior is Watonga Republican Our repre- directed to appraise the value of the j sentative in the legislature, Hon M P McCoy, is taking hold of the work like an old wheel horse ' He is a member of six committees Is chairman of the committee on banks and banking, and also a membir of the following committees Ways and means, penitentiary and reformatory institutions, railroads and private corporations, engrossed bills, and manufactories and home industries W S Field went to Washington on Sunday to look after the interests of the Kickapoo Indians before the department He has been employed as the attorney of the disaffected faction of the tribe and will attempt to have the treaty set aside That part of the tribe, which comprises almost half of it and among them some of the most prominent members of the tribe, declare that the treaty was secured by misrepresentations anil bul'do ing, and refused to take their allotments or receive their per capita The allotments were et apart for them and the money still remains to their credit When an Oklahoma white man goes to Washington he dons his best duds improvements made by the ' sooner1 and this amount is to be charged up to the successful claimant who, before securing patent to the claim, must pay this award to the sooners The bill meets the approval of those working for legislation favorable to the sooner element, of which there , are quite a number here, and they A resolution from the citizens of have been very active in getting some thing done Their general bill, they insist, will get out of the committee on Indian affairs, to whom it was referred by the public lands committee They expect this committee to let go of it so that it can be reported within Chandler News At the board of trade meeting Saturday evening D N Krazier submitted a telephone proposition from F T lierkey, of Black- well Mr berkey has had experience in the telephone business, now having in successful operation a line between Blackwell and the railroad He offers to establish a telephone line between Chandler and iuthrie, the citizens of the two towns to put up 8400 To each subscriber Mr Berkey will issue stock certificates and when the line is in op ation the certificates will be good for service to the amount of the subscription The fee for use of the telephone will be reasonable so those subscribing will not in the end, be out money The board decided TECUMSEH TAKINGS Tecumseh, Ok , Jan 7 Special Correspondence Seeing a man sitting in a covered wagon whose team and general outfit bore the marks of practical good care and competence, I concluded to interview him, and after asking if be was a resident he said No, and continued the talk by asking What kind, of doin's be you hevin' here today I answered, Oh, nothing liHt our ordinary Saturday trade ' You don't ssy so, now, do vou said he It lookslikea Fourth oe uut ujolicv mo j v ,, to take steps to raise Chandler's share of July Christmas aud New Y ear all of the necessary amount and is solicit- in one Then adding Stranger, of the necessary ing subscriptions through Messrs Hoyt and Brunt Enough more can probably be secured at iuthrie to insure the line The usefulness aud the need of such a means of communication are I've traveled all over this territory, in eluding the strip, aud I hain't seed no sich crowds afore, and there s hay and corn, wagon loads of it Looks like you had plenty down here guess obvious and it is to be hoped the enter- this must be a good country 1 ve prise will succeed beam tell Tecumseh was killed cause i the railroad run north of the river Editor Hensley, of the El Reno j o08h I think its pretty lively to be a Democrat, is hot under the collar te-1 dead one, don't you 1 told him it cause republicans are promoted under j was just an everyday business crowd the civil service, and tlint many dep- j antj that we were used to it that we uty marshals are still on the force un- j jia j a g00d market and people came a der Mr Nix, the United States mar- j iong way to it on account of the high slial, who are republicans j prices for produce and low prices for Judge Scott has taken pltv on Mrs i merchandise Wall, stranger, it Cartwright, of Oklahoma City, and re- j looks that away, and 1 guess 1 11 stop mitted her tine and released her from jail She was convicted in the last term of court of making a vicious assault with a dangerous weapon upon another woman and sentenced to 150 tine and costs amounting to over 200 She has served out about 50 of that amount First published iu Mate Capital Jan 19 lMft J Notice Notice if hereby given to all persons interested in thceatate of James Green, deceased, that ou ttar 9th day of January, 1H , Henry Linn produced and filed iu the probate court o4 the county of Logan, and Tt ry of Oklahoma un instrument in riling purporting to be the lanl will anil testament of said Jaoi't- tireen, deceased, and also tiled in said court hi petition praying for the probate of ald will, aud that letter testamentary issue thereon to said petitioner, lienry I inn, the executor named in said will Pursuant to un order of said court mude ou the 9th day of Januarx, 1HJ5, i otice Is hereby given that Monday, the 4th day of February, 1 96, at the hour of o'clock a ui of said dny, that being a day of the regular January terui, 1H95, of said court, has been appointed as the time for hearing said petition a d proving said will, at the probate court room in Guthrie in said county of Logan, when and where all persons interested may appear aud contest the same In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and the seal of said juBAi probate court this 9th day of January, A D 1W 5 S 8 LAWRENCE, t3 I'robate Judge a few days and look around This is a sample of the opinion of strangers that we hear most eyery day and is very gratifying to the citizens here who know it is merited Attorney Speed and the government surveyor have gone to Washington to lay their tinal report before Secretary 1 Smith, showing that we have secured There are about 1,300 Indians in the right-of-way on the old survey, Osage tribe, and the government holds wjjich will settle the route the com- in trust for them the sum of 88,500,000, j pauy will have to take or over 6,500 per head Nevertheless j they are supported at the public expense, like so many destitute persons while there is a constant howl about pensions paid to keep union soldiers' out of the poor bouse Furnishes the following quotations ,, , , s-4 I for the Guthrie Market At close of Sam small, lately of Oklahoma City I , but now of Norfolk, Va and editor of j business January the Pilot of that place, has been sued for 50,000 damages by the stale super- inteudent of public instruction, against i whom Sam made charges of rnalfea- j sance in office Some people in this First Pub in State Capital Jan 5, 189f Sheriff Hale Notice is hereby given That by virtue of an execution issued by the d1 strict court of Ia - gan county, Territory of Oklahoma, in favor of Christopher C Mills and against louis Peutia and to me directed as sheriff of said county, 1 will, at ' 'o'clock, p m , on the 4th day of February, 189o, at the front door of the court hou se in iuthrie precinct, in the county of L gan, Territory of Oklahoma, offer for sale at public auction the following real estate and appurtenances thereto belonging, to-wit Lots eight H and uin - iUi in block fifty 50 , also lots twenty-three snd twenty-four in block ninety 90i, ab in the cit v of Guthrie in what was formerly known asUuthrie Proper in Logan county, Oklahoma Territory Terms of sab cash Sold to the highest bidder Taken on said execution as the property of Louis Pcuna Dated 1st day of January, 1S9 W W Paintkh, SheriP fly H W Paikteh Deputy COYLE SMITH and otherwise improves his personal city think that getting a judgment appearance When an Oklahoma or against Mr Small would be one thing Indian territory Indian startsto Wash- and collecting it from him quite an- ington to plead for mercy and protec- other tion for his simple-minded and untu- Th , edit r o the pom, Creek Newa tored people, he removes all his high ukes thjs si le ipc at uu , clinqUent bate, participated' in by Senator Holes, I a small hole, about a foot square, j pneed wearing apparel, and puts neill sub8el ibers -We notice t hat an ex- of Noble, Fegan, of Logan, and Scott, and put up a short stake with his I J re mi a eUit I change gives a good deal of space to of Oklahoma Bame on it and then went to Kansa The bill passed on a roll call vote am remained away for over sixty days 5U 85 50 62 S 00 ii 15 00 3 00 3 30 On request of Senator l'routy, C H j but the Perry land office held that to 8D, under suspension of the rules,was j bl sufficient notice of settlement aud considered engrossed This is the aet decided against Mr Decker The case incorporating the town of Hennessey, i w u i , appealed previously mentioned in this paper It1 passed unanimously The Senator from Oartield presented a report from the committee nn judiciary relating to H 1 S'o and recommended that with certain amendments it do pass H 11 ' '3, 24 and '- G were also in the catagory when the council went into committee of the whole to consider iie above bills Mr Orner spoke to bill No fl and explained the object of it This bill relates to the marine law, and is for 4he repeal of article 5, or certaiu lines thereof The above bill was the cause of prolonged debate, the statute being read by request of the senator from Oklahoma The senator from Ciarfield read the statutes and the bill No ft was amended as read Council bill 33, relating to grand ju- aries, was called up The senator from Oklahoma talked to the bill and explained its provisions In the debate that ensued Senators Kegan Orner and Seoit took part Senator Scott asked that the bill be laid over It was so agreed The consideration of C 15 24 was taken up This bill refers to defining contempt of court There was a heavy debate on this bill in committee of the whole, and when it was recommended for passage the original text was almost torn to pieces Its originator will hardly recognize his creation when it beeames a law liousr Afternoon Sen lou The second ase was that of oar townsman, Otis Rhodes, who was contested on the ground of abandonment for a fine claim near Perry Mr Rhodes made settlement, built a house and had some braking done, but on account of sickness in his family he was obliged to come back to this city for a short time Ue obtained a leave of absence but his contestant alleged bad faith and abandonment and the local office so held Mr Rhodes will also appeal his ease The Color,Ml M m Mei'tlllR Pursuant to the call, there was a goodly number of the best colored people present at the mass meeting last night in the court room, who were anxious to remember their friends, Mr Hill, of Kansas, Judge lluckwater, of Ohio, and Judge Cross, of Memphis, Tenn , who have shown themselves friends indeed to the poor negro and humanity Of course there were very few of our white friends of Guthrie out to participate in such a meeting, as there is no election at hand but had there been an election pending, then they, republicans, democrats and populists would have thronged the district court room to overflowing 0, generation of vipers, who shall warn you to flee from the wrath to come What meat of repentance shall you bring forth for your apology in the negligence of your duty If the present republican legislature to remain until his return from a visit i un a rco nt of a Kir, who kneads brea l o the great father before whom he with her on e llont sct, appears in the simple costume of the , mU h that The e Htor q lh s pa aborigine This is for effect, too, and , net ,s br l , wHh a is cluthin , we are bound to admit that the Indian , , some of Ur Mlbscribers do has outdone his white rival iu the acting GUTHRIE MARKETS Wheat hard Wheat soft Oats Corn Hay Hogs Sheep Cows 2 00 2 25 Steers 8 00 2 50 Chickens, old I 75 2 00 Spring Chickens 1 50 1 75 Turkeys 4 5 Ducks 1 75 2 00 Geese 5 Eggs 12 13 Butter 10015 Seed Cotton 1 00 1 25 Hale Cotton 3 50 4 00 Notice Public notice i hereby tflven that the uud r- fcigned ha been appointed by th probate court j of the county of Lo an aud territory of Okla liouia an administrator of the estate of Kltjah i P Johnson, deceased and all persons having claims ii ra nst him are hereby requested to exhibit them with necessary vouchers to me the under iirued, at the office of Asp, KliarUill A Cottltiffhsni my place of business, in the city of iuthrie, territory of Oklahoma, or at my residence, II miles nortbwest of Perry Ok lahoma territory, on or before the i 8th day of June, A U I or said claims will be forever burred Dated this tli day of Dec fcWM T B kKDEIt, Administrator of th ' estate of Elijah P Johnson, deceased Mollce In the district court for Logan county, okla- homa territory Saran Oberndorf, plaintiff, i r NOTICE 3 I David Oberndorf defendant I T e above named def ndant is hereby notified that he has been sued by the above named plain ti IT for divorce and alimony and that he must answer the petition filed b the plaiutil on or befor the 21st day of February A D 1805, or the pet i ion will betaken as true aud judgment for divorce and alimony will be ien- d-red accordingly Witness my hand and the seal of said court, affixed at my office iu Guthrie in said coun' y this 8th day f January, IW'i i-KAL Lotrts K PlTTH, Clerk Pawnee Times-Democrat A bill has been introduced in the Oklahoma house giving every taxpayer an exemption of SI00 worth of personal property The committee on ways aud means, to whom the bill was referred reported adversely on the bill Representative O W Sutton, chairman of the committee, stated that from the bottom of his heart he favored the exemption of Sioii worth of personal property from taxation, but that in the new and border counties it would seriously cripple school facilities, and further that such au act, owing to the 4 per cent limit, would drive capital out of the country, and that if passed taxation would run from S to 10 per cent Purcell Register If a United S'ates citizen in any of the foreign lands appeals to the government for protection anil his appeal is not immediately attended to there goes up a howl from every quarter, leather-lunged statesmen tumbling over each other in their anxiety to speak a little piece about the star spangled banner and how proudly it must wave in all lands, threatening with every known disaster the man who attempts to haul down the proud emblem of freedom But citizens of the United States resident in that foreign principality known as the Indian Territory, when appealing for the same protection their country extends to others, are met with stern rebuke by the know- it-all easterners, who have studied the Indian question at long range and who tell these people that they are miserable, low-down, lying vagabonds, who are seeking the opportunity to rob the poor red man of his last acres of land Judge Burford has appointed John Hewitt United States commissioner at t Sill Chained to Business not pay what they owe pretty soon j we'll need bread without any clothing on at all Oklahoma Sunday Record The issue between the Scott and the anti Scott factions has reached a point now that means business The inspector appointed by the department is here and has been engaged for some days in the discharge of his rather trying duty From early morn to dewey eve a constant stream of inter ested citizens flows in aud out of room j No 4S wherein ieneral N'ewton, the j inspector, sits and patiently listens to the concatenated tales of woe of both sides Newton is affable and courteous to all, but you can never gather from his patient look and immobile countenancj just what opinion, if any, he has formed of the relative merits of the two sides of the controversy Very much interest in the investigation is manifested on all sides Judge Scott's friends are rallying to his defense en masse, and under the determined leadership of Judge Stewart, the opposition is equally in evidence The inspector will visit other , , , parts of the district the district this fore t aud Stream P Bo 3 ,New week and will be occupied with the investigation several weeks f irst pub in State Capital Jan 26, 1mm SheriU M Sah Notic is hereby given That by virtue of an execution issued by the district court of Logan county, Territory of Oklahoma, in favor of J M Montgomery and against W Walker and Samuel No Is and t me directed as sheriff of said county, I will at 2 o'clock, p ui , on the 25'h day of February, ISM,ai the court house door in Guthrie precinct, in the county of Loyaii, Territory of ok ahoina offer for sale at public auction the following real estate and the appurtenances thereunto belonging, to-wit Lnts No seven 7 , eight Hi, nine 9 , ten 10 and twelve 12 , in block ninety-seven 97J in thecity of Guthrie known as Guyhrie Proper, Logan county, Oklahoma Territory Terms of sale, cash to In sold to the highest bidder taken on said execution as the property of Samuel Noll- Dated 21st day of January, 1806 w w Paixtkb,sheriff By U W Painter, Deputy First Pub in Wky State Capital Jan 19, lKiK j Notire And cant o flsUae or sbootlne Thrn it tie next liest thing real about it in tht Fore t and Stream, the sportsman', weekly Send 10 cents lor a sample copy and circular of oui handsome pictures given as premiums Catalogue of boots on ou-door sports sent free Address, First Puli in Wky State Capital Jan 2 1 lrtll l Notlc THE POULTRY ASSOCIATION I The Quapaw Indians have petitioned weighing fourteen pounds First A ii huh i Exhibition no Blast This exhibition is one that will delight the hearts of all lovers of fin- birds and the display, notwithstanding the inclement weather, is good There are at present twenty-one exhibitors and more to come The fifty cages now here hold twenty-live varieties from the mammoth l angshan, the i , , I fails to do any more for equal rights 1 he house met in regular sesrnon o the ne ro thaI1 Arkansas, Mississip- this afternoon with nearly every mem- pi Louisiana, and Texas, how much se ' , Al , better friends are you to the noor ne- Chaplain Mcl'heeters forgot to thank rowho u ft those states and came to he Lord for the snowy downfall but oklahoma, seeking not bread and but-1 made a good prayer, nevertheless u r but libert aml 0 , riffhts - I 1 After the minutes were read and ap- A i ,iui , r, ti, , ,viii v proved, the hou 'I cars and churches, and is no better , thorn Joo acres of land each li ve business printed on their visages than the legislature that votes for sop- General Manager 1 l Kradfonl of aad th's week will n ake a big hole in arate cars In the north white men the Choctaw railroad, c j ressed hitn- elo uent j wm rj e on l ars aiong with the self as satisfied that the r ad would be um- Plymouth Rocks, loulouse geese, Ml and Golden Wyandott i aloug got immediately se Vate schooi's wili vote for separate the secretary of the interior to allot diminutive Black Breasted Hed Cairn down to calendar work The members 1 Territory of Oklahoma, I ,n Prol,at court County of Lonran Notice iH hereby fjiv u that two petitions have been lately filed in the probate court of Full he county o' Lojran and Territory of Ohlaho- I ma praying for letters of administration to be issued to Oeorjre Kendall or to A C Scbnell upon the estate of John Callahan, i ian John Kallahau deceased, late of said county of L gan xnd Territory of Oklahoma And j ui rs ant to an order of said probat coui t Monday, the 11th day of February , A D Itty r , at the hour of SJ o'clock a m of said lav that being a day f the regular January term A D 1 95, of said probate court, has been ap- i pointed as the time for hearing said applica- j Hons, when and where any person interested I may con e-,t said petitions by Hliug written opposition thereto Witness S S Lawrence judge oil the probate court f the county i I f Kal 1 Loj an jit 1 the seal of the court af-j fixed the Hth dav of January A I In Probate Court Territoi of Oklahoma I County of Logan Notice is hereby given thai on the 11th day of January A I 1HV , J C Nye file l iu the probate court of the county of Ix gan and Territory of Oklahoma, a jietition praying for letters of adininistrat ion to be issued to him upon the estate of Lor tto Kusler deceits, d late of the county if I o an and Territory of Oklahoma And pursuant to an order of said probate court Monday the 4th day of February A 1 IHy i - the hour of 9 o'clock a m oi said day that being a day o' the regular January term, A 1 1895, of said probate court, has l een Hp- pointed as the tinv' for hearing said application, when and where any person Interested may contest said petition by tiling writt n opposition thereto on the ground of incompetency of the applicant, or may assert h s own rights to the administration and pray that letters be issued to him Witness s S Lawrence, judge of the probate court of the county of Logan, jnh vi and the seal of the court affixed the 11 tli dav of January, A i ih95 S S LAW K ENCE, t8 Probtte Judge In the district c ma Territory A Wettermark, n b SIigh w li Notice Lof Loga 1 MT d Thomp the calendar and many holes in the atmosphere H Ii 113, by Mr Lowry, sections 1707 1 to county commissioner provides 1 not ride in the same car Who , the Tecumseh route, but that, had that commissioners, beginning No- worse enemy of the poor negro i been shown to be so impracticable as C H Ethkhidok to be impossible, so he had switched to the Shawnee route lie says the Hamtams not much larger than a j robin Bronze turkeys, all the Brahma j and Cochin families, lames, Leghorns the Kate J Thonip- National Wall riy, s A Max- neh a corpora- i negro but will not work with him in i built via Shawnee, and that T Mr Lowry, amending thc south the white man will work i sell had no show of getting it Mr 1 and I till, relating ujollp with the negro on the railroad, , Bradford expressed him-elf as in favor In the i Ihe'ti Notice ct Court of Logan County klaho- ire tuber, jsuc, shall be elected fori terms of four years and give a bond of r ub- 4FB OOO This paper one year lor a j good average load of foot' and a half wood SCHOOL PATRONS All Who Are Inleri'Kled In School llHllpr Should Attend The following letter is self-explanatory im l should secure the attend- ' anee and co-operation of all who are j interested in educational matters UuTBKiK, Ok , Inn 19 Dear Sir i There will be a meeting of persons in- j terested in matters relating to the , school laws of this territory, Held at the Central school building, Guthrie, O T Saturday February a, 1895 The object will be to take concerted action looking to changes 111 our school laws That we may have the aid and conu sel of all Interested, you are requfsied to be present personally or see that tome one from your place does coine Fraternally, Sara l Boswobth, Co Supt Logan Co Geo J Mahtis, V IJ, Millku, T H CUPPAOK, Com Guthrie Board of Education COUNTY COMMISSIONERS They Are to H ve i Tcrrltorlnl Meeting In I the Near Kntnre, A movement has been on foot for some time to have the county commissioners of the various counties meet and perfect an organization to secure desired results in the management of county affairs Such a meeting has been arranged for, as will be seen by the following Gi thkik, Jan 23 To the honorable boards of county commissioners of the Territory of Oklahoma We hereby make the following call, towit To all county commissioners of the territory of Oklahoma Vou are cordial y invited and expected to be in the city of Guthrie 011 the Uli day of February A I , in'JS to meet the boards of county commissioners of the territory and also meet the legislators for the purpose of talking over the situation us exists in the scvural counties under nor our present statutes Done by order I frame is pi a road will certainly be built on that route or nowhere I Chandler Democrat lie v llolt aged 160, anil Miss Fannie Hawkins, aged I 11 , were married last 'I hursday evening Itev l'erkins otliciated Uev I Steve Hrou 11 assisted ill ttie ceremony lden Wyandotte and Creepers are scattered around the large room One feature of the show is a trio of pea fowls Exhibitors are here from Edmond, Oklahoma City Kildare, Chandler, Arkansas City, Winfield and other points j Thompson, and The National Wall Paper Coin- Mr H B Savage, of Helton Texas, pany S A Maxwell A Co Branch a Corponi i who is judge of this show, i- a mem- , a, h of you are hereby notitie l that j ber of the I'nited States association of poultry judges and thoroughly quail Paper Comp well A Co Br tion, Defemlanth T N 11 Slitrh, W 11 Simon , Kate J Thompson aiui t in V Na N B Sli rh, V 1 Thomppou, I I Kate J Thouipdon, ami The Noti National Wall Paper Coui- i li I pany S A Maxwell A Co I i Branch a Corporation I Defendants To N B Sliffh, V I Thomp- tied for the work He will be kept i busy until tomorrow night, as eompe- j tition is very sharp ami he has to make critical examination u r a I points Mr Savage says that so far the stock I is above the average, some of the birds scoring 053 out of possible 100 points Enid Wave The great philanthro- I J J Wallace, president, 1 S Soule, pi ts of the musty east have gotten up 1 vice president, aud J C Snyder, secre- anotber scheme to domesticate the tary, have worked untiringly for the animal in human form called the success of this, the first exhibition in interior department has the territory aud while they have n order to the Indian had much to contend with in the way He informs the Democrat that the groom became almost distracted the I night of the nuptials because of the i spiriting away f his child bride for i three or four hours He believed the bird had llowti until the tormentors ' returned his Yellow Rose of Texas ' tion defendants Ytiu and each of y vou have been sued in the district court ot I o- jrau county Oklahoma Teriitory and that the petition in said cause was lile l in said court on the day of December, 1 Hl 4 and that yon must answer said petition ti or before the l-i day of February, 1W or the same will taken as true and judgment will be rendered thereon a prayed for in said petition That judgment will be rendered in said of the above named plaintiff ' airainst the defendant Kate J Thompson, for the D Thompson and turn of three tliou- I sard,one hundred and forty-live dollars and interest thereon at twelve per cent from I December 5J2, 1 sy 1, and for the costs of this action and foreclosing a mortfja e which plain- titl holds upon lots number fourteen illi and fifteen I ft in block number sixty-one 01 In iuthrie proper Loffan county, Oklahoma territory and de -reelntf that the rights of N B Sli li V I Thompson, Kate S Thompson and i Paper company, s A Maxwell A Co branch, s I corpora ion, defet d nts Vou nd each of you are hereby i otitied that j you have been sued in the district court of Lo- Kan coiii ty, Oklahoma territory, aud that the peti ion in said cause was tileii in said court I on the ii i day of Decwuiber, 1H' 1 That the I parties to said suit are the plaint Iff A Wetter- mark, and yourselves, X B sii rh W 11 Simon- ton, V I Thompson, Kate 1 Thompson and the National Wall Paper company, s A Maxwell fc Ct brincij, a corporation, defendants That you must answer said petition oil or before the 'Jfttli day of February l 9 r , or the same will be taken as true and Judgment will Ik- rendered in said cause as prayed for In Maid petition Judgment will be rendered in fav rot the plaintiff A Weitermark, aud against th'e defendant, W II Simonton, for three thousand three hundred sixty dollars and interest thereon at the rate of seven per cent per annum troin January 9, IKDft, and for the cobIs of this action, and foreclosing a certain mortnafje deed given b said W H Simonton upon lots Indian Th a' mts a'nd'sehoo'i superintendents in- of bad w eather and other ineonven-1 the NaUonul Wall l-aper u iy stractintr thein to put the Indians out iences, they are to be congratulated io sei vice in the families of the whites I on the successful showing made The All this is nonsense an Indian cannot exhibition will last till Friday nifjlit be depended upon when it comes to la-1 and all arc urged to visit it bor An Indian is never to be trusted au he be tamed until his tilthy Geuerai Hewitt 1 beneath the sod to j James II Hewitt, of this of the county commissioners of Logan wait the judgment ot tin gtt at i i 01T missi0nocl last night as ator lust think of a squaw being mixed up with the family affairs of the General of the Caucasian race The poor buffalo that i tiovernor Renfrow was hunted from the face of the earth I was of some use, but the Indian never , Sherift 1 rank Oebke, of I has been, and the sooner the race be-1 county, is over to this citj on ' comes extinct the better ess trip tirii eli, and Kingfisher counties S P Atukutox, Chairman n 11 Sturgis, W li STAl'l kton, County Commissioners Logan Co Territorial papers please copy city, was Inspector Territorial Militia by Lincoln a busi A Max- irporation, are subse inent, inferh r, junior ami subordinate to the rights of this plaiutitT, aud adjudgiu and decreeing that each and all of thc defendants are forever birred from any and all right, tit - and li terebt in r to said real property,and or derini that said real property may be sold as provided bylaw to satisfy aid judgment rendered in favor of this plaiutitT aud against the defendants V 1 Thompson and Kate J '1 hoinpson, for said sum of three thousand one hundred and foriy-tive dollars and interest thereon at twelve per cent from December J 1S9-1, and for thc costs of this action The Gi tuhie National Hank Plaint i ti Loris K Pitts Clerk District Court, Lo an County, Oklahoma Territory Gakdnb 4 Ribliy Attorneys and six 6 , In block slxt- rtrt ,ln the town of Kast iuthrie,Logan county Ok lahoma Territory,and ordering tluvtsabl reai property be sold to satisfy said judgment, aud barring and foreclosing each ami all of the defendants above named from any right, title and Interest In or to said real property Judgment will also be rendered for the sum of 5t' ti and interest thereon at seven percent from January i' avainst the defendant, V D T ompson, and in favor of said plaint ill,and foreclosing a certain mortgage given by V I houip oil and Kate J Thorn son upon lotK nine t ii and ten t lift, in block forty-six i Hi , and lots seven 7 , eight Hi nine d , ten it , eleven till, and twelve 18 , iu hoick s veiny 70 , in Capi a I llill, being a subdivision of i uthrie Loga county, Oklahoma Territory, and ordering that said real property be sold to satisfy said judgment, and barring and foreclosing each and all of the defendants from am right, title and interest in and to said property Judgment, will ilso be rendered decreeing that whatever rights the defendants may have iu the above named real property that the same are subsequent, junior, Inferior, and subordinate to the rights of this plaint iff A Wkttkhmark PlaiutitT Louis E Pitts Clerk District Court, Logan C-ounty, Oklahoma Territory CiAKDNBH 4 RlflLKT, Attorneys

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