Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 16, 1928 · Page 16
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 16

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 16, 1928
Page 16
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5TF.Rl.IXf u t i t t> -*•??* t ^ „« ,, -^ ,3, y-a, «^ B™ a * fr | t \L i *g |* it f !F $ 11*1 til dAr,t Which jn Bo?'.5 Death O. M. Frr* ffmchset Mon-l*" *> ffprrKwn erar th* of ]fttl« Bnbhy Ward ?wn j nt Attorney *n<J Mr*. F, H. W*rd. j.;«tip fftfrm* ram" t-o his rfw-th from rtwck, inhalation o* fin*, *nd hums jjc^^wTitmltj? rwfivfd fihmday ftftpr- noon. Th* inquest *?*« rrt-Jd at *b* Tmith fuwrai home. Dr. U 8. RiwJpy wns t.h* fir*t %-Ujwa. HP leM-lfi^d M to the extent of th* hvirni and th* srfs, burn- ?-rt. George Amrtmrv, who wits play- Ing *SSh Bobby at the time of the truTftic accident, told » fitralght-for- wmrd irtory o£ th« entire affair. Bohfey. "Offirsre and Fred Forstrr had b«*n playing with a footls&ll most of the afternoon «t the Ams- hary home arid had gone to the Ward horn* to se* Bobby's knife. Bobby swnrwled that they bum R pile o! te»vts which he hscl raked together sst the rear of the home purlitr in the day, George warned him against it, but Bobby entered the basement of his home and went up Into the kitchen and secured th* matches. He then went Into the garage and got a gallon can which was hanging on a nail ncur the top of the garage. He had to use a rake to pull it down. Bobby suggested that they see -what kerosene would do. George again wann- ed Bobby against going near the fire and said he started to go home as he was getting scared, "and so was Freddie." George was a short ways away from the bonfire, going toward home when he saw Bobby kneel down and pour out some kerosene. There was an explosion and Bobby was all nfire. The young boy ran about the yard, a human torch. and George had the presence of mind to call Miss Martha Popkins, the maid, and at the same time ran into the house and got a rug. He had some little trouble getting to Bobby but finally the little fellow fell down and George threw the rug over him. Bobby jumped up quickly however, and began running around the yard again. Miss Popkins caught hold of him with some difficulty smothered the flames with her hands and tore his clothing from his body. Someone wrapped a coat around him and Bobby was carried into the house. Miss Martha Popkins, the maid, stated that at noon she had asked Bobby If he wanted to go with her for a visit with her parents east of the city and he said he did. Jane had gone riding with neighbors. Later Bobby decided he wanted to stay and play at Amsbary's, so Miss Popkins remained home. A number of times during the afternoon she looked across the street and saw Bobby and the other boys playing with & football. About 4 o'clock the boys o*rat to the Ward home to look at Bobby 1 * knife and then went out Into the yard. She glanced out and saw George and Fred playing with a football and Bobby was putting some leaves in a small tin. She went out onto the side porch and sat there for but a few minutes when she heard the explosion and heard George call for her — About that time she saw Bobby all afire, running around ,the yard. After being carried Into the house the little fellow ran upstairs himself and called to the others that there was some good salve up there. Soda and the calve were applied to the burned surface awaiting the arrival of Dr. Reavley, who came in a few minutes and took Bobby to the hospital. The little fellow remained conscious for several hours. His condition did not take a change for the worse until about 10 o'clock and from then on he gradually grew weaker until he passed away. '"Atnv put. 1 ? on sirs sine*" sh* gnt rich, but T knowd her when th? rtniMn't ev»y> afford to ?<?uirt on th* hfd ..... Pobert '•Emms's *'!«•«.ys t a 1 k 1 n ' about getttnj n divorce. It. h«rt« her to think of srwtndin* h»r who!? life just mnkin' one man unhmppy." M***« Him On 8tr»*t Ab"-i! 3 f?- m.~ Mr. and Ward ! (l«t, Horns About H:4S j REPUBLICAN STATE NOMINEES WILL BE IN COUNTY FRIDAY Thp republicans have planned Uirw? mft*s meetings in Whlteside county on next Friday, at which time candidates on the state ticket will speak. Practically nil of thf state nominees will speak in Morrison, including Louts L. Emmerson. Fred Sterling Rlchnrd Yntfs. Otis Glenn, William Btratton. M. Trees, Mrs. Mary E. Busey nnd Oscar Carlstrom. This meeting will be held at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon. Preceding the Morrison rally, Richard Yatcs and Oscar Carlstrom will speak at Fulton at 12 o'clock noon. Three of the candidates will be In Ilock Falls for it meeting st the community hall of the Methodist church at 7:30 o'clock. The plans for the mefting here are being made by Mrs. Fannie Worthlngton of Sterling and C. E. Goodrich of Rock Falls. Saturday of this week will end the dowmtate speaking tour of the state candidates. Next week the republican state nomirtees will go to Chicago, where they will fill speaking engagements during the remainder of the campaign. WOMAN, INJURED IN AUTO ACCIDENT, IS IN LOCAL HOSPITAL Mrs. R. W. Thompson of Mankalo, Minn., was brought to the Sterling public hospital this afternoon suffering from Injuries received in an automobile accident about four miles this side of Morrison on the Lincoln highway. Mr. Thompson escaped with alight Injuries. The Ford coupe in which they were traveling en route to Chicago was badly damaged. Mrs. Thompson had a fractured rib, a lung puncture and was also cut and bruised. X-ray pictures will be taken this afternoon to ascertain If there were further Injuries. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson were en route to Chicago and about four miles this side of Morrison, a Packard car also east bound attempted to pass them. There was a car approaching from the east and the driver of the Packard car, a nisgro chauffeur, was forced to pull sharply to the right to avoid a headon collision with the approaching car and the Packard car struck the Ford coupe knocking it from the paving into the ditch. OLD E1SIDENT CLAIMED BY DEATH Erie, ill, oct, I«, — Francis Marlon Crands.ll. 79 ye»rs of 8««. passed avay at 3:30 o'clock this morning at the home of his daughter, Mrs. John Pace. He had been ill about nine months with a general breakdown due to the infirmities of old age. The funeral will be held from the home of his daughter Thursday afternoon. Rev. A. B. Wlmmer of the Baptist church will officiate. Burial will be in the Erie cemetery. Mr. Crandall was born April 27, 1849, on a farm near Erie, his parents being Lafayette and Lcvlna Crandall. His parents came west from Erie, New York, In 1837 and were given & grant of land by the government. The farm Is still in possession of the family and is still the Crandall nome, Mr. Crandall recently going to the home of his daughter, but still retaining the home place. The township nnd city of Erie were named In honor of Mr. Crandairs parents, who came from Erie, N. Y., to settle there. Mr. Crandall retired from active work some years ago but remained on the farm. He Is survived by his wife, one daughter Mrs. Pace of Erie, one son Lafayette of Barstow, 111., and a brother George of Erie. rfwne* iB*«irT?t»»rt to out, th*> ptftns of con*idw»t* *t to remeh otfeer frt*o<l* ^M awe* Mr. «** Mrs. FMIir H W*.rd on th*lr **ty IKHJHS yest*rciav. It was thmight 0dr!*»b1« to fn---Mr. »r*d Mrs. WsM, if pewih;-, th* fetal BceSfigni thn! caused th* death of their inae '•"•> Bobble, who p»*wd mumy r F .r .Monday morning *« tb* «wuu '•'. having be?n tam»d cm t«noon. Lens distance were sent to f very place that rouid be thought of that they might te likely to stop, and friend* wer? instructed to ascertain their rontr home without telling Utenraf ?h- secJdent, so that, thry eotiM to*- nr-t by other friends from Sterling vho would take charge of their car nnd relieve th«n of the strain of drivme. while they were told what had happened. Mr. snd Mr*. Ward had completed their return journey fwm his business trip to Oklahoma as far as Peorla by 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon. 'They stopped there for n brief rest nnd Mrs. Ward stepped Into a drpartment store to buy some children's leys. Mr. Ward was on the street while his wife was in the store and there he met Mrs. I. J Covey of Peoria, mother of Mrs. Catl E. Grlcsser of Sterling. Mrs. Covey recognised him and saw at once from his demeanor that he had not hoard the terrible news which she had read awhile before in a Peorla paper, which contained nn Associate Press dispatch concerning the fatal accident. She, knowing Mrs. Ward well, hntl her daughter in Sterling : i Hospital Notes Charles Walxer has been admitted to the Sterling public hospital for medical attention. Ned Rowland and Mrs, Bert Moore have also been admitted for medical treatment. Edward Neiklck. Mrs. Earl Maxwell and daughter Jean Harriet, Willis Hlbarger, Joseph Enright of this city and Mrs. Frank Beck and daughter of Lyndon have been discharged. Taking Straw Vote A representative of the Chicago Tribune was in Sterling and Bock Falls Tuesday taking a straw vote on the Hoover-Smith race for president. He came here from Rockford end Freeport, in which places he d dared that he n&d found the sentiment about two to one for Hoover. PLEADS GUILTY TO CHARGE OF GRAND LARCENY IN DIXON Hew Arrivals Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spencer at the Sterling public hospital Monday, a son. Born, Monday to Mr. and Mrs. Theo Wessels at the Sterling public hospital, a win. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Noble, & son, on Saturday. Oct. 13, at their home on the Lincoln Highway East. Ben Brown of Rock Palls through his attorney entered a plea of guilty to a charge of grand larceny before Judge Harry Edwards in the Lee county circuit court at Dlxon shortly before noon yesterday. Brown was sentenced to serve an indeterminate term of from one" to 10 years in the state penitentiary at Jollet. Brown is 50 years of age and has served a number of terms In Fort Madison. Iowa, penitentiary. Cecil Kearns of Rock Falls, aged 19. who was arrested as Brown's partner In the theft of liogs from the Hollenbeck stock farm eas$ of Rock Palls last February, was also present In court. His attorney was granted leave to nie a motion before the court, seeking a parole, which will probably be heard today. CENTRAL SCHOOL ENTERED MONDAY mGBT r m THIEVES Central school was entered last night by thieves who ransacked the office for money. Tb* only thing they took so far as has been learned was a draft and this was found thrown back of the aerem at the front door of the home of Prof. E T. Austin. It is presumed that, after leaving the school building, the guilty party saw that they could not cash the draft and placed it where it might get back to the owner. The police were not notified regarding the theft. ..... COAT BEPAIBING Colliurfi arid cuifs made of old furs and neck pieces. Gartner's Shoe 1,000 Men Of Wearing Borrowed Shirts Ik ius been called to our attention that at least it thousand mea .of vicinity _«ach.weejk.wear a sfcirt, Bouie borrow fcU&r's stilt :•*, rooiiuHBt**', guests ba host's aod "c&Kiless" gets «\ 068 tfijm * tttetaber ol t be to playing with, l*rafi»hty m» trumy joiojra men, are *V«*te»d*,y'* shirt," to borrow a ekaa oae> A}1 M»v«» that Oieu rieed h*v« sWrts, Stock up at Bradley.. bi* aiilrt sale, S«e Uwir 7.~-«dv. ......... ~ S§ & St 84 Car Stripped, Abandoned A Pord car, practically new and In good condition aside from being stripped of the tires and rims, has been found in a field on the Mineral Springs road east of this city New Arrival Born, to Mr. and Mrs. John Me- Dmuott of Pittsburgh, Pa., * eon oa October nth. aft*. McDermott will be remembered her* by her many .friends, sis formerly Miss Leti Dieterle. "" ~ coarwi, who was a na tive of Poland. w«* pa*t middk &g before tie discovered his w ut for writing. JOffN M, STAGER • Attorney At AND Ci'tV M)AKS SBOK'i'ti&CIES LITTLE LOCALS Telephone No. 43—Two frank lines. Arroyo, dancing instructor, for advanced pupils and beginners in ball room, acrobatic and toa ballett. Phone 758-R—adv. Mr. and Mrs. James McCue and family have returned to their home in Kansas City, Mo., after visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom McCue of Speedbowi park corners and attending the wedding of his brother. William McCue to Miss Francis Seidel. Mrs. Howard McGregor o.f this city attended n bridge party given Saturday evening by Mrs. George Coombs of Clinton. Iowa. The party was in honor of her house guest, Mrs. Harold Lawson of Bellingliam, Wash. Lelghton Ebersole has arrived from Lewiston, Minn., and expects to spend the next few months here. Sims Delicious do~nuta, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Phone 1258-J. -adv. : - -. -:.::.-.---..:--:. -.-.:. :.:. "... -;..;—Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Mauer of tfew York City and Mrs. Mauer's father, A. M, Kidd of Chicago, are visiting at the George Milne and Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Boyle home in Morrison for a few days. They expect to spend a short time with relatives here enroute home. Made-Rite flour, special price fl.95. Bley & Warner.—adv. Mr. and Mrs. George Babcock and W. H as soon had learned additional details When she met Mr. Ward she rea- lised that she faced the task that had been dreaded by the friends at home. As gently as possible she broke the news to Mr. Ward, who stood the shock bravely and asked that Mrs. Covey tell his wife in the way she thought best. He left the two ladles together while ho called up his office In Sterling to let them know that he had heard the sad news, stating he would start at once for home. Rain made the roads slipuary and they than done. It was about 6:45 o'clock when they reached home, both having borne up sufficiently to complete their Journey, and under the circumstances they have received the blow with all the fortitude that could be expected of anyone. Funeral services for little Bobble Ward will be held at 3:30 p. m. Wednesday at the family home, 807 Avenue B, in charge of Rev. Chester M. Irwin of the Presbyterian church. Interment will be in the family lot in Riverside cemetery. OVER WASHINGTON.—Waslxln Rton. the nation's capital, turned out en masse to gaze upward at the Graf Zeppelin, and even President Coolldge left his office and rus hed to the White House lawn as the big airship passed overhead on Its J ourney to New York and Lakehuret. N. J. This picture, taken by an NE A Service photographer on the roof of the Navy Department Building, s hows the Zeppelin as It circled the lofty Washington Monument. In t he foreground Is the reflecting pool of the Lincoln Memorial. FORMER STERLING GIRL HURT IN AUTO UPSET LAST NIGHT Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Treln of Dlxon both sustained distressing but not serious injuries hi an automobile accident while on their way home from Chicago Monday evening on the SOCIAL AFFAIRS Mr. and Mrs. Albert Klocke of Rock Falls celebrated their twenty- fifth wedding anniversary Sunday In a very happy manner at their home, 210 Avenue C. A bountiful three course dinner was served at noon to about 60 relatives and friends of the couple. During the afternoon a pleasant social time was enjoyed. Mr. and Mrs. Klocke received many i beautiful gifts as remembrances of Mr. Treln was driving a new Bulck sedan and saw a heavy truck approaching. As it was raining and the road was slippery, he attempted to give the oncoming truck a wide berth and turned too far, the wheels of his car running off of the pavement, causing the car to skid and turn turtle in the ditch. Mr. and Mrs. Treln were both pinned inside of the car, but were released by passing motorists who took them to DeKalb, where their injuries were dressed by • Burgeon. Mrs. Treln, who was formerly Miss Olive and with other relatives. Mrs. Longfellow and daughter Joan, who apent last week in Lewiston, accompanied them home Saturday. Special Wednesday, meaty boiling beef, 20c per Ibr-Phelpa Market— adv. Mr. and Mrs. Loula T, Fox and daughter Zola and Harold Zelgfleld of Chicago visited at the Earl 8. Williams home at 1305 East Fifth street over the week-end. Mrs, Fox and Mrs. Williams are slaters. Date of Sterling O. E. 8. family party changed to Oct. 25.—adv. Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Hawkinson, son Gene and daughter Joan motored up from Davenport, Iowa, Monday afternoon to call on Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Crawford and offer coRsrstulations upon their golden wedding anniversary. Rock Falii Woman's Club chicken vQct M. iBom 5 to 7, Woodman Hall. Tickets We. -adv. Mr. and Mrs. William Kmmltt left Monday for LOOK Beach, Calif., where they will upend the winter. They are driving out in their car. Special Wednesday, roast beef JSOc and 23e per Ib. Fnelps Market— adv. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Knaucr of Atlantic City, N. J., and their son and daughter-in-law, Mr, and Mrs. Carrol Knauer and son. of Mutke- gon, Mich., arrived in Sterling Sunday afternoon from Musksfou and are visiting Rev. and Mrs. Chester M. Irwin. Mrs. Irwin ia a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur who will be guests in her home lor several weeks. Made-Rite flour., special crtee Bley & W*rmr,~-*dv. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Beauie^dei'- fer of Chicago are visiting his parents, Mr. and MX*. H. Beamesdsr- fer. They have just returned fttaa a visit with relatives to Pennsylvania wad cam* to Sterling to complete their vacation, Made-Rite flour, special price T. H. JPo»cll at of Botik Fails at tb» Suaday ««e*Freer bosne ia mtat el r*et*f in tbs ofitet treat- for many more years of happy wedded life. Those present were Mrs. Ellen Norton, mother of Mrs. Klocke, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kehoe and son Jlmmle and Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Wernicks of Chicago, Bfir. and Mrs. liouia. Ksanders and eons William and Loula of B'robkf iefd, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Babln and son Robert, Mr., and Mrs. Oscar Sieferman and son, Mr. and Mrs. John Meyers and eons Harold and Vernon, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meyers and daughter Roberta, Mr. and Mrs. Orla Cox and two daughters, Lots and Doris, and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Beales of Freeport, and Mr. and Mrs. William F. Klonke Jr. and family of Rock Falls. Farewell Reception For Pastor And Fainlly Rev. and Mrs. 8. H. Wtrschtoji and daughter Faith ol Kock FaSll will be guests of honor at a fare- reception to be given by la the fi church Friday evening. They aspect to leave Saturday for Chis&f where Rev, Winching has accept a charge at the Chicago Lftwn church. However, the family will not move all their household goods to Chicago, but retain a residence f Rock Falls until later in the fall. The new pastor of the Rock Falls Methodist church, Rev. J. O. QraW' ford, who comes from the Chicago Lawn church. Is expected to arriva with his family the last of this veefc. He will have charge of ail th» church services next Sunday. Two Motorists Fined Keith Scjtmeuae was Ili»d IS aed costs for speeding and Eari .fty diogs was lined $3 and costs for failing to atop for an arterial big way yesterday. Tiiey we« glwgl a b«arukg before Judge W. P. Pa!»ar. Ward Lawyers STEUUING. J. &. Wa*^, V, ii. M. €. War4 W. J. AIDIMCTICE Has Prescribed New Compound For Past 5 Years, With Surprising Results, He States Mr. George W. Huber, M. D.. is notjL World Jamom -doctor, _b_ut Jn over 35 years of practicing medicine in Delaware County, Ind., (Muncte within its boundaries) he has established an unblemished reputation for skill in his chosen profession, with honesty and integrity unquestioned. This beloved physician, for the past 5 years, has prescribed Gly-Cas, the new vegetable compound, in his regular practice with such surprisingly unfailing results that he recently made the following voluntary statement praising this great herbal remedy. "In my 35 years of practice, as has every physician of long ex I have naturally acquired a wide general knowledge of the eompara- 4i** action and result* of matty medicines upon the human ayviem. Numbers I have found which, while decidedly efficacious in the treatment of ills for which they Are in tended, are BO harsh in action or so upset normally functioning curftans that their good as an effective cure la often much overshadowed. "About 5 years ago my attention was attracted to a medicine called 'Qly-Cas.' in not one. but a aum- bsr of cases I found this medicine had accomplished unu&ual result*, fspedfiily in the treatment of rheumatism, neuritis, lumbago. I tearnsd that Gly-Cas did not upset the stomach or other organs and seemed to have a general cleansing and strengthening effect upon the entire system to a remarkable extent. "After thourougbJy titUfyfng myself to every way as to tha merit of Gly-Cas aad Undies it contained oa harmful drugs whatever, X began prescribing this medicine and b»ve done so for the past S years in wy of neuritis, rheumatism tuid la *aany insta&ds cJ trouble as welt 'I have lie VJJE . before my mum to be used in the indorse* meat ol say preparation, but loff from actual exjjtrteac* <$otte uvkoy my care, X f<#! ttusre thousands ct? people who r«a£ly tbia prttpariitkin and X believe line uuuiy brcsd-miMtd pby- ia oOier localitiea who will b* gtad to team of the euoceas I Dad with oij-Cfts." Oly-CJts s*M IB SterUng at Hea- drug «tor«. by ti Cochran of Sterling, suffered several broken ribs and was painfully bruised about her body. Mr. Treln's icft hand was badly lacerated and he also was bruised considerably. They were both able to continue home to Dlxon, where they are reported as getting along nicely. Son Instantly Killed In Accident In Texas Mr. ana Mrs. W. H. Foster of 903'i East Third street received a telegram this morning, stating that their son, Floyd P. Foster, who was employed by the West Texas Utility Co. at "Abilene. Tczas, as high tension meter man, was Instantly killed while at work Monday afternoon. No particulars have been received as to how the accident occurred. Mr. and Mrs, Foster expect to leave tills evening for Abilene. Mr. M»tef*r h«w! be*n In rery fair lifulth, «msld«rtns his st*\ «htll last «Jn*w5«y. w)wn h» wss? t*lcwj til, Ms §3 years having l«ft his heart, ^kened and «n«W« to stand th* strain of llln^s*, Fiimral s*rvlc«« !I b* held *t 2:30 o'clock Ttronj- d«y aftrrnoon st trw family hotni! in Rock Falls, in chsrg* of R*v. William K. Krebs. pastor of the Rccfc Pails Lutheran church. Interment will be in the Bock Pslls cemetery. Gottlieb Metssgtr UTRS born Sept. S. 1$4<8. in Beralmusen oermany, and caroc to America wnen 21 years of e. He lived for a time in Sandusky, Ohio, and was married in that city to Mi&s Marie Durand, Sept. 23,1875. They moved to Freemont, Ohio, and later came to Sterling In 1880. After living here a few years they went to Stcphcnson, Mich., where Mr. Metsgcr was employed for seven years. About 35 years ngo they returned here and since that time the family home has been in Rock Falls, Mr. Metzsrer was employed In the Keystone nnd the Sterling Manufacturing Co. shops until his advancing age caused his retirement a number of years ago. He was a member of Advance lodge No. 590. I. O. O. F.. ol Rock Falls and was known in his time AS a faithful »na conscientious workman, always a true friend and neighbor, and held the esteem and respect of many friends. Beside his aged wife, he is survived by one daughter, Miss Mary Metzgtr of Rock Falls. One son died in infancy and a daughter. Miss Rosa Metzgcr. preceded her father in death 33 years ago. One sister. Miss Barbara Mctzger, is the only mirvlor of Mr. Merger's parental family at the old home in Germany. FORMER RESIDENTS STOP TO .SEE FRIENDS Dr. A. E. and Miss Jeanette Walters stopped here a few hours Sunday afternoon to chat with old friends and neighbors. Dr. Walters Is a former resident of Sterling, having spent his early boyhood in Sterling. He Is at present field officer in the U. B. public health service and a deputy state health commissioner, stationed in St Louis county. Mo. While in Sterling they were at the Hotel RandolpK The doctor WKJ his sister were on their way to the convention of the American Public Health association which met at the Hotel Stevens In Chicago Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Isaacson of Chicago are visiting with relatives here for several days. pears' st*y arx! he ^K*<? on the f«bf»ct. "Owr Relations With The Far Bast," wMeh h* nald, is m wdsnomw, as tins orient Is twit f&r- ttist from GOT thares than many • othw parts of tb« world, the distance from ©s*tf,1e to Yokohwn* b*-« ins tfw SWIMS IM from Boston to NR- • p!wi. We have m d«fittlte resporutlbiinv in the «wt, s»Jd th* apeakcr, on account of the PliiUppirif«, not only as to the Filipinos, who have proved to be Incapable of self government, bat with relation to other powers In that pnrt of the world. If we sJiotiMt" withdraw from the Philippines, It would disrupt the balance of power* »s to Great Britain, Holland *md Japan. The center of maritime commerce was at one time the Mediterranean, nest it was the Atlantic-' and Indications arc that the Pacific Is to have Its turn next. The Chicago council for foreign relations of the D.A.R. stands for prermredne&s, believing it to be Insurance against war. Just RR an efficient fire department Is insurance against disaster. Reception For Pastor A reception will be held in parlors of the Fourth • Street MethV odist church at 7:30 o'clock Tuesday evening, in honor of Rev. and Mrs. M. D, Bayly, to which members of the church and friends are invited. Rev. Bayly was re-assigned as pastor of the church at the recent Rock River conference. ' Local Weather • During the past few days l.n£ : inches of rain has fallen. Today; has been a rather warm day with, numerous showers. At 6:30 o'clockj this morning the mercury registered. 69 and at 1 o'clock this afternoon it was 77. ' . Attending Clinics ' Word has been received her* that' Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Jewell of Iow» arc spending two weeks in Rochester, Minn. Dr. Jewell Is attending clinics at a hospital. Mrs. Jewell S the only daughter of George LandiS of this city. • Dahlia~Plant 10 Feet High: Mrs. John Roberts of 701 Park* Place reports that she has a gianfi dahlia. From the base of the phw£ to the tip of the highest bloom 16 Is exactly 10 feet. The bush haC many beautiful blooms this year. A taupe printed velvet usea the long tunic theme with pointed ends finishing it It is slightly fitted, in semi-princess manner. Made-Rite Flour is used exclusively in the Gazette's <Cookmcr ^ *»*<*& choo/y this week at the Illini •- "i "Don't be content with ordinary flour. Ordinary flour cannot do more than ordinary baking." No expense is spared in making MADE-RITE FLOUR. THAT'S WHY if s so unusually good, FULLY GUARANTEED 1.-3 •-.-4 v..i*1 ^xstcsd Bley & W The Fteur, feed . r;,«l*VV''"- *,£^i-.--'

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