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The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri • 79

Kansas City, Missouri
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REAL ESTATE AMUSEMENTS LAWN AND GARDENS THE KANSAS CITY STAR SECTION KANSAS CITY OCTOBER 12 SUNDAY A Corned Western and Drama on Coming Motion Pieture Programs CASE OF PR With the skilled help of Jean Gabin as a village doctor Nicole Courcel prepares to deliver a baby through the method of in the above scene from the French drama scheduled to be presented next at the Uptown theater Miss Courcel is cast as a young unwed mother who defies the backward ignorant natives of a mountain community and agrees to serve as Gabin's in having an infant by techniques OF THE Having maneuvered Jack Lord (kneeling) into a disadvantageous position Gary Cooper seeks to bring a gruelling fistic encounter to a successful conclusion in one of the sequences from the outdoor drama coming next to Loew's Midland theater Cooper has the role of a reformed gunslinger who while on a mission to hire a schoolteacher for a Western town runs afoul of evil associates of the past The woman in the right background is Julie London who plays a dance hall singer Confronted by an irate naval officer portrayed bv Ray Panton (right) Andy Griffith (center) admits to a botched job of baking in the above scene from the military service comedy scheduled to be shown next at the Paramount theater Griffith portrays a good-natured coastguardsman who despite a lack of training in the culinary arts is assigned as a ship's cook Ainslie Pryor (left) plays one of Griffith's buddies A Career Rises From Down Below Glen Gavin a Fortner Football Player a Specialist i 11 the Arrangement of I nrlerwater Set eekly Public Library Top nr a Dme-in i i T'i Neighborhood Theaters Movie Senes to Pegu up fall artH parlv win-fThere ere numerous scenes of the color-nrj I dll dliu tdiij will American Royal Horse and Livestock w- wtinM how wheat elevators and many manu-1 ter program OL motion facturing Plants Home? churches Tr and recreational facilities are shown: Pictures of the Kansas scenes of the William Rockhill Nelson Among the pictures now showing at neighborhood theaters and drive-ins the following films are Gallery of Art and the Truman Library Huntington Park Calif high Then with the art director City public library will get un An tconographir using mg Doais schoni after his family had and set director of the picture der way tomorrow night with hKe b'1 01 1001 a a 'or moved southwest from Mon- the script is gone over and the opening show being given day when catastrophe threatened a town from the University of ou tana He has known few drythe decisions are made as to at the Van Horn library 9606 citizen ern California is one of the which sets to be Truman road moments since are construct- Upon graduation he put his ed underwater Following the custom of pre- waterwings aside and headed From that moment Galvin vious years the film programs the gridiron of Southern follows the production regu- will be presented on the hprnminE onp nf: larly checking when various Monday Wednesday Thursday have served this high office from John 1 Adams to Richard Nixon first signed on for the crew the movie crew that is Glen Galvin ter handvman a i an underway and one of the schooi's outstanding var- settings and props will be and Friday nights at various ge5 NOW PLAYING at the Midland and Avenue With Colette's novelette as a basis Director Vineenti Minnelli and Producer Arthur Freed have taken a 3-million-dollar budget four gifted performers and the music of Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe to blend together a highly colorful and delightful two hours of entertainment The film is naturally compared to Lerner and Loewe's Broadway hit Fair not only from a musical standpoint but because of a similarity in story Despite this the film justly can stand alone thanks to excellent photography and the performances of Leslie Caron Maurice Chevalier Louis Jourdan and Hermione Gingold BARBARIAN AND THE at the Uptown Fairway and Granada The historical cracking of the shell of Japanese isolation from Western civilization slightly more than a hundred years ago is the background for a richly picturesque impressively framed drama centering around Townsend Harris first United States consul to the Oriental nation Reduced at times to a halting pace and seldom erupting into vibrant action the screenplay threads an East-West romance Nipponese customs and elements of an espionage story into the continuity through the introduction of a geisha planted in the entourage John Wayne portrays the and Eiko Ando is the feminine spy emotionally torn between love and tradition IN at the Glen Dickinson Shaw nee Leawood and Electric The faded plot about the two brother who cross blood lines to stand on opposite sides of the law regains a degree of luster through diverting scripting in a bantamweight outdoor drama Helped greatly by strong performances on the part of the principals the story deals with two brothers w7ho after experiencing a shocking experience in boyhood follow divergent careers of outlawry and law enforcement and eventually reach a crossing of trails Mark Stevens and Forrest Tucker are highly effective as the masculine leads and Gale Robbins is fine as a dance hall hostess recommended as being above the average: on the River the sweepstakes winner in the 1957 Academy Award competition capturing seven Oscars including the honor of being selected as the best picture of last year Alec Guinness William Holden Jack Hawkins and Sessue Hayakawa lead the acting charge in this superb picture Go Near the a merry uproarious comedy devoted to the boondoggling pursuits of a naval public relations unit sitting out the Pacific campaign of World War II on a South Seas island Glenn Ford Keenan Wynn Fred Clark Gia Scala Anne Francis and Earl Holliman pace the funmaking Golden Age of a laughter-charged recall of many memorable funnymen and hilarious scenes in the silent films of the 1920s mud pot? and steam vents in e'er changing now sprightly and capricious now bursting into exhuberant cascades now looming solemn bridal-white spra against the dusk matched to a vibrant musical score November 1014 "Letter From The film opens with a winter trip up the Alaska Highway revealing the northland as brimming with activity A carnival is in progress in Anchorage The school? are modem and when summer comes there are hot days and swimming An animated sequence reviews Alaska development from discovery in 1741 to the present The fascinating story of the American cowboy is related in colorful and informative fashion How the cowpoke works lives and plays is yea against the romantic back- portraved against the romantic handiest at Metro-Goldwyn- Mayer studio When eriertnS sity "fnotball players and a needed for tne scenes the water Calvin in ready for of Uvo victorous Rose work and his concern is con teams ul Rrvnner Is Aloof struction repair and disre-00 iea S- pair of the sets necessary for Even then Glen was paving lo Film Fans Opinion any sequence that takes place a career for himself in the Hollywood (AP) The sneak de: in and around aqua pura movies As a student athlete prevjew cards from Buc- Monday van Horn Library 9sns Tm from a glassful to a tankful he spent his spring summer caneer- showed 75 per cent Wednesday Paseo branch library 4R01 to an oceanful and Christmas vacations be- 0f vjewers were enthralled The specialist's latest as- fore the cameras portraying wdh Yul Brynner with hair signment MGM's Glenn Ford- swimmers and football players whiie 25 per cent nearly all Ernest Borgnine co-starring in college films women wanted the actor bald film Torpedo for Such on-the-screen appear- agam which he aided in the rigging ances were his last He began Brynner wears a full head gea a locales The movie performances starting at 7:30 o'clock will be preceded by thirty minutes of recorded music The weekly schedule Flora avenue Thursday Westport branch library Westport road and Wyandotte street Friday Mam library Ninth and Locust streets- The initial program which a i Will be presented tnis week IS 4ir a headlined bv ocience OI tne 4 ri ova documentary feature ground of the rugged Western range Filmed in the heart of the Rocky Moun- tain Empire and paced by realistic sound effects this lively documentary takes the viewer to Gunnison Colo to the old of a submarine being sunk in to pool his talents After leav- of curly hair as well as a that pr0vides a study of the h0Sandt Gallant Little Tailor' animation that 17-21 action proved one of the most ing he headed for musacjie jn portraying the exacting and hazardous of Africa and the Red Sea There pirate Jean Lafitte Galvins entire water career he became a submarine sal- But cards failed to im-Variety of Tasks vage diver and took part in press Brvnner shaved It been one damp thing reh for ips his head again after grins Galvin an reasue-whose thorough knowledge A I seful Experience of wood fiberglass plastic the time I never thought which I appeared with my phases of life in the nation paTtuVn 10 UI Wliua iiutifcmss I laoit ho rorallc i Town Musician f'-A iingly told with silhouette aspects will appeal to children November "In The Marcel minust in a novel fascinating peonle seen "Morning The of a herd of sheen rhost inaccessible area 4 States the Tonto Basin HlCi Arizona is traced in called of New in Soviet system On VariOUS hrave ruggedet-t he recalls historical Marceau pantrv impersonation of many in the park spring migration across the wildest in the United near Phoenix this documentary desert land and ev reach the mountain delishtful inter-fairy tale for chil- own After a brief back- pretation of Grimm metals and their subsurface this experience would prove manipulation has made him he says but it has happened so I went back er0und the pictures explores 1 rn November 24-28 one of the most valued of particularly in the case of to directing television the conditions and problems American Flag" The in Italy The fall the Romani 1 1 1 Anri ri-arvhnrlr L-nmi-c whnt iU-n march of events out of which the Empire marked the beginning of the Mid- behind-the-scene Torpedo Run For this pic- Ann every oocix Knows nai of religion farming laoor in- stars and stripes" have emerged as the die Ages a period during which life was hunnened to Rrvnnpr vrhpn he vn-nrr mrl pen cn mor emblem of the nations independence and mostly centered around the church and craftsmen ture a complete-in-everv-detail oappeneu to nnnnr iten dustry housing and he waue(j castie The change over a pe- 1 1 1 nnnrlr cptpupo onH Your Share in Tomorrow the riod of centuries came slowly but in gOOuS education science runv grnvth and industrial expansion of Amer-i Italy in Che 14th centurv there was the (ho rnunlrv tnrlav lca and role oI investors in the na- new birth politics in tile cuuntty touay development Exolains stock trans-j Hansel and A dramatization e-VuIrlrcri tho actions the function of brokers and tells of the Grimms fairy tale by silhouette designed lor ennuren tile how evervone can have a share in Amer- animation third movie Tin storv of ic thp rlaccir firv Andy who removes a thorn from a la jc classic laiij and how later the lion remember? Soldier is LHC eiassiv van Ipaw" and how later the lion remember Baroque Churches In Among the other first-run theaters the Paramount is playing for the second week the Roxy is showing On a Hot Tin for the seventh week the Missouri is presenting for the seventh week the Rockhill is featuring a re-release starring Alec Guinnes and the Kimo has held over God Created for the thirty-sixth week These two churches Viersehnheiligen and LonrK anH fppf anH a Ho7Pn Ottobeuren are nch examples of mid nanuS ailU IcCl a I1U a tale of Hans Christian Ander- tWs dDCember 1-5 Sen portrayed by puppets The storv of the The other programs on the October-December schedule: gathcred around OctohAr 20-94 1 "Pablo Shows Tahlo Casals on uuuuci stroll through thp streets of Parades in of a jihotograohic the French Pyrenees in an apartment 1 Id mg? in giving cello lessons to an American Ae aS a a) -pvv York City including sernos of delo- (font' and plavin Slum No 1 and visitors the tu- general Assembly Major- for Wec'qmpanied celin Jn- the business to the satisfaction of Wilder as well as that of Mrs Billy Wilder the picture strassberg and Mr Miller of baroque was wlia a design director the soul of patience course- Less than an hour such great style of The Eggers and nine children arc farmers ir tl Alpine country of Southern Aus film show sat there with virtually noth- jater she was on the way to a 'n ca" ou los Angeles hospital Miss Strassberg and of Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood Here Tomorrow Robert Wagner a screen actor and wife Natalie Wood aCtreSS will arrive in Kansas It simpiy a cas 1 ply a case an and "earn- fall Christmas Customs Near and Miller appoaFPCl Based on the book of the Auditorium the Security Council chamber medieval Abbev of St Michel-de-Cuxa for The warm and colorful story threading n4r through ihe film follows children of Ger- CnlCI 30V1SGFS 3nCl COnSUlianlS ovpad iovm the Woodrow Wilson library the Restau rant and the book Shop World Without a story of UNESCO and three other UN agencies in action filmed in Mexico and Thailand Siam where the people differ in religion language and culture and are alike in to be the actress being overcoached and into a state of man Swedish Mexican Italian and Chi- 4 (L0 pptp thp ncse descent the voung people enac Ai itdsi mu iwu uif confusion and nervous frustra- -nSarU'ha7ars ones to whom the frightened tionand by outsiders who favorite chnsmas muatr unconfident Marilyn ran after each take for criticism and ad- should have no part in the of our same title by Ludwig Remelmanc The story tells of a little girl who becomes the envy of all her companions when she to the hospital for an operation December 8-12 Littlest A story nf people who love Christmas and Christmas treps holly City tomorrow visit Wagner is starting a nationwide tour to publicize a forthcoming motion picture Love and The young actor who is starred in the drama will show a reel of the chort Miui pain and hunger dependence on the land love of music and human appeal operation declared a production executive and in terms much more violent than hinted here if you ask me this sort of thing must be stopped at vice Her eager pleading looks were almost heartbreaking Long In Shooting The shooting of the single Filmed In Austria the berries and mistletoe Santa rMaus and story of Silent visualizes the his-music boxes that tinkle Silent Night torlral ard dramatic factor? that contnb- "Tbe A film tracing some ijted to the wnting of the Christmas carol Last of the Wild a tour of Big of the causes of the Reoaissancp or "newijn Obemdorf in 1818 jBend National Park in Texas showing film tn pvhihitnrc snH nthar scenes of a petrified forest deserted Hum to exniDitors ana omer forts ghost towns and mementos of the 44 Old West Sound ol a Million The historv of Miss Wood IS accompanying an her husband on the tour Kansas nU Is Directors Irkins to brief scene continued the entire afternoon and the visitor once or Hollywood acting as counted thirty-three takes be- we know it could go down the fore Marilyn captured the By Harold Heffernan Xorth Arnertrar S'eirspaper Alhavr? OLLYWOOD The mention of seT1 The acting to anv Holly-1 curred in wood producer or director to- on the sandy beach of beauti- day is likely to create a furor 10C ful Coronado island 125 miles The steady infiltration of down the Pacific coast Match- that armpit tvpe of per- ing the gorgeous scenery wras former who among other in- the bafhing-suited Marilyn dividualities may resort to an oar-nr anv lolhn8 in a allBJht breeze toying with her blonde to the situation of scratching other that strikes his planting underwater tropical suspended on cables over the gardens for Esther Williams 90x90' tank on one of the to swim around in to fixing stages submarine escape hatches to the sub was hit by wiring pieces of with a depth charge for a se-water everywhere quence in the story it had to To see that everything re- sink with all men aboard One mains in place once the cam- underwater mistake on my eras turn Galvin stays under- part and they wouldn't have water but out of range As escaped even though the safe as this might seem for script called for it 1 had to an accomplished swimmer the see that every nut and bolt handyman never underesti- was exactly adjusted every mates the unexpected A hatch easy to open despite the dropped steel bulkhead an ae- tremendous pressure of 231-cidentally unanchored hot 432 gallons of lamp or even an uninvited sea Tj1e underwater handvman visitor can mean the differ- went t0 after ence between security and so- as second mate on a ship in cial security the Army transport service Take 1 ue Old Man and the durjng World War II Having Sea says Gavin with a aiways been handy around the shudder were filming house he made application to sharks off the Bahamas I had studio property depart-to construct a special wire ment Not long afterwards he cage leaving only a small splashed a way into his pres-opening for the C3mers One prominence fancy-during a scene has finally locks Tony Curtis lying at exhausted the patience of her feet looked up adoringly moviemakers They declare All this would have been the conventional standard- just spiendid had the sequence ized brand of film acting in vogue for 50 years must persist been shot in mere pantomime But Marilyn had to indulge in The climax to a long-raging speech a brief of controversy between the two s5na tak U1 a schools was possibly reached hereby hangs the thwarting and tale of acting a short time ago when Mari- too much husband-on-the- lyn Moqroe starring in Like it was taken to the of my eo-workers in fending The head of the department Not only was the was termed exhaus- gaywright spouse Arthur As the movie went watching Marilyns the shelf producers burned every move and counseling: friTzip hv m-evimic rnstlv ber after each take but the postponements inferred that lates slar suc' THE Puzzled by mysterious hap- DT-iivn wac actually cnffpr-cesslon of drama coaches no penings in a Washington public relations firm Dana from an overdose of less than Paula Strassberg: Andrews as a partner in the organization seeks infor- was also in there pitching with mation from Veda Ann Borg in this scene from the melo- mg from an ov instruction off f-sh outside while I worked earnpd that Glen could swim inside misled and the next and water-marked his future -hmg I knew 1 was cellmate to for him Since then he has a man-eating shark Johnny worked undenVater in almost Weissmuller in his prime every fjim made in Hol- couldn ha hea en me in the wood wor these seconds that followed pictures however begins Start of Career months before he actually gets Water entered Glen's life his feet wet before the craftsman was dry 1 Before the start of each behind the ears He began his film Galvin reads the script MAN ESCAPED" Imprisoned by the Germans Francoise Leterrier as a lieutenant in the French resistance organization in World War II starts to take apart a solid door in a cell in this scene from the French drama which will be shown next week end at the Rockhill Art theater The screen play is a step-by-step recital of the ways and means by which Leterrier attempts to escape confinement minute instructions how Marilyn should hold her head A Contributing Factor drama beginning Wednesday at the Glen Dickinson Shawnee and Leawood theaters Miss Borg is cast as a girl friend of certain clients of the publicity outfit A secondary cause was at- what she should do with.

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