Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 18, 1964 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 18, 1964
Page 4
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4 ~Saturday, Apr. 18, m Redlands Daily Facts Pets, bikes and floats Hundreds of Redlands youngsters in parade Hundreds of Redland* youngsters exhibited their pets, dolis, decorated buggies, wagons, bicycles, tricycles and horses in the annual Pet and Bike parade sponsored jointly by the YMCA and Kiwanis club. After an intensive judging session the many owners paraded their entries behind the R e d- lands Junior High School band as the procession moved west along Citrus avenue, north on Orange, east of State and south on Ninth to the YMCA parking lot, the point of beginning.. Some youngsters worked propaganda into the floats on their decorated wagons. One proposed a Civil Rights for dogs with the pooch on the float listing himself as the "candidate" running on a platform for jucier mailmen, no leash law and lidless garbage cans. Another propounded the merits of Prospect Park. Since the enforcement of the leash law has virtually cleared the city streets of dogs, it now remains for the pet and bike parade to be about the only local event where they may be seen, at least in any number. The throngs that crowded the sidewalks to see their canine friends were not disappointed There was a good representation of dogs in the parade — i all sizes, shapes and degrees of ancestry. Observers lamented, however, that there weren't as many dogs as in previous years. But the strong chorus of bow-wows, yip yips and yap-yaps gave a good account for the canine popula-j tion. Jtingled in with the dogs, cats rabbits, white rats, mice, hamsters and guinea pigs were a smattering of ducks, roosters, bantams, parakeets, turtles, goats, monkeys and a tame crow. Among the exhibits was a desert terrerium containing a variety of lizards and several groups of fancy pigeons. Coming all of the way from Los Angeles by bus to be in the parade again this year were teenagers Chris Bertelli and Lea Scott They are visiting Mrs. Vivien Milbum and exhibited and rode Itlilbum horses from the QM Barton home at the As sistencia. Judges Horace Hinckley and Bob SUtt said that the 32 horses and ponies this year made the biggest group ever in this classification. The riders were garbed in Arab, cowboy, Indian and casual, and there was even a Span ish Senorita and a mounted bride. Here are the winners in the various classifications as submitted by the staff of judges: Hamsters Fred Brj-an, 3 Dean Leonhorst, Hon. Men. Mike Foehner. Smallest — 1 Debbie Fores- berg, 2 Chris Hile. White Rats Largest — 1 David McKen 7ie, 2 Buddy Armstrong, " Best Haho. animated — 1 Phillip Gary Easier, Hon. Men. Rich ard Templeton, Jeannie McCull, David Mayer. Smallest — 1 Dan SulUvan, 2 Roland HiU, 3 Bill Hartzell, Hon. Men. Chris Brashears. Largest Family — 1 Dan Sullivan, 2 Becky McKcnzie. Black and white rates—Kurt Indvik. Livestock Most beautiful small — 1 Rocky Shelton. Special — cutest guaduplicate goats, 1st prize to Paul and Don Edwards. WhMl Goods With Riders Cars, most beautiful — 1 Rickey Chubb. Biggest tractor — Tim Ram- orger. Smallest tractor and farmer's daughter — 1 Kathy Chub. A WXWtSTCOASTTWATlt • U)Cai<aiSlfM«rr .3 .4 ]3I| Both Features Shown Once Only. Weekdays "LILIES OF THE FIELD' Starts at 7:30 P. M. Academy Award Winner Best Actor Or mPHKtisoirs f Ksticni Academy Award Winner Best Cintmategraphy Ella Kazan's "AMERICA AMERICA" Tricycles Most unusual — 1 Kenneth and Jamea Picardt, 2 Lisa Green, 3rd Laurie Eddiardt, Hon. Men. Lance Snider, Marty Milliman. Andrea Oldea. Most beautiful — 1 Connie Maraist, 2 Susan Green, 3 Gregg Eckhardt, Hon. Men. Km'ster Brant, Debbie Simmons. Most accessories — 1 Paula Canners, 2 Alice Oliver, 3 Keith Harris, Hon. Men. Melissa Brown, Kenny Thlessen. Oldest model — 1 Margarel| Montfort, 2 Nina Montfort Bikes Most unusual — 1 Tony Lineham, 2 Jimmy Maraist, 3 Kerry Barnes, Hon. Men. Brian De Too, Kenny Baker. Most beautiful — 1 .Tan Sylvester, 2 Valerie MilUnian, Timothy Pepper, Hon. Mention, Cathy Coke, Janice Coke. Most accessories — 1 David Brown, 2 Beverly Perry, 3 Sam Bevkma, Hon. Men. Bobby McDonald, Greg Campbell. Oldest model — 1 Edward Boze, 2 Steven Boone, 3 Carl Kienow, Hon. Men. Mary Barich, Vick-y Holtraan. Small Bikes Most unusual — 1 Mark Page, 2 Boxie Hart, 3 Lavonne Judy, Hon. Men. David Colley, Steve and Larry Pie, J. D. Hart Most beautiful — 1 Krisanne Wogen, 2 Susy Johnson, 3 Susan Diane Johnson, Hon. Men. George Barich. Special — smallest bike Bart Sylvester, next to smallest, Mark Schmidt, largest handle bars, Mark Boone, smallest decorated bike, Bobby Loen- horst,Trike in Small Bike Sec> tion. Jerry Andrews. Most decorated — 1 Patty Jean Picardat, 2 Patty Jean West, 3 Beverly Purvis, Hon. Men. Keith Gordon, Kathy Green, Eddie Taylor, Claire Fortress. Sceettrs Biggest motor — Glen Shrive. Most beautifiil-Chuck Lay. Most imusual — Brace Lay cock. Special — Pairs — Tinuny and Tom Brown. Smallest motor — Pat McKeever. Miscellaneous TO, Diane Speer, Sally Chubb, krd Lorraine Canero, Hon. Men. Debbie Nash, Connie Burnett Smallest — 1 Lorrie Kbs- terman, 2 Vickie Seiber, 3 Jin Harbison. Most Comical — Patty Ann, 2 James Anderson, 3 Joy Ber- dahle, Hon. Men. Karen Ber- dahle. Largest Collection — 1 Hyl Harrison, 2 Vidde Seiber, 3 San dra Pratt, Hon. Men, Linda Kinney. DayNurseiy has several openings Most human appeal — 1 John Abbott, 2 AUc« Sotello, 3 Kathy Laycoofc, Hon. Men. Bob Howard, Mary Holmes. Most unique — 1 Jay HerZ' berger, 2 Joel Arnold, 3 Debbie LjTin Dick, Hon. Men. Kim Owen. Smallest — 1 Janice and Ronald Cole, 2 Jay Pratt and James Jeffiy, 3 S&ndy Rees. Largest — 1 Kim Huey, Pat Chuck and Bill Craw and Bob and Kay Tyson, 3 Kathy Lancaster, Hon. Men. Cin^ Slater. Birds Most beautiful large — 1 Billy Skimmer. Funniest looking — 1 Lupe Arroyo. Most beautiful smaU — 1 Patricia Lancaster, 2 Marilyn MacKimmie, 3 Sharon Goldwasser. Clown on Bicycle Most comical — 1 Dale Pi- cardhe, 2 Paul Dally, 3 Steve Haag, Hon. Men. Evel>-n Golz, Susan Coder. Best pet and bike combination — 1 Jeff DiU, 2 Evelyn Golz, 3 Chris Moore, Hon. Men. Nandy Boker, Pami SzjrmskL Best boy and girl combination — 1 Jeff Dill, 2 Usie Kluhn, 3 Kevin Moore, Hon. Men. Sherrie Szymaskl. Guinea Figs Largest — 1 Jeff Scbalau. Smallest — 1 Andy Hartzell. Largest family — 1 Tim Pope. Fowls Most beatiful — 1 Lowell Jeffcoat, 2 Bobby Shelton, 3 Bobby MacKimmie. Most unusual — I John Abbot Most handsome — 1 Franeie Lee, 2 John Abbot Rabbits Largest — 1 Michael MeDa and Harold Oakhill, 2 Ann Crane. Most Beautiful — 1 Phil- Up Hahn, 2 John Abbot Largest Family — 1 Roland HiU, Bobby and Sally Van Roe- keL Smallest — 1 Susan Gish. Dells Most beautiful — I Vicki Seiber, 2 Nancy Hali, 3 Debbie Holmes, Hon. Men. Julie Tracy, Jean McCall. Largest — 1 Sandra Pratt, Carol Burke, 2 Lorraine Cane- PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES Shew Starts 6:45 P. M. — All Drive-ins TRJ-CITY DRIVE-IN NEW RITZ THEATRE 423 "E" St. _ San Bdne. Cant. Neon — TU 85317 Now Playing — Both Theatres . Jackie Gleasan — Steve McQueen "SOLDIER IN THE RAIN" Ce-HitI Van H«fiin "Cry Of Battle" BASELINE DRIVE-IN WtnnM- 9 Award* Incl. Best Aetrati Patrieta NMI "HUD" Co-Hitl "L Shaped Room" Foreign Dolls — Kim Smith, 2 Jackie Mitchell, 3 Cindy Mitchell, Hon. Men. Lone Avele, Beverly Berry. Beautiful costume — 1 K i m Smith, 2 Vickie Sierber, 3 Diana Speer. Doll in buggy — 1 Raelene Standford, 2, Betsy Alden, Marci DahL Bikes Largest — 1 Davie Brown, 2 Nancy Baker, 3 David Holliday. Special — 1st Sally McCall, 2 Bryan Lightfoot, 3 Laura Kuhn, Hon. Men. Cathy Taylor, Steve Green, Tod Smith, Phillip Smith. Best decorated — 1 Susan GuUmecht, 2 KaUiy Campbell, 3 Vesta Sturgis, Hon. Men. Mar tin Masters, Hon. Men. June Lyon, Mary Poe. Small Bikes Best Triple Team — 1 Debbie Martin, John Martin and Curtis Garfield, Hon Hen. Holly Smith, fion. Men. Mike CampbelL Cats Largest — Jan Poling, 2 Lynn Harlan, 3 Joan Williams, Hon. men. Shirley Pcnacho. Smallest with eyes open — 1 Fleming Oliver, 2 Charles Kiel, 3 Mark Riedler, Hon. Men. Nan-, cy Sullivan, Robert Trajillo. Most beautiful — 1 Craig Moreland, 2 Paul Barich, 3 David Holliday, Hon Men. Sharon Hoeks, Robbie and April Hodson. Longest hair — 1 Karen Ru mohr, 2 Shirley Penacho, 3 Paul Barich, Hon. Men. Sharon Hoeks, Jan Poling. Largest family — Charles Kiel, 2 SUcy Doney and Mark Riedler, Hon. Men. Bill i.oen- horst Best dressed — 1 Jayme Crowder, 2 Bonnie Poling, 3 Sandra Whitner, Hon. Men. Cinday Junkin, Tom Vogt-Nilsen. Most unusual — 1 Donna Bryan, 2 Linda Burton, 3 Stacy Doney, Hon. Men. Nancy Kiet Paul Barich, Dolores Lopez. Rabbit* 1st prize went to Frances Wunderlich. Guinea Pigs 1st prize went to Steve Stan difer. Horses Ponies rider boy — 1 Greg Dees. 2 Mike Jacinto, 3 Larry Lovelady. Ponies rider girl — 1 Pat Spl- va. Riders costume boys — 1 Scott Riedler, 2 Steve Lessack. Riders costume girls — 1 Gail GUbert 2 Jackie Oay. 3 Christine Lloyd, Hon. Men. Frances Clay and Ann Shannon. Western boys — 1 Brace Gilbert, Larry Sair, 3 Mike Carlson. Western girls — I Patricia Neuman, 2 Nella Allen, 3 Don na Newby, Evan Ash, Marsha Sewell, Lea Scott, Chris Berit til, Elaine Lord. Unusual girls — 1 Bev Rothenberger, 2 Kathy Bomo, 3 Heidi \VhiUock, Hon. Men. Hafly McCririe, Meg MiUburn, Pat Crow. Dogs Longest tail — 1 Carl Kienow, Barbara Radford, 3 Greg Aucott, Hon. Men. Dickie Mc Cririe. Shortest tail — 1 Sussanna Lloyd, 2 Barbara Pinney, : Brenda Smith. Best dressed — Candy Au cotte 2, Brace Southern, 3 Bobby Miller. Most comically dressed — 1 Ana MottweOer, 2 Paula Owen, 3 Kelly Dunn, Hon Men. Lina Sair. Longest ears ~ Tom Mont fbrt, 2 Connie Juel, 3 lisa Johnson, Hon. Men. Greg Sbipman, Suzanna Wilmar. Most handsome — 1 Jean McCall, 2 Ricky Byer, 3 Don Ran Enrollment for the sonuner maaths is now tmderway, it was announced at this week's meeting of the Bedlands Day Nursery board of directors. Tliere are several openings in the six, seven and dght year old gronp, it was reported Park trips and swimming proj ects are under discussion. Volunteers are needed to as sist wiUi transportation for library trips during the summer months as well as volunteers to help photograph the children for a Mother's Day project being planned. Jack Beaver outlined plans for painting -and re-decorating the interior of the building. Mrs. George Dilthey, execu tive director, reported that the nursery was open 22 days during March with an average daily attendance of 85. Enrollment fig ure for the end of the month was 103, she said. Eighty one families were represented. Appreciation was expressed for the generous donation of $50 from Iota Tau chapter of Beta Sigma Phi for the purchase of a record player. Receipt of $835 was announced from the Sponsor Fund drive and memorial fimd gifts were reported in me mory of Mrs. W. G. Craig and Mrs. Hugh McCullough. Board members present were Mr. Beaver, Larry Hendon, Dave Murphy and Mrs. Lynn P. Walker, president; Mmes. Chris D. Barnes, Frank E. Bishop, Arnold Boogher, William J. Klausner, Donald Leonard, Elmer C. Parks, L. J. SUberberger, WU- Uam E. Silverwood and L. A. Watts. TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or appliances will find a ready market through Qassified Ads. PICTURES ARE WONDERFUL and A4n. Ada S. Morsman and Harold Erikson are showing their work from the Adult School's class in Photography which meets on Wednesday from 7-9:30 P. M. in room 23 under the capable guidance of Ben Hallberg who produced all these pictures. These two pictures were chosen by the class as the top choices of a clos* contest in portrait lighting. (Photo by Ben Hallberg) Yucaipa Adult Education night planned Monday Highlighting Public Schools Week, April 20 to 24, Uie Yu caipa Adult Education department has designated Monday, April 20, as Adult Education Night. Classes will be open to visitors from 7 to 8 p.m. A display of talents will be held in Uie H. S. Gym from 8 to 9:30 presenting the products of students from the Art classes. Lapidary, Rugmaking, Shop projects and Photography. A short concert by the H. S. Choirs will be given in the gym as the feature of the Assembly Hour. During the entire week, visitors will be welcomed in all the Adult Education classes which will be held according to schedule: Monday from 7-S, April 20, Art, rm. 20; Auto Shop, rm. 3; Our Best Defense Against Communism, 43; Public Speaking, 28; Sewing and Dressmaking, 46; Beginning Spanish, 41. Tuesday, April 21, from 79:30: Creative Writing, 34; Real Estate Law In California, 33; Intermediate Spanish, 41; U. S. History, 44; First Aid, 23. Wednesday, April 22, from 7'9:30: Home Gardening and Design, 33; Photography, 23; Woodshop, 17; Physical Fitness for Women, Cafeteria (7:308:30). Thursday, April 23, 2-5 p.m.: Rugmaking in the Calimesa Elementary Auditorium; Rugmak­ ing, 20. from 7-10 p.m.: Jewelry and Lapidary, 22; Real Estate Appraisal, 32; Typing, 34; Van Leuven house scene of fdlowsbip Tbe Idftorie Ansoo Vaa Lea- Ivcn iMiise oo Mt View Boad at Cotton wood row has beca-a famSy home, a private ICIMMI and now it is tbe home and of- Ifice of Tbe Great Shepberd JOnistiy. Verona aad Arthor Ontzen. who cooduet the ministry, bars anaaged an an day Christ Fel- lowsbip Meeting April 25, Saturday, at the First Assembly of God Church, 1202 Orange street According to Mrs. Outzen "Hie Great Shepherd" Ministry Is mdenominational, claiming to timeGoa only to lift up Christ and to call for fellowship and ministry in tbe mii^ of hia spirit On tbe following day, Sunday tbe 26th, and on following Sundays at 1:30 Mrs. Outzen spec* iai services featuring Mrs. Outzen will be held. The Great Shepherd Ministry, Mrs. Outzen explains, has a chain of prayer and is the publisher ' of Christian literature. Also, it conducts a special project of fellowship and prayer in churches and works with min- listers In revival and instrae- tion. along tbe Unes of the prophetic ministry. First Aid, 23. Friday, April 24. 9-12:30 a.m.: Basic Art at the Women's Qub: 2-4 p.m.: Retirement Planning, Calimesa Elementary School, room 12. Visitors are cordially invited to visit each of these events, to see for themselves the interests and achievements of the Adults of Yucaipa Valley, according to Don Kelly, coordinator. SELL IT TOMORROW Witii low • cost Classified Ads deslice, Hon. Men. Judy Howard, Susie Jacinto. Lcmgest bair — 1 Barbara Radford. 2 Kristea Schmidt, 3 Brian Poe, Hon. Men. Kathy CoDey. Shortest hair — 1 Christine MeCriiJe, 2 DarIa Grove, 3 Patty Paricer. Hob. Hen. Laurie Wincber, Daws Baoderslice. Cutest pup — 1 Pam Diets and Laurie Hardy. 2 Walker SmiUj, 3 Debbie Dieb, Hon. Men. Dennis Morris, Dianne Goldwasser. Largest dog — 1 Donald Rad tke, 2 Jean McCall, 3 Paul Mayer, Hon. Men. Julia Hart, Eleanor Craig. Smallest full grown — 1 Hen. ry Laughrey, 2 Lauri Wincher, 3 Roger Stein, Hon. Men. John Millar. Pairs or family — 1 Joe and Jackie Peflca, 3 Keik Plata, Buddie Leeiea, 3 DebUa and Terry Dahl and Gary DahL, | LARGE FAMILIES WITH LIMITED BUDGETS n WA ^r ^ED FOR STEALING TODAY'S BEST BUY IN HOMES. Ci LAST SEEN "CASING" A 3 OR 4 BEDROOM HOME LIKE THAT PICTURED HERE, n WITNESSES TESTIFY TO OBVIOUS PLEASURE OF SUSPECTS WHENEVER SIGHTED IN AREA MARKED ON MAP BELOW, n ALL RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS ARE URGED TO VIEW THE EXHIBITS IN EVIDENCE AT THE FURNISHED MODELS IN VIRGINIA CITY VILLAGE. f-l— t=l ' DOUBLE ENTRY DCX)R SLATE ENTRY LOG LIGHTERS BUILT IN BARBECUE ELECTRIC CAN OPENER AUTOMATIC DISH WASHER '5& 100% CONTINUOUS FILAMENT NYLON CARPETING (CHOICE OF COLORS) PANTRIES CERAMIC TILE COUNTER TOPS V NU-TONE FOOD CENTER ^ BUILT IN RANGE AND OVEN FORCED AIR HEATING LAUNDRY AREA DINING ROOM UP TO 2400 SQUARE FEET OF LIVING AREA $23,500 to $27,500 DOWN PAYMENT AS LOW AS $1200 mmik CITY mm FURNISHED MODELS SHOWN FROM 10 TO DUSK DIAL 797.9153

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