Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 18, 1963 · Page 20
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 20

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1963
Page 20
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20 Qotesbufq Ridlstcr-Moll, Goltsburo t 111, Thursday, July 18, 1963 WELL,X AGREE, BUT WHEN I CHUCK FULL, or LUCK FROM CHECKERBOARD SQUARE Radio and Television THURSDAY, JULY 18 WHBF-Channel 4 San Francisco Bear "Phony Witness Case." Local News. Walter Cronklte New*. Post of the Post. Fair Exchange. Perrv Mason. TwUiRht Zone. The Nurses Jim Koch News. Weather Snow Sports Final. Tn;ht rope : "AehlUes and H\. Heels." Theatre 4: "Port of Hell." 5:00 6:30 5:45 6:00 t> :;to 7 :1X1 fl-.OO 0 :00 10:00 10:10 10-15 in.:ui 1 1 :00 WOC-Channcl 6 5~':> Sports Real. 5-.SO News. 5:40 Weather. 5:45 Hunttoy-BrtnlUey Report i> 00 Flinistones. 6.:io GoinK My Way. 7:30 Dr Klldare. •H::t0 Hazel 9.00 The Work! of Maurice Che\ .llier." 10:00 Charles Leonard News. 30:10 Weather. 10-15 Kd Zaek Sports Reel. 10 L'O Comment—Bill Gress. •I0;:u> Tomeht. 1" oo Sicn Off Headlines. WTVU-CJumtwl 19 6 00 Sea Hunt. 5.H0 Newstieat 5 4j Ron Coehf-m News. ti tX) Mr Toyman t> :;o O.vio and Harriet: "David's l ..i \s iHiuc." 7:00 Donna Jieed Show: "The Make-Oxer Man." 7:30 Leave it to Heaver "The Panv Spoiler." 8:00 Mv I'hree Sons "Goiup Steadv." 830 .Mellale's Navy "Send Us a Hero " 0.00 Premiere. Presented by Kred AM .a re: "Mr. l.ueiter." 10XX) News 60 10:01 M So.iud. "Jeopardy by Fire " 10:30 Hollywood^ Fuusl. "Kddte Cantor Story." 12:15 Eveni..g Inspirational. WMRD-Channel 31 ©:00 WMHO News <i:10 Weather Window. t>:15 CBS News 6:30 Fair Exchange. 7 IX) Perrv Mason K IX) Twilight Zone. i> uO The Nurses 10:00 WMBD New* 10:15 Weatherscope 10-W Start on Sports JO.-30 The late Show: ' Ma.ia:-.c 15 atte •: t'.y." 13:15 At Dav's fcjio WFEK-Chamiel 43 S '30 Saperear: "Sunken Temple " 6 :00 Local N«jw» 6:10 Weather #.15 HunUcy-JSraiJUey. 6:30 The Wide Country: "Cvv from the Mountain." 7:30 Dr. Kildare: "The Soul Killer." •8:30 Hazel: "Hazel's Day Off." S1-.0O World of Bob Hope. 10:00 Harrison ana the News.. 10:15 Weather 10:20 Gordon Joyner on Sport*. •10:30 Tonifiht Show. 12*0 Evening Meditation. •—Denotes Colorcast. Station WGIL, Radio 1400 KUocycUs THURSDAY fi.00 News. t!:05 Public Service Show. (1:35 Music. 7:00 News. 7:05 World Todav. 7:40 White Sox vs. Tigers. Ul-.ix Nmhtcap News 10:15 Music Till Midnight 11:55 News New* on the Hall Hour I 0 ti ti ti 0 7 7 7 7 7 7 15 H 8 H 9 <) 1) 11 10 10 10 11 11 11 11 11 12 12 12 12 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 b 6 FRIDAY Wake Up Show News. Wak Up Show. Farm Fare Program. Wake UP Show Robert St. John Reporting. News Weather Forecast. Snorts Scoreboard. Wake Up Show. Local News. Morning Show News. Weather Forecast. Notes on Modern Living. What's New in Pink & Blue. News. Bulletin Board. Uncle Harry. Morning Melodies. News Music. Problems and Solutions. News. Morning Melodies. Trading Post. Farm Adviser Program. Noon Day Devotions. Noon Farm Markets and News. U.S Weather Forecast. Local News. Music News. 1400 Club. News. Fulton Lewis Jr Music Snorts Parade \\ all Street Report. Weather New* Capital Assignment. Music World Today. Music White SON vs Red Sox. Nightcap News Music Till Midnight. News. iew »_on _Jhe_Hall Hour Station WATK, Radio 15S0 Kliocyclts OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With IWr. Hoop<* 1 HATE TO 6>PO\L A BEAUTIFUL MORtf IN6, BUT X HAME: To WARM, EYEf2.VON -£~~3AK6 HOOPLE \i COMING/ LISTEN. To THIS *TELL TH£ BUTCHER TO -SEMD OWER NQTWrA' BUT TOP COTS -*~-X'M FLY/NGIN LOADED MAYBE HE l 6 AT THAT, FOR A CHANGE.' THET ONLY PLYfNi&X EVER KNEW (-KM. TO'DO WAS OUT OF A CAR. 3AK&•. 71 ON! THE END OF ; A RAILROAD •DICK '6 eoor! fvv. 6f\MB Otp 3AKE-— ! NERVY . PEDDLE SrJAKE OIL. i REMEDIES AT A CONWEMTlOCsl / 5 :V^> n-is ,T Ml • <5 ?AKe MAKES A LASTING IMPRESSION $ OM PEOPLE;* 3 t>:15 c .."'5 7:10 8:15 8i'5 FRIDAY Sicn On Neus Headlines Illinois Farm Report. Ne.vs Aiouno Lha World. Local News. Speak'.tis of Sports Astrosuicer PJI ;1 ILiivey New*. Local News Weather Watcfc. Hofipuai Notes. 8:30 8:S5 9:00 9:55 10:00 10:45 10:55 11:00 11:05 .1:30 11:45 11>55 12 -M 12^0 12 :30 12:55 1:00 ! .I'D 1:5o 2:0i) 2:05 •2 :30 2:45 2:55 3 -Oil i > 4 00 4 :10 4 :20 4:30 4 :55 5xX) 5:15 5-4i> 5.55 o .'t> t- -5 i3 t ; ' 5 Viewpoint. ABC News . Breakfast Club. ABC News Loeal News. Town Crier. ABC News. Local News. Tradio. View. oint. Things That Grow. ABC News. Omnicast-News. Farm Markets. Paul Harvey News. ABC News News. Flair Reports. .vBC News Local News Show 'lime on Broadway. Viewpoint. lown Crier ABC News Local News New Neighbor. Kl.ur Reports. BwtiS. ABC News Local News Radio Camera Club. Farm Markets. Viewpoint ABC News. local News. Sports Round-up l'om Harmon Sports ABC News Local News V. •.:: Reports. Viewpoitu ABC News S.^r Oil j l\o\d l\nwv<ou. at the J-i. Kvame tlic uor!d'> yoiin^it |hta\yut'ight bo\uig champion. Rogers Family At Yates City YATES CITY - A family get- together of the Rogers family was held at the Harvest Home Park Sunday with a picnic dinner. Spending tiie day were^ Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Christy and Dean of Columbia, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jones of Davenport, Mrs. K. H. Ayres. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Poole. Carol and Susan and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bantz and family of Galesburg. Miss Susie Healing of Peoria: Mrs. Matiie Gentle, Mrs. Louis Higgs, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Quinn. Nancy, Kent and Mary and Mrs. Mary Christy of Farmingtoii: Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Swartzbaugh of Hernion: Mrs. , A!!i<? Foster. M>-. and Mrs. Earl I Qainn and Mr and ?.lrs. Fred 1 Tavlor. Susan and Sarah of F!m.uHxi: and Mr. and Mrs. G'.cn Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Roc- Mrs. Edna Banu. Mr. and Mrs. Fund Seltzer and Ro'hn i Bant and Everett of Yates City. t KMOW tt WAS mn soy, st R«A am mitt QUtt PROPetltRf CAPfAIM RAMAU5H6ULP' W FjR«.lF ft 7 THATt2>TH5LA6T TIMB we evas vieir FOG A (W WHO ADMITS H£ HADN'T &EEN Meioe AVOTINO BOOTH <3!KIC0 THg LAN PON- ^ooeeveLT eLecmoHG.... f|A*y WATCHED ALL NIGHT FOR A CHANCE TO 0UMP A GUARP, BUT THEY ARB TOO ALERT. THBM AT PAWNu. FASTER I I AM EAGER TO, 5EE THAT GOLP-H0N0RI0J COME 8ACK..V0U FORGOT TO LOAP My PACK'. BUT A* THE HEAVY PACK IS APPBP TO HI5 MORMAI 1.0A0. THE LLAMA USES HIS,PBPBN5E ASAIN5TANI5b ...&PITT1WS A FOUL 5MELLIW3 LIQUIP 0JJ HI5 VICTIM... NELSON * SHRINKA- PELLER, SCIENTIST FROM THE AMAZON, ARRIVES IN WASHINGTON IF YOU'RE WORR1EP N ABOUT ANPffOS/KIKU FORGET Hi HE'S ALIVE,, IT WAS ALL AN UGLY SCHEME BY GRECO TO MARKV YOUR AAAAWA AUNNA,,, PUT HOBOUY'5 60M& TO BOTHER HER,,, OK YOU,,, FROM NOW OH J COME, BOY,„ WE'. GOING HOME / ao o YOU MUST BE A MAGICIAN, ALL RIGHT, TO RIPE A THING ^UKE THIS^ THERE'S NOTHING TO IT, , REALLYT, EVEN \OU COULt>f„.GO ON, RIPE IT AS WELL AS I ME?? OH,NO.< NO INPEEP/

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