Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 17, 1964 · Page 13
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 13

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 17, 1964
Page 13
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Quick, Henry, WAIT! Pesticides ore a boon to mm and have sared tfnai- onds of Ihres and prevented millions of illnesses says the Agriculture Department. But they ore also 6ao- gerous if used indiscriminately. Improper spraying has brought death to fish, birds, wildlife and people. In case of occidentol contact with pest-killing poiMn, tfca skin should be washed immediately with soap and wo> ter. Eyes hit by spray require flushing wth water for 15 minutes. If poison is taken internally, use the antidotes listed on the container. And call a doctor. 6. Pesticides an mode to kill specific weeds Don't spray aitnlessljr. Oniv those ptantt and insects. Use tiie right one in the pre* effected by porasites should be sprayed. Kribed quantity. Be ca re f u I. Lawn ond flewen coulo be damaged. Don't Spray When Pets Are Loose Weor Gloves, Prefect Hondt Your hands are net tough enough to with* stand the poisonous assault of a pesticide. Protect them. And remove sprayed doth* ing innediatdy. Keep Pesticides From Children Cats and dogs may be affected—some- C h i I d r e n con get their hands into ony- times fatally — by pesticides. Keep pets thing — including pesticides. Keep your indoon when you spray. weed-killers in locked cabinets. Wosh Fruits and Vegetables Even thoBoh most fruits and vegetables are free of poisonous residue, you should wash thera thoroughly before eating. Few helpful tips on weed control Chemical compounds for killing weeds are in two broad categories: selective aad son-selective. Tlie selective types kUl weeds bat do not injure desir-| able plants when used as spec i&ed. Non-selecUve types kill all kinds of vegetation. The latter has some advantages: cheaper, more available and more effective. But where crops or garden plants are involved, the selective kinds must be used. One of the most effective and lowest cost non-selective weed killers is diesel fuel oil. This isn't to be confused with automotive diesel oil or Diesel No. 1, which are more highly refined and less toxic to plants. Diesel fuel oil may be used most effectively in open areas such as mider trees, on vacant lots, along roadways, fence^ lines, parking areas and along, drainage ditches. It kills grasses and all kinds of weeds Use diesel oil in a sprayer of any she suitable to the job. It is used straight, without any dUution. All surface areas of the plants to be killed must be covered thoroughly with enough material being applied to run down into the crown of the plant. Other non-selective weed kill ers are smudge-pot oil, stove oil, kerosene distUlate and certain low-grad oils. Petroleum manufacturers have developed some of their waste products with other materials toxic to plants and call them Weed Oils. Tliese are especially effective in destroying such hard to kail grasses as Bermuda grass and Johnson grass. Selective weed killers are such compounds as 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T. These will kill only cer- tarn broad leaved plants but won't harm grasses. And a chemical called dowpon will kill grasses only and won't harm broad leaved plants. These selective weed killers zRedlands Daily facta Friday, Apr. 17, 1964-13 must be used with extreme caution because of then: long range of toxicity. For example, a strong gust of wind at the wrong time can carry killing spray drifts.for several hund-, red feet. The selective killers are to be mixed with water, and should be tised in sprayers not nsed Ifor any other purpose because even minutes amounts when mixed with insecticides can prove toxic to certain plants. Follow the printed directions on the labels exactly. CHEMICAL CbNTROU Unfortunately, few of us art perfect gardeners, so we need to use chemicals for disease and pest control occasionally. But it is important for the long range good of the garden not to overdo a good thing. Redlands CUSTOM STYLED k*/ 4 & 5 BEDROOM HOMES COMPLETELY AIR CONDITIONED OAKRIDGE Located in prestige Country Club Area from 26,750 m\h Low !)own OAKRIDGE feoluring: WAU TO WAU CARPETINS • lUMINOOS CEILINGS • BUIIT IN KANGE & OVEN • DlSPOSAl • DISHWASHER • 4 & 3 EED- ROOMS • SHAKE ROOK • STONE, JlilCIC & WOOD EXTERIORS. MODEL HOME MODEL HOME Opefl ID 0. ffl. • 5 p. m. Phone 793-2668 BALANCED POWER Built In Toppan gos range and even, buiit-in dithwothtr. Q DlRECnONSi Eoif on fntway •o Tori Stmt OH-ttaap. Turn right end up th* hill on Oak St. to FrtinUih ond th* Modil Home et 372 FronUin. BEDROOM - Ttie Battles daughter, Cheryl, hat this light room. This Is The Week Another planting of gladiolus can go In tiow. And put in your dahlias if you haven't done so as yet. Nearly all of your plants will want a feeding now. Ask a member of the California Association of Nurserymen to give you advice en special feeding problems. Otherwise, plants respond beautifully to almost any complet* plant food. Roses na«d plenty of water to produce the mnimum bloom. Soak them deeply enee a week, a little eftener if your soil it vary sandy. Fuchsias sheuld be pinched back frequently te ancourago bushlnoM and new wood that will bear blooms. Lift and divide cannat. And set ovt pantie* and violas for almost inttant color. C. A. N. nurseriaa hav* the plants ready te set out. STRETCHING WASHINGTON (UPI) - By spring, men will be wearing stretch cotton shirts and slacks, 'predicts the U. S. Department of Agriculture utilization research section. Set Out DIanthus Set out dianthus in light toil, in fun sun. It is good to work some agricultural lime or gypsum into the ground first. Just dust enough over to "flour" the planting area. HOBIES OF EINDURING STYLE... in the country club area of Redlands! SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified Ads I^AKRIDGE fxcfosfre Safes Agwfs Babcock Realty 302 East Stat* St., Radknids Office Phone: 793-2613 For Results Use Facts Classified Ads WEEK-END SPECIAL • PORTABLE STEREO RECORD PLAYER • Separate Speakers • Including Microphone Regular $12».*S KUITE'S DISCOUNT SAIES ft SERVICE i\9 W. CollMi cpp. Calhewi I PRESIDENT (^)HOMES LIVE LUXURIOUSLY...WITHIN MINUTES OF NORTON MISSILE CENTER! Compare! Omr Iiomes are second-t(hnone for quality, location and value! Hefriger;^ Air Conditioning ic Insulated walls & ceilings ic AU-electrickitcIfins 'k 5«?epff remote control lighting ic Dncta & outlets for easy addition of flb& Built-in Vacnnmacaning System -k Lots fam 14,000 to 20,000 square feet * Streets, codbs, ^tre^Ugltti, sewers, parbray trees in and paid fori Famished modds open lla .iB .tiUdusk! SALES AGENTS: CHARLES C. PARKER - REALTOR - PHONE: 792-1054^ 41S tOitms • Famliy Hooias BtaiBfRmis • Wet Bars • Hobby lQ0W*2Vil.3baths Custom qvudity TOtely available inihe »33,000 to *37j000 fTicehracket. Excellent Terms & Financing- H AnoeMrMId4Manok< Andenon DewtiQptnti* Tate Orann St ttmoft' Conttaw straight ahead to 'ttaip Strat (-D9ndniB".Tani rl»tfcnwrOriiSt -Ci»a5b .4rtw St, ilBDtt IB eubi of Redbwii ORBby CML Tin Wt M Matpeato Oairtrm DrimltaUtkJMdtli I

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