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Standard-Speaker from Hazleton, Pennsylvania • Page 8

Hazleton, Pennsylvania
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8 Hoileton Standard-Speaker, Thursday, August 8, 1974 Le Roy Busy With Its Problems didn't start over a light bulb at and unoccupied buildings dot LE ROY, Iowa (AP) It started over a light bulb. Or the streets. There a general store and blacksmith shop on T. Dorsey's Famed Band Is lie-Activated; Big Band Trend Gains Great Momentum maybe it was a dog. It split the town of Le Roy the main street.

State Auditor Lloyd Smith ar or maybe it's LeRoy into factions which have been feud rived this week in Le Roy local residents say the town's ing so bitterly for more than a name is one word, but maps and U.S. Directory of Post Offices list it as Le Roy to de all," he said. "It started over a dog the former mayor's dog." He didn't elaborate, and neither did anybody else. The council, however, approved payment of $4.50 expenses to Gehlhaar for a recent trip to Leon to testify for the town in a "dog case." "You lost. You're not entitled to anything," snapped a specta-tor.

"Look, lady, I'm entitled to expenses," Gehlhaar replied, "and the law says I'm entitled to 15 cents a mile." "But it's only 15 miles to liver an audit of the town's books, helping to help clear the air. Smith presented the audit at year that the Decatur County sheriff has been assigning a deputy to Town Council meetings to assure order. While national headlines tell of impeachment and the economy, Le Roy, population 42, is busy with its own problems. Like the farmers who plowed up a street to plant corn. And the payment of $4.50 in expense money to the mayor.

The town is like many com a council meeting Monday attended by 36 persons. The deputy sheriff, a gun on his hip, kept watch. As the meeting progressed, Mrs. F.D. Hayward, wife of the fQ(f 1 lift 1) afW fl Ik Leon," objected the lady.

former mayor who resigned to "You're asking for 30 miles." "I'm entitled to the round munities, once served by a now-gone railroad, vacant lots By PHIL SARXO 'I've often been asked whether I thought the big bands would ever make a comeback? "You know what my reply was? The big bands are back and going tronger than ever," said the genial maestro of the re-activated Tommy Dorsey orchestra, 59-year-Old Murray McEachcrn. The famed musical aggregation cf the late trombone swinging Tommy Dorsey a brother of the also noted late saxophone specialist Jimmy Dorsey, had been out of existence the past eight years. The Dorseys were natives of Lans-ford. After Tommy's death, the band continued under the baton of Warren Covington and then Sam Dono-hue. Then the band became inactive and the musical library was in storage at the Dorsey Estates In Miami Beach, Fla.

"I negotiated a deal for exclusive use of the library and the trip," rejoined Gehlhaar. "Once I'm there, I have to get back. don't The audit made a few sugges Parents Must tions about the handling of town funds, which in 1973 total-pH $2,332 in receipts and $1,935 enter, military service in 1973, that during her husband's term the council promised to put a "security light" in front of an elderly resident's home. She said the present mayor, Max Gehlhaar, has vetoed council action to put up the light, and the council can't muster the necessary two-thirds majority to override the veto. "Do vou mean to sav that Take Daughter in expenditures.

On the whole, it said. Town Clerk Harlan Har- vey had done a good job of keeping the books. To Court PHILADELPHIA (AP) A Harvev wasn't on hand, how- ever. Gehlhaar said Harvey re-signed as town clerk and his fVii'o iirknla fsturn 1c all chnnlr im I federal judge has ordered "the wife quit" as town treasurer the afternoon before Smith got there. about one light bulb?" asked Smith.

No, replied Gehlhaar. "This THE BIG BAND RETURNS After being out of existence for eight years, the soothing rhythms of the famed Tommy Dorsey Orchestra is back on the American scene led by Murray McEachern. The Sinatra-type vocalist is young Steve Smith. The band was reactivated last April 28 and has been booked solid for many months, the leader reports. parents of a 19-year-old woman, suspected of being abducted for forced political "deprogramming," to appear with daughter at a court hearing band name and Mrs.

Jane Dorsey agreed feeling that her late husband would have wanted his band to continue indefinitely. "I have a firm two-year contract and I have an option to renew it if I decide to continue," said next week. CONCRETE RE.BARS the maestro. The estate, naturally, The whereabouts of the and her parents, from sub group there before and they have a long way to go to catch up with your band. So this was quite en-heartening to see people of this young age group enjoying big band music." gets a fine royalty for exclusive use of the name and music.

urban Bryn Mawr, have been unknown since she was reportedly taken away against her will last month. Murray said "there's an old saying that kids rire finally catching on. Closeness is only good in horseshoes, hand grenades and old-fashioned dancing." As for announcers who only play Rock and Roll music, Murray remarked, "I hope they're saving their money." He apparently mean't they are not going any place In life but will remain at a standstill. "There are 3,300 arrangements and if we wanted to carry them all with us we would need two U.S. District Judge John P.

Fullam issued a writ of habeus Murray plays the alto sax and trombone and was the trombone soloist for Benny Goodman's Band, later with Glen Gray's Casa Loma orchestra and Harry James band. "Tommy Dorsey who then had AND moving vans plus our bus. So we pick out the ones we decide to play and take them along on our corpus Tuesday, instructing Mr. Mrs. Benjamin Rose- shiman to produce their daughter, Gail.

tour. We carry about 250 selec his own band was a good friend of tions," he stated. "It would take mine and we often went together about five nights to play those." Members of the National Caucus of Labor Committees (NCLC), a political organ-! to see ball games on off nights. About three weeks before the During World War II, I was in the Army with Major Meredith Wilson band was re-activiated on Apri 28 of this year, Murray held au in the Armed Forces Radio Service. I was director of two of his ization, claimed the girl was taken away for a three-hour deprogramming session with Theodore Ted Patrick.

NCLC is seeking an injunction to prevent Patrick from further interfering with di tions in California, Wichita, Kan gas City, Toronto, New York City 14 shows a week." i fir Sr 11 IV I Reinforcing Wire Mesh 38 THRU 2" DIA. RE-BARS MESH6x6x 1010 MESH 6x6 88 MESH6x6x 66 MESH6x6x 44 CONCRETE RE-BARS FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY STOCK SIZES CUT TO LENGTH WITH JOB DRAWINGS ON RE-BARS New London, Philadelphia, How did the reactivation of Tom Miami Beach and Indiana. my Dorsey's orchestra come about? "Jane Dorsey had been talking "I listened to several players in all of those areas and I picked what I thought was the cream of the crop," he explained. "These to me during the past 10 or 12 years about taking over the band. I was quite engrossed in my work in "I liked all the big bands I played with and I could not pick any favorite one.

All of it has been such a wonderful experience. "As far as I'm concerned with big band music it is only on sound and it's damn good. It's called belly-rubbing music. Quality will always remain," the maestro concluded in this interview at the Picasso Resort lounge, White Haven, where the 17-piece orchestra played recently. And it was through the interest of General Manager Joe Monahan that the big bands are coming to this area once again.

Joe has booked more topnotchers in Sammy Kaye, Russ Morgan and Guy Lom-bardo during the remainder of the year at the Picasso, where older dancers revive memories and boys and girls learn to hold each other on a dance floor instead of gyrating as individuals. Gail's constitutional rights. Patrick has been in the national spotlight since he allegedly kidnaped members of the radical Children of God religious sect, "deprogramming" them and then returning them to their parents. Hollywood, which over the past 25 years has been in association with motion pictures," he stated. "I did most of Frank Sinatra's re fine young musicians.

"These aren't lads who play two or three chords on a guitar and call themselves musicians. These are thorough musicians. They can play symphony, or opera, swing or rock, or anything," he pointed out. records, Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald's records, Peggy Lee and others and I did the Red Skel- ton Show with the David Rose or METAL PRODUCTS CO 33 HANOVER W-B 18703 PHONE 717-825-8794 chestra for 19 years and Bonanza for 14 years. 60TH BIRTHDAY IMPORTANT HONG KONG To the Chinese, the 60th birthday is the most important in a person's life, since 60 years represents a full cycle in the lunar calendar.

"One of our members, trumpeter "I also did the trombone play- THE NEW MAESTRO Murray McEachern, talented trombone and also saxophone player, who was featured In many outstanding movie and TV musicals during the past 25 yeart, has taken over and re-activated the Tommy Dorsey orchestra. IV) is shown at the Picasso Inn wth Social Director Lee Pope, where the group performed recently. Harry Beller comes from Allen ng in Bob Hope Specials, and for town. We are going to lose three Jimmy Stewart in 'The Glen Miller Story' and 'In Paris Blues' which or four of our players next month when they return to college to re than I did in school and I answered, Yes he starred Paul Newman and featured Duke Ellington's orchestra. So all sume their musical studies.

Other ton's Orchestra and after that, Murray said, "I just never got back to school. "I saw 27 of 'the 28 shows at the of this took up quite a bit of my time. Imperial Theatre in Toronto that After being in one place so long, week and when I went back to it like at your age to be on Dorsey really never pre school next week, I was called in sented a deal that interested the road again? "Fascinating! But it's damn tir me." Murray explained, "so af to the principal's office. He shouted, 'Where were you last "I figured there was no sense ter the Bob Hope Specials, Red ing I'll tell you that," Murry emphasized. "We're booked solid on Skelton Show and Bonanza went off I offered a proposal to Jane in lying so I told him I was down one-nighters.

But, we're going to in the Imperial Theatre and he' take a two-month vacation. We're and she readily accepted. So, here I am." wanted to know what I was doing i going to take off from December there. I said Duke Ellington's or 15 to January 15 and a whole month off later in the year" the chestra was there. The bearded maestro, now hails band leader asserted.

from Redman, left school at the age of 13. when he got the "The principal asked As for more young people danc if I there thought I learned ing to the big band sounds now, opportunity to hear Duke Elling- more than that we do not have many turnovers. I'm proud of each and every one of them." When asked if certain type of groups come out to hear this one-night performance, Murray said "this is not the case. "We had a beautiful concert in Scranton's Memorial football stadium several weeks ago and the place was just loaded with people from two years old to 90 years old. And there were standing ovations from all of the age groups.

"Which means that the young folks were hearing something they may have never heard before and the middle-age ones were hearing something that was taking them back 30 years. I think it was just a wonderful combination of audience participation. "And the interest is just as great In Texas as anywhere else. As a matter of fact, we played at the Chanute Air Base, 111., and that field is devoted principally to the training of aircraft mechanics, who range from 19 to 22 years of age. And they were screaming and hollering and having a wonderful time.

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37th Annual Reunion for Class of 1937 Plans for a class reunion dinner by the Hazleton High School Class of 1937 were completed last night when class officers and the dinner committee met at the offices of Palmer and Company in the Hazleton National Bank Building. The reunion will be held Saturday at Mussari's Sun Valley Restaurant. Route 309 North. Cocktails will be served at 6:30 p.m. with dinner at 7 p.m.

Dancing will follow the dinner. Reservations may be made with Jane (Walters) Moon at 455-1196 or after 5 p.m. with Magdellan (Yan-uzzi) Kerico at 454-5636. Charles Kerico is president of the class. Ben Matteo will serve as toastmaster.

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