Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on June 24, 1974 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, June 24, 1974
Page 9
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COUNTER TALK Kellie Bowman (left) and her AFS Australian sister, Diane Imrie. How do you quench that 110 in the shade thirst? Try these wsty refreshing thirst treats. If you're experimenting with fresh fruit, slice or squeeze fruits just before using. Otherwise they will lose color and flavor under refrigeration. Shaking drinks in ice? Watch out! Fifteen seconds add :t i ounce of water per drink. On the rocks? Crack the cubes of ice a little so they will blend faster. Tea-Fizz 1 i cup orange and spice- flavored iced tea mix 2'a cups cold water 1 quart cranberry-apple drink, chilled 2 bottles (7 ounces each) lemon-lime carbonated beverage, chilled ice cubes. Kellie Bowman Relates Australian Experiences Times Herald, Carroll, la. Q Monday, June 24, 1974 V Combine iced tea mix and cold water: stir until tea is dissolved. Add cranberry- apple drink. Just before serving, add carbonated beverage. Pour into tall glasses filled with ice or serve in a pitcher. Garnish with orange and apple slices. Makes about 2 quarts. Root Beer Candy Float 'a to -:i cup finely-crushed root beer hard candies 3 cups chilled milk 1 pint vanilla ice cream (more if desired) Assorted candy sticks Combine crushed candy. 2 cups milk and 'a cup of the ice cream in blender container. Beat until candy is dissolved. Stir in remaining milk. Pour mixture into serving glasses and top each with ice cream. Garnish with extra bits of root beer candy and a candy stick. Makes four servings. She lives in a city of about 9,600 with a corn field in her backyard now, but it wasn't long ago she lived in a city of three million and found kangaroos not far from her home. Seventeen-year-old Kellie Bowman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Bowman returned from a year as an American Field Service (AFS) exchange student in Australia at the height of the Australian summer to a January Iowa. Although VicePresident Agnew's resignation and various other political and domestic crises developed during her Australian stay, she felt well informed. "Australian newspapers were full of American news. So full of it people got sick of. reading it. she said. I read "Time" to check if Australian papers were exaggerating, and they weren't," she said. "The only time anyone bothered us about politics was at the airport when we first got there. There were reporters all over asking questions. One AFS student said he would talk. He told them we were students not politicians and that ended that,"she said. '" Kellie found many American products in Australia. Kraft, Coke and American cars were the norm. And although Australian gasoline needs are supplied by the Middle East, they were not experiencing an oil shortage or price extremes. Living in a suburb of Melbourne, a coastal city, with her AFS Australian family she was placed in tiV' fifth form of the Australian school system, which is equivalent to the American senior year of high school. Fifth form certification provides many job opportunities but the sixth form is required for university placement. Of the 150 students beginning the sixth form, only 20 finished and some did not pass government exams required to enter Australian universities. "There are few universities so they make it hard to get in," she said. What did she gain most from the experience? "People are the same no matter where you are." she said. "Americans believe Americans are great. Australians get tired of this attitude. The kids don't remember World War II and just think Americans are snobs. It costs more to travel to Australia. Often the tourists are rich, not the common people, or politicians and Australians get the wrong impression," Kellie said. Spending the next academic nrio^ and ims mM. Have you ever noticed how some light bulbs need to be replaced more often than others? Actually, there are several possible reasons why some bulbs seem to live longer. Too much heat will take life away from a bulb. When bulbs are exposed to air on all sides they stay cooler and thus tend to live longer than bulbs surrounded by their own heat in recessed or enclosed fixtures or those touching another surface. Excessive vibration can also shorten a bulb's life. A bulb situated near a motor driven appliance or a door that is opened and shut frequently, may burn out sooner than a bulb in a relatively vibration-free area of the home. All fixtures using bulbs have recommended wattage. A bulb with too much wattage'for the fixture will not only burn out faster, but could also ruin the socket. If you're getting disgusted with your lawnmowcr, go take a look at your snow shovel. Electricity has become such a commonplace part of our lives that we sometimes take it for granted and use it thoughtlessly. And when we do that, it can become dangerous from a safety standpoint. Used properly, electricity is perfectly safe, but remember these important safety tips: WHEN DISCONNECTING APPUANCKS from an outlet, always grasp the plug, not the cord. Your cords and plugs will last longer . . and so will you. IF A FUSE BURNS OUT because of a short circuit caused by a frayed cord or faulty appliance, be certain to correct the trouble before replacing it. And, when you do replace a fuse, always use the correct size. Never use too large a fuse and never use a penny in place of a fuse. If fuses burn out frequently, the trouble may be an overloaded circuit. When this happens, call a qualified electrician and have the circuit rewired to accommodate your present as well as future needs. CHECK ALL extension and appliance cords to make sure they are not worn or frayed. FOLLOW the manufacturers' instructions on proper use and care of your •appliances. If repairs are needed, have them done by a qualified repairman or authorized service representative. WHEN WORKING OUTSIDE the house, avoid contact with overhead power lines or exposed wires. DO NOT USE any appliances when you are in the bathtub or shower, when your hands are in water, or when you are standing in water or wet grass. MAKE SURE all portable tools and appliances are properly grounded before using. All the sleep anyone needs is just five minutes more. year in London at the University of London wiil be Kellie's next trans-Atlantic adventure. Through Central College in Pella, she was given this opportunity to gain first hand knowledge of government and foreign relations. Although many American style dishes are popular in Australia, including pizza and hamburgers. Australia's meat is lamb. Kelly found pavlova and beef and kidney pie her favorite Australian dishes. She spent many hours in the kitchen with her AFS mother and perfected the most Australian dessert - pavlova. Pavlova 4 egg whites Pinch salt l l/ 2 cups sugar 1 tbs. cornstarch 1 tsp. vanilla 1 tsp. vinegar Place egg whites in a bowl with the salt and beat until soft peaks form. Gradually add half the sugar, adding no more than a tbs. at a time. Beating half of the sugar should take about 15 minutes. Using a wooden spoon, fold in the remainder of the sugar. Quickly add the sifted cornstarch, the vinegar and the vanilla. Spread on a pavlova pan or a pizza pan which has been well greased and then sprinkled with one tbs. sifted cornstarch and one tbs. sifted powdered sugar. Small amounts sift better through a tea strainer. Bake at 300 degrees for 1 1 /\ hours. Cool, cover entire top of pavlova with cream, whipped and any fruit such as passion fruit, strawberries or bananas. Steak and Kidney Pie 2 sheep's kidneys or piece of ox kidney (optional) 2 Ibs. round or topside steak 2 onions 1% pints beef stock or water J /2 bayleaf 1 Ib. flaky or puff pastry (any pastry suitable for pie crust) Egg-yolk for glazing Peppermint Frosted Shake '•j to :l .i cup finely-crushed peppermint stick candy 3 cups chilled milk 1 pint vanilla ice cream (more if desired) Peppermint sticks, whole Combine crushed candy and milk in blender. Beat until candy is dissolved. Drop spoonsful of ice cream loosely into serving glasses and fill glasses with candy/milk mixture. Garnish with peppermint sticks and bits of chopped candy. Makes four servings. Skin, core, ana aice kidneys, cut steak into 1 inch cubes. Put into saucepan. Add stock, bayleaf and chopped onions, and simmer, covered, 1 to IVz hours or until meat is tender. Adjust seasoning. Thicken with a little blended flour. Pour into pie dish. If you want a rich dark color in the gravy, add 1 dessertspoon soy sauce. Roll out pastry to an oblong just larger than pie dish. Cut thin strips from ends and fit round moistened edge of dish. Brush pastry rim with water and place remaining pastry on top of pie. Press edges together, trim off excess pastry, using sharp knife. Make 2 slits in center to allow steam to escape. Glaze with beaten egg yolk. Stand dish on baking tray, bake at 475 degrees 20 to 25 minutes. Reduce heat to 375 degrees, bake further 25 to 30 minutes or until pastry is golden brown. Serves 6. Questions and Answers It's smart to save energy Question — Are there any booklets or pamphlets available which explain the Supplemental Security Income program? Answer — Contact your nearest social security office and ask for the pamphlet entitled "Supplemental Security Income for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled". This pamphlet explains the benefits and requirements under the SSI program. Question — I have been living alone in an apartment. I may move to my son's home in another State. How would this affect my Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payment? Answer — Since living in another person's household reduces the amount of the SSI benefit, you would have to notify your social security office promptly when you move. In addition to the change in amount of the benefit, your address would have to be changed. The change in amount and the change of address would be necessary whether you moved within this State or to another State, . . . and Thermador makes it easy lor you with a choice ol everything you need in one elegantly beautiful unit, combining: A MICROWAVE OVEN - cooks 4 times (aster and will save as much as 75% ol the energy required for conventional cooking. A STAY-HOT OVEN - to Keep everything warm 'til you're ready to serve. A SELF-CLEANING OVEN - tot use when conventional cooking is preferred - and, of course, it cleans il- sell. You can see - the energy you save isn't just electrical — it's yours, too. For Thermatronic Brochure, write: In PARKWAY PLAZA East Hwy. 30 & Vine St. Store Hours: 9:00-9:00 Monday-Friday 9:00-6:00 Saturday 1:00-6:00 Sunday 5149 Districl Blvd.. Los Angeles. Cal 90040 OPEN Wed. & Friday till 9 P.M. Sunday 1 P.M. to 5 P.M. RPPLIflnCE CENTER Don't Go To Work WEDNESDAY! You'M Save More Money Than You Can Could Make! WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26th Will Be the Best Day ef 1974 te Shep GIBSON'S IN CARROLL There's never a Bad Day to Shop Gibson's but Wednesday will be a Humdinger! On this day we will reduce prices and we really mean reduce...We've selected a big collection of items throughout the store...overstocked items, limited quanity items, discontinued items and are giving them to you at drastically reduced prices. Be Sure to Shop Gibson's Wednesday ... It Can Be One of the Nicest Days of Your Life! 12 HOURS ONLY! Wednesday, June 26 9 a.m.to9 p.m. NOW FOR SOME EXAMPLES OF WHAT WE MEAN BY "WEDNESDAY WILL BE A HUMDINGER". . . ALL SALE ITEMS ON DISPLAY IN PARKING AREA ONLY While Quantity Lasts — Sorry No Rain Check On This Sale $|50 99' $Q67 Rippon Good BON-BONS Reg. 89' Chocolate Covered CHERRIES m . Reg. 53' 4 f Of Lady Charlene CHOCOLATE Reg. Cfl0 ASSORTMENT *'-07 «JU 89' SNICKERS F"n Size 3 MUSKETEERS, Lb. bag MILKY WAY Reg. $1.23 Co/roll Miont 79J.J51S - Ink* Cilir Phone 4M-32II Waring HAND MIXER HM-83 Reg. $9.97 Waring BLENDER $ ?° 9 . No. C80A &No. CSOH Jeannette 26-Pc. PUNCH SET Incl. 8V2 qt. bowl, 12 cups, ladle Ray-O-Vac BATTERIES SALAD BOWL 5£T 7-piece $7.49 Value Magnetic or snap-on PLASTIC HAIR ROLLERS Reg. 77 Original MIRACLE BRUSH Removes lint, dandruff, dust, pet hair, etc. ?6 97 TRAVEL SUIT BAG TRAVEL DRESS BAG keg. $1.97 to $2.27 Choice Liquid of Tube COVER GIRL MAKE-UP Reg - $1 ' 47 SKINNY DIP BEAUTY TOTE 1 Spray Mist Cologne 1 Perfumed Tale D ^ *"••"' 1 Bubble Bath Keg. $4.67 %J 1 Tote Bag Lady Sunbeam Deluxe ELECTRIC SHAVER $19.00 Value $1Q99 IIA • *J Wide Selection of MEN'S AND WOMEN'S SHOES These shoes and sandals are good quality at fabulous low prices. Men's and Boys' SHIRTS PANTY HOSE and NYLONS at Greatly Reduced Prices at Greatly Reduced Prices Pkg. of 2 Power House FLASH LIGHTS 2 and 4 cell. Takes D size batteries. Values to $2.79 Helmac LINT PICK-UP ROLLER Ideal for those last minute touch-ups. $2.00 Value Bernomatic 18-pe. ALL PURPOSE TOOL SET Reg. $10.97 MANY, MANY MORE ITEMS WILL BE ON SALE DURING THIS ONE DAY 12 HOUR SALE. ALL SALE ITEMS WILL BE ON RACKS AND TABLES OUTSIDE THE STORE.

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