Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 16, 1928 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
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Tuesday, October 16, 1928
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v •' :<>!{,;• »', t • *•' *' Effective Competition Would Depress Wages And Farm Prices Boston, Oct. 16~-<AJP.)—Herbert Hoover struck cut *l the opposition hers !«*t night in a nrnnnsr uta- In his campaign for th« presidency, assalHni? in blunt tsrrns the tariff formula laid down in the democratic platform. Gpcaking to the country generally, but to Industrial New England In particular, the republican candidate declared that the adjustment of impost duties by the democratic formula of "effective competition" , would mean "a reduction of the tariff and » depression Sn American wages and American farm prices." "It means," he said, "a flood of foreign goods, of foreign farm produce, and consequent reduction of wages and incomes not only of workers and fanners, but the whole of those who labor, whether In the field, the bench, or the desk." Without referring even Indirectly to the democratic presidential nominee, Hoover stated his own position with respect to the tariff commission, about which Alfred E. Smith spoke at some length at Louisville last Saturday night. "The tariff commission la a valuable arm of the government." the republican candidate Raid., "It can be strengthened mid made more useful in several ways. But the American people will never consent to delegating authority over the tariff to any commission, whether nonpartisan or bi-partisan. Our people have a right to express themselves at the ballot upon so vital a question as this. Of Oar Choodn*. There Is only one commission to which the delegation of that authority can bo made. That ia the great ^commissign._ of their own choosing, the congress of the United States and the President. It is the only commission which can be held tijB <Ry the Associated! st, N. J.-~Or*f Sands after vot-9f« of 111 hour*. 38 Boston— Hoover wwasllg democratic tariff principles, Sedalio, Mo.--4&nlth jjSvpn hear "Those who believe in the protective tariff will, Z am sure, wish to leave its revision at the hands of that party which been devoted to establUhnwnt aad maintenance of that principle 'for seventy years.'* The tariff formed the fcey&ote of th* third eastern speech of Tfie rS- publican standard bearer, but he also dealt with' government promotion of the nation's foreign, trade and the maintenance by an adequate merchant marine by private enterprise with the assistance and cooperation of the government. Auxiliary to these he declared In Richmond—Borah eharsrw Smith objective is prohibition repeal. Augusta—Daniels lashes "undercover" campaign In south. Atlanta—Receivership petition charges Ku Klux Klan spent large gums in anti-Smith campaign. Denver--Blizsard sweeps Rockies. San Francisco — FwJ*ral circuit court of appeals rules ship may cross three-mile limit •with liquor without risking seizure. Oakland, Calif.—Turner and Rand fall to establish endurance flight record, Foreign Budapest—Mussolini spikes hope of the Hapsburgs. Mexico City—-Callea receives the American Legion delegates. Madrid—Spanish troop kill 27 In brush with Moors at Rio Oro. Berlin—Ramsay MacDonald pleas for peace in speech to Reichstag. Bucharest—Prince Nicholas speaks for regency from throne as parliament opens. Stale Chicago— Federal Judge Wilker- Bon held Roy C. Toombs. forme president of Toombs and Dalley, de funct brokerage house, for a hear ing Friday an a charge of using th mails In a scheme to defraud. O R Daily and C. E. Clark, treasure and vice president, respectively, were also held for the hearing. Waukegan—Dan Barstow, now o Chicago, was exonerated by a coroner's Jury of blame for the death of Mrs. N. N. Barker, of Evanston, who was killed Sunday when a plane Barstow was piloting crashed. Chicago—A car of sand shipped here from Chllllcothe, Hi, was found to contain the body of an unidentified man. Salem—Mre. Betty Fowler, Chicago, kidnapped. UxShelbyvUle Sunday night by two men in an automobile was found in the car, which was Stege the slaying Sunday night of Bag Pak, ft Chines*, was the/result of ft private grudge. Instead of « between: Chinese tangs, Leusg Tun, identtfted by two Chinese as the dented th» Accusation. ------- private loans to foreign to aid in stabilization favor of countries abroad; against any cancellation of war debts, disputing the theory that ultimate payment must be made in goods which would replace the output of American farms mid factories, and for the protection of American citizens and their property abroad and the protection of foreign citizens within the borders of the United States. Covering eighteen printed pages, Hoover's whole speech was devoted to economic questions upon the sound solution of which, he said, "depends our prosperity, our standards of living, and the opportunities for a fuller life to every -home." "One of the most important economic issues of tlus campaign in the protective tariff," he said. "The republican party has for seventy years supported a tariff designed to give adequate protection to American labor. American industry, and the Ben M. Braunstein and Sam "Baby Doll" Levick w«re reported Indicted by the special grand jury investigating crime and politics. Washington. D. C. — On his return from an inspection trip, Secretary of War Davis said that the advisory board of the Inland Waterways Corporation favors establishment of the Mississippi- barge line terminal at Rock Island, but that under Illinois laws cities cannot lease their terminals to outside corporations. He added that plans were being made to extend the barge line service. Chicago— Women of HlinoJj were invited to meet Mrs. Alfred E. Smith here Friday at a reception to be Held for tM women of Governor Smith's party. SCARCELY SHRED OF HOPS IS LBPT FOR THE SLAYER Missouri Givei Democratic Candidate Biggest Ovation Of His Tour Sedalla, Mo., Oct, 16—CA.P.)—Re- publican claims of economy In the administration of. govemracnijRl affairs will be the target here tonight of Governor Smith k? launching his single speech campaign In this border Rtate. In addressing an audience Sn the huge livestock pavilion at the state fair grounds a few miles from 8e- dalia, the democratic presidential nominee will take as his text a single wntenc« In his acceptance speech In which he asserted that the "claim of governmental economy is as baseless as the claim.? that general business prosperity exists and that it can exist only under republican administration." Thousands of Mlssourlans arc expected to come here to hear the speech, which will be broadcast over a nation wide radio chain beginning at eight o'clock, central time. A parade set for the forenoon, was the only formality in his day's program before the speech. Given Big Ovation. Acclaimed In Missouri as on no other occasion since his campaign got under way in late August, Governor Smith arrived here at 7:30 o'clock last night after a tremendous ovation In St. Louis and its neighboring Missouri and southern Illinois cities. The reception seemed to him to have been one continuous cheering multitude from the time he reached Belleville. 111., early In the morning until he arrived at his hotel here last night after a short run from Kirkwood, 15 miles outside of St. Louis. .Washington and Jefferson City got a brief glimpse of the nominee on the way here and Sedalla climaxed the "Show Me"-state's welcome during the ehort motor _trip from the POLICE HANDLED ON MMMB»-~ . Berlin, Oct IS.--(ATM—A ins criticism of t,hp behavior of "ArnerJesn of th* Or»T Z-rpp?1Sn is eontsjr»d In an \ A!b»rt Cn»sin*ki, Prussian of the Interior snd m p**8 __ the Zeppelin, mad* public here^ day. "Had occurrences like thos* f n*s»d takfn pteee In Prussia, police officials wouM have bwti flrtd the very same day," he wms «s saying. "On tearing the which the passengers "were permit* t«i to do only after hours of ing. they hart to their Rurprlm tt go through srveriU unpleasant experiences. They were Kurrmmd*6 by a cordon of police and led W the custom. 1 , building as though had intended to smuggle. I doing the American police sh manners which necessarily the passengers. Several time? were yanked and frtquestoly ed—In fact one of them was in tho fact by a fist Among „__ thus treated was ateo German Consul General Lewlnski." Tbefr Days Aloft Spent, In Much Same Manner--As Q® An Ocsau Liie? _ special train to the hotel. The gov .___ speech of a campaign swing 1 that started out to be only a three speech affair. EnewKrajtoj; Bejsarts. Encouraging reports on the presidential outlook in this state ~were made to the KewYorfcar by democratic leaders during his flying visit across Missouri. CK FARM PLAN OF AMD She Calls His Ideas Like An Auto Minus Engine Or Steering Wheel Glen Ellyn, 111., Oct 10.—(AP.) —Ruth Hanna McConnlck, republican nominee for congressman-at- iarge, In an address here today criticized Governor Smith's plans for farm relief and urged the voters of the state to cast their ballots for Herbert Hoover. "Governor Smith came out ffet recently to give us hls~Ideaa~ib6ul; the solution of the farm problem," (Continued On Page 15.) TRACE PAW Canceled Checks Show Payment of $400,000 By The Defunct Brokers aembbMt an automobile without either an engine or a steering wheel "He promised to soppiy both of those minor parts later, if we would buy- lh«machine, in ether wofits,If we would make hto president. Governor Smith* began his discussion of the farm problem on the second of last August when lie said: 'Control of the sale of agricultural surplus "" -1 .. Lukrhurst, H. J.. Oct. 1C.(A.P. .-~l*3ftsr>ngrrs aboard the Ore! pelln started on their air voyag with (tie same or less flurry than dj stf-arnrr patrons and so tho tri] *oottaued. Passengers were con flfflBH to tft&rttn niany times small «r Won tfcoae of mi ocean liner, b« their days aloft yet were spent i? much the same fashion, with Mm pic entertainments in luxurious sur roundln«s, and perhaps in occasion a! peril fro mwhteh officers shielded them. While passengers «wt in the com parative safety and comfort of the! cabin, four members of the crew including Knute Eckener, son of Dr Hugo Eckener, skipper of the air liner, undertook the task of climbing out to the tail of the ship In a wind and rain squall to repair a horizontal stabilizer. Not once from the time of their departure at 2 o'clock Thursda* morning were the passengers so worried about the storms Ecfccner encountered that a "little drink' didn't fix them up, he said. Accident Serious, In the squall that struck the craft Friday, and caused damage that brought & request for » ship convoy, the passengers were held in ignorance of any real danger. Dr Eckener said thai If repairs bad not been "made quickly the fabric from both sides of the fin would have been ripped off by the wind with the probable result that the Zeppelin would have been out of control. The passengers denied they suffered from air sickness throughout the trip, although a petty officer of the crew declared that during the worst of-tbe-aqumUft which struck them in mid ocean, the Zeppelin pitched BO thfjfc her nose described rtving at Lakehurst with its larder equipped for weeks, of further cruising. —JSekener said he-was--"somewhat tired" because he. Mdi..had_only Sbout eight hours sleep since the Qraf Zeppelin left Friedrichshafen. See Gaping Hole. Today's dawn furnished the first full opportunity to examine the (ConUnued on page fifteen) Concern Felt For Over 400 Hwateas Caught By Snow n Rockies Denver. Oct. i*~<A4?.)-Concem was felt today ft* upwards of 400 deer hunters believed marooned by wn ich swept a sudden severe Colorado, Wyoming New Mexico Sunday and yeaterday bringing a heavy fall $f nuny sections. Must of the hunters were iu the high isolated country "Grand Junction, Cola, on Mas era slope of the Rocky vide. Nt word Ims beea from them since the Sunday. Relkl parties have out from Grand Juiuitiua iu of small baruit of th§ awn. A searching party kit Whitewater yesterday seeking a party of men marooned in the Uaeompangre but U-Utved safe horn pri» -thir present. Many tnmt- jtig J>*rtte* w*;« camped ia the E>augl»» emk district, aorta wesi of IMS* wbtefe mat' buried in uiowfyi *W»'iS inciitt to five test it was sasd. sufficient dotlt- San Francisco, Oct 16.—(AJ?.)— With scarcely a shred of hcpe that they would succeed, two defenders of William Edward Hitman headed for Sacramento today to make a final plea to Governor C. C. Ycunj of California to save the murderer o: 13-year-old Marian Parker. LOB Angeles school girl, from the gallowa. Hickman Is under sentence to die in Ban Quenttn^ Prison^ Friday.^ Participating in this last move to stay the hanging waa Thomas Kickman, father of the condemned youth, who ieft Loa Angeles last night for Sacramento. He arrivet in California yesterday from El Pa$j, Texas, and it was expected that Jerome K. Walsh, Kansas City attorney, who ted defense forces at Hickman's trial, would join him at the etate capital, coming from Washington, D. c.. where he failed in an attempt to halt the execution. Nothing can come of this conference with the governor, Richard Cantillon, Los Angeles attorney, and a member of the Hickmau defense said, adding that California statutes forbid the governor to grant a cora- mutaOoa of sentence to one twice convicted of a felony. POLITICAL TALKS EADIO TOKlGHf Po- . F**r flf ttst Chlcago. Oct. ie.—(A.P.).— Prodigal payments of several hundred thousand dollars out of the assets of the defeunct brokerage hotue of Toombs and Daily were being traced today by a half dozen federal agencies, and several women have already been found among the beneficiaries. Canceled checks recovered by Louis Cohen, counsel for the federal receivers of the, company, show payments of nearly $400,000 in little more than a year, Mr. Cohen announced, today as he prepared to subpoena more than 100 persons who nave received various amounts from treasurer; The TOJH-* pany failed with liabilities ct nearly $5.000,000 and meager visible aete, and Boy C, Twtnbs. The principle Is fixed by our platform, on which I stand only. The detail of its accomplishment remains.' "Two days later the governor announced through the press that an ' a the New Smith indorsed said: The democratic party is committed to the principle of controlling the sale of agricultural sttrnluws The cost to be borne by the group benefited.' Also, 'the plane for applying this principle . contained hi the McNary- Haugen bill is not acceptable to him.' Again. "He has no plan of his own for carrying out that principle.' "The governor added, after reading and indorsing the editorial 'I am not ewamitted to the present detailed equalization fee.' "In one breath he e*ys the fee is not aceptable and in next he Bays he is -not committed to it.' One statement beicg other -^^ Claude E. Clark, vice president and Daily wer« held to th« county Jail in 120,000 bail today awaiting; « hearing Friday on charges of using the mails to defraud. occupants of the ship must have been until speedy and courageous repairs held disaster hi check. The wind, having gained a foothold by breaking a small window in the bottom of the port fin. ripped off' a piece of fabric by 25 feet, which left directly into the great 3,700^000 cubic foot bag containing the fuel and lifting gas. . Crude methods were, employed to effect improvised retails out there ovesr mid-ocean, beds being stripped of their blankets to stuff the hole through which the wind might have reached to wreak terrible havoc. One glance at that wound In the ship's side gave observers from the ground today full explanation of the reason for the dirigible's slow progress from the tune of its accident l*»vy crews wheeled extension ladders along side the dirigible today UMI work on permanent repairs started. ADMIRAL OF.TS DUOKIKO AIR GIANT LEASED Jt«k*fhijrst, N. ,T . Of:?., JA~~ fA.r,>—A rrnr j»<Jmlr*»l in thr Bfisfpe. navy ranks all th* n vitt'int? Tlepp^lln Is grounding at th« rmvy air s!.«t- Uon. R*ar Admiral W. A. MofTeH. chief of the navy bureau of aeronautics. w«s tret ting them while the Graf Zeppelin was being moored last night. B«Sng » reur »dmir«1, he could walk right up under her, while the or- dieary folks had to stand about * city block away. He wns taking advantage of this particular prerogative when the Zeppellft'8 crow clumped the watre ballast out of her tail, tt was « lot of tester. Admiral Moffett got most of it. Only the fact that he had on RTS overcoat enabled him to attend a dinner given by the post commandant without making a complete change of attire. TRIPS TQARGENTINE of Hews Monopoly And forced Agreement Of None On Board Can Talk About Trip For Eight Days, Not Even Lieut. Com. Kosendahl By W, W. CVmplin. Press BtRff Writer) N. .1.. Oct. 18.—fAP Of Greeting So Swamped Radio Weather Data 4 Was Hard To Get By Dr. P. L. Closer. (Correspondent of the Wolff Bureau, German News Agency.) — Lakehurst, N. J., Oct. 1&—(AP.)— Through great volumes of messages torn aerial hand shakers that swamped her radio and seriously tampered her hi obtaining essen- UU weather data, the Graf Zeppe- ta was obliged to grope her way across the stormy Atlantic. Dr. H. Brandenburg, director of thedivl- Bion of aeronautics of the German ministry of transportation, who was paswnger, declared on nerturtval. In spite of the over-loaded reoeiv- ing set, be said. Dr. Hugo Eckener, " " FOEMEK BOOZE Aatowl 0a Ground Saiipocoa Sfeeeberd AflN«t»i.. e-.._* -m ." OneattbqNtobembiiQenMdvu OfflGial8 $9®* *uads William Darling Shepherd, whose To Qnmhat Smith defense in his trial for tha murder "*"** ""»*•" of his millionaire ward, William MeClintock, Daily financed to the extent of ISO.OOO. Others were^Miss Atlanta. G*., Oct ifc~(AJP.> — A Camilla^Bnyder. Daily's former see- J?* 1 '** had been asked today for retary, who Cohen said had cashed °*. Ku *&« Slan ia a petition pre- checka totalling more than $5,000 ^tew «* United States district in addition to her salary; Maude | coun n®* 8 alleging that expenditure Baylor, address unknown, tha re- «-«.-<— cipient of 125.000 from Daily; Mae Eiston, who received more than $1,OCO; Charlotte Snyder, whose nanj» was found endorsed ou several cheeks and w$s thought to be cou- wcted with the Premier Attraction Company, a theatric*! agency whose officials and employes wore ad- some sas.OOti. and officers ol tha Jeaiica GoM Mine of Colorado, uwued as the reeipleats of iist Offk« liiBSiecior Waltw piaa piaiuitd to seek from Fred Gafdner of ftochtlte. 111. a for- taal 'Ti^^flftint e§aJnvt Too&tbs and ofiicuOs of Ute brok«£«ge. ' beiatc Jud«* James H. Wilkersou tiifct he bought ISO MMtffci of a etoek' After «arcul«i-s through' U*e mail said m%}ii iha in of mojiey 8*nu«tkBi Jmd uiaolvent of the or- it to becotae The p«aUon, presented yesterday to Ju4«§ aatouel H. 8iW«y of i^e t«deral court, who of«ter«nS It filed, ch§*l«d ttwt Hirmm W. perial Wiard o| tjj»fl er oateiate, had epeai In oppoit£« the Alfred «. of Oover- beooBte tosolwut, al ALSO ACCUSED %itodelphia, Oct 16.— (AP.)— A i^ilsf&I grand jury investigation in two months has resulted in the amet of half & dozen district com- of police and more than ar.» patrolmen on of accepting bribes from satoest-kecpers and the end Is no sight, District Attorney Mon who la conducting the in v«at%fction, said today. l&test squad to be accused o bribes for permitting the &»l!lg*ers to operate Is unit No Otfaniaed especially for liquor by Brigadier General Smed- Butler when he was director safety here and diabaiul- Mayor Mackey went into January. Three former of the unit arc already wrest. that oxi« of the O* this unit received more to sis wedt« during given by Eugene H. Tab- and former her BO as to avoid the large unfav orahle storm areas of the Atlantic north of tho course she followed. Should Avaid Greetings. /•Radio, .greeting to a traveling air<. ship should be avoided. An excep- Ion of course should be made for tie good wishes sent by the govern- ng heads of countries or for in- uiries sent by their governments." "It seems that there is no airsick- ess aboard the airship," he said. "My impression of the pcsalblll. les of the airship have been streng- hened by the incident of Saturday morning, when the portside horizon&1 fin was damaged In the squall. The personality of Dr. Eckener and iis excellent crew were of course dditional elements for security. "Dr. Eckener( the commander) U e personification of camposure rhe attitude of the crew, among hem Dr. Eckener's young son, who nad!LQiit8ide_i«paira-an the damag- d fin at about atx hundred meters altitude in a pouring rain and whipping wind, working at the task for many hourq, may be considered an excellent example of an airship crew conscious of iu duty.' r -—Tim l&rgert airship ever built, it* nllvpr envelope containing Inflammable hydrogen, waa berthed today nt the United 8tat«i n»v»l all stnUon after completing the longest commercial flight from Europe. Three other dirigibles, inflated with non-inflammable helium, huddled in the hangar close beside the Graf Zeppelin. Bmoklng waa sternly prohibited, and In certain places no one was allowed except with rubber soled shoes lest so .-.mull a thing an a spark from a nailed heel cause disaster. The mighty Graf Zeppelin, which floated up from the Zeppelin works at Friedrichflhafen last Thursday morning with a crew of 40 men and a passenger list of 20, landed here at 6:38 p. m. yesterday after playing tag with the elements over a zig tag course estimated at 6400 miles requiring 111 hours, 38 minutes. It was berthed at 3 a. m. this morning after spending moat of the night attached to a mooring mast. The Graf Zeppelin arrived as day was dropping away into the dusk just four years'to a day after the arrival of navy Los Angeles from the same starting point Crowds had gathered for three days in hopes of witnessing the arrival. Thrilled Many Cities. Yesterday, however, there were not many more than 5,000 on hand when a gray smudge appeared on the darkening north horiwm « expanded to-the -proportioas of * gigantic fish that ewant the tUea with *. stupendous maj«ity, Jt had already thrilled millions in Wa*h- crew aboard, until thrw o'clock morning, when the wind d!«l Then a landing crtw routed frora U* bunk* walked th« ship nmtif In- of Uw raiding squad. ia or SCHOOL WAS DAMAGED BY A BOMB **!•», Si. Oefc 18— (AJPJ — A bomb early Tuesday part* «•»• J- H. J^f^smaa is under GmsVrucSloa "w«st 'aWisefaoa! distrtei was estimate at waa -«P • Mldtng Ui UMB put house, a, oat tn« wells, by There Are Five Candidates For grand Junior Warden Of Grand Encampment Springfield. HI.. Oct. «.—<A.P.)~ A throng of more than 4,000 were here today attending the Joint sessions of the Odd Fellows and the Bebekah Assembly of Illinois The gathering will last through Friday. The Grand Encampment opened yesterday, with Grand Patriarch W J. Scott of Centralia presiding. Today the Grand Lodge and the Re- bekali Assembly convened for a three-day meeting, and on Thursday the Patriarch Militant and the Auxiliary will start a two day session Officers of the Grand Encampment are to be elected today At present there are five candidates for the office of Grand Junior Warden stepping atone office mid the only position that will be contested. The five candidates are- H F Beck. Harvey; Dr. A. H. Belts, El- oorado; A.-p. Caiman, Oecatur; "~ u "~ i "* and E. E. As the great dirigible, now the greatest in the world and yet soon to be 'eclipsed by three other greater I shlpsr-crossisj the boundary of the air station and dipped toward the flying-field the crowd broke Into a spontaneous cheer. The sky ship moved slowly and almost silently with muted motors to a position almost above the towering mooring mast. « Then with a roar fike the trampling of celestial cavalry and the strength of 2700 horses represented In the five engines swung in gondolas beneath the silver hag, the motors were cut wide open and the ship was driven downward toward the earth. Shlpi Drawn Down. Lines were dropped and caught by the waiting hands of more than 500 sailors. The ship was drawn deftly down and the bumper under lhe_..eon.farol cabin rested on solid ground. Aa the dirigible settled on American soil the enthusiasm of the crowd broke all bounds and police lines went down with a rush as the erstwhile patient waiters threw patience to the winds and surged to the h*rtgtr where Jt from end to end, a prowd ewifc of the air with tha Los Aaf»!w for Its hen and the two blimps for her *fgs, The officers and high officials among ths pmssgogcm stept long after their lengthy aod stormy vsyaip?, to rest for the arduous basinets of a Hew Tork welcome today. A special train was to re*dfe*ss for departure this aftemosaj fw Jersey City where the party wa* to be transferred to the Kew York City tug Wacom and taken to the battery for one of Manhattan's famous ovations. Leased To SjMmbtt Co. Because of the news monopoly contract and the forced agreement of the passengers the conversation of the air voyagers was limited, but one important piece of Information was forthcoming. It was definitely established that the Graf ZeppeJin. which was built as a commercial ship largely by popular snbseripUon had been leased for two years to ft Spanish company planning trans- Atlantic passenger and m.\il service between Spain and the Argentine, The lease carries wiUs. it aa option to buy but It is understood that the Spanish company oply wants the ship for use until 'A can build sir liners of Its GWP, Damage Ia Netteed. As the Graf Zeppejin lay in thy hangar, Its silver flanks rising'al- most to the vaulted • roof, persons on the ground could plainly tee the damaged portion, from which Uw fabric was torn by the *torm while mid-ocean. Prcparationa were made today for quick repairs, which probably, will be made while the 140* Angelea la out of the fes&etr «t » Bt^jected training fUgfet mt to be$B tttae time totitar or tamattaw. TO VISIT CHICAGO. Chicago. Oct. Ifl.-^fAJPJ—Aclinir7" upon worn fromUew Tork lhat Pr. ! Hugo Eckener. his siaff and ere*, would visit Chicago as soon as repairs are completed to the ,Gr*f Zeppelin, a citizens' committee today pushed plans for a great public welcome to the men who brought the first trans-Atlantic airship passcn- gern safely to land. > Soldier Field will be used for a mass meeting honoring the sky sailors, and there will also be a public banquet. B £&ps Smith's Wet Stand In Eichmand, Va., And Leaves For Charlotte, K 0, ship touched earth Passengers and crew grinned ex- Having commenced $5S£ t T °? Wtodows " they campaign^^fL*. thought of restaurant dinners and'emor Smith's prohibit the pleasant footing of solid ground. »»™uw»i With iharlotte. N. C.. Oct. 1«— (AJ?.) y&^^SfzE^^fsSSLSijffR ...... *.» senator . But they were due for disappointment, Customs inspection and difficulty in hat^ifog the crowds re- suited in the passengers being held . first in their cabins and later in that part of the hangar turned over 4o their customs service. Not until late at night was the Just piece of baggage passed and the health of the last passenger certified. Then thejr straggled away, some to homes and others to New York or nearby points. Up* Are Seated, They were eagerly questioned by reporters but their replies were'nec- essarily limited by an agreement they had been forced to sign that they would not talk about tee flight for publication for eight days alter landing. This agreement was called for in a contract between the Zeppelin Company and an American news syndicate which purchased the story rights of the flight. Robert C. Saiith. Henderson, Jacksonville. Frank «. Koepke. Chicago, will be admawci to Grand Patriarch. M. Cobb of Centralia h«« w his candidacy for the offka "~ _ of Ijodge, which will open its l*te today. Bebefc&h Assembly op«u#d with Bom** K Robtoiua, Even Lieut. E. Hosendahl, of the Los Angeles wad "official observer" for the American government on the {light of the Graf Zeppelin, was muzHed by this contract Cottsidtntble irritation was the capital city of V William E. Borah, today turned to another state of Dixie. North Carolina, to direct another bombardment) against the democratic presidential ...... "" ........ ~ The senator will make speech of bis southern awtaff «• Charlotte tomorrow night anil &» expect* to make "praaperiiy" and tariff protection the principal topics of his address. His arrival aG Charlotte was scheduled for lata today. Senator Borah in his speech test night at Richmond directed most of hia fire against the petition of Governor Smith on prohibition. Tha democratic nominee, he declared. wished to repeal the proJaifaiUou amendment and he claimed tha£ this was the objective' ol th* governor's presidential aspirations. Th» senator also attacked John J. R*g- Kob. democratic national committee chairman, and Tammany Kail, dem- for ocratlc to the dry law. of tha prohibition law; agaluat tb» repeal; 'ttaiiev«« it is a 'nobie expsrtjsaaf and Smitlj teroa it an aqwriffient: that it was presumptuous on toe P*ft of «ny commercial crgiuxiaaUou ** Mud! **» s£$«cii of A navy officer. **" the Graf Zeppelta was it was w&lked by the laud- to, the Gp*n doora of the After ing under* but a 13 mite cross it was. wind Ui»t it tiot be aafe to u-y to shashom the Austin, Tex, Qet. is The Traxia cooaty d«y coodemniHl the use of Jury l^m* ia iwm to m. Use

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