Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 23, 1968 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 23, 1968
Page 6
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Tuesday, April 23,1968 (AM) Sf M. PfHrtld ty Offifif :! New Idea in Electric Ranges Offers Many Advantages It's becoming harder and harder to spot the kitchen, even when you're in it, in modern homes equipped with all electric appliances. Today's flameless appliances not only do more — take the self- cleaning oven for example - but they also come in exciting colors. (Would you believe "black" arid •iavocado?" Well, they're available.) Others come with decorative panels that can be changed is you change your color scheme o)r have such a beautiful built-in l()ok that they add to the over-all design of your kitchen, according to the Live Better Electrically Program. • Among the new kitchen design changes is a flameless electric rtmge top whose only visible surface is a smooth, flat sheet of glossy white glass ceramic material with four cooking areas that heat individually to the tempera- ttire you select. The unit mounts almost flush with the kitchen counter top and most spills can bb wiped up with a damp cloth. A stainless steel rim seals the range top to the adjoining counter to , eliminating crevices where di t or grease might collect. The unit, available in models wi h four heating elements or two h ating elements, is self-con- tained and is installed much the same as any conventional drop-in electric rangetop. The four-element unit measures 32V 4 by 21 3 ' 8 by 3'/ 8 inches while the two-element model is only 19'A by 21 3 / 8 by 3'/ 8 inches. It is" ideal for installation in small areas, in matched pairs flanking existing kitchen equipment, or in various other arrangements. For example, the smaller unit is slim enough to be installed with either the long or the short side parallel to the edge of the kitchen counter. Both units operate on 220-volt electricity. Each of four flameless electric cooking areas is marked by a sunburst design outlining a confined heat area which leaves the remainder of the cook top cool when only one area is in use. Because each flameless heating area has its own thermostat, the exact temperature settingthat you select is maintained. What's more, each dial provides an infinite choice of temperature settings, between 150 and 475 degrees, This precise cooking control often eliminates the need for a double boiler. Whenever a heating area is turned on, the sunburst turns yellow and an indicator lights up. Dishwasher Helps With Housekeeping What can a dishwasher do for you? For one tiling, it can give you sparkling glassware, dishes and pots and pans that are cleaner and more sanitary than you could ever get them by hand. That's because the- dishwasher uses hotter water and stronger detergent than you can use in an old-fashioned dishpan. As a bonus, a dishwasher also can give you nicer looking hands and fewer broken fingernails, since you don't have them in sudsy dishwater three times a day. Best of all, it will give you more time to spend with your family -time you would otherwise spend bending over a hot dishpan. Those ought to be reasons enough for any woman. But if you're a homemaker concerned about the hot water supply, you may find you use less hot water with a dishwasher than when washing dishes manually. A dishwasher can also help you with your housecleaning if, like many homemakers, you collect decorative glassware, fancy cups and saucers, china animals, etc. Self-Cleaning Electric Ovens Saves Time, Money and Effort The self-cleaning ovens found in many models of flameless electric ranges make both dollars and sense to the homemaker, according to the Live Better Electrically Program, For they eliminate one of the most tedious jobs in the home and do it economically at the same time. Studies show that the average cost to clean a conventional oven with the old, down-on-your knees, hand-scrubbing method is about 35 cents per cleaning, (there's no charge for the elbow grease you use.) A self-cleaning, electric oven can be cleaned for an average cost of only 7 cents and there's no elbow grease needed. All you have to do is set the dials and latch the door and baked-on food and grease simply vanish. If you clean your oven 20 times a year and keep the range for 15 years, oven cleaning with electricity could save you as much as $84 over the old-fashioned, hand method. And thanks to clean, nameless electricity, cleaning of the rest of the range is a snap, too. Cooking elements automatically cleanse themselves of spilled food and the drip pans under them can be placed in the self- cleaning oven for cleaning. Bacon and eggs . . . cheese souffle . . . sirloin steak — whatever you cook you cook it better and tastier on a clean, cool Electric Range — the one with the oven that cleans itself, saves your time and temper! Then, when the joy of good eating is over, you know clean-up is just as easy when a modern Electric Dishwasher is in the kitchen — the one that really sanitizes dishes and utensils in water much hotter than your hands could stand! That's why we say "They go together"—and thousands of Arkansas homemakers will agree. See your dealer this month for his "Go-Together" specials. LIKE $25 AND $15!! Atk your ReiKly Plan dealer how to qualify for AP&L's $-25 wiring alkn\diu e on rk-ctric ranges and $15 wiring t illowaiH-e on dishwashers — either portable or built-in. Remember -- you may buy both on the Reddy Plan. ARKANSAS Portability 1$ Advantageous In Today's Home Have you put off buying a dishwasher because you didn' t want to remodel your kitchen? Well, wait no longer. Get a portable model. It can hold just as many dishes and do just as good a dishwashing job as a built-in model. And you may decide its portability is so handy you wouldn't want any other kind. A portable dishwasher takes up so little space it can be stored just about any place you wish to keep it. That moans this dishwasher can be stored in a corner, at the end of a counter for additional work space or, if desired, under a counter. And because the back looks as good as the other three sides, it can be used as part of a room divider. With foe choice of colors available- avocado, copper or white—you are bound to find one that will blend in with the decor of your kitchen. POWER & LIGHT COMPANY WOMEN WHO KNOW COOK ELECTRICALLY! For Hot weather cooking nothing provides the luxury of an electric range. Most all heat produced goes into the cooking- not out into the kitchen. Electric cooking is clean - no muss, no fuss, no fumes to dirty pots and pans, Kitchen walls and curtains. The electric range user can be proud of her kitchen and her utensils without a lot of scrubbing and cleaning. s aa e s Sw' - • y^,,fl 3$ I . •- j^p With the present low rates, a Dishwasher is no longer an expensive luxury, It is one of the most satisfactory of all home appliances. Let electric service take the drudgery out of the house, hold, IT IS THE ONLY SERVICE LEFT YOU CAN BUY FOR LESS MONEY THAN IT COST 10 YEARS AGO. Electric rates have never gone up and Hope's rates have been lowered twice during the past 10 years, Make use of the many labor saving household services provided by ELECTRICITY from your own electric system, (Hope Water & Light Plant will rebuild the electric service entrance, if needed, and install a circuit breaker for any residential customer of Hope Water & Light Plant who buys an Electric Range, This ,s imp lies the installation of this appliance and saves the purchaser most of the Installation cost,) •-r>. i. •: * 3 -t-'- 4 a- <,,f I* «i> ^

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