Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 15, 1928 · Page 11
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 15, 1928
Page 11
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!», rtet*re!i«r Mr*. ~as; .»_, —_«. T* .f-rf'-i i <m Rtfntt Fnr B"*~*i ?«*rm norh «sf -i« 1SOO, *t # P'ilfrplng /U*t» Automotive for U VI . two HCTISS land, l*. I imra many BTJICTt Bt«nd*r deofteh, . perfect mechnnlc*). . tiBti, B*«ititlfui gray tnjco without « m«r, interior a dellcKte ftHAflS ol *n naobRlr, ImirmouBan® wtih cx- oos. coach' Sp Wa» Uuce, blue figured Interior, very low mUesg*. looks and run* etactly ttka new. This Is practically a new tews Rt a gr«nt wurlnR from iww •.- nrte«. An eteept.lonal opportunity for •ftm careful buyer. [ ABOVE In addition to those llst- tn last night's GBEettc offer * selection in models end prices should appeal to erery tntelll- gtiaranUwd aa to ftjt* and crm- 4on and R guarantee backed by R rution who have ftlw»y« made good. cmr MOTOR CORPORATTOH E-B-8-E-^ USED CAR OFFERS— 6AJCLAKB coupe, an A-l job that ts 1 • the nest thing to a new car. Won* 'IBirful <*r If you're Jn the mftrlwt -ftjr a ligbt, fust coupe. '»¥<XKD coupe, good paint and rubber, . ,aons« cxtraa. Here'i a Foitl qoupe ; above th« average yet costs no man, » « : ttf&B Mdan. fully quipped witb. lota * of extras. You wouldn't auk for a bargain in a light Uiexpen- sedan. tUKSE CABS, al*o others sow on floor. Our prices are made to thtt purcnsBcr. MOTOR CO. M. Oltman, Prop. C.D-8-O-K — K-S-8-S-X TBUBPHQNE 086 J^OYD-SMTTH CHEVBOUS^ SMALL DOWH PAYMENTS ON USED CABS FricM 850 and upwards BELL MOTOR SALES 4 tocuat and 1207 E. Fourth St. __„ fcORb tudor coach, 8HXCX coupa, A-l shape. 1B3S NABH eiz touring, good running orssr, »ieo. 1D24 HASH 4-door coupe, good attapa tbroutfiouft. 183* KASJj a 4»pas«easw coupe. A^l sjbapo throughout* IBM POHD eoaeh. STBBLINO WASH SALES OHX«0 D8K0 drives M D coach, first class eottp*', like new. ~" and ready to w* vftx^ J^t$ to dtiva tj&m. r. «. BSOWM wocoa BAWSS W. THIED ST. _ ... itlon throuaeout. Clood buy tor irTTric* aasoTcsai at fiio west sthStT OABAO8 moBT a CKBVBOIJST ftfidaa, A-l cond!- A r«tU buy f or «om« on», e« ^ ai aea<rtta otttc*. coupe, A-l couditit X, P. Vleriag, Texaco Bervto* 4@9 -fita Avo.. Bocte 81TEI,. 36 ft.., mt » »!*rR*ln. Mylln ft R<w1. the Tractor M*n, 3!S E. Third St. wire fen«!, Worlh- Bsrb Wire Company, lHA'LfD'8 "wheel 430. , ~rug. "book ie«n poric, dsHtdmttly i*»- Boncd. 'fry a pound for breakfast, Ton 11 want more. Sterling Market. 610E»Rt Third 8t, Phone _S83._ rsbout TOO p*onl«a, tosst Now Is the time to transplant. Rich Bmereon. nnd eating ftpplea. W. 3. Scott, 410 E._Tftnth flt.. Kock S*Us. CIDER, TuiS(i»yRjterno6n and~eTehlng: W. K, Landla, Polo ro*d- Phone County 037-32. onahand lumber, einsll burn or ate. Harry fcaads. .County 828-3. KTfef~o5Toi on tiaclc. Phone 1702. McCarthy* y»ed etofe. Sock Fails. own container. Herman tteigke, 1203 Locust Bt. HtraBAMT"SaUAiH,~~c»bb«ge, also some rabbit* and on* Cocker Spaniel puppy. j.O.BeCEer.Phoae 17H.-J. PEARS. 91.00 per tra. Gail aTl40a~W. Third St. — •'•^~~^f^^^^^~-—— jjj ALLEN'S parlor furnace ttlSoHKau- tlful that it harmonizes with the very latest furniture. Ifa natural walnut effect U mechanically reproduced la porcelain. Ml enamel fltxiab. Sold by A. Ot Hoafc. Ill W. ttdrd at. MOOSKHOXJJ GOODS, BOOd ccwfltlbliu 213 Fourth Are, Bock fWfc. Phone . DUOKO ROOii 'iult«. nib toaas bad, Call at 80S Lwnist St. new. »dio. .W ilOl TBird MAN'S OVKUdQATTSaBBTv). pracUeaT- ly new. To^uiir* 1009 (Seventh to out at $3.80. R. jr. liueiler's baee- nscnt, 310 Ixxmst St. 1-WO WINTEB co«te. aim* 18 and 18, very good COBOUUCB, cheap. Phone dltioa. Phone 988-J. colt, good Bay GASH HMD SSBAI? 4M Ibone Worlca. Sterlteg. KoottHs and Board ttooaM ; wttterot jtoara TWO sleeping room*, modern close in. Board U dttlred. Borne Uegea. 2X5 Sixth Ava., Bock f&lla. Phone U4S-B. .B7i55fc water, hot and cold. Sixth Ave. ISO BOOM, nicely SaiamaA, wirtn. I«dy or &«entlemaa. H«fer«uoea W. . clows tn. tor young lady, eatl at 603 Avenue E. p era to every way. ?of ad mauent teuaatn. 103 fifth Ave. M&tnfi for rcoll- ata or light houseltteptgg. da $11 Taint Am. RMNM4MHR i. m. t*g«3, with garage, dutdreu tome, tin. Ouy Suntiera, Bode; Mint. ' _- Jgfil — boarders and W, Tnrd St. TWO BiOiaEH light hoxisekeeping. ftujuira catt at rooms, 9940 per week. 803 Third Aw.,_Roek TWO C®""XHB®S tabdcra turnpid icar light hou*ek»*ptng. »1 J. h«t, wnr, gas 3 W- 3Pv»urU» St. cll in ttrat class ttttrlftfto^til on Jiijf HtiM ~mr »t «»«*• FIVE ROOSTSimw', "parity 6«»Phth AW, Ptice $3200. I. B. Bnare- ly, tAWtcnc* B?rt£5. ffUfJSM ""G1~" cbNTRAOrr" Jotm"" ML (Sts^cr. Legal® 8t«t* of Illinois N0TIPF, Whltsswe County ) In the CSrciill Court, Of tho Janunrjr Term, A. D. 1928. Oscsr Ilaelwrl«. Trustee, • VB. Inn SrhmUt, Infz Srhmlit as ad- ministratrix of tlin Mtntfl of P. II. Sohmltt, tlccfftsrtl. rimrr Bclimltt, E<lw»fcl Schmitt. Arthur Schmltt, Thoma* Echmltt, ct al. Pahlto notice Is hereby Rlten that In punsusneo of n decree enteml In Baia cau»c on the 8th day of January. A. D. 1920, the underelgned master in chancery of tsaJd court, will, on the aut day or Norember, A. D. 1828, at two o'clock In the fifternoon of mid day, at thn eouth door of the County Court House, In the City of Morrison. In &&Sd county, sell fit public vendue to the highest and best bidder tot cash, the following described real Mtat* to wit: The northe*«t quarter of the southeast quarter ol Section Twenty-nine (29), except two rods off the north side thereof in drainage ditch; also the cast forty-four (M) rod* of the southeast quarter ol tho Kiutheast quarter of Bectloa Twenty-nine (29); ftloo the north half of the northeast quarter of Section Thirty-two (32), except right of way of drainage ditch; also the southeast quarter of the northeast quarter of Section Thirty-two (33); all in town- ahlp Twenty north, Rang* Six (6) e*st of the Fourth Principal Meridian . itt Whiteatde County, IHUiol*, coa- t&lfiing 183 acres, or so much thereof as may ba ncces&try to satisfy s*ld decree. Terras: Tea per cent of bid eaah In hand cm day ol e»ls and the balance upon the approval of the &U« by tile .cwurt. Dated this 18th day of August. 4. . Chwrlec H. WoOtSbirrn. Master- In Chancery of mid court. •Woodward, lilbb? & Fooi, Ottamt, El., solicitors for complalBSrit. Oct. S, IS, 23. 99 LEOAL State of Hlinsta } Whltealde County j In Circuit Court To January Term, A. 13. Alice Kruger vs. WlHUun Kruger. Notlo is hereby given »ald ds- fetidatit that the complaln&nt heretofore filed her bill of complaint in said court end that a summcrm tnore- upcm issued out of aald court against •aid defendant returnable in Bald court at the office of the clei'k on the first Monday of January A. D. 1039, ftfi io by law required and that the bill la pending in *ftld court. too & Whlatler, Oldlt. John M. 8t*ger, complalaant'a eo- Ucltor. . Oct. is. aa, 29 CHICAGO OilAiN EEVIEW By John P. Boughan (Associated Press Market Editor) Chicago, Oct. 15.—(AJ>.)—NotwitH- atandlug 7^)9a,oOQ buj lnct%ae« of the united states wheat visible supply, vfbotiz prices today showed a raujr at this last. The incretse made the domestic total otock IB s^ght 133,699,000 bu., the largest oves- known, and was much ixi coutrafit with 85,181 jOOO bu. a ytor ago. BeaeileJ»l raioa in Ifan- aas and Nebmtka, together with aktw- ness ot «xp«rt dftmtnd tod«y tdt wbeat trom SStrtih Am«rtca. wen ah additional handicap to wheat bulls, tout mtcri factors bad *pp<a«ttl4y htea more or leas discounted In advance, and during thfe late deaMap previous " iiers ttirued tujrer»; "• H6w* titat good g*saeral wins had |%i In AttttiaUa Rod tb*t tho wheat by-ontloolc in Aietntkin aoattauea to be feu*pidous gave axt advamatt6 ttw ttea today to the selling of Ut« wheat asarkat. were at hand that uew wheat bad bosun to artiva at Sydney, At^traUa. but that cutting would not be general for scans titut yet Faniag-otf lu the amount ol wheat on ocean paa**ge, b»th aa compared with butt a year ago, was virtually Ig- noied. Incre*iJ!iK movement ol new corn to market had a noticeable bearish Influoti-co .at times today on the eortt trade. Word was received from central IlliuGiB points that anlval ot a food cold Save would put sxal Inla cons ahucking, and that It i* UMly the stiucktiig ot corn will get into lull blajt within th.* next ten days. Whi*t clc*Bd nervous, 1-8 cent uet lower to 3-a c«nt advance. Corn uncnatiged to 3-8 cent up. data 1-4 to 1-3 ceut olf, and pro- VKrying JIQW iOc decline to a ot S tints. CiUCAUO f.VSH Oct; 16.— (A.P.)—Today's uuultei quoutions tire as luUuwa: . > Wheat-No. 3 red. $1.4-4 1-2 a I tS 1-2; No. SI totti. »1-4*3^MMS: Ko. S ii»rd, tl.13 1-3^1.14; No. 4 hard, im 1-3; "• __^,.13; m, * 'mixed, fi.oaf-aw I.^fO. i Ittiied. »!.«. . ^. * yeilivtai, &61 J«Uu%. 83«»7; K-j. 6 ft%l . S. lJ»p-»rtii!*nt of As Chlr*.«o, Oct. 15. — (A.P'.l— tlofta re- SpU 35,000; msrkpt fR'.tlv active to *hipp*ra snd .*m*il k!l!*r«; fully st*«($y with Friday'* best tltnt or strong to I0r hlRhfr *h«n the ft?sr»g« ;top, 110.35. Butchrm, medium to cholc* 350-360 lb., $9.60 ffi 10.95; 200-250 lb.. »<». 50^10.35; 160-2OO !6.. *3.a5«Jt 10 3S; 130-1BO Ih.. tfl.BSa 10.10. Pmcklng Cattle r*cwlpts 37XKH); calves 3,000; most killing cl*««M unevenly lowjr; rarly trade mostly 25c down on most killing cl«se«; proxp«ct« 35 to 60 cents lower on Jnbetwwn gr*d* wfiRhty ntwnt; very mm done; rwa» «r» 25 to 50 cents lowpr; bull* steady. s? * r * f --; j \ ^ flT'Tk th*» IT. S. 8. flieht, from PrM~ tortfty. §** r*a<1? for tW- j-, H v-~ r ; in fonrtftintj "'"-• - - ' ' offer tfi* Oral ?.f.j)!V-Hn flflnSP U4» ter- wsy to L«fcfhurst from rnipl:t rr-mtrr th* Omf, should ship run out nf fwl or to !v more aerlouAl; disabled triit ftp'"'- of a dfttnft«cd f!n ye-s- toisf' fnu!'-i!f'f!, WBWin*^ n mstirr of wnj^-tnt?-. But officers »«»rt*d it *** fsr from ftn ItnpMslbility Hint t!* *wifli!fr ship rnlfht drop a tow Htit to fh" newcomer wifl ftrw hfrr port like any tug pscortltif a Bteetw, good and choje* iSOO-l^KJ lb., *H2S«lfl.lOi 1100-1300 lb., 114.00 .t 18.10; 050-1100 lb., JU.OO® 18,10; common snd medium, 880 lb. up. $9.00 014.00. Fed yearling*, good and choice, 780880 Jb.. »U.80» 17.78. MMfew, good and choice. 860 lb. down, 913753 17.00; common and medium. t7.76<$ 18.78. Cow«, good «nd ehote*, W.00«| 11.78; common and medulm, 97. 00 gt 9. 00. XK>W- cutter and cutter. 15.26 £7. 00. Built, good and choice (bocf), ^10.78; ctitter to re*dlura, ta.78a Ve&lers (milk-fed) good and choice, «14.60«ieJO; medium, ftlS.OOsj 14.60; trull and common. $8.60© 13.00. Stocfcer and feeder «t«t&*. good and choice, all weights, $11.60 A 13.00; common and medium, $8.76011JO. Sheep receipt*; .opening trade not much changed on any rlaawa of ahecp or lambs: fair demand for increased percentage of feeding lambs Included to 83 double* range run: increased supply of range ewe*. Lamb*, good and choice, 83 ib. down. 8iJ.efl9l8.75; medium, »13.29 «12.85; cull and common, 88.00® 13.10. Ewes, medium to choice, 150 lb, down, 84.35 $9.76; cull and common, $1.7808.00. Feeder lambs, good and choice, LIVESTOCK (C. B. Ocpartmeat ol Airtcultur*) Kanu* City. Oct. lS.r-qA.P.)t-Hog« receipts 8,000; moetly 8t*tdy to Btrcn^; tcp «10.00. cm SIO-JM lb. Butehert, .rnfldlion to chtslcd t80-860 lb.. $».SB# 13,00; 800-S50 Ib., W.SO® 10^>; J«).aXi lb, afl.00«10.00; ISO- ISO lb.. «83Setft.fl9. CitUc recrtpto 33*00= «tlv*« 7;OCO: alow, steady.-to 25c lower; cholco beex acarce; veaiere (milk-fed) medium to choice. A8.60<»1«.60; cull and common. *fl.OOa8.fiO; utoclcer and feMw stesjii. good and cbotw. »ll welghU, $10.88^14.00; comaion and medium. 97.78® 114)0. fiaeep SSXWO: native lambs strong; ether killing classes geaeraUy steady; top r&ngfi lambs. 913J15. tamlto, good and choice, S3 Sb. dowu, medium, Chlc««o. Oct. 19— (A^.)— B«tlmated livestock rtcclpts for tomorrow: Hop 3SJ30Q. CHICAGO Oct. 15.~(AP.)—Toasy-B produce marfctt quot*tlon« BTO a« follow*: tato** reoiiBte SIB cast, oa track eal*. tot«10. 8. »h5m«nt* 84t- r Slil, CtuuttAy if «rs; trading tair, ma>ftet firm on good atodt. wts- c*m»U» awtk«d sound WhlUe. mCetly |«0«|]t.OO; oeeaaioa&t fancy higher; Meek. To. MUmp«ttt imd wititec, 14»« imjltry firm; r*c*l|i« 8 oars; fowl*. ^#% tprtnjt*. 2S«ft81-2; ; 10; %u?ieys. *S«SO; ducks. are a* E88» ttrrn; ^eMpt* liffll; frtsh ' «it«*, &««&; extra itrat. 3S -f. . Butter turn; teeelftti MO*. Cream- tea (68 icora), 4? £«aj§«8~t; fiwe (68 to 91 »co(ft). 431-4*47. State, whole milt mt*. fresh, fancy ". 371-3^28; ditto Juas 0reaH>d poultry weak; «H<*e»a, r««tj 2S»,42; lowls, ti^^b S8«S3, fro- Sei. SdglS; old rooatsrs. 18^26; mya, npj-i&j* 6S a 60; old turkeys, fro- sao. 80^47. Ctote»8«, Oct. 16i futur<t: -}*n , S3 1-4. Jutum: ftefrigtmtcf Mev. No rrpitc thpf» persistent alarms all offirini word was to th* effect lljal no real anxiety «nas felt for the Oiaf Scppciin dc«pltc Its many fwui-a In tliC nlr. Roads for miles aboyt Wife hftjigar wara coiisrrsU-d with tenglsd traffic composed of th« thousands of MutomobllP!! in which a Sdndny tnul- tittide had corns to e*e th* «Wp end had tried to go home all 6t once v?h*n It was learned that ttlfe new Zeppelin would not arrive Until today. It was the worst trmf- flij snarl in the mfcmory of the state fjollce who labored through the night to unravel it, and thousands »tept In cars blocted Irom *U pro- gretss. And th«y slept hungry, hundreds of them, for the food auppliea of tb« ftir station and surrounding communities were Inadequate to take Cart of the rush of visitors, Crowd Good Spirited. But for all Its hardship of being Jfttntoed along ths roads without hope of food' or comfortable steep the crowds w*re apparftntly good spirited and there WAS little Irritated blowing of horns or vocal complaint. • Most of the officers denied when asked to speak for publication that they were piqued at any alleged alighting of the navy, but it was reported and went undented that a reception planned by the air elation officers for the visiting Zeppelin men had been definitely cancelled, no reason being given. Reports were thai repeated mea- BBges from the air station to the dl- rlgibl* went unanswered. In at least iJpg; instattoe the reason being given th»t "we are too busy sending press." Tft» 9nly prew copy being sent from thft SSeppeUn is the stories of cor rospendents for a news syndicate which purchased, exclusive rights to TO SPEAK 1ESDAY ATMJA, tcsmtantiixs srmts jatsa cote) raitteeman from that state, -whoae Iune«a GOT. fitolth attended shortly after tie was nominated. 1$&6 nighU wiU be speat hi the Lake Michigan city, and, Thursday aiid -9t^|tty aM exj^ctcd to be de- voUMl io pr«nar*tlon of his aecofcd addr^l of the week and <Jonfercnee« with party tauten. Leaving Chicago Bataa&ff morning, the democrats* 8p*dlt till head ftctosa IndUn* and Ohio for the New York state capital. 4 tentative schedule eaila for a visit of probably an hour in Indla- napoila. May SfXA&'Ia Oltto. It la suit known definitely what Oov. Smith's plans are for next week. IE some quarto* It is believed tas jftsy go into Ohio for m speech, prob»&}y at Cleveland th* latter part ftf the week, but the has jag indieated what he wilt do. Aa Ids train cut acrow Kentucky -fw -the—squtKirT Oov. toMth earried with him toaplr- ing rwcoUectloas of his trip yesterday to the Uccoln shriae on top of a Utae bioli two' miles south of BELLEV1IX1, BLL. . 111. Oct. 1§— (AJ».) — Oov. Aifred E. Smith's special train arrivta here at 8:86 a. m. today, en rout* la St. Louis. A &*» crowd turned out to greet the aw&oeraUc presidential utiini- nee a§ tto* train made ft brief halt and jpianl Motors. oo} t*«mtiana in the hieb priced sp«cltltlc« Imparted Sioa* ton* to U»e early 7h« tipneM appweatiy was twit wer- rle4 «*w Ui» taet that brokers' bma* high lit els, toore tii« recent lowomig of money rates. IS polsU to Harvester «jut taca iiu>ved up a 878. to l Island 8 1-4 ta 131 S-4, Jioto ir*cti<Hi« Oct. IB v'<u-lsak4 « HOW THR GRAF ZIWILIM WILL LOOK AT MOORrKO MA8tV-Tf«> Slsttt O-fftf ^pf^Mn, fiftw fty* ing many httndr*ds of ffii!W off htr course to out-mah*uV«rf f?tot*M bttwwn FrsMrlchshaffn, OerWuny, and Lakehutlt. N 4., htfft S« rtjown Irk R cwnptslt* photogmph ft* she wotiM spiw wh«n moww! to tM 162-foot mwd on the field «t, Lftkrtiurst., This mast. er*ct«l for th* r«A?f dirtflb!? t/w Arsfsl** and the ill- fttw! 6h*r»f«5onh, was to be ti*Pd by the Ornf aMip K th« wind made rtSfftcult h«r betog brought to *h« iround. Bt-andlng In the rn)n. the crriwd eh?tr#d Oovfriinr Brnlth nnd prr- sentM Mrs. 8mlth with » huge bou- qurt. "Wlwt place Is Ihia, BplJcvllIc?" tte nominee askfd. . "Yps It's a republican town. t»it It's goittf rrrrr thf top for Al Smith." young wornrvn shouted back. ESCOR1T.D B¥ PARADE. St. Lotria, Oct. J5—(A.P.)—Oov- crnor Alfred E. Smith, democratic president!*! uomlnft?, rod? through St. Liouia today, along streets lined with cheering thousands of men, wcmcn and children. An automobile parade escorted him through the city from west to cast, across ths Mississippi river to East St. Louis, and back to the Coronado Hotel in St. Louis for lunch- con. The Governor's gpeolai train from Loulavllie arrived from Louisville. Ky., at Tower Grove station at 11:03 a, m. Tha stop was for 31-2 hours before th« party continued to Sedft- Ha, Mo., where Governor Smith will tomorrow night. (NEWS SUMMARY) (By The As*«iatcd Press) I^kehttrat, N. J,—Damaged Zeppelin flghta Bales on way from Bermuda as thousands wait at destination. Washington—Navy orders destroyers in readiness to go to Graf Zeppelin's aid. Lcuiavme — Smith Ylslta Lincoln birthplace at Hodgenvllle. Washington—Hooter leaves for epeeeh at Boston. Houston—OlUow, communist vlee- presldential nominee, arrivea and aenle* he wa« mlaslnjr. ' •- Cliteago — Student aviator killed when plane crashes and burns. Dayton, Ohio — Two killed when home-made plane strikes smoke stack. her frrm* around her »nd kissed her. Tad drew her close when Mabel let her go. Arid then everyone was very quiet for a moment, only looking at her. "I know," she told them. "Teddy Is dead." The whtle-haim! man, who had disappeared In the bathroom, approached her with a glass. "A sedative," he announced pro- fesAlonally. ".Jii«t drink this, and you'll feel better." Impatiently she wared him aside. How foolish — all this fuss, Aa if Bedativea amounted to anything wheri Teddy was dead, Bh« put h«r foot on the lowest stair, and found it was heavy, so that it was an effort to movo it Then ahe placed her hand on the raiting, and mounted awkwardly Uke an old woman. They suffered her to ascend half «sy, keeping so quiet that ahe felt like a performer. She was suffocating now. Never to be kissed again by Teddy. Sever more to hear his darling vtrfea — "Muwer—Muvver—." . . . Nor feel the clasp of his baby fl»fe«. That little hand In hera—thow adorable knuckles, like rosy dlmplea. How red his cheeks had been thai •net- noon—and his tiny nose. Sh® kissed it on th« Up. Teddy Iu to have h*r do that B«t what * bear hug he b&d given her at time! She wms glad she hud „»,„. his hand until h» w«it to sleep. Sometimes she left htm stone in the daitc. Poor baby — »U In tlw dftrfe. "Teddy! Teddy! 1 * Tad caught her when . creamed, and curried her te th» bed in her mother's room, Tbiy rubbed n«*r hands and feet, and she drank brandy to please them, and afterwards, the doctor's foolish sedative. Vaguw, despairing hop* cams then to rack her tortured brain. "Pwhaps ha I8NT dsad. Am you SURE he's dead? It may be & mistake. Who said h* was desd? Let me sea him. I want to sea his. You cant keep me from hint—my IJttte boy! Teddy J Teddy? it's a lie! He Wtrs? dead—1 tell yea he to't dead. I won't believe it T*d —Tsd. tell m» h<4 Isnt asM. VeJ— Mother! Mab! OH, 80MIOKB, tea m« !t Isn't true!" (To B (What had teppenwl to little Teddy? Sybil's cup fa flll^a to ovwilowlat — ta the neat chapter.) Huragould, Ark.—-Woman and man seriously Injured when plane crashes. Buff«lo N. Y.—Bandits shoot three guards and policeman and escape with several sacks of registered mail being transferred between railroad stations. Lafehmont, N. Y. — William 3. Flynn, formerly head of U. S. secret s&rviee, dies. Washington — Ten thousand attend open air meeting at Episcopal church convention. Chicago — One killed here In Chinese tons war; one killed in New York; ana in Philadelphia, two in Washington. Mexico City. — Legionnaire party greeted with hostile posters. Budapest—Premier Bethlen predicts referendum to fill vacant Hungarian throae, London—Lord Blrkenhead resigns i secretary of state for India. Nice, France—Three Spanish of- flcera arrested for plot against government Newark, N. J. — Waiter Johnson goes to Washington to diacusa man- afership of Senators. San Francisco — San Francisco goes into three to two lead in coast LeagUfi championship playoff with State. Chicago — A 19-year-old student aviator, Hay 6tt, of Propnetstown, 101., was kilted when his airplane crashed In Cicero, a suburb. Springfield — The new cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, dloeea*n center of Roman Catholic church in central and southern Illinois, was dedicated, with scores of church dignitaries and thousands of laity la attendance. ChicagOx-Si* new airplanes are to be acquired by the Illinois National Guard. . Chicago — The board of election commissioners announced that 13,158 names were stricken from the list of eligible voters in. Chicago and three suburbs. Cicero, Summit and hica«o Heights, Waukegan ~) Jeau, 8-year-old dftBghter of |jj£ aud Ura. Van Nolter Slarker. of ^v^mtoa, escaped un- m &a au-pl&neXa-A&li in which h*r Blotter w*§ aUUed and her father Boa. Barstoti, Chicago, tfca pJlst. wts hurt. Altea — fbhw hlthwsymeii who «ek«d the «ar ia which ah* w«f i4ta« efeot aud wounds Mrs. ii«fMd of C5hk*g^» and < c*c*p«d miff W«w»d Kdver. Uss Mvelyn Marais, 16, <rf lasasigo Htiihts, was ktudl ODD FELLOWS STATE OOMY£HTIOH Sprlhftfield. HL, Oct. 1$-(AJP.)— Members of various branches of Odd Fellows throughout l&ft sUta convened here today for thek annual state convention. Mare than ,4.0,00 are expected to attend. The Grand Lodg? will hold Its session tonight when -a b&nquet trill be given hi honor of fimma BL Robbins. Dixon, president of the Re- bfkah Assembly of DUnolS. __The_arand EncainpmfJit wtH con-, tinuo its session Ibrfoar d*ys."Thf Grand Lodge of Kebefcfth begin their work tomomnr the m«etiOf to last thre days. Patriochs MQitant will Thursday and Friday. H. M. Stood. Brand tostroctor. will conduct » Bchool tat third degrttt camMstes. A number ol officer* are to be ad- vac«ed ai (he grand encampment. New color combinations appeej* hi the sports wear fleM. An KngBsh ensembla is at h&zid-'womt blacfc homespuo, shot with four tones of yellow, while the jUJgowL &»g*kc- __ (Offklal EKFOE7P Of "tm CONZIITIOK Central Trust & Savings Bank Sterling Located at City ot Sterling. State of Ulineis, st the daw of RESOURCE Cash, Other Cash Resources and Due fraa Banks .... . S U. 8. Government Investment* .......<«.«*„, .. * Other Bond* and Securities ,...!"" ,.„,«„.„, Loans on Collateral Security «. 802J0876 Other Loans Overdraft* Other Real Estatei 1^'.^".".^ Bankim* House, BMrultura and . , w Other Reiources .........i.I 1 Total Resources Capital Stock Surplus ....... LIABILITIES Reasrve Accounts .S1,3S5.B1SJ7 .« 100.000JXJ 542,198.67 Total Liabilities I, Wm. L. Pry*, Ctthier oi'the CentraVTrust' &"Savings'iiaalL'eter- llng,, de (solemnly swear that the ahowB statement la true to the best of my kWNrtMMi and belief, and that U» Stems and araouate shown abova cprre«ppiid wltti the items and amounts shown in the report made to the Auditor of Public Accounts, State oi Illinois, pursuant tolaw. . .'_.__ 'WM' T. KfitSJ'12 f*»alsjlaM» " ftti. i, a, 4»*bTi * i" " w» *MU **.—•P-jprTTC^ \imatitvBr* State of Illinois, ' } County of WhJtefide „ Subscribed and attorn to before me this 15th day of October. l»m. [SEAL] E. A. Ashling, Notary Fufclle. ^h*rt«/ No. 2t6i '• MttUjtttt Dfetelet K». V Bspoitv or coNomoH or The Sterling National Bank Sterling hi the State oi Illinois, at the close ol business on October 9.671.33 Dulled States Government securities owned" Other bonds, stocks, and securities owned ... rnlture and fixtures, $5,671.23 al estate owned other than banking hoos« Eltserve with Federal Reserve Bank ..'.,'.",'...,'..'. "ffl Cash: and d«e.from hsttks lSfi,'l5i.M Outside checks and othw cash items Redemption fund with O. 8. Treasurer and due from If 8 Treasurer Tb* bdiur get ihMr 10*10* k af » tree M«ther trcwss aaly is P>MK*, wter*. awwk paid la ........... , ......... ,„. ........ .... ,,$ ioooefl.(» pcefltis— ant . .................. ................ . lTiO»1Jt notss out»t»a4iis^ T«4»l Stale of Coimfcy . A. that Uw these at»teat«ol Ss tru« to tit* bestsf . Vta.T.<*miNM*» sbs tsm

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