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THE KANSAS CITY TIMES THURSDAY APRIL 1 1954 NEW ENGLAND SPRING (THE Morning KANSAS CITY STAR) Stye CRty $ime Dulles Draws Definite Lines Watch Your Step Purse May Have A String Attached Tin Can May be Loaded History Is Vague Concerning Origin of the April Fool One Writer Said It Started With Noah but the French and the Dutch Credit More Recent Incidents Linked With the Reform of 1564 and the Revolution of 1572 I remember how spring came to mi One April long acn A seaside town redolent Of lilac trees and Iris The fragrance penetrated by th faint Familiar breath of ealt and seaweed Blown in from the near-by ocean I stood enchanted breathing love The Morning Issue of The Star Established October 19 1901 William Rock hill Nelson By Jay Hayden (North American Xcvotpaper Alliance) WASHINGTON The new-Eisenhower policy of laying down in advance clear chalk liness Underneath the apple tree Now proudly clothed In half-burst buds The Kansas City Star Company Owner and Publisher emergency It is on that basis that federal grants for the purchase of equipment have been made in other cities The probable allocation to Kansas City is around $325000 The people who believe in a normal service to keep a clean city are entitled to the facts Council inaction so far stems from political fear The majority is afraid of some voter resistance to a necessary service charge of 75 cents a month And apparently councilmon have heard from some of the private trash men As often happens the persons who believe in generally good government have had little to say So the council is in danger of losing a great opportunity to set up a modern service with the aid of federal money The splendid accomplishments by these and other councilmen of the last fourteen years w-ere not conceived in vague fears of the calendar it often was equipped Spaniards Philip II found necessary to postpone thejhad sent his dreaded "Iron Mar-customary New Year observance shal" the Duke d'Alva with his to the octave or eighth day aftericrack troops to the Netherlands the actual festival becausejto "crush the rebels as butter" many times March 25 came in But on April 1 1572 the tide The pearlv dusk the moon The sudden sorcery of well-loved things The actuality of my own bright youth Were more than I could bear And on the tree's gnarled trunk I leaned my face and wept Priscilla A Dennison 1 Address All Letters: The Kansas City Star 1729 Grand Avenci Kansas City 8 Mo Telephone HA 1200 (Want Ad Dept Only Telephone BA 5500) Fassion wcck when these dates I began to turn On the mornim? KANSAS NOTES By John Doohan I A Member of The Star Stall) WHO played the first April fool joke? Who planted the first old billfold attached to a fine thread in the middle of the sidewalk? Who placed the "empty tin can" as a target for some toe but loaded it with lead washers? History profane and otherwise is largely at sea concerning the first April fool jokester But some accounts give serious meaning to the day in the beginning The London Public Advertiser of March 13 1769 blamed it upon Noah who must certainly Subscription FUtes: Morning evening and Sunday (thirteen papers a week) delivered by carrier in Kn-saa City 40 cents a week $174 a month Bv mail postage prepaid In Missouri and Kansas 45 cents a week: elsewhere In the United States and the United 8tates possessions 55 cent a week In foreign countries $100 a week lines which foreign nations foe or friend shall cross at their peril was set for its supreme test by the speech of Secretary of State Dulles Monday evening Dulles's main chalk line was posed to Russia and Communist China He said as plainly as the language of diplomacy permits that "if Red China sends its own army into Indo-China" or any other part of the Southeast Asia "rice bowl" it means war with the and whoever we can persuade to help us And that war unlike the one in Korea would not be fought merely by meeting the immediate aggres conflicted April 1 was chosen instead of March 25 as the proper time on which to bestow New Year's gifts and make congratulatory visits With the adoption of the reformed calendar New Year's day was carried back to January For some the change was difficult to remember and through the mistakes that were of that day a small fleet of Gueux appeared on the horizon before the seaport of De Brielle a key city which was one of the Spanish strongholds It so happened that on that particular day the greater part of the garrison had temporarily left the city to obtain supplies Early that morning Koppelstock the man who ran the ferry boat to the citV anoroached the ritv RK NOT AFRAID Entered as second class matter at trie postoffice In Kansas City Mo under the Act ol March 3 1879 Mimbfi or the Associated Press All rights of publication of special dispatches are also reserved made by observing a custom on 1 1 i in the name of the 1- -ll4 VV'H flllil (i uav vviiivjl nu lulled l-rtucu IUI sion but "might lead to action Postage for Single Copies: 8 to 14 pages 3 cents: 16 to 24 pages 4 cents 26 to 32 pages 5 cents 34 tt 40 pages 6 cents 42 to 50 pages 7 cents 52 to 8S rages 8 cents: 60 to 66 pages 9 cen's 68 to 74 pages 0 cents 76 to 84 pages 11 cents: 86 tc 92 pagrg 13 cents 94 to 100 pages 13 cents 102 to 108 pages 14 cents 110 to 118 pages 15 cents at places and by means of free world's choosing Laconically Secretary Dulles And I say unto you mjf friends Be not afraid of them that kill the body and after that have no more that they can do Luke xii 4 i Growth of Bureaucracy Seen as Dodge Resigns By Raymond Moley THE resignation of the budget director Joseph Dodge to return to his private business interests brings to light once more a disturbing trend in our government in Washington For th? services of capable business and professional men in the federal government are becoming more and more transitory while the permanent employees become more permanent and vastly more numerous The end which may not be far cistant will be a government of the people for the people and by the bureaucracy I am not sure that the experience of Mr Dodge follows the familiar pattern since I do A remark of Jess Denious jr in the Dodge City Globe to the effect that the days must be getting longer was occasioned by the fact a Dodge City firm displayed a "sale today only" sign for a week A Stafford man called attention to the fact there is nothing in this year's family budget for seeds a new spade and a new rake handle and Ernie Briles comments "It was a good argument but he lost" They opened a new cafe in Cedar Vale recently and served free coffee Guy Dyer reports in the McCune Herald this giving him the opportunity to comment "Now if they had had a gas war down there it would have paid to drive to Cedar Vale and fill up both the car and the passengers" If you wonder why the horse-and-buggy form of transportation has virtually disappeared there may be a clue in this paragraph from Hazel Bruner's col umn in the Burns News The old horse and buggy couldn't last she asserts because there was no chrome on it celebration developed the sport of sending unthinking forgetful persons upon mock ceremonials These thoughtless creatures were made great fun of and called "Poisson d'Avril" which really meant "April fish" because they had been easily hooked into nonsense A French Custom The fashion of hooking not only became popular throughout France but spread to England where instead of being hailed as fish the unsuspecting nib- During February 1954 the net paid circulation of The Star was as follows Evening (daily average) 351294 Morning dailv average) 343344 Sunday average i 370943 Weekly Star Farmer (average) 473102 added: "The chances for peace are usually bettered by letting a potential aggressor know in advance where his aggression could lead him" The second chalk line was laid down before our supposed Allies France and Great Britain in preparation for next month's meeting in Geneva Within the week there had come not only from government lead THURSDAY APRIL 1 1954 THK H-BOMB AS AN AID TO PEACE have believed the common impression of him if he had a sense of humor And the London paper says Noah was mean enough to perpetrate the first joke on the dove which has furnished a favorite subject for peace jokes ever since Here is the Advertiser's version: "The custom arose from the mistake Noah made in sending the dove out of the ark before the water abated on the first day of the month of the Hebrew calendar which corresponds to our first day of April To perpetuate the memory of this deliverance it was thought proper whoever forgot so remarkable a circumstance to punish them by sending them on some sleeveless errand similar to that ineffectual message upon which the bird was sent by the Patriarch" A Sacred Connection Some believe that the custom refers to the experience of Christ as at this period of the year Christ was sent from one authority to another to mock and torment Him- from Annan to Caephas from Caephas to Pilate from Pilate to Herod and from Herod back to Pilate But ers in those two countries but from Canada and India flat proposals that recognition of Communist China and its admission An Old One Still Works Sometimes to the United Nations should be offered as bait to end the war in Indo-China Letting the Pei-ping regime into the of course entails putting the For- mosan Nationalist Chinese out It was quite a shock to Ed Abels of the Lawrence Outlook to meet a man the other day who has lived in Lawrence twin Secretarv Dulles's writing off of Communist Chinese admission blers were designated "April Fools" On March 31 1860 a multitude of persons in London received through the post a card having the following inscription with a seal marked by an inverted sixpence at one of the angles thus adding to superficial observation an official appearance: "Tower of London Admit the bearer and friend to view the annual ceremony of Washing the White Lions on Sunday April 1 1860 Admitted only at the White Gate It is particularly requested that no gratuities be given to the wardens and their assistants" The trick was highly successful and provocative for all that Sunday morning a procession of cabs rattled about Tower Hill their occupants trying in vain to discover the white gate Another theory concerning April Fool's day is that it is of Dutch origin The Dutch sav it to the was not quite abso-j years but did not know the Uni- iuit rjut ne sam win require versity of Kansas is located official account of the world-jolting hy-V rjrogen bomb blasts given by Lewis JJ Strauss chairman of the atomic energy commission is about as reassuring as it truthfully can be under the strained circumstances Straus- was confronted with the fact of widespread fear that the H-bomb may be unmanageable in tests and capable of causing death and injury unintentionally The fear obviously has been much exaggerated by people who panic easily Strauss said he had been assured by the country's top scientists that there is no danger of a nydrogen explosion going completely out of control He added that the testing did not get out of hand at Bikini on March 1 although the bomb exploded had "about double" its expected power There was a mistake in wind predictions and Japanese fishermen who got inside the danger area were burned by radioactive ash Since then precautions have been strengthened The important thing learned at Bikini according to Strauss is that the enormous power communist periormance a there Of course Abels adds he "didn't know much else either" big way such for example as the unqualified freeing of all Korea and demonstrated with drawal of support for Communists in before the Suspicious-looking characters running about town behind a crop of whiskers explains to Ed prince of Orange" demanded the city keys for the Gueux who had instructed him to call for the surrender of the city When the Spanish commander asked how many there were of the Gueux Koppelstock replied: "Five thousand men" Great Lie Succeeds Shaken by fear the Spanish evacuated the city and it capitulated to a few hundred Gueux The flag of Orange was hoisted over the city and the insurgents took new courage Finally the provinces of Holland gained their independence from Spain In commemoration of this far-reaching lie of Koppel-stock's the Hollanders preserved the custom by setting the first day of April aside aj "Fool's Day" Today the rituals of April fooling are participated in more by children than grown-ups although now and then a fun-loving adult sets his dignity aside and indulges in some prank upon his friends and relatives And remember the most careful are likely to be fooled "Poor Rob-bin's Almanac" of some years back had this to say: "He who walks abroad on April first runs a perilous risk of losing his sobriety" will even contemplate voting Communist China into the community of nations As for the Chinese on Formosa Dulles said plainly that they will under no circumstances be forsaken meaning certainly that Formosa will continue under military protection so long as Mr Eisenhower remains in the White House Looked at from a purely strategic standpoint the main aims of the secretarv of state dates back to April 1 1572 This date they point out is of great importance in the history of Holland marking her first step toward victory in the religious-economical war with Spain Holland at that time was under Spanish domain and disgruntled over ruthless religious persecution and excessive taxation The property of men convicted of heresy was confiscated and a price set on the heads of those who adhered to the Protestant faith or were found reading the Bible A system of scandalous espionage and revolting torture forced the Dutch burghers into an insurrection led by the dauntless William of Orange The J1Tl2 I '6t aba are obvious With an eye to Geneva he anticipated a possible threat by the French to quit Indo-China bag and baggage unless the agrees to a deal with Communist China including its admission to the Did Noah Pijvy the First April Fool Prank On the Dove? businessman" entering government President Eisenhower Handed a Commission as Deputy Secretary of Defense to Rooer Kyes on February 2 1953 Now Kyes Has Returned to His Private Employer General Motors not know htm and have no so-called inside information But the usual procedure is the calling of a man of proved capacity to Washington by the President or by a department head with an offer of a job or assignment of some kind The offer takes the form of a plea because such people seldom are attracted by public service In any event the President or someone else says that it is the man's duty and so on And he agrees to serve for a while perhaps as in the Dodge instance a year or so The man goes to work and must then spend a considerable time learning his way about the department He usually finds that he must depend upon the lesser people who have been there a long time Sometimes these bureaucrats almost completely take him over If they do not his life is not a happy one for it is not pleasant to work with unsympathetic people Then his year is up and he leaves A President grows weary of urging people to respond to the call of public duty and almost invariably succumbs to the temptation to give the job to a political hack or to promote a bureaucrat In either case the bureaucracy wins out Thus there is a progressive decline In the quality of leadership Witness as a good example the deterioration of the RFC after the departure of Jesse Jones Multiply such instances manyfold and you have the situation which prevails in Washington Below these lines were the Abels of the Lawrence Outlook why our ancestors thought it necessary to pack a gun on each hip Also it makes him rejoice that centennial time comes only once in every 100 years Editor's This drawing by Gene Kirk a staff artist for The Star was made before he suffered a fatal heart attack Friday Fred Cloud of the Kingman Leader-Courier notices that it doesn't seem to make any difference where a shot may be fired in the world these days it is always the American tax-payer who is struck And frequently Cloud adds he is the victim of ammunition he himself furnished following: No Sooner doth Saint All-fools morn approach But wages ere Phoebus mounts his of the hydrogen bomb has brought the United States "very much closer" to meeting military requirements And there was the grim discovery tha: an H-bomb can be made "as large as you wish large enough to destroy any city" This applies to a city the size of New York -and certainly Moscow Soviet leaders who have had a thermonuclear or hydrogen device of their own under development will surely sense the implications of what our government is proving in the Mid-Pacific Prime Minister Churchill had this in mind when he gave his support to our monumental testing because American possession of the H-bomb is regarded by him as "the greatest possible deterrent against the outbreak of a third world war" Moreover a major point made by Strauss was that the obliterating punch of the H-bomb will give us leeway to "proceed aggressively" with the development of atomic energy for peaceful purposes Thus along with their awesome unfolding of destructive power the H-bombs at Bikini eventually could even come to represent a milestone of human progress t'ilcied coach men who had escaped the fury In shoies assemble to employ their of the inquisition banded sending ris vet inteiiinre selves together into a society of One seeks hen's teeth in farthest it is hard to believe that innocent foolishness could have been derived from a motive so deeply serious and cruel The most popular conjecture regarding the origin of April Fool day dates back to the adoption of the reformed calendar of 1564 Before that the New Year began on March 25 instead of January 1 and it was the fashion of the people to celebrate the day by paying visits to their friends and bestowing gifts upon them In part of the town United Nations As counter to that prospect Dulles told the world that Indo-China is too important to abandon even if an entirely new plan for its salvation has to be organized Similarly the British with Hong Kong and Malaya at stake and neighboring nations such as Thailand and Burma are likely to be inspirited by this firm assurance that the is not interested in Indo-China alone but is enlisted against Communist aggression in Southeast Another pigeon milk: a third a gown From strolling cobbler's stall left there bv chance: outlaws who by land or sea aided the prince of Orange These intrepid men assumed the name of "Gueux" from the French word meaning beggars The first years of the war (Thus load the giddy tribe a merry An advertiser alert to the nos dance And to reward them for their harmless toll The cobbler 'noints their limbs with sibilities created bv the hirsnra adornments so many men and proved disastrous for Holland stirrup oil the rleenlv rrlim'nn aap pvictincr the thrco srmioc iK bv contriver's lnadvertant lest boys consider essential to a celebration of anv historical event 'a UTl T- I One fool exposed makes pastime for Acwvt a cum me iicijic utriiif aiuuiiuaicu uv inv wcu- tne rest advertises in the Topeka Capital "Centennial beards dyed or tint Asia no matter where it mav strike Airport Site in Historic Area ed private appointments" Were Last but not least Secretar account illustrates the rapidity with which the area then was settled: "Bef re the close of the year there was a settler in near- Dulles no doubt had in mind the he alive toda-v- the late Kirby McRill the long-distance walker lew uE 1 lack of enthusiasm with which not only Congress but American public opinion in general has every available quarter sec who became widely known as "Kirby the Unkissed" would not have had to depend upon any been awaiting the Geneva con VATCH ISON if -VBHaea tion and on some there I ere two or more" The Platte Purchase is by the name of the ference The fear from those sorcerer tricks to make his chin directions has been that Dulles stand out in a group of was dragooned into that meet ing with no foreseeable hope of bearded men Those fiery whiskers of his which eventually merged into an orangey-gray were as well known in these local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Platte City The "Platte Purchase" chapter was organized any result beneficial tn the United States and with a eood here in Februarv 1952 chance that we would be traded Parts as the "Pnk whiskers" of out of our eveteeth Hamilton fish were in Washington and New York And Dulles has served unmistak- The efforts of Congress to reduce the size of the bureaucracy are at the moment incon-sequentia' Senator Byrd's latest figures on civilian employment tell the story From July 1 1953 to the end of February 1954 there has been a decline in such jobs from 2454714 to 2340767 That is a reduction of only 5 per cent And it has been possible largely because the Department of Defense under Charles Wilson and Roger Kyes (who also has gone back to private life) has been able to cut civilian employment to a degree because of the end of the Korean war But in some departments there is already f-n increase over 1953 The February figures cited by Byrd show increases in the departments of State Health Education and Welfare Agriculture Interior and Treasury and in the Veterans administration And employment "outside continental United States" has increased 2783 Over the centuries France Germany czarist and now Communist Russia have all gone the way of bureaucracy We have until recent years been free of such a deadening influence in our life Now however Americans may well be warned that what has happened in other older countries is happening here at an alarming rate able notice that he will arrive at Cherry Leitnaker is as wrong Geneva with a fixed knowledge as he can be in surmising re-of exactlv where he and Hm centlv in the Baldwin Ledger KANSAS BucHWHM a'' to- IS ill Industrial NtCftyg CLy Am Port SITE vfesMM' I co By Arline Black THE land on which Kansas City is starting this spring to build its new industrial airport did not originally belong to the state of Missouri Not until sixteen years after Missouri was admitted to the Union did Platte County plus the cluster of five counties to the north and northwest fall within the state's domain The treaty known as the "Platte Purchase" was responsible for the inclusion of present-day Platte Buchanan Andrew Nodaway Atchison and Holt counties within Missouri's boundaries Actually the treaty consisted of a series of separate agreements with various tribes or bands of Indians who had lived or enjoyed hunting privileges within the Platte Purchase territory For an amazingly small consideration by present standards such tribes as the Sacs Foxes and Omahas abandoned their titles Ratification of four of the treaties was proclaimed by President Van Buren on February 15 1837 The ratification of the last "convention" or FORTY YEARS AGO IN KANSAS CITY From the Files ol April 1 1914 Guarantors of the forthcoming Grand Opera season were assured at a dinner at the Hotel Baltimore ihat this year's cash would be more than last vear's United States are going andithat praise in these columns of this regardless of any new de- a certain lady's cooking ability partures that may be broached (indicated an intention of grow-The real test as manv here be-ling some sort of facial decora- The Platte Purchase Indicated by the Shaded Area Became Part of Missouri March 28 1837 tion Talk long years ago of the advantages of a Vandyke beard drew almost as many vetoes a Russia has provided in the United Nations No no whiskers Eiwoon Hobbs lieve is whose side Great Britain turns up on and there is supreme confidence in the State department that whoever else may scuttle and run it will not be the venerable John Bull (Released by Associated Newspapers) and hunted and fished throughout the bountiful region An 1885 Platte County history says that "Rialto was perhaps the first place where a white settlement was made within what are now the limits of Platte County" FOLKS AND FOIBLES Barkley Vs Cooper Two highly interesting personalities will make the Kentucky race for the United States Senate one of he most spirited contests in the country this year On the Democratic side will be former Vice-President Alben Barkley who has just announced himself as a candidate for the seat now held by John Sherman Cooper Republican Both men have extended careers in public life Barkley is 7b and Cooper is 53 Cooper has the advantage of age while Barkley is favored by a prevailingly Democratic state and nearly a half century in various legislative rapacities until his retirement early last year Yet in his campaign to fill out an unexpired Senate term in 1952 Cooper received a higher vote than President Eisenhower He had served previously in the Senate on the Kentucky bench as a delegate to the I'nited Nations had a fine World War II record Barkley is a veteran campaigner and has the prestige of service in the second highest office in the land Look to Kentucky for a campaign of pans in this year of 1954 Our Ship to Take It Easy Missourians who never in their lives have tasted salt spray from the deck of a warship have a landlubber's affection for the battleship Missouri She is our ship We love her as we love the state And we have the pride of sponsorship in anything that rates mention in her ship's log Some of these listings have been of gloriously historic events The Mighty Mo was at Iwo Jima and Okinawa in World War II She suffered oatUe wounds in the bombardment of Japan And of course hor decks were the scene of the formal surrender by the Japanese empire Off Krrea the Missouri fought illustriously in two lours of duty Now we learn that she is to be decommissioned and assigned to the mothball fleet The admirals and their civilian bosses know best we suppose But we Missourians won't forget our battle-wagon just as we didn't lose faith in her when she was stuck in the mud of Chesapeake bay four years ago The Big Mo came back later to vindicate herself off Korea She'll always be around when we need her And even in repose she floats at anchor with our state's fond regard aboard her Rialto was a small trading Dost An epidemic of mumps and chicken pox has struck at the Washington grade school at Independence avenue and Cherry street Prof Joseph Ridgway principal blames lax inspection for the outbreak The Rev Thomas Cooney who was assistant pastor of St Patrick's Catholic church the first eight years of its existence died Monday in St Louis The parish here was established in 1870 Theodore Spicer Simpson nationally known sculptor addressed the City Club yesterday afternoon on art in civic lives He said the basic rule is "use the simplest method to get a useful result and it will possess the very essence of art" He re treaty followed three days later hear the present tobacco center of Weston It was estimated that SALE Aero-Dyne Model 51 ORIGINAL PRICE $3895 SALE PRICt $5995 Including Cleaning Tools only 3 of these i SALE If II Model left (I ORIGINAL lU PRICE 1 Jjf $7990 SALE If PRICE $5995 fl Complete fl I with Tools on February 18 1837 Then the final step in the annexation of the Platte Purchase to the state occurred just over a month later by proclamation of President Van Buren on March 28 1837 the population of white settlers residing illegally in the Platte territory reached 200 or 300 families before they were finally driven out by government By Claude Callan For years Mrs McSpat abused no member of her family except her husband Then when Maurine McSpat was almost grown the mother began allowing her to come in for a share of her wrath Mrs McSpat says very little directly to this daughter but when one of the smaller girls complains about having to sweep or wash dishes she is immediately given to understand that another Maurine isn't going to be reared in that house "One Maurine in the family is enough" Mrs McSpat says "and I am not going to permit you to follow in your sister's footsteps" The result is that Maurine and her father have become companions in suffering When the daughter is under fire the father extends her all the sympathy he dares and when the father is being bombarded the daughter moves her chair close to his I 2 1 I of" these Jif I ferred to the new Union Station All the women who have quarreled with Mrs Churnbloom prove they were in the right by quoting Mrs Churnbloom's own mother as saying that nobody in the world could get along with her Two statesmen of the day Senator Linn and Senator Thomas Hart Benton fought long in Washington for the annexation of the Platte country to Missouri But the event which actually led to the Platte Purchase took place in Clay County in 1835 At a mass meeting on a farm north of Liberty an Indian agent named Hughes proposed the acquisition of the territory Immediately a committee was appointed to draft a memorial to Congress Alexander Doniphan who later conducted a brilliant campaign in the Mexican war was a member of the committee As a result of this memorial a bill was introduced in Congress in 1836 It subsequently became the act of June 7 signed by President Jackson on that date After the negotiation of as a fine monumental building All the ninety-seven Western Union messenger boys went on strike today to enforce a demand for more pay and carfare on long trips The boys get 2 cents for each telegram delivered Chester A Snider 54 coal and livestock commission man died today at the home of his mother Mrs Andrew Snider 1005 Forest avenue His wife and two daughters survive Four hundred and fifty bolt workers at the Kansas City Nut and Bolt company went on strike yesterday protesting the discharge of thirteen men employed there Cummings head cow- The Platte Purchase territory can be quickly identified by glancing at a Missouri map It's that somewhat triangular tract of land in the northwest corner of the state extending west to the Missouri river from a line running due north from Kansas City to the Iowa line It was the Platte Purchase which gained for Missouri a prized additional river border of 150 miles some 2 million acres of the richest farm and grazing area to be found in the Mid-West and the final mark of distinction to the appearance of its map As Indian territory this part of present Northwest Missouri was forbidden country to white settlers before 1837 The situation paralleled that which existed in Oklahoma under territorial status later in the century Illegal though it was sporadic settlement of the region began at an early date As a result of a steamboat expedition up the Missouri river in 1810 daring pioneers slipped into the Little Platte country after praise of the region spread eastward There the frontiersmen built houses farmed the fertile soil Cousin Pelfry's mind is normal in other respects but for years he has labored under the hallucination that he has a poor appetite The entire neighborhood with the exception of Mr and Mrs Buttercup is worried over the amount of money Dolly Buttercup is spending on her wedding outfit buyer for Armour here retired yesterday after twenty-five years! of service James Blakely will! Mrs Nettleby is considered the smartest woman in the Between-the-Lines club She can think of something to start a row about every meeting $5 Down $5 Monthly 1217 Walnut Meuonine succeed him Mr Cummings also Afraid to Haul Trnshi Thcye la good reason to believe that the federal government would pay a large share of the cost of equipment for municipal trash collection If the council drops this item from the budget it will not be making a large saving for the city treasury The same vehicles that would be used to collect trash could serve in a civil defense treaties with the Indians that autumn the necessary action by the state Legislature and the ratification of the treaties in 1837 Missouri's boundary was extended westward to the Missouri river This sentence from an early Open Thursday Evenings 1217 Walnut managed Charles Armour's Hereford farm south of Kansas City Miss Leta Val Bracht and Kirk Phaling married March 31 Mrs Gristhopper tells her son Marvin that he ought to try to get a position at the drug store since he stays there all the time anyway.

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