Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 21, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, August 21, 1944
Page 8
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MONDAY. AUGUST 21. 19H ~| Reds May Soon Deliver Knock-Out Blow At Warsaw (lly Unitril I'IVM.N) The Russians arc Warsaw tighter in n powerful vise. And the knock-out blow at lh:> Polish capital *cems near. Moscow observers predict tho >f»zl» will put up 1L desperate !ast- dilch fight — but they export the 'Russians to roll through Warsaw soon And thus open the Vistula •waterway to— and isnablo the Red army to cut off. iCast Prussia from the resl of Germany. Two Soviet armli.v tire moving simultaneously on the city. Marshal Rokossovsky's forces are on the offensive east -and northeast Of the suburb of I'raga. They xmnshod hvick at least lid Oermai: counter attacks and took a number of Hamlets on [-Yaga's outskirts The Nazis lost !'00 troops and 37 tanks. Meanwhile—the first Ukrainian army of Marshal Konev is plumr- l-ng up the west bnnk of the Vis tulii toward Warsaw'-; southi-rn approaches. They have by-|vi>se<! Riulom, some tin miles holow the city. Kunc-v's triiups are expected to try to rut the Nn;:l-' rsc-'xix 1 routirs wi>st of Wars-iw • while i:<i- ko.ssovsky's forces attack fir; cup- it'll front.'illy. At the lower tip of the ea-tcrn front—the German high C'onuriari'l announces that tho Ki'it army ha- oper.ed tile lonc-cxpoelcd Uutr.aa- lan offensive. The i-iu-my say th new ii'isault 'i dmible-prongi'd drive — Is presumably -an attempt to hreak through the Galati gap tu Bucharest and tho Floest; uil fieUU, One thrust is near Chisinau In BcssanibiiL—aiKl the uther is north and soutn of the .Romanian town of The Niir.i-i declare the assaults were mounted with strong support by Soviet Stortnovik planes. Joseph V. Rosko Seeks Nomination Tropical Storm Is Moving Across Caribbean Sea (Continued from Pugu 1) Anna I'Jrk and U'llliam A. PaitHi.'i-. With .Mr, Pnlntcr a candidate foi 1 the nomination for slate senator, it . is expected that another local G. O. P. member will be mimed as a candidate for the rc'presenUHive post. Henry Schldgen, 3rd, has been mentioned as being in line for the selection should he care to run for the office. Reports also indicate Mrs. ISrk's willingness to run for another term in office. Mr. Rosko's iinnoiinooincnl today is the first step in setting' the political put here in Naugatuck to boiling, although indicatlnos <rom Xnugalunk politicans are to the ol'fecl that some of tho happenings here in this field in the near future may be a bit slurlling. SU'KI'T J'.V TIDAI. \VAVK San .Insi-. Costa Rica, Aug. 21 — I L'l 1 ) —The captain of an Argentine vessel says a titul wave recently s\vept across and partly submerged Cocos island—about a50 miles southwest o!' Panama. The Island is not inhabited. Miami, Fla.. Aug. ID—(U P)—A severe tropical storm is moving northwestward across the Carib- benn sen. The disturbance now is passing over Jamaica.. .11 is expected to ivi'.ch full liurric.-uie .force .some time today or early tomorrow. Storm warnings have been issued tu the area around the south eoast iif western Cubu. It is not kiiou'n whether tho Hurricane will reach the coast of the United States Private Madden Served As Guide (.Continued from Tage '.i) own lines du.-ing th.c night. This occurred tlio day previous lo the truce, In Ihe incident reported In which the local soldier and a buddy served as guides to the three chaplains, ihi! Germans ceased firing, nftnr being impressed by the bravery of the men. A German officer stepped mil of i.he line and negotiations took place which allowed the removal of some American wounded, Pvt. Mudtlon, in the army since September, 3P-12, has written home that I'viM-ybody "over there" Is looking forward lo a quick and sud- NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS don ond to the war. News from the other fronts has encouraged greatly the men In France, Prior to his entrance, in the service, Pvt. Madden worked tit the Chase Metul Works .ill Waterbuiy, Me is a graduate of Naugatuek high school. He 1ms two brothers in service, Gregory, a -junior engineer in the Maritime Co'-Vac, who Is on sea duly; and !Tc. George Madden, studying at the Douglas Aircraft factory in California. Another brother, .Joseph, is in Uic Jlir Corps reserve. A sister, lillen, is a cadet! nurse at Adolphl college. Garden' City. N. Y. Pvt. Edward Madden's' wife, the former Belly Robillard, lives in Seymour. ..:. Must letter received 'from- .Private I Kerski in Italy stated, that, .every-, I thing was all right with him,, and ] he sent home a tab'lc cloth to.bHi mother and,r,oaarli ir items for other, members o£ He Is a graduate of ii uu /., schools and was employed, in the iNaugatuck' Chemical lor ,'i time before'-entering the service. ' • ' Allies Score Impressive Cains .'.••M.•'•"(Continued from Page 1) Naugatuck Soldier Kills German (Continued from Page 1) Inincd on ihc location of a Kraut Bivouac area. Thai .afternoon the area war, shelled by American artillery with the observers reporting considerable confusion among the Germans. Kcrski's home is on R. F. E>. 'Roulu 2, Forest .street. Naugatuck and he is the son of Mrs. Anastosia .Mo is I2fl years of age and has been in Ihi: Army since August :i;i-IK ami has beer, ovcrstas since February ol' the current year. Private Kerski has six brothers and throe sisters, and one brother, Xi-onnislaus. has beun in the service for the past two years, and is slalioned in Texas, Mrs. Kerski stated today .that the •. than. iSO:,miles, funning out to an area only 18 miles northwest of i i The ''• French capital is steadily I being ripened for capture, I While the Americans strengthen their positions around the city, thousands of French patriots arc striking at the within Paris, turning It into a baltlcfront within a biiUJefronl. Tho Germans, % in an attempt to cjuell the Parisians, imposed what amounts to martial law. And Najd propagandists says ihc people of Paris must, bear Ihe responsibility for the fate of their city. Front dispalc-.ic.i -,ay Paris is ready to be taken, that Paris will fall to the Americans whenever Pulton decides to soiifl his tanks through the city's gates. To tho west of the Americans, I an estimated 10,000 Germans re-j 11.1 tin trapped in a triangle about | :!Ci miles from Paris, and Briti-.'-h and Canadians — moving ahead olong the northern end of the Allied line—closed to positions about 20 miles from the great' port of -fvzr- new "S t.t '"•• of 'bid tic thi '"-••the "At i, D 'f; i; r "•"""'eT,- --Illy ,- ' " ffet ,-*?%$•<&' •'*&£&& . m m •n, s v s ""b af/li ' .. e Phrj the go tio" \d the WOODY HERMAN and Ins orchestra get their first big coast to coast radio break when '.hey joined Allan Jones on the Wednesday nigM CBS aircr heard at S:00 p.m. (EWT). Woody was instrumeri. tat in popularizing "Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet." (or ' tho U.S. looks lo the politician! 7hit map ihowi how dhlorKid (h». 'J. S. b«- com«l *rh«n .irtdl of Ihe i»A*ei rtro drawn to t*8 1II« o' |Huif «l«c- toral "Oltl inlf«ad of POLITICALLY DISTORTED U, S.—When thinking in terms of electoral votes, the trained politician visualizes this distorted mop of the United States which ilUistr.-itcc ,-in article in the Septem- her issue of The American Magazine by Prof. George T. Rcnncr o! Columbia University. The stfllcs arc drawn in proportion to their clcctornl votes and the result is that tho Great Plains and Rocky Mountain states shrink to midget proper, lion', the South and Far West dwindle a little and Tcx.ii California .'incl Montjnn £|ivc way as the three largest elates to New York. Pennsylvania and Illinois. Kansas, the geographic center on the normal map. is pushed far to the west and Ohio becomes the center of elective power. 'e. Cecil B. DeMillc, shown here surrounded by some of the stars he has presented on the Lux Radio Theatre, will bring this top ranking dramatic program back to the Columbia network on Monday evening, September 4 at 9 p.m. (EWT). Reading clockwise, starting top loft: Ala^i Ladd, Betty Grablc, Walter Pidgeoi-., Lana Turner, Gary Cooper, Bettc Davis, Bob Hope, Ingrid 'Bergman, Cary Grant, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Greer Garson. ONE-ARMED BALL PLAYER — New Or- tcnns — Pete Cr.Ty, ccn*cr-ficldcr for the Memphis Chicks, io Gho'A.i in n dcmon- stra'.ion of bis br-t- ting form, handling his bat mticii ns .1 t«'"^ ! s player h,in- dlcs ni= racket. Gray's ,nll-nround ability is expected to carry him to the major leagues next season. •{' : DRESS—A salute to i beachheads of Europe Traphagen School of York, this glamorous :signcd by Bertha Garyonis i other pupils of the school le invasion forces of the ons. Of navy blue surah, s trimmed at decollctagc with narrow ribbon bancfs s of the military shouldcr- blem, symbol of the inva- 'orn by General Eisen- odeled by Elna Kauff. mann, another student, it was recently shown at the school's Fall Forecast Fashion Sliow at Town Hall. i'K'\'^*'** CANNON FODDER — Egle Znc- : l ^m^-^i*^' chini, vvhc- hails from Tampa, ': \ J Fla., is the human cannonball \jf shot from the cannon at Pali- ,- sadcs Amuserncnt ': Park, N. J. She's • shown enjoying a "hot dog" after her I swim, w h i I c I Spooky, her -"doa, I begs for his share. " Frank Primavera, in the background. , skims the fat that rises in the "hot dog" kettle for salvage. Turn In all used fat to your meat dealer ns it is an essential ingredient io yie manufacture of many vital >ducts. (HERE ARE EXPERT TIPS on laundering chil Idren's clothes. Always dissolve bluing flakes with your regular"iaiTnclry soap to assure bright looking clothes without streaks. This technique avoids need for a separata bluing job, too. To keep juvenile togs fresh looking longet, add to each quart of light starch a quarter of a cake of a specially prepared wax-like product thai assures a satiny, dirt-resisting finish and keeps your iron from the sticking and pulling difficulties that cause fabric ttars. o courtesy Evfrfiiit Fabrifi Five little fingers and sand in his toes, but everything will come out in the wash when this very young'man and his beach robe. are tubbed. The sturdy, preshrunk, color-fast cotton checks by Everfast come in tan and brown, double-breasted and fastened with big pearl buttons for both girls and boys, In sizes two to six. and eight to sixteen. Le Havre and Uic road Junction Of. Lisiuux. At the other end of France—on the Mediterranean coast — the American;, and French arc maintaining their offensives against Toulon and Marseilles with good results. The Toulon naval b.-ise bus been three quarters encircled. The French, fighting the Germans in an area less thun three miles from the city, threaten to slash tile last escape routes for the Nazis in Toulon. And the atiffcst battle since the Mediterranean Invasion began Is raging in the outskirts of Aix en Provence, the communication bub which the German need to wave their garrisons at Toulon and Marseilles. Aix is 11 miles north of Marseilles, second largest city in France. Frenoh paldols also arc exceptionally active on the southern front as in Paris. The Algiers radio says the patriots have gained control of Toulouse, one of the largest cities in soutncrh France. Tie patriots arc said to have been in control since yesterday, with Uic Germans withdrawing to the outskirts of the city where fighting is underway. As the Allies rounded out the sixth day of the Riviera invasion, headquarters announced that some M.OOO German prisoners have been taken. Included in the Ititcst batch wa-s tlie third German general to captured — Major General Ha TO* Sehuberth. Headquarters describe him as an ardent N«.zi, and an officer with a reputation for extreme cruelty. Until last June ths N.ia commander was chief administra- t i v c officer Tor southwestern France. •As for developments in Italy— Poilsh units wit.h the British Eighth army have scored new fains -along ,ihe Adriatic front. And Brazilian troops now are re- vcnled to be in action with the American Fifth army in western Italy. CANADIAN CRASH SUITS AS COOU AS A CUCUMBER - $40 - LOOSE,! POROUS, AIR FILTERING AND| BREEZE CATCHING. jj Hero Soldier Here On Furlough (Continued from Page 1) scale, Scrgt. Malcto stated, to break up Japanese concentrations of men and supplies that under cover of darkness each night for many days came onto the 'Canal. So many of the bic U. S. guns wore in action that the supply depots had trouble keeping enough shells on hand for ihc daily bombardments the local soldier stated. ;n his bunt for a way of getting more shells up to the guns, Sgt. Maielo found a ton and one-half Chevrolet truck usced originally by the Japanese, but which had been knocked! out of action by American lire. The local soldier stated that the truck was pockmarked with -bullet and -shrapnel holes but that the motor had not. been hit. Pressing into service another soldier of his detail. Sergeant Maleto. while under fire most of the time, replaced brakes, armature clutch plate and other incidentals on the Jap truck and finally got it into working order. This addition to the U. S. artillery supply line which up to thai lime .consisted of only one truck, :L 3 3-2 lonner, kept the guns well supplied with shells and ihc const-ant. bombardment effectively throttled Jap counter attacks, aid- od in ihe clearance of the i5la;-,d, •and saved many American lives. General Harmon, stated in his citation of Sergeant Ma'.eto Scrgcnnt Malcto enjoyed good health during his long sXay in the Pacific war '/.one. being on Guadalcanal for one full year and later being: in the Z^iji Islands and other points in that sector. He was down with malaria for only four days in bis 2 1-2 years ovoi7?evis. The local soldier weighed 260 pounds when he \vcnt into tlie war none, but lost '15 pounds during the fighting oiy the 'Canal where the constant warfare, the heat and rain made regular rest and meals something to read about. He now weighs only 136 pounds but looks well and fit. Sergeant Malcto's eyes gleamed when bo was asked about the heavy guns he was with on the battle lines. He stated that American artillery was the best in the world and American artillerymen are i,hc boys who can really make those big guns talk—and hit. The veteran soldipr wears the new gold stripes for overseas service, and has a host of campaign ribbons and stars that he wears only occasionally. , Following his furlough, which he £oi when his name w;u? drawn from a Imt on an island in the Pacific, he reports Ixick lo Camp Buttner, N. C., for realignment, probably as an artillery instructor at some camp .probably ,in ,thc State's, it was indicated. Michaels Robbed Of $800 In Jewelry About $800 in watches nnd assorted jewelry were stolen from ihc show window of Michael's store on Bank street in Watcrbury yesterday morning. Thieves cut a hole in the glass window agout a foot square and removed the jewelry The break was performed in a hurry sometime between G and 7 a. m. it was reported. Police arc .investigating. First rural free delivery mail routes in the U. S. were placed in operation i" West Virginia on October !,• 1896. i j» Furnace Inspection SERVICE No plication Waterbury Heating Co. 33 Spring St., Wtby. 4-0*78 Phone Us! These clothes will remind you of some of the cool spots our good neighbor to the north of us has for American visitors. You can't imagine the comfort that's yours for $40—no cool, clammy feeling if evenings are cold — because Canadian crashes are wool—but they're woven to get rid of that excess body heat when the sun shines—and keep you comfortable in sudden changes. Records! Couricouv Service It's New; CI-KANKR BRUSH TEMPLETON'S rEMPI-RTON'S WATEKBCUY (No Toll Charge) LOVINK KLECTR1C CO. .< 8 Church Strccl ' Summer Dance Progr am! For Friday, Saturday and .Sunday Evvninx* .JOK KOCK and Hi* KOCK :md 1f.\K BOVS In l'oll<a,s and Modern Dadot Music Sunday Dancing 3 to 3 P. M. White* Eaglt Restaurant BRIDGE STREET Mcrnhpr of Connecticut. Restaurant A Naug-atuck's Thrifty Saved $57,409.59 With This Bank Last Week Were You Included? START YOUR ACCOUNT NOW NAUGATUGK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed 100 Years of Service For over 100 years this plant has continuously served our nation with quality footwear and other fine rubber products, both in peace and in war. _ ^^, ^f UNITED STATES RUBBER CO, Naugatuck Footwear Plant Ford Charcoal Briquets NOW AVAILABLE We have received the first shipment since . the war began of charcoal briquets for civilian consumption. Packed in 20 Ib. bags. , Bum twice as long as ordinary lump charcoal. Quick heat in convenient smokeless form. Get a "tag for that picnic before they are gone. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. °" "' ' ~ Phone 5236 87 Church St. i \ !™

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