The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 19, 1950 · Page 19
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 19

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 19, 1950
Page 19
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n 'jLJf! ii'i wii - iiimiTraJ I 4. . r I . w UT It tm : . I louArrml I I i " asas :: : . . . 151 1 rr to 2 5 : toH3ft 7 "23 - it i i isnai '. " nin i fTPfl.fT'i ( ' i t ouwrrta rr 14 jttUft 4 4gSMN 4. sggstggo STAfF GRAPH BY MOftEY I 'I I LGj - ionaon3on4ori5on4on5onriiorTai Wolves Keep Bowl Notions Alive, 34 - 23 ANN ARBOR, Mich. iP). Michigan's pair of blond workhorses. Chuck Ortmann and Don Dufek, chipped holes in the Northwestern defenses here Saturday in a 34 - 23 Big Ten victory that kept alive Michigan's mathematical Rose Bowl chances. A crowd of 78,201 fans saw the two Wolverines rip thru the Northwestern line for two touchdowns apiece in a conquest that found Michigan at its old - time Strength. Northwestern Dick Flowers cut loose with a last - minute passing barrage that pulled the visitors within threatening distance but then time ran out. MICHIGAN End Harry Allis ! converted all but the second touchdown kick and scored one touchdown himself. For Michigan it was the third Tlltf Tan trtt M in mhJ m I loss. Northwestern salvaged some glory by setting a pair of Western conference pass records. Northwestern s Flowers set up a new season pass completion mark of 56 to surpass the mark of 53 shared by Otto Ciraham of Northwestern and Perry Mosa of Illinois. Northwestern'! giant end, Don Rtonesifer, who already holds the Big Ten individual game and season receiving records, broke the yardage record set in 1949 by Jack Dittmer of Iowa. BIT THE crowd's acclaim still J went to Ortman nd Dufek. I Duft?k, Michigan's rugged line - ! smashing fullback, carried tht? : ball 15 times and made 1 10 yard??, He scored two touchdowns and , et up another. Dufck'i interception of ! Flowers' pass on the Northwestern 41 and his five - yard runback started Michifan on the way to its first touchdown. He contributed a 19 - yard run to the drive before he plunged over from the three - yard line. Michigan rolled 44 yards in the next drive with Dufek breaking loose for 27 yards and Ortmann ripped around his own right end to score. NORTHWESTERN came back in the second period with a safety and a convincing touch - down that was climaxed by a : slick 32 - yard run by Fullback Dick Athan. The safety was scored when . Don Oldham dropped Norman Kragseth's punt near the Michigan end gone. Michigan's Lowell ' Perry recovered the ball behind the goal line but was piled up by Northwestern tacklers. Michigan tot one touchdown back Immediately when Allis blocked Kragseth'a punt on the Northwentern and followed it Into the end tone where he ; fell on it. I Midway in the third period, : Allis recovered a fumble by ; Athan on the Northwestern 31. Michigan rolled in nine plays to another touchdown with Ortmann running the last three yards. By Cmo, . firun . . . on the radio we hear so much about the nose test he throat test. . on our PEERLESS dry cleaning we would like to suggest the EYE TEST. Yes - sir they do look betterafter a trip to our plant. And likewise they feel better. To clean is to conserve. Remember "GRIME NEVER PAYS" CfllX 2 - 6731 PEERLESS CLEANERS S2J So. Uth Geo, H. Lemon rwich Off If I? IS K. 4Mife i t ... i x . . tiif If t j.'JKS!. t sfc. MU CAMlCD - - - - - . Wl wrcftccfrto pun tftCOMPLfTf MM KICK OUT or tOUNMi K ifil AO AMI ' t . KICK - . H " I46T wf l4Q iol tcV I It f f t I a4SWB,4S WMtW 4S MHMM M mnw V A CAMPSttt ! t I I In iia r - irr. Husker - Cy clone Play by pay Nebraska won the torn and elected to defend the south goal with ft 13 - mil per tiour wind advantage. Iowa Stale took Ui north noal and choaa to receive. fr'IRMT Ui AKTKR Frank Simon kicked Into the end ton to Meltng. who returned to the Cyclone 2, low MT ATE: Schneii hit rl(tht tackle for two yards. Wrfiiynn bulled his way over left Kuard for another yard. Srott topptnu htm. Week held the hall after fakinx a pitrhom and ran to a (I rat down on the Iowa mat 45. McGlynn failed to ram on an end rnvt - rp, Mrflljnn rammed the middle for three yards. Weeks' paw, intended for Oreen, wui short and im - ttnpiet. iowa S'nte was offside, but Nebraska declined the penally, making it fourth and seven on its own 48. Green punted out of bounds on the H inker 40 - yard line. MtHKAKt: Reynolds rut over rtght tacaie for a yard. Mueller found a hoi in the middle and raced to a first down on th Cyclone 4?. Nebraska was offnide before the ball was snapped and drew a five - yard penalty. Na)e afilfd to find a receiver and was spilled after making a yard, Mueller hit th middle for four yards, Reynolds wept right' end for two more. Reynolds took a had pas from center and managed to get a punt away, the ball going out of bound on th 18 3K. lout STATE: Week failed to fnd a receiver and was run out of hound on the IS 41. Mcuivnn was stopped after a ird gain by the Ilusker right side. Weeks' p into the, flat was tncomfiete. f'.reen pun ted out of bounds oa tli NU 35. However, towa "at was holding on the play and penalized hack to its own 23 Crurn took th tall and ran right end to Mi Cyclone 30. Nebraska wit otftide and penalized five yards. Green punted to Clark on th Husker 35. Clark was knocked out of bounds on th NU 35. Xr'RKK: Mueller drove thru th middle for ex yitrds. Mueller cut back over left tar! tor a first down en th lev, a Mate 44. Adnuci fought his way over right tacki for a yard. Mueller was spilled lor a yard loss attempting to sweep left end. itevnolds went deep to pas, was trapped when h failed to find a receiver, and ran th ball, being forced out of bound on Ui Iowa Stat 39. Reynold punted out ot bounds oa the Cyclon five - yard lin. IOWA KTATKt fhhnl powered Into th middle for two yard. MrGlynn took a pitchout fro Week and ran right end fr two more. Weeks attempted a pitch out and fumbled. Winev recovered for Neoraska on to Iowa State ix - yard tin. Weeks was tackled by Uoeglem. Kr:RRK4: Addu - i dove over right tackle for two yards. Adduct crashed over rirht tacki fur a touchdown. KCOKK: M1KAK S, IOW A MTATE a. Reynolds' piaceemnt was good. JM OIU:: .NKBKAfcKA 1, lOU A ST TK flimon kicked off to ft'thacker on th Cyooo 1 ard to returned to th IS 27. IOWA MTATKt Scnnell hulled thru the mtodle tor seven yard. Week pitched out to eVhuell, who immediately smacked noun by Wtney for a two - yard rVhnell hit right tacki and failed to gain. Iowa was penalised fiv yard fr delay of th game. Green punted out of bound en th Nebraska 49. However, Neoraska was offside on th kick and drew a five - yard penalty. Gra Bunted out of bound on tn IS 4T. KKHRAMKA: Mueller hit th mtddl tor two yards. Adducl sliced hi way over right tackle for two nor yards. Nag)' pass, intended for Simon, was knocked down by iiichora on th Cyclon fiv. Reynolds punted out of bound on th IB five - yard line. IOWA ftTATK: Creen failed to gala at th middle, Mthnell cut back over left guard for five yard a th quarter nd"d. FIKHT Qt ARTKR SiOREt NEBRASKA T, Itm A hT A IH . hKCtl.ND 4)1 AHTER IOH A ftTATEt Schnell hit th middl for a yard. Iowa Mute was penalised fiv yard for delay of th gam. Urvea punted to Ciark on th NU 40 and h was finally downed on th Cyclone is. However, Nebraska wa offside and drew a five - yard penalty, putting th ball oa the IM it. wher It was fourth and fiv. Green punted to Clark on th NU 39 and Clark wa downed on th Husker 49. NKBKAXKA: Adducl hurdled th right id of th tin for four yard. How vr, Nehraaka had backfield tn motion and drew a fiv - yard penalty. Reynold rut hark over right tacki for a yard. Kagt went back to pass, failed to find a receiver and was spilled on th NU 33 for a 12 - yard loss. Nebraska took lint out, Mueller swept left end for seven yard. ltenotd punted to Hess on th IS 3d and he wa run out of bound oa th Cyclone s:t. ItiYlA NTATEt Schnell wa tossed for a yard lost trying th middle. Weeks' pass Wa com pi t to Wlihelml for a first duwn on th IM 45. Schnell mah4 right tacki for four yard. Weeks' pass, ia tended for Wilhelmi, wa incomplete. Weeks' screen pa waa dropped by St - hneil and tncompiei. Or sen punted to Reynold on th NU 15 and b was downed on th Husker 17. AfrHHAitKAt Mueller found big hoi at leu guard and raced to a first down on th NU SO. Adducl fousht thru th av.ddl for four yard. MuHr swept left end for another yard. Adducl hit th Biiddt for six yard, hut Nebraska wa otfsid and drew a fiv - yard penalty, making it third and ten, Nagl' pas waa intercepted by He, who rturn4 10 varrt to the NU 4.V lOU A hTAIKi Mcdiynn was run out of hound by Clark after poking up a first down on th Hunker 33. Schnell SHtTimed th mtddl for four yani. Mimg sliced over rikht tacki for two more. Weeks' long pas was over Mcfllynn hed la t'i nd son S hnell tried to run th Husker left sid, but was dumped on th NU 34 wher Nebraska took over on downs. Nr.HKAMKA) Mueller broke too over left tacki lur nine yards. Iowa Stat to" Uin out. KeynoM dev over ift gu.rrd for a first down on th NU 37. Reynold, attempting to sweep right nd, slipped and fell for a two - yard to. Mueller failed to gain attempting to weep the left aid. Reynold talked to gain at right end. Reynolds' punt rolled Usad on th IS 19. IOWA 1 A'I'Kt Schnell failed to gain at right tackle. Wwk failed to find a BASKETBALL QHftTQ SRSO UllWkV w Suction Cuds IP HARRY 'REED SPORT SHOP ,',,:t!8i - ' n i Is I V TOUCH - hOOWff W0 4 ouAwrtu notes - jTJlt 13 - receiver and attempted to run, but Maxe dropped him for a 10 - yard loss on the Cyclone nine. Schnell' quick kick went 91 yards, rolling into th end r.on. Nebraska took over on Its own 20. NKKRASKA: Mueller ntcd thru a hoi tn th middle for nine yards. Adduct dnv over right guard for a first down on th Husker 35. Two and one - half minute remained in th ftrt half. Mueller hit the earn spot for another fiv yards. Reynold attempted to sweep riKht end. hut was stopped for no gam. Mueller slashed over left tacki for tour yard. Nebraska took time out with a minute and fiv seconds left in th half. Reynolds got a bad pass from center and was smeared ha - g on the NU 33. However, Iowa State wa offsid and penalised five yard to give Nebraska a first duwn at mUfleld. Reynolds hit th middle for five yards and the Huxkers) took time out NufU failed to find a receiver and was tossed for a two - yard loss. Nebraska took time out. Nagie's screen pass was dropped by Clark and incomplete. Nam failed to find a receiver and ran the hall to th IS 40 - yard tin as th half ended. M AI.FTIMK MCOKKt NEBRASKA 1, IOWA STATE S. THIRD QI'ARTF.R Nebraska aain defended the south goal and kicked off to Iowa State, defending the north goal. Simon kicked off to Rothacker on th IS 10 and h returned to th Cyclon 27. IOWA HTATKi Green swept tight end for three yard. Weeks' pas wa complete to Ooran for a first down on th IS 3 ;7 fchnell wa smacked by Hoy for a yard kiss at the middle. Weeks pass was comnicl to vviitieimt for ten yards, just short of a first dowi. Clark was injured on th play and was replaced by Jack Carroll. Creen tiov over th nauldi for a first down on the Cyclone 49. MKiivnn swept le:t end for six yard. Wek' pass was complete to ilcUljnn for a first down on the Husker 30. Nebraska wa offsid before the ball wa snapped and die iivyrd penalty. Weeks' pass was - t to poran for a first down on the NU 17. Nebraska look time out. McGlynn wa dumped for a two - yard loss, attempting to sweep left end. ioeg lein stopped him. Weeks failed to find a receiver and swept right end for a touch SCORES NEBRASKA 9. IOWA STATE Clendenlng's placement wa wid. Clendening a short kickoff wa taken by Mustier on tn NU 3u and returned to the NU 41. Nr:HKAK: Reynold found a hoi at th miodi for nine yard. Adduct oiov thru the middle for a first down on the Cyclon 4. Mueller crashed over rittht gu ltd for four yard. loa Stat too time out. Ryru was hurt on th play and Moth - son rrpared hiiit m the 18 lineup. Reynolds dov? thru the m.odle lor l"ur rvoie. Adduct rlaj.icd over ic hi tsclDe for a first down on the Cyvl - - t e 3d tSuelier do ii - to the middle for toree )rd. Kfviifild allied over right tacUi for tnree yards Adducl butted hi way thru the middle for n first down on the Cvclone 2&. Iowa Stat took tint out. Reynolds bucked the middl for fiv yard Adduct wa held for no gm at th middl. Reynold raced thru the middle for a first down on tli Cyclon 15. Mullr swept left end for three yard. Reynold bulled thru th middl anil earned three Iowa Stat players to th Cyclone four - yard line whr It wa another first down for NU. Adduct swept round left nd for a touchdown. Four minute were left in th quarter. MOKE; NEBRASKA IS. IOWA STATE t. Reynolds placement split th upright. tOttfc. NEHHAnKA 14. IOH A ST A IE ' Simon kicked off' to Rothacker oa th IS 15 and he returned to the Cyclone 39. IOWA MTATE: Mcilynn swept left nd. Mullen stopping him after a three - yard gam. Weeks' pass was complete to Mct'.lynn for a first down on th Nebraska 43. Weeks' pas was oompict to Voetberg for seven yard. Roil broke thru to spill Schnell for a yard loss. Weeks' pas wa complete to Wilttelml for a first down on th NU 33. Weeks' long pass wa over th head of Mntiiynn on th Husker five - yard line. McGlynn attempted to sweep left end but waa spilled hack on th NU 37 by Winey for a four - yard loss, Weak' long pass, intended for Voetherg. was knocked down by Reynolds, iowa Stat took tim wit. flreen punted out of bound oa the IVtlif fi $ k ft It Nr.HHAfcKA; Reynolds smashed th middi (or va yarus as th third quarter ended, TltlKI QIARTIR SCORE! NE BRASKA 14. ion A M AT. . KM KTH tl AKTr K NEBRASKA: Addu - i niMde one yard ovr rigbt guard. On a auartcrhark nak, NskI wa good fur a first down on th Nebraska 41 yard line, Reynold dnv over th middl for three yard. Adduct sliced off left tacki up to th NU 49, Adduct tried th am play and waa a yard short of a first down at midfitld. Nagl wa good for a first down on th Iowa Stat 48 oa a auar. Mrback sneak. Reynolda puked his way thru th middle of the line for fiv yards, Mueller fought his way over right tacki for two more yard. Reynold htt thru th middl of th tin and tumbled. The bail waa recovered by Iowa Stat oa th Cyclon as. IOWA NTATEt Meting attempted to wep right end. but ws sod for only two yards. Weeks' pus, intended fur Wilhelmi, waa incomplete Congiardo took a deep reverse from Weeks and wa knocked down for a frur - )afd los. Iowa Stat was penalised fiv yards for delay of th gam, Green punted to Clark on th Nebraska 30 Clark returned to th Husker 41, Howvr, Nebraska drew a 15 - yard penalty on th piav for dewfnsiv holding, mnkliig it fourth down and two for Iowa Stat on It own 43. Ureen punted to Clark, who took th hall on th 26 and was downed oa th Nebraska 31. NEHKAhKAl Mueller bit Into th middl of the liu for three yards. Reynolds found a noi in th middi sod was gui for a first down on th Nebraska 44. Addud slammed over left guard for a yard. Reynolds clawed thru the middl for four yard. Adducl fought hi way over left tacki and wa Inches short of A first down oa th 1 - Ktat 45. Nagl. on a quarterback nak, wa lust barely good for a first down op the IS 44. Iowa Stat took ttm out. Rn GET YOUR SHOT GUN SHfLtS AT BILL MURRELL'S DRIVE - IN HARDWARE 5tb at P 81 m 1.' " UULI 04 frmmntrm mMMinni'KWi '"ia - I " ID CAfU '"'"CD : WMMII1IIHMHIMI - i. m : old hit the middle of the lin for four yards. Mueller fought hi way over right guard for two more yards. Adduct picked up two more yards over left tacki. Reynold circled right end and was good, for a first down on the Cyclone 2k. Mueller htt over left guard for two yard. Adducl cut over left tacki and was good for seven yards, - Reynolds cut around right end up to the Iowa State 14 - yard tin where it was first and ten for the Huskers. Mueller drove over left guard for three yard. Nebraska took ttm out. Reynolds hit a ton wil at the left Bid of th Iowa State line for no gain. Adducl drove over Ustt tackle for four yard. Reynolds wept arouad rislit end for seevn yard and a touchdown. M ORE; NEHKAHHA 30. IOWA STATE S. Reynold placement wa wide. MORE: NEBRASKA 20, IOWA STATE S. Simon kicked to Elchorn who fumbled and recovered on th Iowa Stat 2 - yard line. IOW A ST4TE: Weeks' pas was com - piet to Wilhelmi for eight yard. Weeks' long pass. Intended for Doran. was too long. Iowa Stat wa penalized 15 yard on th play for pushing, putting the ball back on th Cyclone 19 - yard line. Week tailed to find a receiver and ran wide around right end and wa run out of bound on th Iowa Stat 49 - yard tin wher It was first and ten for th Cy - clone. Weeks' pas was knocked down by (loll. Weeks' screen pas wa complete to Schnell, who was finatly run out of bound on the NU 19 where it was first and ten for th Cyclon with 11 second left in the game. weK' pars was complete to Wilhelmi on tii Nebraska one - foot line for another first down with on second remaining in th gam. McGlynn hit into the middle of the lin tor a touchdown on th last play of the unme. MORE: NEBRASKA SO, IOWA STATE 18 1 Nebraska broke thru and blocked ttie i sick, nut wa offside, cicndemng s second attempt wo good. UltE; NEBRASKA 29, IOWA STAT.E Spartans Hit Pitt, 19 - 0, With Passes PITTSBURGH. P. Michigan State unveiled a sparkling and effective pes ing attack Saturday to hammer out a 19 - 0 victory over a Pittsburgh football team which was stopped cold on the ground and bottled up in the air. The visiting Spartans closed their 1950 season with the mighty Sunny Grandelius showing 26, - 679 fans his speed and prowess. Altho Grandelius flashed the Spartans' running attack he left all the Michigan State scoring to his team mates. THE SPARTANS' Al Dorow showed the Panthers that the newest entry in the Western conference could take to the air lanes with good effect. He outshone Pitt's quarterback and passing star, Bobby Bestwick. The Spartans scored with dramatic suddenness on the first play of the second quarter on a forward pass from Dorow to Henry Minarek, end from Flint. Mirh. The visitors got another touchdown in the second and completed their scoring n the third period, w ith one more tally. Dick Panin, fullback from Detroit, scored next on a 12 yard run through the Pitt line. In the same quarter, Dorow passed to Carey in the end zone for the last touchdown. Carey made the only conversion of the day when he place - kicked after the second score. Michigan State showed superiority from the start but Pitt, boasting only one victory so far this season, managed to capitalize on three Michigan State fumbles in the first half to make scoring thrusts. But every offen - i , i . . . i i i riLA It's Changed to Tuesday Night Coliseum will be In use Monday Night IOWA STATE - NEBRASKA FOOTBALL VI 0 VIES 7:30 P. M. TUESDAY, NOV. 21st usa:f coliseum Adm. Me (Tax Included) :: ii c - 'v; I .ill NEBRASKA IOWA STATE O (A g m 1 NEBRASKA ZU IOWA STATE 13 T T note rowers 31 us hum s to S W Victory LITTLE ROCK. (P). Southern Methodist's aerial .circus was grounded in the rain and mud Saturday, but bulldozing Kyle Rote powered the Mustangs to a 14 - 7 Southwest conference victory over the Arkansas Razor - backs. The game, an unscnsational mud battle most of the way, broke wide open in the fourth quarter as the Razorbacks stormed to one touchdown that counted and to another which was nullified by a holding penalty. The penalty brought a shower of seat cushions from the crowd of 29,000. ' ROTE SLOSHED for 79 yards on 25 carries and did SMU's most successful passing. The triple threat halfback made 22 of the 30 yards in SMU's first second quarter touchdown drive, plowing across from seven yards out. A few minutes later Rote ' herded the Mustangs 76 yards for the winning tally. Ho passed twice for 15 yards and got off runs of 24 and eight yards, from Arkansas' 17 Bill Forester crossed the goal line standing. In the fourth period , Louis Schaufele, Arkansas line backer, intercepted a Rote pass and struggled 33 yards to the Mustangs' 28. Jack Bailey scored from the 12. U. L. WEBB iWebb to Hold Rules Meeting O. L. Webb, secretary of Ne braska State High School associa - ation, will present his annual basketball rules interpretation at a meeting to be held Monday. Webb will list the changes and make comments on the 1950 - 1951 basketball rules at the meet which is to be held at the Chamber of Commerce building. All coaches and officials of the surrounding area are invited to attend. sive petered out and the Spartans class brought scoring .opportunities which they were quick to take. U4 8 Hi f j. . a EZ Novembfr 19, 1950 Huskers (Continued from Page 1 - B) the clincher touchdown with two and a half minutes left in the game. This time Reynolds carried the momentum. Picking up 13, 4, 6, 8 and 5 yards en route, Reynolds finally zipped around left end from the seven for the touchdown. His placement was low. DEFENSIVE play overshadowed all else in the first half. Nebraska counted on a remarkable out - of - bounds punt by Reynolds, a crisp tackle by Dick Gocglein and a fumble recovery by Tony Winey to set up its first touchdown. From the Cyclone 39, Reynolds aimed a punt out - of bounds on the five. Three plays later from the nine, Weeks set off around left end. Geoglein lunged savagely for him, forcing him to fumble. Winey pounded on the arrant pigskin on the six. .... Adduci plunged for two, the bulled over right tackle from the four for the score. Reynolds' placement hit dead center and the Huskers led, 7 - 0, with 11 minutes elapsed of the first quarter. PLAY IN the second quarter was largely centered within the 30 - yard strikes, except for a 91 - yard quick kick by Maury Schnell. Schnell's boot from his own nine caught the Husker secondary completely flatfooted. Aided by a 13 - mile wind, the boot carried all the way back to the Husker end lone. Weeks completed only one pass for 13 yards in the first half. He tried six. A 30 - YARD run by Weeks and his three passes to Wilhelm (two) and Schnell carried to the one - foot line with two seconds left to go of thf game. From there, McGlynn pounced over and Clen - dening converted. The drive covered 74 yards in seven plavs. Wilhelm fielded Weeks' final pass on the five and waa shoved out of bounds at the one - foot line as the dock seemed run out of time. Nebraskans had swarmed in the Cyclone huddle and were offering congratulations when the officials ruled that the mvaders had one more play coming. They made the play count. And so did the Huskers wind up their home season undefeated, the first time that feat had been accomplished since the Rose Bowl year of 1940. IOW A STATE End - Wilhelm, Doran, Schmidt. Jensen, Voetberg. Tackles Titu. Brookmeyor, Strohman. Till. Handberg. fittards Campbell, Olson, tsthon, Byrus, MeDrmott. Centers Am. Beacom, Veely. Hnckl Week. Ureen. flea. Moling, Rothacker, MrGlynn, Conglardo, Schnell, Eichhoin, Cimburok. Clendening, NEBRANKA Ends Simon. Max. Novak, Paynlrh. Renter, Rrochaska, Reese. Tackle T'ogood, Boll, Hoiy, Oodfrey, Speitrnao. Mullen, Uoaatoin, Handshy, Uuil'.lBMe. (nard - Bauer. Bras, Strashelm, floll. 4 ratera - McOill, Scott. ftaeks - NaJti. Jir.vnold, Wtney, lev - etHiusi.y, Mueller, Clark, Kloom, Carroll. Adducl. Iowa State 0 0 S 713 Nebraska .................. 7Q7S Itu Iowa Stat scoring Totich'lown : Week. MtOiynn. JPAT: Clendening (placement). Nebraska scoringTouchdown! Adducl S. Reynold. f'AT: Reynold I tplace - mnt. Of ffrlal Pat Shumatnm 'Oklahoma), referee; Crady Skiliern (Oklahoma ), umpire; Olrk HkUr Kansas, headllnea - man; I nek Pendleton 4 Westminster 1, field judge. Mow You Can Bo lt! Make vour one tube investment for years to come! imiass ( mm tiYioH y ) Jf '4 Blowout - never possible before! They double the strength of ordinary tires I They last three times longer than ordinary tubes I They're strong enough to support a car without the aid of outer tires I They'll block blowout possibility at the source, warn you before risk and danger occurl CVe you years instead of miles of service The only uch tubet in the world! SIDLES 'THE BEST 13th ond L LINCOLN SCND4Y JOCRNAL AND STAR ' Defense PlatoonRedeems Self Classford Declares BY WALT DOBBINS 'Iowa State had the " best tackling team we have been against all season, Husker Coach Bill Glassford declared a few minutes after his Scarlet horde had downed the Cyclones, 20 to 13, in a torrid battle at Mem orial Stadium Saturday after noon. "I thought our boys rushed Weeks very well and we controlled the ball well during most of the last two periods. "We made some mistakes on offense but I felt that our de fensive boys vindicated themselves in this ball game. They all played very well." Iowa State's Abe Stuber said just about the same thing. "Both lines played brilliantly ,M Stuber declared. " Almost from the very start both clubs settled down to play defensive ball. You know they had been telling me that Nebraska didn't have much of a defense. Well, they had one Saturday and it was a fine ball game. I wouldn't want to single any of our boys out nor Nebraska's but I will say that defensively both teams were great." THE HI SKFRS came thru the battle without a serious injury. Bill Mueller, who has been both - Individual Statistics Offensive NEBRASKA Rushing " - .:v' Ttme Carried Oaln Nagl 7 17 Renold 3 lit Mueller , Tl 9.1 Added 19 SI Lost 1A 3 1 0 Net 9 loo 94 SI Passing Att'pt'd Comp. Inter. Ineomp. Nagl 3 0 13 Tantlng Number Total Yard Reynold A 167 IOW A STATE Rushing Td. 0 Ag. 31 Time . Carried (iatn Lost Net Week ......... 70 1.1 67 Meltng a SO 3 Schnell 14 2.1 20 Mrilnn ...... .11 79 2:t (ireen .......... 3 T O 7 Congiardo ...... 1 3 j Passing Attp'd Comp. Inter. Incomp. Td. Week SO 11 0 137 Punting Number Total Yard Avg, flrcen t iwi 37 Schnell , 1 71 71 Eight Teams Play TECUMSEH, Neb. Eight class B and C high schools have accepted invitations to the second annual Tecumsch Invitational basketball tournament to be held here Feb. 14, 15 and 10. The teams that will compete FOOTBALL SPECIAL M:HHASKA vm. OKLAHOMA ..f.JO ta lnclt Coach Round Trip Ticket And Ticket To Game MORE lit TICKETS AVAILABLE PULLMAN RESERVATIONS AVAILABLE IY SPECIAL REQUEST PHONE JUNIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 2 - 7511 and Life Protection U. S. TIRES INC. PLACE IN TOWN TO Bl'Y TIRES' Open Evenings ered with a sprained ankhs for almost three weeks, was hobbling around a bit but will be in shape for the Sooners Saturday. A crowd of over 36.000 jammed the stadium to near capacity to set a new all time record for five home games. Offi rial figures will be released la ter. It was Faculty Day Saturday and Don Lentz's Husker band paid tribute by saluting each college with appropriate songs at halftime. THE HTSKERS dedicated the battle to a former teammate, Dick Hutton, who saw the game via television in a Lincoln hospital where he has been confined for several weeks with a serious illness. And the boys won it for Dick but it was a man - sized job and much closer than some of th critics predicted. Taking a 7 - 0 lead in the opening period the Srarlet failed to add another TD until after the halftime intermission. Iowa State's last marker came as the gun barked, ending tha melee. Bobby Reynolds added 109 yards to his conference rushing record, bringing his figure to 1.260 for eight games. He added eight points to make his scor - i ing record 134. Defensive IOWA BTAKB Pefentfva Statistic unassisted Assisted Thatd 10 Cimhurek. Olson, g , Campbell, Tllio, t .. Hess, b . Kichorn, b 3 9 S 7 S S s 4 a 3 r t 1 S 2 A 9 1 9 t 0 4) I A 9 a Heacom. a . Stnhman, t Byrne, g . , e a Jensen, a s Passe Intercepted Broken - tta Hess, b i Recovered fumbles - Olson I, Hess t. NPHR AMkA Tackle Unassisted Assisted Inside 19 e ....... Mullen, t ...... Reynold, h A a ; Hoy. t ........ Uoegletn, t .... ttark. h Maae, Wtney, b Bloom, b Boll, t . tioll, g In Teciimseh Meet are Wilber, Syracuse, Table Hock, Sterling, Auburn, Humboldt, Peru Prep and Tecumseh, The Tecumseh Chiefs are defending champions and Sterling was the runner - up in the first tournament held last year. $13.00 (tax inrl VtM - h Kfirnd Vrij Ticket For Those Already , Having Game ' Ticket Cefour f0mPfot proof owoNsrwri befort vm. t rON Conipar 'wiffU, . . rVbts Jh AJt'aVwf to. . IM.U ''MWsui mm m m 1 1 Id 1IM mm 2 - 1275 a 4 o A S It 4 a o 3 3 0 a & a a ft 3 0 ft $ 3 O : 2 1 H ....... a t ........ 3 0 9 Pae I Intercepted Broken u.B I "oil. g ................ II t j Reynold, b ... 1 t Recovered fumble. Wtney 1. (TIWESJ mi st. S - 4ISI

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