Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 17, 1964 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
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Friday, April 17, 1964
Page 4
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4 - Friday, Apr. 17,19M Redlands Daily Facts Police call attention to motorcycle injury mishaps The iixth motorcycle accident in Redlands within a week prompted a word of caution today from Capt 3. D. Fattison, bead of the Uniform Division of the Hedlands Police department In the most recent mishap, 15-year-oId Charles W. Harrison m, 215 Grandview, was in jured when his motorcycle col lided with an automobile at Redlands boulevard and Cy-, press at 4 p.m. yesterday. The youth reportedly was treated at Hedlands Commun­ is hospital for ankle, knee and leg injuries. His small motorcycle collided with a car driven by Carol Lynn SorreU of Beaumont Tht injury hazard in motorcycle mishaps is much greater than in automobile accidents. All of the driven Involved in the recent collisions have been hurt One man, 23-year-old Hail B. Taybr, 1064 Kevin avenue, laid unconscious near Cypress and Citrus for 18-hours Saturday before he was found, police reported. Capt Fattison noted that there seemed to be no particu lar reason for the recent series of accidents involving motorcycles, except that both automobile drivers and motorcycle drivers have been careless. Feinting out that automobUe drivers have caused a majority of the six accidents, Capt Fat tison urged car drivers to exercise more caution when they see the small motorbikes. Also, he recommended that auto drivers be more alert at intersections to make sure one of the often hard-to-see motorcycles is not approaching. "Motorcyclists should also exercise more caution," Capt Fattison stated, "most of those involved in the recent accidents have been teenagers with limited driving experience." Hisforians dispute local wafer, telephone firsts Where was the first California mutual water company formed? At what place, and when, did the first long distance telephone appear in our state? Such questions are extremely difficult to settle to the satis-i faction of all historians. This is apparent from: (1) A Grain of Salt Column in the Facts, quoting Dr. L. E. Nelson, Bedlands historian. (2) A rejoinder by B. W. Cohoon, Special CoDec'doni li- He suggested that motorcycle brarlan of the Fomona Public Library, published below, drivers learn the liminUtions <3) Nelson's comment on Mr. Cohoon's letter, also pub- of their small "bikes" and op- liere. erate them, accordingly. Here is Mr. Cohoon's letter to Drivers of both autos and the Facts- motorcycles should realize that A column in your newspaper the bikes can't come to a sud- of March 30 has Just come to den stop. They must be slowed our attention in which state gradually," Capt. Fattison em- ments were made concerning phasized. purported historical facts which According to the police of- variance with informa- Ccer, the number of motor- ^ California and Local cycles in the city has increased Collections. The column tremendously because of the c.™.!! „„»«,.„„„i». Salt" by Frank and Bill Moore. nl'^nn T^^^ir. Shice ouo of the misstatements now on the market They are ^ ^ occurred popular among adults and <=¥cui moi. uutmicu f»lnl^r= ™ Pomona we were very much teenagers ahke. interested, and further reading The rash of accidents involv- of article disclosed another tag the motorcycles began on error. Our objective in bringtog Saturday when two mishaps oc- ^f^g your attention is so tiiat curred. They were foUowed by , correction can be made if you accidents on Monday, Tuesday, desire Wednesday and Thursday, po- WiUiout quoting at lengUi, the lice records show. Citrus Market LOS ANGELES, Apr. 17 (UPI) — Representative prices by size and grade all orange auction markets: 5<» 72« Ut 1T3( First grade....6.90 6.44 5.46 4.34 First grade 4.13 3.40 3.33 Trend: About steady navels. NEW YORK (UFI) - Citrus reportr California Navels: 7 cars, lower, half boxes $4.63. TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or ap pliances will find a ready market through Classified Ads. FOX REDUANDS • MaCliiilii jliiiL II l|.J.4JJI#t* ' Both Features Shewn Once Only. Weekdays "LILIES OF THE FIELD" Start* at 7:30 P.M. Academy Award Wnner Best Actor sjuPHmsDirs Academy Award Wfnner Best Cinematography Elia Kazan's "AMERICA AMERICA" Assembly approved bill another billboard ban By JACK JOHNSON SACRAMENTO (PCNS) 'First it was the buffalo, then the Indian, and now the American billboard which is about to disappear from our wide open spaces. The Assembly has approved a bill to eliminate outdoor adver-j tismg (billboards) from major iiighways, except in industrial or commercially zoned areas. The measure was sent on its way to the Senate where it will join two similar measures in the Transportation and Com merce Committee. To the millions of Califomians who take to our State highways each year, the billboard is as familiar as grass, road signs, and trees. In fact, billboards are more populous than trees, according to Edwm Z'berg, Sacramento Democrat sponsoring the bilL He hopes to elimtaate all but public service type billboards from the first 800 It along each side of tater-state and major state highways. A limited number of billboards which serve the public interest — such as: GAS STATION 3 MILES could be excluded under terms of Z'berg's bill. However distasteful the measure may have been to advertisers and billboard companies, it CaMorma da, and extended it later to On- ^ould be poUte to each otiier would not be so acute, but the o -j 1 , . ^ V"";—r*™ ^ ^ '*rio, six miles to the west This _ anri waiHnB iierip <rtrian» -'^«-did not prompt any major pro- Fomona Land aod Water Com- .^as the first long distance tele- ^ pedestrians. test. This was attributed to tiie pany. (See Irrigation Develop- phone m CaliComia. It was Uien fact that opponents would ratiier ment by L. M Holt, reprmt the longest telephone line in the see Z berg's bill passed Uian a from Rural Califorma, p. 5.) Mr. „orld, and remained Uie longest in the state for sometime. He footnotes the comment by The Pelie* Should Naver Encourag* Fighting PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES Show Start* 4:45 P. M. - All Drlve-lnt TRI-CITY DRIVE-IN NEW RITZ THEATRE 423 "E" St. -_ San Bdno. Cont. Noon — TU 85317 Now Playing — Both Theatres Jaekia Cleasen — Steve McQueen "SOLDIER IN THE RAIN" Ce-Hitl Van Heflin "Cry Of Battle" BASELINE DRIVE-IN Ce-Hitl Winner 3 Awards Inel. Best Actress Patricia Neal "HUD" 'L Shaped Room" much tougher measure authored Holt also says ". . . its (Fomo by Senator Randolph Collier, na Land and Water Company's) Yreka Democrat. plan was afterwards adopted by reference to J. A. Graves' "My| Editor Facts: Collier is holdmg Us and a Uie Redlands Water Company in seventy Years in California." companion bill to Z'berg's in 1881, by Uie Etiwanda Water ^out agrees: „ — .—» «n r:,r<: of Committee. He hopes to include Company in 1882. . ." etc. (Sec ..Qecrge Chaffey. . . also es- station on Buena Vista about f ^"""i^ntnt^ f„f Lsh ^n ' Uie best of all Uuree mto a sm- also Century Annals of sanBer- tablished Uie first long distance 4.45 p.m. on April 14, 1964. We 1^^.^^^ „1 S Jhirh gle piece of legislation before nardmo County, p. 228). telephone in California." observed a large group of boys jf i^„^'^ff^eek. The moving it to Uie Senate floor. The oUier error noted was al- ^ three were wrong if there in Uia adjoining Orange grove 325 wiU move next weex. ine Z'berg said that less than 10 so with reference to Chaffey and ^ 50 mjjg jjne in California milling about and shouttag. Clos- per cent of the present bill- Etiwanda; "He also established nr- rh-«o»'^ . •• ...... the first long distance telephone Ime in California". This was in to pay for removal or relocation ij^ of billboards. The money for' this would be part of an estimated $9 million grant through the state by the Federal Gov- Archery club plans Sunday shoot on range DONT MISS! Hedlands Bmttful Annua! GARDEN TOUR SATURDAY, APRIL 18—SUNDAY. APRIL 19 • 10 Beautiful Gardens • Estate Gardens • Gardens & Pools 9 Owner Planted • Professionally Planted REFRESHMENTS SERVED ON TOUR MAPS A TICKETS AT 405 WEST OLIVE Adults 75c TOUR HOURS — 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Speiuorad by Radlands Hortlculfurt ond Imprmncnl Soc!«ty referred to is "With a Grain of Here is Dr. Nelson's comment— If the dates Mr. Cohoon cites are correct, and I see no reason to doubt them, he is correct on People's Column Kcaitn (f th< Fwts in biTlt«< to •na tkelr thntkti ra q«Mti«m> •f rmhUe iatcrtst Ut mu aa tk« Pntlt'a Caluaa. Tltau b* brief. Th« writer*! <n« •«•» u< sMnn m«si mammtrnmr ucfe letter Uank pea asBM an pcimlttea at (ha •aUar*! aiaereUaa. Signal in Advance Editor Facta: As a local motorist I wish to appeal to other drivers in this area to adhere to traffic laws , and SIGNAL IN ADVANCE OF A TURN. Signalling seems to CITRUS OUTLOOK By W. A. Brunion « . .,.6....^ ....^o „ Good quaUty Navel oranges have gone out of style. This is be deHvered in sound caused by (1) discourtesy and- condition continue to do well,' or (2) lack of alertness, boUi of ^n increasing number of re- which are dangerous. jected cars are showing up in How many times have you, as the auctions. Reports from Uie a motorist or pedestrian, waited raarkets indicate that many' Kofi, ^- , y 1. ^ fora car to approach and pass <*a«>s and oUier large retaU boUi pomfs, for boUi are prior ^^ 2,3^^ it turn a ""lets are discontinuing hand- to George Chafiey's arrival in comer before it reached you, Navels for Uie season and Califorma. For my statements not having had tte courtesy to switching to Valencies. As a re- on the points I relied upon two ^ J™^ SO that you could proceed salt auction offerings, which sources: Alexander's "Life of ^^y^^ ^.y^ ^ j.^ i^e you have been on tiie light side for water company in was incorporated in 1875 by the boards would be eliminated, if his biU is approved. He pointed une m uauiomia . rnis was m . out that most billboards no w the early 1880's. ITie factis Uiat ^of.f v„„,„,,, „„, '^p tte fight as ttere seemed located on sceme routes would the first long distance telephone „ Lw''^^^ ^ ^ ^e no adult present merely be moved to new toca- j^^^^ tj,^ was built in i„ f »*.rW ^5 ^ ^ °^ tions in commercial or industnal Nevada County, California, in c f ° o"*® ^""^^^^ ""l"!* aPP'oa^hed tte scene. r . . 1878 terough tte cooperation of Mutual Water Company system witt his help, I was able to H IS biU provides for tte state ^ i^rge mining companies, """^^^ °° ".^^^ ^ Prevent tte fight fi-om contin- ran from French Corral to Bowman Lake, a distance of 60 miles, served twelve settlements, and was operated by tte legislation'restricting biUboards o^d straight as regards tte Po from along major highways and scenic routes. The biU was passed out to tte Senate by a 58 to 8 vote. Census bureau collects facts on employment Facts of employment and un Population Survey in this area during tte week of April 20, About People B & B DOES IT AGAIN!! INTRODUCING OUR DELICIOUS NEW Pie ala Mode YOUR CHOICE OF APPLE OR lERRY PIE — PLUS — YOUR CHOICE OF ICE CREAM INTRODUCTORY LOW, LOW PRICE . . ONLY REG. 24c B ond B DRIVE-IN Hlwiy 99 at Alabama - REDUNDS - Ph. 793-129i 12 Now You Knew By United Press International The Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. is tte largest library in tte world, according to tte Guiness Book of World Records. Itt Lieut. Owen Ditchfield, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas in tte "Desert Stiike" maneuvers near Needles. He is assigned Witt tte First Armored Division, Second Battalion of tte 46tt Infantry, Company A. Ellen Kuiper DeJonge, a »»n- ior at Hope College has been named to the Dean's List for outstanding academic achievement during tte past semester. In order to be on tte Dean's List a student must have an George Chaffey," and a history have pulled up behind a car *e past several weeks, will in- of Imperial Valley, Tout's "The stopped at a signal, and only <^«ase and tte terminal mar- First Thirty Years." whratte signal turned green did kets will be forced to absorb a Alexander says: the driver in front of you indi- large percentage of tte remain"George Chaffey had met at gate he would turn left ""S Navel crop from Souttem tte great Centennial Exposition j travel a good deal up and California, of 1876, Alexander Graham BeD, jown Redlands boulevard west Interest is increasing in me who-was demonstrating to tens Redlands in tte 50-55-mile- ^ small size Valencies, of ttousands of visitors to Phil- per hour zones Many tim e s ai"i ^ ^ definitely bemg re- adelphia ttat human speech yowg men (generally in t h e fleeted in tte lack of interest in could be conveyed by electricity wgh mieed insurance age)p'''all sized Navels. This is over a distance. The telephone speed up and pass only to brake "^at disturbed Souttem Califor- had made considerable progress suddenly wittout signalling and ^ shippers when Centi-al Callin the six years ttat had elap- turn right. fomia was permitted to move sed, and George Chaffey, stinick jf ^ne person reads and Valencias in volume before Na- witt tte possibilities of tte new heeds this letter I will be grati- '^Is could be cleaned up. If Na- tovention, installed a private line ged. Our streets and highways 'els could have contmued to ar- article states ttat tte mutual water company idea was bom at Etiwanda and ttat William B. Chaffey under tte direction of witt tte possibiUties of tte new he^'ttisTettSHf'^" be"grlti" 'els could be cleaned up. If Nah. M. Holt, was tte imtiator. invention, installed a private line cgd Our streets and hiahwavs vels could have continued to ar- TTie fact IS ttat tte first mutual from San Bernardino to Etiwan- bl ilot safer ifdn>»s rive satisfactorily tte situation D. S. Robinson 100 Tennessee street, Apt, 21 over mature condition of t h e fruit plus damage from winds and rain are going to present a difficult marketing problem for tte balance of tte season. Fortunately, many shippers are eitter finished or about to finish shipping Navels and sup, My wife, ttree daughters, and PHes wifl decrease rapidly after myself were leaving tte voting this week. It is estimated ttere brfore Mr. Chaffey's arrival. ^ inipection revealed a f i g h t Concerning tte water, Alexaa- going "'rai ,"rdecided to" toy "and'! TOUF Of HOfSe ranches set . ^ for Sunday future Califomian irrigation xmg any further. I told tte boys companies were based. . . Be- that I was sure tte P.E. in- A five-hour four of horse fore tte devebpment of tte mu- jtructor (coach) at tteir school ranches is scheduled for Sun- tual tteory by Holt and Chaf- ^ould be glad to Issue boxing day under sponsorship of tte mdee Telenhone Comnany (See ^"^^ ^ condition existed gloves and referee any fighU California SUte Horsemen's As- emment for approving a law re- sr^ric Soots in CaUfomia - • • • ^^'^Se Chaffey's scientifle ttat ttey wished to participate sociation. to include demonstra- stricting billlioards on interstate ^.jj^ and Sierra Counties v """"^ rebelled against this un- hi. I continued by saying ttat tions of various kinds, and is 2^ ' tidy system, witt its endless dis- the Police Department would suggested as a famQy outing. The auttor said tte cost of re- „ ^ . renorted tte P"*^^ l"^^^^- ^"^^ beUeved not condone a group as large as Mrs. Bruce Decker of Yu- locating all billboards would rfa»pmM,b< of a ttird nartv we solution. . . Uiis one (40 to 50 boys) fighting caipa and William A. Gobie of run less ttan Mi miUion dollars, ".fc. it rfpar that we • • a practical mettod of ap- m an orange grove. The boys Riverside are co-chairmen of leaving tte state $8.5 million to Sing ttTe"ors to Pli^tion had not been devised, agreed ttat ttis was not the tte affair for which Billy Mon- be added to tte general fund „p^^s We do however " ^as not perfected until Holt best sitiiation to be and were tana will be moderator. "^r^f^M. 5, nfh .r rf =f« v,,™ particularly wMt to set tte rec- and tte Chafteys had worked it starting to leave when a poUce The torn- is planned ttrough CurrenUy 21 otter states have Pa^"=^,_y out in detail and had appUed it officer arrived on tte scene, scenic countryside and will to tte Etiwanda Colony." On being informed of what was start at Fair Acres Farms, 199 Tout says: taking place, tte officers com- Nortt Main street. Riverside, 'Witt his brotter, William, ment was "LET THEM FIGHT,- at 9 a.m. There cars wfll be George Chaffey purchased 2500 H'S GOOD FOR THEM." properly tagged to join tte torn- acres and at once laid out a Is this tte ophiion of tte po- group. A demonstration of colony which became Etiwanda. Uce department as a whole, or hunters and jumpers, bott be- Here was bom tte mutual wa- just this one particular officer? ginners and finished mounts, •»r idea." If all of us as tax paying citi- will be given. The question is accordingly not zens cin't call tte poUce to help ^Pvt .rfon wffl be at tte Atone of dating -obviouslytte break up a fight, tten I ttink ja^ at about 10:30 a.m. balance win probably be stnmg out for anotter week or so as shippers wiH load ttem directly to auction. ! Arizona Valencias are hdng accorded preference due to their superior appearance and eating quality, however maturity is coming on fast in Central Cali- omia and it is expected ttat tte trade will get behind these as ttey did on Navels. Florida Valencias do not have tte appearance or eye appeal of tte California product, alttough they are reported to be of excellent eating quality. Due io the extremely small tizes of Valencias in most areas of souttem California it is unlikely ttere will be any appreciable movement from this area for several weeks. The averages, bott at auction and on total sales and on bott' Navels and Valencias, advanced last week. A total of 87 cars of Navels sold in tte auctions at prices averaging $5.18 per carton delivered, up fi-om $4.34 tte previous week on a volume of 95 cars. This is almost within reach of tte average tte corresponding week last year when 98 cars sold at auction at prices averageing $5.45 per carton. Total sales of Navels in all channels last week amounted to 643 cars, selling at prices averaging $3.31 per carton F.O.B. shipping point, a gain of 12c for tte week. For tte comparable week a year ago tte F.03. average was a hefty $4.59 or $l!28 higher. This is accountable for in large measure because of tte small sizes this year. Ten cars of California-Arizona Valencias sold in tte auctions last week at prices averaging $4.29 per carton delivered, an increase of 51c over tte preceding week. Total sales of Valen­ cias in all channels came to 169 cars which brought prices aver- a^g $3.04 at shipping point, an advance of 26c for tte week. Valencia prorate for next week has been set at 500 carloads from Central California, 225 from Arizona and 72 cars of Early Maturity to shippers in Souttem California who made application. Navels are now moving wittout restriction and it is estimated ttere will be about 325 cars shipped next week. Boy hurt in bicycle-car collision employment will be coHected in P°"'°°a Land and Water Com- its time we get some new police wWe tt^e wffl be a on^^ tte Census Bureau's Current P?ny was organized before Mr. officers. wffl be a quarter Chaffey came to California. It is horse demonstration by Joe question as to whetter it or was in direct opposition to tte T,. s Chaffev nlan originated anii mioc voa ara faiiaVif te> Mxra "hwl"*"^*^ CApt?Vto LUC Will Redlands area archery enttu-|it was amiounced today by I ?i-er %SSa^rnr^Zi ^^^TroTde '^o ^tior^ on The comment by tiiis officer w«r^n"TfTi",n n- . — J: i. X- .u- Moreno. At 11:30, tte Clinton Ranch expects siasts are encouraged to take rector Leonard C. Isley of tte perfected tte later prevalent from early chfldhood."'ae"im- ". part in a Grayback Moun- Census Bureau regional of- """tual system. pression made on ttese young "ncemmg tte operation of a tain Archery aub shoot to be fice at Los Angeles. Since Mr. Cohoon has quoted boys by tte officers comment u "® held Sunday on tte club's 40- Information furnished by local witt approval Mr. L. M. Holt, wiU be lasting I'm sure. . ^ euttmg horse demonsti-a- acre field archery range. households wffl be combined I suggest ttat perhaps tte most Is ttis tte impression ttat we ^™ catUe. Chib president Denny Honght with ttat gattered in 336 otter fruitful source of further infor- want our young people to have' There will be a lunch break announced ttat shooting will sample areas of tte counb? to mation on ttis pomt (aside from An impression ttat tte Redlands at tte Clinton Ranch at 12:30 start at 11 a.m., Witt about 40 olitain national estimates of tte a study of tte incorporation pa-Police Department will "let and tourists are expected to bowmen expected to test t h e April empteymmt situation, pers of tte two companies) them fight" because in tte opin- ^"ng picnic lunches. There will range at tte end of County Line Similar inquiries are made In might well be a careful perns J ion of some "its good ' road in Calimesa. t h e Current Population Survey of tte book lengtt typescript ttem?" . "J^^ is invited to at- f.ach month at the request of autobio^aphy of Mr. Holt, witt H ttis impression persists. Last stop wiU be at Ridgeley tend tte shcwt and become more tte Bm-eau of Later Statis-his handwritten correcti-ons, m many new families and some of Farms, a ttoroughbred horse famihar witt field archery," tics, U.S. Departinent of Labor, tte Los Angeles PubUc Library, tte old families wffl be looking ranch, where Jim Thompson for he a chuck wagon for coffee and cold drinks. Rought said. The Census Bureau inter- I am ttoroughly conversant with for anotter place to live The last 14 targets of tte 28- viewer who will visit a scien- its contents as ttey relate to Joe Bracken target course have been com- tifieally selected sample of Redlands, but not ttose chapters 434 Alvarado pleted. The range is laid out local households is Mrs. dealing witt Etiwanda and On- over hilly terrain and is in per- Frances L. Miesch, 17171 Mary- tario, or possibly Pomona D^..ll. J c feet shape for tte Sunday shoot 8old, Fontana. J. . rOUITry OnO tQQS Rought explained: "Field archery differs from tte conventional target archery in that archers shoot a round similar to golf. The course winds in and out of canyons at tte base of Grayback Mountain. This type of shooting enables tte archer to experience a variety of shots which prepare him for hunting activities. Targets range from 10 to 80 yards. Awards wffl be presented to all competitors after tte ead of tte day's competition. overaU "B" average. Mrs. De Jonge IS tte daughter of Mr. tMbater planta (deUv«r«<» l\i txaU and Mrs. Hamld Kuiper, of 527 ^"-^i LyUe, Redlands. 3H4-35%. A uise 29 %-ao%. B urge UH -a «M, AA nMeium z7K-3a. A T T .-..r,. w TV . Susan Ann Brlmberry, fresh. »tf^»'«24-j3^^ J. Ditehfield, 106 Prospect man nursmg major, achieved Prices to consumers: AA urge 3S- drive. wffl leave Monday witt tte Dean's list at Texas Worn- ^ S:^-ijt ^"ri^A his 46tt" Infantry division from an's University, Denton, Texas, snuu 37-39. Fort Hood, Tex., for tte Cali- she is tte daughter of CoL and ,JSS?(.t'SS) ai-™u2ht'^ fomia desert area to take part Mrs. Wffl Olan Brimberry, 23 »>en» « wtd.- tvt. 4.42, hens cross - 5i4 wM. Mvg. 5J0; turkeys: fryi roasters 20!^, youss hens 23^-24. TRY DISIiEYtANO Dob't £flii Spriof Fever...EiUqy it with a ftttt-fill«l fiunily wit fo the Bappittt fUce on EuriU 60 Aoret of Atinetia^Aimittfflcnfs, ExUbiig PUa YOUR Visit thk WEEKEND B BOU 10 PM (Wti^Tha^Fd.) 10AM.7PM (Sat -Stm.) . OowdMea.aad'nieii Ash Wffl Olan Brimberry, street, Redlands. CIVIL SERVICE COURSE Starts on April 17 — HRST SESSION FREE Siriita(iniii««liteBM,taU« The Nationally famous Skad- ron Superior Civil Service and Job Improvement Course will be offered in Evening Gasses at tte Skadron College of Business in San Bernardino. The first session is free and everyone interested in quali- lidng for Civil Service Empby- ment or higher Job ratings is invited to attend at tte Skadron College, Fourth and H streets, Friday April 17, 8 p.m. Thereafter tte class wffl meet on Tuesday eveoiags from 7 to 10 for eight weeks. Tliii is sot Just anotter home-study type of course, where students are given a book to study. In addition to com' plete text material furnished witt tte conrse, four highly ex- perioiced instmctors teach tte subjects and material most often used in CSvil Sendee Examinations. Some of tte subjecU in tte courses are: Filing, Aritt- metic. Vocabulary, Reasoning, and Judgment, Address Check­ ing, Spelling, Grammar and Word Usage, Aptihide and Trade Tests, Cube and Figure Turning and I.Q. Tests. The purpose of tte course is to prepare men and women to successfully pass examinations for most positions offered by caty. County, State, U. S. Gov-, emment and Private Emptoy- ers. The training is extremely valuable to those already employed who wish to prepare for, examinations for higher ratings or jobs witt greater pay. Everyone interested m a better job is invited by tte Skad­ ron College, 798 Fourtt Street, next to tte Freeway, in San Bernardino, to'attend tte free session WITHOUT COST OB OVmmaS. TI M Skadron Col-t lege was established in 1907 and is accredited by tte Accrediting Coraffllaalon for Business Schools at WatUngton, D.C. Further iolonnatioB may be le- cured by calling TU S-38S6 in S IB Bcnardino. wffl explain tte values of tte new concept of fencing. Top stallions witt famous names and backgrounds and many new foals may be seen here. Additional information may be obtained locally from Mrs. Decker, telephone 797-6543. An 11-year-old Redlands boy escaped serious injury yesterday when tte bicycle he was riding coUided witt a car at Cajon street and Caress avenue. Treated at Redlands Community hospital for minor head injuries was Richard McGraw, 1625 Halsey sti-eet Police reported ttat the youngster was traveling north on Cajon about 3:30 p.m. when his bike collided witt a car driven by Elberta S. Bischoff. 516 Alvarado street, who was eastbound on Cypress. The boy was thrown over tte front of Mrs. Bischoffs car and against anotter car driven by Mrs. Helen A. Daun. 1329 North Chrysolite. SCORES ANOTHER FIRST MADRID (UPI)—Madrid has its first woman taxi driver today. She is Victoria Vasilievna Judoleeva — a Russian. HEELS NEED REPAIRING? One Day Service Or Your Shoes Repoirtd Whil* You Wait COLLEGE SHOE SHOP (NEXT DOOR TO SAFEWAY) Pknly of FREE PARKING 529 Orange St. PY 3-3(29 PUBbIG RUGTlOn X PARCKLS OP RIVERSIDE LAND 2 C 3 Miles from doimtoim Riverside, Calif. MONDAY APR. 20 STARTING 10:30 A.M. PARCEL *1 - TO BE OFFERED AT 10:30 A.M. • Appraslnutely 160 acres choieo M2 land. • Prim* location for Imsy Mustiy. • Located 2 milts from downtown<ist to U. S. HiiliwtT SO Fnmy. Bounded by A EUS Mams Rd., Cmtmora and WJbon Sts., tai Santa An Krtf, Silt u {tirijr Iml tinsis, thmt Cnstmm at 880 ft ibma sti Itnl. M«rt 2 tent ttoa Santa An Rlw tbuuH U M taud-ft locatioa for sanr plant sita. • UtiDties lncbid««/s(fn(w«H...pni(fi>i:;iT(]5a'aortnttf;spsdiIa«ttr dutrict plannad to Sinica ana. PARCEL #2 - TO BE OFFERED AT 11:45 A.M. • Approximately 110 acres eheico HI and Al Und. • Ueated akMt 3 niDoc iMitinnit of dMotMn MiimMek hot K xHe Mttl Of Rnanida F«r- Bomidad byAnmtrooc Rd. on wast ( 30A St. ea soott. • Land Is level and presently imdef cultivation. • All utlintet to property and (zIstlnKwen on pnmlMiu OIIKBna« la rMCa n >—>«e<i|alii; Saa Btniai«ne Fn^te Kaeaibflao BM^riitt fMM» la Cmtaere *tad.~M la fnoi^.'mm aisanMK Hiitaay 60 Frtany to Cnstaora Road tanwff. rifU Coortll) ta prooaity. DIKCnon la PMCa « kaa HsnMa: Wist es WilnBr 60 Fiaani ti VU M Way t«n»ff.Ri(ltt (BOftli} to Anesiniof Road and 301k Sbali. ^ BROKBI PAKIKVATION INVITEO For added dtUalx,cattactE,T.EagemaH Write for Dtteriptive Broekur* HILTON J. WERSHOW AueUonttr/Seal EwtaU Broker 72U HELROSC AVE. LOS ANOOB 41k CAUraimiA • m »Zin In tka Northwest: 2130 SrW. Flftfl Av*. ntdaild 1. Of«,e CA ^9I5I

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