The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 5, 1950 · Page 17
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 17

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 5, 1950
Page 17
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rfll - Jlol ln. Jru I it QUAHTEK or 3 CO (A i Nee a s ea j MO" 8 iALt m PUMT null Hi BALL CAWWlED'. n PASS wi imiiiiii IWTEftCTtO PASS INCOMPLITf PASS 9 kick out or aouaos i irr na ikMa i KICK - w - - - KWALTt FUMBLE X TOUCH f" .J0 - 3 1 , .. ',, , ...... GXS i I t - f i LLgLl2oU5oU4oLi5oU4oU3oUiol JjouAJrrm etHMHtUMt'UMIWI 8 ' Husker Nebraska wno tk nu . - "fend th outh Koal with s ten mile mn hour wind advintaK. MImmmiH coom to receivt, defending th nor goal. tlRHT QI ARTKR Ron Clark ktelwd off to r.hnou!, who ftuml a2 yarda to tha Misaourt 41. MHWH Kl: KIlo fak4 a andoff and klrtpd rtKht and for aix yarda. Wren wmt Jaft wid and wa finally ran out f iMMinda on tha Nebraska 3. whr it aa first and ten for tha TtKtra. Staphana tut ovrr right tackla tor two yarda. Kiain'a pasa ai oomnleta to Ackerman. who latarallcd to Hampel, who laierallrd bark to Ackerman, who wa finally downed on tha NU li. Tha Uukra took ttma out. Wren knlfod over left tarkla for two yarrU. Olorloao broka thru the middle and aa hauled dwn on tha Husker tbrw - yard line, where it was first and gual r if!n. iviem i sit err a pttrnout and aa apitled by a trio of Huskera for a yard lo. Klein's pttrhout waa fumbled by Stephens, but ha recovered on the NU aeven fur a three - yard toaa. Missouri took ttma out. .. Stephens eut over left tarkla for a touchdown. Kour nunutea and aix seconds Bad been played WORK: MINNOI RI i. !WKRRKK i. iiloriuau's pUcenent waa wide, but the tt'isker were ofistda. Olorluso's second ifort waa good. IMORK: MINMOI RI t. ISKtiKASK. f. Nebraska waa offside on tha extra P"tnt try, allowing Missouri to kirk off from ita own ii,, Deneka kicked off to KeynnMs, who returned ift yarda to tha Husker 30. NKHRsRi! Reyrtolda rn - i thru tha midd, 4r tiva yarda. but Nebraska waa offstfte and drew a flvyard penalty. Mueller found a big opening in the middle mi raed to the Hiiker 4tt tar a firtit down. Mueller reinsured his ankl on tha play and left tha cam. Clark replaced him. Reynoida fought thru tha middle for liva yarda. CUrk it over rtitht guard for four trwre. Arfduei drov thru a hole at nielit tackle for a first down on tha Missouri Si. Reynolds tripped and fell, attempting , to sweep riKht end. for a four - yard los. Adduei made six yarda over right guard, faths broke thru and spilled Clark for ft three - yard Josa. Nebraska waa penalised Jlva yarda for t much time in tha huddle. Reynolds took a bad ptos frim center, ran back to tha Husker 40 where ha waa trapped, then attempted a long pass to Dick Hegier on the Missouri Au, and Missouri took over on ita own el. M Ism i R; oiwrioao eut over Mkht tncki tor nine yaida. Gioriowj smatihed his way to the Ntl 45. but Miaamiri waa ffsida and et bak to ita own 45. Wren wipt )eit end afid waa finally hauled down by Ron Clark, tha :nt defender, on tha Hunker 3d where it waa first and to tor Misaourt. Klein s pasa waa complete to Ackerman for i:ht rd. Nebraska took lime out. Hfephns fuhed up a scant yard sweep - ltK riiiht end. Klein kept the ball on a fnke pitchtiut and waa finxlly run mt ot bounds on the NtJ 21. where it was first and ten for tha Tiecrs. Boll rsima thru to spill Ulorioao at the Una of scrimmage. Wren's pu, intended for Ham pel. Wrt incnmpleta. Clark batted tha pasa alown, Kieiu'a pass, mterdwt for Arker - mau, Wna Incomplete Klein failed to find ft receiver and tried to run, but waa Because if - mm vv 1 () VI . A 5 WELL AS Is f'tff Of MONtttAtlONI 1123 R Street .... 27th & Comhusker Hiway J - 1678 T. O. Haas. Mtrr, t - 7437 MISSOURI - NEBRASKA FOOTBALL MOVIES 7:30 P. M. MONDAY, NOV. 6th usebraaef COLISEUM Adm. 25o (Tax Included) LanL STki Ur .oL gF - C0tWf at J STAFF GRAPHS BY MOREY ionzornn4ori3ori4ori3oneoTTorTG L . j HI , , Q tT ev" ' i m itiwMii(iHi) d j r I; UZ'A T "... n r tt1"mmi i mini ii i n - - - ' Tiger nllled for ft aix - yard toaa by Mullen nd in nuaaers tooa over on downs. NEBRASKA: Oark awept left end and we run out of bounds on the N'tr n ai'er a i? - yard gain. Nagle kept the ball a,n'j ran ena ior tnree yarda. Rey nolds dove over left guard for four mora. Clark foufht his way thru riuht guard for a, first d&wn on tha Missouri 4a. Reynolds attempted to sweep right and. but was given no blocking and knocked down for a yard toss. Reynolds sliced thru the middle for aix yarda and Mts - aourt took time out. Reynold tried the left aide, but waa topped alter a yard gain. Clark at - tempted to sweep left end, but waa thrnped for no gain and Misaourt took over on ita own 3 as the quarter ended. SCORE J MINNOI RI 1, N K RRASK.t ft. SECOND (II AR1KK MIftMOl Rl: Wren found ft gaping hole at the middle and raced to a first down un me iiger 4. wren ran the aame play and picked up another flm down, this one on the NU 37. Stephens ran the aame play, ripht thru the middle, for ft first down on the NU 22. Olorioao swept riirtit end Bad waa finally ran out of bounds by Bloom on the Husker 19, inches short of a first down. S'ephene failed to gain over right tackle, but Nebraska waa offside and drew a five - yard penalty to give Missouri a flrat down on the Husker eicht. Wren went over right guard for five - yards to the NU three. Olortoso powered over left tackle for a touchdown. Two minutes and 20 seconds were gone m the period. WORK! MIMiOt Rl IS, NFRRIKKA ft. Gionoeo's kick aput the uprights. WORK! MINKOI RI U, KKRHAMKA t. Daoeke klcaed to Clark on the goal Hne. Clark slipped and teU on the Uusker 17. NKHRANRAt Reynolda hit the middle for eiKht y finis, but Nebraska waa offside and penalized five yards. Reynolds awept riKht end to pick up eight yards. Clark broke looae around left end and was finally knocked out of bounds by uhnouiy on the Missouri 43. rammed the mvtdie for six yards. Rey - 1 iiii,iB iwrpi rigni enn ror twu yards, Clark fumbled and McKee recovered for Mmsourl on the Tiger 34. MlHMHRl: Oluriiwo a - pass was complete to Wren, who was run out tf hounds on the Nebraska 45. Wren swept left nd and was run out of bounds by Prochacka sfter two - yard gala. Missouri took time out ;Sniioo fumbled and Klein recovered for Misouri on the NU 44. for a yard loss. Wren failed to gain at the middle. Klein punted into the end suns. Nebraska took ov.'r on its own 20, NMtKtttKA: Adducl hulled his way vtr left tickle for three yards. Name's pass whs rnmplet to Regier for a firm don on the NU 31. Reynolds slipped thru right tackle for seven yards. Adducl battled hts way over left tuk'e for a first down on the Husker 42 Keynolds failed to find blocking, but fouKht his Wdv around riKht end for five yards. Adduti broke loose over left tacale and Wis ftniiiv run don by (ihMiniv ..n i - Missouri 14, where it was first and ten for the Hunkers. Nebraska took time out Bloom was stopped lor no gam at right tackle. Reynolds swept around right end to score standing up. Five minutes nd 40 seconds remained in the half. M OKU: MINMOI Rl 14. M.HKAMKA Reynolds' placement waa wide. J. 0. AmfJu DON'T TRADE OFF YOUR CAR It Rides As Rough As A BUCKING BRONCO err vniin tides . m WM mm TDiirn Ti 9 1U lit KUAU TO THE AXLf IIAI Fl 7 2 OUMfTEJI ISKH SB rn s kuh . ft CAMPBELL Lgji 1161 Tel II II M tH RK(VKIf)i QUAJtTCK nil 20 2 m as 3 tn QC CO Ui 2 34 - - 0 27 l ... yy . Play by kv h Clark kicked off to Portmann. who returned seven yard to the Missouri 42. MlSHOi Rl: Wren picked up two yards t right tackle. C.lorloso swept right end for five yards, Klein fumbled, but recovered for a yard loss. Missouri was otside, but Nebraska declined the penalty. Kiem punted to Clark on the NU lit. He was downed on the Husker 20. NKHRAKA: Nagle'a pass. Intended for Simon, was incomplete. Adduci bulled his wy over left tackle for four yards. Nagle's pass was complete to Regter for ft first down on the Nebraska 32. Reynolds attempted to sweep riKht end but was spilled after a yard gam. Reynolds' paas was Intercepted by tihnouly, who was spilled immediately on the Tiger 4ft, AIIhsoi Kl: Klein's pass was complete to Acketman for a first down on the Hunk - r 3M. Klein's screen pass was complete to Stephens, who was tackled and fumbled the hall. Bloom recovering on the NU 23. NKHRAnKA: Reynolds danced his way to a first down on the Nebraska 40. Nebraska took time out. Nagle'a screen pass was complete to Clark, who fought his way to the Missouri 35. Reynolds made a diving catch of Nagle's long pas in the end xone for ft touchdown. Fourteen seconds remained in the half, HCOREs MlKKOl Rl 14, NKKRANKA IS. Reynolds' placement was good W (IKK: MIMOl Rl 14. NKHKAP.Kl IS. Clark kicked off to Ktenhens u h,. rum. bled. Nebraska recovered on the Missouri 34 with four seconds remalmnr. KKKKAfeKA: The half endwl before the Husker could pet a play off HAI.1TIMK tCOKK: M1SHH Rl 14, M - .HItAnkA IS. THIRD QI ARTKR N'raskft kicked off and defended tha outh goal. Ciam tooted ft short klcK to Keller, wno downed the ball on the Missouri 41. MiMwit ki: tiloilono broke kiuae around riKht end and w.ta finally d wned on the NU 36. Wren aweot left ant. for a. flm down on the Husker 25. Klein kept the hall and wnt amn4 riiiht end for five yards, lut Missouri was offside and drew a five - yj - rd penally. Klein failed to find a recelvir and attempted to run, but was spiiit for a four - yard loss by Husmann Klein's pass was complete to Stephens, who fmisht his .ty to the Neoraska 22. where he fumbled and Veri ttcoU recovered for JNe - braxka. Nr.BKAHK At Clark found hoi In the middle and raced to a first down on the Husker 43. Reynolds swept around right end for a ftrt down en the Missouri 45. .Ortmann was hurt on the play and carried from the field on ft Htrecher. Reynolds slipped thru the middle for eight yard. Nagle'a pass was complete to Bfmun for a touchdown. Simon a all alone In the end Sone. Four minutes had been piaved in the quarter, WOKKi NMtKAsKA ll, MISMII Rl 14. Nebraska was pvuaiixrd live aras for delay of the game. Reynolds' kick was wide. Clark kicked to viiorioao who returned 14 vard to the Missouri 42 MIsmiI Rl: Wren tiok a pltchout from Klein and hui tin illy stopped bv Bloom on the Nebraska II. (iionoso dove over left tackle for two, c;lorioo went around rtKht eod and was driven out of bounds on the five. Clark was In lured on the pity and replaced by Carroll. Wren hit tt'to the middle to the two - fourth and one for the Tigers. Ktepuen craebed over left tackle for Tl H ORF.t MIKMOt Rt to, NKKRANKA 10, tiloriosu's kick wis wide. Denek kicked off to Reynolds, who fumbled,. Bloom recovered on the Husker 2i. KKMRtMKit Reynold shot over left tacku for tctur, N ogle's paw intended for Regter was knocked down by JH'uchs. Mueller swept lett end for four. Reynolds kicked to Uhnouiy on the Tucer 15. BOWL - MOR Nebraska'! Finest! Open k . aa Htw. All Dag Missdar thiw rHday - JStery Afterauusi . Fountain Lunch ' f vmrm USUI - w Ass - Mtesaiei ,9fh if M S. E. Corner ALLEYS 12 to 6:30 P.M. and oil Sat. & Sun. Lincoln Howling Parlor TM Xo. 12 THE IIOSEWILDE 1126 - 28 P Street OPEN BOW 1.1 NO EVERY AFTERNOON and Sat., Sun, IN'iglita CaU 2 - 7850 for Reservations hUatUHLlBUg I i i t r , I I pwiht my milm wD"" j . at B ft SAT J aft w. asssaiaksw i,M, aft. 1 - Asv U. aAMiri I dp ...... . .u i I i i - ' I 1 i '5 eI "fc.; I .11 bbbTST''' t Ojmi mi i4mmim(7 t M" lsm i ii mom mil m. v 1 i . i ongorn3on4onsoin4ori3orT2orToi rhljin! oni Ira - I ... I ,,,,, ........ t RE - r(T)! - m. h . m - a v Play He was downed on the 2S. MIMHOI Rl: Klein pitched eut to Wren. Who Whs hit on the Missouri 4,V Hunkers took time out, Clark Intercepted ftephen' pass and was run out of bounds on Missouri 41. Nr.HRASKA: Adducl hulled his way iiiu ma iiuuote ior eigm. atickens was injured on the play and replaced by Kadlec. Clark hit into the middle for a first down on Missouri's 30. Reynolds ran around right end to the 15, but Ne - hraska'a backfleld was In motion and NU drew five - yard penalty to Tiger 35. Clark swept left end for three. Reynolds swept around right end and was finally knocked down on the Tiger 13. Adduci hit into the line for three. Clark swept left end for ft touchdown. WORK! NKHKANKA S. MIHHOl RI SO Reynolds' placement was good. WORK: NKRKAKKA 8. MISMU'RI ft). Mullen kicked to Carter In the end one and the Bengal returned to the Missouri 23, where Hcott hit him. MlHMol Rl; Wren, on another pltchout from Klein, swept left end for nine. Klein ut over riffht tackle for ft ftret down on the Tiger 3. Wren raced around lett end and was finally run out of bounds on the Husker 43. However, Missouri waa penalised for five varda foe off side. Olorioso found ft hlg hole In the middle and was finally tackled by Reynolds on the Husker 17. Nebraska took time out. Klein cut over left tackle to the Husker 13. Wren hit Into the middle for three, hut Missouri was pena.lsed five for backfleld in motion. Stephens took ft pltchout from Ktefn and was driven out of bounds on the Husker one for a first and 10. fttephen hit over left guard for a TI. Fifty aec - ods remained m the third quarter. HCOKr'.s MIMOt Rl X, Nr.BKASKA M. Nebraska waa otatde on the try for point, but Ulorloso placement, was good. '. JMORF: MISHOI Rl M, NKRRASKA !. Nl'raka w.ts nftkid on the try for extra point and Missouri kicked nff from its own 45. Reynolds took Deneke's kick and la tern led to Bloom, who was downed on the Huftker 37. NKHKASKt: dark hit lto the hne for two. Adducl found a hole at left tackle for seven yards a the third au r ter ended. MCOKKJ MINftOt Rl ST. NKHKASKA Sf. KOI RTH Ul ARTKR NFBRtNKAt Nancle, on ft quarterback sneak, made it ft firtt down on the mid - field stripe. Reynolds swept right end to the Tiger 33, where it was first and 10. Ndgle's pa Intended for Pinion was knocked dwn by H'ephens. Reynolds hit a tone wait and failed to gain. Regier caught Nagte'a pass, good for IT ards and a first down on the Tiger Id Key no ids picked up one around right end. Miisouri tok tune - Clark s pass intended for Reynolds was knocked down, Nagle'a pass waa complete to Regter for ttwhmiwn. MO It K: MHRAMKA !tt. MISHOI Rl S7. UeVi;.'ldS p - ui etiiefit W;tS W tlHI.i Sl.HM sK A K.1. MIXHill Rl 7. of the game. toriiig t'urk to ki - a from the 35. Clark ku - Ked to iilonoso hu rettirtied to the Titter 4v MIh.'HM Kl: Ulonoeo powered thru the middle tor four Klein was charged with intentional groundirg when he tried to pass to tlloitoso Kiein s pasa ws gmwl to, Olorioso to the Husker 4k. Klein attempted to sweep right end, but Bloom dropped htm after a two yard gam, Denek Was dropted for ft three vard lose and the Husker took over on their own 4." Missouri took time out. Tea minutes remained In th game. Nr:HKAHA: Reynold fought hi way thru tn middie for six. Adducl ran thru the center to Missouri' 41 for ft first down. Adduct piiKed up two into the center. Reynolds broke loose around right end to the Tiger eight yard line, but the Husker Imrkfieid wh in motion and they were penalized five. Reynolds fought his away around right end for eiuht yurds. Clark swept left end and waa a yard short. of a first down to ttie Tiger 33, making it fourth and one Reynolds ran back to his own 30 before rutting back thru the entire Tiser team to go a'l the wsiv for a touchdown. H4 0HE M.RRAhKA M, MlNOI Rl 11. Reynold placement was good MOKKi .KUAnKA 40, MlMMOt KI ST. , Clark kicked off to Olorioso who returned to tii Missouri ,1T HlfcMOI KI: tilorioso' pas was mm - plete to Wren good for nttii. Klein pas ws complete to Hani pel for ft firm down on th Husker 40. iiorioso hit over right tackle for threa. Klein's pae waa com - plete o Hsmpei on the Husaer 25. Wren hit the middle for three. Klein' pass was complete to Haropel on the II. H"v broke thru to spill Klein for a five yard loss Mtephens fought bs way over right guard for one witn three minutes remaining in the gums Klein's pas whs complete to Ackerman to toe nine where It was fourth and eiuht. Klein's pass was complete to Ackerman Where It was first down on the Husker sis - inch line. Klein scored on quarterback sneak witn one minute fW seconds left WORE Nr.HKAMKA 40, MftOUII R mm tllorinso'g kick was good MOItK: Nr.HIt AsKA 46, MIMNOI Rl Iienek kicked off to Rloom Who slipped gnd fell on he Hunker to, MHItAHK A: Reynolds attempted to sweep iett end, but whs thrown f'f a two yard loss Clark attempted to eut over left tackle and was good for four yards. Reynolds swept left end and then tsteraled to Handshev who waa knocked out of hounds on the Nebraska Ak with 2d seconds reinalmng. However, the Husker backfleld was in motion nd pe - nniied bark to their own 33 Reynolds kicked to Fesster who returned the bail t.. the Tier 4k MIMoi Kl: Olorioso' long Pais hit Hampel in tit head on tit five a th gurne ended, nJiALj NK.HKANKA 4ft, MIHMOl KI rJ4 yi" im NEBRASKA 15 I mrl ' Si I . t I 60ES TO TNI utetl Ya BIYMnt m n IL ff m fftcitn 40 (A HOLDS GOts fon TO. 7 NEBRASKA MISSOURI 40 34 hwwb hwV Army Victory Puts Cadets Siring at 26 PHILADELPHIA. (UP). Pol - Ished Army, held to a one point lead in the first half, rolled with crisp precision and artistry to three second - half touchdowns Saturday to defeat Pennsylvania, 28 - 13, and run its unbeaten string to 26 games. Lightning fast Gene Filipski, a lightly regarded sophomore from Sacramento, Calif., supplied the second half punch for the Cadets by skipping thru Penn's big line for 29 and 73 yard touchdown sprints. Filipski's 29 - yard canter gave Army a two touchdown working margin over a Penn eleven staggering along because record - busting Francis "Reds' Bagnell was far off his customary pace. A fast charging Army line, which held Penn to 156 yards on the grounds and 44 thru the air, measured the difference between the teams which Army's Galaxy of power could not supply. Herb Johnson was the kingpin in an Army plot against Hague! I, He collared two of Hagneli's passes to break the Penn captain's un - intercepted streak at 88, four short of Lynn Dorsett's intercollegiate record. Don Heck intercepted another. City Basketball Deadline Near Entries for teams in the city basketball leagues are due Friday, Nov. 10 at the city recreation office, Al Hawthorne announced Saturday. A new league has been added to the 1950 - 51 slate, that for boys of junior hih school aje. Other competition will be in i classes A, H - l, ii - 2, C - l, C - 2 and Industrial, Co! u ml i a UpneU Cornell NEW YORK. iPj. Columbia upset Cornell, 20 - 1 a, Saturday on a last period touchdown by Howie Hansen and a placement by Al Ward in a game played in the rain before 20,000 fans at Haker Field. Ity Geo, H. Lenum . e Tuesday Is election day. Be sure to rrgintrr a vote for the FIERI.: (I.FANERS. They stand for the bent In I)RY( I EASING and at reasonable prices. They will not aril you short or down the river. . . , a vote for PFF.RLFSS U a vote for longer life for your clothes an Investment In good appearance. Remember "CRIME NEVER PAYS" CALL 2 - 6731 PEERLESS CLEANERS 323 Ho. 11th Geo. II, lmon Rrftftch Offtr Sit No. 4itii MI, J Get a Motor Tune - up Now! rtpert, SHentlfle tone - up by etperiemd mechanic Insure yu wf siUMty miles of rare free loo'.ortug , , , I Uk9 our iMipuiar prirsw to. Lincoln Wheel Cr Brake IlllSI vers (Continued from Page 1 - B) age of first drive. Momentarily stopped by two Mizzou defenders at the line of scrimmage, Reynolds shook clear and ran unmolested over the dmible stripes. Reynolds' placement was wide. x THE lit S K E R S' second I touchdown will go down among I Memorial Stadium's most spec - j tacular plays. j Three plays after the surge ; opened on the NU 22, NatUe laneo. to me Mizzou 45 and sighted down field as 14 seconds remained of the half. He fired at what potted an Impossible targe t Reynolds complete surrounded by three Missouri defenders. Somehow, miracle of miracles, the great clutch kid from Grand Island, battled mightily for the ball. Amidst a sea of hands, he somehow gained possession and fell into the end zone with the touchdown. Reynolds' extra point try this time was a bulls - eye. MISSOl'RI drove 59 yards In nine plays to score before the game was four minutes old. It ended with Ed Stephens shooting seven yards over left tackle. Glorioso's placement hit. The Tigers scored again with 2:30 minutes elapsed in the second period. This time, the Tigers bit 63 yards in six plays. From the four, Glorioso bulled over. Glorioso's placement clicked, Mizzou led, 14 - 0, and Husker hopes looked dim, Ghnoul.v, a 164 - pound senior speedster, stopped two certain Husker touchdowns in the first half when he caught Clark and Adducl from arrears. They had broken thru to Ghnouly, the last man. Nebraska zipped into the lead, 19 - 14, four minutes after the third quarter opened. That marked the first time the Huskers were in thtklead. Sparked by Ron Clark's 20 - yard sprint, the drive for the third Husker touchdown covered 77 yards in five plays. It ended with Nagle, on a bootleg pass, pitching to Simon, who caught the ball in the end zone for the touchdown, Reynolds kick was wide. Missouri regained the lead four minutes later on a 5H - yard drive, featuring: a 4K - yard surge by Junior Wren. Stephens punched over from the two on fourth down. Glorioso's kick was wide, but Mizzou had regained the lead, 20 - 1!). Bingo, five minutes later the Huskers bounced back into the lead, 26 - 20, as Ron Clark tight - roped 15 yards down the west sidelines for a score, climaxing a 59 - yard drive in five plays. Missouri boomeranged back three minutes later, scoring on Stephens plunge from the one. The drive covered 77 yards in seven plays. On one play enroute, Glorioso shook lose for a 47 - yard run before being tackled by Reynolds, the last defender, on the NU 17 - yard line. Glorioso's successful placement moved Mizzou ahead again 27 - 26. THREE minutes after the fourth quarter opened, the Huskers scored again. This time the drive lapped up 64 yards in nine tries. Fnm the 16, Nagle tossed to Regier in the end zone. Regier briefly juggled the pigskin, then retained full possession, for the touchdown. Reynold's accurate placement put Nebraska ahead, 33 - 27 with 12 minutes left. At this point, came Reynolds miracle run of this gripping afternoon. Seven minute remained lit the same. Nebraska possession on the Missouri 34 and it was fourth down. Three yards were needed for a first - ten. Reynolds pulled back suppos - Sturdy good looks, iur , , but the h newt it comfort ; th kind of comfort that only the famed Arch Preserver patented construction can give you. Let us show you the handsome hew styles for rugged fall and winter wear. I - Via T JaTSSRk slePSSj MsK - fcjf 11 1 f 1 In Stock nan to r 6v'i to 14 Individual Statistics Offensive M mt K A Kuhtnft Times carried Gained Lost ( 0 4 0 a Kef 175 91 J2S 2a I Nairle Revnold A. 1rt net Clark Mueller Hiooru , 2 H . . 25 11 14 S t J3 91 133 M X . . Puntlnv Total Y.irti 6T Number .t ...... . St Av. ii Reynold fastdns; Tnter - Att'd Com'd ceped tnc. Yds 120 fk ....... 0 A Kevnold .... 3 0 1 1 Clark ....... t o o Mlssot Rt Rushing Times ranted Oninsd !sst ... 11 2.1 IN Net 5 123 4i 173 - 3 Klein , too Stephen Wten , I'enke , ft ft ft IS 124 i 4 S , 173 ...... 1 ., t 0 Ii luntln Total Number Yauis Klein .......,., a Ave;. 31 I'assin Inter - ,,, , Att'd Com'd cept'd In, K'ein , 12 11 o l Wren , t n 0 t Olorioso S J ft Stephen .... 1 o 1 0 Yds i;i2 o 30 u edly to pass. A wave of four Mizzou defenders emerged on him. He cut far back to his left to elude the tacklers, running way back to the Nebraska 45. Then, like changing a traffic light, he reversed his field and started pounding upfield to his right. He passed mid field. . .the Mizzou 43. . .the 40, whoops, two more Missourians took a shot at him, Here a fast change of pace and two key blocks bv cohorts cleared the final path. He skirted down the west sidelines untouched for the touchdown. You could hear a collective "whew!" emerged from the huge homecoming throng. The roar was deafening even as Reynolds split the uprights with his conversion, NEBRASKA led 40 - 27, only seven minutes remained and Missouri's back appeared broken. Not this stout - hearted band of Tiger men. Red - eyed with determination, they drove 54 vards in eight plays for a touchdown with the Klein - Hampel aerial circus carrying the brunt. They scored with 1:50 left of the same and Glorioso's perfect placement put them within vlc tory reach. Nebraska lost the ball on dow ns and Reynolds was forced to punt with 20 seconds left. Missouri had time for one more Play. And it was a spine - tingler. Glorioso passed downfield to the ever - dangerous Hampel. The ball was there but so was Ron Clark. Down tumbled the pigskin to terra firma. banir went th an and up went the blood pressure of these wildly - partisan demons. There was not an ounce of composure left in the stadium. In this overwhelming offensive display, the two teams to - gether accumulated over 1.000 yards. Nebraska' total was 552; Missouri's, 502. NKHRAHKA PrTkti,mm' "' PynlB, Ta4kiea - - Tooit.KKl. peliman. Hoy, Boil. Hnwimiv, Mullet. ' ' FOOTBALL SPECIAL NEBRASKA v$. OKLAHOMA NOVEMBER 25, 1950 J22.50 fox included from Lincoln to Norman, Ok la. ti.ts If ye already bsv (sm tieksll SPECIAL COACHES Leave Pridsv Kvenlnf . Nee. 34 ad Return Swnday Msrsisf fries Include Raatd - 'rrp rare and Reserved Seal r (.sine RESERVATIONS LIMITED Let us show you what a perfect fit in the world'i most comfortable shoes means. The style shown Is a classic cold - weather oxford in rich, hand - stained brnwn Scotch grain V t i . Bucks Boolerk STUART BUILDING mikUikU HANtYt Defensive MIHKOI Rl 1 aeklea tTn - Tnid . . ftssist'd Aseist'd 10 B. Furha, ft.,,.,,,,,,,,, 14 i 0 P. FKhs t San Vllkmn. b ........... 5 0 0 tihnouly, h ..,..,...,., 5 1 o Burkhftrt, b 4 0 o Kadlec. ( 3 o 0 I - ordo. X o ft Stephens, b a A e CUrkm, 2 0 o fe.01n.Ker, , 0 O Vwnse Inter - Broken , . epd up nhnoniv. b 1 f R Kucha, a ....., ft t Ortmiinn, h , 0 j Recovered fumMes - KSetn , McKee 1. MHHtkA la. kies t'n - Tndft . assist d Assist ! 10 ft i '!r ASS Bioom. b 5 2 n T - 'ofc - ood, t 3 3 Mullen, t .....,...., 3 3 tt Revnoids, b 3 0 0 Sfott, e ... 3 5ft Hrasee. $ 3 2 Husmann, g , 3 !ein. t 3 0 0 rrochaska, 3 0 3 rasses . Inter - Rtokeit , . oepted up Clark, b t l Recovered fumbles B:oom 1. Scott 1, Husmann 1. Husker Facts Neb. FIH - tT DOWMI tTotftll ...,,.. 34 Ity Rixhtnc lit lV I'anntns A Hy I'enailies Rl H1N fS, amber of Rushes) M tartt tl Mined ,, 444 tar.1. It t it Net lard fialned ,,..,,,,. 4,13 I OK W Kit etSsINO tN ton her AttemHed) f Number t onuWeted ,,,, ft Number Had lotereepted I Net sards Oained I Jo Mn. 14 1 t 4 S f 34ft It IS t 13 as Sot TOTAL FI.AV (Rtishe, and S TOTAL Nrr lARim ,Mt ll'N'T fN'umlHTl ....,,,.,,, 3 Aeraire t.rrts ...., SS Had Hlwked ,., , Kli HillN (Nnmbro , , 11 Ttl tarda 42lg KH K RK.TI RNM Number I'tmt Hetnrns 1 tiards Cunt Returns S Number kf. - Ketnms 4 lards Rlrktiff Keinrns ...,,. A3 INT R KCTIO.V KKTI R tNimtbert , 1 laids Hetntned ..,,, IB ri MHI. iMw.her, , Halla nt , . . . , 1 R ALL Umr OS DOWNS l,t, I'RSAI.Tirsi tHWher la lards renaliMHl ... M ritl.ll fiOAlJ tAtten.Wedl ... ee - f Ml ...... . ....... SI S 304 1 t t A S 3 S SA h.!?. .Bau.r: PieeTof lein." at raT helm, tiarfmr. Ilusmnnn. lenlers - Mefllll., Harks - NKle. Reyn.u.ts, Carmll, Clftrk. Mueiler, Bloom, A.hiixt, Curtis. MlNMOI Rl Knds Hampel. Arkerman, Eblnger. Portmann. l, M Kw. r, l aekk - a - Keller, Miilican. P, Puchft. WtMMtaon, Rov.1. ' tmards - Kadlee. Maruste, Caatl. lotto. Hisson, Clsrkaon. Centers Kinson. H Purh. Marks - Klein, rjkirpiso, Wren, Stephen. Ohnouly. Kessier, Wilkeninjt. HenleyJ pomeke, Buikhart, Ortmann. Neorssha, 0 n J3 i44rt M k.!!1 f 7 34 ehraska rortn - Tmiehdownt Rev noids a. Simon. Clark. Remer. t'Att Rvnnlfts 4 tplaoettentet. MisstHjrt corin Touchdown! Stephen S. tilorut, Klein. i'AT; Krks 4 tplaeementsi. tiffirial Cerll MnellerleHe, St. Iui university, referee; I.. : HoskelL Okla h.wna, umpire; Ulek I'endleton, Okdt home, head linesman. WOOL WORSTED Sweaters $835r Papula Heboid Color fultovee uv Huttua HARRY REED SPORT SHOP 1321 "F" m. Stlt rOR INFORMATION CALL JR. CH AM HI R UP 4 OM VO kl K, - ;.',U Make Cheeks Fsvshl I Llneel) Junier I bsmber at t osnmeree f.iurwln, Nebr. - FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED MAIL ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED Ol II 34 TH f EAR HIS! 2 - 6125 f

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