Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 15, 1928 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 15, 1928
Page 6
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r . ~T T ": \^'i. r i r v ,-. \ Iisi**» d JW* Jftjs- €*. I Ml *»!t fw» itti f f*r rlwtrawri, Tlw Crrws pfsrw to rait* fir* mfflmn In jswwrtwrsihips «t fl tn f*»«t £mrfn& tfwt Tf>n still. Th*» qtpotm for th*> Rocte Palls ch*p*#r Is 1,000 *. It I* estimated! th*', it will si iwwt *3,£f»0 to H»*t this <tp*ol* SSTK! to mmUmtft tl>» worlc ta th* home g*TTjee !*ettan, whfr.h f$ws sissislan«* tn e »r*d ttrclr fatniltp* and families Riuong the civilian t*ct». Ct?«-ks for dues ftn<! con til - butlsns ussy be m»tie jmysbl* to 8, O. Crawford, tmtsurfr. oJ t.hf ABWric».n Ilrt Cms. I Miss f%arl Morrix. s^crrtstry ofj the clmptpr, presrnfed a report of ' the *roTk of W» chspler during t!lw p«* year, from which the following ftm» sre rxtrttcis: Ex-Scrr!ce men fcisstot^l daring U« year, 1(S; cSvi- Itan fsiRilira assisted, 71; nawbfr of *trits made, TO®, gmrm«nts dfetribnt- 1 8, A. Met thews, field reprewnts- Wve of the Red Cross for Illinois, Is expected here Monday, Oct, 22. to •see* with the e**»ewt4r* committee fcf the Ioca.1 chapter and Use roll call fchalrraan and complete the plans for the annual roll call. !"*—•» ~T^f f , f. "* ', r * BBi "** "S t * , "*»•» P-«* •' ' , >.«.-». - ,_^ ,f ,*--*• —-"? *-=» M-^-W^. .^ **.*,-. * f> r "V-n * " SjrCv^. / EJ , ^J^ * -*^f-t,»- S/» J, «• _„ _ , >A . ' *"* »<w 1 »»-/i.',j 1 . s «, -".»»,«,• *-n "**" " Jm "" f "*'' *j« j,j. •»^j> lSmr «-, t »^_ ,, » ^ _ f* "• * ^vaj^*- f 31^* T 1 if" , * •» , ^-jj lr j+,.,,,.„„ -,-* r *+**-, !**»,- 1 *"*"" * 7 i,J22J;W ** **"*• f*'*^** 6 *'? > r* WnrW »usmes! HOW NEW ZEPPELIN COMPARES WITH SUTTLE8HIP,~TiH, ,, Atlantic d«»Sb!*, compares with one of the U. B. Navy's modern battles hip pable of e speed Beveral times greater than that of her Eurfacc-travclinKrival ^^,>fc-^-,*J>J«..«...JV J> —. -—-.»..-. ^ -— ^ - _ _ ____ — _._.,.__._ f>^*. inc 1 pliotosraph shows how the Oraf Zepjjclin, trans-, with a cruising range of 9,eoo miles. Is ea- (Qmtlnucd msn page five) ^ grandmother baked , K loog. stow process te- cause that was tbe only way known, tod because there were no good pub- Be batetes. A large part of the day tesed to be spent In the kitchen be- fcause equipment was stow and tools -*" and efficient methods not OL» " . Batemo went Into Eastern penitentiary in Pennsylvania. 23 years ago. condemned to spend the rest of his life there. Jimmy is 78 years old now, and the prison doctor says he; hasnt very long to live. So Chap- '• lain Francis Hoey obtained a pardon ' lor the old m&n and here you see IMS smite as tiie-ucwi came th»t h« was to go bacic into the world again. . A few well chosen, simple, modern devices, and tba better quality and greater variety of food products on the market have greatly reduced the routine and drudgery] of the kitchen. But, every woman: must be reminded occasionally of; what is Rood and bow to choose H from the bad, in order to keep! housekeeping abreast of American' progress. That is the purpose ofj the cooking school, and that la why any woman interested in making! h?r work run more smoothly will! be greatly aided by these classes, | Every woman has questions of SOJMO sort in her mind relative to; cookery and borne economic matters. Thfe cooking school will be the place to have them answered by an authority whose contact with women and modern appliances and methods throughout tire land puts her in an especially advantageous position to give good advice. Blanks will be provided at the mini theater for question purposes, and will be collected by the ushers and passed to the platform. A number of women are going to be made wry happy each day in procuring the handsome gifts donated for the success ot the school by SterUng-Rocfc Palis^merchants. These gifts will be on display and] will be explained by Mrs. Loudon from the stage. All these donations are really fine additions to Jhe bftauty. comfort and efficiency of any home. Of courae, in addition to these major giff,s. there will he distributed each afternoon a half dozen market baskets fiJled with choice foods, and the various dishes prepared by Mrs. Loudon »t each class also will be given away. So the big convention of housewives has at last arrived—four joyous days. and everything is ready, thanks to the enthusiastic merchant's who are cooperating with The Daily Gazette to make this the biggest event of the season for our readers and friends. Be sure to bring your pencil and notebook, for you are going to have many occasions to jot down pointers at the talks. Come early and enjoy the musical pstsgram that has been provided for tec hour between 1 and 2 o'clock. CHURCH AFFAIRS Mrs. F. M. Kuethe and Mrs. John Otten. teachers in the Sunday school at St. Paul's Lutheran church, issued invitations for a cradle roll party Saturday afternoon, the first affair ot its kind to be held at the church. The attendance of babies and beginners waa almost one hundred per cent, and there were a number of toothers present too. The tiny tables in the Sunday school room were decorated with jack olantems and fall colors, around which the little folks sat for games and cotne^ta. Brtnght colored crepe paper caps'and balloons were the favors. After a Gtory had been told to the younKr,tcrs by Miss Laura Meins, while they gathered near tfc® fire piacc, all joined in a grand march. Refreshments of ice cream and wafers were served as the climax to the delightful party. Confusion of dates caused the church notes Saturday to refer to the county Christian Endeavor convention as an event of Oct. 14, The ccmfntion will be held in the Sterling Presbyterian church, beginning with a banquet Oct. 27 and continuing with business sessions and Christian Endeavor .-services Sunday Oct. 28. . Living cotts here up sod eotrcd. Taxes, clothes and room and boaid. One thing, though holds small ex- pens*, Utda Tom is idll fire cents! ^v-^t j CO ^ A trial order wil convince you that there is a lot of satisfaction in using our * ELDORADO LUMP and EGG COAL "> PHONE Buried Treasure Draws No Interest 4 . . - The safest place for money—your money —is in the bank Not only is it protected but it is earning money for you twenty-four hours a day, Sundays and holidays included, i i This bank is supported by the town's most conservative and prominent citizens. Our list of patrons is our strongest recommendation. Start your savings account with us today. AU kinds of Sfceei Sletal wad Tin Work, Furnace Eepafrins ear apteiatty. Cluitcrham Tin Shop Located at Hagjtmd Hardware Phoae 510 811 1st Are, Sterling No wonder, we handle gome of the best grades of Illinois, Kentucky and Virginia Coal. We recommend our: CARBON GLOW 'Hotter than Blue Blazes.* BLACK BRIAR Our old stand-by for years. BEAVER DAM That Ck>od Kentucky Coal. FRANKLIN COUNTY Our Best Illinois Coal. Ail Sizes-Try our Service Call Main 1MB Eckman Coal Co. Emi Second St. at Third Ave. STERLING One of Amen taken before Nov. 1 will be tree, m m beautiful portrait calendar. CHASE STUDIO Car of Franklin County Lump on trade. Special price from car. Plenty of Coke and all other grades of Coal at lowest prices. ~ Phone 770 D. Manfield I9E6 By Service I "High Flight" Will Thrill You httereat on Savings THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK THE FIRST TRUST & SAVINGS BANK THRILLING! BEGINNING in MODERN! ROMANTIC! Sterling Daily Gazette Tomorrow

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