Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 15, 1928 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 15, 1928
Page 5
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of 1>«HhRr* Mrs- Dorothy A 7«" Th« proRTsrn for fessrwmsw wffl * filled with Interesting tfinhns »i>d Coras *«1? *H?t te 3Ura«50n want* te doubtful *fsj«rt!«n* on any thst ymt taye not yet «siq',!fir?d !n yirwr how?. 'TIS****.*'* Fr9gT*zn. Is t<ttnf>nxs'w'«i prosrrsm, Dailv Gnwffe's Cooking Rrhoni Oct. 36, Lecture 1 Subject. "Why Plan Meftlfl,™ Musical program, Mocha Spanish Crssm Sponge Cake Rings Jellied Pineapple Carrot snd Mint iced Oransra Soup French Fried Stuffed Tomatoes Biscuit Tortonl Apricot Upside Down Cske. Date Orange Bundwlch JJlecult. Hot Cinnamon Cake, Roora open at 1 p, m . Admission Free. No tickets required, mini Theater, Your Cooking School Ls ready! Mrs. Dorothy A. London announced that all details have been completed for the opening of the Free Cooking School to be offered to the women of tSer!ing-Rock Falls and vldnlty. under the auspices of Ths Daily Gazette at the Illlnl theater, beginning at 2 o'clock tomorrow. Mrs. Fannie M. Worthlngton, well known club lender, will present Mrs. Youdon to the audience at the beginning of the first class, and we aro certnln Mrs. Worthington's remarks will be the starting point of one of the most successful functions in the Interests of our womenfolk it has been our privilege to sponsor for a long time. In one of our recent little chats, Mrs. Loudon repaid us for all our effort by her expressions of delight over the enthusiastic Interest of Sterling-Rock Falls women, and over the warm reception that awaits her appearance on the platform. And such a stage setting 1 We are not going to spoil your anticipation ! by telling you all about It. We know you have been looking forward to tills real treat. We know of bridge parties that have been postponed and social functions cancelled Just so this week with all its surprises! could be held In reserve for these lectures. But one thing about the stage picture that Impresses us la thlsi- A perfectly delightful home atmosphere Is not dependent upon elaborate or luxurious appointments. This stage might have been fitted out. as indeed has been the case in some schools, with thousands ol dollars worth of sliver, linens and china. But we arc certain the simple charm of a breakfast set, well within the means of any modest in....__-- any husband. An inexpensive little vase with a few flowers in the center of a dining table, enhanced by dainty china and colorful glassware, in a setting of attractive linens, makes all the difference in the world in a dining room or breakfast nook. It is this sort of thoughtful treatment of housekeeping problems that makes housework an art. Someone has said that art employs the head, the hand and the heart, and certainly any woman employs all three when she manages the funds of the average family to make her simple table as cheerful as that which Mrs Dorothy A. Loudon will use in her demonstration this week. Real Home Problems. This delightful simplicity is going to make,yaulfifil:«>r well repaid for attending the school. The whole land knows and loves Mrs. Doro- 'thy A, Loudon because she specializes on the everyday problems of the average American home. Thousands upon thousands of women have been Inspired to renewed Interest In housekeeping perplexities by the perfect knowledge and broad experience of this noted teacher, who pulls at your heart strings with a host of little ideas and Ume-aav- tog methods garnished with delightful humor to make your tasks easier. She has_ had long eaperteaee as A housekeeper herself, and as a teacher and lecturer befote women's organisations, schools and ojUege. Not only does she speak with authority on the scientific side of dietetics and home economies, but her long and practical experience has given her an especially practical foundation f women with their e- y km* of housekeeping. lifrBrybocly who is interested in toe various phases of running a home Is school There will be LEGION MEN PABADK FACT "BMMJDY ALAMO."—Vetenms of the World War *n> pirfumi here they marched past the historic old Alamo in Ban An-tonio. where Texas m»rked » heroic mef> in hpr buttle for freedom. Tha vet* are members of the Csllfomia delegation to the American Lesion convention In Ban Antosiio. cookery demonstrations each afternoon In addition to the talks by Mr* Loudon. Printed recipe* of all dishes prepared will bs distributed to the audience. These recipes are clear and adaptable to the menu planning of your home. The actual preparation of dishes will be simple and easily seen by everyone in the hall. VIrs. London's voice Is full and clear, xmching throughout the audltor- um. In commenting today on the scope of her talks, Mrs. Loudon said: 'Many women used to feel that old ways of doing things were good enough for their mothers, and therefore good enough for them. The progressive housewife today knows methods have changed in the home as in the business world. She re- (Contlnued on page six) THINK CLINTON MAN IS MURDER VICTIM According to information from Burlington, Iowa, authorities there are investigating a theory that Henry Duns of Clinton, supponed victim of a river accident in which he was drowned recently, was the victim of foul piny and wjw murdered. His body was recovered from th9 river at Kelthsburg about two months ago. Burlington officials cori- nevt the Dana murder theory with another Burlington murder case in which it was recently revealed that Oliver Shcpplcr, alias Mack Schepler, of Georgetown, ill., was mtirdrr- ed, it is alleged by Jake Zippe and Jonathan Hngen at, the former's farm, located on Huron Island, north of Burlington. The alleged arc In custody. ROCHELLE PEOPLE HURT IN CQLLISIQf? In nn automobile between cars driven by Gladwm Miller and Mill Eden, both of Hochclle, which occurred about midnight Thursday night Hvr> mile", north of KoeheUe on the Meridian highway, several persons were injured. Mrs. Miller suffered & crushed fihouldor nnd Miss Blanche Bqulrc probably sustained a fractured shoulder, both were unconscious when taken to a. Rochelle hospital. Mr. Miller was badly bruised and cut, and Mr. Eden wns confined to tils home and may be more seriously Injured than nt first believed. Both machines were smashed. All Headsirr.i Smartly Stylrd nntl Carefully Tailored Fine quality fells with charming details of metalic trims. Close fitting and brim styles. Black — navy — wine—tan —reef— brown. Children's Hats The smartest felts and velvets for children's utility wear. Harmless new German, Tablet that no opiates* no acetanilid, no caffeine ? no aspirin )W we bringfliis se European discovery to Aowtira. It is the answer of Ger- miia science to the problem of ending paia without harming heart or otte 1 vital organs. The name is Neophen. An almost tasteless little white tablet, YOT simply swallow with water. Usually within five urinates, rdkf comes. Chcsucal reomk siww that even cancer's awful pains are eased by these ingredients. Yet the heart action does not vary one beat Womenfisdita blessing Neophen is for all—even for infants in proper dosage. Yet the heartaches and other puns of ^tma'fiflod probably give ifiii ' widest pnara.1 use. \Vha trm th* cans* of pals — aearalgte, rh««» or uei?er fails to s*cf» fte agony. For odd* and f ewrs there is nothing that will so qtikkly break np the am- ami ai Hie same titan We urge you now to make s fain! — for youradf or SWOB sdfmog dear one. Let Neepfaea iJsdf prcnt what we claixn, Tobcs of \l four-graia tablets are 50c at drus s }nr ««- Or to try free simplj si«n and present thK THE HARMLESS NEW .TRIUMPH OVER PAIN TOKO 19 E. FBEE TBI.U, COMPAJOT St, Sterttfis. W. (IT« trial Attdrw Enjoy a May tag \ no-rub washing} ia so much faster, so J^ much easier to handle, so quiet and smooth-running, so thorough, «o remarkable in <svwy vfsy thsst the most forceful way of convincing the housewife ia to let her do a washing with it. By outstanding merit and superior performance, the Maytag, on this self-sale plan, broke all records in washer sales. t The Maytag merits your consideration, deserves an opportunity to demonstrate how it will save you time by doing an entire washing in an hour or so, save your health by making hand-rubbing of badly soiled clothes unnecessary, save clothes by its easy way of cleansing by soap and water action alone, and by its RoDer Water Remover, with a soft top roll and hard bottom rolL Read the exclusive features of this remarkable washer. Some of them sound almost too good to be 'true—that's why we want you to wash with it free. REMEMBER, the Maytag is the wa*her with— —Safety-feed, Roller Water —Handy Hinged Ltd and adjustable legsi. —Hnrkacd, «3<3it gtcci gear*. —Big capacity; an entire washing ia an hour. —Compact; occupies a space Remover, with soft top roll Spores the button*. Sclf- Our Modern Process of Cleaning —Cact-aluminum, beat- retaining non-bztakable tub; removal aQ the dirt,; without hand-rubbing. 25 inches square, • Lifetime construction; beautiful lacquer finish. One out of every three waah*rs cold ia a Maytag T«ct It IB Year There 1 * BO co«t, tto ob%atiaa whatever. YOB lav to he the judge. On this piaa the Maytag won Worid Leadenfaip; oa this pitti fee New i^aytae is TsnsnJB&ig wwbday happiness to 1400 additknidhixaesevcfydjiy. If it doesn't don't faw it. . itself ' ToafB AT«tw Mia THE MAYTAG COMPANY, Newton, M»— t i ' »i n«n mtf*^Hf H£ ,*••_!• Hours Atxifuatat nr* StaadatJ Ti*u at the itaHma umiuiil Jlluminum € Wmher Maytag dealers everywhere follow the standardized rule of sending a M ay tag to a home to dp & week s washing free, and without obligation of any kind. This is the way all M*ytag Aluminum Washes are sold. The Maytag must sell itself solely ujion its perforoumce in the home. It must wash everything to your en tire sttisiactiorj. Must wash everything quicker, easier ami cleaner than other Efj -I w • everything—eveo collars, cuffs and wristbands, without Mud-rubbing. Musi prove to you, in your own home, is tfee most helpful mat you have eve? seen or used. Wariidd Maytag Ca * m " '' '" 1$-A West TMrd St, i ™i/ u - ^ Iif f l n t! } em ~-?° that when they come back to you they WHI look bright and fresh again-No germs-No dirt-We remove thfiDL Is jour home ready for the social and winter season? Look aromS Besides rugs our plant is equipped to handle all of your household cleaning such as drapes, curtains, bedding, blankets and comforts. Drear indeed are the days of a woman who must spend them over a wash tub-^ (Think this over husbands)—Making herself old before her time—Her whole out. - - • • •* - look on life is bleak indeed because she does not know how cheap and convenient the laundry really is. The Laundry Makes a Business of Washday Let a father try this out—A whole washing just once—We believe he'll say, *'No more for mother,, either." *"Nr •••*...,........ «NwgN* v«-;»*;.»...,** Eros. Co. ,&. E, «i*-4* How about your wearing- a[.pare!? Hundreds, in this district know the advantages of our Dry Cleaning Service—Do vou? Arcade Laundry Co. The Happy, Satisfactory Way, send it to the Arcade Laundry Co. Dry €lmmi®$ mut Mmiik 9t Our fttpfcef. fft« v- ,--V*i4

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