Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 15, 1928 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 15, 1928
Page 2
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PCWTO*h* Iocs! t*atn or*? thflr Unit)*! * ww* ***» ** rt1n»ten ftttd they look IHte real comers. Th« season is yet younst and «!th only two veterans in th« Itn*«p4 It Is » tough Job fw any conch to stft nil de fmrtmsnta to functionStjg, FotlowliiR the gmrae Sat«rd»y afternoon. before the boys h*d tefl the fteld, Coaeh 8cb#1d callM ttwsm ml! toRHhet find eonipl!m«nt*d th«a on their pood game and the rd ifliprovetB?nt OTCT their first start, HP knows the tx»y» the foods fchd will d«Uerer fw soon tun they hate trnffteiwit experience. Sterling had tha better of th« paying in the first quarter, and the big foojra from Of le county, who were fetikleras to avenge ttomaeivM fo? the mat licking giren them on thtlr homs grounds last year. w#t» <*n tlis dtf&fiSe most of the lime. In the efcetmd quarter Captain Payne, Jftttt and Cooper carried the ball down to Sterling's six yard line. On the first play Nutt was held to A two yard gain. Then Cooper, the dusky hard line plunger, was called upon but the Sterling line waa a dtonewall and Cooper gained but a h*U y«fd< On the third piny Captain Payne was able to sweep around right end and fling himself across tfee line. Coper's kick was ralde. Before the end of the half a series of runs and passefl by Payne, Nutt i (and Cooper placed the ball on Sterling'* on* yard line and Cooper went fever for the touchdown and kicked B©T, K. 0, Storer Preaches On Matt. 6:33 As Aim In Now Church Year ROOK FALLS OI*L f 0 -r* J »- J ^'w *.-.-._—** -.^t^j^.^.flij, ------------ • 1 - progrnms of the Oirl R««?rv«* club at the Rock Falls township high school from rww until Jim. 1 « outlined by the rseeutlrs committed last wppfe. Beside tiws »anml meetings and podul functions, it In the plan of the committee that th« club ye first—, Mutt. 6:33, was the text of t!»f> Sunday morntnu r#rmon by Rev. Ernest O. ©torer, jwst-or of the First M. E. church, of which the following is a brief synopsis: The new year begins well. TOT us Methodist* it begins with conference, surely we wish It well. For Stunt TFen In Second Half. Asids from that temporary let «iown la the second quarter the Sterling boys played a great brand of ball and in the second half Sterling outplayed Rochelle. The locals did some nice aerial work In the second half. Betts got away some nice punts throughout the fames. Eva played a nice game and he arid Huber wer* th» most consistent ground gainers for the locals. Orerholssr payed » whale of a game at end for his first game of football. Bristol twice dumped Rochelle men for losses before he was Injured after about three minutes of the Same and was replaced by Over- Isolser. Captain Schuneman, Russell, Harms and Tippett were out. standing at times fcy their tackling _ Maymrd will be back In the game at Dlson next Saturday" End Oils will make a great deal of difference in the backfield and also in the pound gaining. Sterling Is going to get going and there is no better —• than next Saturday at Dlxon. Rochelle X*E ....... Walters ------- Lii «...,.,., Jones Schuneman, (C) LG Strung Harms C Horton KJIOX R° Caniield Moore RT Crandall TSpp«tt RE Dentler Huber QB Nutt Bettt LH Cooper K^a RH Walker Nix FB .... Payne.(C) Substitutions—Sterling: Yeager for Becktol; Overholser for Yeager; Mylin for Harms; Drane for Knox; Tifft-forEva. Rochelle; Roe lor Jones; Gllbertson for Btrang; Strung for Jones; Russell for Walker; Krom for Nutt; Tilton for Horton. Referee CuUey; Umpire Duncan; Headlinesman Vaughn. .his year what /shrill be our aim or model of work? Three fundamentally different courses are open. First is one that makes all Christens center around the sacrnmenUj. liese, if properly ndministcred by divinely called men who trace some ihysical contact back to Christ, ring blesslnga into one'a life. This comes dangerously near to magic and superstition, we need with the oeermony to make some effort for ourselves. To make the aacrament effective, the worshipper must open th« door of his heart, to seek, that he may find. "I will be fond of thee in the day that thou searchest for me with all thy heart." Second is a method that appeals especially to the intellect. The mind is approached by the great truths of God. These may be learned. But more is needed than knowledge. We need not only to know, but to do Jesus told of a house built on rock and of one on sand. To hear alone to build on sand. To hear and to do is to build on rock. A third method is that which requires a keen realization of individual alnfulness and guilt Consequently, upon repentance * <Jiear Joy of forgiveness. This is to "experience religion." Buch know the "Joy of salvation." It is easy to trust in forms or in beautified ceremonies and Ben-ices, but only such things as touch, the will and make & dec4- sion for righteousness can bring God into our lives in any saving sense. But these wills of ours are hard things to control. Let us welcome then the poem, the song, the story, of Christ, or the experience of his missionaries, that touches the feelings, for the feelings are mightily powerful in wooing the will and so bringing God to us. , after which the girls are going pack a Thanksgiving basket for carry on some community work this year. At the n*« meetinf, Oct. 18, there will be a stunt program, and mi Oct 25 the club is to enjoy & Hall- owe'en masquerade party, Miss Mary L. Momer will read ft modern comedy w th» flrte on Nor. 1. and on Nov. 15 the club plans to produce »n original play In observance of World Fellowship week. A Thanksgiving party to to take place Nov. 28, and a picnic supper, to ft needy family. The first meeting te December, on the 13th, will be an "In As Much As" Christmas party. As they liave done In the past, the club members will bring gifts to the manger, which will bo later distributed to children in the city. The meetings this year are being held on the first and third Thursdays In the month, the cabinet meets cm the eecond Thursday and the committees on the fourth Thurad&y. Officers of the club are: president, Mabel Chrlstofferson- vice-president, Eldora Mott; »ere- tafy; Fern Freeman; treasurer Pearl Whaleyj chairman of program, Lob Orosse; chairman of nodal, Gladys Castle; chairman of service, Elizabeth Longfellow, and chairman . of membership, Elnora Mott. YESIHMY Sterling Tigers Thttatttt the Goal Idne In Hard <huti« With Rockford fearn Th* Sterling Ttamblle's H*d TAKES RIVER 6WIM ON OCTOBER 14TH Com- Tigers erili of battled to & less tie at munity park Sunday Afternoon before a cronrd. Sterling got within the steering «one on two or three ocoieldns during the fame but Inmiably something occur- r -..,-, score. Rockford threatened but once during tt» Afternoon. The game WM played la mldfleld most of tho time. It was an Interesting, hard fought battle. Rockfprd played a somewhat 8CJMUTT red to prevent immh bfafc4 <rf bati *»d Mrftfal «f th* local pifMi, irieitjfflng Sump- tinn. Ridge and Lyetst; wiett Injured The Sterling team ah6tt£4 ft marked improvement over t#i« gam« «j n, week ago and were tip against a rmirh stronger fo*. Fumlerburg nnd PHtoey played nice ball in the backfielfl for Sterling nnd Schutt and Sumption showed up well on the Line. Schutt in particular got in »nd messed up pluys for Eockford before they could gpf. started. There were few highlights In the game such as sensational runs, but it was A galae of straight, hard played football and the fans were very well pleftsM with tha exhlbl tiori. Next Sunday the Freeport Independent* are scheduled to appear TTie lineup yesterday was aa follows: LT Walters Emmons Position Graham Oschncr LO ..... .. Pelgcn C ...... Orlmmfett RO ...... Webster RT .... Woodburn HE ...... Anderson QB ...... Tramblle LH ....... Crosby RH ....... Atwood Funderburg ... KB ........ ixiwis Substitutions, Sterling: Castle for Lyons; Butser for Sumption; Pigg 'or Emmona; WJieelock for Book Sumption Vincent Lincoln Matinee Daily 2:OQ»3:30 Evening, 7tQO-9;00 TODAY _ The red days Miss Aids Roldridge attended the Notre Dame-Navy football game in Chicago Saturday. Dear Friends: It*s high time you were rpttinf your last season's winter coat in. Cold weather will be along one of these days and you won't be prepared for it The reason I mention it is that a lot of people in this community are look- Ing ahead. Wish you could . see the overcoats and the heavy wraps we are cleaning up and pressing up. And when you see the way your old overcoat looks when it is nicel. , cleaned and neatly press-* fid, you'll make up your' mind that it's plenty good enough for another season. ! Tint's where you money. DIES AT AMBOY AT AGE OF 101 YEARS t . . Mrs. Marda Thompson, an early settler of Le« county, died at the home of her daughter. Mrs. Lpuls Mellon of Amboy, Friday at the age of 101 years, eleven months and one day. Her death was caused by the ui infirmmes of old age. Short funer-er. They venTdiuied with bSttf alservices were held today. drunk. ^^ Max Cahn took a chilly plunge to Rock river yesterday morMne Max accompanied three other boya to Useir cabin on the banks of Rockf liver Saturday night end about 1\ o'clotk Sunday morning was called for breakfast RJs chare was to gc to th« wen for fresb water. Clad only in his paja- tnas he Htollect ~iiowB~tBft~|tt{&'"io£ao~ pump and noticing a diving board extending out Into tha rirer untied tha strings holding his slumber suit and dove into the water. Max came to the top very quickly and swam to shore in a hurry. He declared that it wan the coldest water he ewr took a bath in, but thoroughly recommends it to everybody, it wa s ft good appetizer for him. as he found out later, being abk> to devour 14 pancakes and several helpings of sausage and an extra large cup of hot coffee. fOMOttROW Imperial Russia. America's most guished actor distin- in his greatest screen effort. With CAMILLA HORN LOUIS WOLHE1M Wonderful! Amazing! Krbjm for Crosby. Ref- ttoeber; umpire S?<?!ey; head- lln#«rtftft SKls BY Mrs*. Effl* Mftrfleet and ffjiwfl!, o! ftnck Pall! t* MVfe FOE NOT STOPPING The police are continuing their campaign nrminst persons who fall to stop their carp, before entering upon an arterial highway, Saturday Penalty Ankcny, Ken Eltchcnson «nd Mrs. Jac* Oofbetfc were each flned $3 and ee*ts fey Judge W. 1>. P*lK5«r, and Oliver Brown urid Mrs, B. A. Oehfing wtre fined a like sum by Juage W. A. j>on dfttlrfbi f!te t3ii3dfet4 when yea glvs them cmr dotighnnta! Katarallyl Bee««a«cs«*«, being msde from the pare«t, frcstecit fresh. rflwejta PEOPLE'S BAKE SHOP a We know you will say otif cabs are the "beat" if give tliem the "test" 24 Service A etfll and there will be cab at jour door in a few minutes. You are also msiired when you ride With us. Your Driver When Available: "Don" Conklin "Bill" Finn "Al" Thompson Meyers 3ros, 30 Line Downtown Stand at means nrorl fcesst and more power, tend less waste per too. Aad besides it means t cleaner Added attractions: Comedy and Paramount Newa Three Are Fined James Miller. W. Oeason and E. Haraey were each fined $5 and costs tuts morning by- Judge W. ILLINI TONIGHT TOMORROW and WEDNESDAY Sterling Gazette Cooking School Gives you this opportunity to know the apjeal, flavor and fragrance ol good coffee. How to get the most out of good coffee la elearly demonstrated. ~* Thomas J. Webb Coffee Is selected for the purpose. Good coffefe in the container IB always good coffee in the- cup whin properly brewed. Know, turn good eoffws can M—wfttch it made-it is bwttffcj daily at the Cooking School PHONE 0S3 Ideal You j gasp at the exquisite beauty ** Blilie Dove, You 11 thrill as she is teamed <m-**n* ship la the ea,bm pi her sweetheart. You*!! cry as you've never cried before as she reveals her sc&fcgta^t bel<ms a packed courtroom to savs the man «£e doesn't mm love. .- Also An "(htr &®ntf "KMSON MAC^i^m & CO trafldings enfl Ie8»«oot to clog up the pipco. Peopte's fee & Cool Co. Yes* thefe Is a Real Treat in atore for you in * our box Assorfced Cfhocolutes and Bon in half pound and pound packages Freth Rousted Peanuts Torn ," T. C; Lazio & Sons Prepare for the Future A t Nisht Opens Monday, October 22 &nd continues for a term of 40 lessons. Classes every Monday and Wedn&sdi^ ?$0 to 9iOO E M. ShoHhahd MechdiilfQl MUQ Print Work Machine Shop Enroll at the Sterling Township HJgh School from 7:OQ. to 8:0fi n will be charged $1.00 6vt* II will ba chafed $6*00

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