Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 16, 1964 · Page 14
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 14

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1964
Page 14
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BEN CASEY By NEAL ADA »is 14 ^Thurs, hptW ]i, mRedlands Daily Facts a .fJikV JMSK~~I ' ' ! SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL IN HOILYWOOP Danny Thomas' fear><lay leaf By Enkine Johnson DAN FLAGG By DON SHERWOOD MORTY 3IEEKLE By DICK CAVALLI lewiNTwaDP TAkaNGABATH, ALLEY OOP By V. T. HA3ILIN HOLLYWOOD — NEA) — Onstage, Offstage & Upstage Danny Thomas, quitting televi sion after six yers, figured out he will have four days ott duT' ing the next 12 months while "taking it easy." He's set for night clubs, personal appear-{ ances, regular office hours.atj his telefilm producing company and a 15-minute New York World's Fair film which he will narrate. The "Community Property' script Cy Howard just sold to Warner Bros, for a movie is — the story of his own divorce. Pat Buttram quipped: "I en joy watching commercials on television because I know they won't be interrupted." , Stewart Granger's sprout Jamie, and Hayley Hills are dating. The Memorial Day race at Indianapolis wiU have a 63-city network as a pay-TV offering -in THEATERS. (One of the reasons theaters have joined to "preserve free TV,") Marlon Brando has shaved his head as bald as Yul Brynner's. No explanation—yet. . . . William Inge's reaction to Ann-Margret, starring in his screen story, "Bus Riley's Back in Town": "The most «!• luring female since Eve." Jerry Lewis found an actor on a soapbox when he cast Keenan Wynn for a role with him in his latest comedy, "The THE ALMANAC Today is Thursday. April 16, the 107th day of 1964 with 259 to follow. Tlie moon is approaching its first quarter. The morning star is Saturn. The evening star is Venus. Aviation pioneer Wilbur Wright was bom on this date in 1867. On this day in history: In 1862, Congress abolished slavery in the District of Co lumbia. In 1947, more than 500 persons were killed when a French freighter loaded with nitrate exploded at Texas City, Tex. Patsy," which he also directed. Keenan has been talking about Jerry's ability as a director ever since the last take. "I've worked with most of the top directors in the business," says Wynn "but working with Jerry has been an electrifying experience. He should become one of the really important directors in the business." Say Walston's lO-year-old- daughter Kate is taking drama lessons for a career just like dear old dad's. . . . Charlton Heston led a very unscrupulous gag on Richard Harris when his movie, "This Sporting Life," won him an Oscar nomination. Withh the "Major Dundee" company on location in Mexico, Harris was "honored" with a cake at dinner. ^Vhen he cut the cake, it exploded, a car horn went off and two pigeons flew out, along with 10 pounds of confetti. But worst of all, the cake was iced with shaving; cream. The grapevine from New York is twisting with the chatter that at Carol Channing's 'HeUo, Dolly.'" opening, Rosalind Russell sat in the third row — taking notes. Barbara Stanwyck has a wardrobe of only two changes, blue denim and a pair of tailored slacks, for her role in 'Roustabout" She's 5S. For her how-to-keep-your-figure secret, don't write me, write her, care of Paramount Studio, Holly wood. The sizzle on movie theater screens and marquees in Orange County, home of Disney land, has brought objections from the Rev. Howard Lenbardt. pastor of the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd and president of a large ministerial association. T realize that you can't legislate morality," says Lenhardt, but we are concerned about exposing otu: children. A lot of people have been wagging their heads but saying little about the insidious invasion of our whole society by a sort of de dining morality. I think it's TELEVISION IN REVIEW Classified time for action, to at least protect our children." By RICIC DU BROW HOLLYWOOD XJPl) — The most significant thing about Wednesday night's ^ CBS-TV study of the aftermath of the surgeon general's report on smoking is simply the fact that it was aired. Most of the solid material in the one-hour "CBS Reports" program had already been dealt with in depth in print, but the network study was a tough look that did not spare the role of television advertising in the furor. When one considers the enormous amount of money that cigarette advertising pays to television, and when one also considers the sensitivity all around in video circles about the matter, it becomes no small achievement that Wednesday night's show was hard-hitting. 'CBS Reports" previously did program about the teen-age smoker. And the fact that a network went ahead and put on such examinations as that one and Wednesday night's can only reflect favorably for television as a whole in the public mind. Ideally it should not be considered unusual for television to tackle bead-on a matter of public interest — on any subject- but under the present system that is unfortunately the case. "CBS Reports," by the way, is also planning a program about television ratings. Wednesday m'ght's hour centered on what CBS described as "the social, political and economic conflicts generated by the surgeon general's report. The various sides of the matter were given considerable time, but in its underlying tone there seemed little doubt where the program stood overall in the conflict. There were brief visits to areas where tobacco-growing is a matter of economic necessity. There was focusing on the question of self-regulation for advertising, and on the point of television commercials glamorizing smoking for youngsters. In a panel discussion of teenagers, one girl said: "You see the advertisements on television, and smoking just seems to be the thing to do." Also dealt with were the moves to put health hazard warnings on cigarette packs; those who felt the surgeon general's report did not answer all questions; and the quest for "safe" cigarettes. On the one hand there was the prominent advertising man whose agency refuses to handle cigarette accounts; and on the other, the top advertising figure who felt it was wrong to condemn cigarette advertising as a whole. In addition, Leroy Collins, president of hte National Association of Broadcasters, who has long warned his colleagues about making smoking commercials apppeal to youngsters, was heard. And so was George V. Allen, president of the Tobacco Institute, who objected to Uie very tiUe of the "CBS Reports" program: "Cigarettes: A Collision of Interests." He felt it gave a misleading "good guys" and "bad guys" implication. CLASSrPlEO RATES Minimum 2 Hats, i avenge -mrdi to the line. 32 letters and spaces. Do not abbreviate. ITime 3 Times 6 Times 2 Unes $1.00 Sl.32 »2.40 3 Unes 1.00 1.S8 3.d0 * Lines 1.00 2 .6* 4.80 5 Unes 1.25 . 3.30 6.0O 6 Uces 1.50 3.98 7.20 7 Unes 1.75 4.62 S 40 8 Unes . 2.00 5.28 9.60 9 Unes. 2.25 5S4 loa) 10 Unes 2.50 6.60 12.00 Per Month by the Une — $3.50 Commercial Bates on Bequest CLASSIFICATION INDEX Lost and F< Personals Special Notices Employment Wanted Belp Wanted . Schools - Instructions _ Nurseries - Day Schools Room and Board For Kent . Wanted to Bent Bargain Spot Business Services Musical Jnsirumtnis Beal EsUte IMB Money to l.oan_ Money Wanted . Mortgages - Trust Deeds Business Opportunities . Income Property Beach - Mountain Industrial Property Lots and Acreage... Real Estate Exchan. Groves and Ranches.. Real Estate Wanted Commercial Property Houses for Sale. Mobile Homes - TraUers . Trucks - Trailers Automotive Imported Cars I 2 a 4 a 7 s 8 10 13 IS 22 2S 40 _ 41 _ 42 _ 43 _ 44 . 47 _ 48 _ 43 _ 50 51 _ 52 _ 53 _ 54 - 55 _ 53 _ 58 - 60 .60A ERRORS Where an error is made on the part of the Redlands Daily Facts, and the Facts is notified by 3 a.m. day following first insertion, correction will be made and the ad will be run properly one additional day. The Redlands Daily Facts will not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion. DEADLINES Private party ads —4:30 p.m. day preceding publication. Commercial Ads — 3 p.m. day pre- cediag publicaUon. PHOKE 793-3221 Daily 3 :00 a.m. fo S p.m. 8 :00 a.m. to 12 Noon Saturday Trading Stamp Directory S. & H. Grtcn Stamps THE HARRIS CO. 17 E. State Phone 793-2366 1 Lost and Found LOST —Green parakeet, lost over a week. Bew-ard. 793-4880. £OSr— Lady's red wallet, corner 6tS and Hiway 99. Keep money; pleas* return papers to 71 Eureka. 3 Special Notices 4 SHARES Redlands Heights Water Company stock. 793-5753. WHOLESALE TO THE PUBLIC United Beauty & Barber Suppli».'i IS W. State St. 793-2753 4 Employment Wanted CBS-TV has had a change of heart about the tiUe of one of its dramatic shows for next season. The series which was to have been known as "Yours Truly, Danny Taylor," and which deals with a reporter, has been retiUed simply "The Reporter." That's what it was in the first place imtil someone apparenUy saw too many old movies on television. liliNERAL UtKjr day or week, clerical _wqrk week-ends. TU 9-1537. ROTOTILUNG for lawn and gardra, etc. ^6-0922. CARPENTER, cabinet maker, small af- terations. repairs. Watkins. 797-0596. PAINTLVG —A-1 workmanship, reasonable. "Bob" DeWitt. 793-3722. PRACKCAL nursing, child care or housekeeping wanted by mature woman. 794-1361. iiEGERS Painting and Decorating, licensed and insured. Free estimates. 792-2661. YARD work wanted: e.tperienced. re- day liable; by 792-2669. hbbKltEEPfiR-Office month. Can manager. 10 years experience, znlddle age, permanent Redlands resident. Write Box 49, c/o Facts office. 6 Help Wanted ilARLy morning paper route •tcen- ager-car necessary.' Phone 793-5631. Unskilled labor, male and female. Apply 345 5th.Street Redlands. HOUSfeKSEpER-Companlon, not over 60, for elderly lady. Live in. Light duties. 792-5829. WSRTEt). expert typist for general contractors office. Send full information to Box 51 c/o Facts. _ MAN to help with constructTon work on chicken ranch. Apply after 6 p.m., 996 S. 2nd St.. Calimesa. WAITRESS —Must have dining room experience. Steady work. Call Beaumont 845-1183. RELIABLE temporary housekeeper urgenUy needed for 4 or 3 weeks. 5 day a week from 10 a.m. to 6:.'!0 p.m. S30 a week. 793-4129. HOUSEWIVES Part time — no experience. Phone work from our office. $1.50 hour and bonus. 792-7658. STUDENTS 14-17 •work after school and Saturday with men building local Look circulation route. Salary and bonus. Apply 4:30 p.m. Sharp. 206 W. Colton (side entrance). Woman OCR BOARDING HOUSE with SIAJOR HOOPLE OCT OCR WAY HOW ABOUT GOl^f IN TWFIsasM gUSWESSI**^ ^'^f^'-'-^'*'^ WITH ME, MA30K ? SOU tX3l ^'T NEED AMV l\ 'O-'^- fHERE ARE CASl4,ExrEPT fOK F £ED•~••msS &P;6E0^iS)>f'^5A ^rO6 OF £ ARE WHAT THEy CALL^COAyeRi'V—KEeP Jj P"^CY-PKEE ^ 'EM C0OP£0 UP A COOPLE OFOAVS,FESt );^l^"^^°'^^ AROUl^D 'EM eoao,^^^n LET -EM U^SE.'AWAV JT-J^'^J^'^'^ THE-/ R.V, AN" COAH ALLTU'Tf?AMP // °'=^lOHS %0 t^30UV/\ PX&BOHS TO COWE PACK WITH 'EM r7..1 *".?^'^°'^'^'JPP"l< Fiesr THIMG YOU l<fJOW. WEN'e 60T A COOPlB / 1^ jrtoosAMo /y;---^^r BIRDS.' SajIZB TALKlMS TO AM AUTHOeiTV OM PIGEOMS,' WItUtJO ALU" THt WORK 12 Italian stream 13 Measure o{ capacity MToo .15 Abode for Daniel's liont 16EinissU7(atiJ 17 Dregs 13 Natural fat* 20 Certify 22 Language tiMd in mass (ab,) 23 Moths 24 Assail 27 Conjunction 28 Legal point 31 Against 32 Poems 33 Slrosboneaa 34 Consumeil 35 Nail 38 Feminine appellatioa 37Mr.Ayres SSWhadcCslanS) 39 Girl'i naisa 40GroaTe '41ConegedKer 42BDllfigliter 45 Ascended '49Prepositioii SOHytliicalbird 52 Digest of Uw» S3Burrorer 54 Fish 53 Scope 56Pire 57Ro<nnglool jSChurditast ISRodent 21BitslqrdinBpa 32Scriptml 42P2dcT«mit 24 of Tire compositipa with day ZSGnftetJOierJ SSSmear 43Si<jainIn<E»B ZSHeatdisli 36Honl 44 Part in a drama 27Dweller in £dea39 Amide 46Pai]ifiil 2SWifeofBoaz 40 Drive off 47 Eve's bomi g French iBiffig 41 American Uack 48 TWy SOSigU make SlHaremroora DOWN IPalBd 3Braiilia« macaws 1 Z 3 i 5 6 ; s 9 10 It 12 13 14 15 IS 17 II 19 21 24 s 26 2S 29 30 31 34 37 40 42 43 U 46 47 48 43 SI 53 b6 & be W NOTICE OF TBCSTEE'S SALE No. SSS(H7 On Thursday, the 23rd day of April. 1964, at 9:30 a.m. at the North entrance of the County Court House, in the City of San Bernardino, County of San Bernardino. State of California. FIRST AMERICAN TITLE INSintANCE & TRUST COMPANY. Trustee under that certain deed of trust executed by Catherine Carroll, a married woman, as Trustor, to FIRST AMERICAN TITLE INSURANCE & TRUST COMPANY, a California corporation, as Trustee. W. R. Buster and Hallie E. Buster, husband and wife as joint tenants as I Beneficiaries, dated Aug. 21, 1962, and recorded Oct. 24. 1962. in Book '5790, page 145 of Official Records of San Bernardino County. State of California, now the owner and holder .hereof, will sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash or lawful money of the United States of America, payable at the time of the sale, the following real property situated in the County of San Bernardino, more particularly described as: Lot I. TRACT 3785. ALTA LOMA ESTATES, in the City of Redlands. as per plat recorded in Boole 65 of Maps, page 6, records ot said County. Said Sale will be made. Imt with- 'out coveztsnt or warranty expressed or implied regarding title, possession lor encurotirances to pay the remaining principal sum of said note, towit: $4,448.13. with Interest thereon at the rate of 6?V per annum from II-1-63, advances if any under the terms of said Deed of Transfer, fees, charges and expenses of the Trustee and of Trusts created by said Deed of Transfer. The Beneficiaries under said Deed I of Transfer by reason of a breach or default in the obligations secured thereby heretofore executed and delivered to the undersigned a written Notice of Breach and Election to Sell said property to satisfy said obligations and thereafter on 12-28-63 the undersigned cansed said _Notic« of Mature woman over 40 who has private Redlands line to do telephone work from her home 4 hours per day. Salary. No sellmg. CaU TU 3-1157 between 9 and 5. 9 Room and Board HOME atmosphere an"d cooking. Couples or singles. 792-2416. Breach and Election to Sen to be JJS ?1?"?* S«* V*m ISl of Official Records of San Bernardino County, State of CaUfomia. and mailed a copy of said Notice by resistered mail to: Catherine CarroU IG03 Alta Loma Drive Redlands. CalifomU Sated: March 26. 1964. FIRST AJIERICAN TITLE INSURANCE & TRUST COMPANY By Edward Young. . Assistant Secretary. First American Title Insurance & Trust Company, 323 Court Street, San Bernardino, CalifomU. Sen No-Loaccr -Ifeedad Artlelae Thra Facta Oasslfled Ad* CALL PV »^3a TODAY HOTEL CASA DEL HElT Retirement hotel for senior citizens, home cooking, fnendly atmosphere. 302 Nordina St. Redlands. 792-9068. 10 For Rent — APARTMENTS PRIVATE oacnelor apartment, clos"* in. Clean: garage. $45. 792-7942. 2 BEDROOM, modern, clean. Close in. 792-2416. ONE double and one single, utilities paid. Inquire at 243 Cajon. TOY OVEROQCER ^RENTALr- ?7 g/opfa 'de Eves. 732-6520 NICELY furnished: clwi iST"102 Parkwood Drive, 793-4503. GARDEN Apartments. Yucaipa area". JFurnished or unfurnished. 797-9265. I BEDROOM, nicely furnished. Poof. yard care, water paid. $90. 792-6131 or 792-3360. LOVELY unfurnished 2 bedroom apartment. Air conditioned. Hardwood floors. 624 Pine. 792-1104. iFbfiDROtJM furnished apartmeHts". $65 and $70 per month. No pets, no children. 792-3841. a kcxJM, nicely furnished. 2na floor, muities paid. Laundry faciUUes. 223 W. Olive. 792-4009. ui-STAIRS. small, unfurnished. S35 month. Water paid. Qean and neat. HEES-REES, Realtors. 660 E. Redlands Blvd. 792-5325. BEDROOM unfurnished. No chll- dren or pets. Newly decorated. $75. 12419 Rldgewood Dr.. Yucaipa. 793-3674 or 845-1243. K ^W 2 befiroom apartments, cooling, built-in range, disposal. Private paUo, Pullman bath. SSO a month. See manager. Apt. C. 745 E. Brockton. 792-5753. t'URNIsHED ApARlfMt.NTb. weekly rates. $15 and up, monthly rates. .a.», «uiu Mt>, luuaLU.^ ctfm, $50 and up, utilities included. Children welcome. 792-7585. 1122 West I Palm. Ant. 3. |S 6EDR66M unfurnished"apartment, stove, $90 month. Heated swimming pool privileges and club house. 1318 Sylvan Blvd. See Manager Apt. 7. 792-3955. Nl:W duplex apartments, furnished or unfurnished. See what we have to offer! $85 and up. No children under 12. 1121 Beryl St.. Mentone. 794-2411. DREAMING OF A VACATION? You can earn by being the Avon Representative for your area. Complete training. For appointment can 793-1445 eves., or TU 8-J962, Mrs. Smith. FURNISHED or unfurnished atfiic^ tive new 2 bedroom unit in. spacious court. Atuched carport, storage, laundry facilities. Swimming POOL Durrell, Unit D, 924 E. Central. 793-5785.

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