Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 13, 1928 · Page 14
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 14

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 13, 1928
Page 14
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Ml T Of o rnovninsr P* Is to hr'T fin?! Rrv ?',rt«-nf>n 1*0 ^f?!l !>^ S Mt? TV tit F?'~'. . H. R»r- "f 'i)'-<: of :i;1 If h- h hi if \n-i do *?11 rf it 50 CIO FEOM TO . NAVY-NOTRE DAME GAME IN CHICAGO Late Into DIP r.icht carrying "rooters" to th" football gfimes in th« Chicago area tiavrd through Sterling P.nci early this morning oth- frs dashed over the Lincoln hich- wny. r;orne rlnncitiR rnwbeU-; nnfl N"t a few Hfrrlimi-Rork Fail', people t'Mik par* in the rush to the pcrnrs of football batHr, the Nnvy- Notre Damn narnc > luring the drnw- Inc rarrl for mo't '(if the Socnl fan:;. Among those \\1to nre yelling for thrir favorites from the Orant Park r.tndium ''Mdoline.-?" this afternoon nre thr following: Mr. nnd Mrs. II. W. Hill, Mr. nnd Mrs. William E. Hill, Dr. C. K. Pnrkrr. who will mwt j his son Thomas from the University of Illinois. Mr. nnd Mrs. E. J. McAllister, l\?r. nnd Mrs. David J. Twomey. Mr. nnd Mrs. Jnmes Plttman..' State's Attorney and Mrs. K. W. i BCSKC, Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Rowland, j Mr. and Mrs. \V. E. Ferris. Mr. and j Mrs. Jack King. Mr. nnd Mrs. VV. L. j Killlan, Mr. and Mrs. John Dillon,' Misses Lucille Kyan, Mildred Heal, 1 , it TV will •K n r«!5 «* r'TTt:•,'.' oTfr thr rr,~ rornm'ir,!?-,-. M-nunqfon WB«= born .Inly in \Vfr.'» Virnn* tnttu'-.liip. Onardm rn'.m'y. Nrw York, t!i»- risuehtrr n( Alfred wild B^phin Manincton. Hrr parrnf" canif irom IIsrfiiiEs. KnRlnnd, in !R30 RIU! ,'yf- tlfd on n farm in \V<-';? Vicnnr* tovrn'-htp. Tlirrf Ix'lnp no Fjusropal church lli'::t* nt thr tin:'- the family nulled with llir Prr-bytrriv.n rhtirrh. Mr?. r?rnt was th* 1 younc- rst of n family of f!\cn girK nnrl thrrr boyr,, of whom the only survivor i"; hrr f-istrr. Mrr-. Sophia Lyon of Hollywood. Cnl. She rrreived hrr rarly edurntlon in the country pchool near her liomc. She Bttended Averrill academy nnd then went to the Whitcboro Kemt- nary Tiear Uticn, N. Y., and later taught in the AvcrriU Academy and In countr>- whools. In 186.l" with her mother she came west to Mound City, Kan., and tnught there for n year. She cnme to Morrison in 1B64 and taught in the Morrison school. Her brother-in-law, Maurice Savage, was superintendent of t.he school at that time. She also taught in rural schools nnd then went to Chicago for a few years, returning to Morrison in 2867. She taught the primary grade nt Morrison for R year and then taught the second grade for two years, when she resigned. On Augmt 3.5, 1670, she was united in marriage to Charles Bent of tills city. Mrs. Bent resided on the same lot in this vicinity for the past 58 years. Until the death of her husband a'few years ago, Mrs. B«nt had never required the services of a physician on account of sickness. Six children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Bent, one daughter, Elizabeth, wife of R. C. Sattley, passing away in April 1902. The surviving children are Paul A., Charles, Sn 2^.U if'SJS^i^fa terial hfghway;-E,-e;en^rS>n7\v;; e Ration banquet, which was to have who is Mrs. F. A. Sapp of Ottawa. fln '- d w and costs cacn D V Judge,been held at the Shrine temple in Mrs. Bent is survived by nine grand- W> A - stoecltlc yesterday and there • Uockford next Tuesday, has been children and three great grandchildren. Mrs. Bent united with the Presbyterian church here in 1884 and was a staunch and loyal member. 8b* was also a member of various societies of the church and the Wo- league. CAt'SKl) KO\V—Mrs. \V. M. Cnlc5- Kathcrinc Stoecklo Margaret Allen | wcll of RoanokPi Va .. republican na- and Alice DArcy. Loo Huttcn, Har- tlonal commlttccwoman from Vlr- iLr n^'w n Cn n e Hu " cn ' Paul Uinla. is alleged to have sent form Loos. Donald Gordon, Ed Dugnn. I , ctlcrs urglI1K womcn to wrk Carl Johnson. John Rogrrs Joe : n|talnst A] smith and save the coun- Wnrd, Lawler Conlon Roy Brad-, tr> . from belnK .. Rornan ized and rum ^:., J ^ C . s . Phil ^:. 0n - l » e . S - SU 2 m ?-! ridden." The letter incurred the John Herbert, James Danny Daniels. Walton and icr. rountv con'Tnlion of Chrt" 4 ' n riearor societies which with the nnnvmi C. E. the Fre-bTf^rian church fhle f ninst («nd rontimi? thrcwifh PM< -> A plfflSAnt m*??tlng w$* t\- ' the I^fHe-V Aid society nil 'in ir day in tte Rock Fall!? M»»h i t church, Tith a picnic d!nn r ' noon. Hie rcjrular b««rtne— r transacted siul the memJw; t-K 'i! Tlie new ofTieers of the AtO <• « ft was ths work for tiie day. The new officers of the Aid S' r for this year are: Mrs. Jovph *\ l> ' ton. presiflrnt; Mrs. Lyman T?« ' first, viep-presklent; Mrs F. iik Jnsley, rerotirl vice-president ^tt .August Hoover, .secretary, aiifi *'t John Rnkow, treasurer. Tlw October meeting of the women's Mlr-slonary society of the United BreShrrn church was h ri ld Thursday afternoon nt the chureh. Mrs. Julia Bjork cnrried out. the theme of the yenr in the worr.bip sen-See, after which Mrs. Ella Carlson led in r.ltiRlng of two hymns "Oh Master Let Me WalK With Thee," nnd "I Heard In* Voice of Jesus Say." The first chapter of the study book, "Friends in Africa," was discussed by the members of the society, for their program. During the meeting Mrs. H. M. Klinger was elected president, of the W. M. A. and Mrs. Anna Eshleman patroness of the ottcrbein Guild. An offering was taken for the free literature fund, and plan's made to hold the next meeting nt the home of Mrs H. M. Klinger on November 8. * tmo- I -»-,« T X C.^ *^w* * > 1 ' '", f— - - P«- *- ~-.' JT» --.••, • 'f., f ,, ., „ , _„_.,. . ^ ROBOT AMAZrs LONDON CROWDS,-. Ouiu>d by nn rlectric ray. s remarkable mechanical man nmnwd crowds ri TniCr>i::,ir Gquarc. the other fifty, captain A. ,T. Roltcrts. inventor, is shown behind the robot, holding the device thnt guides nnd controls it. SOCIAL AFFAIRS FINE ELEVEN FOE I DATE OF BOY SCOUT LEADERS' BANQUET BOLTING HIGHWAY i CHANGED TO OCT. 18 The police nre continuing their The Blackhawk area first annual CHRISTIAN W. M. S. PRESENT PLAYLET The Women's Missionary society of the Sterling Christian church in- uted their families to meet with them Friday evening in the church parlors, instead of holding an afternoon meeting this month. Following a line picnic supper at 6:30 o'clock, the members of the society proceeded with their business transactions and then took up the program. In a very inteerstiruj manner Earl Fine presented tiie theme on which the program was based, that of a pension plan for the used ministers of the Christian church, and nbly discussed it. Afterwards Mrs. Fine's division of the society produced u missionary playlet entited "Your Flag and Mine." Fourteen ladies of the division took part in the production, Mrs. Olenn Hernck assuming the leading role of "Mrs. Busy." While in a dream that lady sees \islons of the American Indian, the American negro, the immigrant, soldier and Bolshevik, all ol whom have come to take the American flag away because the Christian people have not done anything for them. At the conclusion of'the playlet Mrs. Busy decides to turn down her friends, Mrs. Wealthy, Mrs. Makeup, 'Mr*. Sporty and others, and promises that the Home Missionary society shall help these people. don. Don Wilger, Val Meyers, L. until Thursday. <*t «. 011 account of the inability of Has. Sprinkle. John Horlacher, Emmett sell and Cramer, the Greater Rock- McDonald. T. Scheld. Fred Landis, ford ocean fliers, to attend the ban- John J. Wolf. Ralph Maler, and Leo que t on the earlier date. They will Gerken. MRS. TERRIEN WILL TEACH IN CHICAGO Mrs. Jennie Terrien. who resigned her position as a teacher in Brown's Business college at the beginning of the fall course, after having served many years as a member of the faculty of the local college, has accepted a position with the Lewis utsii- tue of Chicago, and will begin her teaching dulses there on Monday. Her many friends in Sterling both make snort The address of the evening will be by Regional Executive Walter M. Klplinger and a talk on the eastern bus trip will be given by Scout Ken- of Sterling, winner of first place in the essay contest In which the scouts described their trip. There will be committee reports, election of officers and a forecast of the year's work by G. C. Driesbao v i. A number of Whltcside county Boy Scout officials and patrons expect to attend the banquet. regret that she is to leave the city, but will wish her success and happiness in her new work. Gospel Tabernacle Evangelist W. F. Herbig, the cowboy evangelist who is conducting social meetings at the Gospel Tabernacle, will speak tonight and Sunday at the usual hours. 7:30 p. m. nnd 10:45 a. m. His subject Sunday night will be "The Signs of the Times." Is the world getting >etu.-r or worse? Has Jesus been here and LS He coining again? Has He one away? Can He save today? ;an He hral the sick? These are some of the subjects thai will be jresented. Mr. Herbig has been a 3ible teacher for many years and was a student at Taylor university. Upland. Ind.. and the Chicago Evangelistic institute. On Sunday aiglit he..will use.a.chart to discus* subjects mentioned. A cordial invitation is extended to all, the serrices being announced as sane, sensible, reasonable and profitable. TWO BIG AIRPLANES FLY FROM CHICAGO TO DIXON AIRPORT Reformed Mennonite Communion .smlees wxU be conducted in tn* Reformed Mennonite church on Nitt&teeulh avenue Bunday ajoriiing at 10 o'clock In charge oi R*v. Peter Steiner ot lima, O. There wiil be no Sunday evening service. A cordial invitation Is extended to all. Injured In Collision This morning ubout 9:30 o'clock a collision betwet-n cars driven by Louis Shank and C. L Williams occurred at the interstction > ! t avenue and Fifth streets. Mr liams uas slightly injured. '!:.• not badly damaged. t Wil- cars P4IIS frOK MANY tkratcr* pads, te5'- H and special tiztj. Daily Gazette office. t'l'KJPOSES. lOc fed v. ib. The MEAl'S Buy your fresh meals. Chute and Sauborn roiiee. and Federal bakery goods irom L«ndii & Son, Rock Falls. Phone 401.— adv. want; SHELF 15 to W yai-d*. M inches wide, roll Ti«) D&to t)r Wm. J, «s«siit of iccttsi SOCIAL AFFAIRS Helen, aged 9, and Paul, aged 3 years, children of Mr. and Mrs, Jess Wallingford, entertained u dozen neighborhood youngbters at a party Thurbduy afternoon at their home on Johnson avenue. The occasion was to celebrate tueir birthdays, which occurred this week. Alter .me* and a good liine, the ciwl- dren \vue served delicious inents Favors were carried out in keepii.i; with Hallowe'en.' Miss Helen and Paul received some very met birthcinx remembrances. Feuton U. B. Church l-'entoii, 111.. Oct. 13— (Special. > — Feniuu C. B. church iervicei, are announced ;th iollows: Bible seiiool. 10 a. in. Morning worship.'^!; topic, "Uiiisihamed Workman." CiimtU Kndeavor. 7 p. m.', topic. "The Cliris- tian's Uuiy as a Vote." Matt. 22:1522; iuatlei'. Marie Like.'i. Popular evening service, 7:45. Iiiitead oi preaching at ttus lu.ur we will continue the study o{ titc Ule oi Jesus, taking up His last need, erucifiikm and resurrection. Rev. jr. O. Heal. pa&tur. H. J. FOIMSKS Two airplanes carrying a party of 24 took off this morning at Chicago to fly to Dixon where they will take part in ceremonies dedicating Dixcms new airport. One of the planes was a 14-passenger trl-motored Ford plane carrying '14 passengers and the other was the Sikorsky amphibian, owned by Cliarles Walgreen, drug store owner, carrying 10 passengers. Mr. Walgreen's home town is Dlxon and he flew down with a party to take ;iart in the dedication exercises. Miss Martha Warner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Warner of West Tenth street, entertained a few of her friends yesterday afternoon. The occasion was her ninth birthday anniversary. The young folks had a jolly good time and before departing all joined around a table for participation in the birthday refreshments. Including a birthday cake with lighted candles. Miss Martha received a number of pretty presents. The birthdays of Darhal Wolf, 17. son of Mr. and Mrs. Rush Wolf, nnd Vera and Vina Pollock, aged 5 years, twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Ward Pollock which occur yesterday and today, were observed at a family gathering in the Pollock home Friday eevenlng. An elegant dinner was served at 6 o'clock, the features of which were three large birthday cakes decorated with lighted candles. Those present at the affair were Mr. «nd Mrs. Rush Wolf and sons Kenneth and Darhal, Mr. and Mrs. Darhal Pollock and son. Mr. and Mrs. Watson Prance and son. Mrs. Bertha Pollock, and Mr. and Mrs. Ward Pollock and family. Miss Ruth Kreider entertained three girl friends at a slumber .party at her home east of this city last night. The evening was spent in playing cards and about 0:30 o'clock a delicious chicken dinner was served. The guests were Misses Marie Harshman, Catherine Ruth Clark, Winkler and Morrison Wins Game Friday afternoon the Morrison high school team won its first Rock River.confefence feating Mt. Morris 13 to 0. The game was played at Morrison. «V !-n- end Mrs. Ben Mrs. Arjsruftt S port vJsttM Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. thf , • t»f of j this cit-y , Ktehfer of HELD IN POISON PLOT,—Mr. and Mrs. Emslcy F. Preslar, pictured here, are jointly charged with murder in the ^"poiaon powder" plote In North Carolina. The pah" are alleged to have cous'jcl the death of L. M. Lockamy, Mrs. Prcslar's first husband, made use of his insurance and gone into another state to marry 23 days after the lu:v:ral. on business. Man for RftwiU Trorte; also for cir-anlng. Call at Lincoln Tav- eni.-—adv. ClRlr L*w of Chicago vWted Sterling relnttw; Friday on his way to Denver on a business trip. Mr. nnd Mrs, H. V. Bittorf have returned from Des Moines, la,, where they have been visiting their daughter and etm-ln-law, Attorney and Mrs. F. J. Comfort and family. Today they motored to Terre Hftute, Ind., for a visit with their daughter Beatrice, who is attending St."Mary's of the Woods college. M.IM Paul Bevroth and daughter, Lucia Pauline, of Morrison, spent Thursday with the former's aunt, Mrs. Charles Anderson, in Rock Falls. Misses Caroline Hmmblock 'and Mary Bittorf hav« relumed from Wheaton where they spent the past week with the former's brother, C. J. Hambiock. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Obermtller have returned from a vacation In Colorado. Misses Florence Wentzel and Marjorio Heaton nnd Ralph Itnyre and John Loos, students at Cornell college, Mt. Vcrnon, la., are spending the week end at their homes here. Mrs. Fred Loos and Mrs. Fannie Weaver motored out to the college Friday and the two boys returned home with them. Mr. and Mrs. R A. Bracken and daughter. Miss Cecil, of Rock Falls went to Polo today to attend the funeral of the late'Mrs. Bracken, wife of Attorney Robert Bracken. NEWS OF OJUfBS Mrs. Elmer Martin of Fourteenth avenue entertained the members of .he Amlcltia club at her home on Thursday afternoon. The afternoon was spent In a social manner. "500" >clng the main diversion. Mrs. Al Schmidt won first prize and the consolation prize was awarded to Mrs. Len Kygcr. Late in the afternoon a delicious two course luncheon was served at quartet tables. IS THIS A CABINET ROMANCE?—If there isn't a romance between these two "children" of prominent cabinet officials, at least there is always a chance. To the left is Miss Alice Davis, daughter of the secretary or war; to the right, Allan Hoover,; sortof the former secretary of commerce and republican presidential candidate. The picture was taken at Aberdeen, Md., where both attended an army exhibition. Local Weather At 6:30 o'clock this morning the mercury registered 58 and at 1 o'clock this afternoon it was but 59. It has been cloudy ull day. LONE DEIVER FOUND WITH HEAD CRUSHED His head crushed in, the body of a man about 24 years of age was found under a wrecked car atthe side of the Lincoln highway a mile east of Rochelle at one o'clock yesterday afternoon. He was identified as James Eoubeaux of Versailles, Ohio. The car, an old fashioned make, possibly of foreign manufacture, had no licfiiiie plate. The car was found turned over in the ditch, with the driver's head crushed open. He had evidently been alone in the car. JOHN M. STAGER Attorney At Law FABJtt' AND CITST LOANS BONOS AND MOH'Iti&UES Sterling NaUonal Sank IN AIJT, *3Ht INSst'KAKCK Lawyers How, Lawfc^e* STeiUlNCt. ILL. Of, A. H*rA I*, ft Mr'wr*. J, H. C. W. Blue Diamond Means Quality In Our T as well as Milady's Jewelry This coal is one of Eastern Kentucky's Finest Produces great heat with very low ash and is long burning. We believe once you use this Coal you will want more of it. We also handle other Coals— soft and hard, and Solvay Coke, Glendom ttukwy Hill Economy 7.00 per ton and up. Slmpswa-Powelson The New Colorings Are Very Attractive in These Men's OUTING FLANNEL PAJAMAS $1.50 and At Suite The Jolly Circle Club enjoyed a meeting and card party Wednesday afternoon, at the home of Mrs. Charles Williamson in Rock Palls. Junior L«sgu« ef tho Wsm«n*« Oivfsfet of H«»vtr *»<f Cwrtis Club, h*§ bt«» erg«n!««l In Wnthlngten with Ml* K*y« »g chairman el UM During business Charles WUHnm^on was els presidrnt and Mrs. Clarence Ackland WR» elected treasurer for the !ng year. The card RRins plniye bunco, nt, which Mrs. Ralph Kecn« won hlRh prl?.c nnd Mrs. Clarer Ackland low prlrc. Refreshment were served late In tho after by the hostess. The nest of the club wilt be held at. home of Mrs. Ackland, on Wed. Oefi 2*. Death of Dr. 0. Smith Word was received here morning that Dr. Clarence DiJton passed nwny last night fotf lowing a three weeks' Illness. funeral arrangements have beet made. Short Court Session There was but a short session the city court this morning. Juds I. L. Weaver presided. No busines of importance was transacted and court was adjourned until nest Satjj urday. CRAS HRESTORE8 THE MEMORY OF VETERAJ Pueblo, Colo., Oct. 13.— (AJP.) The shock of being thrown from ai automobile has restored the memj] orp of Harry Devlin, crippled worl<| war veteran, who roamed the worli for 12 years while Ills nat^ts if Toronto, Canada, believed hlii "H When he regained consclousne^^ ter the crash, his memory was stored. LINDBERGH ON BOARD OF AVIATION ASSOCIATION Washington, Oct. 13.—(UP.)—CoJ Charles A. Lindbergh has accept appointment as member of the visory board of the National Aerog nautlc Association, Senator Hlrar Bingham. president of the tlon, announced today. 1865 1928 Phone Main 391 S of satisfaction IN KNOWING THAT YOU HAVE A SUPPLY OF HIGH GRADE COAL STORED IN THE BASEMENT. BE PREPARED FOR THE NEXT COLD WAVE. Franklin County Lump and Egg High Grade Eastern Kentucky Coal Washed Egg or Washed Nut for the Cook Stove Chunkwood and Fire-place Log? We WUl Appreciate Your Order. Moses Dillon Company f,~ Lumber ftuildiuy Malffi

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