Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 21, 1944 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, August 21, 1944
Page 3
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MONDAY, AUGUST 21, 1944 NAUGATUCK, DAILY NEWS Page Three r » I Personal—Social—Fraternal Shower Given Eleanor Smith By Her Cousin Miss ElivanuT Smith of -17 May street, who will be married to S>, r t. John S, Weaving of Aetna strei't, Wrdr.csdKy, AUK. 23, wai tendered a miscellaneous shower Friday evening hy her cousin, Mrs. Kita O'.NYil. Attending wuro- Mrs. John Fleming, Mrs. KCMO .Pereira, -Mrs. Samuel Tutniiutretlo, Marjorlu Hoaly, Louise Serk'a, Mrs. ISdward. O'Don- iii-ll, Barbara Ann Smltti, .Betty 'Ryan, Corririi: Travel 1 , Klcunor Broderick, Huv.el German, Mur- IjiU'i'ite Spann, FJIuine Connolly, Also, Mi-s. William McCarthy. Doris Pichette, Anna Weavinjc, Ann Wood, Mamie Pre-to, Ruth "Wood, Lon\i:nc Weaving, .Ruth Nichols. Harriot Dai-low, Ruth La- Kunn, .M:';. Ivy Malone, Mr.s, .Julia O Toolo, Mrs. Jtihn Sluari;, Thoi 1 - esa O'Toole. Grnevieve Kudxmu. Margaret O'Toole. Mrs. Bernard Smibh. Jr., Mrs. ISlizaurth Peterson, Marjoric Peterson, Dorothy O'Tuole. Mrs. Caroline Kus.'ett, Olive Peterson, Mrs, Marion Jennlnj,'n, Mrs. Ellxa- Spoils, Contests, Games, Betty Hackett ~_ Enjoyed At Playground Yanks Ready For Spring Into Southern France The final session at the Prospect Street playground hummed with activity as a viwiod sports pro- Kraui. prames and contests were enjoyed: Tlie winners and events follow: M ynrd clash—boys over '12 years —winner. Rny Swierbitowicz. Gfl yards clash—.ijirls over 11 years—winner, Anna May JJmyuw- ski. HO yard clash—boys under 12 years — winner. Kclwarcl Lopala GO yard ' dash—jrirls under 31 years—winner'. Eernice Taranoxick. Biisobiili throw — boyt; — winner. Kriy Su'ierbitowicx, ball throw—jtirls—winner, Dolores Swierbitowicx. Shoe scramble—{firls — winnei', Connie Kwalinsky. Shoe scramble—boys — winner, Ray Swierbitowicn. Peanut hunt—winner. Bcrnico Turanozick. Each child received an appropriate award while .Kay Smith was Driven a priy.e for hein^ most helj>- t'ul dut'inj,' the entire season. An ail-plane contest was held on Thursday, and the planes listed t...-th (.iu.-naci.e. Mrs. Henry Smith, i ",.',,.,:'"' su "' J Man no Smith, "Ann Lfiwlur, Mrs. \ *" , ,-, , i ^ • ,. ,.. <,,. ,, _ .. ,,.... ^ , IJH-ftcst plane—Bobby On.t. Smallest plane—Gayle Johnson. Best constructed—\\'alter Lamport. Minute detail—A tie was declared between Walter Lamport and Bobbie Oris. Also cm Thursday afternoon the weekly bin^ro ^ames u'oro plrtyod with Kay Smith winning the most Mr. ami Mrs. George Ruppoo of j Climes, Ui'iipun Fulls have annotinced the j —— «nj,-ai;omi'!it of their datlKhtef, ; Spent Weekend -Miss Marf, r ;i|-i't Muppeu, to Laur- I Yr . .. . -„ .. one,. Hriic"-. son of Mrs. Evelyn i VlSltmg Mother Jii'iici' of Wukeiiolcl, Mass. (li-rtrude M a h e r, Mrs. Bernard. Smith, -Sr.. Mary Tummai'i'llo and Virginia Pereii'a. Margaret Ruppee Engaged To Lawrence Bruce i\u tlati- wedding. has set for the Birth Of Daughter Is Announced Captain and Mrs. Francis Kvhiaroili of .Stamford announce i tht, liirth of a dau^'lUur. Auifiist ' •1th, in the Stamford hospital. Capt. Schiaroili is a former , Xau^ratuck resident. I Vacationing At Lake Winnepesankee Ricliard Duffy of Falrview av- OIHIO and Frank Xeary of North Main street are spending a vacation at Lake \VinipcMiLt;koe, >,'. H. Richard [-[ayes, b', S. J\\ivy. s.pcn.t the wi.ek-end visitintr his mother, Mrs. Carl Smith of Curtiss street. Kitchen Harmony Mr.-Mrs. W. G. Kirby At Qucncchontaug, E! I. Mr. and Mrs. W. Glenn Kirby nf Swomu-y strict ;n,, spending a vacation at the S>, ;L liree/o hotel. C^uoncjc.'hrjfitaug, I-;. '[. F.'ESTSTEP IN EASY WALKING- Festivities charming-looking will be doubly pleasant! skirt frock with open V-neck, in bust fullness for the matronly figure. Barbara Bell Pattern No. 1220 is designed for sizes 3-1, 30, 3S, '10, IS, Size 36, short Guest At Shower Miss Betty Hac'ke'tt '-of .Spring St., Union City was honored recently at a miscellaneous shower given by Mrs, 'Martin Brennan and Mrs. Edward J. MoGrath Jr., at the lat- tei-'s home on Baldwin street,-. Waterbury. Miss Hackett will be' : mar- 1 i-iod Sept. l(j at St. Mary's chuith ! to Lconai'd Patrick'' McGrath of Baldwin street, Waterbury. The guests included Mrs. E. J. McGrath, Sr., 'Mrs. E. J. McGrath; Jr., May McGrath; ' Mrs.; -Edward McGrath, "Mrs, Philip McGrath, Marn'arut H. Travel, ..Catherine Canovan, Mrs! Nancy Ma'Kgia, Mrs. M. Shlel, Mi's. L. A. Graney, Mrs. Michael Tammany, Mrs. D. Curtiss, Mrs. Anna Bowey, Mrs. .-C. Fitxpat'rick, Mrs. Michael 'Ryan, Mrs. Theresa Mahn, Mrs. D. Glodd- ney, Mrs. Josephine Sladdery, Mrs.- John Condon, Mrs. Tillerday, Helen Tillerday, Sara Gibbins, Mrs. Hugh Gallagher, Mrs. M. McAclam, Mrs. Ja'mos Curroll, Mrs. D. Fruin, Mrs. Thomas Keilly, Mrs. Andrew Hcaly, Mrs. Betty Brennan, Mrs. Mary MBrcnnan, Mrs. Hochon, Catherine Rochon, Mrs. Charles -Fogcrty, Mrs. John Hacket, Betty Hackett. Caddy Training Plan Now At The Hop Brook Club George Patten Given Party Before Leaving For Sampson, N, Y. About 2-1 young friends of George Patten tendnrcd him a farewell party recently at hid home, 7S8 Rubber avenue. He was also presented with a purse. George is now'at Sampson, N. Y., whore he is taking his boot training at the Naval Training center. R the past Re.n."On, duo to the scarcity of mn.npowo!-, th/; BSC of caddies at the Hop Brook golf course had been practically eliminated. However, some of the younfror boys in the club neighborhood have now approached the club management with the idea oT inducing- the members to again use caddies This' group consists or the following boys: Walter Wojtak. "Bob StauJTer, Bob Wooster, John Ad.'unaites, Ed Mazeika, and others. An effort will be made to \vork with these boys and increase their value to the members so that thoy will become an important part of the organization for the year 1945 for which the club is building. At the completion of the training of the first group of boys, another group will be selected for training. And boys interested m.iy leave their names with the club man.-iger .it. the club house. Preparing for the invasion of the south of Fruncu, thousands of American troop* of the 3rd ])ivision luvult•'tlic order on jm Hiiljiin bvitcli that will son :l them .-ilio.-ird the landing- craft 1 in the luickerou'nd. Some stand around and take it easy while otlicrK run over final instructions. Signal Corps photo. (Interim tiunul) Sens >0f Martin Young Are Visiting Here Mai'tin Young of Ward street has as his guests, his .soil,' George Your.g and family of '" Dayton, Ohio, and Tech. Sgt. Harold Young who is stationed, at West Point. ' George is a pilot tester at Wright Field, Ohio. - -iX •)•!, -1C and sleeves, requires 3 3-1 yards of 39! inch material. Plan your Tall clothes now! The new fall and winter pattern book, "Passing In Review" is now ready —contains 32 puggs of the top hits in clothes the boys in uniform ad- niire—"Date" frocks, street wear, sportswear, clothes to wear on the homo front—snappy school clothes for juniors and children. Price 10 cents. For this pattern, send 20 cents in coins, your name, address, pnt- tern nvinibcr and si/.e wanted to Barbara Bell. Naugatuck Daily News, Post Office Box 99, Station K, Xew York 10. N. Y. (Released by The Beli Syndicate Inc.) Betty Caulfield Improving At Hospital Navy Has New Plan For Transmission Of The War News Washington, Aug. 21—(UP)—The Navy announces that it has completed a news transmission nr- rangemeni. which will allow news am! photographs of future battles in the Pacillc to roach ihc public within a m.iHor of hours, Under the now plan, censors will clear all news copy at the beachheads. A task force plane will fly the photos and dispatches to Guam, where a new radio station will transmit them to Pearl Harbor and then to the United States. Temperature Report J The condition of Miss Betty Caulfield, daughter' ol' Mr, and Mrs. Lawrence Caullield of 9!} Aetna street ,is reported as good after a recent operation at the Waterbury hospital. Synthetic Plant Builds Additions P, 0, Joseph R. Kane Returns To Norfolk, Va. Petty Officer Joseph R. Kane, Ph. M. .'1-c, has returned to Norfolk, Va., after spending the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs, Jose P. Kane of ^-l street. North Main Norwash Shoe Store •ATTEKX No. K3142 * i Pansy potholders match the par.- 5 ,' sy pocket of your dainty apron in this noat and. serviceable kitcheni ensemble. Pattern envelope contains tissue * i pattern and full directions how to ? j make apron, plu.s instruotior.s for i potholders. J Our (jO-paprn multicolored "book »».* I of Needle Arts containing five free Visited With Mr.-Mrs. W. Traver The Xjuigiituck Synthetic plant of the U. S. Rubber Co., has received permits for the construction of two Additions and a new building, Andrew Bentley. building Inspector, announced this morning. The tu-o additions total $5.1.000, and the new b'.iilriing valued at $•1,000. The inspector also expects to receive plans for a pilot plant for the Synthetic Co'. !No other permits have been issued recently to local industrial plants, Mr. Bentley said. America's Air Blow Hit Japs Very Hard (Continued from Page J.) damaging 12, Enemy opposition was described ns rather light to the night raid. But fighters came up in swarms to meet the firs't attack. Sonic crews reported attacks by ns many as 15 lighters against a single formation. Meantime. Tokyo broadcast wild claims of American losses, rlnim- injr as many as 25 bombers. However, th'Ve .ire considered typical or.omy exaggerations. I The Japanese radio a'.so reported that Tokyo -newspapers are fea- i turing photographs today of the i Snperfnri raid, showing American bombers falling in flame 5 . One photograph—says the J:ipa:i The co&l air this morr.inpr Rave Red Hermans the conditions in :L lon^ t:'mc to sleep under. The redhead slept under three bl.-in- ketK and a comforter as well as under these excellent conditions. Red has never heard- of anyone sleeping under condition?, ar.d wants us to clarify .vhat the al- inosl.-titian-liaij'Od chu.rjicter -sleep?, under- blnnkcLs. Jlod also figures it will warm up .-[ bit thii afternoon, just enough to enable the extinp-ui.shinfj of the firs down in the .f u j- n n c c. The temperature since and' includir.g midnight: Midnight C-) 3 a. m C3 G . m Cl '.' a. m 70 Koon 8-i 1 JD. rn SO Foreign Policy Is Playing Part In Political Talks Brass Cityite Fined In Boro Court o— Weather Report Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island—Fair tonight. Tomorrow partly cloudy. JJttle change in temperature-. Kastport to Block Island—Small craft warnings are being displayed from Block Island to Provincetown. Pledge To Create Security Group (Continued from Pnge Percy McAllister of Hudson, M.n?s., lias returned home after visiting Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Tra.vcr of Hill street for the past several weeks. Vacationing At UUV AND SAVK AT Till-: HIGHLAND GROCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TKf.. 4»80 * KOCCO KAnO, J'rop. j patterns, iincl many other sugges- j tions for dressing up your home i BrattlebcrO, MasS. . and yourself is now available. Send [ your request for this book to the address listed b e 1 o w. enclosing ! twenty cents (20c.) in coins to cov- j or the cost and mailing charges. ! Send II cents (coir.O for Pattern : Xo. F.2.M2 to Naugaturk Daily | News. Noodle Arts Dcpt., P.O. Box 172, Station D, New York 3, N. Y. Please include your postal zone number. EVERY HOME Can Use Some New Pictures! WE HAVE A NICE SELECTION TO CHOOSE FEOM . tf~ff) Mrs, • Wallace Traver of Hill street, with her daughter and grandson, ilri. Arthur George and Town Clerk Has Sent Out SOO Absentee Ballots learned the interests of larger nations cannot be protected by stiowcd a wounded pilot iclenti- ndim; roughshod over smaller na- fied as Captain Ernest A. Eickct. ^ ioll »- added that Allied While most of the B-2S's. ham- victory is coming sooner than mered at the homeland, others j some think, and a world organiza- struck into China to attack Lao i tion should be established 1 as'soon Yao, an important shipping con-| : ^s possible. ter 335 miles north of Shanghai, | Soviet Ambassador Andrei Gro- and at a vital nail junction in. jlo- Washingion, Aug. 21—("U P)— Foreign policy is playing an important part in. political discussions. John Poster Dulles, Governor Thomas DeweyV. foreign affairs adviser, will confer with Wendell Willkin on international policy today. The meeting was arranged by Dcwey in an apparent effort to estabish Republican party harmony on tha :s.-ue.s of foreign policy. On Wednesday, Dulles is scheduled to discuss foreign affairs with Secretary Hull, Meters Sent To Hartford For Repairs The borough'v parking meters are in preny bad shape, as a considerable number had 1.0 be sent to Hartford for repair last week. Warden Leo J. Brophy said this morning. The repairs arc being done by the firm that sold the meters to the borough about three years years ago. At tlxit time. 173 meters were installed, and almost a TiunTCd were sent away for repairs over a year ago. The dnrmige to Ihc meters is credited to shJldren mostly, although some do develop mechanical trouble after consistent use.. Mr. Brophy slated that in the future, punishment will be administered to those found dam-1 aging the meters. In borough court this morning, Di.puty Judge John P. Jones fined Alfred Di Napoli, of ~2r> South Main street, Waterbury, SIS on -.T. count of violating the rules of the road. He was arrested yesterday by patrolman Martin Garrick. This was the only case this morning. Town Clerk Records Two Realty Actions According to warranty deeds filed at the office of Raymond J. Su John, town clerk, the estate of Emma Dollingor sold a. house and lot on East Waterbury road to Joseph and Martha Wclick, and Joseph Frick sold a lot on Field street to Joseph and Gladys For- NOTICE! TO OUR NACGATCCK STOKE CUSTOMERS! Due to war time coiiditionx, we are compelled to close our Nau- gutiick store. c.\r.t, rs For the clay our Route Man will he on your street. Free Telephone 1 Service For Xaupatxick Customer* Call Enterprise 4700 $HA]_ETT-LUX iundcrcrs — Dry Cleaner* 2S E. Miiin St., \Vatcrbury Main Office & Plant 22 Walnut St. Ext. Watertown — N Middlcbury province. Another arm of America"!! ail- About SOO absentee ballots have been sent out by the Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John, it was announced this morning. And iifteen servicemen have .re- turnod their ballots, without waiting to learn olllcially tlic complete list of candidates. Lists of candidates will be sent out this week to those who have received ballots, Mr. St. John said. " . The absentee vote this year will Arthur, Jr., have IcCt for Brattle- undoubtedly set a record, Mr. St. boro, Mass., where they will spend. John said, as approximately 1.100 a week's vacation. Recent Patient At St. Mary's Hospital Floyd Travel- of Pincsbridgc was ci recent patient at St. Mary's hospital. He is the grandson of Mr. ;i i and Mrs. Wallace Trover ot Hill street. Florals Nuttings SMAI.l, OK r.AK MIRRORS Baby Pictures Scenes I': — TIIUVRB 1IKRK VISIT OUR BALCONY DISPLAY BRIGHTEN YOUR ROOMS All Our Mirrors Are Pittsburg Fine POLISHED PLATE GLASS FRAMED OR UNFRAMED SO MANY DIFFERENT SIZES SOMETHING TO rjlAMJ!? UIC'LL DO IT local men and women are serving in the various branches of the j armed forces. There has also been a large number oC New voters sworn ir. since special monthly meetings were in- power—the 1-H-h -Air Porce—has dealt a blow to the Japanese N~no. I-,ibern.tor.< on patrol spotted and sank a 1-1,000-l.on enemy cruiser in the South China sen. Returning pilots say tile ship was left sinking after three direct hits and a fourth probable. Pacific headquarters announces that the American 1000-ton destroyer Mawy has received tile Presidential unit citation "for sinking or helping to sink 14 Japanese warships and knocking (Town 30 enemy aircraft. The Msiury eom- plcted her record at Midiwny, Gaudalcanal and in Attacks on the Marshall and Marcus islands. myko, the chairman of the Russian delegation, :ilso is expected to give sm.Mll nations nssurnnce of oqual voice in a world organization. The opening ceremonies of the conference, were conducted i:i the old mansion of the Dumbarton Oaks estate. The delegates from the three powers will meet twice a day, five days a *veek until they complete a for:nuln for organizing the work! for peace. As one observer puts it—"their deliberations may dei.ermino whether this nnd succeednigs generntions will live in peace or die in war.*' want more fire miles f liuxton \Valle1-s Worcester Residents . Visit In Borough Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Meyer and danghter, Janet ,of Worcester, Mass., visited Miss Colette Daly of ICln'i street over the week-end. P. T. C. Ray A. Kralis Visiting- Parents P. F C. Ray A. Kralis, a paratrooper .stationed at Fort Benning, Go... is spending two weeks with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stratton Kralis of 197 High street. auguratcd in .May, the town clerk said, Another meeting' of the board of selectmen, registrars of voters anil town clerk 1 will be held Wednesday at .the courtroom at town hall -from 4-8 p. m,, with the purpose of swearing in new voters, and acting- on mail requests from servicemen to take the oath. THREE INJURED BUKGLARS SOUGHT Boston, Aug. 21—<U PJ—Police of the Greater Boston area are seeking burglars involved in a scries of housebreaks over the week-end. Jn Cambridge, more than $3,000 ir, cash and jewels were stolen from two apartnien',.5. A safe \vris broknn open in the Hayes- bickCord company ofllcc .in Boston's North End and $275 stolen— but another $300 was overlooked. In Chelsea. $200 was obtained in one burglary, and radios were stolon in three others. hrec persons arc hospitalized af- 11 sr their automobile struck a tele- \\ Lynn, Mass., Aug. 21—(U P)— : s Th *' n/> T»/>i'c/l n u i i-rt Virier l ni T t'iiH'*/^j-l o-f- I 7 ter phone pole in Lyr.n. Three other occupants of the car escaped 'injury, when the vehicle wont out of control as the driver was blinded by the sun, Hospitalised are 38- month-old Carol Hines, 16-year-old Joyce McGrath, and Mrs. Amy Oslo-field, ' All' the Lynn residents. Wanted . CREDIT JEWFURV t*2 Sotitli Mold ,St. «.*J20* Education for Profit Courses for Socrel^iry, Account- anl:, Typist'. Comptometer and Machines. Apply For Fall Term Now THE PERRY SCHOOL Brown llliig. \V:it<-rlniry Smart Fall DRESSES Part or full time help, male or J ! Wools - Cl'epeS femnlc. No experience necessary* $895 CITY BAKERY 171 Maple Street TEL. SG78 up SWEENEY'S AUT AND STATIOXKRV STORE Marv Lou Carroll Returns From Camp Mary Lou CurroH has returned to her home on Park avo-nue tiifter spending the past four weeks at Camp \Veec|uapausett, Watervillc. Former Residents Visiting Relatives Mrs. William Durkin and her niece, Miss Olive Hull, of Boston. Musy, former residents, tire \ r isit- infe' relatives in town. Holland Furnace Co. F.urance cleaning with big power suction machines. Also gas proofing and furnace repairs. . — Telephone — Naugatuck 5629 Waterbury 4-1OO3 746 East Main St. Waterbury, Conn. up >\l SOUTH Prompt,' Expert \VATCIT & JEWELRY REPAIRING William Schpero Jeweler 180 CHURCH ST. — 1-Flight .Up — For Dependable Auto Insurance Sec Union City Insurance Agency Joseph V. Rosko, A(t«mt 3 Union Street Tel, .|!)28-:>!)r,2 JUST BRING US A GOOD TIRE CARCASS Keep a watchful eye on your tires... and bring them to us as soon as they wear smooth. Expert workmen, who have learned how to get the most in safety and mileage from today's best materials, will build you new treads that will give you and your family the skid- protection you need and add thousands of miles of service to your tires. Art Smooth YouArt Eligible For Recapt WHERE YOU Ml U.S. TIRE SIGN L. P. RACKE 600 High St. Naugatuck, Conn. Tel. 2800 J. C. RAYTKWICH, JR. 106 So. Main St. Naugatuck, Conn. Tel. 4096

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