Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 13, 1928 · Page 13
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 13

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 13, 1928
Page 13
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'-?•!*« Uv il^;^ IIFORD canine. A-l throuRh<ni<: only ' ' A-l Khsp* mft<! Sup-piS* .......... "'48 f Af-lcffEIJ " Whit.«s ' IrfrgnoTn" "rorkersi*", •3 wsrH. W. J. SrotJ, 410 B. Tenth St.. R<Ktc Fulls. *«Un. fs-r» rang condition, S4P5. good rCHKVROLKT ee-dan . TOURINGS at your own *y and Say R. m. s. Open Mondny, Snturday nights am! CV. BIEU, MOTOR SAUtS *lcr—Chnndlrr—Diamond T rust and 1207 E. Fourth St. SPECIAL OFFERINGS— BU1OK Btandnr flrcmch. low tgs, perfect mechanical roncll- benutiful gray Unco without a Interior a delicate Ehndo o ; mohair, hnrmcmlKlDg uith ex lor. Just nicely broken In. Don' thla one. afffiSEX coach In blue Duco »utlful blue flgurrd Interior, very e-tnlleagc, looks and runs exact!' new. This la practically A new K »t a great baring from new rAn exceptional opportunity t& careful buyer. '. ABOVE In addition to those llst- last night'a Gazette offer i Selection in models and prices 1 *hobld appeal to every tntelll- •t used, car purchaser. Bvery ona ~ guaranteed aa to age and can- n and a guarantee backed by & itlon who hove always mode cmr MOTOR CORPORATION USED CAB OFFER3— good rubber Wanfffi~.-i.iv5i SHIP WEBJCLT— List "stock "at McCarthy's fe«t storf, Phoao 02S-W or T»mplc*t phf>ti«. Shipping M Arurt»-» upjHSlrtwrlnB in A-i a oewr ear in many rcspeota. of power «nd speed. .now balloon tlrw, new lint. A dandy family car in fine S. The price Is right. k.XWELL sedan, motor ^uns perfect nWro car in esceptlonally V35HAL others. Stock changing OLTMAN MOTOH CO. P~I«»ter U. Oilman, Prop. -8-0-N — E-S-a-E-X USED CAKS— coupe. i FORD touring, tudor sedan, TELEPHONE 886 i-BMITH CHEVROLET 8ALSS ; - 618.615 LOCUST ST, tu4or coupe. A-l ; " touring, $004 running r$t4Q, t .|f AfiB 4-door coupe, good shape "—"out 6 4-p*s*tnger coupe, A-l throughout, coach. SO NASH SALES a, driven 84 mllea. OAKLAND coach, first class Idem. ESSEX coach. !f**27 ESSEX coupe, like new. RECONDITIONED and. ready to Wft want you to drive them. Jt. BKOWN MOTOli BALES jBjtiitp 8T, maw sat J40TO» INN QAitAQE W AHp NIOHT SERVICE ™ _ _ _J *?1 eedan, A-l coadi- for fiouoa oue. See new E. F. loa. 400 ptret Ave.. for aii Third St. at TtUrU NEW MOTOR GOVKRHOB LKT US FURNISH you ft governor and wat«r pump combined for Forfi engine on yew rorn picker. Mylln »«4 Rcrd. the Tractor Men, 31S B. Thin! istreet. rHF,3H CIDEK. Call Tilcidsy afternoon or evening. Bring your own container, 28c. }>cr gftl, Enea R»u- makcr. PrRirievllle. OM ACCOUjrFof eicScne^wlil'ieii niy drivtnic noree, top buggy, cutter. All in perfect condition. Henry Oerken, 111S W. Fifth St., ^ock Falls. 00 ROD8 of 34-Inch woven wire; R|M> ono hose wat*r«r, 60 gellbn capacity. ^Phone 635-W. SPECIAI. tea "day 6»l»~glKrf~grRde~iiS> end-class woven wire fence. North- wnrtcrn Barb Wire Company. lSVAUi5 ; i~wheei~"chatr, rug7~bobk 460. ~oilueitii 58 rwirii~dat i y~, Juat fresh itsan pork, delicloualy »ea- Boned. Try a pound for breakfast. You'll want more. Sterling Market, 610 Eaat Third St. Phone 683. SW^T~CiDEa7~»lio~~good"cooling and eating apples. W. J. Scott, 410 E. T«nth Bt., Rock Palls. ThiftJ St. t first. Wenirpr, KBW hnngniow. just rntnpi««i.'ipr»*- h»?|f btnrk from Ccnt.r*)"(er*HsH. 630 month. H. M. Brodfrlr!!. Call 8KVM"ROOM moripm hm«w. Oct. l?Sh. Ph0n» 1352-R. 8MAU/COTTAC?!?," in Rr>ck" F»H* R Klowi, 2!X5 fjiiton Av rtOHT R«.)OM"" hf.'-i*r: mcxlrrn Jimjw>. John M E-! Wantril Rrrtt til evening. W. E. Landla, Polo road. Phone jCounty 937-33. TUlUfIPa~for~aaie; also wantedTaea ondh&nd lumber, email bam or gar age. Harry tA&dia. County 638-3. POTATOES— Car of Red River Ofalos cm track. Phon« 1103. McOfcrttiy's Store. Uocit Fall*. __ _____ jinrt picked, Si.OO, tlJJft por bushel. EiiOB Nupein»jUir, third famue own container. Herman Reiake, 1201 locust St. Ilottiehold S9 IJJElN'S parlor furuac« U ao b*au- ti.fu.!L_ujat_.^^ . wlt-lL. t very latest furniture. It's natural walnut effect is mechanically reproduced tn porcelain, all enamel finish. Bold by A. O. Hoak.•ill W. Third St. THOR washing machine, »2ST'c«mbin- atlon gas and cook, stove, 913; largo leather rocker, J5; dressaer, $5; eide- board, »4; two itepda. $3 each; baby faufS?, 66: lawn mower. 81.68. Call at a East Seventh St. HOUSgHOUJ OOOPS. good coadition. 313 Fourth Ave., {lock Falls. Phone m-j. DINING KOOM suite, also brass bed. Call at 608 IxxruaL St. apparel MAH S OVKSCOATj «J» 40, prw-tical- ly new. Inquire 1009 Seventh Ave. Phane BO YS~ bEciTcalf orf ords. go at $3. H. J. Mueller, 310 Locust at., basement. TWO W1NTKB coata. sizes 16 and IB, very good condition, cheap. Phone M7-W- LADY'S BKAVE& fur coat, good condition. Phone 288-J. Wentefi—To Boy CASH VOa DEAD Pharifl Boche31« ifiS Bevenw el^gw DEAD AHIMAL DISPOSAL CASH for dead animal*. Phono laa-J or Works, ftovms and Board fil ____ TWO aii^iiijie:'roomt. modern ,iiome, clo&e tn. Board If desired. Home privileges. 21S Sixth Ave., Kock F»U*. Pbone 144S-H. TWO HOOJasTe very coaveolcnce, soft water, hot aud cold. Geutltmtii. Call 1283-Jf._ __ iO(Ji4, iiiiicly fuiiiUihei?, wunn, lady or tituitk'iiiita. Utlc4tucta 204 W. Fifth St. FIVE ROOM modern bunjral"w."V>n- trn5 Bfhool dlMrltt pr*frrrr?1. by reliable party. Write C S.U.. care The "For ItotiMs lor ROOM hm,i!w>. practtcaiijTmod- ern. f scics land, chk-krn hmiw, large slum barn. I^tst house nn Fift AVft., friuCR from Isanj r<»fl. Wl make ^plenrHtl thicken ami trur inrm. Inquire JOO9 Seventh Arc Ca ZC&9-W. 85000 BTIiiCTLY "modern 'wveiTroom house, garage, two acres Sand, fry I of R',1 hinds. Investigate. I have m*n other bargains. Phone 631-J. .Jonn H. Baer. FIVE IJOOU house, partly modern. OB Seventh Ave. Price »2200. I. B. Bnave ly. Lawrcisrn Bldg. Legals ~ NOTICK OF miAHIMi OV CEBTIFI CATE oi 1 rixAi, roMrijnrioN AM ArfKPT.tNCK OF HOBS Notice Is hereby given to all persons interested that the Beam of Locs Improvements of the City of Rock Palle, Illinois, having let the eontrsc for the construction of reinforce* concrete pavement with concrete combined curb and gutter, etraigh curb and nccewary storm water catch bauins, adjusted for drainage purposes on West Third Street from the westerly line of First Avenue to the easterly line of Fifth Avenue, all in the City of Rock Palls, In accordance wlU the provisions of Local Improveuwn Ordinance No 3 Scries ol 1827 of salt city, and the same having been cam pleted and accepted by the said board qn the 2«th day of September A. D 1028, and tho eald Board of Loca Improvements having filed In the i County Court cf Whiteslde County Illinois, on the first day of Octobe A' D. JOaS. a certificate showing tha tie aaltf improvement conforms substantially to tb« requirements of tho original ordinance for tha construction of the same, the coot thereof tho amount estimated by them to be required to pay the accruing interest on bond* or vouchers Issued to anticipate the collection of the oasess- Jnhn P. Biv.ijrhsn *» Prw. Markrt f'Mrapn, Oct 13—r A P.) -~Sp»r ijis- t>ve Ir.ffrtst of \\:p whrot trurlp ts now r.f)ii«-rlne Isrjrcly on rrop conditions south of the eqnntor. Harvest tiRif for the soiuhrrn hernlsphera H r»plf!ly drawing richer. n»'I t.h.p ^hi>at rri-vp In Arr^nnna li nbont nt Uir rri- Urnl fsr'tiotl of KTfiWth. T-radSng »H- 1hnrltl"n turf «»y thftt serious nrm lrrr,r,"m in flU'.pr ArcpnUria or Australis might start, a buying W»VR from abroad, but jyt ftt present thn crop outlook below tho equator if treyowd Under stjrh clrcumst»nc»'«. the wheat marnet this morning compared with a tretk ns<o wa* 11-2 crntis to 1 7-8 and 3 c«nU n bushel lower, with rorn 3 1-4 to 3 3-4 cput« down, cm la . will be had on said certificate aa to the truth of the facts stated, therein, ot the County Court rootn In Morrison, in sain Whiteside County, on the aanil day of October A. D. 1838, at 11 o'clock a. m., or a* toon thereof tea ts the business of the court will permit. AH persons desiring may flje objections tn eald court befora said day. and may appear on tba hearing and uwke their defense. Dated at Bock Falto, Illinois, this third day of October A. D. 1B28. A. A. Thome A. A. Woodyatt C. C. Orady Fred Uenderson Tomas A. Ramsdell Board of Local Improvements of the City of Bock Fkila. HUnola. Oc<- 5. 13 THE MABKE1B CHICAGO CASH C1RAIS Chicago, Oct. 13.—(A.P.)—Today's c&sh grain market quotations are |i» fojlovrs: Wheat—No. 3 hard. fl.ITl-a; No. 3 bard, tl.15; No. 4 bard, »UD81-4@ 1JJ81-3; »o. » hard. »i.oo 1-2. Com—Ko. 3 mtsed, W; No. 3 ml«ed. 631-3: Mo. 3 yellow. «.3a«l 001-2; No. 3 yellow, S71-2<»OBl-3; No. 4 yellow, B8«i87; No. & yellow. 90 ^U4- Ho. 6 yellaw, 01«S3 1-2; Wo. a whit*. *1.04; No. 3 white,>IJJ3; No...» wnit«. 88; sample gratia. ~~ Oat*— No. $ wbite. 46048; No. 4 white, 30 » 40. Barley, Timothy Clover s Bye, ueit quotea. , W.40»6.00. CHICAGO OKAIK Press) Low (By Wheat- Close 1.15%; Corn— March 1-2-1 3 -, £1 .83'4 Gate- Dec. March Rye— .79', .42' . -i* ••Si's -79 ' .42 U .44 .45 3-S «nrt 7-8 cent in 1 !-4 ctnts off. and provisions vsrylng from SO cents clfcllnc to Vfi cents adranr«. It was being pointed out tod*y by tnule leader *that although States farmeni may be holding or storing wheat unsold, the domestic vlslblB (supply appears likely to Increase at the r»t« of 8.000,000 bushels o week for Boma time to come, and that Canadian stocks of •wheat arc ai.w piling up. On tho other hand. Canadian whfat IB nhowlng an unus- URlly large pBrreptage of lower grades, whereas tho future delivery matkct at Winnipeg !e based largely on No. 1 northern wheat, which appears to be old ..—Nine teen - y par- c- V-i'pt;,i Fukunaga. a Jitp- !•• ?h»> confessed kidnaper sisyrr (>f (.ill Jatnvisnin, t*n- r.f Frederick W. Jam- liu rmnfcer. Fukunnga d«m«JK!r<l sin.nno an<t obtained 84.- CW8 Jn>m '?,- ixiy's father, Hono- Fukimntt* had r?ad of the Locb-Leopold Hlrk;r.-(n rnsrs.. for i.a nest week 150.000. Tn. J proarhr-d ths PiWHJCE relatively «cmrcc. How much of the 1828 wheat supply wilt be available for milling; purposea thu sra*on la thuu becoming ol more and moro Importance In Chicago. It is eatim8t«4 thst If 10 per cent ol the Canadian yield Is unfit for milling, the quantity that can be used lor bread-making would be cut down more than 60,000,000 bushels for the «»re« prairie provinces. In tilts connection, an Interesting fact ia that although, spring wheat production In the United Btatw IB officially estimated at 3.000.000 buahela more than the forecast a month, ago. the domestic yield of bread - grain northwest. 1ms actually decreased 3,000,000 buahel*. and the amount of soft red winter whea available now Is the smallest on rcc owl for a number of years. Corn price declines are based In great dcgreo on RMcrUonu that th 11 big eorn-producUng states thl season have 178.00Q.OOQ buahela mon com than lo 1887, and about 225 000.000 bushel* more titan the aver age of recent years. However, Argen tia ha* much leu corn to come for ward than last year, and the outlook la that Euwp* w« Itake large quantl Uea of American corn during the win ter. In general, oat prices are follow ins the trend of the com market. wost-ef- the-jworlaiott If»t- Bhtrws- setback In price because of increased movement of hogs to market comim, isaoner than was IpoKed for. tows: l>t. 13 —(A.I'.)— Today's market quotations ar« aa fat- poultry flmwr: reajpiu 1 c*r; hecs. 25; springs. 8*«t38; 3»; ducks. 22,, 2i; geeae. 1ft. Potatoes rerclpta 100 eftm. on track W$ cars, ;otai u, 8, shipments 1,009 csrs; trading slow; market, firm on good stork-; Wisconsin racked round whites, 60. 1 85, according to quality and condition. Minnesota and 'North Dakota tackt«J Irish Cobbler*. 0SQ8S; lev fancy shade higher; sacked Rod JUrer Ohlca. 1.85*100: moitly 11.00. South Dakota sacked Early Ohtoa. ».»0 fil.OO. Colorado tracked Brown Bcau- Uea, 81.30. Idal>«,_Backe>3 Russets. SI.7091-80. Butter unchanged: receipts 1832S tuba (t«o days). Creamery extras. *5; standards. 443-4: eatra fir»U, <4 flr*t«, i3I-a«j431-2; eec- F«itr yrars Bim i raw ihfi dawn RS !; island n? 8so MiH'ifi. thf? Azores, on the ZU-3. no« HIP Los AngfIA=. Af this morning the Aborts were behind hi»il ",<, !•<» (iirrrtrd the Ornf Zppprlin. iiaH acain us largs as the Ix» Angrlr i. SlakM i'p i,»wt Timr. GO<K! weatlsft (UtU-U tho ftir^hip In making up f<>r tmif Irxst in buf~ feting hpedwlrii.1s nvrr the Mcrlitcr- rnnpan after kavine F Khflfpn. Otnriany. o.t 2 ft. m, E. 8. T., on Thursday. In swinging south to Madeira thtr dirigible entered a rr-cion of HRht variable wind* which made paa&ago casirr. H Lakehourst is rcach<>d by noon Knnday the airship •will have required 83 hours to complete the traas-AtianUc voyasrp. It is estimated that by taking a southerly route, the airship would havo flown 5,400 miles, some 4,000 of which will SEKMS A FAMILY ArFAWU-TTte Hanlers. threp brofljcra, sr« !IIR Korthw«-st*Tn footbali a sort of family affair this ;yrar as Dick is head roach, pat is nn assistant cosch and Lw pJays njuart-r-tback. Espcrta predict thr ymmgrst. Hantey will give Northwestern the best flsld shlp it h«i had in yeara. Dick Is at the leH her?. I^ee In the center Pat »t the right. are Eubjecta4 to befora allowed txj set loot on American *o)l. First comes examination by qu&rantins officials, then 1m- TnJRstton Insppctars' RBE! ftnairp tTic ctwtoms officers. That ro»y take half an hour or more. be over the craft passed Atlantic. Ftmchal, AUer the Island ol day*); mxSlnary first*. 27^29. receipts 1Q.8«> ca«w {two firsts. 88; flrsta. S3<§35; Today's NEW New York. Oct. 13.—(AP.)- JIVE STOCK LIVE8TOCK (O. B. Department at Agriculture) Chicago. Oct. 13.— (A,P.)-.Kog» r ceipta 8.(KK); lalrty active; generally steady with Friday* best prices; no •trtctly medium weights offered; bulk of deslrabla 180-320 lb. averages ilO 30(^10.30; top 010.30. paid for a ew loads of Choice 310 to 330 Ib averages; -plga scarce; odd lot*, ea.60 [own; bulk of back BOW». . . Jlaln and rough klnda down from •8.BS; tew araootb light shipping sows on sale; shippers took 600, holdover aooo. Butchers, medium to choir* SM-aftO b.. »0.&0,# 10.85; 300-260 Ib , «8.60 a 0.40; 100-SOJ Ib., 60 Ib., »8.66<§1Q.QO. aow«, .. Kg«. medium to cboloe, 90- 1 SO Ib M .SO & 9.75. Slaughter claasea: Cattle rectlpbtaM; - calves SQQ CjHnpared to a week ago fix! 8U*rs 35 to 7& cent* taghcr; cholea kinds up ot*; lower grade* sna ateckan »wS oeders lost a good Khars of earjy up- uru; medium grata cow», ei4t«» and tower grade heifers 28c loww; afaolce fat cows and heavy beUers 2Sc or BU»re hlgtier; desirable butcher hat. era closing 80c bigber; bulls 25c offbeat yearllii«s «4- tc«n reached 18.10; medium weight*. fig undertone very dull on all except choice fed enters; wnce » Jorosd fcffftir: Bii»rply ( following last week's UmulaUag upturns, Sheep recent* 1480; * tew on ocuss about ateatfy; for wetk isei oubles from tending Stations; 12^ direct; fat lamb* closing 35 to* cents higher; inbetween grade* many Instances up more; in aorta considered; feeding limbs moct- y 60 to 75 tv-utB higher; ejwts p; aheep l& to 2S ccut« lower; prices: lat native iamb*. *18.7S; aiid feeding western*. $13.60. The ik's bulk pficas; rsnge iamtw 12.35^13.40; natlvea. »13.SOt*13.25-' at ewe*. «6.00 W 8^0; range KASSAS IITV LIVESTOCK (U. 8. Department of Agrleultuie) K»o«t» City, Mo., Ctet. 13.-^(A.P >— irecepiu liHX); arouoct steady av«nq;e; no shippers iu; top * 10.00. on choice 24Q-2SO produce market quotations are as fol- flrrner; receipts 13.43Q; lows: Butter creamery, higher tfcian extra, 47 8-4® 4S1~4; extra (03 score) 471-4; Krtt (88 to 61 »corc). *31-3«46i-4. firm; receipts 11388; fnesb extra, 30 a 42: extra first. »4 i*37: Urst. 81i»34; nearby hennery white, closely oelected extea, nearby and nearby western hennery white, Hr«t to average extra. <J3&$6; nearby tauH nearby- western hennery white. «wt to average eitra. 33^01; Pacific COM* white, extra, «O«66. Cheeae steadyj jrecelpts 348.oa2, sr~j>6u]iry Bteadj% unchanged. poultry firmer; cblckens. by f Height 85^30; fowls, fregtht roosiew, freight 20; ducks, iceview Chicago, Oct. 13.— (A.P.)— Hotwltb- siaading that a lower level of values lia* bes-a eetabllahe-d. the butter market is reeeHrmg only Itmlied support. 'lYada nervouwataa continue* un«>bat£4. and most tuyere aro limiting their purchases to absolutely immediate requirements. Receipts of butter are not especially heavy, but there is not enough trade to prevent accumulations. Demand for mc«Uu round lower scores of butter la especially light. Meanwhile, storage withdrawals of butter are lighter than last year, and there had undoubtedly pt^n some tendency tor buttex consumption to fall below last year's mark an account of the JWfihsr price* predawn* «vU year. Bfamover. all tndlcatlo&a of production paint to considerably Increased output this year ovw last during recent weeks. Madeira, at 8:30 B. m. yesterday. 2.ROO miles over wafer lay ahead of the airship brforc Bermuda should be reached and then another 800 miles needed to be covered beforo Bermuda should be reached and thea another 830 miles needed to be covered before the bliip could be brought down to the Lakehurst air station. West ef Madeira, The last word from the airship yesterday read: "Three hundred and thirty miles west of Madeira. Altitude 1,400. Seventy-five miles per hour. Weather good. Heading for Bermuda. Expect arrive Sunday noon, if weather continues. All well. "Graf Zeppelin." The time of sending was not given. An earlier message sent at 11 a. rn. eastern standard time, read: "Weather is warm and summer- like. Heading straight for Bermuda. If weather continues good wa expect to arrive Sunday noon. SpeoJ 85 miles per hour. Bag of mail draped over Punehai. Madeira." Advices from the Azores at 2 p.m. gave the position of the Graf Zep- polin as 37:43 north and 33:43 vest which would place her 276 miles west by south cf Harta. the Azores One message picked up at the Asores said that the pasengers, who man, were exceedingly airsick. Lady Grace Drummond Hay, who hopes to be the first woman to cross the Atlantic by air from east to vest, radioed her mother. Mrs. S. T, Lelh- bridge in England that she found the sir voyage wonderfully interesting. After Graf Zeppelin headed over the Atlantic from Gibraltar reports of her steady progress came from several ships. MRS. ECKENBB WOBRIED. Friedrichsliafcn, Germany, Oct 13. —. (U.PJ — Mrs. Hugo Bckenej% wife of the commander of the dlrig- ibln Graf Zeppelin, is twinning to show concern over the lenglh of time neceswry for the fiigat, lo the United States. "I wish the night would, ead eoon." xha told newspapermen. Your heart beats because It is alive; it beats about 72 times a minute, which represents about 3S million times a year or two thousand million times in a life of fifty yaws. Blaucliard, with Dr. T. B. Jmnes as passenger, vas the first to crags j the English Channel by balloon, ami I RKPOET OF later (IS83) the second. Kesem* Mistrici No. f or The First National Bank Of Sterling in the State of Hllnela, at the close of business on October 1.028. OTertJrafts RiSOURCBS and discounts ...... ..... ....... ....... .. ........... „.$ 834.«J50J1 3.038.7S United States Government swtrtUes owned SD5.9U.ea Other bonds, stocks, and securities qwned 402.609.23 Banking house. $33,750.00: furniture and fixtures, $13,837.58.. 4S.6e7.S6 Real estate owned other than binting bouse HS.602.ff? Reserve with Federal Reserve Bank 76.044JS Cash and due" from banks. 108,58339 Outside checks and other cash items 11,361.0s Redeinption fund with U, S. IVeasurcr and due from U. S. 'I Vcasurer 2J50Q. Othrr-asacts (Interest earned .not Oct. 18— (A-P.)— Flour Stolpmanta «&^at bar- FINANCE bilef ope of tbo ai&ce the rels. VOliK STOCKS . Oet. 13.— (AJ 1 .)— Today's of the utock market wea troa^irsl and B»ost active e beat(xaing of tin prolonged esaeaii, Pric»ii ot » wid«J mriety forged re- with the aavanca among th« "blue chip" i**aa. •»OO and (4 what ** ie oictns t vious per thare. A foretasta to occur was given at *h*n larg«s block* ol istocks changed hands above th* pre- r W»rd and'tr. S. Steel the limelight, the for_ in points u> 295, and the l»tt*r cimitginv hands in euonjwus U*maR-Uen» *Eo»- s 16$, both prices —--ing sew bigfa territory. Bethle- toern St«a aJso reacbed new fclgh gruuut ttb^jf* 7|. buying of tJiese Is- ues being $%»&& oo r*port» of a Kftiaui-r &&& ^piit-up in United >uic« 6tecl mat « wsucaptioa ol di- -^aends by - -- - - M&tur S^qriurts uiaved CAN LAND QMCKLY. Lakehurst. N. jr.. Oct. 13.~-(AJ».) —it may take tiie Graf Zeppelin 100 hours to cross the Atlantic but once she gets to ths naval air station here naval officers say &ho can be landed in three minutes. Four hundred and fifty men have been detailed to pall the big dirigible down and run her into the hangar when she arrive*. Once she lias been landed, however, the uaseageis must go througn tha same formality that Total ............................... . ................ $2,002,612.06 UABIUT1E3 Capital stock paid in .............. ..... .................... $ 200,089.90 •„•••••• divided profit 100,0)0.09 net ....................................... 54,083.83 Reserves for interest, taxes, and other expense;, accrued and unpaid (Depreciation I ....... ... ............. . ........... , , Circulating notes outstanding ............ . ____ .. ............ W 40000 Due to banks ............................. ... ............... 18W93.3* Demand denosits .... .................... . ................... T54,3t7JQ Time deposits ......... . ............... . ..................... 653,494-52 Other liabilities (Interest collected not earned) ...... . ....... 1,134.8$. $2,002.612.08 as. LOCAL MARKETS STERLING HAWKS tS (Reported by Dillon Elevator) Corn. 85. 34!i. State of Illinois County of Whiteside I. J. H. Linn. Cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Subscribed and buorn ta before me this llto day tit October, 1828. Edward P. Mee, Notary Public. [8EAL1 J. H. UNN, Cashier. Correct—Attest: L C. THORNE. W. J. GALLAGHER. CARL E. SHELBQH, Director*, OS -CONDITION OP First Trust & Savings Bank Or STESOJEJG, |L|4MO|S ted at Sterling. 8t«te of Iliinols, at the dace of business on the 3r£ day of October, 1628, as made to the Aiptilof of Public Accoucis at the State of Illinois, pursuant to law. liESOURCES Cash. f>thfr Cash .Rmmmre and Bus f rota Banka .......... $ 1313*TJT U. 8. Oovernpient Investments .......... . .................. lftt.8^60 Other Bonds an4 SecurjUes ,. .............................. SOatOtTJ UMIIJS on Collateral Security ........ ........ , .............. . 3a4ia.fl Other Loans ........ ' ........... ......... ........... . ........ ig3.S39.47 Loans on K«al Estate .................... .............. ..... 222,57837 Other Real Estate ............................ ..... ......... aaj@2.47 i&rtkiug {fouse, furniture and Ftxtmnea ..................... 2,iI4.8S Other Resources ......... .................... ....... ....... LUBiJUTIES Capital Stock .................. . ............ . ................ $ 50,000,00 BunUos .................... ............. ........ , ..... ... .. 60 000 06 Undivided Profits (Ntt» . .................. . ............ ..... 3188S43 Demand Dei>tt>iu .......... ...... ................... ......... 4883141 ' Uahilitses .ft , I, Gto. H Stone. Cuikhieir of the First Trust <t Savings Bank do Gojewnly swear that thi- ubcfve stateuifiu i» true t« aie beai of iny fciwwl- edsse and belief, and tiiijt the itenis wid tutounu iliown above correspond witii the Ut-iiu> and «unmuiti> sjuntn ai the repoi-t niads to Ihe Auditor of Public Accounts. State of Hii^ois, cumuaat to Uw , ,„ '. • tiEa It STONK Casiikr. State of Illinois u;e this iwh ct*i - of Ovtooer, 1938. Howant A. Midiiiiger. Noutry Public'. Combined Of The First KstioasJ itnfe 4a4 f b Fiwl frsH tud 8avi«g of Uiatjs*a Octt»»sjf f, "

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