Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 21, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, August 21, 1944
Page 2
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Page Two NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS Machinist Union Slightly Relents In Ban On Extra Work San Fi'.'i.ucl.xco, Atipr. 21—(UP) — An A-I-'-L. machinist union 1ms ro- leiUoil somewhat In Its I'Hn on ovortimo work. But otllclully. Ihc Kroup continues to defy Pre.sidcnt Kooscvelt's efforts to thwart the regulation, .tn .10-1 frovci'nment-scli'.cd machine shops in the San Francisco buy region .members now may ;Uay on their jobs extra hours without union penalties. Nevui'lhi.'less. the organization •wa» voted—utmost unanimously— 10 keep up the clause banning overtime work as a sort of tochnicnl principle. <~>no week r.Ko, the government .voi'/ocl iK'e plants which were at iiildti with the union. KUietynlne others wen: taken over Saturday. And all wore placed tinder jurisdiction of the Navy. Work at the tlrst I've plants is almost back to normal. In tho other shops, the Navy is planning penalties tigtilnttt workers who re- I'use to work overtime when asked. As Fighting Yanks Hit The Riviera Beach German Sub Fleet Has Lost Much Of Its Striking Force BEACON FALLS Correspondent'* I'hono 4324 Local Servicemen Visit Here Over Weekend PO 2-c Zclbcrt Gandarlllfts :USN, spent the week-end-'vith his parents on South Circle.'With the local sailor was a shipmate, Po .2-c Ralph Mischlck. VlHlt Hero Corp. and Mrs.-.Anthony Pasinc spent a few days'with the' corporal's parents on Main street. And P.vt'..Joseph Pasinc returned to duty.'In Camp Blanding, Flu., after spending ir' furlough in Bco- con 'Falls. . IMctiircil on the first duy of till! iii-'W Invasiun tliiit opened southern l-'rnnce to tllo war's fourth front against tin- Nazis an; Yank Infantrymen of thu U. S. Seventh 'Army'. pouring .from a landing craft and churKiiiK "cross thu sands of the Mcditerrivnea :v coast. They and their fellows encountered little rffoetivf opposition from the enemy, and at later reports Imd coii.solldutod fifty miles <>f beachhead and pciii'trali-d dorp inland iiinoiij; the Maritime. A'.ps. U. S. Signal Curiw Kudioplioto, (Interntttlonul SounUj>lioto) ... Washington. ApK- 2.1 — (UP) — .Naval experts say (ho once mighty r.c'i-dHin submarine fleet Is through as aci effective Htrlkliil: force. Tln> enemy undersell raiders unit now is classed rus a nulsancu i-iithrr th:ir, a menace. Tin- invasion of France delivered ihi- dffith blow tn U-boats. The Alii, -it lulvanctj In Normandy has cut <j|T two of their moat Important liases--the French ports of St. .N'.v/alre and Lot-lent. Two other I-'rrnch nruts now an- threatened l>y our troops stormlnr; up from I he .south. Last hope of the German under• Hen fleet lies 'ir. its bases in Norn-ay. And there, the nons are believed much smaller than those on the French const. Record Placement Of State Workers Letters From \ Our Readers \ August 15. Naugatuck Daily News, Dear Sirs: .1 just received your memo book nni.1 card. I'm writing • this note with a dual purpose: first, to thank you and second, to follow your' SUK- Kestion. 1 just arrived at this Hold to take my basic flying trainin£, havinff just completed my primary training at Americus, Geor{,-ia. We fly BT-lSA's here and it's a line ship. Thanks aKain for your interest in mo. I'll write when I chanse my station und status. Yours sinccercly, A-C Robert E. Spencer, Jr.. Class -w-K, Box 12, Courtland, Ala. Ifartford. A tier. 21—A record placement of 13.275 workers in jobs with Connecticut Industry was reported today by State Manpower Director William J. Flf/.trerald of the War Manpower- Commission, •who .said that the placements for July wfrp the highest ever compiled by the oftlcos fif the United Stales [Employment, Servico in the .stall- since their inception and rep- ri-srnted an increase of live per (.••••it nvcr the previous liiKfi total allaim-d in .rur.e. This \vns an in- crea-iR of 63r! job placements for !ln> period. Tax affairs nrc centered In two .•iirencicH in 1:" states, while '10 stali-.-i have th-ree ai;etieli'-i. Seven Mates have four, >:,lx have five, one •has nix und one has .seven', August 1-1, 10'1't uiK»'uck Daily J\'ows. Gentlemen: Received your little memo book Einti it is just the .thing- to Carry around with mo to write some things I want to remember. I am In good health and getting along fine. Heard some of the is'augy boys sire home. I probably will be home myself pretty soon. I like the navy and 1 am in the umphilbous i'orce. Been in the service two years this coming October, \Voil this is all i'or now and wil write again soon am.! hope to send a bolter Totter than this. Well, I want to thank you very much for this gift.- I will treasure thiy book for a long time. Closing this letter with wishing you the Best In health, luck and happiness. A Sailor Friend, CELSA GOEANI. O. M. 3rd Class U. S. S. L. C. L (L) 570, c-o Fleet Post Office. New York, N. Y. PIERPONT'S Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Wallace Says Democrats Will Have To Work Hard Austin, Texas, -Aug. 21 —(UP) — Vicr; President WalHce says the Democrats will have to work hard —"as always"—rin the November general election. But he declines to predict the outeomo. siiys 'Wallace: "I'm no Gallup poll." Wallace arrived in Austin, Texas, after an inspection of Texas A. and M. college at College Station. The- vice-president is r.e;ir the end of a week-long .southern tour which he says has no political significance whatever. Denials Are MideByRear Admiral Kimmel Washington, Aug. 21—(UP) — TJiu Pearl Harbor sneak nHack— which plunged us into' the war, i, once more in thu news. Rear Admiral Husband Kim mcl, the naval commander at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese struck, declares the -American public will be amazed whon '.he true facts of the- Pearl Harbor catastrophe are revealed. Kimmel ha.s challenged a mapazir.e .article by Senator Harry Truman which charges that lack of cooperation between the army.vincl navy wa:?. mainly responsible for the Dec. 7th disaster. In an open letter to President Roosevelt's fourth term running nVato, Kimmel says bluntly that Truman^, intimations that he and Army Commander Genera'. Short ware not on speaking terms is not true. The admiral adds that Truman's stat-emcaUs alleging failure of army and navy cooperation CL r fc equally false. Kimmel declares that the findings of the commission headed by Supreme Court Justice Owen Hob- crts, on- which lie says Trun:an relies, do not contain the basic truth of the Pearl Harbor catastrophe. World War A Year Ago August 21,1943 (By United 1'Tesx) U. S. and Canadian forces 1 oc'cu py island of Kiska without Japanese opposition on Aug. 15. Mo'scow radio announces that Muxim Litvihoff has been "relieved" of his post of Soviet ambassador to the United States; succeeded, by Andrei Gromyko. British warships sink seven Axis landing- transports ^trying to escape of.1' Scalc'a while U. S. air- men'shell Gioia .again. ' ' '' In the South Pacific, Allied aircraft bombs enemy air base at Wewalc, New Guinea, for fourth lime in a week; net 33 Japanese planes. • '. : '. In Italy, the governor of Rome resigns; is succeeded by Dr. Rlc- ardo Motta,. former chief of Italian police. • . ' .. . :„ Germans Lost Many Tanks In Allied Drive On Furlough Sgt, Howard Jones, 1 Jr., is spending: a furlough with his parents on Main street. The sergeant is stationed in "Gobrgia'VitrT an Army All-'Force unit: .••'•• •• '- Weekends \ylth Wife PO 2-c Fred Morgan spent the weekend with his "wife 1 "on Lopas road;' 1 ' •'• '"•••' In New Yortt City Ecty Ann De Palnia, of Railroad avenue, is 'spending th'i; week in New York city with relatives. 1 • • • • HOUKC, T-ot'Sold- • According: to a warranty filed with" the town clerk, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rybinsky sold a house and lot on Church' street" to Mr. and Mrs. John Bea. Vl»lt in Bar Harbor Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Pcnnell o£ Bethany road, arc in Bar Harbor. Maine. Mrs. Pcnnell is the former Mary Allen, R. N, ;' '. MONDAY, AUGUST 21, 1944 Yanks Get Together/With Fightin^Maquis Two mighty tough outfits get together in the al>ov 2 picture. >or the flrnU.ttme the Yanlw «m Uie Hwap' /Ightlng Information with the far-f;imed Mnqul i, the' heroic Free French underground fighter* littve carried' on a persistent campaign of halxitage a^ the German invaders. Several nhown nerc in»pecting American fighting tools for which they have great admiration. Signal Corps Ritd4ophou). Massachusetts ; Girls Are Sought For Questioning Actor Charged With Illegal Entry Into U. S. Hollywood, Aug. 21—(UP)—The much-publicized • Tommy Dorscy- Boston 1 ,' Aug. 21—(UP)—Several new developments have- occurred n the police drive against juvenile pangs. While authorities arc coking- four teen-age girls for [Uestioning, a Roxbury pharma- ist was slugged n.n.d beaten by llrec youths in the North End. Henry J. TOE! said $30 was taken from !iim. ! Meanwhile, it reported by police that one of the young girls held in connection: with the bcat- | ing and robbery . .of n. merchant soama'n, had" been"slashed with'' a knife" by'a man" • • last.'"June. No reason for'the attack, was known. Following the arrest of five boys in connection with the slayi:i£ and robbery" of former Marine John F. Frunty 'August i2th,' municipal officials are taking actio'n One city councilor suggests "brine; back the old walking 1 cop and put half the prow cars in police garages." ' • • -' • v - Stab Wounds Prove Fatal To Stamford Woman 10-JAR CANNERS $5.93 Also CANNING JAKS and ACCESSORIES NAUGATUCK HARDWARE >'EAHY BUILDING Tel. 5212 Largest Masonic- Library Displayed At Indiana U. Eloomington, Ind. —• (UP)—Tn- cllana University now has one of the largest collections of Masonic lore in the country, a gift of Robert A. Woods of Princeton, Ind. who spent OD years collecting it. The collection consists of '12.' volumes, including national Masonic records since 179T and Indiana records from 1817. University otllcials said it would be a separate unit in the school's library, with additions made when available. -Stamford, Aug, 21—(U P)—Stab wounds allegedly inflicted by her husband have caused the death of Mrs. Susie Scanarr.uw.o. .Police sny that Philip Scara- .iiii.'ixo — an Italian World War I veteran—-stabbed .his wife with a butcher knife August 7th during an argument over title to f.ome property. Mrs. ScaramuKxo had been in a hospi'nl from the time of the stab- King until her death Sunday. CHL'RCHES TO CKLIiHKATE New Marlboro, Mass. (J_'P> — The Rev. Arthur Simmons, newly- appointed Congressional minister', if- looking forward to a year of a r. r. i v e r s a r'^ celebrations. .His church here will observe its 200th anniversary, his church at Harts- vjlle its 130th and ills Mill River chapel its 100th. With British -and Canadians Moving Toward the' Seine. Aug. 21—(UP)—The Germans have lost at least .TOO tanks ir, the pocket formed by the Alilcd drive toward the Suinc. Th'u represents the strength o* three and one-half Panzer divi- soins. Seven originally were in the, trap. T-he rate of destruction aver- ugc-s nbout 50 tanlcs each day . Gangs of prisoners still arc'com- ing in. During a recent 2-1-hour period—2000 captives were taken. At least half a dozen centers of resistance remain .within the main pocket. Jori Hull brawl Is in the spotlight ugaln with a new development. Immigration authorities are hold-j p., j. ^q T, IPne J n ng one of tho participants—Pana- 1 i_*lCIICI, J.O, J-UXila III manlrin Actor Antonio Icaza—for j llegal entry into the United States.! Tho officials say that Icaza—prc-1 viously deported—came back to the | United States on July 31'st as a seaman.' Icaza currently is suing bandleader Dorsey" for S40.000 for a knife-kr.icfkcd eafc allegedly received in the fracas. Icaza an- i nouncecl last week he was return- i Ing to Panama or. what he- called I urgent business. This was shortly j before the grand jury was to'open i investigation of the fight. | If.Jc.iza is convicted—he not only will miss the grand jury probe— but he might have to wage his suit ngainst Dorsey from Panama Record Rate Of Oil Production Is Authorized In Hitler Repays Blood Bank For Saving 1 Brother Fort Worth, Tex. (UP)—V. H. Magee'ls determined to repay the four pints of blood plasma which saved the life of his brother. Staff Sgt. John D. Magco, when he was wounded (n Italy. The wounded man lay in a di f ch for 12 hours before *.c was taken to a medical station where the plasma was administered, Magcc told attendants at tho blood donor center when he paid his second installment. Kansafi ranks first in the production of volcanic ash although the state has no volcanoes and never had any. . The Hclffinn radio announced that the fornior mayor of JXn- y.iK, Germany, Dr. Karl Goor- dcUT, accnsr-U of participating in the plot ajralnst Ilitlor, • was' ar- ri-sU'd. Til0-Nil7.1s had offered n reward of $!!<)0.0tio for .Dr. Goor- deler, (International) Washington, Aufi 1 . 21—(UP>—The petroleum ndministrtition for war TIXS authorized u record rate of oi production durinp September. A 103,000 ban-el -daily increase will boost output to an all-time rh of more than 0,051,000 barrels j a. i!ay.' ' • It's tho first time in history that a production rate more than 5,000;000 barrels- daily has been certified. Output now is reported reaching- peak cH'iciency levels. But it's warned that military demands-for oil arc higher than anticipated— and that civilians must hold their consumption to an absolute minimum. Charms Blacksnake With Taps On Bugle Petersburg, Ind. (U P)—The Hindu snake charmer may have luck on cobras with his' lute, .but pivc 17-year-okl J;micc Dorsey a bugle every time comes to' dealing; with blacksnakea, . ' ', Recently, while sounding taps at a cemetery, Miss Dorsey looked down and say a. six-foot blacksnake coiled near her feet keeping time to the notes with his head. She didn't falter, but when the. last note was sounded, she fled. The 1 snake did not follow her. 'PARENTS i'our diiuffhter will need specialized training to hold u pood position after the war. Now is the time to get It. New clnDft In Secretarial, Bookkeeping iind Office Machine" 1 courses bej{ln. Wed., Sept. fi. Get Free Bulletin, POST JUNIOR COLLEGE SKIRT o FREE with order,, .this .week..only.. 100 Church 1 St. DEEN'S Mink Cross-Breeding Produces Shaded Fur Chicago, (U P)—Cross-breeding of mink indicates that postwar mink coats will be available in almost every shade — pink, lilac, golden yellow, light blue,.as well as darker shades, said R. D. Harmon, a director of the National Board of Fur Farm Organization. . It will be possible to buy a mink coat to match your hair, eyes, or complexion, if you have the necessary ,$2,000 to $21,000, he said, The production of fur coats available, for purchase this fall will be 10 per cent less than last year, or approximately 50 per cent below the pro-Pearl Harbor output, Harmon said. Winpna, Minn.' 1 — (UP) — Ray j Martin, who has gone Johnny Vandcrmeer, of double no-hit fame, three better, is waiting for basebal talent scouts to beat a path to his door. • Ray, who is 13, pitches in the W'nona midget .baseball league. In his first 11 games, five were no- hit, performances, four were shutouts and in the two others, both victories, he yielded a total of but three runs. His fifth no-hitter was tho masterpiece. It was a sevcn-ir.ning game. Twenty-one batters faced him.'He struck out 20 of them, and .fielded the ball for nn assist in putting out the 21st. Oh yes. in the 11 games ho allowed a total of II hits, and his strikeout average "per game was 14. Anticipate Many Jobs For Women Hartford, Aug. .21—ilanufactur- ers in the state.of Connecticut expect a resumption in the upward by January 3, 19-15 according to trend in the employment of women information furnished the olticc of the \V.-!i' Manpower Commission for Connecticut, State Manpower Director William J. Fitzgci-ald said today. These manufacturers announced that women jn-orkers may reach 153,311 by thai date. This would compare with 144,163 women in various jobs in state industry as of July 1st this year, or an anticipated increase of 9,1-JS feminine workers for the period. EA.SV J'KEV WITHOUT JK>G Watertown. Mass. — (UP) — George Ross' Great Dane L.ISSIC is in the doghouse. For the first lime in two years, he went to the bank without her and was robbed of $•1,552. In the bnnm cold rush days, population of Idaho City, Idaho, was believed;. 1 '- .to be about JO, 000. Now it is. about :~3CO. N • ., Final Stage Of Battle Of Normandy Is Fantastic Sight 1 With Canadian Forces on- Normandy Front. Auj?. —A front dispatch final Htagc of the Normandy b«fc', tic as >a fantastic sight. _^x United Press War Correspondtej; William A. WiJson calls one N«t: m a n d y road near TTalni:* » : : Jammed, avenue of prisoner* \~\ iK-any not even escorted. Some u^;i on foot •while others drive'thtirv own vehicles toward CanadlHO prison cages. - '. JS, Wilson says dozens of the c*£'! lives arc as arrogant v elittj guardsmen — but they brealc inttt- tcars before their raptors aft»jr£ One day's bag included 20 Mo8f| toliane who — through romc of war — found themselves tting- machine guns against "< adian soldiers.. Wilson i-epor.tjj there- also was a woman cr captured in a German gun position. She said she was tj Ru.--s:an captured on the Bryam front and brought to France "1 the Gcrmat:-?, BUY WAR BONDS AND STAMPS Pepsi-Cola Company,'Long Island .City, AV Y. Franchiser! Bottler: Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co., Bristol, Coui REVERE BOVS MEET IN ITAJA' Revere, Mass. (U P) — Frank Hajjpa,' an ambulance driver with the Fifth Army medical unit in, Italy, met in one day during hisrounds: His twin, Cpl. William Rappa; his cousin, Pvt. Alike Ro'ssl, and a friend. Pvt. Francis McCormick—all of Revere. I WRACLE WALL FINISH COSTS ONLY. $O98 2 PlU CAUON G /i •• .1 a . . C. Murphy Co. HEAVY CRYSTAL. .GLASSES 12 for $1.00 OTRISIK'S CENTER. ST. • DIAL 8-ZT62 GREAT OAK FARM j OXFORD RQAJ> Tei. swo MILK — EGGS Delivery To AH Parts Of - Naugatuck WAYS TO BRING THE BOYS HOME SOONER 1 — Bo ;i Snmson. Eat goo'd foods to keep healthy and strong. - — Ulcctl for your covinl.ry. Donate blood plasma and save a soldier's life. in l.lio o — Grease for tho Axis. Save waste fat and oils for ammunition. •i — Make things do. The Service* Wa.nt; Ads will help you. 5 — Put down temptation. Avoid the Black Market G — Raise folding money to help, buy bends. Use a •Merchandise Classified Ad in the News. 7— Cut needless cost of entertainment and bin- bonds with what you save. 8— Button yonr lips, save soldiers and .ships. Don't'l. rumors. • 0 — Save. gas. Use a ncoighbor's ear or form pool... a car- 10—Buy now todav; for the M-inior. Get your fuel oil CALL 2228 TODAY For a Naugatuck Daily News Want Ad THAT WILL HELP YOU BRING THE BOYS HOME SOONER I

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