Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 9, 1896 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 9, 1896
Page 11
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Its platform and Reoi.-That we cannot supportfor the Presidency of thfl unltetftatesa Populist upon a platform which advocates national Jjihonor, Indorses mob rulo and paves the way to . That we favor the holding of a democratic tbnventlon and the nomination of Democratic i"P° n an honest Democratic platform." rca«e«nty adjolnson the south the county of Lancaster, In which -I/an Mves, and Is the third county In the State In point of relation.] _ : ... • ' : • '• -.-^ National candldat QUESTIOS AND ANSWERS. , n<in. Jolm jfConnor ' of jthB "Indiana Former" A«i« r " » Number of Lending Qiu»tlon» ppoimdort by III- Fplond Johiuon. • (--'^ (, • The follows interesting conversation occurred^ tho silver question the other day beacon John; B. Conner of tho Indiana inner and Mr, Johnson of Oliiiton conrit j "I read yqftvicws recently published .. ii. ~ ~:i.. A ..^nutintt n snirl Afr. Johnson on tliesilver-Sf s tion -" said Mr; Johnson to Mr. Couu«' "and I want to ask you one plain qiftf 0 "' and t f lftt ls — wil1 not frep coinag&f silverf make money plontior aiifllfiior for nil of us?" Mr. Conuaroplied—3 am iu favor of easier tiiiis. certainly, but I cauuot seo how frc&iiiago of silver by this country nlonp to givons thut. Mr. ,Tohil»—But ypa must admit that when ipo is plenty of anything that \vo all jlnt. it makes better times. Mr. Connf^How is the froo coinage of silver forjle great miniiiR firm of S. W. Hauiiltq|<fc Co. of j Nevada, or that of George ~~ ...»-«-- rado, or tbi ot C Montana, gfcg to help you and mo to easier timeaij .' ' Mr. Jolinifc—Welljwheu there is a great deal qjnouoy ii circulates more freely and dps us all; don't you think so? Mr. Cou—, . , isosfarasjoy free (coinage man has ever gone if his exriauatiou of easier times and rjjnty of iiiouey in conversa- thing I want to have, to give a note in bank, and pay interest, and use the money, : • Mr. Johnson— Yes, of course, that is the way moi-o money gets into circulation. : Mr. Conner— Mr. Johnson, I suppose. that you remember what the interest rate on money used to be 20 to 30 years .. pplloe.'-f6rce-of Chlcngo >vhenever;shc wishes. She can travel.ia plain.clothes or put on uniform aiid hold down a beat. She held up a "beat" the other day, ami Justice Cliott, of the nespJaincs street police court sent him over to the county jnil tosee \vhnt the (frond jury thought of him. • Mrs. Thompson lives with her lius- liand and a nice little flve : year-oJd. daughter at 207 West.Van Buren.street and rents two-of her tidy roomfi to sing-Is young- men when she can. She had rented one of them to N. C. Gardner, anil when she went out to do the marketing the other day she asked him to take'care ago: Mr. Johnson— Yes, I remember. Mr. Conner— The rate -was 10 per cent, wasn't it? with |ie. Johnson—Yes, I paid 10 per cent then. Mr. Conner—Well, yon can borrow money now at 0, can't you? Mr. Johnson—Yes, the last I bprrowed, on mortgages security was at C.per cent. Mr. Concer—Let UB see. Hero is a telegram iu The Journal this morning which says that tho banks in Now York have over $20.000,000 on hand above what the law required theni to keep as reserve, and money on call is loaning at ]i£ to 2 per cent, but no demand for this extra $20,000,000. Mr. Johnson—What of that? Mr. Conner—Tho lost statement of fcOo oriJNevaaa, orinac the Indiana banks a few days ago ;omstoci& Co. of Colo- j showed .that the loanable funds on hand oTc 1 Gates & Co. of above the f required reserve, was many 1 millions of dollars. r Mr, 'Johnson—Well, suppose it was? 1 Mr. Conner—And I know of good call or short time loons to good parties made at 4 per cent in Indiana, aud yet here are these .millions piled up by depositors I | in the banks that can't be loaned on •', Mr. Johnson, that good safe paper. Mr. Johnson—I dou't see what these New York and Indiana matters Have to do with the question. Mr. Conner—That is" what is the matter with you free silver coinage iuw prloa under lame Knarao- prtf.rtoconi«li<ir«w«wlll<»D. re«idboulDllli,ind iab»T»uuo.imcr- • IT* H JW««P*»**^* wwmw**™' FuVottop.rnUlrwdf.re.nd it, If w« fill to cure: If you bin KaidV, e ou.ii..«d.tni»s •jid'iinfEiiT* iche« and ith;8aHiThroiiti know is ho« are yol and-I, or anyone' else, to gotjpme of jthat money freely j coined hy .flj Kovornjnent for Hamilton & Co., or alf otuer (if the mine owners? Mr. Johiiiu—I mfeht answer by asking, how 4$-ou an^I get money at all from any o»? j Mr Confer—I an glad that you asked thatifcstioujfor the answer to it explains jist whal I am driving at. Mr. Johriln—W^at'do yon mean? Mr.; ConA—I mean' liow does any one obtain jloney f:om another? Mr. JohiMn—Wlll,.y°i say- Mr. CpnV—The only way I know of .is by excripging Homet^in K one has with the mp whcrhas the money and wants the [lings yju have bad enough to give it t*ou. | Mr. Johibn—I tncss you are right, •andasthe-'jllow jrho has the, money can'tcatitjr-weaiit.he will have to exchange | for.tjiingg to eat and wear f and use iiifis busness. . j. Mr. Con'ifr—YJs, that is so; but snp- • pose that jfcse mjuiug fellows and the gpecnlato|n:BiWer bullion have plenty of moneyfilreaoy to buy what they, . "tl , IJlJ nf , A in tliaiV c<ir«- TbH ul'«M» bal llwmtl «f»h*moit emlnentphTrt- our . B ' \l '• « Tri>4o;M0 FOR THE BLQQD, NERVES, LIVER KIDNEYS. 4 B. B. B. B. cured me of Indl- gwtlon, Liver and Kidney Trouble. Yours respectfully, MBS. REBECCA BRAMBLETT, Jamestown, Ind. 4 B B B B are purely vegetable. Put up in oftpsules, sixty In a box. Thirty days' treatment In a box. Price $1 per box.'or alx for $6. •• Manufactured'-by Hi C. BRAOq, Connerivlllc, Ind. . :. : -.; For sale by all druggists. .: j B. . BV F. KWESMNG, wanttoeiand ,wear and, nsom business, ten hq* ore yon-going to get more morif out (of them after the government *is it free for them. ' , . Mr: aolson|-I:don't understand what youfte driving at. ; • • Mr. Cooer—Well, it is.this; Hamilton &,Go| he great silver mining company, un* free coinage, would take 10 000 OuSes of 'silver to the United States ; rrflt.. have it coined free-and white'in to open markets of the world it wns Wdin otly'$0,S62.60,,the government worn torn over 'to them at its coinage -^e, 111.025.- As Hamilton & Co. have 11, the,money they-ueed now to b'uy w»'t they want,to eat..and wear for themives and families, and to pay for all tbi want to use in their mining camps'arSstamp rnills, they would na-. tnrally-il this extra |11,625 away in thoir ia* and two it' to buy land, or .bid in y«n if you -should have a mprt. cage to f foreclosed. or.Kamble, in.phi- C»RO wh|jt.cr Now York-stocks, or start a bank «h. Whatbver-they did with it, they oght to thank you for helping- them, mie a clear profit of ?5,412.DO on the lO.OOounces of 'silver, for it would, be a gooSboost toward becoming a mil.-, lionaireJHtlryonrhelp.; v ; : ' : Mr.. Jfmsonr-But I don't look at it in'that;jhy, . ,..: •• -.•'.••: : ' ' ,Mr..C*ner—WeU,how T do you look .at.it? i'^at U what I have, been trying 'to'find "at. . '•;'.-' ' .' .^^ ." : ; , Mr. Jinson—If Hamilton*Co., and others *o 'took silver''-bullion to the 'raiut'aifhad-it-coiried.'.free,: and. did not nuiit for buying thincs .they wantedjthey' would !prpbably ; : deposit .itiinitr4ianks..to;be put; ont;in.circula^ tion,.wftldn't.thoy?.-, '.•„ , i .,,-.. 7 - • . ' Mr.'.(bher-^Ppssibly ; .that is:, what 'many 'Fboth 1 the fining.,companiej and bn on gpecnlatow wonld'dp.'•',, ,„«„» _ - ; tiie : .'VbftplM. P«* moneyfc^lwffitibtf nbw; f lwppo?e. ,. ler-^Ybri jnean that the tania people. Yon seem to .fail utterly to comprehend the relation of one thing to another. I tell yon, hero ore millions of dollars piled up in the banks, with interest, as'yon admit, at about half what it used to be, and yet can't be loaned or put in ' circulation by the bants, as yon say. Now the relation of 'these matters to. your suggestion that Hamilton & Co., and others having silver coined free for them is, that if the.present volume of idle millions can't be put in circulation, how would these 'extra millions get into circulation -or help me'or yon or any of the 70,000,000 people of the United States, except these rich minors and speculators whose ^pockets '.you propose to fill at nearly'(2 ' of bullion at its present market Mr. Johnson—That'isn't the way. I ' -Mr. Conner—That may be.'ond the 1 moro is the pity; for while you arc fill- 'ing the .pockets of tho rich, mine owners and speculators by free coinage and by increasing the valne.of their metal nearly one-half—I say, while you people propose to do all this without-charge or any earthly benefit to anyone but themselves, you are plunging: ahead to silver, monometallism" aba gcrieral' 'disaster to every other kind of- business. It is time to call a holt and take your bearings. ' HAVE FAITH .IN M'KlNL'EY. Hotting .Won O(Ter to Qlva DlK Odd* With•-, out finding Taker* :. . ' Now York Adverttoer.• ....-• r, It is a little, early in. .the presidential'- campaign, to look to the prophetic straws of the betting ring, for evidences of pop-, ulor sentiment. '. Nevertheless it' is a matter 'of record'thatthe betting h'as-nlready, begun.' : At'least" offers have been made, although the tempting odds seem to attract no takers.' ''-.': . •>: . .When »10,000 is .put np-in large.or small amounts-with odds of n.ve to two- that MaJprMcKinley.wiU be elected.and- stays up without.'any response, it may bp. fairly., concluded "that, the hope of. " sating'him'is very small-indcedl Tha men who 'offer .'and take bets of this kind at' this stage of the game' ore not''politicians seeking .at; the .last'mo-' ment.'to.influenco wavering; voters by professed: confidence-.|n.,.thoelection of their candidate.-..Tliey ore cool headed; professional .gamblers .on the ^lookout for cash' inVostmoute 1 . , ' •Not one of'these sees two'chances, m five, witlrair the 'possibilities of life and, fate-arid circumstance on his side, worth; backingi.not even.with tlie whole- field- of, candidates..'against-;the Bepublicon/ nominee to chooseifrom.., ' .'; .. .They.are-waiting,.'of'wurse,, till, the true odds'we giveii. whiSfc, two'month* h'ehce.'will'pw^Wyf^:.^,^, 1 '' 0 - 0 ;'^:; SHE CAUGHT HIM- of the house. He said he would. Then he went out to mail a. letter, leaving the front door njar, so he would not have to got'oil t his Intehkoy when he come back. • Charles Walker hnppcneil aloutr. saw the position cf the door mul walked into the house. He busied himself fi-oiug through the bureau ili-ewers nnd other receptacles of valuables. It was a snap. He was having- n- pood time. But he heard some one come into the kitchen. It wns Mrs. Thompson, retumed from 'the market. She came in ond asked him whn.t he wanted. Walker told her to shut. up. Just then Gardner came back. Walker wos between n very game-looking little woman and a man of unknown possibilities, "This room doesnH suit me," he said, a.nd bounded down the steps to the street. Mrs. Thompson looked about the room and saw the opon bureau drawers. She gave one cry ami darted after Walker. Ife proved to bp a runner, but she caught him. W. C. Little, a grocery clerk, helped her, ami he wns held until a policeman came. Thwi he was sent to the station. He said he could have Cficnped out he couldn't find it in his heort to be rough with Mrs. Thompson, It is to his credit; for the woman is small in stature, and far from seeming accustomed to rough scenes. But hns nerve enough to .take care of her own. npninst any thief in town. And for that reason she can get on the force if she applies. WO.ODEN-LEQGED DOG. Umpt Alonr !•""> » w » r ^e»"» n - Bnt Covtrii the Ground Nicely. A living dog, even with a wooden, leg, is Infinitely better than.adead lion. That is what.Mr. Carrett, of'Pulaski county, Ky., thought when his watchdog, "13oze," limped into the tousc one ,doy with his foreleg barely hanging by the skin. . ' "Boze" had >i ioolish an.tipa.thy to rail- load trainj. and the inference was that he had scraped up an a.rffu»nentwith an express which hud gone through about halt, an "hour before. • i ' Mr. Garrett, who is something ot a, turgeon—like most good Ken-tuekians— decided that he might be*ter. keep thre«: quarters 'of- "Boze" than to lose him altogether. So he completed the work of amputation, bound up the stump of the leg and"ga'.ve the dog first-class care. •"Boze". himwlf.seemed to think life was worth living, 'and in three or'four 5,ufl»p MA.GKCO. _ KABICAIMY CUKC3 SCATARRH! It clears the bead of foul mucous ; heals the aores and nlcer» of the head and throat; sweetens the breath, and perfictlV regtore* the senses of the taste, smell and hearing. Stops headache and dropping into the throat Also destroys the germ -which c«nM« HAY FEVER, making a perfect cure in a few days, Ney«t fails 1 No fatal case of I**. 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Data and thinks t er muc f oo.-. . , ChTbottleof Brazilian Bairn cureS a friend of mine of hay fcv ? r.»-. . ru.ll»*t ^'Iwas very deaf for JO j-ears from catarrh. Brazilian Bairn applied farrn in »V cin^I^wn restored my ^^-MrfJoh hand to took ten Bt jr. JACKSON & CO., Cleveland, 0< For «,leb,v the following &*>&**: B. P. Keesllng, Flflhor, Johnson Bros., W. H. Brhlgburst, G. W. HoffmaD. D. E. Means, H. D. Battery anfl A. R. Kistler. BEST IN THE^ WORL-Pj ^" m ^ f •^••_^i*^ • -• ^—^-^^^^m^^^^^^^r^~^^^^^^^^~ '- m vo ^^*«4*AM ^ JJ^^A DIGEI^ »»,i«i-i-—— -~^—- t^iaft of Uteoti TM. Ptie« aSe. For Sale by B. F. KBB8L1NO. DOO WITH "A WOODEN :LEO. w«;i«i hc'-iyas/ up v and ; about.. But hia rait" was woVibly, and- Ciirrett set to work and''made' a. wooden, leg! to 'fctraichten-him up. 'He vhittliwl^and scraped and polished it, and fastened :it.to "BoM," with a clever arrangement of'StrapS. '" ••• -...•:-: ...;.-. ;• ,. At first 'trial th>dog didn't talie'kmd- ]y to the addition that had been built for him, .but he'-cbuklh't shake it ofl 'und iflnnliy conclu'd«l to make the best of, it, ' Within" a wccli'lic was walking 1 , "about with all'tbe four-cornered -dignity. > K-Oovaraor.-'Altgeld'.h89 any dloubt. .the D.emoe.. aboueawjjingt no» ,r . ... racy, he /still,', has" "thejpardpuiug power awTine're ir'e' 'still'' a few ; itaprisoned- lawbreakers.— St. Louis Star.' •' .; •;•, • r : Theraii* bnBi of -;iatiifaction -among' itp I of ^Europe. pver ; ; the . ri)..i a .,. ,'ind..TiHnuin, and.think.Bryftrj la.full of. " '"' ' "'' . .. .•.... •• . . • , :;- .-When ..he,:-want8 -to jump a fcnce.or chaa.e aii Invading, cat out of. the; door- vnrd h'e.'jolds the, wooden' leg- up-undei-- him.' ^nd a'-rnHrpad'ti'ainis'sora'eth'Ing he ha»-no- iong^rany'-'posB jble''«i^|f<» ; . v . .'.-.V.ooo'ii'.riik.StO'T.*™™. *?'»!,o«v ,-•'• '", J :\-A. : 'aV'Cnswell, of'Searsmerit, Me., il '\'he : great : ''fls'henna"ri;;and-'h!i» 'aceomi - G. A. .Special Ratcu via Pennsylvania Lines for National Encampment. August 30th and 31st and September 1st are the dates upon which low rate round trip tickets to St. Paul will be sold via Pennsylvania Lines, the short route through Chicago. Tickets will be good returning 'until September 15th, Inclusive, and If deposited with the Joint agent at St. Paul on or before September 15, die'return, limit'will be extended to Include September 30tb. The rates for this occasion will be exceptionally low via Pennsylvania Lines, the only system of railways over which trains run from Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana to Chicago Union Station, the natural gateway from those States to the Northwest. Dully' trains from Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cincinnati. Indianapolis and Louisville make convenient conuectlou'at Chicago with St. Paul trains. Arrange,- ments may be made by G. A. H. Pn«8 or parties of friends to travel together on special trains or special cars that \vlll go through from starting poict ta..«fc Encampment'without change. If the number Justifies'.It.' Information on the subject will be cheerfully furnished by representatives of the Pennsylvania Lines. TAKE YOUR'VACATION NOW. Go to the picturesque Macktaac Island via the D. & C. .(Coast Line). It only costs $13.50 from Detroit, $15.50 from Toiedo. $18.00. from Cleveland 'or the rourd trip, Including meals and bertha. Tickets good for CO days, bicycles car- rte'd'free. .One;thousand miles of lake nnd -river riding on new modem steel steamers.-fpr-the-above rates. Send % for illustrated pamphlets. Address, A. ,A. Sclwintz, G: -E. A.-,-Detroit.- : < plishd a feat heretofore -iiiilipara of is hid locality:.- 'He, bgrr.owed a fish'li.nc, ; arid •if'ter'baiing' 'tils-book; threw"it into ! &e water. ;; -ln i.;short ; ti'me he Sad n ter- rifti-atrlkeV'liis 'line- hnciming through tlie: wttter.i^He- w«s:obliped to-have a«- elstance. After a time Cnswell .-landed S1DNPA.X EXCURSION TO C.I.N- ''' ,'''•" . . •"..'.,CINNATl. '. . ' .,,,.• - August 9tt,.via IPenBsylvania line?; from LogaMport; excursion train leaves B-'a.':m. central time; "rehirnlng: leaves Cincinnati 7 p.'.m. central tline. -,-pase ball game,' Cincinnati Reds m Louis vllle, League; teams.". Lots of time .to se the.Zoo; theiLngopn; the. Parks and other attfactlT'J reifiorta of the; "9 ne ?. n Cityi", ' • -'-,.': '. ',' . Subscribe forThe Journal. . : ';';>;.- SUriMER TOURS . VIA - •. ' 'BIG FOUR" TO THE riOUNTAINS, LAKES and SEASHORES Solid Vostlbuled. Trains. With Wngncr, Sleeping Cars New York and Boston from • ' St, Louis, Peorla, Indianapolis, Cincift- imtVDaytori, Columbus, : via ' CLEVELAND AND BUFFALO "The ' Knickerbocker Special." "The South/western Limited."-Six Terminal at tlic Great Lakes. . Chicago, Benton, Harbor, Ipled* Detroit, San<Ju,5ky, Cleveland Tourist Rates in all Directions.. , . Ei 0. McCormlck, . . Pass. Traffic Manager. D; B. Martin, Gcnl. Pass and Ticket Agent. ' SIX SIX. Special Train EXCURSIONS -TO- 1. 'i VIA THE -' . "VANDALIA LINE July i9th, 26th. and August and, ;pth, itth, 33rd. Fare for 1 the round trip- $1.00. T leaves VBridalla" station at 0:56 a •Fftui- •>— 6...i

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