Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 13, 1928 · Page 11
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 13, 1928
Page 11
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- - . i!OWA !MNK P 5 f, PI wT-r^ \ I--AI V? "-•*» *"- »» " W7.V inJl !irt Uf * S«?|. For Its First Victory Qvrr Yost—-Ohio of *f- ftttfp, ***Mjffttf«i. rrjiw ft-nH fr»~ nee, tills dtifil !»tw*en two fight- is of ««m nil, rimllni m to be fh* of the maim!, rivalling e«rn the field d*ys of an- ftt Bdsrse. For Cbtaiga. -whtclj »l» had the fparteifct .towjk-CMcafo ««d Ohio Ite-Korthwsstem. flumes an Its . am, it wws bf far the red let- day in football history. More 290,000 we*8 expensed to watch fstasss, and ths elfcy WNsth- with aotmty. Streets wens Jmn- d and thousands of police straggled to keep the tremendous traffic moving. The glamour of the spectacle at "Mler Field, which attracted scores celebrities, nil but dwarfed the IMS of the contest twteeon i Rockne's ramblers and "Navy Ingram's Midshipmen. Among box holders were Vice President rjes O. Dawcs, Secretary of the t y Cortls D. Wilbtir, other high aval official*, and many monie stars, including Gloria Bwansson, S--MTW Gody, Norms Sheerer and dty O'Neil, a dyed in the wool Notre Dame rooter. On the rldelines Jfpom was made for baseball's two anoths of swat, Babe Rulh and Gehrifr, the New York Van- 1 Iwine' run twins." Ths Bam> was a Notre Dame rooter, white npin' Lou was out for the Nayy. SOX bunds, among them those from !Sw» Kaval Academy at Annapolis and from Notre Dame, wcro ready to flare forth. The Navy's goat, too, on the scene. C'Jfsng'", iTprh JpMtins;. j fe»\ arid otbfr Bis; Tra! rUl r-frf-ivp his first test in Big Ten competition today when roam for one more team providing ths team is entered at the Y. ML C. A. by Monday morning. Edgar Sleeper left tackle on the Community high team suffered a dWocatJon of his knee and will probably bs lo»t to the team daring the entire season. This Is another seme ratback for Community. WALNUT FOOTBALL TEAM LOOKS GOOD With a fleet backfield and a com- gtrativeiy weak line, Knute Rockne's -wen depended on speed, while the Jtovy. with its heater line, depend- ea ou brawn. Both copehea indicated plenty of kicking and enough forward, passing to keep the great throng oa edge. SPORT NOTES 1 The sun rises at 6:11 a. m. Sunday mad seta at 5:32 p. m. On Monday 16 Sim at 8:13 a. m. end sets at 8:21 ». Tramp" Ebertey can lum«y ilt to get oat and shoot a few decks. Looks like they would soon be on the way. * Tto Morrison Legion post lua 1 to sponsor a basketball team t ttil» waaop aad Xgaeagm Pett has been named chairman and 1 R'James Lawry and A. E. Collins as members of the committee who m be to charge. The first call for has ;tortball -candidates has been set for next Tuesday evening. It is expected to hold the first home game on p^J&wiksgiving Morris Mowrer of Hock Falls re ports that Tuffy Griffiths, Sioux City light heavy is a real goer" and that h*> knocked Kayo White, dusky New Orleans battler off his feet sev eral times during their bout at Dav eaport Thursday night Joey Thorn &a of Toledo defeated Snake Agui naldo of the Philippines in a tame 10 rounder. The bout between Youni Terry of Davenport and Dyer of St Ixjuis started out like a real one but Dyer caught one on the nose fracturing it and putting an end to the .-Jkput,.Kid P»yn» of Burlington suffered a fractured collar bone in his boat with Jack Decker of Butt Mo- ^tmd this was stopped in the * round. Two local boys opertec janry wu . Anted Ttw Bud* high school football fatmweat tbe weatheraaa one bettor Thursday afternoon. The ttter- wu 84 but tiw Buda team plted score of 85 to 9 owa- Neponaet l tha aflemooa. ^wfflgld de- MnisHua 3d to 0 at Saef&eid V. have formed bowling **>mv ' have entered the if. M, a A. T|tB league aext week. The* la nmmwm £>ay»» Walnut, m., Oct. 13—(Special > — The Walnut high school gridders took off to a flying start in the •"Little Eight" conference, and won their first start by a 44 to 0 score Wyanet high school being the victims. The following week the blue "Bd whtte grid squad traveled to Nepotuer,' and were again victorious with another overwhelming victory. The score being 42-0. Last Thursday the heavy Tlskilwa grid- aers journeyed to the Walnut stronghold, all set to trim the Walnu ssjaad, but were set back with a stinging defeat of 47-0. Bureau township, title contenders for years failed to put a team In competition this season, so fortified their games. This gives Walnut a string of four victories in the "Little Eight." and but three games to go. The Walnut goal line has not been crossed by a conference team this season and but six first downs have been ante by opponents in the three Barnes that have been pfcyed, Walnut has ptted up a score of P°to*» *« their opponents a The Walnut team is captained by Jeff Liver, quarter back, who is a -wer open field runner, and is one w» Cleverest field generals in conference. His abffity to itflw hi* accurate -passing and punting; hia apeed and ability on of- zense as well as defense, makes him the moat highly respected, back hi the togue. m« running mates Pope "**•» and GallenUne. are fast and better than 180 pounds which la a husky outfit for a wnnl school Fordham a husky freshman has been holding down a guard position, and has been a sensation on defense. Th« Walnut squmd lias a number of.subs who nre very capable, and the seasons success seem; assured. The team Is coached by J Robert Ingtl, a product of Eureka where he captained his team in 1926 The crucial game of the "Little Eight" will be played at Sheffield next Friday afternoon, when Walnut will meet Sheffield, for "Little Eight" leadership. Neither team has met defeat in the conference so far this season and the dopesters claim that Friday's game will determine the "Little Eight" championship. ERIE WINS SOCCER GAME WITH CORDOVA BY SCORE OF 4 TO 0 . • The backs average 140 pounds The Walnut line is heavy and and with two seasoned vet- 6 ^!! Jailor, at right end. Ivan -Peach at center, the less rieaeed linemen, follow their weU axpertenoed linematcs exam- Erie, Oct. 13.—(Special)—The Erie soccer football team was again victorious in,the second game of the season Thursday afternoon, winning from Cordova by a score of 4 to 0. The game was played in the Woman's Club park in Erie. Neither side made a ucore in the first quarter. Goals wens made by Wilbert. Miller and Kenneth Cocking in the second quarter. Paul Hilbish made a goal In the third quarter and Kenneth Finnicum in the last quarter. The line up was as follows: Cordova —Van Mock, Drury. E. Hawen; Barber. Stropes. Pettlt Zimmerman, Unger. Hamilton. Mil- GEORCrlA PICKED TO DEFEAT YALE TWICE IN A BOW (United Press Staff Corre&pondenU New Haven, Conn.. Oct 13—Yate had its bnck to the wall today, with a fighting Georgia football team ta front of them. The only eleven to beat Yate test: aBon, Georgia was favored today to be the first to accomplish the feat this season mid take back to Athens, Oa., a record of having triumphed two years in succession in the big Yate bowl. Three Yale regulara were counted out of the lineup with injuries and a fourth, Johnny Qarvey, the sparkplug of the Yale attack, was still recovering from * cold and fevw. What Yale will do when Oarvey doesn't go concerned some 80,000 football fans who gathered here today for this early season Jntersec- tional classic. Georgia pinned its faith to a four- star backfleld, coached by Jimmy 3rowley, a member of tho original 'Pour horsemen" at Notre Dame in 1924. The southerners* backfleld IB otan- xjsed of Johnson at quarterback, 3ooks and Dudley at halfbacks and McCrary at fullback. All of them except Johnson were regulara last season. Fights Laat Night y Thf> Aasociated Press.) Chicago-Billy Light, St. Paul, WJtpaintrtl Jack McCflrthy, Chica- num. laic— K. Young, C. Hawk, O. Pei- ersen. S>. .XUJbUOu. E. yjnntaan. A. Miller, K. Cocking, W. Kelly. K. Finnicum. B. Rink. W. Miller. Substitutes for Cordova, O. Pettit, D. ArmstrQQg, Substitutes for Erie. D, McBride, H. Florence, E. Brandt, V. Wimmer, J. Hcusenga. Referees— Moy. Cordova coach nnd Small. Ed* coach; time keeper, Jordan of Cordova and H. Wood of Erie. The Community High School band of Erie played for the Hollywood, CaUf.-Joey Medill, Little 19 Games Today Wabash-MUlikin at Decatur. Mt. Morris-Monmoath at Mon- moutb. North Central-Betoit at Betolt Wk. wheaton-Eureka at Eureka. Illinois CfoUege-Cartnage at Jacksonville. Bntdley-Knox «t Galesburg. Shurtleff-Eastem Teachers at Charleston. Lincoln-State Teachers at Normal. Lake Forrest-Carroll at Waufcesha. WiE. McKendree-Rolla School of Mines at Kella. Ma Toledo— Lul.s Carpentero. Toledo, Outpointed Ernie Peters, Chicago, (10). Teddy Blake, Birmingham. MJch., outpointed Johnny Conley, ami, Fla., <8>. Buffalo-Qrorge Godfrey, Philadelphia, knocked out Benny Hill California, (I). Sam Bruce, Nashville. Knocked out Billy Waldow, Syracuse. (D. Fort Worth — Jimmy Owens, Oklahoma, outpointed Mushy Callahan, California. (10), (title not at stake) St. Paul— My Sullivan. St. Paul. stopped Billy Showers, St. Paul. <6>. Dick Watzl, st. Paul, outpointed Louis Maya, DCS Molncs, la., <G>. Jackie Cameron. St. Paul, outjwlnt- ed Sally Smith. Duluth, <6>. Jimmy Gibbons, 8t. Paul, outpointed Tommy Havel. Pince City, Minn., (4). Billy McCabe, St. Paul, outpointed Glen Lehr, Waterloo, la.. (4) Eau Claire, Wis.— Billy Hall. Eau Claire, outpointed Steve Koran, Mlnot. N. D.. (10). H»w>rr-vr<i ofiv^. at Stag? Hurt th* Chk-flsro Fi?Id. Coach Alranro A, Rfsitig ts handicapped fty what spiwars to he the weakest forward wall in Maroon football history but. h« hnn a large number of capsh!« haH ra.rrit?rs. Iowa has a b"rfy. veteran line and R number of Rp"fdy backs in addition to McLriln. Iowa h»s net, defeated Chicago since 1900 nnd 3.000 (nil corn fans accompanied their favorites to Chicago today in expectations of wU- nrsslng the first win in 28 years. INDIANA GLF.EFPI.. Ann Arbor. Mich . Oct. 13—Michigan, for many years R leader in Western Conference football ranks takes the field against Indiana here today as the under <jog. It will be the first time in Wolverine grid history that Coach Fielding H. Yost's team has not been the favorite in its opening game, Michigan, with the jworest material In history, lost its opening game to Ohio Wcsleyan by a 17 to 7 score and prospects of a victory oer Indiana are considered remote. Indiana's team is composed completely of veterans, except where Rome of last season's men wercSbeat- cn out of their positions by aspiring .sophomores. Captain Bennett is considering one of the best backfield men in the conference, while Randolph, at center. Is rated as good in the line as Bennett is in the backfield. Except for the fact that they face an almost Impossible schedule of alx Wg ten games the Hoosleis would be a championship favorite. In today's game they will have eery advantage, except the psychological. They have never yet scored a clvtory over the Wolverines, but today's contest seems likely to break this precedent. ; 71?* mini tin peteilwf for ,, with T ROPE OF lOWAr-Here ts Mayes McLnin. the big fullback at Iowa who formerly played with ths Haskell Indians and who Is the big cog in the Iowa offense this year. Coach Ingwmen has Arranged his attack ercund this star and hopes to be on the top of tha Big Ten championship scramble when the season ends. McLain. if he lives up to preseason dope, chould rank as one of the great bacSss of the year. " V/>SM ~ W «'''"^'*''^NJ-\XX^S/N^V^^ OHIO MEETS WILDCATS. Eyanston. 111.. Oct. 13—(UP.) — Ohio State, represented by what appears to be its strongest team in recent years, invades Dyche Stadium today in the opening game of the Big Ten season for both the Buckeyes and Northwestern. Northwestern and - Ohio disappointed their followers last season when they were regarded as preseason title favorites, and for this reason Coaches Hanley and Wilee ore anxious to turn out winners tills year. In the 1927 clash between the two learns Northwestern handed the Buckeyes a 18-13 defeat. PRACTICE FOB BADGERS. Madison, Wis.. Oct. 13—(UP.) — Cornell and North Dakota State, Uw tm H th*. ?rwmb*M of hi Sn oj-dw to find hH and p!»,B.«s t/> tire si! 0* ttw an op|»ritinHy to MKKTS ,...«. Mlnn_, Oct. tt — which has lapw*} for 3! f**w, m.'G, W. Bppsrsi' Mfnnewota the highly toatwf Pnr*j*r t?T*. at Memorts afternoon. in year*, including a bmeiSSl posed of --Pfst" Wrtcb, 0!*n mwon. BUI Miller and Kd and Is B slight ef MOTHER RONS AS TWR WaSerbury. Co?m^ Oct. I>~ (TUP.) -Mrs. rfohn Hamiwl stntion WTAO. »nd heard a brondcmrt three young m«n stMp*«t»d of tef $15.000 negotiable ««OTfti«f the home of Edward Pboraflx, *r. Mass. ti» descrtpttons fitted twsr ajfims, 23, and Lionel, 19, msA cousin, Edward Dwhairoe. 10 Mrs. Hamrael qaesttot*^ three. Thej- confessed, and gatw toe bonds. PoUcc held the trio for Webster authorities. THREE ILLINOIS WOMEN WERE INJURED m AUTO Brookfleld, Mo, Oct 13—OJJPJ— Poor minote women were taj«s»«, one seriously, when their motor car overturned yesterday and dropped down a steep embankment a tew miles east of here. Mn. M«e Hinckte. of Paysoa. «• s the most wrioysly nijitwd. was removed to the Manxttoe pitaL Mrs. Mildred Dunn &od *&«, Mabel McKutt. bota of Pajwso. aaS Miss Lro Va&ie. of «^Uwy7mT^» given treatmeat st the hospital lor minor Injuries. A broken oteertaa apparatua caused tha ' * ^~~* Small First Payment-Easy Terms on O* K.'d Used Car* Paris — Marcel Thil, Ftanoe knocked out Marcel Thuru, France ). Indianapolis—Joe Paglina, Louisville, outpointed Phil OTXtwd, Columbus, O., (10). See these used caw today! 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