The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri on April 23, 1939 · 55
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The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri · 55

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 23, 1939
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amusements financial MUSIC THE KANSAS CITY STAR REAL ESTATE EDITORIALS RADIO KANSAS CITY SUNDAY APRIL 23 10311 SECTION D A SCENE OF POWER AND BEAUTY tiong develop which never become will become the champion of free-silly or Inane by virtue of Bing's dom The next steps follow the grave method of underplaying them predecessors the on returns pre- Bing the family man Iona lie tends to take it all lying down but deplored any unwholesome element n-allv fights back bv assuming the that go Into the making ol movie stories He exerted considerable pPn a 0 r Wa-p through the personal influence over the writing wapon ol a -t°len newspaper hidden of this one and make' a strong case for the hearth-fire virtues as being good amusement material Much of the plot concerns the efforts of the crooning cabby to keep the marriage i of a millionaires bibulous son from going on the rocks As a cupld in a cave Then we come to the social document part The railroad workers are Immigrants— Irish Russians Swedes Italians Germans Nelson Eddy tries to make Americans oul of them There are stir Samaritan he even agrees to mind ring speeches about the rights of Die baby while the estranged will seeks the souse husband This i leads to a series of involved circumstances that almost wreck the driver's wedding with Joan who mutters j ominously "111 bet this is the first marriage that was ever postponed j by a baby" Mr Aur preserves a shabby elegance a Bing's astrologer roommate His bathrobe bears the inscription "Moscow Golden Gloves lull Good shot: Seedy Mr Auer nibbing pomade in the baby s hair and i xpl lining that a neat appearance however goes a long way Almost everyone In Kansas City will want to see "East side ol Heaven" It's the only major offering on the screen this week with no purpose other than laughs and entertainment free speech and much is made ol "all men are created free and equal" None of it gets anywhere until the girl played by Virginia Bruce start- up "My Country 'Tls ol Thee" Then Eddy lets loose on It Fortunately Mr Eddy can sing He can sing so well that one wishes It were possible to believe Ills singing would make the immigrants free-thinking Americans on the spot The major trouble with the plot Is not that it is stolen It's that not quite enough of It was stolen In both "The Mark of Zorro" and "The Desert Song” there was a very real reason for the masquerade The reason was simple The hero desired to accomplish his Excellent purpose but lie also desired to live to tell the tale In this adaptation the vital point of why the hero finds it necessary to pose as a friend of the enemy is not explained Everything that happens could happen just as well if Nelson came right out and said he was against Wall Street He never is shown getting a single piece of damaging information by coddling up to Edward Arnold So we are asked to believe that our hero breaks his father's heart and alienates his girl Y little girl Babs stood fac- fnenri nd accepts tongue lashings mg Old Glory She was fom one and all through a charming Aleviimlec Knrda'-" I’rlviii V illinuf lla i - I- a ii iuleiTiHiiitig and Thoughl-ITu-' ok lug Movie at Hie Midland here "Ict freedom King" I-ilic l-’irsl Attraction Slew Losrtii Nelson hddv MiiggW Ad -nr Virginia Brut Chris Mtilliga Victor McLuslrn Tom Login) Lionel Bamniorc tvc Broil on c r Kilibce The Mackrell Chmb Bui ter v urth Rutledge H B Wurnn Underwood Raymond Wxlburn Jii Knox Eduard Arnold Ma Logan Sara Fadden Bede Davis and George Brent as they appear in "Dark Victory” one of the most compelling and bfaiiml love stories ever screened Miss Davis gives on of her greatest performances In this picture end Mr Brent proves himself of star caliber There's another fine performance by Geraldine Fitzger-id Pm i miss this picture It Is playing at the Orpheum big-eyed and shrill with the realization of a great emotion as she gleefully chirped the Pledge of the Flag i recently learned from her school ma'am) "I pledge allegiance to the flag" she trilled "and to the republic for Richard Stands 'Then looking over her shoulder she threw me a smile and a parenthetical explanation : "Richard Stands isn't a real little boy Daddy —he's just in there" W'hich is as good a comment as any on the presence of Nelson Eddy in American history at the Midland this week— he’s just in there Around Mr Eddy has been assembled a cast of screen notables a patriotic musical score and a pedestrian entertainment The plot of "Let Freedom Ring" has a fine old pedigree it’s grand- whim Perhaps Nelson Eddy the savior of democracy believes in liberty equality and humility He isn’t the only democrat who feels that way The direction is old-fashioned and slipshod On Nelson Eddy's first appearance he is shot His left arm dangles useless but he staggers on It is fascinating but disconcerting to watch his actions through the remainder of the sequence which all occurs on the same night Part of the time Eddy virtually is swooning with the pain Then every once In awhile he uses that left arm without the tiniest twinge There is also a scene of Mr Eddy singing to the railroad hands They express their approval by swinging empty tin cups in the air It looks silly Lionel Barrymore gets shot too 1 We are told that Mr Barrymore is This solemn-looking mite is "Sandy" a 10-month-old youngster who would put Bing Crosby's "East Ride of Heaven" in his pocket— if he had a pocket Bing has the good nature and the good taste to let the infant genius head a cast that also includes Joan Biondeil and Mischa Auer The film is at the ' Uptown and Esquire fPicture i again as she lives through her life- you read It right The milkman's time They are easy to understand daughter is named Sandy and she is and to recognize That is why as 10 months old In "East Side of father Is "The Mark of Zorro" the seriously injured that his very life successful Fairbanks picture in hangs by a thread But lie plays a w'hich Fairbanks played the long long scene afterward in w'hich he awaited son who was to save the old gives no indication whatever of his S turTupaTa Madrid3 fop But BammlrendTit nefSrv tolSd when It comes to holding a man" be Morris a bobbed-haired dynamo flaws in the Wench administrative a mysterious stranger Zorro rides all his lines from a blackboard Per- taken as an indictment of the sex? plays an apache prisoner with a fire system without seeming a bigoted or ou view “Dark Victory” you feel Heaven" she ably portrays a little to the rescue Later it is disclosed haps Brother Lionel had better Is the fair sex the unfair one? Reviews in a sense as though you were look- boy of similar age To say she steals ing at something sharply personal the picture from Bing Crosby Joan Something that vaguely is recalled Biondeil and Mischa Auer would not be strictly true They give it to her without a struggle And they do or vaguely foreshadowed in your ow'n life Ol course the story does not make I r ! a iiii I ii' Highlight of Hie ii -oil I- ehievcd by Belle tins wisely Sandy has got what it takes to top any comedian in the use of me prosaic motives that often business Katharine Cornell could product these feelings in real life By selecting a more striking spring-Iboi- m Her Performance l boarcj it intensifies the drama and iin k v e i or i hi the orphcani accelerates the pace until the spectator is swept along by an irresistible current of sympathy for this heroine— a sympathy that is at first heart-breaking and later exalting The story is a good one— too good A YBE there's a lot of hero- synopsis It concerns a girl rich ism packed In the slim vital highspirited who becomes ir-mart torso of the modern ritable and eccentric ns she fights r vl rrsstrswrsss i'rjsTO tsszsxzs&z “ - — - tm Vouik th uy MI DV tr £ t: eh m and Joy ol life can sum- de force of acting that ld shame mothhitt the last seven h vme remote undreamed ol many an older actress Detailing all mart ls not page horn the deeps of their the arrogance and touchiness ol a for tlle wee ones Toward !'( to sustain them in the face nerve-tortured individual she st ( attUude fluctuates from Perhaps they face it —01 would the realistic to the antagonistic But family doctor she undergoes an the pictuie is the casually' oil hand operation that relieves her of pain way in which the three leads hand e but which reveals to the doctor their infantile co-star There is that her life Is doomed The girl none of Jhat y quid facial expression freed from her torture blossoms out wlncl1 M'chael Whalen is wont to into a charming and normal girl- languish toward Shirley Temple and hood a girlhood filled with tender- which both shames and infuriates a ness and dreams-for she has fallen practical parent Bing Joan and in love with the doctor When he Mischa all have had expenence asks to marry her her heart is in handling their own children which the clouds — she plans a long and makes them adept at the catch-as-happy life as his wife-a life Fate catch-can method of handling has not granted her the days to live Sandy It may be said Sandy is An unfortunate accident breaks the equally offhand with them charm of this fool's paradise She In addition to its infant piochgx learns the true state of things and "East Side of Heaven ' boasts sev-in her bitter resentment blames the oral swell song numbers including doctor and her secretary for engi- "Hang Your Heart on a Hickory neering the marriage Limb" which is a real musical Up until this point the audience knockout: and a wacky plot that Is conscious of the fact it is seeing gets laughs without straining an some of the best acting that ever has ideal vehicle for a comedian of Mr graced the screen But from here Crosby's easy manner Bing is in-on in spite of the fine work of Miss troduced in several screwball prot'es-Davis and the brilliant support of sions first being the troubadour who Hale lookin'! vit- George Brent and Geraldine Fit- warbles birthday greetings or a "loro ilia ‘‘Ladies gprald you are conscious of no act- telegraph company and latei mi- - h nt lower State’ mg Neither are you conscious of ing as a singing taxicab drivei who the screen hasn't seen since Clara !?anf indictment of the Franc n But then it is not news to report Alexander Korda whose London Bow was at her best This girl is that Mr Korda has taste Film company frequently embar- such a ball of fire that Hollywood rasses American competitors by com- Is blind indeed if it doesn't get her parison plays with these topics in a over here and ruin her within the powerful picture called "Prison next six months Without Bars” at the Midland this Although the prints are not so I week Staging his production in a clear and luminous as in most j French house of correction for “way- American films the camera work ward" girls Mr Korda sets up a is smashingly graphic and briskly powerful contrast which he allows paced The opening shot a pa no- Henry Arinctta's Able Corned' Keeps ‘Winner Take All" Amusing at the Tower Where a Musical stage show Is the Principal Attraction I his film to develop with a relentless : fascination Should w'omen who have lived too little bf permitted to imprison and control women wlio have lived too much? Can women who are Sins B hop Tonv Martin Julie Harrison Gioria Stuart Papa GamDtnt Henry Armen i Muldoon Slim Summerulle Paulie Mitchell Kane Richmond Tom Walker Robert Allen Mamma Gambim Iner Palana- Panlrelli Pedro de Cordoba HIS amusing little picture is based upon an original story by Jerry Cady former radio writer In spite of Mr rama down from the free French sky to the drab prison yard gets the audience and makes it know it is watching the work of experts Brian Desmond Hurst who directed for Mr Korda maintains a nervous high strung pace that is suitable to too homely to get a man have any- the picture and does credit to his thing except bitterness in their master His style is punctuated with Cady ’ recent complaint that Direc-hearts toward the women wtio can startling moments of realism par- tor Otto Brower and Adaptors get them too easily? When the tlcularly those in which Madam Fiances Hyland and Albert Ray former become the latter women's Appel 'Martha Hunt i bullies the ruined his work this reviewer found warders do they seek to correct and Prisoners She can put more brutal the picture n its present state an reform their prisoners or -do they Physical contact into a slap than amusing bit of entertainment told make them the victims of their own Victor McLaglen puts in live reels with considerable freshness inhibited spite? of P°sturlnlt chest thumpings j For the person who pays his ad With only one masculine character Unlike Samuel Goldwyn's "Hur- mittance to see “Winner Take All" of anv tmnortance "Prison Without ricane” Mr Korda's "Prison With- will have nothing to complain of and Bars" stages a woman s war with re- 011 Bars” succeeds in showing some much to chuckle over Whether nr ' A LOVELY FRENCH PLAYER Corrinr Luchaire who gives a sensitive performance in the lending role of "Prison Without Bars" at the Midland this week The current seven days afford an unusual triumph for British pictures on the Kansas City screen It's probably the first time two English pictures of notable artistic worth have been oflered in Kansas City tlir same week "Prison Without Bars is an Alexander Korda production and is up to that producer's usual high standard ie from “Dodge vs n il is plnving its nssful week at ’!' anv Mr Hale the eomedv in pep western star-fa i ol Flynn and Havilland It’s tertainment ness and flinching with t“ f riris in arivprtlsr a taxi- Zorro and the foppish son are one make a few notes on lu cuff the masterful direction of Edmund gives free i ides to aovei use a taxi muu anu i r r director GouMina These characters have cab company Several absurd situa- and the same I hat plot in the next sill Jux conwav me air ctor oouramg inese enaraewrs na H generation of its family tree mar- should a-k his script girl to make become people and this stoiy has be- nnd herame “Tlie Desert a i lentless studies of feminine character More general in Iheme than "Maedchen in Uniform” and less superficial than "The Women" this picture shares certain literary qualities of both It has flashes of hard boiled humor that dispute the old chestnut that women cannot laugh at themselves In some respects this picture is the "What Price Glory?" at the gentler sex Tiie stoiy tells of how Dr Mere-chal attached to the women’s re-: formatory is shocked at the grim I sadistic rule of Madam Appel and of how he maneuvers the appointment of Yvonne a social worker with j whom he Is in love to the post of director Yvonne a pretty woman who has known love is drawn at once into a vindictive struggle with the gaunt inhibited Madam Appel but as she battles for a decent helpful altitude toward the prisoners she finds herself engulfed In a struggle more indirect and more soul searing The very doctor who took her to the place has the normal possessive Instincts of most men toward their women All of Yvonne's great work will be torn down if the Rllrr waspish Madam Appel suspects that 1 Yvonne is the doctor's betrothed Torn between her love and her duty i come life Scene after brilliant : scene unfolds until a superb climax 1 is reached in which the girl sustained and comforted by the love of j her friend and her husband rises to a beautiful and fearless facing ol her fate— and dies performing the same faithful service to her hus- ssrjfis’ ’‘I mstly have been injured it asking too much to defeminine nature shall tranquil tragic heroine? "Dark Victory" is a picture that could use up every complimentary adjective in the critics' "Thesaurus ' I went out of the screening room h i f8 th0S fu8rS feeing it was in the most beautiful 18 that lemlnine flesh 15 picture I ever had seen - 'i‘e nighest form of heroism? v tch problems Bette Davis 1 : greatest role this week in “ ’ victory" "Dark Victory” is : ot youth faced with death 1 Y of a grlnv tear-bringing gainst the inevitable Mod- new "doll hats" youthful dresses Dark Victory” P'oblem without the usual of tragedy in terms that ' ln't to every woman It the most fundamental the instinct to hide pain— : to resent false sympathy aimg to be loved for one's deep hunger for under-All of these are emotion An Amusing Baby Helps Bing Crosby Joan Biondeil and Mischa Alter Make “East Side of Heaven" Hip Light-Hearted Moment of the Movie Week at the Esquipe and Ihe Eptonu Denny Martin Bmg Crnbv Marv Wilson Joan Biondeil Nirk'v Mischa Auer M-na Barren Irene Honey Baby Barrett Bandy” N amazing thing happens in this picture The daughter of a Los Angeles milkman impersonates the grandson of a Nfw York millionaire ried music and became "The Desert a note of the bullets supposedly : Song" The locale changed to resting inside his characters Africa The son of the doughty old Victor McLaglen plays the Irish commandant of the Foreign Legion foreman of the railroad gang There breaks his elderly father's heart by are some particularly unappealing turning up as a Parisian weakling close-ups oi Mr McLaglen squeezing just when a hero is needed badly ms face like an orange to produce But simultaneously the Red a jew crocodile tears He has the neglect her increasingly disgruntled sweetheart Then he falls for Suzanne the prisoner assigned to assist him in the dispensary Suzanne has been the most difficult prisoner in the institution Yvonne has jeopardized her own position time and again trying to be of assistance to Suzanne — but now she finds ber own happiness trampled on by the Shadow" appears on the scene to justy over-joviality of a bad-natured inspire the Riffs with his lovely man piayjng Santa Claus Charles singing and to warble them to jus- BuUerW0rth is howUngly funny as ” nman’she has been trying to help tice the Wasp's confederate He regards c c7anne is innocent of This Nelson Eddy picture Ut the entlre procfedings with wry charges that have placed her in Freedom Ring ls the latest me - j)Umor repeating from time to time" b can Yvonne forgive her ber of the family But an unfor- ThLs is 7ust llke Eat Lynnc " X vmater cnme o? stealing her rnterim W"The8 Desert Song’ " that Asked llow he feeLs about !'leallng' man? She's brought squarely to face “rJcrwithmLic i£ drawls' indiffeNnt" PRISON WITHOUT BARS ' with this problem when the French ministry of justice decides to act on her recommendations concern- er girl must feel again and 1 Don l reach for your eyeglasses— Wt± CORNY Bl r SEASONED Slim SvimmerviUe who gets off some tall timber laughs and Henry Ar-metta who supplies a garlic tang to “Winner Take All" the film whi'-h supplements a good stage show at the Tower been crossed now with social sig nificance It's too heavy a cross lo bear The old plot sags under the weight This time the background is America The problem facing Lionel Barrymore the father Is a Wail Street wolf played by Edward Arnold The railroad is beim: stretched across the United States and with it comes the Wall Stree’ financier burning farmhouses to v nn — — — seize the land from the men who to repeat entireiv true— "woman is pleasing screen personaht and will not sell their homes and fields eruelest to her own kind "? And tan dimpled knees of a drawing in ua Suzanne Coniine Luchaire Yvonne Edna a pardon for Suzanne Dr Georges Merecbfcl Barry Barnea Pjno at her loveliest and Rcitet' Mart Morris r aiIH rtf Vvrknne Mm Appei m trtun h most womanly in the role ot Yvonne Mine Arthenuse Margaret Yard vn unman and few men who see her 5 ZTLie aw to unde-j N i gand how Herbert Marshall let so Juh '”' s'Cv charming a wife go out of his life "’AN women be merciful to for the sake ot tinsely Gloria Swan- t VIKSTIC M RR I GE Anna Neagle as Queen Victoria and Anton Walbrook as lit Prince (Jonsort in "Victoria the Great ar English film in which the siorv of domestic happiness is blended richly with spectacle The picture Is playing at the Vogue theater It compares favorably with The son is to return from Harvard the often repeated charge t hat "any Vie Parisienne is both spirited and uivp Toon anti the father promises he woman will betray another woman demure in the role of Suzanne Mary ( the recent stage pioduction starling Helen Hay s

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