Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 25, 1973 · Page 39
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 39

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 25, 1973
Page 39
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Bug NEW YORK (UPI) - United Pm» Ifltemational Tuesday protested t(ie Innate Watefgate Committ «e^s pmA rules banning still photography of its hearings while allowing live televiaidn coverage. "the national interest demands that the committee's investigation be given broadest possible news coverage, which cah only be accomplished through free and open access to Ban Protested all media," UPI President Roderick W. Beaton said in a telegram to Sen. Sam J. Ervin Jr., b-N.C, chairman of the committee. "May we respectfully request that the committee reconsider its stand on this matter." The New York Times said it also would protest the ban on photographers. "I think it's shocking that in a matter of such vital public concern the committee plans to excludes still photography of the actual hearings," said J(rfin Morris, picture editor of the Times. Morris said Clifton Daniel, the Times Washington liureau chief, was planning a letter of protest to Ervin. Hearings into the Watergate bugging case are scheduled to begin May IS. Ground rules issued by Ervin last week provide that all still and motion picture photography of witnesses "be completed before a witness actually testifies, and no such photography shaU occur while the witness is testifying." "Television coverage of a witness and his testimony, shall be permitted, however, under the provisions of the standing rules of the committee," the rules state. Hell or High Water—A Little of Both ST. CHARLES, Mo. (UPI) ~ Walter Kurtz, a civil defense woricer, sat in his truck and puffed on a cigar. He had been supervising volunteer sandbaggers along the Missouri- Kansas - Texas levee in St. Charles County. "All we can do is hope it doesn't reach the crest they say it will," said Kurtz. "If it does we're in trouble. We're just biding time now." Some 2,000 families live in a mobile home park adjacent to the levee, a grass-covered ridge topped with raikoad tracks which separate the homes from the rising Missouri River. The gravel road leading to the park was clogged with traffic Tuesday as the huge mobile homes pulled away from the brown waters. "If the crest reaches where it's supposed to, it'll cap this levee," Kurtz said. "There ain't no way we can sandbag this whole levee; it's too long. We'll hold it long enough for the people to get out." Tom Baxter pulled his mobile home out Tuesday but came back to help sandbag. "It costs $50 to pull out and $50 to put back in, plus $40 to block and McCord Explains How Plans Made level," Baxter said. "But that's a $4,000 investment, and the insurance company says we won't be covered because we've had early enough warning. "Some people say they'll stay come hell or high water,'' Baxter said. "And it looks like we'll get a little of both." Kent Walden, who lives in the park, worked about nine hours to lift his home with hydraulic jacks. It now stands six feet higher than usual on pillars of cinder blocks. An elderly woman hoveled sand into burlap bags held by Galva- (Continued from Page 1) campaign director, according to the account. McCord quoted Liddy as saying no decisions were made but that Liddy was left with the impression approval would be forthcoming. "A few days later Dean told Liddy that a way would have to be worked out to undertake the operation without directly involving the attorney general so that he would have deniability about it at a future date," the McCord memo said. "About 30 days after the February meeting in the A-G's (attorney general's) office, Liddy told me that the operation 'had been approved' and that the funding for it would be through shortly," the memo said. "My impression was that this word of the approval came from Dean, although this was not specifically stated by Liddy." McCord said Liddy told him he had been told by Dean that funds for the bugging "would subsequently come to him through other than regular" Nixon campaign channels "so there would be no record of it." Mitchell flatly denied last Friday that he had "approved" Watergate bugging plans but told newsmen "I have heard discussions of such things." He has been indirectly quoted as saying he sought to veto such plans within the Nixon organization. The McCord memo was dated March 26 and was written to the select Senate committee which also is investigating the Watergate matter. A copy was provided the gi-and jury at its request. U.S. District Court has ordered a separate grand jury investigation into how this and other grand jury evidence which was supposed to be secret got to Anderson. In his grand jury testimony, McCord also said Mitchell, after becoming Nixon'» campaign manager, arranged for FBI data and other secret government reports to be provided to Nixon campaign workers worried about violence from radical groups. McCord said he, as campaign security coordinator, was briefed periodically on such Vixon(Continued from Page 1) potential violence, usually by John Martin, chief of the analysis and evaluation section of the internal security division of the Justice Department. He said the briefings were set up by Robert C. Mardia, then head of the division, who joined the Nixon campaign staff in May, 1972. McCord also told the grand jury he was given indications by Watergate co-defendant E. Howard Hunt Jr., and by Hunt's late wife, Dorothy, that he would receive money for legal fees or a short jail term in return for silence. He said Hunt told him, "We have legal fee money for you." "What goes along with it?" McCord said he asked. McCord continued; "He put it this way—'Everybody's naturally interested in knowing whether you're going to keep quiet.' " McCord said the indication a short sentence could be obtained in return for silence came from Mrs. Hunt, who was later killed in a plane crash in Chicago. Twenty Families Pull Out Again OLIVE BRANCH, 111. (UPI)Erwin Knepper of the Army Corps of Engmeers estimated today that about 20 Alexander County families have had to leave home for the second time within a month because of the Flooding Mississippi River. The river at nearby Cape Girardeau, Mo., was at 42.3 feet today, a rise of .7 foot, and is expected to crest at 45 feet during the weekend. Work resumed in earnest today by some 150 to 200 volunteers in sandbagging and applying rock to the Fayville levee and Knepper said it would be a "nip and tuck battle" to stay ahead of the rising Mississippi [River. During earlier flooding, volunteers saved the levee but some 900 persons were forced from their homes and more than 30,000 acres of farm land was flooded. closest aides —before the week is out. There iiave been a variety of reports that Nixon would ask either Secretary of State William P. Rogers, former Defense Secretary Melvin R. Laird or former Treasury Secretary John B, Owinally to handle the job of reoi^anizing the White House staff. Nefwly revealed testimony lie- fore the Watergate grand jury by one of the convicted Watergate conspirators alleged that the break-in took place following a meeting in the office of former Attorney General John N. Mitchell and was cleared through the White House under conditions whereby Mitdaell could deny involvement. Reagan Calls Raising Taxes Worse ^Cure' SACRAMENTO, Calif. (UPI) — Gov. Ronald Reagan says raising taxes to cure inflation, as the Nixon administration is considering, "is like telling a drunk that another drink will cure him." Chairman Herbert Stein of the President's Council of Economic Advisers said Monday a federal tax increase was being considered to hold down inflation. Reagan, who i^ pushing an ambitious long-range program to reduce state taxes, was asked Tuesday about Stein's statement at a news conference. "My own view as a student of economics is that to suggest a tax increase to cure inflation is like telling a drunk that another drink will cure him," the Republican governor replied. (Continued From Page 17) increased from $250 to $300 a month and that of city derk, held by Homer Pryor, will go from $500 to $600 a month. All fdKime employes will receive an across4he-board increase of $50. Extra police will get $2.70 instead of $2.60 an hour and hourly workers will get $2.50 an hour instead of $2.30. In other busmess. Young advised the council to study charges and regulatims at the landfill after it was announced that a gaii)age hauler from LaFayette had mquired on policy for out-of-town loads and ch^es. Aid Jones praised city workers and volunteer firemen for theu- efforts m pumping water after Saturday's storm. It was reported that most of the evergreens at Galva Cemetery have been planted. The Pollution Oub requested that the city allow plantmgs by the group on city property' at Northwest Second Street and Northwest First Avenue. Aid. Jones was asked to advise the Middle School of the proposed plantings. Bids will foe opened next Tuesday on a proposed city garage. . James Hise, who would have celebrated 27 years of serving lieverages, stews and sandiwidhes at Jim's Tavern, was surprised Tuesday night when a crowd of patrons and well-'wishers gathered to honor him. Hise has sold the property to Colony Realty. Mayor Young Was <m hand to present a gift to the retiring proprietor. Hise has not announced plans for the future. Hise opened his business in 1946 after he bought the building from Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rose. Vewspaper Problems Are Viewed NEW YORK (UPI) - The 87th annual American Newspa- p e r Publishers Association (ANPA) convention discussed the problems of newspapers of various size categories today after receiving an optimistic report on advertising revenues for the remainder of the decade. Jack Kauffman, president of the ANPA Bureau of Adver- tisuig, told some 1,000 publishers attendmg the 87th annual convention that newspapers are headed for at least $10.3 billion and possibly $12.6 billion in annual ad revenues by 1980. The advertismg gross passed the $7 billion mark for the first time in 1972 and was expected to increase 7 per cent m 1973. Leo Bogart, executive vice president of the bureau, said a study conducted by the bureau last year reaffu-med that newspapers remain the public's main source of information and thus the prime advertising medium. He said the steady movement of people into imetropohtan areas, the rise in I education and income, and the maturing of the population were trends positively associat- jed with regular newspaper readership. young boys. The boys tossed the filled bags into a truck, especially equipped to ride on tracks, and the bags were hauled to areas where the water lapped at the top of the levee. One of the bags missed the truck bed and splattered on the rocks. "Don't waste tiiat sand, it's precious," yelled the truck- driver. Similar scenes occurred up and down the Mississippi and its tributaries Tuesday, as the rain - swollen rivers burst levees and dikes, inundatuig lowlands and surrounding homes. Wrong Raids May Spark Legal Action COLLINSVILLE, lU. (UPI)Two CoUinsville families were considering legal action today in the wake of raids by federal narcotics agents who later admitted they broke into the wrong homes. The raids took place Monday night at the townhouse apartment of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Giglotto and home of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Askew, Both couples said that perhaps as many as two dozen agents, dressed as hippies, crashed through doors of their homes. They said the agents damaged household goods and furniture and threatened the couples. "They held a gun cocked to my head and told my wife they'd shoot me if we didn't tell them where the drugs were hidden," Giglotto said. He said the agents repeatedly cursed them and refused to show badges until Giglotto pleaded with them to check his identification in his wallet. Giglotto said one of the agents flashed a badge as he was removing handcuffs from Giglotto's hands. The Askews said a man with a sawed-off shotgun kicked open the back door of their house and several men in hippie attire rushed m. One of the men displayed a badge which said "special agent." The couple said the agents searched the home, looking for a "John Coleman." The Askews said they protested that they never heard of a John Coleman. Both couples said the agents apologized afterward for making a mistake and offered to pay for damages. A spokesman for the Federal Drug Abuse Law Enforcement unit in St. Louis said he was not authorized to comment on the raids. Attorney Richard Shalkewitz of Alton said he would file a $100,000 damage suit today in federal court in Springfield on behalf of the Askews, charging the raid violated the Askews* civil rights. Sim Oil Begins Gas Uationing PHILADELPHIA (UPI) Sun Oil Co. announced Tuesday that it will immediately begin rationing gasoline supplies for dealers, distributors and commercial customers. Sun, the nation's 10th largest oil company, said a shortage of crude oil forced it to put a "gasoline allocation system jinto effect. "The raw material shortage and increased demand for gasohne have intensified the biddmg for crude, the company said. "We're unable to get all we need to run our five irefineries at full capacity." Sun said that "essential use" customers would be exempt from the allocation system. While the company promised it would be "fair and reasonable in its allocation of available resources," it said it "cannot seek expansion in its channels of distribution." G«l«sbur«, in. aassified Advertising Dial 343-7181 OlTlCE HOURS: Monday Uirough Friday— _ ^ 8 A.M.-4:30 PM. Saturday .8 A.M .-3 PM. TRANSIENT CASH RATE Eiiectlv March l, 1971 Gdlesburg ReQlster-Moij, Golesburg, lli. Wedh^ )9M Words 7-day« 4-dayg 1-day 1-20 1 8.21 3.78 1.80 21-2S 1 6.13 4.20 1.68 . 26-30 1 6.76 4.49 1.82 31-35 1 7.84 8.24 2.13 Blliid Ad Charge—SOc Card of Thanks, In Memoriam, Lodge NoUces, OUier Nouees, i inch or less—$2.75. CASH RATE—Applies when ad is paid within 8 days from date of last insertion. INDEX Card of Thanks — I Building Lou v."? Aviation WA Apar'tmenta^rurnisiiVd"!" Apartments—Unfurnished 54 Autos—Sport. 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NATIONAL CARRIER Needs Qualified Drivers Major trucking company covering 48 states now offering paid qualification training on their equipment. No experience necessary — short haul and over the road. Qualified experienced drivers earn over $12,000 per year. Applications now being accepted. Representative on dqty from Sunday thru Friday. Call Tom West 309-662-4381 for immediate application or write to "Trucks," P.O. Box 107B. Indianapolis, Ind.. 46206 — An equal opportunity company. Help Wanted - Female— 12 Help Wanted • Male-U i CONSTRUCTION men wanted. Pole barn t>pe buUdings. Experience helpful but not necessary. Year round employment. Company paid insurance and holidays. Apply in person, Wickes Bldgs., Highway 41 South. IJADY for housecleaning. more for home than wages. Phone 342-5746. SHARP girl able^to deal with the public needed for a PART-TIME aecretarial position. Must be able to type a minimum of 40 WPM and be free to work full-time in absence of full-time secretary. This is a pernument position, ideal for someone who does not want fuil-Umo work. Write Box 826, care Galesburg Register-Mail, stating qualifications and starting hourly salary requirements. heat mcluded. Call for appointment. John Fayhees & Sons, Prairie City. 111. 309/775-3317. 4629 SIZES 8.18 •-<*»••' NOTE: Sand Paltava OrArt «U- rect to New York. Watch ed- drau below. Ordara wi^ NOT ba accaptad at Qalaabutg ae^a- papar offica. PLAY IT COOL in culottes-that look like a pleated dress untiF you swing into action! Zips to fluttering, low waist Ideal in knit^ for sun, sports. * . Printed Pattern 4629 f Misses' sues 8. 10, 12, 14. 16, Itf. Siae 12 (bust Z . 3 yards SS'inch fabric. SEVEHTY -riVE CBNT» for each pattern—add 25 cents for each,pattern for Air Mail and Special Handling. Send to Anne Adams, Care of Galesburg Register-Mail, .Tat- tern Dept., 243 West I7th St., jKew York. N.Y., 10011. Print NAME. ADDRESS and ZIP. UZE and STYLE NUMBEB. 7 QUICK EASY-SEW W^Y Spring-Summer wardrolieLSei a new Spring-Simmer Pattern ' log. Choose one pattern ] sizes! 75c INSTANT SEWnjGi, —cut, fit, sew modem >way, $1. INSTANT Fashion Book, $X. (CoQtinued oa

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