Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 13, 1928 · Page 10
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 10

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 13, 1928
Page 10
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fffrw Officers of American Are Installed Plan Big Banquet Morr!«on. in.. Oct. —- About, *0 mpmbr-rs n.( Morrison Post No. 37.8, Amrriesn T^srion. rir??*rtt Thursday evening fit club rooms Irt thr muni; wh-^n the IP28 fifTifl-O- turned nvr-r the r*Jn« of nfOr" ?n the- nr™' t>f- f|f.lftt*l. Wm. T. Mn<k Of PO)<>, ro;,-!. innnder of fhr 1 h;r'CT,ih di-inr-'. RS InMsUlinK olTK'T. jirnvfct very p!''? Mis' . and H. - T .' of per in .'Kill" It ion t!r ;ir5nl! C3Vf> f hf I pjrr>;n<" in h-~ r' nc«< IIM (tivfii ttos arrt sfandy ?ct. Her p»t»?T k wft« v*ry in anrt !n«t.rapttv8 flune- eo oil BS bnokrd nhr-ad, the ! , , A rnriv fnl! tt-frk 1 ! nrnmin" llvrjv f»rfl- ' '''' Ion. T!! . Ott. 13. f >; nnd S5«rinl ^vrnte hnvr nimirrou-" during the werk, making ' Th» rtflinirxi i«t'«: n:s (lir (v|w<: onr 'K with In (hurrh work Mrs vfr TBS callrd up?>n for n frw 1 !«; but slip cnvr- n .'-plrndid nlihl ! triiint: that •I;'' WH- up *o art nerftnrnf nhirli would nilnw n coin? fo : r! '" ! '. of The officers inducted Into offlrr wers P. L. Wood?nn, commander; Loy J. Knnr, junior vice commander; Rex Austin, junior viro commander; T. M. WhHrmoie. financr officer. Comradrs Jfts Lnvry, .Jop Chesser and O. M. Rr-nt audiird t'nr books of the rrtiilns: finance oi- f'c*r f*nd mini' 1 HIT! vrport that thf>y found fh«rn to b>" n tnir nn<l accurate repot t. State Commander Comlnp, inrrkrr A qunrffttf composed of Previous to the Installation' rrrt- Ij v Brntlley, W N. Humphrey, J, Oil Wr-rinesdny evening i!f Mitchell entertftini-d in n »?:30 dinner »t the home of her Mr. nnd Mrs. Frtnk Mlt- ISA- j Th«?y mskf quilt-; sn«i comforts ami whrn R tnll comes for aid they a?r prepared. I '- rrr ' rRt - !rins . iWk- : rnl|f " M ' ' ! T to tin nil HIP public tnlkinsf if I .".[if could do nil the talking In pri- , vntr. Rr-v H. K Miles and Rev. H. T. Ch r novirfh ndrlrri thfir personal | word" nf the tt-i-lrorne which (he i rornniniiity cxirnrl- in Rev. nnrt Mrs. R colonial figure Th?> birthday birthday. The rr 1 pink p.nd white, s find n doll dressed BR a cen- cakfg, nt rnch tnblfi rnd, drrorntrd with frink nddrri (o the nt.trnctlvcncss mony it was voted to have thp annual banquet on the evening W. 5!' it rompnnlPd of the dlnnrr table. Bilnco WHS played nftrr dinner, H;P prize Roing to Miss Imogme Ol- 'on. A numlwr of birthday gifts nnd L. £5. Sfeiner. nc- j were left ns souvenirs of the occa- R! the pinno by Mis-, |. r -lo:i. Mrs. George Gleason of Dcn- Nov. 23. Retiring Adjutant Carl W ! Edrm M-i'hrxv. tjnvp two nuinbrr-;. | rork, was an out of Nice through hir, personal ar/;unlnt- ' aml nflrr 1hp ^nsincr of "Blrst Bo, On Tursdny evening, nncc with David Rhillingla\v. coni-i thn Tip (nal I^i"'"." rrfrrshmpnt^, i Millikan entertained I mandcr of the noift, was ttbic to (jet his pro mi be here on that date. Other notable will also be extended nn Invitation. While the new offlccrr were making preparation for as.suminK their duties, Mr. Mack thanked (lie POM for Its nctiviUcs of the past year, praising it unstintedly lor the successful and clean rnnnm-r in which the district convention was "put over" on the 16th of last June, and In the general way it hurl a.ssii.ted in making a good record (or the ed the officers. Appointive town Mrs. her Sunday guest. D. F. Breaks Arm In Game PropbPtstown, Illinois, Oct. 13 — (Special.) — Jack Greene had the misfortune to break the humrni.-,, the bone in his right arm. while paying In the game of wxcer ball at Port Byron, last night. MORRISON*BRi&FS drpsirtmcnt of 1111- j nn<l fl r - rtrlnl {lmc WPr " P"Joyed. W. !:rl-,ool class and a few Invited guests :i Kef. his promise? to N - Humphrey war, chairman of t|-,f j?«- a fiilppcr. Which was held at her program committee. home. SLOW DRIVER OF NEW CAR ARRESTED ON LIQUOR CHARGE The same evening Mr. and Mrs. i Walter Settles entertained n number of the Royal Neighbors, cards nnd bunco being the games of the and refreshments were evening served. , Those Morrison, III, Oct. 13.—(Special.) Ichas. David Smilh, driving n new Olds-I son "Mr nnH M« r> v~ rff»^^ h 'n.'i.:^!K-^^^i«s-ss^s Mr. Woodson. ihr comninn- der, brought the lir.anclal condition of the post to the attention of the members as one His first ofliclnl acts, urging the payment of 1929 dues as a big assi.stance. He named some of the appointive officers nnd members of the athletic committee Thursday night, and the others will be named as occasion warrants. H. W. Williams was named as ndjutnnt. H. V. Nightser as head of the sick and relief committee, Ix-on Reed as sergeant at arms, B. L. Klelnschrodt as chaplain, Carl A. Ritchie, L. E. Sharp. E. J. Smaltz, G. L. D. Smith and J. W. Wilson as the pott in the car wns found to contain 75 gallons of alleged alcohol in one gallon containers. Smith was driving at a very leisurely rate of speed, probably about 25 miles nn hour, and In this way proved nn exception to the usual booze runner. Perhaps the fact that his far was a new one was the reason he was not exceeding any speed limits. He was prepared with" the usual alibi that the car was mort- gagcd property and shortly after be- ins; taken in charge by the authorities asked that he be allowed to communicate with the parties holding the paper against the car. He was informed that there would be plenty of time for such a procedure. executive committee, Emerson Pet- ' Odar Rapids was named as tho erson, A. W. Collins and Jas. Lrv.v: -\as the athletic committee. The post voted to sponsor a basket ball team again this season, as MorrLsbnites have grown to depend upon the legion for furnishing some ultimate destination of Smith. The cracers making the arrest first saw the- low-in near Emerson and followed him ut a non-attention attracting speed into the city limits of Morrison, where the search warrant good entertainment along this line, with which they were provided was Unquestionably the floor of the municipal building is one of the best Hoars for basket bill to be found lor many miles around. Commander Wood.'-rm namrd Peterson as the one in charge of the names, team, etc., Collins in charge of the hall, ushering, etc., nnd La wry in charge of bookings, advertising and general publicity. The meeting nii'ht wns changed from the M-cond Thursday ot eacX month to the MTOIK! Monday to become effective \vnii the next meeting, which will be held r.n Nov. -12. with the results above stated. ££,£"• ,, Martin and son, continued un next. Tuesday. - Meanwhile-he is Albert Kenvon, the commander, was prer.enteci v.nh. a past commiinder's b;idi:o. and Carl \v. Nice, who has been an e.'.eepuonaUy hard worker ns ndjutnnt. us well ns the other retiring officers, were ' en a rising vote of he-Id nt the- county Jail on ac- I count of his inability to po;,t a $1-1 ;'HW bond. 1 EARDRUM PUNCTURED BY LOOSE HAIRPIN Morn: on, 11!., Get. 13.— <'Speclal.) —Miss Marian Uurch. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Burch of this city, and who is employed in the office of one of the Clinton hardware stores, was, tho victim of a jwculiar und painful accident a few nights \Vhi|f> sitting in n chair one of the At the conclusion ol the mcetin- h;u 'inns she wore worked itself out the boys repaired to the bnseim-nt , vvhen N!I " dr °P5* d &* head *o of the building where members of!"!,'!: ^ ck>1 U '' u " ctu ,^ %d olie of her the auxiliary served them with i "• ailrums - l his allowed a clot of pumpkin • pic with whipped cerum !?',?,? it m '" back of the drum ' ' sandwiches and colfee. ' I! ', ,' f nremo(val w «« made neces- | U! > by a specialist, which proved ivory painful. The . specialist has ; hopes that the ruptured drum may ; crow together us time elapses. Miss 'Burclis mother visited her Thurs- FREIGHT CASE WON BY C. & N. W.—COURT ADJOURNS FOR WEEK! day afternoon. Morrison, 111.. Oct. 13.—(Special.) i —The jury hearing the evidence in I USE FIRE TO TEAT? the case of Mansfield vs. the C. & *****«, N. W. railroad in the circuit court Thursday returned^ vt-idicl-lnfavor of the defendant, who was represented by McCalmont and Ramsay of this city. John Stager of Sterling was Mr. Mansfield's attorney. The latter alleged that the railroad charged him a higher freight rate than he had oeen quoted on the shipment of some of the material he had purchased at a typewriter plant at Woodstock. The ca&e o! W. B. Bull v DOWN BIG CHIMNEYS Morrison. Ill, Oct. 13.—(Speclal.> —Don Myers, who has Just returned from a rummer stay at Detroit, hnd the misfortune to re-sprain the ankle he hurt last r.pring. us he stepped from the family car in Sterling Thursday evening. Mrs. l/o!s Chapln, son Claire, Mrs. George Ooodln and two children of Fenton. nnd the mother of the two ladles, Mrs, Barnh Sawyer of Erie, motored to Rock Island Friday. A. M.. Kldd of Chicago Is spending a few days with relatives and friends here. He has recovered from the sick f»|>oll which came nim while on a recent visit to C)re- gon. Henry Choinard of the local Llbby plant left yesterday for Tuscaloosa, Ala., where he will attend to some matters in connection with the new plant which the company has just established there. Arthur Nelson made a business trip to Rock Island Friday. Ruth Sack of Genesee avenue was knocked from her bicycle while on her way up town Friday, by a truck belonging to Oliver Olson, and although suffering from shock and a few minor cu<b, is not believed seriously injure/! The Reynolds ambulance took Mrs. Lillian Slefken to a hospital in Clinton Friday afternoon. She is suffering from peritonitis. Mrs. James Stapleton has Ira- proved her property on Wall street, recently vacated by the Paul Lister family, by providing a garage. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Tiffany, who have been living in .Lyndon, moved from that place today to the upstairs apartment In'the B. F. Montague home. Ed Hulett is moving from quarters in the Eva Beatty property recently purchased by A. E. Fletcher to rooms over the Chocolate Shoppe. Mrs. Mary Ooodenough Is expected home today from Knasas City. Numerous marshmallow toasting and wiener roasting parties are the order of the day now that leaves are falling so rapidly and require burning to dispose of them. James Anderson who recently purchased the former home of Samuel Muthew upon the site of the proposed new Standard Oil Co. sta- at 603 North Orange street where j lion, stated yesterday it was possible he resides, Thursday afternoon for j that moving operations would be • — - — - —•••"-»««MX.* *<»m t *«AI o. Lola Austin, Mrs. Alice Maberry Mrs. Henry Ahrens and Mrs. Maymc Blakeslec, of Sterling. In two weeks the Royal Neighbors will have another social evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. E, Knlskern. On Wednesday afternoon the missionary society of the Congregational church held the annual thank offering at the home of Mrs. Dwight Harrington, who was assisted by Miss Cora Patterson. The hostesses served a cafeteria supper after the program. On Friday afternoon the Methodist missionary society met at the home of Mrs. Lee Lyon, who entertained In a royal manner and served refreshments. Mrs, Alice Murdock, chairman of the literature department of the Dixon district, has been away attending a convention of the missionary worse of the Methodist church. On Thursday members of the Congregational Aid were entertained at the home of Mrs. Harry Clark, who lives south of Rock Palls. Mrs. 'at noon, the time afterward being i devoted to needlework. The lea and a neat sum for the Methodist Aid on Wednesday. JREAL ESTATE SALES TO SETTLE ESTATE Morrison, 111., Oct, 13.—(Special.) —Allan Pearson purchased the home $3,540, and James Pearson bought the 320 acre-s north of Cottonwood in Ustick township for $11,200, or an average of $35 per acre. The property was sold to settle the estate of the late William Pearson, who was their father. started the first of the week. William Milnes who suffered an attack of blood poisoning sometime ago, is a victim of septicemia is being cared for by a nurse. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Briggs left Thursday for Madison, Wis., to visit at the home of their son Alfred and wife, and incidentally to become acquainted with the grandson who arrived there last Saturday. William Zaagman has entered a Clinton hospital for treatment, Sheriff J. W. Kelly spent Thursday in Chicago on business. Grace Decker has improved to the extent that she has been removed a hospital in Clinton to the of Pulton relatives. R. C. Knox of the Prairie Center neighborhood has gone to Rochester, Minn.; - f OP- «Hnieal «bservat ion- was accompanied there by hi» son Lyle. Mrs. Chas. Ritchie and daughter, Mrs. Will Krohn, returned home Thursday morning from a tljre* Morrison, III.. Oct. !».—(SpecUU weeks' vtelfc at Leola. S. D: Mr. Engagement Announced Morrison. 111., Oct. 13.--(Special.) —Miss Edna Bush entertained 17 of her friends at a party held Thursday evening at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bush. The event proved to be an announcement party, conveying information of the approaching marriage of the hostess to Arthur Wilkens, which will take place on Oct. 30. A decorative scheme of pink and white was observed, and the eve- riiriif passed ui playing games" and" having a social time. Refreshments were served. Morrison, 111.. Oct.- 13.—(Special) —Horning brothers of this city on Thursday afternoon wrecked the second of the chimneys at the Kay Bee plant which the erecting of the central heating plant -during the' • •— — •— ~. *•»«. Th^^T" has m f e unnece ^n'.i;wf 1 !! s f,± U TL]^ n 'I 1 x^ A'^i ««*!!> <* me out trom Oak »•»* « Jlu-u! are two more to wreck on this • Work On Lyndon Road from Lyndon Friday that if Some an afternoon train and accompan ... . . .. , led his wife home a little later in the .0 of the loundation of the i^ he for «"°° n lxad llot stopped work. day . * » «,- - the C.jfW'nney is first removed and Urn-i L u l ould . f. robab jy Jmve witnessed Mr . and ^^ y^^ AR d ^ & N. W. railroad, which was along ! «*rs are then Inserted. Jack screws! t ^ et(coarlple 'j ion0 f Pouring concrete, and Mfs . R M Donichy were to Kimllar lines of an alleged OUT- ; iwrmii operation* to be carried on '• on tlle Lyndon-Sterling stretch, over ' Chicago yesterday charge on u shipment, was disrni-,- without -the chimney falling before' ' or *' nere it; connects with 1 fcH UT^rf »U..v..f, -i;_i . ' .. ... -i»,.... _ , ^. - °_ MV*vii, ; ..^..iii O |..,f fKtaf f it^^a t. *u. r.-*Hl « fed. and therefore did not come to 't >- s ifsned. When ready, oil is ap- 3 ~ trial. In the suit of pollock v there are lin, which was an e.-Uite. case pealed from the ooun'y court, Cant- ap- plied ty the timbers which uie"then \ few eul)s which U wU1 ^ n 64 *^ 1 ^ •set on lire, and as the support is! 10 go back and tm in burned a\vay, down conies the mass I rnent was found in favor of tl-e de- v-iU u- ajiiH-al-iSt. I , i Morn ^'•-son|... At or mortar and brick. Friday granted & Uuotcc in Uie Margaret Lamb vs J,- _ s « Lamb 's Church Services 111., Oct. 13.—<.Special.') LYNDON BRIEFS Lyndon, 111., Oct. 13.-—(Special.)— Lutheraii"diurch d f>' No. i. of the Congregational Sun- and i . Sunday. (XL 14, holy communion is afterward i.diuuriud couit until 10 a. in., Monday. October, ii2. Bock Falls Boy In Jail Morrison, 111., Oct to Ix- the M-.'inon The theme lor to bt- "Thy sins r . * French given U.uV with the text found in Matthew y:l-8. Confirmation in- Miucucm will be held ut the usual for cveillil «- Slited Morrison, 111., Oct 13.— (Special.) | hour on Monday, Wednesday" and Robert Stone, 16 year old Rock Friday. Wednesday evening the Falls boy, is now an inmate of the county Jail charged with criminal' assault. He brought Tbur«4tey &Jt«r his hearing, in which w csouid uot iurnisli $1,000 bail btodiaf bim over to the January t*na of circuit court. Wedi»«lay evening the Sunday school department will give a little party in the church basement, mid Thursday ?veiling the Wnlther League will mtet. Eebekah Card Party 111, Oct. lS.- — There was * good (Special.) at be I*rais« Service J,.Oct 13.—<8}>edal.) j Rfbekaiu, m" "tl«ir""hali^'rhursday omy narvest pr$5&e service j aittnsoou. Ttte meetings are lielci at the Frgukliu Coruw* once a month, and the for gWBd*y Oct H, with a grafnua in tiu- . neb® attoid &iv ta uke food go uiatfri»l$ mirch&sed to make fw ihe hunie, orplian- worthy and other tiw Mortisoa the ctiildren of little Miss Alum t the church on Monday Muss Dorothy Connor as- Holt in directing the games and pluys and refreshments were served. The little girl will go away Monday and before leaviug Mrs. French entertained the class mates of the third grede of the Lyndon school at a party held at her home as & farewell. Mrs. Mayme Blakeste*. of St*i«- llng. rjas been visiting in the home of Mis Alice Msberry. i Mr&. B&lph Alk« of Sterling was a Lyndon caller on Friday. Un. B, M. Baker and Mary Carter, of Cliatoa, w*re ou Friday. Tti«odow Blagg revived sad of th* ikslli of a relative, William Dilioii, at Princeton tm W«lti«*<i*y i Mr- >tud Mrs. Walter Gibson are 3Bt«S? the parents of a son born at u»ir '" Oil Ida Simpson transacted busioess in Davenport. Thursday. Additional shelving and remodeling to that already in u.^e has be«t» done at the A. and P. store and a change is also being made in the window display equipment. Press Shepard and family have moved La with the Ed Garrison family. Mrs. Isabel Helslnger and Mrs. J. A. Hogan of Preeport and Mr*. W. E. Brew of Kansas City were visitors Thursday at the Ray Kelly home. Mr, and Mrs. Ray Kelly. Mrs. Curler Carlisle. Mrs. Frank Suitttt wxJ Dorothy Kness expected to drtw to Freeport Saturday to visit ovsr tiss week-end. Mrs. Alice Jarboe retuaarfl to evening of fi«yeml months in Joliet Stw was accoaajwuiled by tier Buddy Ctoadwia. , by tmjr nf arowlh (ft. Boul life. An toeresw In endj jjw« fn church school and wil! murk the rising t.em- o.f o«r church Jifft, We wits*. "Oo Forward" Is th« cmnmnnd. Methodist, church Rthool at 10 o'clock. Oiir whool h«« ?-pn reor-ganiiw^ for the comSjif yrar with R slight ehsmsr? in the ipschtng pro^mm «n<J the inxt.Ana- tirm of new grftrtffd lessons. Morntof worship at 11 o'dock, special «5us!c by the choir and th* warship bawd on Matthew 5:13. ac- rordlng to Moffatfs trannlfttlon. "If -alt bccoraes insipid, what can make it r-alt affairs?" Evening service of worship and praise at 7:30, specUl music and R short sermon. A welcome to all. Mid-week service Thursday evening Rt 7. Wo enjoying the Thursday evening services very much and extend an Invitation to pvsry member of the church to be present. A social ministry must be R sociable one In the first place. Some one said not long B«O. We arc trying to live up to this principle and we 'assure you B friendly welcome in a friendly church.— Loyal V. Sltlcr, pastor. Mrs. Edward Brockmier To Be Laid To Rest Today At Thomson Ustlck, 111.. Oct. 13—(Special.) — Mr. nnd Mrs. Ora McKee received a message Tuesday afternoon telling of the serious Illness of Mrs. McKee's mother, Mrs. Edward Brockmier of Hampton, 111. Mr. and Mrs. McKee left at once. Mr. McKee returned Wednesday bringing the sad news to relatives and friends here that Mrs. Brockmier passed away Wednesday morning at 7:30 o'clock at the City hospital In Mollne. Mrs. Brockmier was formerly Mrs. Willard Shrier and resided in this vicinity for a number of years. Funeral services will be beld at her home In Hampton, after which the body will be brought to Thomson, where funeral services wi.ll be held at the Baptist church Saturday afternoon at 1:30. Burial will be in the adjoining cemetery. PROPHETSTOWN BRIEFS Prophetstown, Oct. 13.—Mrs. R. C. Porkey and grandson, Richard Dunn, were passengers to Chicago Friday evening and will return to Prophetstown Monday evening. Miss Zella Baird came out from Chicago Thursday evening and expects to return to Chicago Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. William Carley were passengers to Cincinnati. Ohio, expecting to be gone for some weeks. Mrs. Emma Glass went to Amboy Friday morning to be with her son Arthur and family for some days. Mrs. Justice De Graff of Forreston, was an arrival In town Friday for a visit with her parents, Mr and Mrs. N. M. Crook. Emmett Underhill went to Chicago Friday morning for a few days' stay. in r«Tr*Tnt"ri»n' - «> cf th* emsioti. Thos* prwent «rsrf M? Jorl# of Ro^k I«.I»n«i. Mr. and Mrs. Franz l?i!hhflrf T «nc! LW.le. Mr. and Mr« der »nd dRH«ht<»r, Mr. H»ro!*J Brooks snd sin Stella- HubbsrL Mri« W.F.M.S. WILL HELP SUPPORT WIDOW OF INDIA MISSIONARY Eric, 111., Oct. 13. — (Sp*cl*J) -~ The Women's Foreign Missionary society of the Christian church met Tuesday afternoon nt the home of Mrs. John Florence. ?<Jrs. Fran* Hubbart'was lender for the afternoon. The society received word that the missionary in India whom they had betn helping support h*d died of scarlet fever and that one of his children was seriously 11! of the same disease. They decided to help support the widow and two children for a while. This was quarterly lea day and refreshments were served by the hostess, assisted by Mrs. Edgmr Florence. ERIE MAN LOSES OAR BY FIRE ON HIS WAY TO CALIFORNIA Erie. 111., Oct. 13. ~ (Special) — Burton Bcardsworth, who left by auto the lirst of the week for Pamona, Calif., where he expects to spend the winter with hla brother Harold, returned Thursday evening on the train. He had reached Hutchlnson. Kan, a distance o2 700 miles In two days, when about 10 miles west of there he discovered the car was on fire. All his efforts to extinguish th» blaze were of no avail, so he took his luggage and ran just In tlmn to avoid serious injury by the explosion of the full tank of gasoline he had purchased in Hutchlnson. As he carried no Insurance, the car was a total loss. ERIE BRIEFS Erie, Illinois, Oct. 13.—(Special) -Mr. and Mrs. Will Person motored to LeClaire, Iowa, Thursday and were accompanied home by the for- mer'a brother. Hey. Carl E. Person of Clartnda, Iowa, patsor of the United Presbyterian church at Clar- Inda, who had been attending the synod of Iowa of the United Presbyterian church, which was in session in LeClaire this week. Mrs. John Blean, Mrs. John Hawk Mrs. ^Ralph Earl and Miss Hellie Slaymaker attended a meeting of the Newton Presbyterian Missionary society which was held Thursday in Garden Plain in the home of the pastor, Rev. Robeson. Mrs. Sarah Sawyer Jier daughters, Mrs. Lois Ohapln of Morrison and Mrs. George Goodin of Penton, to Rock Island Friday where they visited in the home of their daughter and sister, Mrs. Luther Thompson. - Mr. and Mrs. Adam Doll and; daughter Artett went to Peni Friday' for a few days visit with relatives. Pupils of the Erie grade and community high schools and the rural schools in this vicinity enjoyed a vacation Friday, as the teachers were attending the Black Hawk division teachers' meeting at Rock Island. ; Miss Anna Melghan returned Friday from Prophetstown, where she spent the past few days with Mr and Mrs. George Warner, who expect U) leave Saturday to spend the' winter In Florida. I Ladder Fell On Him Morrison, 111., Oct. 13.—(Special) —Asmund Nygaard is carrying his left thumb In a dressing. The reason is that while assisting Frank Alt Wednesday afternoon to get a new poster In place on the bulletin board of Smith and Alt near the Henry Vogel farm west of Morrison, the wind blew over a ladder he had been -using; "Nyg" was stooping over on the ground at the time to pick up* a section of the poster. Mr. Alt saw the ladder in time to shout a warning to his companion, who instinctively threw up his arm to protect his head. No bones broken, but a painful bruise. CHADWICK BRIEFS Chadwick. 111., Oct. 13.— Mrs. HI Fulrath of Mt. Carroll is spending several weeks with her daughter. Mrs. Reuben Tomman and family. Mrs. Chas. Daggert, who has been very sick at her home north of here for the past two weeks, underwent a minor operation at her home on Thursday. Mrs. Daggert remains in a very serious condition, with little hopes for her recovery. W. G. Wallick of Sterling" was a business visitor here on Friday. Mrs, Harry Schoen and Miss Dorothy Etnyre gave a fiurp"rise on Mrs. J. F. Tilton at her home on Thursday evening, by inviting a number of ladies to help Mrs. Tilton celebrate her birthday, Atty. W. O. Kent and Harry Kipnis of Savanna were business call- era on Friday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Plock of Mt Carroll spent Friday afternoon with friends. Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Otgous returned home on Friday evening after spending several days with friends atrtacon,";IiJ. titrtiirr s^ wwn ASB'H IS TO II TiJ, Oct. 13- remits pf thi« p'prtton for of the Wrsitpslde cewnty were canvassed nt the MorrJ*cm club Wednesday nlght^ towt the fins! result is not yet. Jtnown M the cmint will be contested. la th» anoCflciml return* P. P. Bern! received M votes snd W. E Burritt received 37 vote* for secretary. The official canmss showed a slight variation from them figures, but there were a number of ballots which Mr. Boyd believes indicated an intent on the part of the voter tsblch was not fully recog- nlxed as such when the votes were counted. Both of the gentlemen have agreed that each shall select a man who is familiar with ballots, yet who la disinterested, and that these two shall select & t'alrd neutral party. and that, the ballots shall afsUn toe gone over. Th» Bppcar»nc« of a baUot bear- Ing naraea of various person* for tha respective offices to b« voted upon and which were pslnted at the order of one of the stockholders who claimed that he did not receive any notice of the election, and after It had been agreed upon, at tho caucus of a week ago Saturday night seems to be the cause of the trouble which has developed. Swallows Bit Of Needle Morrison, HI.. Oct. 13.—(Special) —Beverly Mason, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Mason, residing upon one of the Feldman farms east of Morrison, on Wednesday swallowed a part of a oeedlo she was using to string corn, when the accidentally bit the small piece of steel in two. The existing danger was removed by induced vomiting, and she seemingly is none the worse for the experience. Marriage Licenses Morrison, HI.. Oct 13.—(Special) —A marriage license was Issued Wednesday to Anthony Prlna and Josephine Norman, both of Fulton. A marriage license has been Issued to Gerhard Johannes of Chicago and Alma H. Cordes of Sterling. TAMFICO Tampico, I1L. Oct 13.—Mr. and Mrs. Richard Allen and two daughters, Maud and Ruth, motored to Richland Center. Wis.. Friday where they will visit until Sunday evening. Harry Brough and family have moved from the eGorge Davis house to the Ackerberg house. Mtrfetrt T*!!i«r of ten, Minn* l» «i!r««t!f»g » tips among Farm thn Women'* N»,U«n9l Committee. Mr. and Mrs. Gee, Macomber Washington, D. C., visited Friday the home of Mrs. Myrtle Gi They ateo called on friend* dur the day. Mrs. T. F. Dillon spent this at th« home of bar daughter, H. H. Walt*, in Prophetstown. Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Me motored to Chicago Friday they will spend the week-raa. Mr. and Mrs. John Poirelson children, John, Billle and KIs of Davenport, were 6 o'clock dit and evening guests of Hecry O, land and B. D. Greenman Friday. Mr. Farmer We will pay the following prices for yt produce. S Sb. Springers arid over „.„ ..28c Springer8 up to 2fe.JKJ No. 1 Brown Eggs, per doz No. 1 White Eggs, perdoz. 31 Btadkhawk Produce Co. Foot ef Second ATI-, STERLING TELEPHONE 333 GARARD TRUST CO.'s First Mortgage Bonds —Which BANKS BUY— are excellent investments for your funds. 6% INTEREST, payable semi-annually. Denominations: $1000, $500, $100. Ask for Mr booklet, 'Increasing Your Income Through Investment* FRED B. FRERICHS Phone 179 29* Lawrence BMg. USTICTK BRIEFS Ustlck, 111., Oct 13—(Special.)— Mrs. M. L. Krats la in Sterling caring for her infant grandson at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Braiding. Jr. The little follow has be*a named Phillip Russell, Mrs. Clarence Bauson accompanied by Mrs. Ray Braiuamen of Thomson motored to the home of Mrs. Ruth Hanna McCormick near Byron Tuesday where they attended the Republican Women's rally and picnic dinner. June Agnew is recovering nicely from her tonsllectomy operation which was performed at the office of a local physician Tuesday moraine She is the four year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Agnew Girls Wanted For Factory Work The Burgess Battery Company has several good openings for women workers who desire to earn good wages. Modern conveniences for the welfare and comfort of employees have been installed by this <#napaiiy. Applicants must be over 16 years of age. Make application in person to the Employment Department. Burgess Battery Company Complete Auto Service Besides having one of the most modern bat»] tery and electric service departments in this! part of the state, we have specially trained* help to render most any service you might ask for. u Let us check your wiring, test the battery"! change oil and clean out the old grease before! cold weather. It's cheaper to do it now. $ CAR The Best

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