Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 13, 1928 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 13, 1928
Page 8
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*\ «!•• FLAr- "•* f s TS ATI HI J*^{5< c 1 * /.< ,. r . ( . „ n.rt ?<»o T- CV " v v - * — * ? * v - i*- ' «-« ^ -* -' —• - 1 T*~«" f „* «.„*. f ,, /vf*v,*. r „ r , p^,# ri * *„ i "r-^r*^ «• ,, ( ,-. -r- rT< '-' j -'«; T '• *1 ' o no A • • r*' 00MIFC1 OF CHRIST THEME AT TRINITY REVIVAL T» !,1<v ,-,'• p m r ' » HI i •••• A 7 th» *<5 Jhst. flint th nf of fh«> p*>nHer>t(Br , j n t rr-n-f On rsp-sii Frulflv, ryi ?o. "xecufirr r! p m* i nry inSrrrri kjrtnaprr snd =>=yrr of } 8!nc*« tfw day "The Fox" Pan Qusntin after b« w»s conv.. r>d and j^rtrncfd in Lm ATIRP!"«. f«th mail delivery rr-r*>ivrd at !>ir prison has contained •Mtrrs from persons seekinc !n witness th«» rians:- ine. Although prir-on officials hsve i- ( ,t k^pt pRBcf roun!, fin",- e>f!mif"d :hst j 001 nr mo IT rrnnprse *-,-<•. ;P» Tflni'v K ! "n f'-uiut.n.r r . Tfv?>;ipr-tS<* Ti . nd !n rh'irrh. hut nt»d ill •n i J nc>K"s ran "It is nbsolutrjy nccr-wary th.i! the greatest care tx? exercised in Thr j Hi* ttw;!?^ r>n Fri'lay night was j verv forceful. r*peri*Hy direct/^ to jyounsj fi?np?f, jfr rrferred to the jsf-verfil m--f»ncf^ n-)iere Christ re- Ivealed His Io\c nnd power in the : re-!o.j-a!inti o? the.--" *vho were dead. -.irk or in t!S*trev-. He tlvn likened ptSKtrt a , lr j ,,,,, P UnrjrJr, Of j n (.](„;. nrMr <; !( -.e accrpteri Christ as Snv- iour to nrrr;i! him PS such. There were MX \\hn rr«pondrd. making elRht persons nncr th<< meetings iw- H F. CONORFOATTON'AL F. Fifrn, I) r>, minister. An r>v>fti mind )« hotter than sn open mouih. Tntth { nrr-sit. the v«>rdirt of <imf>: but II' 1 ? have to !v> put on if^ to keep them in pr*-*rntab!e twi- rtiHnn. Tomorrow !s the Lord's day. HOT,- and where ere you Roinst to *p?rtd i!' Ben-ires at the following hours: o.4 r > <? rn . church T{:»<r for pi hfAOifpmre League at 6:80 p. B!,, 1«| fjjj tor. L*w* rally rrwstttjf, service «t. 7:Sfl p, m . (Bten,^, ,„„;•.; for the event fif !* "Why 1* Jo-hn ? is evening, 7:30. Mm's r*Ry Oct.. is. T>w *nnM»J BW r win b* held at « p. 10 h;i\e taken their stand for Chri-.t. Definite announce- • • •- !=*• <~ -* t.v- *--\* \-n i t. i,^.- * ,\T 'f l ji-st'u I il j ri this matter." Warden HolohannH pan "It is my intention to limit t)]r| JrMls ^-........ „....„„„„.- t,-roup of witnesses to accredj'f-r; i nir>nt w ill be mr»de on Sunday as to newspapermen, the necrssnry of-' w ' )rf her the meettnR<; will continue iicial wttnesses and a comparative- !>r no! - '' h? ;-peclnl musical num- ly r,rnnil number of {>ence officcisI |XT<: ntr f>°inc received with apptr- ol Cftillornia." jcmtion, nil local tnlrnt being used Although cognizant of the iact (hat the notoriety Hickman received excited the public mint! nr, have few crimes of recent -,,\i!'. the warden pointed out that" the facilities of the death room nnd the prison policy prevented any hbcml appro%Til of the requests. The requests rame from all parts of the! United StflU-s. Many were f:oia women. The sheaf of letters on Holohnn • desk is high. AS rapidly as jwsaible clerks are separating them. LcttT, classed as the product of the curious 07 morbid ore discarded. Others from persons who through newspaper or other connections are considered eligible are taken up lor consideraUnn. . It is expected that the trap will time/ of service on Sunday is ni follows Sunday school. 0:30 n. m. Mornintr worship at 10:30 n rn Christian Endeavor at 6:45 p. m..' nnd the eveninc serurcs at 7'30 p' m The pastor. Rev. J. L. Lobaufili expects to be present with the evp.n- cehst at. all these services. The pub!l:e i- invited to attend. CHURCH SERVICES WEST STERLING MISSION Gnv-void avenue. Sunday school at 2:30 p. m . R" K ,,| n r Sunday evening services tt 7:30. A cordial welcome to all. GRACE EPISCOPAL Rev. R. c. Talbot. rector. Holy evening ser PRF^BYTERIAN Chester M. Jrwln. minister. !):30, Bible school. 10:45. mornint; worship, choral music, sermon "Free nnd Ind^pentS'-nf. Apostleshlp" (first of « series of three addresses on ' Odlatlnns," insplrallon of the Re- m'nstlon movement). 0.30, Chrlr;- lian Kndenvor. Wednesday. 6:15, church night, beginning with picnic supper and continuing with a devotional hour at 1 o'clock. sprung In accordance with San'9:45 n m. customs between 10:15 mon. 10:45. communion. 8 n. m. Church school. ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH ST. MARY'S Sunday masses at" St. Mary's church will be as follows; C:.10 a. m.. 8 n. m. and 10 a. m. Holy hour every Sunday from 2:30 to 3:30 p. m. Week-day services. 7 a. m. Confessions cverj' Saturday afternoon from 3 o'clock on. nnd on the eves of all holy days, on the Thursday afternoon before the first Friday of each month. FALLS CHRISTIAN Hurry E. SJilffw, pastor; pbon" '09-J: residence. S99 ThlrtJ avenue. The Rock Palls Christian church will observe Rally day In th« church and Bible school tomorrow. Bibln school at 8:45 a. m. A short program will be given, followed by tlr morning worship, the Lord's Supper. and preaching; theme. "Consecration." The annual church meetim: at 2:30 p. m., at which Unxs reports of the Bible school and church will be made and the election of church officers. Young people's meetings at 6:30 p. m. Preachlrjf at 7:30 p. m.; theme, "Procrastination." Mid- prayer meeting "Thursday evening, 7:30. *t the home of H. L. Shifter, 217 Fourth avenue. A cordial welcome for all. Milton. t>. Bftj-Ir, paetor. Church ftchool conw*R«s «t"B:30 a. m. R-ftlly dsy program prwnblned with at 10 Or. ... ,4ifs M. Fe. i frpon. A.wembly singins led by i John T, Meyer. Art dress by , Fnv KlIloU. director of n?llslo!>-« edti- ; cstkff! In the schools of' Sterlins- j R-ock Falls. Presentations of Bibles j by C. N. Tlmrnons, superintendent, j Rftlly d«y story. "Tjje Task Ood Oaw,'' by Rev. M. D. Bayly. In- r-taltftUon serrlcn of t^ftct')<?rs, officers, also of trustees ami stewards, conducted by pastor. Anthem! "Praise Ye the Lord." Gounod. Sermon, "The Church s.nd Its Task." Epworth League at 6:15; chairman. Veil* Ma*> Fadden; topic. Wm. Cornstock; Scripture, Danny Dale; prayer, Anna Kommer. Evening service OALUNQ ^^ r ) TO CWo»4pj, Oet 18.—(U.P.) —A jury to try pfwsntestj men. h«n«hrae-n o! ; Msrrfs Slier, city colhwtof. 'jres of tjoTtspirgey, w»x wrmplefcf^l jncrf. Venirerawi h«d bsen qwe«- • tioTwd. during twenty-two d»>-j. i The seventeen men •w^re charged tn connection with, election day. J violences 'wt April. Four hundred I and forty-flTO venlmnen ^*ere :questioned b»for* twelve men ftnal- ;!y wfre found wUHng to «rve on Ith* jury Court WES adjourned untH Monday, after completion of the jury, : and presentation of opening srini- I menta in the case will he started at ithat time. 'CHICAGO KIDNAPERS ! i OPERATE IN NEW VORK i I New York. Oct. I?,—(tj.P.t — New; York police believe Chicago's Wd- r - ••• j- f "<*ST it 'a* th* cti»rn . 1387 Jhftf appropriated tSSS.008 worth of "v*ssrfoiss bonds of vnrtmif coSHWt»ti.!M*8 snd places, ih» property of fhe Jntensstlonsl Life"" in- u. *. ("AT. Chatler No. 6998 Kcsen-e District No. 7 REPORT OF CONDITION OF The First National Bank Of Rock Falls, in the State of Illinois, st the close of business on Oct. a. FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST. 8CIF.NTI8T Church edifice, 503 First avenue. Sterling. Sunday morning service. 10:45; subject, "Are Sin, Disease and Death Real?" Wednesday testimonial meeting. 8 p. m. Sunday school. 9:45 a. m. In connection with the church edifice a free Christian Science reading room Is maintained where the Bible and all Christian Science literature. Including the quarterly, may be read or borrowed. Room Is open dally except Sunday and holidays from 2 to 5 p. m. and UNITED BRETHREN Harvey M. Kllnger, pastor. Church school at 9:45 a. m.; 8. M. Howe, superintendent. Junior Endeavor at 10:30 a. rn.; Mrs. Earl Wolfe, superintendent. Morning worship nt 10:45; pastor's subject. "The Fact of Prayer." The choir under the direction of Mrs. Ella Howe Carlson will render an anthem. "The Sunset Gates," by Wilson, and Mrs. Mac Yeager Weaver will sing "Sweet, Hour of Prayer." Senior Endeavor at 6:30 p. m.; Minnie McPhersoii. president. Gospel service at 7:30 p, m.; "The Light Brigade of the Church." "Put on the Armor ot Light." The choir will sing "The Old Church Bell." an anthem by Lonenz. Choir rehearsal Thursday night. The church council will meet Monday evening at 7:30. CONGREGATIONAL Corner Second avenue and Fourth Wheelock's RESOURCES Loans and discounts S326 711 13 Overdrafts ".I!!!"!!!!!!""! 1 ^577 74 United States Government securities owned ............ 25 650 00 Other bonds, stocks, and securities owned lie2GS'58 Banking house. $49,460.94; furniture and fixtures, $10,546.99... GO.'oiS 93 Real estate owned other than banking house . Reserve with Federal Reserve Bank Cash and due from banks Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer and due from U S Treasurer If more wives were shy about asking for money, fewer husbands would be shy. t naplng gangs have extended their operations to this city. A series of recent Abductions led to the indictment of Irving Cohen, alias Irvin? Davis, of Chicago, and detectives are of the opinion Cohen came here several months BEO as leader of a band engaged In kidnaping wealthy men for-ransom. TM H«m*nlan phyKJclan, writing expert and writer on crim- snd twit immediately to the offit* of CJfcalt Attorney -Slderwr. FEDERAL. OFFICERS IN RAID ON WITT SALOONS Farm. II!., Oct. 13—.<A.P.) — Six automobile loads of federal prohibition officers raided th* m*dn street of Witt, 111., and entered 13 saSooms and Erveral residences. Eight men were, arrested and taken to Springfield. Beer and spirituous liquors were found in most of the places ».-hjJe hundreds of Witt residents stood In the streets and watched the raiders at, work. Charter No. 27W REPORT OF CONDITION Of R«wrve District No. 7 The Sterling National Bank PO.495.70 50,017.74 ' 40,943.54 1.350,00 Total $915,925.36 LIABILITIES Capital stock paid in t^g OQQ QQ Surplus Undivided profits—ne Reserves for dividends, contingencies, etc Circulating notes outstanding Due to banks Time deposits 342*476 91 Bilk payable and rediscounts 7o!s35!ll Total SUte of Illinois, County of Whiteside f 25,000.00 12,405.43 1.000.00 25.000.00 1.184.00 5915,925.36 I, A. V. Selgllnger, Cashier of the 'wear that the above statement is true 'vellef. Subscribed and sworn to before 'ne this llth day of October. 1928. tr . B. May. Notary Public. [SEAL! above named bank, do solemnly to the best of my knowledge and A. V. SEIGHNGER. Cashier. Correct—Attest: L. P. McMILLEN, J. A. KADEL. F. E. DAVI8ON, 1 Directors. \t the close t . Jl RESOURCES Loans and discounts Dverdrafts ,'.'.".'.'."'."" United States Government securities owned Other bonds, stocks, and securities owned Furniture and fixtures, $9,671.23 Real estate owned other than bank'ing"hauv-' Reserve with Federal Reserve Bank Cash arid due from banks Outside checks and other cash items Redemption fund with U. B. Treasurer 'nnd' due" f'roin'u's Treasurer Octobw, 296.34 198450.00 438.WW.48 438,566.48 104.373.61 77,137.34 2300.00 Total $2.115,341.43 „ lt , LIABILITIES Capital stock paid in s ttw iwi «vi surplus :.:.::: s JJ5-S22-22 Undivided profits—net ............... Circulating notes outstanding ". 4740nn Due to banks . ' o2J Demand deposits « R7 ,.. „„ Time deposits , ?S'35H? Other liabilities ',.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.','.'.'.'.'.'. I'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'/.'.'.'. 7654? Total .$2,115,241.43 State of Illinois, | County of Whiteslde f .. . I - c - £• Bl«y. Cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledgt• and belief C. F. BLEY. Cashier.' Subscribed and sworn to before PAUL T S GALT me this llth day of October. 1928. a^G CRAWFORD rRTTAtT 111 - T ' Qalt> Notat * ™Uc. w. J. oaiu ' [SEAL] Directors. ^ * Our Rugs Combine Style and Quality When you- purchase one of our rugs you may rest assured tb&t you have made a sound investment We feel that the rugs we now have in stock are the best for the money that we have been able to buy for years. Ihen; designs are new, unusual; their colors achieve a rare degree of r e ,mfnrt i„ ™ *£** "'1 K \ yo " at first si g ht ~ a nd w»» remain a source of pleasure and comloit m your home for years to come. GL\\UL\K WILTOX RUGS i»x!2 Size 70.00— 73.75—88.00—117.00—112.50 AXMI\STER KCGS 9x12 Size 22.30—28.25—3JMO—12.T5—J6.00 VELVET RUGS 9x12 Size TAPESTRY RUGS 9x12 size 7.^x9 Size CQNGOLEUM RUGS 7.6x9 9x9 9x10.6 $M 7M 8MO „""*"" alUl EUir 9x12 8M in the ™ wanted pattern, and , EYES VjODERN journalism must keep step with scientific progress. The * history of newspaper development in AmericaIs closely linked with the history of man's inventive genius. * ' First use of the carrier pigeon as a means of news distribution was regarded as a bit of real enterprise. But when Morse inventecf the telegraph, journalism entered a new phase—the era of speed in news transmission. Today news events are flashed almost instantaneously to the farthest corners of the earth—and we think nothing of it What is even more marvelous today is the speed with which news pictures can be transmitted, and the unquestioned promise that even greater wonders in picture distribution are in store in the near future. It is a journalistic commonplace today to send important newspictures by telephone and radio, thus cutting hours, days, even weeks, off the time required by older methods. This paper, for its important pictures of news events, relies on NBA Service, the world's largest newspicture and feature agency an organization which uses the .full complement of modern equip-* ment in the traiisrrmsion of its important pictures. That means this paper is first with the pictures of big news events. As an instance of NEA enterprise, did you know that the night Herbert Hoover was nominated in Kansas City NEA pictures of *£ demonsbrariori which greeted his name were on the Atktitfe and Pacific coasts before^that^yenmg'gi session adjourned? Andn*&» Pacific flyers toded at Honolulu, NEA pictures of thttr ma® printed m San om? i few hours later the saint day? That is speed, and it is characteristic of NEA Service newspietautft diittibilto* * %

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