Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on December 31, 1909 · Page 5
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 5

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Friday, December 31, 1909
Page 5
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THE FOURTH '.www!*TM?!!*!^ ' · · ' " ' . '·' * · . ' ' ' ' ' . ' · ' "'""" I · " ' · ' . · · · · · · '*'-ry ' · ' : · · : · · " - , ' ' ; ' v-'"S, " ' ' · '" TRIWTON EVENING TIMES, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1909. Novelized by FREDERICK R. TOOMBS From the Great Play of the'Same Name by Joseph Medill Patterson and Harriet Ford. COPYRIGHT, 1909. BY JOSEPH MF.D1LL P A T T E R S O N AND H A R R I E T FORD. twenty-six srhcililled. sports are v r r y I heavy, b u w l l n s . fichts, '-licrkrrs. ni)d K e n t u c k y ' s shut d o w n «" r a c i n g ; they want two papos. We've pot n tip t h a t Morgan un* t h e n s i l i u m . Steel will and began looking t h e m TUey contained lm|)ortnnt' article* which hnd been set up. but which lie had not previously Keen. "Hello, there's a live one." he suddenly exclaimed, p l a n t i n g over one of In "The Fourth Estate" the ^effectiveness of newspapers in 'fearlessly exposing political ' · iicial corruption and the ; prol , al)Ir up( . :l S ( ) f t on Monday." ^safeguard they are to~1he public \ j c H P r jry took down the telephone interestingly and convinc- \ receiver and hold It expectantly nt his tttgly set forth. A young, earnest i Mr. He took tbe proofs from Moore's ^·.newspaper writer and editor is central figure, and his bat- files with a dishonest United I States judge against big odds and ^against the cunningly undcr- machinations of the lav- lobbyist Dupuy form one of r !the most valuable as well as .most entertaining pieces of fie- of the day. That the false f:- fudge's daughter, the reigning in the fashionable life of | a leading city, should play a t.^sensational part in this gripping 'v story of strong honest men and S of strong dishonest men, fight- each other in a war of dol- ·flttrs, evidences the romantic ^possibilities of the narrative. This, is a story of today's I''America, a fact story torn out of |;7i/e's book, dealing with the most %vttat issues that confront every lone of us. Romance and humor |We with stirring action for su- 'fjpremacy in this instructive and ^fascinating novel, which teaches jfftat the path of duty is the path fo love arid happiness and that In success, nobly won, lie re- of greater and more last- value than in a triumph i £ - UeH turntd to «, c jdcphonr. .nobly and more easily gained. ;! CHAPTER I. .--.-Burke said there were three es- · tates In. parliament, but in the reporters' gallery yonder there sat a ^'Fourth ^Estate more Important far ;M« they all.--Carlyle. HE silence In toe managing editor's room of the Daily Advance was abruptly broken ·by the entrance of Ross Mc- throush a private door. His iteen years of active newspaper ,carjeer extending from oub ' to his present important drilled into him tbe necessity, lie habit, of constant action, ^thought, keen and accurate per- and readiness for emergencies. threw off his coat, glanced several papers laid on his desk ! he was out at dinner and seated i...«elf In his managerial chair. He a few rapid -words on a pad of at nis right hand as he pushed 'button with his left to summon an - *»· ""Any one here while I was goner queried sharply as tbe boy "By heaven, he is n newspaper rnnn." "That's w l i y be won't lu.M in t h i s office." put In Moore s u r c a s t i r a l l y . "Yep." s u p p l e m e n t e d t h e 1 city editor. MeUenry's f:u-e took on a resigned expression UN he s a i d : "Well, we'll have to pans it up." He paused. "It's likely to le llbelous." He laid aside i h o proof sheet and resumed his perusal of the schedule of articles intended to be used in the next inofuHiK's paper. "How about divorces?" McHenry asked suddenly, raising his head to the city editor. "The Sarrup divorce is up a^ain. Two new corespondents named." He pointed t h e m out among the photos. McHenry drew a few lines on one will feel Inclined to sue us." He rose us If to end the I n t e r v i e w . J u d i t h , however, w a n not to be thus ' disposed of. "I dou't w a n t to detain J*u," she remarked, "but I should like to ask you who wus respounible for t h a t article." She seated herself in a chair which M c H e n r y indicated. "We never t e l l the n a m e of our w r i t - ers." answered t h e m a n a g i n g editor. Her f a t h e r Imd diplomar«*lly suggested to her t h a t Wheelerlirand might have written t h e story. This she found difficult to believe. But sue must be c o n v i n c e d , and one of her motives in v i s i t i n g tbe newspaper hod been to. ask him -- t o ask him to t e l l her t h a t he was not the a u t h o r of the new attack on her f a t h e r . SUL- must see him and learn t h e - t r u t h from his lips alone. "Is Mr. Brand in the office now?" she asked. "Yes, 1 t h i u k so." "Would it be possible for me to see him?" "Why. yes, if you wish. I ' l l send for him." M c H e n r y summoned the boy and told him to "ask Mr. Brand to come ill:" "We've noticed"--she hesitated--"all his friends have noticed that he's becoming very radical lately." Judith rose from the chair and stepped nerv- | ously toward the editor's desk. "Oh," he laughed, "they all get that when they're young, like the measles." "And that's something they all get over, isn't it'.'" she asked eagerly. "Yes," responded McHenry, stirring as though to leave the room. Judith stepped squarely in front of . his desk. I "But I don't want to disturb you. Can't I go to his office?" ' 'He hasn't got-any office, and they're Bent Method of Making Your Wants Kiiowii A Chance To Get Money For New Year's There Is not a n r " i « o h n l d In tho c i t y hut w h a t con- t a i n s some a r t i c l e useli»s to cr the owner and m u c h nOeded by soiYiL-onc 'else. F o r · o n o cent a word *on can t u r t i these eyesores I n t o cash. Telephone an a d v e r t i s e m e n t to 2200. We w i l l do the rest. EYES eclentinca'ly examined, with fh» aid of th« latest aci beat instrument*, by expert SPECIALISTS. Correct WDM* proscribed and mada. Sun Optical Maanlaclnriu3 Co. f. C. LE/-MING. fruu. ' Cor. State and Warren SI*. Lost. __ ' L O S T -- C h i l d ! * w h i t e far n c c k p i e r e . , f m n i B e l l c v u H A v t - t o T r i n i t y t ' h u r c h . - i n I n t h e . - h u r i - h . K i - t u r n IS B e l l e s u o ; A \ c . u n i i i i T c i v e r e w a r d . H I L U S T -- S i l v e r b u g b r e a s t p i n . I n i t i a l s A . 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O r e c n , m a n a g e r I K - I i l - t f W A N T E D -- M a n a g e r s a n l a d T r e n t o n a n d v i c i n i t y u a i t y . - o i n p a n y ; I I U O . O O s u r e s m e n H ' wages a g a i n s t l i i n c i d e n t or i l l n e s s : costs m o n t h l y . Good m o n t l i l y I r i g h t m e n . c l a i m s p a i J l . 8 0 U . O U i i . N a t i o n a l C Nassau St.. New Y o r k . 12-31-31 boy. A p p l y WAIVTEU -- A n e r r a n d West t f t a t e S t r e e t . \Vi.\TIflU -- Boy to w o r k In store. 11 P e r r y .t. 33 It tobacco 12-31-2t s h o p p i n g d i s t r i c t , -H and gold and L O S T -- I n . . - _ . . . s a t i n b e l t and gold a n d a m e t h j s t l i u c k l e . H e u - a r d I t r e t u r n e d t o M m . T a y l o r . 2 2 5 K. State St. 1 2 - 2 7 - l f w h l t e W A N T E D -- Several b r i g h t g i r l mlor 16. for a s s e m b l i n g e l e Found. "Who?" Judith leaned toward him, into his eyes. tie announced. " Judith started back aghast. "You, Wheeler? Why?" she cried hysterically. "I hud no choice." He struggled to maintain bis grip on himself. "You "had no choice?" "Judith, when this Lansing Iron case first broke loose," Brand responded firmly. "I saw straight off that it was one of the slickest-well, that there | state, Trontun. N. J. _ ·was a tfig story In It. I didn't know ] , EFT OVER from Christmas your father was involved in this at U u l t a r s . M a n d o l i n WANTED -- A n e x p e r i e n c e d w h l t o w a i t r e s s : o n e a c c u s t o m e d t o hotel w o r k . 217 K. F r o n t St. " of the photos and rang for the boy. I a n bunched In the local room in their "Eriqg me an artist. Durkin." he ordered'. The urtist soon appeared. * , ., . first. I just followed the path, and shirt sleeves smoking. You wouldn't like it. We haven't a reception room." "Here," spoke up the managing ed- McHenry laughed as ho spoke, itor, ^l/take these corespondents and in his shirt sleeves, rolled to his el- run 'em with the two you had yester- bows, with quick steps and squared day. but fix those ui different Put a shoulders, Wheeler Brand, one of the hat on one and the other in low neck, ablest men ou tbe city staff of the and put Sarrup himself in the middle , Advance, strode into the office of the with a dado of hearts around." Me- managing editor through the door lead- Honry changed his mind. "No; make i ng f r o m the city and telegraph rooms, it a big question mark of cupids and i "Yes, sir," be greeted McHenry. the caption 'Which of These Women Then he stopped short both in his steps and in his speech. He had caught sight of the managing editor's j visitor. "Why, Judith!" he gasped. "What in heaven's name are you doing here? I"-- At this point words failed him, and he stood staring at her, with i n s t r u m e n t s , m u s i c stands, e t c . . all to KO at r e d u c e d prices. Come and buy When I saw where It was leading me b a r g a i n s . H n e d e k e r ' s , Masonic Temple. I wanted to turn back because of you, I ·"· but I couldn't." He stopped for a mo- ' «ET SOME of the $100 prizes given inent, then went on: "No, no. I could j not stop--not--even--for yoa-i'-'- j "But it isn't loyal of you," was her ' \V % NTEIJ~-- K x p e r l e n c e d s t e n o g r a p h e r ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ t ^ ^ Address. s t a t l n wlit-re l a s t e m p l o y K( ,,V ( i' s '"' H iea'dy""work ami good wages. ed. Z 1-32, T i m e s office. i-1 5 1 '- 1 , A p p l y U n i o n E l e c t r i c a l W Hamilton A v e . and C l a r k St. 12-31-2t W A N T E D -- M a c h i n i s t , l a t h e h a n d s . Dar-llng Machine Works, -- - - , M u l r h c l d Ave.. K. T r e n t o n . 12-29--H WANTED -- E x p e r i e n c e d t y p e w r i t e r ; ! ' one h a v I n K office e x p e r i e n c e and ; wAVFE!)--German man an'l ! good at figures. S t a t e age and w h e r e , w i t h o u t c h i l d r -·t j last e m p l o y e d . Address Z 1-31. rimes j 0 ], n A K u r t z , T r e n t o n J u n c t i office. I -" 3 1 '- t , P h i l a d e l p h i a R e a d i n g Koad. -- . | 12-30-3t \ BIG S A L A R Y to w o m e n c a p a b l e of filling a p o s i t i o n of u n u s u a l possi- b i l i t i e s offered by a London. Paris and HirtV ui F i- N " p w Y o r k corset h o u s e to those of f c "i9 5i im ' p r o v e n a b i l i t y ; we w a n t J u s t six more d r e s s _ _ -- . - d e m o n s t r a t o r s ; our corset has received : W a s h i n g t o · · K , - = t m a « R-,n1n« the Gold Medal f r o m the London a n d , Acco?deon« c a s e J ' - P a r i s Uress E x h i b i t i o n f o r b e l n K o n e f; 1 . Ac . t ,°" a A 0n f;^ a ,n of the f i n e s t m a d e Corsets In the KOI M l -- H u l l r t o K . b r o w n arid w h i t e ; nam«- "F. B. M e r c e r . 30 F l o w e r St.," on c o l l a r . C a l l -'24 S e w a r d Ave. Miscellaneous. rK~BVY E V E R Y T H I N G FOR CASH--- Addret-s Koom I.\TEI.I,IC;KNT person may earn good 1m oin* c o r r e s p o n d i n newspapers; e x p e r i e n c e unnecessary. Press C o r r e s p o n d e n c e 12-2S-lm- a w a y free for the best character mask In""' MB110I11C response. "It wasn't like you--to attack him suddenly in this way. it's almost as if you struck him from behind. And do you~not see, Wheeler, ! BEAl'TIFl'L l i n e of d i a m o n d rings, $10 up; d i a m o n d brooches, stick pins, idaies' and gentlemen's gold watches, cuff links, solid silver and 1847 Koerers Bros.' plated ware, gold clock. Como and look at our s t o c k ; no t r o u b l e to Does Tbtff Man Love?' Yes, and frame In his wife too. Three columns." "Yes, sir," responded the artist, starting away w i t h tbe photos. But McHenry called him back. "Hey:" he cried. "Make that 'Which show goods. Buy $5.00 worth of goods, Klckey Jewelry 12-14-15* of These Beautiful Women Does This his breast heaving violently as the re- one. Senator Deering dead yet?" "No, not yet." The managing editor was disgusted. "Pshaw!" he exclaimed. "I'll bet the old codger dies for the afternoon papers. We're having rotten luck lately." The telephone, rang. "Hello! Who's this?" cried McHenry savagely. But his voice changed abruptly to its'most sugary tones. "Oh, Mr. Nolan, this is Mr. McHen- j ry. Tcs; why, the boy said I'd gone to the theater. He's new to newspaper offices. Yes, indeed. He doesn't know I Man Love? " The artist bowed in acquiescence and escaped. McHenry took up another photo-' graph. "Ha, wont a beauty!" he said enthusiastically. "What's she been doing-" "SBe. is Judith Bartelmy, the judge's daughter. She gave a reception today," answered Downs, the city editor. "High society all there as usual, I suppose?" mused McHenry. "The Bartelmys .ire an old family, and they've held on to ' some of their money. Here. Downs,", he went on. her up for two--no, three col- Maybe it will square It suit of his surprise. The girl was also deeply disturbed in spite of her previous knowledge that she was to be confronted by the man she loved. McHenry thought that the moment had arrived when his presence was. no longer necessary. "Miss Bartelmy has asked to see you fot a few minutes," he said, rising and starting toward a door. "You may talk here." A handful of proof sheets rustled In his grasp as he disappeared. Wheeler Brand started toward tbe girl. "Is there anything the matter?" he queried anxiously. She hesitated before answering. "Yes; two things. First, you did not the paper this morning. You explain to an artist" "All right." "Tli£ new boss. Nolan,' Is coming sir. Woman whose boy was ed wants to Keep it out of th' . Been outside two Lours. She's outside an' bawls an' bawls an' b*wls." her we're printing a newspa- Pperand I've left for the night." "Then there was a few phone calls. bandied 'em all 'cept th 1 last. He was a man nara- we newspaper men have little time for down to look ns over tonight." added theaters-no, indeed-ba. ha! I was McHenry. "Wonder where we'll all be working next week?" was the city editor's reply over his shoulder as he quickly made bis exit. The boy came in and laid a bard on the managing editor's desk. downstairs in the press room nil the time--yes. Indeed; trouble with the roller on cylinder 5 of the color press, and I happen to have a bit of a mechanical turn of mind--yes, indeed. Anything I can do for you, sir? Hope we"may have the pleasure of showing | "Miss Judith Bartelmy:" exclaimed you over the office--your office--pretty · McHenry as he glanced at It. "Well, _^ *»,,,. n i« T n *.l, w Kf'3 Vac OTITT wyhnt Hrt vnt! t h i n k rtf t h f l t . VfOOre?" soon. Yes, sir. Tonight? Yes, any time. We're always here. Yes, sir. Thank you." He hung up tbe receiver and reverted to his natural voice. "It's the new boss, Moore. 'S coming down tonight." "I wonder if that means more changes ?" observed the night editor as he filled his pipe. McHenry sighed. "Ain't a man who gets into this business a sucker?" what do you think of that, Moore?' "It's a kick sure, and"-"By the way," interjected McHenry deliberately, "this girl, Judith Bartelmy, isn't she engaged to Wheeler Brand ?" "Seems to me I've heard something of the sort,* 1 assented Moore vaguely. "Well, same here, and Brand wrote that story this morning showing up her father, the Judge, as a trickster of the worst, most.'dangerous sort. Now the girl comes to this office--probably to defend her dad. Say, Moore"--the The night editor smiled grimly. "Wonder what kind" of a joke is this managing editor was becoming excited Nolan anyway?" he asked. ;--"things are getting warm around The night editor's brow wrinkled. here. Brand certainly bad hi» nerve "All I know is that he's fl Colorado with him to band such a roast to hli ^ x-«t 0 n -r.' 1,0 I miner with a hill of ore all bis own." prospective rather-in-law." ed Nolan, an he I _ ^^ ^ ^ njght ^^ "Whafd you tell ;;».; him?" «ight editor's room wanted ter see you." M c H e n r y im- j m e d i a t e l y be- i came interested. " W h a t ' d yon t e l l him?" hs asked, rising. "That you W9» to th' theayter." The managing editor picked up a Congressional D i r e c t o r y and shied It forcibly at the lad. " W e l l , n e x t time, young man, you tell him I've s t e p p e d He McHenry turned abruptly to one side schedule. "What is this T-- T-- golf or and reached for his coat, which he politics?" "Taft-- both: golf 2 dbwn--conference with Aldrich." McHenry snorted. "Gosh, tbe White House is dead since Teddy left!" He pointed to tbe sched quickly donned. "Show her in," he called to the boy. Moore hastily retreated from the room as Judith Bartelmy entered, leaving the judge's daughter alone with the managing editor. McHenry nle. "W.hat's this? 'Baltimore, one col- bad long flattered himself that he had umn. "Double divorce, partners." "Good people?" "Not much." I "Fifty words '11 be enough. met many attractive women in hl» They exchanged time, but as he rose to meet Judith Bartelmy and sun-eyed this fash- ! iouably gowned young woman he made a mental note that she surpassed Dead them all. Her blond features were of heavy--stupid paper," grunted the roan- distinctly patrician cast. Her blue ftglng editor. _ ;.eyus had the magnetic qualities so en- McHenry rang for the boy, Durkln, and on his belated arrival sent him to vied by the many less fortunate women, and the pure whiteness of her secondly, there is that article about father this mottling." 'I couldn't get off from the office to attend the reception, and I am awfully sorry." he protested. "But as for the story about your father--well, did he send you here?" "No. he didn't send me. But I couldn't help swing bow disturbed he wal. and"-"Then he knew you were coining?" "Why, yel." Judith was Uying.hard that you are hurting me as much as you injure him? I am his daughter, | allowed for old gold. Wheeler, and if you ruin my father Store, 10; Perry St.- you will ruin me." She covered her face with her hands, her anguish. (Continued In Tomorrow's Times.) t h e w o r l d ; rare c h a n c e f o r t h e "' - WANTED -- A g e n t s , In all small w i t h i n a r a d i u s of t w e n w o r n - | T r e n t o n ; bli? o p p o r t u n an to secure a p o s i t i o n of h l g n stand- , | nK . a c t i v e h u s t l e r . Address Furniture, I n e - corset lias met w i l h t r e m e n d o u s C a r p e t and Stoves. sale- big m o n e y positive. W r i t e at once · t o n . 12-28-6t for p a r t i c u l a r s to the T o - K a l o n Corset ; _ C o m p a n y . S u i t e OU., :s-30 West JSXth -\VAVTED--Experienced pottery ·- » V n r k ( ~ l i v . 12-30-91 er; one accustomed to Rlost printing I p r e f e i r e d ; character a n d habits . St., New Y o r k City. _ . W A N T E D -- Girl for h o u s e w o r k ; w h i t e , be of the best; A m e r i c a n K i r l p r e f e r r e d ; 3 in f a m i l y . ; ^ral wages: Ad;ply 832 W. Stat.e St. 1 2 - 3 0 - 2 1 | a res s S 1227. Times office. 12-20-t« Apply COOK WANTED -- Steady w o r k for : BOIIvKR M A K E R S WANTED^-Apply eood c o o k ' s m a l l r e s t a u r a n t . 203 W. B e t h l e h p m « ,,. i * « « _ * f ,«\.,^. Ti« -*9-on_i9f Hanover St. '-2S-tf | leheni. Pa. WANTED--Asents, In n i l small t o w n s j WANTED--Railway mall clerks. w i t h i n a r a d i u s of t w e n t y TM l l e f , o f , m e n c e m e n t salary $800. Sprlng_ ex-i T r e n t o n ; Ing, active h M I N E are a l i t t l e higher per nundred. You have tried those biscuits WMh t h e » t t l e o but tha genuine are BRAND AND MURPHY DENIED CLEMENCY John Koccis and Other Mercer Convicts Turned Dovvn. Pearl Paskayi Paroled David H. Brand, of this city, who is serving seven years In the State Prison for aiding In setting fire to tin- Brand store at State and Montgomery Streets in J u l y , 1905. was refused a parole yesterday afternoon by the Court of Pardons, as told In an extra edition of the Times. John Brand, wlio was convicted with David, his brother. In Mercer Court after a sensational trial, was paroled some time ago. The court began Its session at 11 a. m. yesterday, but no announcements were made until adjournment at 4 o'clock. Mrs. David H. Brand was at tbe State House all the morning, wait- Ing in the Governor's office !'or news from the c o u r t . She did not return after the recess for luncheon at 1 o'clock and thr- news of the refusal of clemency was conveyed to her. Tho committee, which examined the applicant at the State Prison and w h i c h Is composed of tbe lay judges of the Errors Court, reported to the court that the Brand application should not he granted, and this report was adopted. J^is term will expire in Oc- '!/ wrote It, Judith," he announced. to understand what he meant by seek- made at Weiks' Bakery, 28 S. Warren St. First Introduced by Charles Weiks. Sr.. In 1S9-1. 12-8-lmo Antiques Wanted. OLD FUL'HNITt'RE, china, Looks and feathers. Feather mattressfis made to order. Roblson, 174 S. Broad St. Bell . phone 1257-A. ll-12-2mo, DO YOUR CORNS HURT? DR. JOHN S. MncDAlD, Chiropodist. 28 South Broad St. Bell phone 1419. 10-21-tf Thelma, The Queen ot Perfumes, fragrant as the flowers and more lasting; 50c. the ounce. Howard N. Richards. Perry and Montgomery Sts. 4-23-tf Orders Given to Any Store in Trenton. Buy your cloaks, suits, men's clothing on tasy payments; you pay regular department store prices on easy terms. See or write me. I. Richmond. Office 17 E. State St. Room B. Business strictly confidential. E-18-tf summon the city editor. "What you nne i y curved chin and neck was ad- mg out her father's knowledge of her _ _ * ! « » _ _ \ . _ - » ' - ^ . · Nolan; remember He's the new owner." , '"Cheese St. another owner. Nobody ;Jttps-us lonp. do they?" responded McHenry laconlcaJ- "Llke certain other luxuries, no- keeps us long. We're too ex- Mire, Durkln." The boy grinned and hurried away immon tbe night editor at McHen- command and to dispose of the d o w n to the ' got? " sa!uted M p Henry as the editor - vantageously revealed by the low cut --,_-,, collar of her princess gown of wine colored silk which clung to a figure that celebrated artists had pronounced arrived. Downs, the city editor, went to the point "Are you going to use that follow up ctory about Judge Bartelmy throwing the T.nnsing Iron company Into a receivership?" he CHenry seated,, himself and turned "I dunno. Any k i c k s o n this morning's story ?" "1 should say ,tl» ever ready telephone at U» *** ~ telephone lit hand corner of hia desk: MJ«s Stowe! Get me Mr. ·n--Mr. Michael Nolan--on the wire ·way." 1 the "*o,ftKng editor bung np the Blither Moore, tbe night editor, en- CTUi/lug handle of galley :af! in hi* left hand, » schedule in Uelt. Moore, what hare yon got tor MT" ttkrd McHenry. "If ht editor repec'M rapidly In 4 ftftnoaotonou vojce: Uj-fl«« column* of ·*«. Tel*; editor"! hollering for twenty col- H« Jost cot · couple of nice 019 fTOBJ Pittebnrff about · : 4*0fhter-to-Uw; tort going all day." McHenry turned and pounded the desk with his fist "If they kicked on that they'd get our job* on this." He pointed at tbe proof of tbe new BTtelmy itory w h i c h he had "Double divorce. They exchanged partner*." taken from Moore. "All the same, the JudH'1 einiine la getting rather tolled these day*. It m«ke« me sore to think of what they're polling off on tbe federal bench. -He's bad all through, that v*rt*'nT. Whose ctory is it-- unusual in its symmetry. "I desire to complain about the article attactting my father this morn- Ing." the gtl began. "Yes? 1 answered McHenry. "I wish an apology for It" "Is this a message from youf father?" "That's not the point. This is the first time in his life that any one' h** ventured to question his honor. Th* article is false, and 1 think your paper should apologize for it immediately." "Before saying as to that" returned the managing editor, "I should bar* to refer the matter to the new proprietor, Mr. Nolan. You know it U not customary for a newspaper to take back what It says." The Judge's daughter raised her eyebrows in surprise as she drew close to McHenry's desk, where he had resumed his seat. "I should think you'd have « good mtfny lawsuits." she suggested. "OhTTio; not many. We go up to the line, but we try uot to step over it." He picked up several newspapers from lift tbe :«tor. present mission, one which was to her decidedly unpleasant Wheeler was plainly impressed, and unfavorably so, at the girl's reply. "Oh!" he.ejaculated disappointedly. The quickly thinking girl detected the significant tone of the newspaper writer's reply and hastened to explain. "I beard my father »ay at dinner that he feared there would be another attack tomorrow," she said, "and I hoped through you to prevent its publication and to make the Advance apologize for what it said this morn- Ing. I don't see how your paper dares to publish such things." "But, Judith," he answered, "we couldn't dodge a story as big as that We had to print it. That's what we're here for." But she was still insistent * "OhXbf course, print the story, but I mean the insinuation all through. Why, by using such unfair means newspapers can bring discredit on any one. Mr. McHenry refused to apologize. He wouldn't even t«U me who wrote It. Do you know?" Brand gave a violent start. At first in her present mood, he hardly dared answer the girl. With a determined effort he pulled fe/rinteK tofether and For l"-*»"ce"--fcannlng' n The court alBsrefused a parole to John P. Murphy, wnt) killed his w l f n In East Trenton and is serving 17 years. Several other applications made by him have also boen denied. John Koccis, of this county, who Is serving a l i f e sentence for murder, also failed to get clemency. Koccis hilled a Hungarian woman In this city. Miss Pearl Paskayi was granted a parole. She was sentenced to three years last June for killing a Hungarian who made an Indecent proposal to her. OTHERS PAROLED. The other Mercer C o u n t y prisoners paroled were: George H. Fessemlen, convicted of grand larceny in February, 1907, and sentenced to five years. William Forkner. convicted of assault and b a t t e r y and atrocious assault in November, 1907, and sentenced to three years. Frank Valhana, convicted of open lewdness and sentenced to three years in December. 1907. Louis Zoff, convicted of open l e w d ness in A p r i l , 1907. and sentenced to three years. * Cornelius Bruce, sentenced to five years for breaking and entering. The other cases from t i l l s c o u n t y In which clemency was refused were; Joseph Blanyel, serving three years for atrocious assault and battery, and committed In July, 1908; Carmine Carnpanlno, serving three years for unlawfully sending threatening letters and sentenced in January. 1907; Sfsve Ganzy, serving five years for atrocious assault and battery and sentenced in June, 1907; Saint Luk=, serving 20 years for breaking and entering and grand larceny, and committed In December. 1903; George Magyar, serving 10 years for felonious attempt to poison his child, and committed In December. 1907; he pulfparls green in a pot of cabbage; Mariana Melehlorre, serving seven years for atrocious assault and battery, and committed in February, 1908; John Reacker. serving five years for carrx!.ng._concealPd weapons with Intent to kill, and committing assault and battery, committed In March, 1908. THREE FREE SCHOLARSHIPS IN SIN6IN8, PIANO AND VIOLIN Three of the Jeannette M. Thurber Scholarships for singing, piano and violin, now vacant, will be open for competition at the t w e n t y - f i f t h acml-annual entrance examination of the National Conservatory of Music of America, 128 West Seventy-ninth Street. New York City, Thursday, January fl. from 10 to 12 a. m. and 2 to 4 p. m. The ncholarnhlps will be given to students who have no means, but whose talent promises distinction an artists. One of the most eminent slngcru now before -the public, Lillian Blauvelt, was a holder of one of these scholarships. The artistic faculty Includes Adele Margulles, Leopold Llch- tenberg, Leo. Schute, Joseph Pinarello, Henry T. Finch and others. For further Information, address secretary only, 128 West Seventy-ninth Street, New York city. We call special attention to the elaborate musical program to be rendered by th« Bethany Choru« Choir on Sunday evening. SM notice In another For Sale. FOR SALE--Cook stove. I n q u i r e 26 P e n n l n g t o n A v e n u e . 12-31--1 FOR SAI/E--One heavy express t r u c k . t w o - h o r s e snow scoop, lot ice tools. I n q u i r e 1« P l u m St. 12-31-21 FOR SALE--Pigeons; 8 pair t u r b i t s , trumpeters, t u m b l e r s a n d carriers, $5; w o r t h $20. 1 4 2 8 Hamilton Ave. I t FOR SALK--Graphophone and records, cheap; call any time. 815 D i v i s i o n g^ 12-31-21 FOB S1I.B -- Thoroughbred Jersey h e i f e r c a l f , entitled to registry. Pic- t u r e s q u e P o u l t r y Karm. TrentJn J u n c - t i o n . G. H. Bellis,'Manager. 12-.30-21 UNIT*' 1112 FOR SALE--Third floor .lerta Apartment, morris chair, c h l f l e r . table and other articles. IF YOU W A N T extra flne bananas and other selected f r u i t , nuts, etc., go to A. Camera, 205 South Broad St. 11-17-tt FOR SALE CHEAP FOR CASH--A largo lot of boilers, engines, steam pipes, pumpa. shafting, pulleys, hangers, tanks, fans, girders and all kinds of second tiand m a c h i n e r y and rubber m i l l m a c h i n e r y . R u b b e r belting and s u c t i o n and v a c u u m hose. Apply to McGrory, 25-75 Pashley Ave., 1 2 - 2 2 - t f o p p o r t u n i t y to entcrprls- | a m l n a t l o n s ustler. Address F u r n i t u r e , ! prepared fr - ~ - * everywhere. Candidates ...,,, ,,...,, . free. F r a n k l i n Institute Dept. Carpet and Stoves, P. O. Box :5, Trt-n- 214-J. Rochester. N. Y. l2-U-1ra!» ton. , 1 2 - 2 8 - B t j HELP WANTED ot all kinds--Girls for general hous?work. cooks, waitresses, servants, farm hands, laborers, team drivers, etc. We f u r n i s h ne.p of .,,,,,,,,,, ,,»,, 6 . u «.. ,,.,.,,. -.,,....-- , all kinds. Give us a call. We can flu Walters, cooks, farm help, experienced, your wants. E m p i r e Employment Of- I ne ] p o f a u kinds supplied and wanted, flcB, second floor. Room 10, .Elrnore j r G Employment Office. 124 E. Front - · - -- - · - ~ ~-" -· ""· » ' -*-..»· ·; . inter-State 7-29-tf Employment Agency. I HAVE good tiouseglrls. cnamber- rrialds, half grown girls, dishwashers. , . , . . Bldg.. 141 E. State St. Bell phone 5SO-A. | gt Bell p h o n e 3707-A. - ll-20-2mo WANTED--Experienced chocolate coal- ers; good wages and steady worlt. Apply 142 So.uth Broad St. 11-17-tf- GIRLS WANTED, from 14 to in yeor» of F. A. Strru.. * Co, Ave. and Penan. R. R. 9-30-t INSTRL'vrlOIVS UIVEN In dressmaking, afternoon and evenings; scholars make what they wish. R. M. Brophy. Ill E. State St. f 7-8-tf Business Opportunities. WANT CiENTLEMAN w i t h 110.000 to JIB.000 as silent or active partner In first class m e r c a n t i l e business; a n n u a l profit, »286,875. Address Y 1239, Times office. 12-30-lat BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY--Owing to a deith, I have an opening for an energetic man, w i t h about J2.500 to Invest Chas L. Patterson, 14, W. State Street. 12-30-21 FOR SALE--Good paying restaurant. doing nice business; reason selling cm account of sickness. For particulars address Y 1228, Times office. 12-28-5t FOR SALE--Pool room, cigar store, etc., profit $30 to *40 per week. Samuel J. Kelly. 147 E. State St. .12-4-tf FOR SALE CHEAP--Saloon, with restaurant attachment. Call l«ST?erry Street. 9-10-tf BOOKS BOUGHT--One or a thousand. C. L. Traver. 108 S. Broad Street. . phone J241-B. MRS. A. E. CUBBERLEY has removed her office to 215 N. Montgomery St.,. where she will f u r n i s h help for all departments of housekeeping. Bell phone 952-A. ll-17-2mo THE COMMERCIAL Exchange Employment Agency f u r n i s h e s - grade help of all kinds. If you are unemployed or need employes call room 22. G u n d l l n g Bldg.. State and Broad Sts. We can place you at a good salary. The demand exceeds the supply for the right kind of help. All applicants must furnish references. JSm- ployers can select from our list the em- ployes they require. Our aim Is to' serve, not to swindle. Bell phone 1942-D. 8-28-tf Notices. MASONIC. An emrrftnt commnnlmtlOB of Trenton LM!T?C% No. 6, F« A A* M., w i l l be held at the rooms Saturday a f t e r n o o n next. January 1, at 13:30 o'clock, for the purpose of a t t e n d i n g the f u n e r a l A l l e n S o u t h w l r k , P. M.. member C o v e n a n t Lodge No. 45C. F. A. P h i l a d e l p h i a . Pa. Members of frat e r n i t y of o t h e r lodges are cordially v l t e u to meet w i t h us. JOHN H. WOODHOUSE. W. M. It Wanted to Buy. WANTED carpets, flee. WANTED--Immediately, a fl-st class saloon property; also a hotel. H. E. P h i l i p City. FOR SALE -- A l ! standard makes of t y p e w r i t e r s f r o m J7.00 u p ; m a c h i n e s r e n t e d v e r y cheap. T y p e w r i t e r Exchange. Room 17. Elmorei Bldg.. ^141 JE. State St. FOR SALE -- Excelsior "always m a k e good." A v e n u e . FOR SALE--One pool table, good a» new; can b» bought at a sacrifice. 12-21-lmo Auto-Cycles; 290 Hamilton 12-18-tf Call 110 Bridge St. 12-17-tf FOR SALE:--Piano, Standaru upright, mahogany, at sacrifice; responsible p a r ' - cr.n buy on easy payments. Wall Street. 49 i2-I3-tf FOR SALE--360-egg Cyphers' fncu- bators cheap. E. T. McGalllard, Trenton, J£ J. Phone 2214-M. 12-7-tf GOOD VPRIQHT PIANO |120; nearly new. 218 Passalc Street. 11-20-tf THE NEW YORK VACUUM CLEANERS for sale or-hlre. I. L. Woodward; 434 R u t h e r f o r d Ave. Bell phone 1264 "°- AIR-COOLED gasoline engines. "Simplicity" and "T. M." marine engines, for sale. 290 Hamilton Ave. FOR SALE--Lot stoves, new and second hand; lowest prices In town; don't buy u n t i l you see Pierce, site Cojyt House. FOR. SALK Pnre olive oU. 145 Academy St., noutbweat corner MontijuTM.- ry St. e oppo- 10-Sl-tf Post Cards. oHc's'i'XLtfS THANKSaiviNG CAIina, *··"" more beautiful than ever. 1.000 styles Christmas and New Year cards, In every known design, suitable for everybody- « for **, p l a i n ; lo. Hni«ll»-l New designs In birthday, etc^.from 20c. to $1 03. 1.000 de?l£ns at 8 for So., Ic. tinselled. Album» retailed at wholesale prices. A. L. Opdyke. Jobber and Importer. 108 E. Hanover 3fc ll-10-tf Automobiles For Sale. ·4OO BUYS a (-passenger,.light touring car, In 'perfect condition.; equipped w i t h top. extra shoes, tubes. B lamps. tools, etc. Will trade for. desirable b u i l d i n g lot or equity In small house. Address Box 312, City. 12-J9-tf WAVERLEY electric runabout, with top: good condition: owner largSf car. Box ZM.-Cttr- Old Papets W E PAX highest each price* ter iron craft cop««r lead. rajw. rub»«r. TO BUY--Puppy f u r n i t u r e Address Puppy. Times of- 12-9-tf Walsh. 308 Broad St. Bank. 8-22-tf simians, WANTED TO HIRE-- Two good large sleighs for s l e i g h i n g parties. Call' 530 Perry St.. or Inter-State p h o n p 253. 1^-31-21 BIO B A R G A I N S -- I have a few more fine sleighs. I n c l u d i n g 2 fine d o u b l e seat- balance one seated; a few second l a n d : nn« o r t w o l i g h t d e l i v e r y f o r grocers' use. w h i c h 1 am closing out at Bargain prices; If you need a sleigh come q u i c k as they are going fast. J also hare a v e r y large stock of robes. ManTtets and horse c l o t h i n g at lowest prices .T. I.. Wehpr. 44 N o r t h Stoclt- ton St.. Trenton. X^ J. 12-30-3t Tan cabs to Hire. AXICAB -- When you want a taxlcan call either phone 189; good service. l-lO-Stn Wm. Cooinbl. Skates Peck Snyder, Union Special, U. S. Club, Hockeys and Racers, from 60c. to $6.00 pr. 1,000 Mr lo Select From Skates Sharpened · - lOe Hollow Ground - - - 20c Carving Sets Razors Pocket Knives Ssoll Hardware Co. 4 REWARD OF «2!UX) Is offered by the Lawrence V i g i l a n t Society the arrest and c o n v i c t i o n _of the who stole plgfi from Wm. S. Dumont, December 19. This reward will also be paid for the arrest and conviction or c h i c k e n -thieves. Lawrence V i g i Society. 12-31-n The Broad Street National Bank. FORTY-THIRD DIVIDEND. T r e n t o n . N J.! December 30. 1909, The Board of Directors have this day declared a d i v i d e n d of f o u r (4) cent, out of the earnings of the past six m o n t h s , payable J a n u a HOBEKT J. BRACE, Cashier. 12-31-«t ' Inter-State Fair Association NOTICE Is hereby given that the an- n u a l m e e t i n g of the stockholders the Inter-State Fair Association for the purpose of election of officers and d i r e c t o r s and the transaction of the c u r r e n t business of the Association w i l l bt held in the office of the Associa- t i o n . Room 203. C o m m o n w e a T r f n t o n . N. J.. on S a t u r d a 1910, at : p. m. M. U. M a r g e r u n-29-9t' THK B R O A D STRRKT NATIONAL B A N K OF TREWTON. Trenton. N. J.. Deo. 11. 1809. The a n n u a l meeting of the ·hare- holders of this banu 'or the election of directors w i l l be held at the bank- In* house on Tuesday, the llth day of J a n u a r y , 1910. The noils will be open from 11 a. m. tn 12 m. ROBT. J. BRACE, Cashier. i2-13-24t-~ FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF TRBN. TON--Trenton, N. J., December 1U 1909. The annual meeting of the »hare- holders of this bank for the election -of directors will be held at the b a n k house on Tuesday, the l l t h day or J a n u a r y , 1910. Th« polls will be open, from 10 a. in. to 3« m. A. H. Wood, Cashier.. 12-11^25t NOTICE--To builders and property owners. I can save you money on that tin roofln«f or repairing. Also. II you ar-s t h i n k i n g of a hot air heater. pay you to get my pil-es In all kinds of t i n and sheet Iron work. Roofs painted with the best color and oik , Edwin R. · Huddy. Sheet MeUV Con-. tractor: $67 S. Broad St. Both phones. 12-S-2m» i .NOTICE--M. FISK Is agent (or Park Floral Co.. 1214 Chestnut Ave.; all k i n d s of flora I designs. Beil pbon» 3930-D. l2-2-2rOO JL J. BIRD (Licensed) Chiropodist. .22» East State Street, second floor. tl-tl-2mo Tnstructlon. GIBBS DANCING SCifOWI--Taylor Op- · era Homo BMg. Learners' clais Monday and Friday nlghm Children's. Saturday afterrloon. Private lessons with.., music. Suburb^" ulaB^a ^ fctiAC'lltf* Hall to rent. Bell phon« 14S8 or 2946-D/ 12-1-WjfAm-tf Gasoline Snglnes. . , - - "* TM~ - v LOR gALR--Carolina ana ste-«" «n- r g-taes. saw mills, wood law*. . , mills, new and second-hand repair* and competent experts on hand. Gaiter IffK Cor-pany. 225-228-330 ft. Warren 8C Trentnn. N J. ·-«-«:- Auctioneers. ROCKHILL HARTi'm Norway "Aval Bell phone 3514-A. Auctioneer aUC Appraiser. . · · . . i ''':,.," B. I* »T*VI»'. Oen'era.1' Auetlon««r. Hoptwelf, K. J. Bell 4S-U ^Hotws For 8ale. OR. DriO-*MdiSH,'veurtni *»on., «%*«. »n4iUbl«B. Had

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