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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 3
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 3

The Lincoln Stari
Lincoln, Nebraska
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THREE THE LINCOLN STAR SATURDAY. DECEMBER 27, 1941 Pig Crop This 'Sleeping Beauty Will Wed Han Wha Kept Vigil KNITTED BED SOCKS STAR RADIO 1'ROGRAiMS KFOR KOIL KFAB WOW POWNALL NEW BRITISH CHIEF U.S. Will Act Under Geneva Pact NBC fld Network S90 lilocrclee Columbia taste I0 IllocycUs Mutual end Columbia 1240 Kilocycle Columbia last and Mutual 1290 KilocyclM PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 27 (AP) The story of Philadelphia's Sleeping Beauty" soon will have the traditional happy ending. Year 3 Million New Utter Record The Nebraska fall pig crop Is Tire Famine Looms Before Car Owners SATURDAY EVENING For 23 year old Ruth Stevenson IN FAR EAST for War Prisoners answered her own 57 percent better than that of last fall, and hog production "What'i th first thintf I'm ffO Brooke Popham Out Exoect Tapan To Grant ling to do when I'm completely a TraMtnon Tn weu; ft Rationing In Effect Americans Edward is Edward Carney, the Faces Task Of Holding Singapore Against Jap Attacks sweetheart who kept vigil while she lay in a coma for three WASHINGTON, Dec.

27 (AP) The United States has informed months. Extremely Vital Vehicles Only Will Be Outfitted In The Future Ruth was injured Christmas LONDON, Dec. 27 (AP) the Japanese government that all tvt jon in an automobile acci next spring, as measured by In tentions to farrow sows in the spring, indicates 60 percent increase over a year ago, the state federal bureau of agricultural statistics said Saturday. The fall pig crop was 1,071,000 head as compared with 681,000 head a year ago and the ten year, 1930 39, average of 1,058,000 head. The fall crop increase brought the annual total to 3,039,000 head and offset the five percent reduction in the spring crop of 1940.

The average number of pigs per litter this fall was 6 30, the largest fall average on record. Although the 1941 total topped dent Day after day she lay in a Japanese prisoners captured by Gen. Sir Henry Pownall, 53, wiry and energetic artillery specialist, hospital, eyes closed, alive, yet WASH! NGTON, Dec. 27 American armed forces will be treated in accordance with provisions of the prisoner of war va a ww aw sui sj. una vpvisvw faced today the task of halting CAP) The nation's 32,000,000 her skull and drew off excess odd motor car owners today faced fluid under the outer brain convention adopted by 47 nations at Geneva in 1929.

the Japanese invasion of Malaya as the new commander in chief of British forces in the Far East. almost complete tire famine. covering. The office of price administra Last Easter, the first nickering tion cracked down all the way in Gen. Pownall, who has been While Japan signed but never formally ratified the pact, it was expected here that the Japanese signs of consciousness returned boosted over the heads of 100 new rationing program, deny and she has improved steadily high ranking officers from a ing the vitally needed rubber not government would grant all American prisoners of war re colonelcy since 1938, succeeded only to the Sunday pleasure driv ever since.

Except for a slight paralysis about the mouth, she has virtually recovered. the 2,810.000 total of 1940 by ten percent it was still well below the ten year average of 4,429,000 head. This fall there were 170,000 ciprocal fair and humane treat Air Chief Marshal Sir Robert Brooke Popham, 10 years his er, but to taxicabs, traveling salesmen and many commercial ment. senior, as the leader of forces truckers. sows farrowed as compared with which have yielded almost a TSLSfta SSSS HORSE'S ROUTINE the pact and.

on i th. basl. of re CAUSE OF A MILK rmrta frnm inm intrn at innnl Kwi fourth of British Malaya in 20 The cut off of crude rubber from the Far Eastern plantations may easily take millions of automobileswith worn tires from 112,000 in the fall of 1940. and the ten year average of 185,000. 1 A total of 520.000 sows are ex" days of action.

Cross, are observing its terms in WAGON CAR ACCIDENT pected to farrow in the spring the treatment of British, French city street and rural highway. of 1942. The 1941 firnire was The faithful routine of a milk and other European prisoners of Price Administrator Leon Hendersoncognizant of the needs of 325.000, the 1940 figure 353,000 and the ten year average 591,000. war. American Prisoners Taken.

wagon horse was blamed for an accident at Nineteenth and streets about 11:30 a. m. Friday. the armed forces for a war of nobody knows how long a dura To carry out the convention's terms the United States govern FREMONT EXPECTS Pownall, a lieutenant general, was granted the acting rank of full general as from Dec. 5.

Silences Criticism. The war office disclosed the shakeup last night in sin an nouncement saying that Gen. Pownall, former vice chief of the imperial general staff, had arrived at Singapore to assume duties to which he was assigned in November. Without details, the war office had reported Nov. 19 the selection H.

Stroud, 69, 2603 J. was tionyesterday issued regulations for 'ocal tire rationing ment will set up an organization driving across the intersection i vvw aiirftj tiiitiij to handle war prisoner questions when the horse started to make a boards which start operation Jan. S. These regulations ban the xrarvKM vntra tit in co operation with Marc Peter. left turn, causing the wagon to former Swiss minister to Wash issuance of purchasing cert if strike the rear of Stroud's car.

fttLMUINl. Dec. 27 ington, who will represent the The driver of the wagon, Stan cates for new tires or tubes except to those coming within sev international Red Cross here. (AP) Fremont's population it expected to increase by 2,000 to I Mi Bo Crosby Mews" and Spdrta Pan Amrtr iRhythmetrea IS Bob Crosby "Hovelty Notes Pen Americ Melody Time I Ml Stardom prelude Elmer Davis Prof from WBBM New 4t Stardom Prelude IH World Today rtto World Today Hew Irlews Pageant of Sport Prog, from WBBM To be announced 11 To be ann Pageant of Sports Prog, from WBBM To be announced. IS I Welkin Round, Wayne King Wayne King Auction Quia 45 i Sport Review Wayne King Wayne King Auction Quit Backstage Oruy Lombardo Ouy Lombardo Playhouse Band Revue Ouy Lombardo Ouy Lombardo Playhouse Calif.

Melodies Hobby Lobby Hobby Lobby Truth or Cnseoces 1M Calif. Melodies. Hobby Lobby Hobby Lobby Truth or Cnseocec 00 New, Tour Hit Psrad four Hit Parade Barn Dance lTo be Tour Hit parade Your Hit Parade Barn Dane 10 1 To be ann Dance Jamboree Your Hit Parade Barn Dance eSiTo be ann Dance Jamboree Sat. Nite Serenade Barn Dance 00 1 Cedrle Poster Krime Kian Sat. Kite Serenade Snort (tews is Spotlight Band Krime Klan (Public Affaire Students Internes 30 1 Spotlight Bands 3reen Hornet Prog, from WBBM.

iPamoua Jury Trials 4ft I New Oreen Hornet Prog, from WBBM Famoua Jury Trials 10 00 Basketball Oaire Newa Prog, from WBBM News 10 IS Prankie Masters Claude Thorn hill prog, from WBBM Sport, Parade 10 30 1 Oreen Hornet Thi Will Happen Prog, from WBBM To be 10 4 Oreen Hornet Blue Barron prog, from WBBM To be announced 11:00 Johnny Long lewe Unton Wells H. V. Kaltenborn. 11:11 Johnny Long Bobby Bowman Prankie Master Music Box 11:30 Orlff William 3riff Williams Ramon Ramos Beat of the Weet II 4ft I Oriff 3riff William (Ramon Ramos Best of the Week 00 Sign off tsj. l'tnjff Dance Rhytbma SUNDAY MORNINQ World Today Morning Roundup European Newa 1ft Organ Loft Btnginf Church Morning Roundup Deep River Boy, 30 United Church Old Bweet Morning Roundup Chapel Service United Church Oypsy Caravan Morning Roundup Chapel Service 00 funny Detroit Btble Claaa Church of Air Chapel Service 19 Funny Paper Detroit Bible Clasa Church of Air Chapel Service 30 King' Men Church of Air Wing Over Jordan Torn Terrisa 4ft So.

Land Be hoes Church of Air Wings Qvor Jordan Mus, Meditation 10 00 1 You Like Jackson Wheeler Jackson Wheeler News 10:15 You Like It A mer, Star Review Vera Brodsky Reformer Club 10 10 i Radio Chapel Amer. Btar Invite to Learn Xma Festival Radio Chapel Amet. Star Review. Invite to Learn Xmas Festival 11:00 Haven of Rest. Amer.

8tsf First Plymouth Sunday Down South 11:1 Haven of Rest Amer. 8taf Review. First Plymouth Sunday Down South 11:30 1 Salt Lake Choir slt Lake Choir First Plymouth Emma Otera 11 49 Salt Lake Choir Salt Lake Choir First Plymouth (Emma Otcra 8WDAYAFTERNOON" 13 00 StrgMusleTTT News" KFABntertainTj Mui7 Melodies 12: 19 1 Organ Mood Disney, Bong Newg New 12 30 1 This la Sunday Concert KFAB Entertain Music Hour 13 49 1 Thu 1 Life Sunday Concert KFAB Entertain Singing Canaries 1 00 News Adventures Spirit of "43 Sammy Kay 119 George Oeorge Fisher Spirit of '43 Sammy Kaye 1 30 1 World Today World Today Hebrew Christian Chi. Round Table 1:49 1 World Today World Today Hebrew Christian Chi. Round Table 3 00 Alvino Rry N.

Y. philharmonic N. Y. Philharmonic Chat About Dog 1:19 Alvino Rey N. Y.

phllharmonte N. Y. Philharmonic H. V. Kaltenborn 9 30 Disney' N.

Y. Philharmonic. N. Y. Phllharmonte Listen America 3 49 Castles In Air N.

Y. Philharmonic N. Y. Philharmonic Listen America 3 00 I N. Y.

Phllharm. N. Y. Philharmonic Lutheran Hour Hlllghts of Week 319 IN. Y.

Phllharm. N. Philharmonic Lutheran Hour Hlllghts of Week 3:30 i Church of Air. Pause That Refresh Pause That Refresh Sen. Outfey 1.49 Church of Air Pwuse That Refresh Pause That Refreafc Musical 410 America Family Hour Family Hour Audition of Air 4:19 America Sings Family Hour Family Hour Audition of Air 4:30 Freddy Martin Family Hour Family Hour Nichols Family 4 49 Listen At Answer Wm.

L. Shlrer News Nichols Family OO I Double or Noth. Silver Theater Silver Theater Catholic Hour 9 15 I Double or Noth. Silver Theater Silver Theater Catholic Hour 9:301 Bulldog Drum. Double or Nothing Melody Ranch Oreat Oildersleev 9:45 1 Bulldog Drum.

Double or Nothing Melody Ranch )Oreat Oildersleeve SUNDAY EVENING 00! Carl Revival Melody Ranch Jack Benny 15 Carl Hoff Revival News Jack Benny 30 Nobody's Child Revival Public Affaira Band Wagon :45 l4t in Review Revival Profile A Previews Band Wagon 1:00 I 1041 tn Make Belelve Columbia Workshp Charlie McCarthy 7:19 11041 In Make Beleive Columbia Workshp Charlie McCarthy 7 30 1 1941 tn Review Crime Doctor Crime Doctor One Man' Family 1:49 1 Shining Crime Doctor Crime Doctor One Man'a Family 00 New Evening Hour Evening Hour Merry Oo Round ift Dave Rose Evening Hour Evening Hour Merry Oo Round 30 Definite Evening Hour Evening Hour Familiar Music 1:49 1 Definite Mood Evening Hour Evening Hour Familiar Music 0:00 Revival Take It or Leave It Take It or Leave It Hour of Charm 19 Revival Take It or Leave It Take It or Leave It Hour of Charm 30 Revival Helen Hayea Helen Hayea (Sherlock Holmea 0:49 Revival Helen Hayea Helen Hayes Sherlock Holme 10 00 1 News Frank Parker Prog, from WBBM Dear John 10:19 Jan Bavitt Newa Prog, from WBBM Walter Wlnchell 10:30 The Johnny Long Prog, from WBBM Newa 10:49 The Shadow Johnny Long Johnny Long Hockey Oame 11:00 Blue Barron New Claude Thornhlll Newa 11:19 Musie ou Want Bobby Bowman Claude Thornhlll Rev. Brown 11:30 Music You Want Bobby Bowman Alvino Rey Strings 11:49 Music You Want Alvino Rey Alvino Rey Strings 12 00 Sign Off Sign Off Bign Oft Dance Rhythm The Japanese already bold a number of Muggy, 25, 1825 South Fifty first, was making a delivery at the time and the horse was moving Americans as prisoners of war, including vn distinct classifications. Seven Classes. marines wno were stationed at pe ping arid Tientsin: tne er'w or an Amer can to the next house. gunboat captured at Bhanghtt; the rmll And the motorist who is now but valiant marine garrison on Wake BY MRS.

ANNE CABOT. inland; a smsll nsval and marine fence riding on fabric can't speed to his nearest dealer to stock up, for Are you "cold footer?" Then struction of the Saunders county bomb loading plant, Arthur Baldwin, chamber of commerce president, disclosed. He said 350 families are expect 1 ed to move in within the next ten days and appealed to citizens to get living facilities ready for them. 11 supplies of new shoes and in here is your insurance policy mli uPll SAFE IN HAWAII against THAT winter weather an Herschel A. Storch, son of Mr noyance! These bed socks are have been taken thus far by American and Mrs.

Solly S. Storch, 1825 lorces. inese inciuae airmen 4 long, warm, straight from top to shot down in Hawaii, and the two man yeoman in tne u. b. coast guard, crew of at least one Japanese piemy sub sent his parents an air mail let wm e.

marine sttacaco rear, narr. from Hawaii tcUing tha he lg looKing ana easy to mane wn r. tlin safe and well. more could one ask! Warm feet? At Nebf. City Tavern health, he wrote, telling them not Dozen Cars In Ditch Lincoln Beatrice Road Special to Th Star.

BEATRICE, Dec. 27 At least dozen cars have piled into ditches between Lincoln and Beatrice within the past twq days as the result of the slippery pavement, Sheriff Ben Coble reported here. ner tubes are frozen until the rationing date. The car owners who can get new tires are those whose vehicles are essential to services for health, safety and industrial and commercial operations of a limit td nature. These are: 1 Physicians, a ft, fisitlng Bursas, veterinarians.

Ambulances. Fire fighting equipment, police vehicle, garbage removal truck and mall delivery cars. 4 Public service vehicles with a capacity of 10 or more passengers on regular transportation routes, school buses or ears to carry workers to and irom Industrial plants. Tracks for ice and fuel delivery. NEBRASKA CITY, Dec.

to ask any questions about what is 27 (AP) Thieves took 10 car happening. "Just let me hear from tons of cigarettes, $118 in cash, you often he requested. He en of Sir Henry for a special appointment." The shift in command silenced much criticism in London newspapers concerning the conduct of the Malayan campaign, though Britons have been warned that even further reverses are likely. Th British press has been highly critical of military operations in Malaya, particularly the lack of strong garrisons at advanced air fields such as Kota Bharu, which fell in the first invasion rush. Situation Unchanged.

British Far East headquarters announced last night that there was a Jspaneae psttrol activity north of Kena man. on the east coast, only 179 miles above Singapore, aa well aa along the Sunget river in the central are of the ttate of Perak. where main defense lines have held for several days. Most women and children have been removed from Ipoh, the next major town threatened by the Japanese in the main defense tone, about 300 miles north of Singapore, aiyrhoritlea said. In general, the aituation was described as unchanged.

Breoke Popbaa Criticised. SYDNEY, Australia. Dec. 17 (API W. M.

Hughes, Australian deputy opposition leader, today termed the removal of Air Chief Marshal Sir Robert Brooke Popham from command of Britain's Far Eastern forcea "a belated recognition by those In authority of unfitness and incompetence." and from 10 to 12 cases of beer listed 16 months ago, and for the from the Central Cafe and Tavern past year has been in Pacific here. I waters. Then you wouldn't need to make the socks and these socks were designed for genuine "cold footers." Make them in pink, blue, beige or white. Make a pair to take back to your college roommate. Then she won't need to borrow yours! For complete knitting Instructions for the Bed Socks (Pattern No.

5250), send 10 cents in COIN, YOUR NAME, ADDRESS and the PATTERN NUMBER to Anne Cabot, Lincoln Star, 106 Seventh Avenue, New York City. U. GOES BACK TO road maintenance, puwic utilities, essential repair services, wast and scrap dealers, common carriers and tr importation for raw materials, semt ftnlshed or finished goods which are not moving directly to the household lor ultimate consumers' use. Farm tractors or other Implements, escept trucks or pleasure cars Industrial, mining and construction equipment, except trucks or other automobiles. Used Tires Exempted.

Aa to the prohibition against tale for use on ears delivering to consumers, it was oxnlained that there were factors to re FOURTH THURSDAY AS lievo any situation involving delivery of milk, bakery products and department alore eoods. THANKSGIVING DAY WASHINGTON, Dec. 27 (AP) It's legal now Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November. President Roosevelt, who The pooling of delivery facilities was en suggested solution, especially where ther la duottcation of routes such as in milk and laundry service. Some of the bigger firms were said to havi large stocks of tires on band to carry them along lor mm, time.

switched the date twice from the traditional fourth to the third Thursday of the month, signed V.F.W. Urges Groups To Join In Move To Change Airport Name Proposal Raises Issue That Lincoln patriotic and civic groups Join the Veterans of Foreign Wars in a move to change the name of the municipal airport to Avery field, was urged in a into law yesterday a bill "freezing" the date for future years. Only tetreaded. recapped or other used tires are excepted Irom thi regulations at present. Along with the drastic restrictions there earn immediate unofficial speculation on tha Boasihi lone ranee elfect uoon indus tries akin to travel.

The almost number Cairo, Wood River Buddies Missing In The Pacific War fBpectal to The Btar.) CAIRO, Dec. 27 Elmer Pershing 'Benny' Schlund of less roadside stand of varying degrees of luxury appeared certain to feel the pinch before the war's end, along with Mr. A. H. Buckstaffs Integrity And Civic Spirit Lauded at Rites Funeral rites for a pioneer business man of Lincoln, Aaron H.

Buckstaff, were held Friday alraifirvn eat T7sxfAAv4 ali va1 TKo TO REMEMBER HOW HE LOOKED AGED 1 Sheep Killing Dogs Raid Western Flocks GGERING, Dec. 27 (AP) Sheriff Mahlon Morgan said sheep killing dogs invaded the pens of Arthur Finley, farmer near Lyman, Christmas night resolution approved by the 28 garag nd stations. Brilain At War With members of Lincoln post No. 3608 $0.95 Cairo, and his buddy, Lloyd Chris life or Have his pictures taken NOW in our studio and he'll always be with you as he looks today. Friday night at the Lincoln hotel.

John W. Smith, acting commander, presided. tensen of Wood River, are both believed to have been killed in laria Since Dec. 13 Bulgi 3 for 3.93 proofs shown action the first day of the The move to change the name and killed 22 sheep. This was the second loss wtyhin the county in the past week, more than 60 ISVTXll AlWiVl la VaOIla UV I awa ttivs 1UJ Vatl va.

ViiC Rev. Clifton H. Walcott, pastor of a nese American war in the Pa Jap a sai a 3 a In Reciprocal Move cific. Word from the navy depart was started about two weeks ago at a meeting of the commanders TITLLEk PAT fl I the First Baptist church, of sheep dying near Scottsbluff last 'Ftoutrmi ted. ment listed them as "missing in of the three posts here, and a ffe Apptmmtm Nasaiaery iciated before a large group of week.

He advised farmers to ongtime friends and associates. Schlund, who had been in the copy of a resolution adopted at that time has been presented to shoot ail stray dogs seen near their pens. service for six years, recently de Mr. Walcott said that Mr. the city council.

No action has been taken by the council. Buckstaff was a highly esteemed clared that he intended to make the navy his life work. He was a first machinist mate. Schlund was business man in Lincoln for many Debus Bakery Makes Robert Avery, son of Mr. and Mrs.

W. E. Avery, 1111 West years. As he said, better than any eulogy that could be written street, was the first Lincoln man $890 Pay Restitution (Special to The Btar.) KANSAS CITY. Dec.

27 the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schlund, and Christensen was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl is the unanimous testimony of reported killed in the war with Japan.

LONDON, Dec. 27 (AP) Britain disclosed today that she has been at war with Bulgaria since Dec 13. The announcement of a state of war was made in a supplement to the London Gazette. The action, it was thus divulged, followed by two days the German and Italian declaration of war on the United States and the United States declaration of war on Germany and Italy. Today's notification said that Britain never had been officially Informed of Bulgaria's own declaration of war on Dec.

13. The Debus corporation, Hastings his business associates and the wide circle of those who knew him best to his integrity and bakery, has paid $890.39 in ad justment wages to 10 employes, Five Rural Life civic mindedness. The minister continued by say The post also discussed plans for the January party being planned by the ladies auxiliary of the post. Plans being made for the annual state convention to be held here in June, also were considered. Walter W.

King, regional director of the wage hour division, announced Saturday. ng: Institutes Set For Nebraska Next Month "It was my privilege to become The payments, King said, rep acquainted with Mr. Buckstaff Regional rural life institutes, It is so simple and to succeed in business on the golf course, which gives open to all, and sponsored by the resent the difference between wages paid and those to which employes are eligible. King said an excellent index botn to a Catholic Diocese of Lincoln with man's mind and morals. I found the cooperation of the National him a good sport who played for Catholic Rural Life conference the restitution was readily made by the company which had not intentionally violated the act.

SPOTLIGHT FEATURES the pleasure of the game and the will be held in five Nebraska wholesome exercise in the out Raises Legal Question Members of the city council have discussed informally the proposal to change the name of the airport. To do so is not thought advisable now. The principal opposition Is based on the fact that when a bond issue of $300,000 was voted cities in January, it was an of doors. He seemed less in nounced by the Most Rev. Louis terested in playing par golf than ADVERTISING Nebraska Marriages (Special to The Star.) PALLS CITY waa made B.

Kucera. bishop of Lincoln. with The schedule for the regional in maintaining par fellowships. Some people lose friends on the SATURDAY. ON S.FOB 0 00 m.

Final period Cantslv college vs. Wyoming basketball game. It SO p.m. Oreen Hornet, mystery series ON BOIL jO p.m. Wayne King's orchsstra, ON KFAB 4 00 p.m.

Cleveland Bymphony orchestra In Fifth Bymphony by Shia here Friday of the marriage at Morrill, Dec. la Of Miss Zsda Fouraker. meetings follows: Monday, Jan. 26, CYO halL Lincoln: Tuesday. golf course, he made them.

less than a year ago the present Salem, to John Campbell, Morrill. He will be missed as a man of Jan. 27, Tiehen gymnasium, Falls name of the field was contained in the bond proposal. It was high ideals who took an active in this also used in the advertising for interest in community life even City; Wednesday, Jan. 28, St Ursula's hall, York; Thursday, Jan.

29, St. Cecilia's school hall. bids, and on the bonds when they (Special to The Btar.l WILBKR Marriage licenses were Issued here this week to Hermsn D. Wilken, Unadilla. and Delores O.

Winter, Crete; Harold Engle and Wllmetta Mae Tuttle, both of Friend. to the end of his earthly 00 p.m. Calling Pan America. Colombia expresses its warm friendship for the United at tea tn musie were sold and later registered Burial was in Wyuka. castings; Friday, Jan.

30, St. Mr. Buckstaff had come from broadcast from Bairanquilla Catherine's hall, Indianola. To change the name now, it is pointed out, is likelv to invalidate Wisconsin to Lincoln in the mid I p.m. Ouy Lombardo' orchestra play current bite, eld favor the entire issue.

TV city has the eighties and was associated with i NEBR A TT A DP A TWQ several enterprise in th rrow JVlsAinD Itea and a brand new number, 00 p.m. Your Hit Parade presents the DAVID KILLEN money, part of it has been spent to acquire land and the remainder is in the hands of the city ing community. He still was en ten favorite popular aongs, ON WOW (Special to The Star.) ADAMS Word ham hHn gaged actively In some projects te p.m. Truth or Consequences, with (Special to The Star.l MAJRY8VILLE. Kas.

Marriage licenses were Issued here this to Clifford P. Borup, 23 and Jeanette Delores Dunn, It, both of Lincoln; Dale D. Burgess, IS, and Leta M. Hansen, 31, both of Lincoln; Don ald L. Laun, 20, and Arloween O.

Vaughn, 19, both of Burchard; Frederick Smetana, 33. Tobias, and Betty A. Soukup, is, Friend. (Special to The Star.) BEATRICE Marriage licenses were Issued her to Pugen Stanley, 21. Ban Ber treasurer awaiting the outcome of the death of David Killen.

70, formerly at the time of his death. Ralph Edwards. F' wmtn occurred at nis name of contemplated improvements at pjaw Association of Medical student and Internes tn discussion of in mm Angeies. is survived by his wife and four children. Ha kIlm the airport.

two sisters, Mrs. Sarah Tracey and Mrs. Fred Bhaw. Adams; two brothers. 3.

K. KUlcn, Adams, and D. J. Kuleu, Omaha. Df CONGRESS (By the Associated Press.) Saturday.

Senate and house in recess. Prldav. aCedlelne in the Emergency: SUNDAY. ON Kroa It to a.m. Mutual' Radio Chapel.

30 a.m. Walt Disney' a Song Parade. Clement Durr Is Congress held Joint session to hear ad MRS. JANE TARE (Special to The Star.) BARNES TON Mrs. Jane Tarr.

03 nio. 1:30 p.u. Toung People' Cburca of the areas by Winston cnurcnui. Dead of Wounds neer of this vicinttv. died thi ir th.

nardino, cam and Pauiin Tally, 33, Cortland; Lawrence W. Fischer, 33. Over land. and Betty Bpltsnogle, 21. Wy.

more; Dal X. Markusaen, 22, Ogallala, and Evelyn J. Applebee, 31, Cortland. (Special to Th Btar.) SUPERIOR License to wed waa issued here to Ivan Oharrlng. 19, and Virleen (Special to The Star.) Air.

I 00 m. Double or Rethlng. ON KOIL 00 a.m. The World Today. horn of her daughter.

Mr. Edward NEBRASKA CITY, Dec. less, services were held near hare, and pers know and like and believe in you; to make them feel that your store is their store. It sounds almost silly to say that if people like von and if they think the things you sell are best they will buy them. But it isn't silly.

It is almost all there is to know of advertising selling. It is simple and it is easy to succeed in business to BUY your profits to BUILD your business with advertising in this newspaper. Successful merchants (merchants who continue even when the business skies are clouded) invariably have recognized those homely truths and they created those conditions and main tained them; made a myriad of friends and kept them. Don't wait to advertise. Use our columns regularly, persistently.

Start a flow of shoppers, friends, buyers into your doors and you'll keep them with advertising and with integrity. KOWH WBC tso riios interment waa at Seneca, Kaa, 11:30 a.m. Salt Lake City Tabernacle 27 Mr. and Mrs. John Durr of Nebraska City have been notified that their son, Clement, 19, has Choir and Organ.

ON KFAR 11:00 a.m. Ptrat Plymouth Church MRS. CHARLES BETTENHAUSEN Special to The Star.) PRINCETON Mrs. Charles Bettenhau vice. 100 p.m.

New York Philharmonic Srtn sen. 4ft, passed away Wednesday at her homo here. died of wounds received in the Dec. 7 bombing of Honolulu. He had previously been reported as Wnltely, lg.

botb of Nelson. DEATHS IN U. 8. (By the Associated Press.) WASHINGTON Chester T. 13, author, former newspaperman and special assistant to Secretary Morgenthau mi.

DANBURT, Conn. James Them Beard. civil and mining engineer and assistant phony orchestra, with trib al played to th memory of wounded in action. WILLIAM r. BUTLER (Special to The Star.) PALL SCITY A former Band mar the great Ptantat Composer Ferruccio Busoni.

It's a stout statement. It needs three, but three gifted, qualifications. Then, it stands against mil challenge. Add first that YOU must have a kind of integrity that is unquestioned. Add that the things you sell must be salable, in kind, in quality, in price.

Add that your ADVERTISING be frequent and persistent; and, that you write it with unswerving intent to make shop Chant and one time extensive landowner 1:90 p.m. Pause That Refreshee On the Air with Kenny Baker, popular me Baraaa sector, Willism Franklin Butler, S3, died here Thursdav. A Rich. tenor, as guest of Andre ardson county resident 63 years, Butler Kostelanet and Albert Spald wmm me son or tne late Mr. and Mrs.

Bphraira P. Butler, aarlv dv SUNDAY. OO European New Roundup. IS Coast to Coast on a bua. 0 00 Morning Musicals.

Fantasy tn Melody. 0:30 The Bout hern alrea. 10 00 Guitarist 10: la At te Reiser. 10:90 Revue In Miniature. Organ Recital.

11:00 Foreign Policy AsaocaiUon. I'm Am American. 11:90 Radio City Musi Ball concert. 13 JO African Trek. 1:00 News.

Master Radio Canaries. 1:90 Oiv Music. 14ft Christian Science Program. 00 Wake Up. America.

3 00 Michael Kitty. 9 30 Behind the Mike. 4:00 Service with Smile. 4:30 Mewa. The Sports Snapsbottor.

I ing. p.m. timer Da via and the newa. Two daughters and a son survive. 0 30 p.m.

Helen Mayes Theater with LIKE FATHER, UKE SOV VICE VERSA SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb Dec. 27 (AP) Emil Koza, 42 year old Lyman farmer, has two sons in Uncle Sam's navy. But yesterday he left his wife in charge of the farm and set out at the head of 13 recruits to enlist, in the navy at Denver. "Th Lady Bv. WOW WILLIAM HARWOOD (Special to The 8tr.

SUPERIOR William Harwood T7 engineer 01 construction of the Brooklyn bridge. LOS ANOELES Dr. Cortland Myers. TT. Baptist minuter and writer tor II years.

(Special to The Btar.) ST. PAUL Miss Bessie Anne Bwanson of Clerks, and Marvin O. Col ell of Hollywood. were married Christmas by County Judge C. C.

Larson. (Special to The Star.) ST. PAUL Ray Brabendar and Elisabeth Jan sen. both of St. Libory, have obtained a marriage license here and will be wed Dec.

30. at St. Libory. 10 to a.m. Hull Bouse Christmas Fes tival.

died here. He la survived by his widow. Mrs. Mary Emily Ha wood of Superior: a 1:30 p.m. University Chicago Round daughter.

Mrs. Bertha Hancock of Man Table la Economic policies THE LINCOLN STAR or a fithtlne nation as to. Kaa and six sons, Oeorge and Charles of Lincoln. Chet of Beatrice. Floyd of Portland.

and Olenn and t.OO p.m. Th Hour of Charm with Phil SpttaJny AU gui orchestra. Forrest of Superior..

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