Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 13, 1928 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 13, 1928
Page 7
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ffi AH In will b* \l«t your fer «ft fjft« to year th* , threofh Frtdfty. sa yaa will m frw» to jsin your rrwnas *M Mi.i&fe«« ftl UM IHlni «»«tr«, »h«r« *9 «*» tart yea will h*vt ^n «nj0y*W« «nd profuabte urn*. Ths vntaimn you Mrs. Lot««on w»tk ©at Mf»c«a the m iMtUnrs yms will r«aJ- tw rmt fetwi in «UM * ctoriou* fey . re*l feewi* tawptn O9tn« «*riy una ei! »nd not* book. «tj»rt««««. brint your i* the fstir-dmy far tfee choking iKheol : Tu«sd«y — l«tur«, "Whi- pro- Sp«niah Cream Sponjt* CaJ» Riags Jellied Plnstppl* o»rret and Mint Ic*d Omnge Boap FrtoCh Frtefl Stuff sa Tomatoes Bteeult Tortfinj Apricot tTpslda Down C«ke Dftt« Or»ng« SAodwich BUcult Hot Clnn&nton Oftko Weto^ifty — Ueture. "Budg«t- to* th« Ineoma SUp by step." dem ons (.ration. Jellied Spinach Salad Frosted Pudfe Cake Devilled Egga to A*pie Qnpe Julco Sonfite Snowballs Fruit Salad In Ch*aw Ring / French Frted CauUfJower Moucea and EpdcurCan Ssus« au 'T^rr?-,,^ ffW^UM £fi ii v <1 ' I > vo j* !y,i»f »,.•«'• !"•>«!-«•: «•-..•>••:•»i , fro.'-* fc**T1 ,,-, f|,,, nr ,, j^ f . *nd Mm mf (MBw tolttvbM for t«h» Ui* iron To of nr«,i:i« !(.« t»«l no H«nnepin Golf CHub ] -—Th*» B*nnrpin Golf club plrnic Thnr*d»v rvfTi ;l*rs *n»m pirw ami Mr* ih* h»id .% at u«» chih . About. .18 ni t. Mr*. C. E R. F. Woods Mifr th*» «i brick* and "in fif ronaff" T!>- <-n ! """'"'•*> «o~«>n-» ^wr^WNs f«. r H^vcr. T>»ir »r» Dr. Aria I o«Mi fftlR'ir.,! rirt| r « » f .'J-KfUrtiff th* n^Jc-l C-w**-"^. vl r»**e?fff»: f>r. SH,-, ribt IV „«[.*,*„ e ? WH!«»!*y !,«'fii r^ilrfsd? and (h* hsref ttr>^^. ~^..-^..-_-. ... ^^...,.......... .....^.^..^ ,..'..,^,,^., l>0^' OI^Tatjrjg 0? ^J-!ir|^ n^v cf>fs7P I into fxiM?nrr '' " ' '; pr *'*y f--'Jpp--'tjrrs thm U?? TJMilvm ' with bare* linr* >n srtvanr* of !' .."*-"«>>*P^«ton«r«lUhr«t.;^,f"^"::.;.T"l^ »nv«t*in,t*o n , » I*' IOWA MINERS AC*CRFT~ , - MINIMUM WA(iK Or Aihla, .In.. Oct. IS— ( \_^ **!.*, .- -, _ . „ * ** -«r . I " <w |la*Ji t * - i crs of Iowa sccept^d (he $3.80 rnWj. 4 imam wage scvUe suggpstcd by A ; Joint Fommitf« of coal mlnft operators and miners* by a vot<i O f mm 1 * than two fo one. auditors of th« s Winers announwd. ,)^ BOV SCOUT WALKS fTBOM / E- PERU TO WASHINGTON _ or Diets," demen«tr»uon, Watermelon Cake Fraaai TVaaato Cream Spanish Cake Custard Frosting Plnwhcel Cookl&s Choeolata Spooce Sana Tarts. 8t Pctwa Puddins Volcano Potatoes Je "L^. v «e«t*W« S*I*«J in Tomato , Friday — Lecture. "Pood Prs- ££tet* and How to Th«nt," deaionstrtuon. Haddock In Aspic Mustard Dressing "««»cotch Pie CooJtia la- BOX Laea Cookies Loaf 1 ——• I- i .iL-Lu JL....J.. iwr c y^sierdny. IN LEAD IN STRAW Digest Poll Has 1,201,860 For Hoover And 688,829 For Smith .., _ Jellied ^ fcscalloped Bast-Hoffman Nuptials Chadwkk. III., oct 13.-(8pedaLl -Hubert Horfman and Mi« Bast were united in nMrrtag Wednesday evening by Rev. R. New York. Oct. IS— (U.P.)— With-- tbt past we«k. the lead of Her- 1 *rt Hoover over Gov. Alfred £.! Smith in the national presidential I poll betof conducted by the Literary Digest haa been reduced 10 perl cent, the magiutim will show in its! Oct. 13 issue. ! Out of 1,611.347 votes cast. Hoo- t vert total itandc at 1,201,869 and! Smith's 688.828. i« A week ago. Hoover had 68 per-) ' cent of the total vote and Smith 31,7 per cent. This week. Hoover's per- I oenttgi" wu reduced to 63 and 1 Smith incrtaged to 38. the magazine I * —- ti ._ Farmer, before you replace your Farm Lighting Batteries, give us a call. We have some very attractive prices to oiler Call at our plant, 409 Avenue A, or phone MAIN74B Mogul Storage Battery Co. 409 Ave. A, Sterling, lit. Yl-JS, this is a good time to PAINT YOUR BARN and TIN KOOF Before Winter sets in. Our Extra Quality Barn Paints will do the work. Two Grades : (Metallic) Gals. $1M (Security) Gals. 2M Lewis Paint & Radio Store a twitch at ever? dbor. Bot»'t wish for tfcc cora» forts of a "!U*MC dectrf. cad.** Have &CBBU Let us install a complete G-E WMag Sy«tmt for 700— to your ocw famiae -m. .SYSTEM •~Joriyettine3&vtc6 Freeman 9 s Electric Shop 216 East Third St. Next to Hey Broe. Haglund Haglund Hugiund Hardware '& Sporting Goods Co. Sterling Main 510 211 1st Ave. ; ; - They were attended by Wilbur Schremer, a nephew of th* Broom, and Miss Evelyn Bast, a oo 'of the bride. Tb* grooS uf of Mr. and Mm Hemy Hoff» Haven. The bride ig a of Mr. and Mrs. William At Yorktown Church . Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Bennett Mr Mr% U E. Sautis and daughter *.. Mr. and Mri, M- L. ffi£ Pterce. Mies Gladys Glass. Mr. and Mrs. OJafLewls. Mrs. Alfred amiUi. Mrs. and Mn. Ida Alte, U» many from here who at- __.._.. pell in the southern states Is at pretent not more than half I completed. , Among the btate totals are: Hoover Smith Alabama ...... ..... 11,137 Arleona ...... ....... 2,633 California .......... 61.270 Colorado ........... 13,797 Georgia ....... ..... 8,586 Ulinoia Kentucky . IXUti&Jana MMMehusetta 100.621 19.291 7.870 69.599 65.357 4.913 10.006 1.838 38.121 5,677 10.395 G! 595 12.950 (1.091 35,115 Montana North Carolina ... . New York ......... 170.113 Oregon ............ 14469 Pennsylvania ...... 159.010 Tennessee .......... 18.2K,' 27.160 2.313 7521 1 '4.276 6.875 80.396 12.810 13,104 Driving Rod Breaks TSmpico. 111.. Oct. 13.-<8pec!al i —The driving rod broke on the engine of an extra east bound freight of «boufc 75 cam. Thursday night *° ut " tf kj* whil * K 010 * trough »» and blocked all street crossings « about two hours and a half Ptortunately none ol the cars left the rail*. ^ fun ! Hallowe'en means Drea ™«. Fortune Tell, P»l mut]ry and Hypnotism. Owm Bool Enameled Mixing Bowls IN ^ COLORS are the newest J. additicHi to the beautiful lim of Vbllrath Enam" ekd Warn in O)lora. They are deeper than usual, so foods can be etirred without spilling. a firm grip on the bowl possible in any position, Vet they nest closely to* gether on the pantry shelr*. Made with triple-coated eaamelonsteel base, in several distinctive color combinations. Nest of four, t to 4 quarts, only CONDE COMPANY Prices A most complete and comprehensive stock of wall papers of ever grade now on sale at radically reduced prices. Thousands of rolls at such extremely low prices that it will pay you well to buy now. even if you do not paper until next spring. Our stock is much too large. We must make room for the incoming 1929 papers. The prices we now quote are from 30

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