Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 16, 1964 · Page 5
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 5

Redlands, California
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Thursday, April 16, 1964
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Local Notes Styte tMuty Salon needc hair stylist Apply in per «on. 418 E. State, 192 -iSn. yHiip Crtam Pnfft Pure wiiipping cream. Goodie Shop, 24 £. SUte;. Mahafany Braakfrent for sale. Home Furniture Co. 515 Orange. Banchwarmer Brtakfatt Redlands hi^ sports booster group, the Bencbwarmers, will hold their regular breakfast meeting tomorrow morning at] 6:45 a.m. in Terrier Hall. Va rious members of the BHS coaching staff win speak. Traatwra Tents Paint, Park Frta Shop at Larry's Paint House. Winn Bldg., Colton at Orange. We give S.&H. Green stamps! x| INI Studabaker, V4 dehixe 4-door sedan. Overdrive heater, back-up lights, tinted windshield and less than 9,000 miles. fzaSS. A. C. Almind, 402) Orange St Echo 2 Ridts High If the sky is dear this evening Echo 2 will be in a favor-^ able position for viewing. At 8:12 p.m. the balloon will be west of the city, 83 degrees above the horizon and moving southeast Stated another way the balloon will be approximate ly overhead at 8:12. Rummage Sate Friday and Saturday, begin ning 9 a.m., 910 E. Colton, Uni versity Methodist Church. Three Firsts in Economy That was Buick's record in the Mobil Economy run. Something to think about along with Buick quaUty and styling. Convince yourseU at Bert S. Hatfield Buick, E. Redlands Blvd. between 7th & 8th. Sanders Funeral Graveside services for Infant Kelly David Sanders were held Wednesday at 3 p.m. at Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery, Rev. Aaron Enrich, pastor of the Temple Baptist church officiated. Burial was at Hillside Me morial Park, Emmerson Bed- lands Mortuary in charge. DIaMie Cake, CoeWet Satisfies the natural desire for bakery fresh baked goods. No added sugar, no added salt Su- caryl sweetened, scientific formulation. Goodie Shop. x Another Opening—Another Shew Be a First-Nighter. Very few seats left for the festive opening of "The Merchant of Venice", Little Theatre on the Zanja, April 30, May 1, 2, 7, 8 or 9th. For reservations call or write Betty Gamsey, U of R litUe, Theatre, 793-2121. . Back From Japan Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Wha ley, 255, Judson street returned home by plane yesterday after six weeks in Japan whera they visited their son, Bob, and his family at his Yokosuka naval station. They were present for the big celebrations planned for the Whaleys. the Charles Parkers and Leroy Hansbergers of Redlands at Tachikawa Air Force Base Sunday and another at Redlands' Sister City of Hino on Monday. Weather March IS Btarch 17 Much 18 March 19 March 20 Much 31 Ifandi 33 March 33 VmztH 34 Mardi 35 VaiA 36 M »dh 37 March 31 Uudx » lUich 30 Much 31 Aprtl 1- Atca 3_ Aprn 3_ ApiU 4- Aprfl S_ April «. April 7. Aptfl • April a AptUlO . April 11. April 13. AprillS. April M. April U. April U. XalnfaU Temp. 34 Se»Boun . M 54 . 82 57 . 83 4S . 73 45 . 78 42 . SS 40 . .S3 40 M »M .47 43 Jl 9.81 .53 38 10.43 . 65 34 Oa I0.S1 .70 38 . 80 41 . 84 44 . 87 51 . 83 47 .58 45 . 60 50 .45 lUW . 59 43 ja lua . 67 38 . 68 40 . 58 48 . 63 40 . 78 38 45 . 85 48 . 84 47 . 73 48 .90 45 . 90 50 .95 54 .95 57 .84 49 Study group to hold State street survey Eedlands shoppers — the people who use State stireet — may be given a dedsive voice inl wheUier traffic on the downtown street should be one-way or two-way. A consumer survey on the State street question was proposed by Police Chief Stanley] R. Bowen yesterday at the initial meeting of a special State Street Study Committee. Chief Bowen, appointed by the City Council to chairman the committee, noted that there has never been a customer poll taken to get the shoppers' opiU' ion on whether the present one­ way traffic pattern provides adequate access to downtown stores. The 12-member study group agreed to follow Chief Bowen's recommendation. The idea was expanded to include a survey, of downtown merchants. Representatives of the Chamber of Commerce were assigned the task of conducting the customer polL The Down­ town Bedlands Association will survey merchants wiio operate stores on Orange between Bed- lands boulevard and Citrus and on State street between Texas and Redlands boulevard. Zafon A. Hartman, DBA secretary-manager, had already prepared the merchant ques tionaire today and was getting approval from the study group. Chief Bowen said the merchant survey asks for opinions on four alternate plans for State street traffic and for any! other suggestions. He noted further that it would clearly determine exactly how many merchants oppose the present one-way traffic pattern. Frank Taylor, chairman of the Committee for Sensible' Downtown Traffic, has maintained tiiat nearj^ all SUtej street merchants west of Orange and many who have businesses east of Orange want a two-way traffic system. Taylor's committee has threatened to launch an initia­ tive campaign to put the State street issue to a citywide vote. The new study committee includes three representatives each from the Traffic Commission, the Board of ParMng Place Commissioners, the Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Redlands Association and Taylor's Sensible Traffic Committee. After a l',4-hour meeting yesterday, the study committee agreed the only fair way to' determine the future of State street was through a survey ofj merchants and their customers. A majori^ of the members appeared willing to let the pending surveys direct future action. Chief Bowen recommended the shopper survey as a fresh approach to the recurring Staie^ street controversy. One year ago this month the City Conncil concluded a three-month study of the downtown traffic problem wiUi the declaration tiiat there should be no change in the present one-way pattern. Big welcome for Redlands mayor in Hino Cify, Japan Two thousand flag - waving, Japanese inside and as many outside the big auditorium in Hino City, Japan, gave a rousing welcome Monday to Redlands Mayor Charles C. Parker and his fellow townspeople after their arrival in Japan for an official visit to Redlands' Sister- City. Accompanying Mayor Parker and his wife to Japan were Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Hansber ger. Mr. Hansberger is presi dent-elect of Redlands Rotary club. They were met on arrival at Tokyo Airport Saturday evening by a group that included the Mayor of Hino City, who had arranged a reception in the "V-| IP" room at the airport by Mr. and Mrs. Harry ^Vhaley of Redlands who had been in Japan for six weeks and Major and Mrs. Robert Gay (Marilyn Dubois of Redlands) who were the Whaleys hosts during their stay at Tachikawa A.F.B. Major and Mrs. Gay were hosts after the reception for a dinner party and floor show at a Tokyo hotel. Sunday evening at Tachikawa, the Base Commander had planned a party for about 50 guests to honor the visitors from Redlands in a private dining room at the Officers Club. The Mayors of both Tachikawa and Hino with their wives were among those present On Monday morning, the visit- mg group were escorted to the city hall in Hino {lom where they first went to view the War Memorial and then on to the auditorium where the enthusiastic welcome waited. The Parkers, Hansbergers and Whaleys were seated on the stage of the auditorium for the ceremonies, opened by the Mayor of Hino extending a formal welcome. Mayor Parker then spoke and presented to the Jap anese Mayor the framed resolution from his community and a replica of the City of Redlands plaque as well as tie pins bearing the Redlands city seal, one for each member of the Hino City Council. As ?n "extra". Mayor Parker added a roll of new Kennedy half-dollars for the Mayor of Hino to distribute to government officials. A tour of Hino and its factories followed the morning program. Mr. and Mrs. Whaley, who had been escorted on a private tour the previous Thursday, had to leave the group before the Monday tour in order to board the plane bringing them back to the States. They left by jet Monday at 4 p.m. Tachikawa time, spent two hours in Anchorage, Alaska, where they arrived four hours later in a snowstorm, and then landed at Travis Air Force Base Monday at 2 p.m. (PST) by their watches two hours before they had left Japan! The Redlands couple had arrived in Japan on March 18 for a visit with their son, Robert and his fanuly who are stationed at Kokosuka Naval base. During their stay, they took advantage of sightseemg opportunities and :^>ent one day in Yokohama with former Redlanders Mr. and Mrs. Ross Huffman who were their guides for a tour of this colorful city. They arrived at Tachikawa AJ'3. April 6 to visit the Gays and to await the arrival of the other Redlands visitors for the Hino celebration. It was the Whaley's visit to Tachikawa and Hino in the sum-{ mer of 1962 that sparked the Redlands Sister-City program now so successfully underway. 4,000 income tax returns mailed here on last day An estimated 4,000 state and.its regular 7:30 p.m. dispatch for several minutes just to accommodate Uie many people federal income tax returns were processed through the Redlands post office yesterday, the deadline date of the ISth, Postmaster Daniel J. Stanton said today. All returns deposited in the Redlands office prior to about 7:15 p.m. were cancelled with an April 15, p.m. mark. But another 250 returns were dropped in the slot after that hour and were thus not cancelled until the early morning crew came on duty. And that was witii an April 16, a.m. marking. The crew last night held off who were filing reports and who were in the lobby at that hour, Mr. Stanton said. The post office had many inquiries about the cancellations yesterday and people were informed that should they be later than 7 p.m., they would have to take theur returns to San Bernardino's main post office which has crews working and cancel­ ling mail all night Redlands clerks wrap up their final dispatch at 7:30 p.m., then go home. There is not an all night crew. Quote of Day WASHINGTON — Sen. Norris Cotton, R-NS., a Goldwater supporter, commenting on Sen. Barry Goldwater's chances of winnmg the Republican presidential nomination: If he wins in California (GOP primary there June 2), he's still hi the running. If he toses, he may be oat but hell be a factnrjn choosing the nominee." Home denies statement of MaeArthur LONDON (DPD-Prime Mm ister Sir Alec Douglas - Home today repudiated in Parliament statements attributed to Qie late Gen. Douglas MaeArthur that Britahi had given the Chi joese secrets during the Korean War. The prime minister, in answer to a query in the House of Commons from Laborite Ar- tfanr Henderson said, however, tiiat he would not make any| representation on the matter to VS. President Johnscm whose government already has denied tiie accuracy of the statement TREASURE HOUSE Y<^ mnued furniture or ap- pHanees wHl find a ready market through aasdlSed Ada. WILUAM C. MOOBK. PnbUaher. rSANK X. MOOSX. Uitoc. Pnblijbed VTCIT tmaat (**ctl Soadayl at Facta bofldins. 700 Biook- tide at Center. Bcdiaada. CalUomU. roondcd October 33. UM). 74Ui /car. entered as teeood claa aetter October 33. 1890. at the Peat Office at Bedlaadi. CaUfomia. imdai act of March 3. 137*. SUBaCXIFTIOll BATS (In Adrancei B7 CaiTiae Senrarr Oee Meaife 1 iJM three Mealke 4 -3* Six Mealha — One Tear ________ U4a Oee Kaeffc Dae Taw _ Br MaU - UM Gas tanker blast causes fire in Montclair MONTCLAIR (UPI) -A tank truck exploded today at a butane - propane storage yard setting "one or more" huge tanks afire and injuring at least Hazel Soper, Poyzer receive confidence vote An 83 per cent "vote of confidence" was given to City aerk Hazel Soper and City Treasurer Marion Poyzer by the 6,936 Redlanders who voted in Thuesday's city election. Even though they were unopposed, the incumbents were returned to office by a tremendous "courtesy" vote. Mrs. Soper received 5,630 votes and Mr. Poyzer tallied 5,588. It was Mrs. Soper's first election. She was appointed city clerk m March 1962 following the resignation of Harry JL. Whaley. Mrs. Soper, the city's first woman city clerk, served as a deputy to Whaley for 12 years. Mr. Poyzer was elected to the city treasurer post in 1960. He joined the treasurer's office as assistant to Harry Woltinan hi Jan., 1955, and was appointed Woltman's successor in 1957. BoUi Mrs. Soper and Mr. Poyzer will serve four year terms. Mercury drops to 84 True to his word, the Weather Man today pushed the mercury d o wn to nearer spring raUier than summer levels for a top of 84 degrees. Yesterday and tiie day before the temperature shot to a summery 95 degrees as desert air flowed noiselessly through the passes and all the way to the coast • But this high pressure center has now dissolved, permitting ocean breezes to again flow inland to cool the coastal and intermediate valleys for the next few days. Redlands Daily Facts Thm^ April 16,1964 - 5 IT.:',- "-^ ^ • .'3 - . - "^^•^ ^^^^^^ PICKED CIEAN — Shelves in the sub-teenage department of the Pee Wee and Deb Shop, 108 Orange, were cleared of merchandise early today by burglars who tunneled through a wall. Jock Gole, Pee Wee Shop manager, examines the small hole behind the shelf through which the burglars entered and escaped. (Doily Facts photo by C. J. Kenison) Language labs proposed for Redlands schools one person, police reported. The Ontario Fire Department described the conflagration as a "major" blaze. Fire units and law enforcement officers from several surrounding areas rushed to the scene of the explosion and fire to assist local| authorities. Taken to Pomona VaOey Community Hospital witii "very serious" injuries was the truck driver, John Matter. 62, Pomona. The explosion-fire occurred at Gebbie Bros., Inc., a distributing plant for butane and pro pane gas just east of Pomona in San Bernardino County. One official said early reports indicated the truck expbsion set fire to two large propane tanks. A fire department spokesman said the storage yard was isolated and that no homes or other structures were endangered. Damage was estimated at $20,000. School bond bill approved SACRAMENTO (UPI) — The Assembly today approved a $270 million school bond bill that aims at providing new money for classroom constmction and assoring a November statewide] vote CO the anti-Bumford Housing Initiative. The lower house vote, 59 to 1, followed nearly an hour of| debate that heard Bepul>licans accuse Democrats of using the bonds as "a political foofljalL The bond biQ now goes to the state Senate. REBEKAHS CUEST NIGHT TOMORROW Sapphire Bebekah lodge win have "Officers Guest Night" to-' morrow at 8 o'dock in the lOOF ban. EASTMAN DnxoN, UNION SECORITIES & Ca MEMBERS NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE NEW YORK BOSTON PHIIADELPKIA CHICAGO Dial OpM-ater (Tell-Frte) for Zmitfi 7-8500 STUART L POWBt. Manager, RIVERSIDE PUkZA ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Vos Anceles - Saji Fnadsc* Jehovah's Witnesses to show film "How has a city now in ruins affected your life?" This question will be answered tomorrow night at 7 p.m. in the Kingdom Hall, 1711 Orange street According to John Sutherland of New York City, the answer will be provided by free two-hour Technicolor film entitied: "Proclaiming 'Everlasting Good News' Around the World." It was a highlight of the assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses in San Bernardino Saturday. "This film," said Mr. SuUier- land, a traveling minister of Jehovah's Witnesses, "was pror duced by the Watch Tower Society because false religion has brought our civilization face to face with the gravest tribulation this world has ever seen. The film is not a fiction story. It is filmed in actual settings and takes the viewer on a tourj of the world in company with a group of 53 persons whose purpose was to demonstrate everywhere the unity that can exist| among peoples of all nations when their interest is centered primarily in the worship of God. N.Y. Stocks NEW YORK (UPI) — Stocks wandered aimlessly today. Steels were mixed with Bethlehem, Lukens and U. S. Steel off fractions. Motors were firm with the exception of Ford which shed around Allied C^iemical, Du Pont Eastman Kodak and Union Carbide all eased. Texas Gulf Sulphur shot ahead more than 5. Normally wide moving IBM was fairly dormant through most of the session and finished with a fractional loss. Motorola lost more than 2. Litton and Minneapolis - Honeywell shaded. Dow.Joflit Stock Averages High Low Cloi* Chgs. 30 ind 830.12 821.22 826.65 up 0.22 20 rrs 197.54 195.95 196.70 up 0.23 15 uU 140.07138.67 139.51 up 0.09 65 sUc 288.82 285.95 287.42 up 0.16 Sales today were about 5.42 million shares compared with He versatility of tape recordings and electronics will be added to the foreign language instruction programs in the junior high schools of the Redlands district next year if a current National Defoise Education Act (NDEA) project is approved by federal authorities. Redlands school trustees approved the application this week at an estimated total cost of $24,512 of which the district pays half and NDEA pays half: Specifically, the application is for a project known as a "language lab." This was a new term untn a few years ago when a similar NDEA application made a lab possible at Redlands Senior high. • The four laboratories sought in this latest application will be installed at the four junior high schools. Technically, one will be installed at Cope, one at Clement and, at first two at Redlands JuniiHr high. But when the high school takes over the jumor high and Uie new Moore junior high is built, the one language lab win be moved to Moore and the other utilized for semor high students. The junior high . language labs will be somewhat different, than the senior high lab. They win provide for 40 student positions — a larger than normal number — so that the larg^ 7th and 8Ui grade language classes can use them in the new mandatory language program set by the legislature. OUier features of the new labs win include: —tables instead of booths for better supervision, multi -use and greater economy. —high quality head sets with individual student controL Basically, a language lab Is a room vrtiere foreign language is taught by tape recordings. Stn dents listen to tapes, then repeat the taped message on their own tape until near-perfection in accent and inflection is attained. Teachers then have the opportunity to listen to the student recording, analyse it and indicate corrections. To outfit Uie labs, it wffl take, among other tilings, four instructor's electronic consoles, 8 console tape recorders, and 'iSO combination mikes and headphones. These alone cost $9600. Burglars keep trying, finally make hole in wall Determined burglars tunneled then: way into the Pee Wee and Deb Shop, 108 Orange street early today and escaped with clothes and money valued at $240, poUce reported. After two folse starts that] ended against brick walls, the thieves chopped through a frame wafl into the Deb Shop where they gathered up sub- teen dresses, blouses, shifts, knit suits and sweaters. Police said the burglars first forced their way into Goetz Bakery Shop, 108 Orange, next door to the Pee Wee Shop. The prowlers apparenUy made an attempt to tunnel through the bakery shop's south wan into Good's Wearing Ap- parrel, 102 Orange. A brickj waU blocked the way. Another hole was started through the north waU towards the Pee Wee Shop, but again a brick waU frustrated the effort. Still determined, Uie burglars forced their way into a closet in the bakery and started a third hole. This time they were able to open a 14 by 10 inch hole through the plaster waD and to crawl into the Deb Shop. Police said $27 was taken from a cash register. A dozen dresses, nine shift dresses, seven^ knit suits, seven mohair sweaters, seven bulky sweaters, and IV^-dozen other sweaters were reported missing. The burglary was discovered shorUy after 8 a.m. by William C. Buster, Jr., owner of the building. Motorcyclist hurt in another crash A rash of motorcycle accidents continued in Redlands yesterday when a 16-year-old youth was injured in a mishap on Lassen street Jim Duane Bruins, 927 Barbara lane, was mshed to Redlands Community hospital by Redlands Ambulance Service for treatment of arm and leg injuries suffered in the 5:15 p.m. accident near Pennsylvania street Police reported that the youth was riding his motorcycle south on Lassen when it collided with a car driven by Carol Hibard, 1517 Lassen. According to the report the automobile was also southbound and was turning right into a driveway. It was the fourth traffic accident involving a motorcycle in tiie past six days. 5.27 million shares Wednesday. IS ar«lt ActlTa SCsckl (now-JoDti Serrlce, CiaHuy httur, Mrm » C*.} tW K. SUU CI M* Cbnr. M1,SM Ta .Oi ]fS«l^ MH +•; IIMM »fmr*Mmt IT -U M,4M CkTTdw 41% uch. n.9M Tmm Am. Ab. _ 1*14 -Ui Xtnx MH -i-lH 5«,3M m«Ta*lis TcK _ 0% -IH n.lf AaCT. T. * T. _1MH -HH 4*fi»» Amtr. Trt t«H - <i SS,4M VwlOM MmL UH - U MplM* Amcr. Mmtm lHi + %i tS,m Tti* »41i - u KfiH Tnadtrm 1% sock. SS,«M K.&—••. ua. _ «U + U SIM* Brunriek U - U About People Thomas A. AsMon, ten of the George F. Ashtons, 1544 Crown street, and sophomore at U.S.C. has been named to the Dean's List for the spring semester with a 3.64 grade point average. He is a graduate of Aquinas High school in Del Rosa. Vital Records BIRTHS BUCKINGHAM — Bom, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buckingham, 1535 Garden street Bedlands. April 9,1964, at Norton Air Force Base hospitaL SELL IT TOMORROW IWiUj low - cost Classified Ads FEET & LEGS HURT? WHY SUFFER? YOUR FEET, LEGS A LOW BACK PAINS (due te Faulty Feet) POSITIVELY RELIEVED - NO SURGERY My Proven Techniijue relieves muscle pain, leg cramps, and various circulatory conditions. 35 Yaar* Experience — Phone JfUm for AppT. HOURS: II «o 4 PJM. •> Eve. & Sat. By Appt. SLEE-S FOOT SYSTEM 131 Ci {en St., Suite 7 Redlands, Calif. Citrus Market LOS ANGELES, Apr. 16 (UPI) — Representative prices by size and grade aQ orange auction markets: 72s 88t 113s First grade 6.54 5.58 4.89 Second grade....4.50 413 4.2T 131s 1i3t IWi First grade 4.25 3.96 3 .70 Second grade....3.69 Trend: Slightiy lower navels. NEW YORK (UPI) - Citrus: California navels 12 ears, half- boxes $5.00; valencias part car, half-boxes S5.25. Police look for thief of left handed guitar Theft of a left-handed guitar valued at $430 was reported to Redlands police yesterday. The special guitar for left- handed musicians and a second guitar of conventional design were stolen Tuesday from Stephen F. Merchant an employe of the House of Note. The instruments were in a car parked in a lot at Redlands boulevard and FifUi sti-eet. Merchant told poh'ce the left- handed guitar was considered "rare" and that it could be easily identified. Poultry and Eggs LOS ANGELES. Aprfl 15 (UPI) — J E CSR prices to retaUen i^b. to distributor plaoti (deUvered 1% cents hi«her):-AA extra large 42 %-46V4. biSher): AA extra Urs* 40ti-44K. A extrs Urge TaVr^ay,. AA laise 33ti-a7^. A large TXVx^Vt. » large ZI'A-28'n, AA medlmn ZS^^H. A medium 26^-27!^, AA BnaU 22Vi- A tmaU 20 !V .2m. Prices to constuners: AA tarje 35- S3. A large 39-t9. AA medium 38-47, A medium 3>-44, AA sman 37-41, A sman 37-39. Poultrr rryers {at raadU 17-19, roasters (at randi) 21.». light typ« hens 4-5 wtd. avg. 4.39, hens cross SVi wtd. avg. 5J0-. turkeys: fryer roasters 204. young hens 23ii-?4. >lnfloifAcemeiit of Funeral Services MANUEL LOPEZ Requiem Mass 10:00 a.m., Thursday, at St Uary't Church. KOY LEE EDWARDS Services 10:00 a.m., Satar- day. at tiie Second Baptist Church. f.UTHIIK CORTNER 221 BBOOKSIOEAVL* FT 2-1411 >lnffoirneeffleflf of Services BRUNING, Robert L. 10:00 a.m. Today Graveside: Ifillside Memorial Park SOARES, Mrs. A. M. (Lacy) Bosaiy: 7:30 pjn. Tonight Bedlands Chapel Requiem Mass: 9:00 ajn. Friday Sacred Heart Church WALDMAN, Joseph U:00 a.m. Friday Yucaipa Chapel SALAZAB. Miss Laura Jean Services Fending Bedlands Chapel McGAUGHY, Samuel 0. Services Pending Bedlands Chapel Emmerson Mortuaries and Chapels 703 UOOKSIDE AVE. 793-244'

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