The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 30, 1941 · Page 14
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 14

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 30, 1941
Page 14
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B TWO ITNCOT, MATHY JorWWL AND STAR. NOVKMBFR 30, 19H Fordham rolls past N. Y. U. on way to bowl game, 30 - 9 ft CuShehnon, COMES another embarrassment to bedevil the management o! athletics at the University of Iowa It seems that ' hot - heads In the Hawkeye camp are accused of overstepping so many of the bounds of decency at the time of the recent Minnesota - Iowa game that Gopher au Iowa U. In Bad At Minnesota thorities are pon dering a cancel - lation of football relations. reiHuons, the Iowa game apparently comes from newspaper circles in the Twin Cities - from writers who vssis City wena steeped in raw rowdy - ism and suggest that Minnesota can't present a valid excuse to vOliillluO nivCUHH Wl I in ine 1' wM One of the numerous charges filed against radical Iowa follow - i. ... ... I? i m." "2S?Z fans with the cry: "Buy your program here; It gives the names, numbers and salaries of the Minnesota play - era. I BUT the above is only one of several indictments, as for in - stance: 1 Thousands of Iowa support - f era cheered when a Minnesota player (Pukema, a guard) as I iiijuicu . Crowd Gave Offense To Gophers the field. 2 The man at the mike of the public ad - dress system indulged in sarcasxic l - . . il l remarks which angered Minnesota fans, 3 Spectators in the stands spat on the Minnesota planters when the latter were going through the runway beneath the stadium at intermission time. It goes without the saying that this column is unable to vouch lor the truth of the charges, but of this one may be sure: The Iowa athletic administration, doubtless humiliated beyond words, will forward a most humble apology to the Minnesota authorities, even . though Hawkeye beads were blameless. THE rub of it ail is inai lowa, of all Big Ten schools, could ill afford to have Minnesota I crossed off its annual roster of football games. The stadium and fieldhouse on the Iowa City campus are plas - tered with a Hawkeyes Need That Annual Game hpaw lnid f.iztLa .. j I 01 a spending i m .. - . . ... T . i orgy the during I r7zle - I j i - ..riv 9n Later, when the bbumu. ae. nression hit. interest on wawKeye . . m - f . - :J I oonas was unpam - ; of several years, but bondholders had no recourse other than to await the return of better days the athletic plant improvements were on state property, which meant there could be no fore closure. During recent annums, Hawk - eve athletic finances have been perking up and the Iowa City authorities have been looking for ward to the day when it would be pOSSlDie IO Clean uw aw. NOW COmeS this threat tO lose 4. A nm whirh if retained. the One game wnitn, 11 x,:u,'ltJ WOUld mean more than all Others u Trt,a vKoiiPr. A threat v . " " ... . Which, let it be hoped, Wm noi materialize into annulment on Minnesota s pari. Nevertheless, Iowa has a nrnhlfm on its hands, one which demands that some manner of means shall be devised to bring th lesson home to radical Hawkeye supporters that dis gusting rowdyism has no place i in the scheme of intercollegiate !TACK HURLEY of Chicago, one i of a.. - 1 ..s;mAM .unit Connected with the beak - busUng mausiry ana bmmbw i . i 1 i n n 1 amitoi Franklin, burly Cleveland negro, .nnBntw h lannrhed a cam - .iSUd.t hcR!in? Cham - " Franklin's Manager On Joe's Trail ring Tha maH " mail m,w iv w " nrm in inii.i .!.. . - a - 11.!. twff m iu .""7"r, nuriey apcaaa m - "Ao : Joe Louis is the only champion in DUXlIlg iiiavutjr w 'riuot his own private tournament . . Made up of handpicked, pan - ty - waisted stooges, aU of whom have been knocked out by the champion ... This round - robin affair seems 10 nave vne auppn and blessing of the press and van - ous boxing commissions . . . how much longer can wey gei away with this brazen racket, while Lem Franklin, the best fighter in the world today, is ignored and avoided by champion and challengers alike? "Lem Franklin, - 2, 200 - posnd, 24 - year - old Clevelander, . has engaged In 33 bouts, win - ; ning 25 by knockouts ... Joe t Louis couldn't even knock Tony I Musto down once, having te be satisfied with a TKO (c eye victory . . . Franklin knocked Musto dowa three times and out Rams turn on power in second half Hopes high for New Years tilt BY 8ID FEDER. NEW YORK. Hopped up by hopes of a bowl bid. tordrmms football powerhouse turned loose iU manpower in a aeoond half spree Saturday to trample the Vio - OL crnwd n7 llU In v.nbI . .taM h!H'r . - rr After throwing: a major scare into the Rama in a second quar - j a., - th.m r - .n ter drive that saw them score all their points, it was only a quea - r vti - J" r old neighborhood enmlf"d .iy but sure - ... "yj "5? y U ..I. gin wphich miM h v , . V' ltH th; "rir " - ."C saw them lose only one game on mitif fVtAm lrBA nnlv tvA era ma n n - major eight - tilt schedule, reported to have in - . mmmU n mn mntrrmmii iK.'LSi.'S i guear ttowi at new oneans. For one half, N. Y.U. had enough to make a ball game of it, but once Steve Filipowics, the full bark with the fire hydrant build, and Jim Blumenstock. who's about riuv to ntnri m an armv tank on the loose, began to lead the parade over the fading Violets, there was no stopping the Rams. Blumenstock Gets Troohv. downsl ;nd Blumenstock, who was awarded the Madow trophy aa the game wuucf v..u..if .ii. , i added two more. And just to let as many more as possible take a hand th fPnrrihnma cava a anh halfback, Joe Osfoski from Mt.j carmeL Pa., a chance to tallv the v - v m other six - pointer. About the only thing the Ford - hams couldn't brag about this mild afternoon waa the place - kicking of the usually reliable George Cheverko. Up to Saturday, he has clicked on 17 out of 39 extra point tries, but Saturday he had five chances and blew them all. The Rama got a two - touchdown Jump in the scoring column when Filipowics busted thru from the o in the first period and from the 4 in the second to top off drives of 39 and 33 yards. Score on Pass. Just about this time, the offi cials called a pass - interference nenaltv on New York universitv. which gave Fordham 37 yards, This drew a round of boos from the stands and made the Violets slightly peeved. Right then they rolled up their sleeves and went to work. Their touchdown came the very next time they got their hands on the ball when Wyatt Teubert Ditched to Charlev Heiser ... ... . . 1 en" iMte JiSLTte i VII Vtt 11 .IWlMnff t Oil I v dv.viiB A "w minuies later, aner a niocxeo r oranam kick ana anotner "rlv n Rone 10 me nam i, "'"ZT Z iiiviimbbiiis ritiii'w nwi m iiivft si rise - - - " inner waa an eikju aa any line - i man on the field Saturday) broke thru to toss Blumenstock in his own end zone for a safety. POS. FORDHAM N. YORK J. 1..R. Rltlnskl ' . . . Boroff L.T. Ifurtacpk .... Komn L.Q. Hrintt FortlaKi C. 8ahH.stanikl Caaucci R O." tiiirtorl Chorion R.T. Santtllt PHfino R K. Ijtnsing Hpixr Q.B. Piwulcwlca .......... Barmak L.H. Cherverko ............ Teubert R.H. Andrejco ................ Finn F B. FiUpowlca Bates ;k a:::::::'::::: I I Fordham - orlnt: Touchdown. Flllpo - wlct 2. Blumrnstork ub for Cberverko) iud ior Anarejcoi. New York university coring: dowa, Helaer. Point after touchdown, Rab - I a ( for Finn) (place - kick). Safety. I Tiuh (auh for ('mm' I and M ixrr (,i,b fnr Koaenj (Uckted Blumenstock In rordham - Knda. wit kowgkt, Tepo; tackle, Yackanlch; Stiard, Pierce, Marynnnkl; centers, Crotty. Ko - varh; backs. Osoakl, Blumenstock, Babuls, Hearn, Noble, New York university Ends. Chaiek; tackles, Majltnger, Ryan; guards, Tisch, Cohen; ec titer. Klauer; hacks. Yaremko, Rabeak, Frank, Urasiano, Tisbs. MiU man. (jCOrCetOWll. 1 l - O V AaVlCr SlirpriSCS x x,,, . rrT I f TllMf Tl 1V1M ATI. tAt. ' A imir nr hot - f ooUng f young nen nn 1 1 tr n l inn Daiierra nwi " " - ," , " c - I versity a surprise 14 to 6 victory gjjdj y or th. favored George - a 1 1... ai - tin with Lem - Georgetown center, midway in the answers to Monday Morning Quar - uelto aroDed first period started things. Xavier ?cMk8' ven ? the book, Uei in a royCU r t "Nah." Th i in txrn vn nmnc recovered on its own 34 and Himmler and Mutryn promptly . .. .. r uueiieu i.iin iiiib wilii miiia'ih rf - i - vaAfl fQba.ninn... foUA ..a. hnk. andH passes that stopped on the Georgetown two. Himmler went over on a ain:le reverse and nonadio kirkPri th nnint lneh0iinl (rnrnC IMIAfif.ilfllf SLOreS State high ftchool nwt tt. Tobias n. steei city m, inier s. , - 7 5?;b - "77 - Panama 34, Fa pillion M. ransiM 44, Rokeby St. College Wester Mtehisaa 7. Olivet U. - Nat re Dame 49, Fnmklta nePaaw 8. lAwrenet. Teeh SI. Lmc Istooa 1ft, Mantclttir Tcacswra St. in less than two rounds . . Abe Simon stayed 13 rounds with Louis, while Franklin knocked Big Abe down three times and out in less than five rounds . . . What does a fellow have to do to gain recognition?" Comparative scores Huskcr finish BY CY SHERMAN. D. X. (meaning that man Bible) was right "its the finish that counts".. The Texas U. tutor made his slogan stand up Thursday in the windup of the Longhorns' season and the Biffer's boys certainly put over the finisher yesterday in stopping Oklahoma, 7 to 6... But that '"comparative score' bromide man ha tnaoiul 4nfi th. . L""n , Z . lf,eM comomon1y associated with the pigskin B rt , .Here was Mis - BOuri scratching dirt Us very durnde3t to ahead ofnJ Huker t0 Mi - ouri which subsequently flattened the Sooners four touchdowns to m t 4 . ,oot . Vv.. rn,iw, have suggested that Oklahoma x"iS 7 u,a" 1 T - Lh.? w ka...A neat theory, but it failed Hufker8 by that one - point margin impressed me as being the most potent team the Norman institu - "ztr1 lnto action on Ne - braska sod. GOPHERS SEND SCOUT. Visit irur ncmitji and nwiinnnr " Hashers Sinth and v V fsr '"fefeg. a . " i 1 '. .jaN. W - v ,yT r - - v 2 NEBRASKA'S DEFENSE WAS AWAKE ON THIS PLAY, try to skirt the left flank. yard behind the scrimmage line. (Staff photo.) ib mr - a ' A ' ' lVlnnual tor coaches w w mm w mmm - mr - m BY C. W. "SHAD - ROE. SMARTVILLE, Neb.. Nov 29. nr f?narh I am ndinir von tn - . . - :. . . T r .steve "orl 8 , Manual for Coaches, in four volumes. I am sending these without charge, express prepaid, so you know that I feci like giving you the works' and also with the hopes that they will be aa much benefit to you as they have been to others. Bernie Bierman writes: "Until I read your great books I was just a second guesser in a coach's kindergarten." Jock Sutherland says: "Before reading your books I could see my finish. Since reading them OH jysT RY ' c MITTY WORST I Vi DRESSMAKER J3 I can see red. They are very en iiKniening. ai uuieau says: "l wouldn't go on a charity drive without them" lightening.", Al DuTeau says: "I 1. S fT2 i , .M v . m , reflection on anv coarh living or dead or facsimile hereof Vol Pf.010'0' facsimile tnereof. Vol. - S - . 1 reanv worth th mnnnv. Wiftv l,,y"nve XNans 10 ine V0Iume' I sells for twpntv - fiv fnt) ton A .. .... A . a t a. a cenis extra ior rea. wmte and d ue i m .,. . . . S Jf1. who is Bluw uu ,ua Both Make Mistakes. Now, coach, you have made some mistakes, so has President Roosevelt, but you haven't made any more than he has and my pre diction la that you have had "more leeway than the weather man." One thine; that you did do - you tooK a Nebraska team to the Rose Bowl. You can take credit for that and you can also take credit ior laiung me credit - out of Smart ville. Gib Waters is back and is quite thankful to you. Said If he hadn't cancelled his insurance he would have had a premium coming due right now. As it was, he had a big time, is still alive and thinks that is one on the insurance com pany. Mitty Worst, the village seam stress, came back singing "Oh Sweet Mystery of Life," and said in some respects she is just as good aa when she left. She got nonsense . satisfies scribblers, who accounted for a substantial portion of the crowd which filled the press coop, were unanimous in the praise of both Sooners and Huskers. . .One might have been sure that Coach Bernie Bierman of the national champion Gophers would be represented yesterday. . .Ordinarily Bernie gives his personal attention to the job of gandering the Corn huskers' climatic performance. .But Saturday he had a substitute in the person of Dr. Hauser, Minnesota line coach... And the 'doc was busy as a beaver at his task of diagramming - Nebraska's ofensive... The Gophers come to Lincoln next fall and, recalling unpleftsant happenings on the occasion of their last two invasions of the Com - busker camp, it was Important that Hauser should miss nothing of Saturday's proceedings. .Henry Frnka (that's right, spell it Frnka), top man of football at Tulsa U., also was present... Henry's boys, who go against the Sooners next fall, recently rounded out their season gloriously by bagging the Missouri Valley conference crown... His only losses (See FINISH, Page S B.) Blue put the bee - O J - ?W 4fiaV' "Wayne Sindt and Wayne Blue " m ... - w v - mr - mm m her sewing1 machine out of hock and if her fallen arches don t in - erfere with her peddling she is going to try to make both ends meet by knocking out everything from diapers to sun bonnets. Wert Cuts Up. Wert Westle says that he never thought he would put a plaster on one horse, leave alone two, to go o a dang football game, but boy, did he have a time! Whoopee! He has got the harness back where the chattel used to be and says that before long he ought to be able to get them shod, which is more than he has been able to do for his kida since he came back. He says he didn't know how it happened but he just got caught in the ebb and flow of human emotions and he decided to ebb. Now, coach, I am an old man. I am very sick and doctors don't give me much hopes, but before I go I want you to know that I think that you are one of the best coaches Nebraska ever had. Yours, EMORY SNORT, P. S. You understand if I get well this bull about being a great coach don't do. Pcnn State ends season with win over Gamecocks COLUMBIA, S. C. (INS). Penn State's Nittany Lions closed their 1941 season successfully Saturday by roaring over a stubborn gang of South Carolina Gamecocks, 19 to 12. The underdog Gamecocks halted the power drives of the Lions for two quarters and matched thrust for thrust with the Quaker state team until Stan Stasica, their best offensive threat, left the game with an injury in the third period. Petrealla bucked over for Penn State's first touchdown early in the first quarter to climax a 54 yard sustained drive. The Game cocks came back to tie the score on Stasica's 30 yard touchdown run. Omaha Knights shut out again, by Tulsa, 2 - 0 TULSA. UP). After two score less periods, Tulsa's ice Oilers rammed in two goals in the final frame Saturday night to defeat the Omaha Knights, 2 - 0. in an American Hockey association game. Jack Tuten scored the first goal and Sonny Wakeford the second, both on three - man rushes down the ice. Andy Bellemer and Ralph Blythe were credited with assists on each tally. v aAkJw !WaaaJtoW,sWir .jt . tt"" .... i ' . . Jacobs leads the JACK JACOBS. PLAYING HIS LAST GAME IN SOONER TOGS, started out in fine style. This first quarter play netted several yards. The Indian tips the scales at close to 190 pounds and has been a leader in Oklahoma pridiron antics thruout his career. (Staff photo.) on Mr. Golding . as:v.a .aa Sindt (1) ae - , Soonars which saw Joe Goldingthe cent had Qolding trapped from the Big game hunter MA,RK HOESLY spends only a part of his time in the wrestle ring, the remainder tracking down big game in Africa. He is pictured here with a water buffalo he brought down, the huge animal weighing more than a ton. Orville Brown is the fellow who will have to tame Hoesly Wednesday night in a fairgrounds bout Brown knocked Hoesly out last week in Minneapolis with a pile driver hold, and Hoesly is back for a grudge match. It'll go one fall to a finish. Jumping Joe Savoldi, former Notre Dame football star, will meet Abe Coleman in a two of three falls feature affair. There'll be plenty of bodiea flying thru the air, as both like to use the flying mare, dropkick or kangaroo kick (call it whichever strikes your fancy). Lord Albert Mills and Jack Edwards, the Arkansas hillbilly, will grunt and groan 30 minute a in the opening bout Marquette capitalizes on Iowa Stale errors. 28 - 13 MILWAUKEE. UP). An alert Marquette football eleven that capitalized on Iowa State's errors scored a 28 to 13 victory in the final game of the year for both teams Saturday before a crowd of 8,000. Halfback Jimmy Richardson set what was believed to be a new national record in forward passing efficiency as he threw six passes, completing three, to give him a record for the yeaf of 58 completions in 91 throws for a percentage of .637. Marquette's first score came on the opening play from scrimmage. After carrying the kickoff back to his own 31. Bob McCahill passed to John Harrington, end, for a touchdown. Harrington caught the ball on the 25. Iowa State soon tied it up, but a safety gave Marquette two points later in the second quarter. Claude I Hays, back to punt, had hia kick tvay in Oklahoma's trap Ooldiry? who tallied for the Sooners start and Sindt tackled him a grapples blocked and he recovered In the end zone where Alfred Klug tackled him. After Alois Vogt, Marquette back, intercepted an Iowa State pass in the third period, Marquette smashed 54 yards for a score. Goodyear intercepted a State lateral in the period and then took a forward pass from Richardson for another Marquette touchdown. A minute before the end of the quarter Lincoln Stewart, an Iowa State back, made a great catch to intercept one of Richardson's passes and raced 47 yards for a State score. Marquette's final marker came on a one yard plunge by Richardson after a 27 yard ground attack. How about a farm as a hedge against inflation many are buy ingwhy don't you before prices increase see "Farm for Sale" in today's Want Ada, WBW4HK tV w V ft. 1 ? ttv &s early - game offensive i' Billy Conn wants none of light heavy division ST. LOUIS. LV). Billy Conn declared Saturday he will quit the fight game rather than return to the ranks of the light heavyweights if he should fail to defeat Joe Louis In their second meeting next June. Conn, who once wore the 175 pound crown, made the statement on his arrival here to visit friends before returning to his home in Pittsburgh to continue preparation for his match with Frankie Hammer in Toledo on Jan. 12. "I'll just let nature take its course," Conn said with reference to his weight. "If I put on weight, that's all right and if I don't that's all right, too." He weighs about 180 pounds now. Passes give Arizona win over K - Stale Big Six team loses, 28 - 21 , TUCSON, Ariz. (.TV University of Arizona, co - champion of the Border football conference, demonstrated a powerful overhead game to defeat Kansas State of the Big Six, 28 to 21, before a homecoming crowd of 10,000 Saturday. , The Arizonans, trailing 14 to 7 at the half, came back in the third period to take the lead from the Kansans, who alowed perceptibly in the 78 degree heat and relaxed the vigilant watch they had kept on pass catching Henry Stanton, Arizona end. The passing combination of Bob Ruman and Boyd Morse clicked for Arizona's first score in the second quarter. Ray Rokey, K - State quarter, then took a punt in midfield and raced for a touchdown behind fine interference. Fumbles on Goal. The visitors second score was set up when Ruman fumbled on the Arizona 1 - foot line and Wat - kins recovered. Wilkins pushed over for the touchdown. After two threats in the third quarter, Arizona tallied its second touchdown on a Ruman - Morse pass and it was 14 - 14. Ruman brought the spectators to their feet a moment later with a 73 yard quick kick that set the States back to their 4. Then Arizona forged ahead when Stan ton grabbed a 54 yard pasa from Ruman and scored. Mat Matulis, scored Arizona's final touchdown on a line plunge after Banjavcic had intercepted a pass and gained the 5 - yard line. After a desperate aerial and running attack in the final period, Kansas State crossed the Arizona goal in the last minute. Heath, at end snagged a pass from Rokey on the Arizona 10, and Rokey passed to Bortka, right half, for the score. Burwell ends season with 39 - 7 victory over Taylor BURWELL, Neb. Burwell's football Longhorns, after spotting a heavier Taylor outfit the first touchdown, started moving in the first period to roll up a 39 to 7 victory and end one of the best seasons in the school's history. ' Defeated only once this year, the Longhorns captured 0 the Loup Valley conference title earlier in the season. Swanson scored three touchdowns against Taylor, while Pul - liam, Sitton and McGrew tallied one each. H OUSECLEAN HOW BEFORE THE XMAS HOLIDAYS Best Service on RUGS CUETAINS DRAPES CARPETS PEERLESS CLEANERS " 11 Own. H. 1rmhi 9 vf Tl imssissnmi 1 1 trimmed by State, 6 - 0 Unknown back paces Maroons OXFORD, Miss. (.T). A chunky sophomore quarterback named Jennings Moates an unknown until Saturday - skittered 38 yards thru an amazed University of Mississippi team to beat the rebels, 6 - 0. and give Mississippi State its first Southeastern conference football championship. For the third straight year the State Maroons throttled the fanry running and passing of Mississippi's touchdown twins, Junie Hovi - ous and Merle Hapes. And for a third straight year and the 22nd time in 39 start State took the bitter intrastate contest There was no Immediate Indication of a post - season bowl invitation. . The touchdown came with explosive suddenness within three minutes of the end of the first half. Sonny Bruce took Jack Flack's punt' on the Mississippi State 30 and returned it a yard. Then Bruce whipped a pasa to Kermit Davis, sophomore end, who piled down to the Mississippi 40. A line buck gained two. Moates shot thru center on a quarterback sneak, cut toward the sideline and charged over for the touchdown. Bruce tried a placeklck for the extra point but it was wide. Boston College pulls Holy Cross game out of fire BOSTON. JP). Pinned hard against the wall for 58 minutes by Holy Cross' aroused Crusaders, the heavily favored Boston College Kagles pulled their objective game out of the fire with a brilliantly executed touchdown play that gave them a 14 - 13 "victory Saturday before a packed crowd of 40.000 at Fenway park. It was Fullback Ted Williams who halted the Crusaders in tneir tracks by ripping around his right end for 22 years and the tying touchdown after Quarterback Eddie Doherty had lured most of the Crusaders to the other flank with a perfect passing feint. Frank Monk" Maznickl, the Eagles greatest back, boosted his season's point total to 61 with a perfect place kick conversion that decided the isaue. Annual House Handicap Tournament Dec. 6 to 14 Mixed Doubles (Couples) 8 P. M. Today OPEN ALLEYS 12 Alleys all day today and every ' Saturday and Sunday. 6 at 9 p. m, Fridcrys Phone 2 - 7828 for reservations. LINCOLN BOWLING PARLOR 236 No. 12

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